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Hey guys! This is my one shot book on here for allll sorts of fandoms and stories. I'll try and list below the majority of ships and stories you'll likely see in here :)

  • Symbrock/Veddie
  • Harringrove
  • Hartwin (Harry Hart/Eggsy)
  • Ironstrange
  • Winnix
  • Hannigram
  • Septiplier
  • Drarry
  • Newtmas
  • Sterek
  • Stucky 
  • Hidashi
  • Spideypool 
  • Wincest
  • Batjokes
  • Starker
  • Cablepool
  • Solby
  • Ironstrange
  • Drarry


Here are some of the reader/OC one shots that might be included too!

  • Newt (The Maze Runner Series)
  • Creepypasta Characters
  • Balem Abrasaxx (Jupiter Assending Villain)
  • Loki (Avengers, Thor)
  • Deacon Frost (Blade Villain)
  • Eddie Brock (Venom)
  • Sam/Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
  • Billy Hargrove (Stranger Things)
  • The Joker (The Dark Knight version)

All one-shots will be unrelated unless the title has the name same and part (1,2,3 etc) next to it :)

Hope you enjoy the book anyway!!



Chapter Text

"Get away from him before I break every bone in your body, "Batman growled,

Two-faced stood, laughing. Joker whimpered slightly on the floor as Harvey stood, the clowns arm still within his grip, twisting at inhuman angles. Batman didn't like how close they were to the window behind them, they were nearly 7 levels up.

"Well that's something I never thought I'd see"Harvey chuckles maniacally, "The Batman siding with the clown"

Batman's body tensed up. His eyes flickering between Joker and Harvey. He doesn't know how long Harvey has had Joker chained up but by the looks of his body, all bruised and shredded, he'd take a guess and say it's been a while. Cursing himself for not being quicker he hardens his face, staring coldly at the man stood.

"You've got you're justice. You've pushed him to his limits, beat him senseless. Now go."

Harvey lets out a chilling laugh, a murderous one. He steps closer, Joker crying out through gritted teeth as he is dragged by his bent arm across the warehouse floor. The wind whipping at Bruce's face from the window,

"Look at my face. Look at it!"Harvey points to his burnt and scarred face, "You think a battering is justice? It's not! I'm going to do the same to him. Scar him and rip the one thing from his life that he loves."The man smirks,

Batman knew why it was easy to find Harvey now, he aims to kill him. But it should be Harley not him?

"Then why am I here?"Batman hisses, "why did you call me here, make it so easy to find."

Harvey's face curls into a sinister smile, "oh you think he loves and acres for that whore Harley?" he laughs once more, "that's sweet batman, you of all people must know how deeply this fucked up clown cares for you?"

Bruce takes a breath in, its impossible, they're enemies. Joker can't be in love with him...

"I can see the clogs working in your head batman.. you truly didn't know did you?"

Harvey bent down and dragged Joker up by his arms, forcing him to stand. He noticed the wince in the Jokers face when he lent on his right leg. Fury burned within him, but why? Usually, he's the one beating him, what's changed now?

"Look at him, in his eyes, you can see it. It's sad really, I almost pity him."Harvey spits,

Batman does look at him, he does look in his eyes. His green eyes were watery but he could see emotions he couldn't before. Joker's walls were broken down, he couldn't look at Bruce, couldn't hold his gaze.

"Hiya Bats, "Joker says, trying his usual playful tone but it comes out like a child being scolded,

Bruce didn't like it. He wanted the sparkle and madness in his eyes back. The playful and unpredictable tone within the clown's voice. This..this wasn't the Joker.

Then it clicked.

They were never fighting. It was a dance, a repetition of flirting. True their meetings were abusive but that's them. Everything fits, it explains why Bruce feels so angry at Harvey for this, where he used to turn a blind eye. Explains the tightness in his chest and the fear of him being gone. He'd be helpless.

"Harvey you have 2 minutes to be clear of this area."

"oh what? you going to beat me? throw me in Arkham? Either way, I come back" He smirks,

For once in his life, Bruce doesn't think. He lets himself have this. This one thing. Reaching behind him he pulls a gun from his belt. One he had on him purely to know its there, to know if he ever had to or had to a choice he had it. And he's so fucking glad he has. Harvey seemed to flinch, his relaxed state becomes stiff, his face still had a smirk plastered on it. Oh, how Bruce wanted to blow his head off. Lifting the gun and pointing it at Harvey he spoke calmly,

"Leave Harvey"

Laughing he spoke, however, an unsure tone was hidden within his words, "you've always had one don't kill."

"For him"Batman started, looking down slightly at Joker, wide and shocked eyes stared up at him as he did. His breath caught in his throat. "I would."

Joker was wobbling on his knees, he needed to be able to run forward and catch him before he fell out the open window.

"awh that's sweet Batman but you wouldn't"

"Just let him go and I won't have to"

Harvey shrugged "okay"

Harvey didn't just let go he threw him backwards. Bruce jumped forward and grabbed the frail man before he could fall. Joker gripped onto him as hard as his weak frame would let him. Turning he saw Harvey had just begun to run,

"not this time," Bruce growled,

Aiming the gun at Harvey, he took a breath,


Harvey's body hit the floor with a thud. Batman looked at his hand, holding the weapon. He felt dirty. So he threw it out the open window. Pulling the trigger while it's aimed at someone was a thing he never wanted to do again. A groan came from the body behind him and he was glad on his conscience he hadn't killed him.

" didn't kill him?"A small voice asked,

Looking down at the clown in his lap he cupped his face. Joker was smiling, only a little, but he was smiling, Bruce's heart slowly stopped hammering in his chest from fear.

"no... I shot his back, he won't be able to move"

Slowly Bruce lifted Joker so his head was resting on his caped shoulder. Joker sighed,

"Thank you Bats"

Bruce shook his head. "Don't.."

"why?"The clown croaked,

Bruce just shook his head, pulling one of Joker's cold hands to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to the bruised knuckles,

"We've been dancing this dance for years, is this the end?"Bruce whispers,

Joker shook his head, pulling his hand away from Batman's lips and placing it on his cheek. Thin fingers slipped to the seam in Batman's mask and he helped him remove it. Joker gently moved hair from Bruce's face, a content look on his,

"No, it's not"Joker pulls Bruce's face down, millimeters apart, "..its the beginning of another"He whispers sealing their lips together.






"I love you"

"I love you too, Bats"

Chapter Text

"Scared Potter?"Malfoy sneered,

I turned to him and rolled my eyes, "You wish Malfoy",

"I don't need to" he winked,

It shouldn't hit my heart but it did. Quickly I scowled and walked away; hiding the pink tint across both cheeks. I grabbed my broom and stood at the opening of the Quidditch stadium. Malfoy was stood on the opposite side, waving his hands and shouting at another player, I just sighed and waited for the signalling horn. As I flew through the air and round the obstacles trying to catch the snitch I felt the familiar rush of the wind and the crowd cheering. I grinned and leaned forward, the broom whizzing through the air.

By halftime, Gryffindor had scored twice and Slytherin once. Walking into the half-time area I wiped my face with a towel. Malfoy was sat on the bench next to me as it was such a small space. During half-time there is a small entertainment group on the pitch, sometimes its dancers, sometimes singers, sometimes Auroras showing off spells. This time, however, Mrs McGonagall was on the pitch.

"I hope you all are enjoying the game so far. Well done to the teams for playing so well!" She cleared her throat, "As for this game's entertainment, we are introducing something that Muggleborns would know as a "Kiss Cam"."

The crowd erupted into cheers, my eyes widened,

"what filth would this 'Kiss Cam' be?"Malfoy sneered,

"'ll see"I sighed,

McGonagall hushes the crowd and finishes her words, "..however, we are witches and wizards.. so ours has a magical touch! The cam will only go to those who have such a strong and profound chemistry, this is known or not chemistry too. Good luck!"

She waves her hand and a heart appears in the sky with faces inside it from the crowd, a few couples are picked and the crowd cheers, Ron and Hermione are picked and they share a gentle peck.

"let's go for one more shall we?"McGonagall calls, the crowd cheers,

The heart scans the crowd once more and the crowd gasps. I look up and its mine and Malfoys face in the bubble. My face goes white and I see Malfoy shuffle away,

"It is the rules boys.."

The crowd begins chanting, I see the horror on my friend's faces, "KISS, KISS, KISS"

I turn to Malfoy, "Just a peck and its over.." I say,

He swallows but nods. I lean in and press my lips to his. He tenses but kisses back, my hand slides up and around his neck. He slides closer and the kiss deepens, we pull away for air but keep our heads together. Only when I do I hear the crowd cheering,

"Just a peck..?"Malfoy chuckles,

I laugh and he takes my hand in his, "see you after the game..?"I hesitate,

"meet me outside the Grand Hall afterwards.."


He kisses me again, I kiss back but then he's gone and I hear the horn sound. I scramble to get sorted and out on my broom. Draco races past me,

"Having trouble Potter" He smirks,

I just laugh and play the game.


Once the game finished I rushed and showered to get to the Great Hall. I stand for a few minutes and fear begins to settle in my stomach, tears line my eyes after another 10 minutes. I turn and walk towards the tower. Once there I slide down the wall and cover my face.

"I'm so stupid.."

Then I hear footsteps and I quickly wipe my face.

"Potter" I hear, he's out of breath,

"what do you want.." I sneer,

"I'm sorry... I couldn't get out, Blaise and Pansy wouldn't let me go"

I stand up and face him, "you don't need to make excuses. I know full well what you were doing. you were laughing with them about me, I know you regret it, you-"

I was cut off by Malfoy grabbing my face and kissing me harshly, Slowly I move my arms around his waist and he pulls away with a short peck,

"I love you, Harry.."

