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First Heat

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“So, Y/N stopped taking their suppressants.”


Tamaki had nearly spewed out his ramen when Mirio spoke, clearly unaware of how personal the statement he had made actually was.


“I-I-I don’t know if we should talk about that!” He glanced around the restaurant they were seated in, checking carefully for any prying ears. Mirio had always had a different level of comfort than Tamaki, but he didn’t think you would be all that comfortable with Mirio just telling people about your Omegan choices, especially since he’s a well-known pro.


“Y/N said it’s fine!” Mirio just smiled, reaching across the table and grabbing the hot sauce from Tamaki’s side. “They’ve been taking suppressants since they presented, but they get really bad nausea as a side effect. Since we’re mated now, heats shouldn’t be as big of a problem. I’m kind of excited, actually? Our first real heat.”


“T-That’s too much information, Mirio!”

Mirio had barely put a foot into the apartment door when he froze in his tracks, Tamaki colliding face first with the taller man’s back. He was nearly about to ask what was wrong, when he was hit by a wave of pheromones so strong he nearly keeled over, even as a Beta. Mirio was off like a light, abandoning his bag on the floor as he ran through the apartment.


“Y/N?” He burst into the kitchen, before pivoting on his heel and disappearing down the hallway, frantic. “ Y/N?


Tamaki struggled to grab ahold of his emotions, closing the apartment door behind him. You and Mirio had invited him over for dinner over the weekend, and it was impossible for Tamaki to say no to your cooking. But now your pheromones were running rampant, filling the entirety of you and Mirio’s apartment with a cocktail of pain, arousal, and fear . Distantly he could hear Mirio storming through the apartment like a man possessed, throwing open doors and searching desperately for you. He tailed after the Alpha carefully, sidling up to him when he stopped in the doorway of your bedroom.


You were curled in the fetal position on the bed, entire body shaking. When you looked up at them your eyes were hazed over and dripping tears, and you whined weakly.


Hurts! ” You whimpered, another wave of pheromones rolling off of you like a blast. “Hurts so much.”


“Mirio, is this their first real heat?” Tamaki whispered. Mirio didn’t answer, instead emitting a low growl from the back of his throat and baring his teeth at no one in particular. It made sense. The fear rolling off of you was strong enough to send any alpha into a protective frenzy. But that wasn’t going to help you right now. The growls Mirio was emitting would only serve to drive your body into more fear. No, both of you needed something to calm you down.


You needed a Beta.


Taking a shaky breath, Tamaki closed his eyes and focused on soothing pheromones, letting his own scent mingle with the two of yours. Mirio stopped growling immediately, eyes clearing as he looked at his best friend. On the bed your panicked whines melted away until you were only making the occasional soft whimper. That’s better.


“Mirio,” You shuddered, still curled into a ball. “Heat’s early. Hurts so much, Mirio please !”


Tamaki blushed hard, slowly backing out of the doorframe. “I’ll go. Be careful, you two.”




Mirio’s hand wrapped around Tamaki’s wrist, keeping him from backing any further. Tamaki’s eyes blew wide open, glancing from his wrist, to Mirio, to you, and back down to his wrist. Before he could say anything Mirio was speaking again.


“I don’t want to mess this up. It’s their first real heat,” Even without him saying it Tamaki could hear Mirio’s implication. Not just your first real heat. Our first real heat. “They’ve never been off suppressants. Having a Beta here really helps to keep our hormones from going crazy.” He let go of Tamaki’s wrist, instead fiddling with the collar of his shirt. “But you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. I just…. I trust you to be here. I need your help.”




Mirio was scared.


That was new. Tamaki was so used to being the one nervous, or uncomfortable, or desperate to get out of a situation. It didn’t even occur to him that Mirio could be terrified right now. Your heat came early, and he wasn’t here, and if Tamaki wasn’t here the situation might’ve only escalated further. It wasn’t just that Mirio wanted him to stay, Mirio needed him to.


“...W-what do you need me to do?”


“You’ll stay ?” Mirio was practically beaming, and it made Tamaki’s face burn something furious.


“Yes, okay! Just… You’re their alpha. You have to approach first. I’ll know once they've calmed down.”


“Okay, okay, okay. I got this. I can do this.” Mirio gave Tamaki a thumbs up. “I can do this.” He shuffled into the room carefully, inching out from Tamaki’s soothing aura into your wild one. You were flushed and panting, and he could smell your heat and slick and arousal from here, and it was making his head spin.


“I’m here.” He murmured, crawling carefully onto the bed and nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. “I’m so sorry I left. You’re doing so good, okay? So, so good.” You keened, craning your neck to give Mirio better access.


“Hurts so much. Why does it hurt so much?”


“Shhh, it’s okay. We’re here now.” He waved for Tamaki to move closer, and focused himself on gently uncurling you from your little ball. “Tamaki’s here, is that okay? He’s gonna help you feel good.”


Tamaki wished that Mirio could pick a better choice of words, one that wouldn’t leave him burning up to the tips of his ears. He shuffled around the bed until he was close to your head, and crawled in gently. You reached for him almost impulsively, resting your head in his lap and breathing in his scent.


“S’ good. Smells good. Tamaki.” You murmured. One of your hands reached out for his, and he slid his palm into your shaking one. You still had a lingering scent of fear souring the air. Tamaki glanced up at Mirio, whose brow was furrowed nervously.


