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Spell Bond

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Truth be told Will didn't need a "new" car.  Sure his own was old and needed some work done, but what he was really looking for was a metal frame he could repurpose as a sort of burning pit. Maybe scrap some parts, and keep the exosckeleton.

He hadn't been able to do any major rituals or experiments past the boundaries of his house without a fire pit.

Then again if might also have to do with his complete lack of guidance.

So far he hadn't been able to summon any spirit guides and no familiars had chosen him since his coming of age (16 in case you were wondering and he was now thirty fucking four thank you very much). At this point he was completely winging it and as a result his magic was batshit crazy and twice as unpredictable.

He used to have a pack of dogs, seven, his lucky number. Eventually he came to the realization that pets could not, and would not ever, be the same thing as a familiar. He was forced to give them away to equally excited dog owners after they wouldn't stop barking and howling whenever his spells went wrong or he called on spirits.

Which is why Will was wandering around a shady and quite frankly ugly car dealership. He was descreatly scouting around deeply glamored to avoid being spotted by the sales man. He was looking for a dingy pice of garbage, but he didn't appreciate it being offered to him like a gold bar.

He was always drawn to the more wild and overgrown parts of forests, so when he spotted the long grasses peaking from a dirt coated corner he slipped his way between stacked cars to the area. He found himself in a graveyard of busted and broken cars. Most a rusted red and orange. 

He , absently minded, kicked at the bed of gravel that spotted some areas. His glasses, which he had drawn seeking sigils on, blurred out all but a shinny black rock under a bush. He bent down to inspect it with curiousness. 

A smile spread on his face," I have been looking for you a long time buddy." He said to the adder stone.

He'd lit a candle that morning for a lucky find, this wasn't exactly what he had in mind but he was more than satisfied with the black shiny stone. He held it up to one eye and peered threw it, the added potency of his glasses moving his eyes to the small faeries and sprites that zoomed into the greens around him. He avoided them at all costs and walked thru the crowd of dented cars.

When he looked up after checking his footing on some slick grass he stopped dead in his tracks. He mouth a gape at the spirit he saw sitting on the hood of a crinkled car.

He was tall and had ashy hair, a metal pole that looked alot like a windshield whipper stabbed out of his cracked skull. His face was unrecognizable with glass shards stuck in at odd angles and his once undoubtedly magnificent three pice was ruined by broken ribs and sqwashed intestines that slipped out from his shirt.

In his hands he held a pice of raw meat, but he didn't bring it too his lips to eat, though he looked like he desperately wanted to.

The car had clearly been in some sort of crash the steering wheel still had blood on it, as well as the dash board. And a pungent odor came from the trunk.

Will knew at once this was a spirit that had passes violently and with unfinished business, more than likely tied to the car.

As he came to a decision he stuffed the stone into his jacket then began to approach the car. A chill whet through him as he approached the car and he felt a wave of violent emotions that nauseated him. He tried to close him self off from the feelings but it took him some time, and he drew a sigil on his own forhead with his palm.

He opened his eye to the sound of the car running by itself, he felt chills go down his back. There was no key in the ignition. He put his hands on the steering wheel and adjusted the mirror. He froze at the flickering appearance of those red eyes looking back at him but it was gone by the time he pulled into the dirt road.

"It's not stealing if they don't even want it, I'm doing them a favor."Will's mind justified

The drive home was long enough for Will to start second guessing his plans.

What if he wouldn't even make it to his little house? What if this spirit wanted to reenact it's death? How powerful was it- he had started a car? Could he even squeeze it into that kind of mold? How much spell work would it actually take?

When they reached a stop light Will felt the hair on his neck stand up- chills spread like water across his scalp. He readjusted his mirror to his own face and pulled out the Adder stone at the Crossroads. He looked through it and nearly pissed himself.

The man, mutilated face and dislocated jaw, was licking a long stripe up his jawline with a black toung.