My mouth falls open, "I-"

"and I mean that.. since I first saw you.. its always been you"

Tears line my eyes and I kiss him again, "I love you too Draco"

He laughs and kisses me again, "Will you be mine then Scarhead?"

"Yes, ferret"I laugh,

He pulls me in for a tight hug and I've never felt so content in my life. 

Chapter Text

"Oh, Batsy, Batsy, Batsy..."Joker sang, skipping along the roof,

"he won't come Joker."Nightwing, Aka Dick Grayson, spat,

Joker skipped coming to a stand in front of him, kneeling down to his height,

"Oh, he will, I have a member of this precious family"Joker grinned, quickly bursting into a fit of manic laughter, standing and starting to skip and chant once again,

After a few minutes a shadow landed on the other side of the roof, Nightwing had to hold in the sigh. He felt the rope around his wrists and legs become loose.

"Bats! how nice of you to finally show!"Joker sang,

"what is the point in this Joker?"Batman growled,

Joker laughed and skipped around him, on the second time around Batman gripped him by the throat and slammed him up against the wall. Joker laughed even more,

"Nightwing, go home."

"but Bat-"

"now!"Batman bellowed,

The younger stood up, shook the ropes off and jumped down from the building and headed home. Batman focused his attention once again on the frail clown in front,

"why did you want me here?"Bruce grunts,

Joker wriggled underneath him but managed to grip Batman's arms to hold himself up,

"hehe, ya see Bats I simply wanted to see ya heh"He grins with a giggle,

"What are you planning Joker?!"

Joker chuckled,

"nothing, as you won't go to dinner with me"Joker snickers,

"why would I go to dinner with you? You're my enemy, not a love interest."

Joker managed to lift his arms and place them around Batman's neck,

"but what about the strong bond we have, the relationship and chemistry we have?"

Batman pushes the crazed man off, "what chemistry. and our relationship is violent and vulgar. not to mention abusive."

Joker twirls towards him, taking his hands and starting to dance with the vigilante,

"Oh but that's what makes it so fun! the constant game, the fights are just how you play!"

Batman pulls Joker to him, "we.have.nothing."

"Oh but you just said we have a relationship!"Joker teases pressing a finger to the tip of the mask's nose,

"n-no I didn't. I meant partnership."

"well yes I guess you're right, it would have to be a partnership."Joker sighs mockingly, sliding his hands down to Batman's chest,

"Joker. what game are you playing? what are you supposed to gain from this?"

"you're affection hehe"Joker slides his hands further down, "c'mon Bats you have to admit it.. we've been flirting for years, there's something there."

Batman pushes Joker away before his hands go further, forcing the excitement and thrill down,

"yeah, there is, hatred. you're going back to Arkham Joker."

Joker flings a leg up behind him, clasping his hands together,

"Oh, Batman! I didn't realise you cared so much to take me to my favourite place!"Joker finishes with a mocking swoon,

Joker cackles as Batman groans and steps forward to Joker,

"let's go, Joker."

"okay. but on one condition"Joker says, pointing at the larger man,

Batman crosses his arms sighing, what can this condition possibly be?

"kiss me. Kiss me and I'll go back to Arkham"Jokers voice lacked the comedic tone, it was flat and serious,

"w-what?"Batman stammered, he hadn't expected the tone in his voice,

"you heard me. you can even put me in handcuffs first"Joker smiles, putting his wrists forward to Batman,

"No Joker. "

Joker sighs, stepping closer to the edge of the building, "then I guess I'll be going then."

"Joker. You can't run forever."Bruce growls again,

"I wouldn't have to darling if you'd just listen to your heart"Joker laughs,

He steps backwards again, Batman takes two forward. Readying himself to grab him,

"there's nothing to listen to"

"if that's what you truly think...well I'll be here for the kiss when you change your mind!"He laughs, turns and takes a final step, tipping over the edge,

Batman rushes forward grabbing Joker by the waist, pulling him closer, spinning him so he was facing him. Without a second to spare he connects their lips. Joker gasps and grabs either side of Batman's face. Bruce holds him together as Joker deepens the kiss, he only meant to give him a short kiss, but this...this felt too good, it felt right. It scared him so he held on tighter. Joker pulled away needing air,

"listen to your heart Bruce" He whispers,

"You know my identity.."He pants,

"Darling I've always known hehehe"He giggles,

Bruce took the advantage and put Joker in handcuffs. Joker tensed, he didn't think Bruce would still send him away after the kiss, however, he is a man of his word so he did not fight. The car ride was silent until he pulled up to the gates,

"Can I say my last words"Joker stripped all of his humour from the words,

"what are you on about now?"Batman sighed,

Joker turned to the man driving, "Y'know my last words before you throw me in here to rot hehe"

"I guess.." Bruce hesitated,

Joker took a few seconds and faced away from him, "I love you Bats"

"what?"Bruce stopped the car, Joker jolted forwards,

"Careful hun hehehe"

"Joker what did you say."

Bruce pulled the clown to look at him, "I said I love you"

"Liar. you aren't capable of love."Bruce spat,

"I'm not capable?! hehehe! I have loved you for years! since this game began, There is no Batman without The Joker. Why do you think I never kill you? Never actually do much damage to you? Pick on you more than any other hero in this goddamned city?!"Joker barked, laughter bubbling in his throat, "you feel the same but won't admit it, you're scared. Scared of loving someone like me."

"fuck off Joker."

Before Batman could start the car again, Joker grabbed his face and kissed him again, but harder. Nipping at his lip, he climbed over the seat and into the other man's lap once he started to kiss back. He pulled Bruce's arms to wrap around his waist as he cupped the others face. Carefully he started to lift the mask, as Batman started to protest Joker moved his hips; creating friction. Bruce moaned into Jokers mouth. Once most of the mask was off he moved to kiss down his neck, sucking some marks down his neck, slowly he stops his hips.

"you see Bats... you're my obsession and I'm yours" he whispers coolly into his ear,

Joker got off Batman and sat back in his seat as if nothing happened. Angrily Bruce drove to the front of the building, dragging him in, leaving him with the guards, with a final word,

"you mean nothing."

He didn't look back.


Over the next week, all he had his mind on was The Joker. The feelings he caused in him, was he right? What was their relationship? He knew one thing he was sad that the marks he left littered on his neck were leaving. To clear his head he went out on patrol. Jumping from the buildings and beating up the odd criminal he still had the clown at the back of his mind. Growling he got in his car and headed to Arkham. Shutting down all the lights he crept through the darkness, hiding in the shadows. He could hear the faint sound of laughing,

"my Bats is coming for me!!"Joker sang,

Reaching his cell, Batman noticed he was the only one in this block.

"hello there darling, missed me?"He cackled,

Bruce grabbed his collar through the bars and smashed their lips together. It was rough and harsh but still passionate. Joker kissed back but it was short-lived, Batman pulled away and unlocked the cell. Pulling the criminal out,

"not a word until we are out of here, is that clear"

"Yup! hehehe"

Joker, surprisingly, complied and didn't say anything or laugh until they were back in the car. Bruce headed back to the manor.

"I told you Bats!"Joker teased,

he ignored him. Once at the manor he motioned for Joker to be quiet once again, he nodded but stopped him in his tracks to kiss him. Bruce pushed him off and proceeded to sneak him to his bedroom. Locking the door behind him he grabbed Joker harshly and pinned him against the wall. Joker put his hand between his lips,

"ah, ah, ah! mask off, I want to see the man I'm kissing, my Mister Bruce Wayne!"

Bruce groaned but quickly removed his mask, "you're such a pain"

"you love the pain, now shut up and kiss me, madman, hehe!"

Bruce quickly latched onto Jokers lips, "you were right... You mean everything to me, you are my obsession"

"I'm glad you've finally listened"Joker smiles, seriously.

Bruce lifted the small man and pushed him down onto the bed, never letting go of his lips like his life depended on it, which he was entirely content about. 

Chapter Text

Winters POV

"hurry up! lets go lets go!!"i shout,

soldiers running towards me, heading for the trucks. We needed to get out of here. and fast.

"how bad?"Nix asks me,

I look at him briefly, i know what he means. The tank come out unexpectedly and we had no way to fight it; the only option to go back. I wasnt sure of the damage.

"i dont know yet."i state, 

i look back at the soldiers when i hear a metal ting. I look round to see Nix fall to the floor. My heart clenched and jumped. 

"Nix!"i shout, 

I fall to the floor by his side. His helmet to the side of him. i hold the back of his head holding him up, his face dazed and confused. I put my hand on his waist to sit him up and it moves to his arm as his hand grips my jacket. Our eyes lock, 

"im alright, im alright...Am i alright?"he says, 

I take a minute to reply, my heart pounds. 'i could of lost him..' i think and grip his arm a little tighter. 

"yeah. Yeah do you feel alright?"i ask panicked. 

i see the burn mark on his forehead and sigh. 'hes one lucky bastard.' He sits up and i start pulling him up, 

"yeah. Quit looking at me like that."

I break the gaze not realizing i was looking at him that way.I push him up slightly and we fumble around trying to get under cover. He scrambles to the tank wheels, i follow and sit beside him. A soldier comes in front of me as Nix puts his helmet back on.

"Captain, we got four dead, 11 injured."he says,

"okay, lets move them out"i say taking a look at Nix who gives me a small smile,

my heart fills with warmth, i softly smile back. I go to stand but the man stops me saying,

"oh, and sir, Randleman's missing too."

