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originally posted 15.feb.2017: anon asked for captive prince! did you know that damen and laurent are in love????
#this was really difficult because actually they're ridiculous vanilla and also their love is pure? #i can't draw laurent's o-face ONLY DAMEN IS ALLOWED TO SEE THAT??? #yfip: can't draw captive prince porn because it honestly feels like i am intruding on thier love

originally posted 18.feb.2017: i thought i would have to struggle to update this blog 1x a month but i was thinking about this conversation and then my hand slipped
damen: with two of me, i can suck laurent’s dick AND eat his ass at the same time this is the best day of my LIFE
#SORRY BUT EVEN THE WEIRD THREESOME PORN ONLY HAPPENS BECAUSE THEY ARE IN LOVE YOU SEE!!!!! #the first thing laurent does upon meeting another of himself would be to play a game of chess against himself #the first thing damianos does is fuck obviously

originally posted 19.march.2017: here’s another damen/laurent porn dump ft bottom damen. this one exists at the behest of @fahye though i retain sole responsibility for the contents

originally posted 17.march.2017: laurent allowing himself the minor delight of nuzzling, or:

originally posted 5.may.2017: settle down with me, and i’ll be your safety i can’t stop drawing the exact same piece of damen/laurent fanart over and over

originally posted 6.may.2017: my hobby is redrawing animal photos as damen/laurent

originally posted 24.sep.2017: here are 2 small, saucy damen/laurent doodles