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Varian: King of Corona

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Chapter 1

Long Live the King


The kingdom of Corona gathered at the castle, along with many Dukes and Duchesses, ministers and mistresses. Common folk and representatives of other lands all congregated in the throne room to view the crowning of Princess Rapunzel. The brunette stood at the front, with the ceremonial outfit on and the regalia ready to receive. She felt nervous knowing this day is now here, but looking into the crowd saw her friends and her husband Eugene. They smiled being proud of her, feeling it in their hearts that she will make an excellent queen.   The archbishop stood reciting the oath the princess is making, as Rapunzel kneels to be crowned a purple mist begins to roll in from the closed doors.

The common folk in the back then noticed the fog and jumped. Everyone backed away from the door as not soon after the door shattered with a blast. Everyone shealed their faces and turned away. Rapunzel quickly looked to see who or what had caused such a blast. A figure came through as the fog cleared and the sun shone through the dust and debris of the explosion. The heavy footsteps of boots clomped their way into the room. The fog covered the figure, the stride of the intruder pushed the air away as he walked. The boots where tall, just under his knee. Dark black pants, with leather straps wrapping around his leg. Then a leather apron. A chuckle came as the figure was revealed.

He had copper goggles with cogs and metal on them that turned and shifted automatically, it gave him a sinister look with his long black hair falling on his face. He had a green collared shirt, clipped together, and black welding gloves. He laughed as he walked forward, his looks were indeed horrifying, but the staff he was welding was the most frightening. It was nearly as tall as him, the top had pipes leading all around it, with a ball of glass filled with what look like lightning. The staff itself seemed to be made with a copper rod for holding, but at the end of it, that connected with a spiraling wire of gold, had one of the notorious black rocks that threatened all of Corona years ago; sharp and jagged.

Rapunzel stood showing her bravery. The intruder kept a smile on as he stopped a few feet away from the brunette.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel… do you remember me?” The figure laughed as he kept his fox like grin. The princess looked closely at the man in front of her, she had no clue who it could be.

“How would I know who you are?” She said with a proud and strong voice. She is to be queen of this Kingdom, and thus she needed to show her people that fear is not for her.

“Hmm. perhaps my appearance has changed, but, not what you did to me.” The man said as he looked at his clothes.

“Leave my castle immediately.” She demanded. The man then laughed.

“Why would I suddenly listen to you?!” He shouted. Rapunzel stood unmoving and with her head held high she stared down this man.

“I am your queen.” She felt her moxie burn with pride. The others in the room also felt the same fire within. They were amazed to see how far she had come in the recent years. Though the energy turned when the man gave a chuckle. He lifted his head and held it with pride.

“You are not my queen.” He growled. Then the castle guard reinforcements had arrived; Rapunzel was buying time. They aimed their crossbows and readied their swords as they began surrounding the man.

“Surrender or go down!” shouted the captain. The man looked at the guard and chuckled.

“Shouldn’t you consider retirement old man?”

“Not till the day I die.” The captain smiled. The strange man then twirled his staff in hand.

“Then congrats, your about to retire.” The man had no concern for the crossbows aimed at him as he sprang forward at the captain, the arrows went flying, but missed. The captain stopped the man with his sword. As they were locked in battle he looked closer at this intruder trying to get an identity.

Meanwhile Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra opened the back exit and bagan to escort the people out of the room. Cass peered over to see her father locked in combat. She knew he would not be able to hold his own for too long, especially with stamina.

The captain and the man were still locked in battle as the other guards moved in.

“You are a fool to walk in here with only a staff!” the captain yelled.

“Perhaps, but don’t underestimate me.” The man smiled. He then shifted his weight and pushed the captain back, breaking the hold. The other guards sprang forward. The man dodged the attack. As the swing was still in progression, the man grabbed the guards arm and flung them over his shoulder at the other guards, toppling them over. The others launched arrows, but the man just moved and dodged them.

He took the guards out two or three at a time, none were severely injured, just a bit shaken, but unable to continue. The captain charged at the man but as he did, the man twisted the rod on his staff as it made a click, and let out steam. The black rock on the end turned into an amber color; crystal like.  He touched the ground with it, and the captain was trapped up to his arms in crystal like rock.

The captain took as gasp of air at the sudden stop, and realized his situation. It was a familiar crystal. Dangerous and uncontrollable. The man then turned his staff back and it clicked releasing steam once again. The rock turned back to its black color.

“Now, have a good retirement,” The man said as he raised his staff like a spear. Just as the man was about to take the captain’s life, Cass appeared and shattered her sword on the rock of the staff. It halted the actions of the invading man.

“Don’t you dare!” She shouted as she pulled out her dagger. The man was frozen as he looked down at the women in front of him. He stood shocked for some reason.

“C-Cassie?” The man asked. She looked up at him in question.

‘That name...’ she thought. She's heard someone call her that before. The man seemed frozen in his tracks. They couldn’t tell what he was thinking or his expression due to the goggles over his eyes. Cass was able to get a closer look at the mans features. His face was slim but healthy, fading freckles, and fair skin. His long black hair seemed to fall perfectly, but what got her was the one blue streak. To her, she felt this man was familiar but couldn’t place him.

“Cassandra get away from him!” Shouted the captain, interrupting both of their trains of thought. The man then looked at his surroundings as more crossbows were pointed at him.

“I won’t let you die, father!” Shouted Cass. The man gave a slight jolt.

“Wait, He’s your dad?!” He pointed as if he knew about her father, but didn’t know his face. Cass looked at him confused as to why he suddenly became so casual.

“Yes, now release him!”

“Not a chance,” He returned to his intimidating presence. Cass was not going to let his man take down her father, nor go after her best friend. She launched forward with her dagger in an attempt to stop him.