"Randleman?"i repeat,

"yes, sir"

"okay, lets go"i say

we scramble up and find our way onto a truck, i look up and someones giving me a hand, Nix. I smile taking his hand and he helps me up onto the truck. Once ive sat down Nix moves a little closer which i know is only to reassure hes okay. 'i think i love Nix..'

(im kinda making it up from here)

later on when we are back at camp, while everyone is talking I tug on Nix's sleeve. He looks at me raising an eyebrow, i lean into his ear,

"i want to talk to you. outside."

"okay."he says,

we manage to slip out the room and we go round the back of the building. Nix lights up a cigarette,

"so what are you pullin me out here for?"Nix asks, 

I look at my boots and laugh slightly, 

"i..wanted to ask if you head is alright.."i say,

'that was a total lie..'

Nix laughs and i look up. Hes got a smirk on his face, 

"you pull me out here just to ask about my forehead? i dont think so. what is it?"

I smile and look away again, my cheeks flushing, "yeah i guess your right.."

Nix dosen't say anything he just waits, I lean against the wall. 'It's now or never I guess..."

" scared me..your one lucky bastard...I don't know what I'd do if I lost you..."I admit

I hear Nix shuffle and he puts his finger under my chin and lifts my head. I look him in the eyes.

"Well I'm still here and you didn't loose me, okay?"


I smile softly and he grins. I blush and he squints his eye,

" did I not notice?"nix curses,

"W-what? I stammer"

He cups the side of my head in one hand and the other on my waist, pulling me closer to him.

" didn't look at me the way you did when I got shot because you were was because you like me..isn't it?"

I look down but Nix pulls my head so I look up


"..yeah..I do.."

I hear Nix laugh and he starts stroking my cheek awith his thumb, I look him in the eyes,

"Thank God I weren't wrong!"he chuckles,

"What?"i say,

"I like you too " he smiles,

I pull away from him,

"What about your wife Katherine? You can't like married"

"I dont love her maybe I did in the beginning but it was an arranged's you I want"

"'s not have a child too!"

He pulls he forward and he leans in and presses his lips to mine, my eyes widen but I kiss back, my hands resting on his waist, we pull away,

"I'm crazy about you Dick...ever since the train...I love you"

"I love you too Nix.."

I press my lips to his quickly, "c'mon lets go back to my room, if we get caught we will be fucked" he mumbles against my lips, we pull away from each other and I shiver from the loss of body heat,


We walk back to Nix's room and he sits on the sofa and pulls me down, I curl up to his side and he wraps his arm around me. He pecks my forehead and I hug his side,

"Who knew getting shot would cause me to tell you how I felt about you..."

I laugh and look up, he pecks my lips but I pull the back of his head down and I kiss him for longer.

"Maybe I should get shot again and see what else comes out" he chuckles

"You do that and I'll be the one shooting you."

He laughs and kisses me again,

Chapter Text

Your POV

Panting I run round the corner, the lizard dragon monsters run past, their feet slamming on the floor. I rest my head against the wall and breath out. Suddenly theres a hand covering my mouth and a sharp pain in my neck, then everything starts going black; the last thing I remember is falling into gentle arms.

I wake up and everything is fuzzy at first. Once my head clears I look around and see that I'm on a bed, with gold, silk sheets. Sitting up I notice a man sat in a throne like chair; staring at me. My heart beats fast.

"come here"He says in a whispery voice, he sounds weak,

I dont move, I just stare at the man. Hes human?

"come here!"he shouts,

His voice makes me jump, it sounded slightly squeaky. I stand quickly and wearily stand a couple steps in front of him.Now I can see him properly realsie who he was, Balem Abrasax, one of the most powerful and dangerous men in the universe. my heart beats quicker as he stands and walks towards me, a smirk falls on his face.

"where were you running off to in such a hurry?"he whispers again,

"getting out of here"I say boldly,

He throws his head back in laughter, he strokes a hand gently down my face and it leaves a trail of tingling,

"out of the building maybe, but your on another planet, how could you possibly expect to leave?"his voice quiet but strangely soothing,

"a-a ship"I say, my voice betraying me,

more laughter and he moves his hand away, circling me like prey,

"mm, you are amusing, thinking you can just jump on a ship and your free"his voice circling my head,

"why am I here?"

he stops in front of me again,

"harvesting of course"He says naturally,

"harvesting?!"I screech stepping back,

Balem steps forward,

"yes, from you my industry can make RegeneX, which keeps my kind young and alive for years"

My mouth falls open and I slowly step back,

"!"I gasp,

I turn and start running but I didn't get far before Balem grabs my waist and pulls me to him, trapping me.

"your not going anywhere"he grins, "your going to be harvested like the others.. shame though.. you are very beautiful"

I stare at him and his words send shivers down my spine, he was strangely attractive,

"let me go!"I shout,

he laughs,

"..your human too.. how could you do this?"

"im not the same species of human you are.. I am much more advanced if you will, to you"

"you dont look it"I scoff,

"do you even know who I am?!"He says, raising his voice,

"yes, your Balem Abrasax."

He moves a hand to cup my jaw,

"then you should know not to anger me, that I'm a dangerous man."

He lets go of my face and holds my arms instead, leading me to the door. My heart starts pounding in my hearts,

"no! please!! I'll do anything!!"I scream,

"you are of no use to me."He says coldly,


He dosen't stop,

"Please!! Balem!"

He freezes when I use his name. He turns me roughly and cups my jaw again,

"you have no right to use my name"he growls,

"please there must be something you want that you can't get from your followers.."

He thinks and slowly a smirk grows on his face,

"I suppose there is one thing.. I will give you 2 months of living here, with me, for me to decide if you would be any good for what I need."

"Can I go home once you've gotten what you want."I beg

"You might not want to"He grins, "but you might not leave if decide I dont want you"

"what do you want"I say angrily,

"After the 2 months have gone I shall tell you."

I pull away from him,

"what?! you bastard! how am I-"

He reaches forward and grabs my neck, I claw at his hands,

"how dare you!"He screeches, making me jump slightly a the drastic change of tone in his usualy quiet voice, "you wont live to see the next day if you speak to me like that!"

"y-you dont s-scare me"I wheeze,

"oh I should, I really should. You don't realise what I can do"he growls leaning closer, gripping my neck a little more, "you are a mere earthling, you are weak."He says,

"now have we got a deal or not?"

"yes"I wheeze,

He lets go and I drop to the floor, I bend on my knees coughing. I look up at him.

"stand up Ill take you to your room."

~~ 1 month later ~~

Living with Balem was horrible a first, he was ordering me around, but ive kind of got used to it. I get anything I want as soon as I ask though. I've been having weird dreams about him and thinking about him in ways I shouldn't and its distracting.

"Y/N!!"Balem calls,


I quickly walk out of my room to where he was sat, in the room we first met in,


"get me my clothes from Mr.Night"

I nod and sigh, as I turn I roll my eyes. All of a sudden Balem has turned me around and pinned me agaisnt the wall by my throat,

"how dare you act like that. I've agreed to keep you alive, you should be greatful!"he growls,

"s-sorry"I wheeze,

He lets go and slaps me, as he turns he has a strange look on his face. Something bubbles in my stomach,

"wait"I say,

he turns to look at me,


he is only half a step in front of me, I reach forward and grab his face, pulling it down and pressing my lips agaisnt his. He gasps in surprise but quickly kisses back and pushes me against the wall. He pulls away but his face is still close and his hands are on my waist.

"What was that then?" He smirks,

Slowly I move my hands from his face and they slide to sit on his chest,

"I-I don't know"

He grins and presses his lips against mine softly. He then moves away smirking,

"Ill leave you to think about it then"

Then he was gone, I felt all fuzzy and stumbled back to my room.

It's been 2 weeks and all I could think about was his him and his lips and his body.

I laid back on my bed and closed my eyes, the first thing that appeared was his face, I sat up quickly and sighed,

"Ah fuck it!" I say and stand up quickly,

I walk to Balems throne room, knocking twice I hear his voice quietly ask for me to enter.

"Hello Y/N is there something you need?"

I don't speak, just walk quickly towards him.  When I reach his seat I don't stop, he sits up slightly,


I walk up the long sofa throne he was sat on and lifted a leg over his lap and straddled his legs on my knees, I cup his face and look him dead in the eyes, he puts his hands on my waist,

"I need you.."i whisper agaisnt his lips,

"That's all you had to say"he replies,

Our lips connect and it quickly turns rough, he opens his mouth and I explore his mouth.  My hand slides down and touches his bare chest. His hands slide up and hold the curve of my body, he pulls from the kiss,

"Lets go to my room"he says against my lips,

I nod and kiss him and then break he kisses me then breaks then I kiss him once more and then get up. He stands and takes my hand leading me to his room. My heart jumps with nerves and excitement. Soon we get to his room and I walk in first and once he's stood by his bed I pull off his cloak and kiss down his chest, he pants heavily.

I pull back and smirk, I push him and he falls onto the bed. He leans up on his elbows and I slowly undo the dress I was wearing and slide it down my body, my breasts free. Once the dress passes my hips I shake my hips and it falls to the ground. The only thing left was my panties. To be a tease I left them.on and walked to the bed, I crawled up the bed, over Belam. He growls and pulls me into a hard kiss, I mean slightly when he reaches down and grips my ass hard.