“WIll you let me try something?” He nearly whispered. Mirio gave him a soft nod, hands busy running soothing patterns along your sides. Tamaki brought his free hand up to the side of your neck, probing carefully until he found your swollen scent gland. He massaged the spot in careful circles until you moaned and the scent of fear and pain had completely dissipated. Much to Tamaki’s comfort, Mirio had not snipped or snarled at him when he brought his hand to your neck. Remarkably, Mirio had let out a pleased little rumbling purr instead.


“That’s amazing.” He murmured, eyes never leaving your flushed face. Mirio had you on your back now, and was rubbing soothing circles into your hip bones as he worked off your sweatpants. Immediately Tamaki turned his eyes towards the ceiling, face furiously red.


“You can look.” Mirio’s voice had taken on a new tone, rumbly and low. “Pretty omega. Look how slick they are.” He glanced down just in time to see two of Mirio’s fingers slide effortlessly into your heat, and you keened and thrashed in Tamaki’s lap. “It’s okay. We’re gonna make you feel so good. Gonna knot you so well.”


We .


Tamaki couldn’t help but shudder. Even as a Beta the pheromones you were sending off were powerful, a new burst firing off with every thrust of Mirio’s fingers into you, and his own fingers against your scent gland were not helping his situation at all. He focused on your face as Mirio worked you open, trailing his knuckles against your cheeks. A low rumble bubbled up in his chest, and before Tamaki could stop it he had started to purr. You shifted yourself up closer to him, the first time you had moved on your own since they got here, and rested your head on Tamaki’s shoulder, back to his chest. From deep within your throat Tamaki heard you begin to purr in return, gentle and quiet. You pressed your nose against his cheek and rumbled, squeezing his hand gently.


Mirio watched the two of you, enraptured. A tiny alpha part in his brain was nudging him to hoard you all to himself, but it was effortlessly drowned out by the rest of his brain entranced by the two of you together, purring in soft harmony. His omega. His best friend. His beta.


“So good,” He muttered, removing his fingers. “You’re both doing so good.” He was ridiculously hard, knot already flushed pink and slightly swollen. “You like our beta taking good care of you?”


“Mhm. My alpha is so good to me. Brings me pretty things.” You looked up at Tamaki through hooded eyes and he gulped. “Pretty betas.” Something about the tone of your voice made Tamaki’s stomach swoop and his cock twitch, and soon he was aching hard and pressed against your lower back. You could both smell his change in pheromones too, filling his soothing scent with a thick underlay of need.


Mirio lined up his cock and pushed slowly into your heat, until his hips were pressed against your ass. You locked your legs around his waist, slick dribbling out around his cock as he rocked into you. “Tamaki’s been so helpful to us.” Mirio pressed his weight into you with each slow thrust, setting your nerve endings on fire. “Think you can take care of him, too?”


Yes! ” You gasped, hauling Mirio closer with your legs locked around him. “I’ll make him feel so good for you, Alpha. Please !”


“You don’t have to.” Tamaki murmured, but you were already moving your head back down to rest on his thigh, turning to the side and pressing your mouth against the bulge in his jeans. You slid your hand out of his to work his zipper open, running your tongue along the wet spot on Tamaki’s briefs and making him shudder.


You tugged his briefs out of the way and Tamaki nearly yelped as you slid your mouth down to the base in one go. God, your throat was so tight . Mirio was picking up his pace too, so each of his thrusts into you forced Tamaki deeper down your throat. Mirio stared shamelessly, nearly drooling as his best friend fucked up into your mouth. You looked too good with your lips pink and stretched around his cock, and the little gasps and whines that Tamaki let out each time you tongued him sent Mirio’s brain into overdrive.


He grabbed a hold of your hips and lifted you up until he was up on his knees, slamming into you with a renewed vigor. It seemed that his Alpha brain had finally let go of his previous worries, and was now completely focused on fucking you silly. Your walls clenched rhythmically around him, twitching each time he dragged a large thumb over your swollen clit. His knot had begun to swell, catching on your entrance and stretching you ever wider.


“Alpha!” You gasped, still pumping Tamaki’s cock in rhythm after it slipped from your mouth. “Want your knot! Mirio please, Mirio !”


“You’re gonna get it.” He purred, love and lust swimming in his eyes and thick in his voice. “Gonna fill you up so nice. So ready for me, my pretty omega, fuck !” Slamming his hips into yours, Mirio came hard, his knot swelling and locking in place as he spilled his cum into you. You wailed, walls pulsing around him as you hit your peak and your feet scrabbled uselessly against the sheets. Tamaki whimpered, knees coming together on impulse as he shot his release all over your hand.


Carefully, Mirio lowered your hips back down to the bed, draping himself over your body and looking up at Tamaki with shining eyes. You brought the hand that Tamaki had covered in his release up to your mouth, and stared him in the eyes as you lapped his cum off your wrist. You moaned, gently, and wrapped your arms over Mirio’s shoulders to bury your face in his neck. Tamaki suddenly felt very out of place.


“I should- I should probably go.” He wrestled to pull his pants back up, but Mirio’s hand on top of his stopped him.


“You don’t have to.” He said, voice lazy and warm with an affection that made Tamaki’s heart ache. Likewise, you craned your head to nuzzle your nose against his hip bone.


“We want you to stay, Tamaki.” He flustered up to the tips of his ears, lowering one shaky hand until it carded gently through your hair.


“Only if you want me t-”


“We do.”


“… I’d like that.”