He didn’t move at all and stayed in place while he grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm around. She shouted at the pain. She couldn’t move and dropped her weapon.

“Now, you listen to me,” He bent close to her ear, his voice low, almost a growl, “I am in control here.”

“No you’re not! We listen to Rapunzel!” Cass shouted. Suddenly screaming came from the back, the villagers that were escaping came running back in.  Eugene and Rapunzel turned quickly to see a beast charge through. Its body was that of a lion, its tail a snake, and its hind legs were a goats. It was horrifying.

People tried running through the entrance of the room, but just as they were about to cross the threshold, another monster appeared, this one more horrifying than the last.

It had the wings of a bat, the body of a weasel, and the head of a hawk. It screeched at the people trying to escape.

“W-What are they?!” shouted Rapunzel. The man then released Cass and began walking to the throne as the archers readied themselves. Just as they were about to fire upon the stranger, they all started to drop one by one, a small mouse then appearing from the bodies. It had long fangs, was dark blue in color and there were nearly a dozen of them.

“People of Corona, Rapunzel is not going to become queen today, instead I am becoming the king!”

Everyone in the room gasped, they all looked at the princess in confusion and concern.

“I will never give you the crown!” Rapunzel shouted at the man. Her voice was strong, full of pride and confidence for her people and kingdom.

“Not willingly, I have to force you too.” The man sneered. No one liked what he said, they feared he would imprison Rapunzel in the crystal rock. Suddenly he twisted the copper staff again and the black rock turned amber as he only tapped the ground with the spear; the amber grew quickly. Then he pulled the staff out of the small crystal path it made. He decided to show off a bit and spun it around stabbing the black rock into the amber crystal.

“Now you’ll see what I can do.” He twisted the copper rod once again, this time, he did it twice, and steam released at the top. The ball of lightning seemed to go wild and the amber shattered with a blast. Everyone gasped in fear.

“The thing is, the crystal is not just any crystal, its a form of diamond. The black rocks, are not rocks, not completely anyway. They do have some unusual properties that I have been unable to break down, but the main thing I can find is carbon.”

“So what?!” Cass shouted, she was not pleased about this situation. The man kept talking like he was friends with them. It made her and everyone angry. Cass wanted her father to be released from the crystal before anything bad happened.

“Well, thought you’d like to know what would happen to your father if you don’t want to cooperate.”

Cass turned and saw that the crystal was growing. She became frightened and feared the worst. Cass turned to Rapunzel who had a horrified expression on her face. She knew this was bad, but being the next in line for queen, she had to make a decision.

“You don’t know what you’re messing with!” Rapunzel shouted seeing the crystal grow more. Cass whipped around and stood near her father knowing there was nothing her friend could do to save him. The strange man was too strong.

“Surrender the crown to me, or he will face his fate.” he spoke sternly.

Rapunzel sighed knowing what she needed to do, but what she wanted to do would be the worst. She needed to keep her kingdom safe and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Even though the captain, Cassandra’s father, was a great man, he knew the second he was trapped that he was done for. In her heart though, she did not want to make this call. She saw the panicked face of Cass. It broke her heart to even think about letting her best friend suffer the loss of her only parent.

“Please… stop this, I promise as your queen I will listen to you, just stop this!” Rapunzel shouted to the man. He stayed silent. He tightened his grip on his staff.

“Sorry, princess… but I know first hand how well you keep promises.” The man growled. Rapunzel gasped. She recalled those exact words before.

“I...I know who he is…” She huffed under her breathe. Cass turned and Eugene looked at her concerned.

“Who is he then?!” Cass shouted with anger, wanting to know the enemy before her. Rapunzel was shaking knowing how strong her opponent is now, she felt fear creep its way in.

“Rapunzel… who is he?” Eugene asked as he stood next to her seeing her shake.

“Well princess? Who am I?!” The man shouted with anger.

“V-Varian…” She shook out. Everyone gasped as the man began laughing maniacally.

“Hello everyone! I’m baaack!” He hummed out in full glory. Everyone shouted, screamed at him, telling him to leave and that he had no place in this kingdom. When Varian couldn’t get the crowd to quiet down, he gave a sharp whistle. The lion creature in the back  reacted and stood with pride as it let out a defining roar. The crowd became as silent as a graveyard. Varian walked in front of the beast and held his ground as he spoke.

“You will listen to me!” He shouted, “Rapunzel, surrender the crown to me now, or he will die.” Varian pointed to the captain. Cass stood in front not letting him get close.

“Varian stop this!”

“Now!” He shouted as he slammed the rock into the ground and the crystal encasing the captain rapidly increased in growth.

“No!” Cass shouted as her father was nearly completely sealed in, “Rapunzel please listen to him!” Cass cried to her friend. Rapunzel clenched her fist in frustration. She stood before Varian and went on her knees and bowed.

“I surrender the crown,” She spoke solemn but then lifted her head and look Varian as close in the eye as she could and demanded, “Now release the captain.”

“I will, once the whole ordeal is done.” He smiled cunningly. He turned to the crown, the archbishop, and looked at the regalia.

“You heard the lady, return with the kings wear now!” Varian demanded harshly. As the servants ran to gather what was needed, he turned to face the kingdom.

“Do you hear me now?” He asked looking down at Rapunzel. She scowled at him in disgust.

Varian was kneeling as the crown was placed on his head.

“I now crown the new ruler of Corona.” Said the Archbishop.

Varian stood with pride as the golden crown rested perfectly on his head, and the king's royal robe resting gently on his shoulders. Looking over the people and Rapunzel, he shown a devilish grin, as the final words of the oath were said.

“Long live Varian: King of Corona.” The Archbishop announced as Varian was now officially crowned king. The boy smiled cunningly.

I did it!