I pull away and kiss across his lips, cheeks and down his neck and chest. Pull down his trousers and boxers in one and his member springs up, he was huge. I kissed his thighs and then he flipped his over kissing and sucking my breasts. He was sat inbetween my legs so I lift them.up and hook them around his waist. The friction of his dick against me caused me to let out a loud moan. I felt him smirk against my skin when I rubbed agaisnt him. He moved to kiss my lips and took my panties off. He carefully slid his finger inside and rubbed my clit, I moaned and arched slightly. Sliding one finger in I grip the sheets and bite my lip, Balem leans forward and whispers in my ear,

"I want to hear you, make you scream so loud earth can hear you"

That alone made me groan, he then slipped another finger in and soon he had a third. The more he pumped the closer I got. He pulled his fingers away and pumped his dick twice then put 2 fingers against my lips, I opened and sucked on them. After a few seconds he slicked his dick again and pressed against my entrance,


Then he fully enters pushing himself all.the way In,

"Oh my god!!" I moan loudly,

I arch of the bed as he starts to move. He leans down and kisses me hard, I cup his face but he moves and links our fingers together and pins me to the bed, quickening his thrusts,

"Ahh!!.. Balem!!"

"Y/N" he groans,

He moved faster and I arch again,

"In gonna.."i start,

"Come for me"he whispers against my neck,

After one more thrust there's a tightening in my stomach and then I release with a scream, a couple seconds later Balem comes too. He pulls out and lays beside me, I turn to him,

"That was amazing.."i chuckle,

"mm.."he agrees,

He reaches out and strokes my cheek. I turn my head and kiss his palm,

" where does this put us..?"i ask, looking down,

Balem lifts my face and I look at him,

"Marry me Y/N"

"Woah What..?"

He reaches forward and pulls me to him,

"You heard me"

"Are you being serious?"i ask,

He let's go of me and pulls off one of his rings holding it out,

"Y/N L/N, will you marry me?"

A massive grin sits on my face, I put my hand out,


He slides the ring on my finger and I mean forward pressing my lips to his, happily he kisses back, holding me close to his chest.

Chapter Text

~ Hiro's POV ~

I woke up and I squinted my eyes, i sat up and rubbed my eyes in attempt to adjust to the light, which they thankfully did, i looked over at my bothers side of the room, he was up and sorting his bag for collage, i smiled and stood up and sneaked up behind him, i smiled and jumped up onto his back screaming,


"AAAHHHH!!!"screamed Tadashi,

he gently fell onto his bed with me below him, he hovered over me grinning i hadn't realized my arms where around his neck, i looked into Tadashis brown orbs, i suddenly had the urge to press my lips to his, 'what the hell Hiro?! hes your brother!!', i shock it off and laughed and Tadashi seemed to snap out of a trans and smiled and rolled off me,

"come on knucklehead, m gonna be late for school"he laughed,

"yea i know..."i sighed,

i sat up and so did Tadashi,

"hey, ill be back later remember..."

"yes, yeas, i know"i smiled,

he ruffled my hair and got up grabbing his back pack, i groaned and tried to fix my mop of raven black hair,

"come on, lets go get some breakfast"

i nodded and followed my bother downstairs for breakfast, 


as Tadashi went to leave for school i ran up behind him at the door and hugged him,

"DASHI!! wait!!"

"ill see ya later knucklehead, and no bot fights while im gone"Tadashi said into my hair,

"yea, yea, i know, see ya later Dashi"

we pulled away, he pecked my forehead and it sent a tingling sensation though my head and my cheeks reddened 'if only it was my lips...wait! what the hell?!'. he gave me one last smile before he went outside and got on his motorbike and drove off. i sighed and ran upstairs and jumped onto my brothers bed,

i accidentally fell asleep into a dream i wasn't too happy with...or was i...?

i looked around and i noticed i was curled up against my brothers chest, my face was nuzzled into it, i looked up and he was reading a book, he noticed me and put his book down and smiled at me,

"hello sleepyhead~"Tadashi cooed,

i smiled and rubbed my eyes, 

"hey Dashi"i yawned,

"how did my baby sleep~?"he cooed again,

'did he just call me his baby?', i shrugged and looked into his brown orbs,

"alright...sorry for falling asleep on you"

"its alright baby~"

i gave him a confused look and he stroked my face, i went to back away but my body didnt seem move, he lent down and i realized he wasn't going for my forehead when he went past it, he got closer to my lips and my heart started pounding in my chest and ears, my cheeks turned crimson red and Tadashi closed his eyes, he closed the gap and pressed his lips to mine, i soon started to like it and my eyes fluttered closed and kissed back, his hands went on my ass and i pulled my legs to either side of his body and my hands on his shoulders, i  moaned  slightly into his mouth as he gripped my ass tighter...

i shot up in bed and put my head in my hands, 'did i seriously just dream that?!...its disgusting...but do i like my brother...?'

i shook my head and walked over to my mega bot and stuffed it into my pocket and running ut the door, maybe some bot fighting will clear my head,


so i managed to piss the person i was against off and now im pinned up against the wall with a knife to my thought, i gulp and tears prickle my eyes but i will them to leave, as the man brings the knife up i squint my eyes but i snap my eyes open when i hear tires screech, 

"HIRO!! QUICK GET ON!!!"Tadashi shouts,

i grin and slip out their grip while their distracted and jumped onto Tadashi's bike and he put the helmet on my head and drove off quickly, i almost lost my balance so i gripped his torso, he tensed then was fine again, i blushed and then put my hand out behind me and grabbed my mega bot and stuff it into my pocket, as Tadashi turned he growled and looked at me quickly,

"i thought i said no bot fighting!!"

"im sorry...i..umm...i-i needed something to clear my head..."i swallowed hoping he wouldn't push it, which he didnt seem to,

i let out a relieved breath and looked to the road but as i did i heard sirens, 'oh no', he stopped and the police arrested us, 

i ended up alone in my own cell facing another cell full of the bot fighters and my brother angrily look at me from the front of everyone, i sheepishly waved and half smiled at them and i received several growls and grunts, i put my hand down and looked around, 


Aunt Cass pulled us out the police station and hugged us, 

"guys! tell me your okay?"he said worriedly checking us over,

"Cass we are fine"Tadashi replied,

"..good..."Aunt Cass sighed

then pulled us both by our ear to the car angrily muttering, 

"ow!ow!ow!ow!..."me and Tadashi say continuously as we are dragged to the car,

she sits us down in the car and slams he door sitting in the front, me and Tadashi exchange a look and rub our ears, during the car ride i zone out and look out the window and suddenly Aunt Cass does a sharp turn, click! and im thrown onto Tadashi, i fall face first onto him, my lips just missing his and my face landing in the crook of his neck, my hands fly out in an attempt to stop myself from falling but I grip his ass instead, his go around my torso, my face burns bright red and i pull away, i could see his face was red too,

"sorry guys!"Aunt Cass exclaims,

i look up at Tadashi as i sit back in my seat and put the seat belt back on, 

"s-s-sorry..."i muttered,

"i-its okay..."

we both turn away and look out the windows,


so ive decided to stop moping around do somthing with my life and try and get into collage, ive started having more and more weird thoughts about Tadashi, ive created what i want to use to show im worth being taught at the school and im currently shitting myself looking over at all the people, i look over at Tadashi and hes mouthing 'come on! you can do this!! i believe in you!!!', i smile and take a deep breath and believe,

" Hiro Harmada and these are my micro bots..with this headband they will build what you think..."


Me, Honeylemon, Wassabi, Fred, Go-Go, Aunt Cass and Tadashi all came out the building laughing and cheering, im soo happy i got into the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, 

"come on , everyone back to the cafe for some dinner!! its on meee!!!" Cass laughed happily,

everyone cheered, Tadashi pulled my arm to the side,

"guys we will meet you back there!"he called,

"okay! dont be long!"Honeylemon grinned,

he smiled and we walked to a bridge just round he corner of the collage, we leaned against the bridge and looked out to the beautiful landscape, i smiled and Tadashi looked at me and laughed,

"you were great out there....and by the way your zipper was down the whole time"he said casually,

"haha, very funny"i said sarcastically,

but i check anyway, and he wasn't wrong, i gasped,


i zipped it up and hit Tadashi in the arm,

"ah ow hahaha..."he chuckled,

i blushed and then we heard a scream and the sound of glass breaking, me and Tadashi looked at each other worriedly and took off running for the school, once we got round the corner the heat hit me immediately, we shielded ur eyes but then ran closer, people where running from it everywhere, Tadashi caught this woman who was coughing,

"are you alright?"he asked,

she coughed but replied,

"yes, im fine b-but..Callaghan is still in there..."she finished but started running again,

Tadashi started heading for the building i gasped and grabbed his arm,

"Tadashi NO!!"

i gave him a pleading look, 

"Callaghan is in there i need to save him..."

he went to turn but i pulled him to me one more time, doing something i never thought i would be able to do again, i pressed my lips to his squinted my eyes closed as much as i could, he pressed back and he wrapped his arms around me and mine went around his neck, i pressed closer putting more passion and love into the kiss and he pulled away, 

he wiped away tears i never knew where there, 

"ill be back, i promise"

i nodded and he pressed his lips to mine quickly and took off towards the building, i looked up and the beam was falling but Tadashi hadn't noticed, i ran towards Tadashi, i ran up the steps,


i shoved him out the way and the beam landed on my lower stomach pinning me there, my back arched painfully over steps making a sickening crack, i cried out in pain tears blurring my vision,Tadashi looked around and noticed me, his eyes widened and he ran towards me,

"NO! HIRO!!"

just as he got to me the building exploded, the force flinging Tadashi down the rest of the steps and to the bottom, he blacked out, tears streamed down my face as i managed to wheeze his name out and a couple of other words, the burning starting to hurt even more,

"TADASHI!! no!!"

he stood up not long after and ran up to me, he tried to push the beam up but burnt his hand and hissed, he kept trying,

"Dashi stop!"

"no! i cant, i need to get this off you!!"

"you cant!"

tears fell out his beautiful eyes and i reached my un-trapped hand out to him, he took it without hesitation,

"just hang in there, someone is coming..."

"i need to tell you something..."i wheezed,

"Hiro save your energy tell me later..."

"no i not going to make it..."

"dont talk like that! of course your going to make it!!"

i shock my head but continued,

"i-i love you Dashi...more than a brother should...but i do...i pushed you out of the way because i didnt want you to get hurt..."

i could see more tears coming out his eyes, he squeezed my hand,

"i love you...not like a brother dont you leave me!!"

the pain got worse and i screamed out, and squeezed Tadashi's hand more, 

"squeeze all you like, the ambulance is almost here just hand in there"

more tears flowed i couldn't help it the pain was unbearable, 

"i-i-i cant hurts...i-i cant..."

"no, no, no, no! dont you dare!! you'll be okay, just a few more minuets!!"

"i-i cant..."

"please...try..for me...i cant loose you..please..."he begged,

my heart broke, because as much as i wanted to, i just couldn't, but for him i will try,

"okay..ill try..."

"thank you...i love you so so so so much..."Tadashi sobbed,

i broke my hand from his grip and stroked his cheek, he smiled and nuzzled into it, i took his hand once again, 

" i don't make it can you do one hing for me...please?"

"dont talk like that! but of course, what is it?"

"..kiss me one last time..."

he nodded, he brought his head lower and pressed his lips to mine and kissed me, i kissed back and there was soo much love, lust, pain and passion in the kiss and i messed with his hair and he messed with mine, he pulled away and i was struggling to breathe, but i didnt care, i had my kiss and he knew i loved him and he loved me, it was perfect,

i coughed and wheezed and the pain got rapidly worse and i was crying harder,

"i-i cant Dashi it AAHH!! hurts!!"i sobbed,

"dont leave me! dont you dare!! there almost here i can hear them!! please!"he begged,

"i-i cant..."

he shook his head rapidly and squeezed my hand tighter as if he was helping take the pain away and pulling me to the living, 

"i love you, dont leave!!"

i saw the ambulance come round the corner and i couldn't do it, 

~ Tadashi's POV ~ 

"i love you too...soo much, but im sorry...i love you..goodbye"Hiro whimpered as his eyes fluttered closed,

"no, no ,no NO! DONT YOU DARE!! DONT YOU DARE LEAVE ME!! NO!!...PLEASE?!?!!...i cant  loose you too..."i sobbed,

my heart shattered his hand went limp in mine and i frantically tired to lift the beam, it wouldn't work but soon i was being pulled away, i went limp and more sobs left my body.


~ Hiro's POV ~

i open my eyes and i groan, the light stung my eyes, i winced and tried to sit up but it hurt and i screamed, tears stung my eyes and i managed to open them, i looked around and i saw i was in a hospital room, i heard a bang then i saw Tadashi burst though the door, then tears slid down my face as i remembered the past events, 'im alive....IM ALIVE!!!',



he ran over to me and wrapped his arms around me, i gripped onto him,

"im so sorry so so so sorry..."i sobbed,

"its okay...its okay..your here thats all that matters..."he sniffed

"how long have i been out?"

"2 months..."

my eyes widened and more tears came, Tadashi wiped them away and hugged me again,

"im sorry...i love you soo much..."

"its okay and i love you too.."Tadashi whispered,

i shuffled over and Tadashi climbed in and wrapped his arms around me, my back hurt but i didnt care, i as with Tadashi and that was all that mattered,

i looked up at Tadashi and i poked his nose, he smiled and i let out a breath,

"Tadashi..i really am so-"

he shut me up with a kiss, i smirked, i wanted him to kiss me, i wrapped my arms around his neck and he kissed me harder, he held his hands at my waist and mine in his hair, we pulled away for air,

"did you just say that to get me to kiss you?"Tadashi grinned,

i blushed and shyly nodded, i looked down but Tadashi pulled me to look up and into his deep brown eyes,

"if you want to kiss me why dont you just do it or ask me to?"he chuckled,

"okay then...kiss me"i mocked,

he rolled his eyes then smirked, he pulled himself closer and pressed his lips against mine, i melted into him, soon he pulled away, he rested his forehead against mine,

"have you told anyone about us Dashi?"

"no, i wanted to wait until you woke up and ask you what you wanted to do..."

"i want them to know... but only if your okay with it"

"im fine with it, i want to show you off to the world and let them know your all mine"

i blushed and nuzzled into his chest,

"these are the reasons i love you Dashi"

"i love you too knucklehead"

i smiled and fell into an easy sleep.




its been two weeks since the fire and me and Tadashi haven't told anyone of our relationship, we decided today we would tell Aunt Cass and if that goes well to tell the group, i am soo nervous,

i stand up from my bed and wander over to Tadashi's side, but half way there my back gives in and i fall to the floor with a crash,


"HIRO!! are you alright?!?"

ever since the accident hes been very VERY protective of me, i go to move but it sends pain down my spine,

"ah-ha!! n-no...h-help me please..."i whimper,

the pain starts to increase again, i have to fight back the tears,

"shhh...its okay....cry if you want..ill help dont worry..."

i couldn't stop the tears any longer and sobs escaped my body as Tadashi picked me up without hurting me,

~ Tadashi's POV ~


she soon appeared at the stairs panting,

"whats happened?! are you okay?!"

"kinda Hiros back gave in-" a whimper came from his mouth and he mumbled,

"...T-Tadashi...i-it hurts..."he sobbed more and gripped my shirt,

"shh...i will be better soon, Cass could you get me some pain killers and his medicine please?"

"yes of course!!"

she rushed downstairs and i walked to my bed and placed him in it, i gently placed him down and squeezed his eyes shut,

"Dashi...i want the pain to go away..."

"I know, i know..."

i lent down and pressed my lips to his, he relaxed slightly and and wrapped his arms around my neck and i put my mine either side of him as support,

"aww!!!"Aunt Cass squealed,

we pulled away quickly and shocked and i scrambled to the side of the room,

"A-Aunt Cass!! we w-were gonna tell you!! today actually!!!"i stuttered,

"i know and its fine, im fine with it, you love who you love" she grinned,

"really?"squeaked Hiro,

Aunt Cass nodded, i sighed and rushed to Hiros side, sitting next to him holding his hand,

"here, take these Hiro"Cass said as she passed him small pills and a glass of water, he gladly took them and they were gone in seconds, i lifted his hand and placed little kisses to it, his face became dusted with pink, i smiled and squeezed his hand,

"ill leave you too, Hiro should be able walk around in about an hour and if i were you id call your friends over and tell them about you, it will become harder to hide it"she said then left us,

Hiro shuffled over slightly and i slowly sat him up without hurting the poor boy, i wrapped an arm around him and he snuggled into my side, i pressed little kisses to his head and mumbled sweet nothings,



"shall we call the others over and tell them?"he smiled

"are you sure?"i checked


"i am, are you?"

"of course"

i smiled and nodded reaching over and grabbed my phone, i pressed call for Honeylemon and un winded myself from Hiro, and she answered,

"TADASHI!!! how are you?"

"Im fine thanks, could you and the others come over I need to talk to all of you..."

"yea sure! cant wait to see you ill give you a big hug!! are you alright though?"

she gave me a sympathetic look and pouted her lip, i laughed slightly, i knew she had a crush on me since we met but i dont love her, i love Hiro and i always will,

"yes fine! ill see you soon"

"yes! we will be there as soon as possible"she giggled,

"okay, thanks"

she gave me one last smile then ended the call, i put my phone down then i looked over at Hiro who was sat on his bed now staring at the roof, he had a grumpy face on,

i frowned and walked over to him, i sat down then hovered over him,

"hey, whats up?"

"nothing..."he grumbled,

"come on there is something..."


then it clicked, i laughed and looked him in the eyes,

"was it Honeylemon?"

he thought for a moment and then nodded shyly, a blush creeping onto his face, he avoided eye contact,

" should know by now...i love you and only you, it will always be you..."

he smiled at bit, then he pulled my shirt down and his lips collided with mine and i smirked and i heard the cafe door open and i pulled away, a whimper escaped Hiro's lips,

"they're here..."

he nodded and sat up, i sat next to him but a bit further away, they came up stairs and then stood in front of us in a line,

"hey what was it you wanted to tell us about, mate?"asked Wassabi,

" do i put this..i-i-..uhhh!!...i love-..ugh! damn it!!..."i stumbled,

i could see the hope in Honeylemon's eyes, i felt bad for her, but she was just a friend to

"let me Tadashi"

he stood up, and stood in front of me,

"see this?-" he asked everyone pointing to me, everyone nodded, he gripped my shirt and i knew exactly what he was gonna do, i smirked and made it easier for hm to lift me, which he did and he pressed our lips together, i kissed back and gently pulled him in between my legs holding my hands at his waist, Hiro pulled way and turned to face the others,

"he is mine...any problems?"

"aww! im so happy for you!!"said Wassabi,

"as long as your happy, im fine with it" said Go-Go,

"aw! your perfect together and to make it even better its forbidden love!!"Fred cheered,

"h-how could you be okay with t-t-this?!"raged Honeylemon, "its disgusting and wrong!!"she had tears in her eyes, "Tadashi i love you!!"she yelled,

i looked down and Hiro squeezed my hand,

"H-Honeylemon...i-im sorry but your a great friend but i love Hiro i cant help that..."

"but your BROTHERS!! its un-natural!!"


"NO!!"she yelled as she ran out the cafe sobbing, Go-Go running after her,

"sorry mate about all this...she'll come around to it"

"y-yeah thanks..."

"we will leave you for bit to relax..see ya later"

"yeah, thanks again...see ya"

they nodded and left, i laid down on the bed and sighed,

"do you want me to leave you?"asked Hiro,

"defiantly not"

Hiro grinned and sat on top of me, i smiled and sat up and then picked him p and taking him to my bed and placing him down onto it, i then shut the divider and sat down on the bed cross legged, Hiro plonked himself down onto my lap and wrapped his arms around my shoulders hugging me, i wrapped my arms around his torso returning the hug,

he pulled away and looked me in the eyes,

"can we try something?"he asked,

"like what?"

"c-can i just show you?"

i nodded, he leaned in and kissed me, i kissed back and he ran his tongue along my bottom lip, and i opened knowing what he wanted, as our tongues danced i made him moan, we pulled away for air, i rested my forehead against his,

"woah..."he gasped breathlessly,

"want me to show you a real french kiss?"

he nodded and i pulled his head towards mine pressing his lips to mine, i glided my lips along both of his lips and he opened his mouth, our tongues danced again and i pulled away slightly bringing his bottom lip with me then going back to kiss him whilst letting his lip slip though my teeth them sucking on it, me moaned and had to put his hands on my chest for support, i smirked and went back to kissing him,

when our tongues danced this time i sucked on his tongue and he moaned louder gripping my shirt and going even more limp, we pulled away for air panting and he rested his head on my shoulder,

"fuck..."he said,


"sorry but that was amazing..."

i blushed and kissed his neck but got it spot on his sweet spot and he moaned softly, i smiled and left more kisses there earning more moans,

"...i want you..."he whispered lustfully,

i blushed, 'he wanted me?'

"H-Hiro...your only 14..."

"i don't care i need you..."

"a-are you sure?"



i leaned down and smashed my lips on his and did the same new kiss i did moments ago, as i pulled his lip he moaned and started grinding on me, i moaned at the feeling, he smirked so i sucked on his tongue, he moaned louder, i pulled off his shirt and he pulled off mine, i kissed from his lips down his neck to his waist band...i looked up at him, he nodded and i slowly undid the buttons,


i smiled and came up to kiss his lips, i went back down and pulled his trousers off.


(hiros pov)

i wake up and i feel a weight around my waist, i open my eyes to see me and Tadashi naked with his arms around me, i blush as i remember the events of last night...

i snuggle into him and i unfortunately wake him up, he looks at me and i smile,


"no, no its okay..."

i blushed,

"your voice is really sexy in the morning..."

he chuckled and pecked my lips, i cuddled into his chest and soon we both fell asleep again,


i woke up and i was cold, i opened my eyes and Tadashi wasnt there, i then smelt bacon and sat up, my back hurt but i ignored it, i swung my legs around and my ass burned, but i knew why so i gritted my teeth and waited a few moments,

i stood up and all at once pain went throught my back, legs and ass, i gasped and fell to the floor,


i heard a bang then rushed footsteps up the stairs, i finally saw Tadashi and he picked me up and put me in the bed, 

"back in a minute, just getting your medicine"

i nodded and he kissed my forehead, he then ran off, it didnt take him long to return with the medicine, i took it and i was able to sit up a little easier with his help, 

i sat on his lap and he held me, i looked up at him, 

"thank you..."i smiled,

"your welcome...i love you"

"i love you too..."

i looked at him, 'i could of died that night...i could of lost him...', i tear slipped out my eye and i cuddled into him, trying my best to hold in the tears, 

"hey, hey...whats wrong?"

"i-i could o-of lost y-you..i almost d-died..."

i cired into his shirt and he held me close,

"but you didnt...your still here...your still alive...your still with me..."

i looked up with tears still streaming down my face, i pulled him down and kissed him, poured as much love and passion as i could, and Tadashi did the same, i licked his lip and he opened, 

i searched round his mouth with my tongue and he moaned, i moved my hands and pulled his hair a little, he groaned and gripped my waist,

we pulled away for air and i looked into his eyes, 

"i love you soo much..."i whisper,

"i love you too, now come on i made you breakfast!!"

"okay"i grinned,

he stood up and i gave him grabby arms and he rolled his eyes and picked me up, he then took me downstairs for breakfast.

Chapter Text

Stiles POV

ive been avoiding Derek all week. i heard hes leaving and im trying to make it easier on myself as i cant bare the heart we arent dating but i have a huge crush on him. i know it will hurt when hes gone, but its not like i can do anything about it.

i stand up from my bed and sigh, it was mid day and i knew i needed to get some food, but ive only just realised i havent just been avoiding Derek ive been avoiding everyone. running a hand though my hair i groan and walk towards the door. i open it and trudge downstairs and head for the kitchen but i was stopped by my dad, he held me by the shoulders and looked me in the eyes, he looked sad.

"whats wrong son? why have you been avoiding everyone?"he asked,

i looked away and and sighed,

"i-ive just felt a bit ill..thats all...sorry Dad..."i swallowed,

"you sure?"


"you look terrible, get some food and have a shower, then ring Scott and go out somewhere, to cheer yourself up and to feel better"

"okay..thanks Dad..."i half-smiled,

"its okay son..."he smiled,

he then pulled me into a hug and sighed a sigh of relief, i hugged back and then continued towards the kitchen...


after i ate, showered and freshened myself up i called Scott, it didnt take him long to reply,

Scott- Hello?

Stiles- Hey dude!

Scott- Stiles?!

Stiles- Yes Scott its me

Scott- OMG! where the hell have you been?!

Stiles-'t feeling too good...

Scott- dont lie to me Stiles...did you find out about Derek?

hearing his name hurt my heart, Scott also knows about my crush on Derek, i swallowed and said,

Stiles- ....maybe....

Scott- ...*sigh* i know it hurts Stiles but you gotta push through tell him if i were you...he might even like you back...

Stiles- no, no, no, nooooo, NO!!! i am NOT telling him!! 

Scott- your just hurting yourself more...and you'll wish you had...

Stiles- he wont feel the same and ill just make a fool of myself...

Scott- you wont make a fool of yourself and if he doesn't feel the same and it doesn't matter just remember you have me...

Stiles- ...i know...i know....would it make you feel better if i said ill think about it?

Scott- yes..thank you, now what was it you called me for?

Stiles- i was wondering if you wanted to do something like come over or watch a movie?

Scott- ughhh...Stiles i cant pack about you come with me then we go after?

Stiles- urrr....its okay ill wait for you to finish the meeting

Scott- okay then! ill come to yours then we can go to the meeting together

Stiles- Scott no- 

Scott- okay its settled see you soon buddy

Stiles- *sigh* fine...see you soon...

Scott- bye!

Scott ended the call and i put my phone on the desk, i sighed and decided to get dressed into slightly smarter clothes,

i settled on a black shirt with a red checkered shirt over the top and blue jeans, i quickly put my shoes on and grabbed m phone as i heard a knock on the door,

"ahh! Scott come in, Stiles will be down in a minute"i heard my Dad greet Scott,

i shut my door and sprint down the stairs and see Scott talking with my father, 

"H-hey Scott.."

"hey Stiles, ready?"


i grab my keys and hug my dad then walk towards the door,

"Son im doing the late shift tonight so if you come back late i probably wont be home"

"okay dad"

he smiled and me and Scott get into my jeep, as we drove to Dereks place i was soo nervous, everytime i see him i swear he culd hear my heart beat pick up, and the thought of him leaving hurts soo much...

i feel scott put his hand on my shoulder and i look at him and he gives me a sympathetic look,i only then realize theres tears on my water line, i look back to the road and wipe my eyes, 

"Stiles...your hurting need to tell him..."he sighed,

"no!! i cant!!! he will laugh at me!! he dosent like me like that!!"

"im sure it it will do you good with it being out your system..."

"no, i cant a-a-and i wont...."i said as tears slipped out my eyes,

"you really love him dont you..."

i wiped my eyes and nodded, Scott put his hand on my shoulder and sighed,

"i wish i could help, buddy..."

i just nodded and focused on the road, the tears had stopped flowing and my face was drying, soon we arrived, we pulled up and my stomach dropped and my heart started beating faster, i looked at Scott and swallowed,

"you dont have to come in Stiles, you can wait out here if you want..."Scott suggested,

"y-yeah...ill stay here..."

"okay bud, ill meet you out here after, yeah?"


Scott gave me a smile and a pat on the shoulder then got out the car, i sighed and relaxed in my seat, i closed my eyes,

soon after i heard loud talking and then i looked towards the door and saw Derek storm out and Scott trying to stop him, Derek locked eyes with me and i knew he was coming for me,

tears lined my eyes and i turned my jeep on and drove home as quick as possible...


Dereks POV 


Scott arrives last for the meeting and i look around and theres still no Stiles, i look away, i wanted to see him once more before i left, as Scott walked past i smelt Stiles, Scoots heartbeat picked up and i sniffed a bit more and smelt a stronger sent of Stiles, he was outside.

i growled and looked at Scott, he gulped and i walked up to him, 

"im only going to ask once, where. is. Stiles?"i said firmly,

"i-i dont know..."


Scott shrunk back and i stormed out the door, Scott ran infront trying to stop me but it wasnt working, i spotted Stiles in his jeep and as soon as he saw me, i saw tears line his eyes and he drove off, i growled in frustration,


Scott stopped in front of me, and he was panting slightly, 

"go find..out"he said then walke dback to the house,

"ughhh!!" i growled and then ran off towards Stiles' house...


Stiles' POV 


i got home and thankfully Dad wasnt home, i ran up to my room and i stormed into my room and fell onto my bed, more tears came.

soon they stopped and i got up and went to my bathroom and cleaned myself up, i looked in the mirror and i didnt look as bad,

i sat at my desk and opened up Tumblr, i heard the front door open and its probably dad, then i heard a knock on my door, without taking my eyes away from the computer screen i said,

"yeah? come in"

the door opened and i expected my dad to ask why i was home but instead i got nothing, confused i looked around and i was shocked to see Derek, i fell out my chair and scrambled up,

"D-Derek...what are you doing here?!"

"why are you avoiding me?"he asked firmly,

looking at him now and hearing his voice it took everything to hold back the tears and blurt everything out, i gulped,

"i-i wasnt feeling well..."



"yes!"Dereks voice got louder and he got closer, i backed up,

"f-fine...i didnt want the pain of you leaving to be as worse as it could be..."

"what do you mean?"

"...y-your a great friend..."

"tell the truth!"

"i am!"

"Stiles i can hear your heartbeat"

i wizzed round him and i got to the door before i was spun round and pinned against the door, i struggled and didnt make eye contact with him,

"you can tell not going to say anything..."he said softer,

i looked into his eyes and i melted a little inside, 

"theres nothing to t-tell..."as i was speaking my voice broke a little, tears lined my eyes again and i willed them to leave,

"...please Stiles..."Derek begged as he let go a little, i was still looking into his eyes and him into mine,

"...i dont want you to leave because...i-i...i love you..."as i said hose 3 words quietly i looked down and away from his gaze,

i felt Derek let me go and i expected him to hit me, but instead Derek nudged against my forehead, i sighed and then Derek whispered into my ear,

"..I love you too..."

As I looked up I saw that his eyes were closed, so I closed mine and his arms went around my waist, he nudged a bit more against my face,

I lifted my head a little and Derek put his down, 

"I love you so god damn much"Derek mumbled before closing the gap and linked our lips togetner, 

I became weak and put my arms around his neck and his tightened around my waist as we kissed, he pulled away and pressed his forehead against mine, 

"...dont leave me..."

"i wont..."he pecked my lips, "ever"


I then locked our lips together again.

Chapter Text

Marks POV

Jack was over in LA so we could film a few collabs and we had just finished recording the last video for today, Jack is staying for 4 days,

i lean back and stretched and Jack laughed at me,


"you look funny when you stretch, you pull a funny face"he laughs,

i playfully shove him,

"shut up"i giggle,

"but you do!"

i shake my head at him and he has a smile on his face, i checked the time and it was 11pm, but i wasnt tired,

"you tired Jack?"

"nah, you?"

"not really, want to have a few drinks?"

"why not? im not a man to turn down my drinks!"he smirks,

i grin and we stand up, i walk to the kitchen and grab some Guinness, diet coke and some whiskey, i walk back with the bottles and two glasses, i place them on the table, i pour me and jack a drink,

"thanks Mark"he smiles,


after about an hour of drinks and being almost two thirds through the bottles, the alcohol started taking its toll and we were a bit drunk, me and Jack were talking about random things and nonsense when Jack said something,

"do you want to know the real reason why i wanted to come to LA?"


"i didnt want to collab...i just wanted to see you!"he giggled,


"yeah!"he laughed,

"well its nice seeing you to!"i laughed,

he stood up clumsily and wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me, i hugged him back then he sat next to me and we continued talking,

half an hour and more drinks later and we were completely drunk, we came to silence while we were talking and Jack looked at me, he put his hand on my knee and moved a bit closer, i completely forgot what i was doing and moved closer too, Jack put his hand on my face and moved even closer, our lips were only centimeters apart,

i realized what was happening and went to move away when i felt Jacks lips on mine, i sat in shock but started to kiss back, it felt soo good, but this is wrong, hes my friend and a guy!,

i pulled away and looked at Jack,

"we cant do this..."i said gently,

"why not?"he asked,

"because we are friends...and its wrong..."i said calmly,

"we can change that"he smirked.

he moved in and pressed his lips against mine again, it felt amazing and i kissed back again,

'this is wrong!'

i pushed him away,

"Jack no, we shouldnt be doing this..."

he ignored me and pushed me backwards and straddled me, he looked me in the eyes,

"no one will find out, its okay"he whispered,

i looked at him and he pulled my hands up and placed them onto his waist, he held my face again and kissed me, i wanted to push him away because this wrong but it felt soo good and i didnt want to stop, i kissed him back and he smirked, he licked my lips for entrance but i denied, he pulled away and started kissing my neck, it felt amazing and i bit my lip,


he kept kissing and lightly sucking, i was giving into him, i found it hard to resist,

"..Jack..."i whispered,

he suddenly bit down on my neck in a sensitive spot and it felt fucking amazing, i gripped Jacks sides,

"JACK!!!"i gasped,

i felt him smirk

'fuck it!!'

i lifted his head up and pulled him to me by his collar and smashed his lips onto mine, he opened his mouth slightly and i slipped my tongue into his mouth and he moaned lightly, i felt my pants tighten slightly,

i suck on his tongue and he moans louder, he puts his hands in my hair and slightly tugs on it, i moan and we break for air,

"fuck...this is soo wrong but it feels soo good..."

Jack pecks my lips,

"i know..."

i peck his lips,

"...but i cant stop..."i whisper,

he presses his lips to mine and i stand up, his legs wrap around my waist and his around around my neck, my hands go under his ass to support him, he bites my lip while kissing me and i moan quietly, i squeeze his ass and he groans, he pulls away slightly but our lips are still touching,

" it again..."he whispers,

i squeeze again and he groans louder and kisses me harder, we make it to the bedroom and i gently drop him onto the bed and i remove my shirt, and Jack gapes at me, i smirk and crawl over to him, i put my hands either side of his head and he puts his hands on my chest, my pants got even tighter,

"fuck your well built!"he growls,

i smirk and press my lips to his, i let out a little hum when our lips touch, Jacks hands slide around my chest and onto my back pulling me closer to him, i break away and pull his shirt off him, his chest is very well built,

"like what you see?"he smirks,

i nod and he flips us over, he pecks my lips and starts kissing my neck, i groan and he starts sucking and biting on one area, i moan lightly and my hands around his waist, he makes his way down my neck and one hand goes to my bulge, he grips it and my back arches slightly,

"oh my god Jack!!"i groan,

he squeezes lightly, repeatedly as he makes his way down my chest, i moan and i move my hands to his ass, i squeeze it hard, he moans against my skin,

"Jack kiss me"i asked,

he lifts his head up and he kisses me hard and he bites my lip, i groan and he grips my belt buckle, he pulls away and looks at me,

"its okay"i say,

"are you sure?"he asks,

"i am as long as you are"i smile,

he nods, he undoes my belt and pulls my trousers off....


i wake up the next morning with the worst hangover ever, i look around and i see Jack laying on my chest and he has n shirt on and neither have i, i slowly remove Jack from me and i get out of bed, i shove some shorts and a t-shirt on, i quietly go downstairs to the kitchen, i look at the table and there is 2 empty bottles of Guinness and 1 and a half bottles of empty whiskey, i make a coffee and sit on a stool,

"i cant believe me and Jack had sex last night..."i mumbled quielty to myself,

i drank my coffee and took some ibuprofen and soon Jack came downstairs,

"hi..."he says quietly,


"painkillers?"he asks,

"on the side"

he nods and takes some, he then makes a cup of tea and sits down, we sit in an awkward silence, until he speaks,

"are we going to talk about what happened last night...?"

"i suppose we have to..."i replied

" sorry for what was my fault..."he said looking down,

"no it wasnt, you dont need to apologize, im sorry"

"you dont need to apologize either"he smiled a little,

"okay, next thing then, what are we going to do?"

"could we just pretend nothing happened and be friends?"he suggested,

"okay"i smiled,


later that day we where recording and Jack and me finished, he stood up but seemed a little off,

"ill be back in a minute"

"okay"i smiled,

about 30 minutes later i hadnt seen Jack so i went to find him, i eventually found him in his room, he was packing his suitcase,

"what are you doing you still have another day left?"

he sighed but didnt turn to look at me,

" sorry but im finding it hard to be friends after what happened..."

i looked down,

"im sorry Jack"

"its not your fault...its the one who has feelings for you..."he says as he zips up his suit case,

i stood stunned, 'Jack has feelings for me?',

"ive changed my flight to really sorry for everything..good bye Mark"Jack said with tears in his eyes,

he went to walk out the door when i pulled his arm,

"Jack, dont, dont go!"i begged,

"Mark..."he shook my hand off and walked down the stairs,

i followed him and he turned to me when he got the door, he gave me a sad smile,

"can i get a hug before you go?"i ask,

he nods and drops his bag, he wraps his arms around me and i wrap mine around him, i suddenly feel wet drops on my shoulder and little sniffles,


"im fine"

he pulls away but i dont move my arms, i look at him,

"..i really want to kiss you"he mumbles, i barely heard him,

"then do it"i whisper, 'why did i say that?! im not i?'

"i shouldn't...never mind"

"i didnt stop you last night"i winked, 'what is up with me?!'

he blushed and he takes my face in his hand, 'his hand feels soo soft', he leans forward and presses his lips to mine, it feels just as amazing as it did last night, i kiss back and lick his lip but he pulls away,

"i should go"

"...dont go please..?"

"im sorry Mark...good bye"

he slips from my arms and opens the door, he walks out and i watch him get into a taxi and go to the airport, i shut the door and break down and cry on the floor,

"i fucked my best friend!!! what the fuck is wrong with me?!?!?!?!" i yelled,

i walk upstairs and collapse on my bed and cry more...


its been a week since i last spoke to Jack ive tried messaging him but he wont answer, i uploaded the last video for today and sit on my bed,

"why do i ache for Jack? Am i gay?"

i google up my feelings and the most common answer is being bisexual, 'could i be bisexual?'

the more i think about the more i realise i am, i decide to tell my subscribers and make a video, i set my camera up, i press record and start speaking,

"hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to not really sure that to call this"i laugh nervously,

i look down slightly and fiddle with my hands,

"i wanted to make this video because well...ive been thinking...that i..that i...i think im bisexual...this is really hard to say as ive only just realized this my self...please dont hate me for this guys...i juts thought it was best to eh tell you guys this..."by the end of what i was saying i looked at the camera and i had tears lining my water line,

"thank you for watching and ill see you in the next video...bye-bye!!"

i waved then turned off the camera, i did a tiny little bit of editing, then uploaded it, within an hour of it being uploaded i had loads of comments of support a few haters but not many, some of the subscribers fight back against them, but it was nice to know i have people by my side still,

i looked and suddenly saw Jacks youtube name, he had liked my video, my heart started racing, but then i realized he wasn't going to message me, tears started to fall out my eyes,

"i cant do this anymore!!! i fucking miss him!!...I love him!!"i shout,

i go onto google and get tickets for Ireland, theres a flight in 2 days, i book it and start packing...


im stood in front of Jacks apartment door in Ireland, im shaking and my stuff is back in the hotel, i knock on the door and my hands shaking like crazy, the door opens and im faced with Jack,

i look at him and his green hair is messed up, his blue jumper is all creased and his black lazy trousers are all messy, he has odd socks on his feet, he looks so cute,

"M-Mark..."he stuttered,

my eyes welled up, ive missed him so much,

"J-Jack...i-im so sor-"

"Jack whos this?"a brown haired girl a little shorter than Jack came behind him and wrapped her arm around him, she had green eyes and she was skinny, she was wearing a black dress and her hair was messily up,

"J-J-Jack...?"i whispered, i stepped backwards, i shock my head and then ran off, tears falling out his eyes,


i kept running and eventually got a bit away and sat on the floor, i curled up and cried, 'hes found someone else...' i stood up and walked to my hotel, i got into my room and fell onto the bed,

my phone then buzzed, i groaned and looked at it, it was Jack, it said "come back please it isnt what it looks like!"

i sighed and typed back, "its okay you've found someone else",

i turned my phone off and fell asleep, i quickly woke up when there was a harsh banging on my hotel room door, i groaned and got up, i opened the door and Jacks face was there, his eyes were puffy and red,


"Mark please let me explain! dont shut me out! dont leave me!"

"i wont, come in"

Jack seemed relieved and walked in, i shut the door and turned around, i faced Jack and he hugged me, i hugged him back, tears lined my eyes but i wouldn't let them fall,

"ive missed you"i whispered to Jack,

"i missed you too"he whispered back,

he pulled away and he was crying slightly,

"that girl in my flat was my sister, Mark"


"yes"Jack said grabbing my face gently, "now why the hell are you in Ireland?!"

"so i can do this"i say,

then i pull Jack towards me and press my lips to his, i groan slightly as our lips touch and Jack wraps his arms around my waist and my arms go around his neck, we pull away and press our foreheads together,



"i love you"

Jack grinned and kissed my lips then said,

"i love you too Markimoo~"

i smiled and kissed him again, he walked backwards and i pushed him onto the bed, i straddled him and linked my hands with his, i opened my mouth slightly and Jack slipped his tongue in, i sucked on his tongue and he moaned, he bit my lip and i groaned, he let go of my hands and fisted my hair, i groaned and he started sucking on my neck, i groaned and bit my neck,

"ugh Jack, bite harder"i moaned,

he bit a little harder and i groaned, my pants started tightening again, i pushed him down and kissed his neck and ripped his shirt off, i kissed down his chest and gripped the bulge in his pants,

"round two?"i smirked,

"round two"he nodded,

i started undoing his pants....

Chapter Text

Bucky's POV

me and Steve sat in an old base tent at the further end of the army camp on our own, when Steve found me and saved me i never thought i would see him again, i look at Steve and his face had dirt and blood splattered here and there and his hair was a mess from the helmet which was too small for his head, my eyes lined with tears as i thought of never seeing him again, i looked to the floor and took in a shaky breath,

".. ithought id never see you again, Steve..."i began, "...i was so scared..i dont know how id cope without you..."i confessed and looked up at Steve who had a sad but happy smile on his face,

"me too Buck...i mainly went on that mission to save you..."he sniffed,

he looked into my eyes and he pulled me into a hug, i swear he crushed some bones but i didnt care, i wrapped my arms around him and breathed in slowly, relief that hes alive settling in, we pulled away and Steve had tears falling gracefully down his face, i wiped them away,

"everything's okay..."

"...i was so scared...i thought you were dead..."he sobbed,

i cupped his face in my hands and his hands sat on my waist, i looked into his eyes and he looked into mine, pale blue-silver meeting bright blue,

"you dont need to be scared anymore, im alive, im here...and im not going anywhere"i reassured,

Steve nodded slightly and i smiled at him, he smiled back, his teeth slowed through his pink lips and his eyes crinkled slightly at the sides, my heart fluttered, this was the smile he only showed me, it was a genuine, happy smile, unfortunately i had grown feelings for the once fragile, small, boy but i could not say anything because in our year it was dangerous to be gay but the thought of loosing him was too much, ive got to tell him before its too late,i pulled my hands away from his face and put them int my lap fiddling with my fingers nervously, i swallowed thickly and looked at the gorgeous blonde,

"S-Steve..i something to..t-tell you..."i stumbled,

Steve looked at me with a confused face,

"sure go ahead Buck..."

"...i-i...uhm..i....l-love you..."i stammered,

"y-you what?"Steve spluttered,

"...i love you..."i gulped,

Steve's blue eyes widened in shock and surprise and i looked down and rubbed my hands together anxiously, waiting for his rejection, tears lined my eyes i know ive fucked everything up now,

"...y-yeah me too, Buddy"he grinned,

my heart sank, he thought i meant as a friend, my face heated up in embarrassment and a small tear slipped down my face but i discreetly wiped it away,

"...n-no, i mean i love you...more than i friend..."explained,

i heard Steve lightly gasp, i squeeze my eyes shut, 'im such an idiot',

"really Bucky?"


"..i love you too, James Buchanan Barnes"

i looked up and saw a huge smile across his face, i couldn't help it i smiled too, i threw my arms around his neck and hugged him, he wrapped his arms around my torso, i let out a small laugh and i felt him hum happily, we pulled away but i held his hand still,

"does that mean you'll be mine Sargent?"

"of course Soldier"i chuckled,

"we will have to keep this quiet though because if someone finds out we will either be arrested, killed or have the shit beaten out of us"Steve chuckled,

"yeah"i laughed,

i smiled, i lent up and press my chapped lips to his soft pink ones and he kissed back, our lips molded together perfectly and we pulled away for air,

"...'till the end of the line"Steve mumbled,

"'till the end of the line"i hummed.


there was gunfire everywhere on the train, i shot the last Hydra agent on this carriage and went on cautiously to find Steve, we decided to take down Hydra from the inside and were on the Freight Car owned by Hydra, i finally found him after he had killed another agent,

"you good?"i asked,

"im fine, you okay?"he replied,

"better than ever"i grinned,

he chuckled and shock his head from side to side gently, my heart fluttered and i looked around and i saw no one, i quickly lent up and pressed my lips to his cheek in a small, quick kiss, a pink dusted the little bit of cheek that was showing under his helmet, suddenly i heard an electrical charge noise and then Steve was blasted to the side, his shield dropping to the floor, i looked ahead and saw a mechnical man with two huge guns filled with a blue substance, my eyes widened and i grabbed the shield as he started shooting, i shot back at him but it barely did anything, Steve then got back up and started fighting again, the monster man shot at me and i ducked, it blasted the side of the cart open letting the bitter, winter air in,

suddenly i lost focus and was shot at the the blast sent me flying out the gap dropping the shield, i screamed and gabbed onto anything i could, i managed to grip a metal bar,


Steve finally shot the man in the head killing him, he ran to me and gripped onto a bar, he reached out to me,

"take my hand!!"he screamed frantically,

i tried reaching but it was still too far,

"i cant reach!"i struggled,

the metal bar i was holding started to come away from the train and my heart started beating faster,

"Steve, im going to fall!!"i cried,

my vision was going blury from the tears,

"no!!"Steve yelled,

he crawled a little further and he almost grabbed my hand when the bar jolted down and my eyes widened, Steve was further away now and wouldn't be able to grab me, i swallowed,

"Steve, i love you"i sobbed,

"no! dont say that like your going to die! just reach a little further!"tears fell from his eyes in frustration,

"i love you too Bucky, please try to reach! im not loosing you again!!"

the bar was on its last screw and i tried to reach a little more and Steve grabbed the tips of my fingers as the bar snapped, i hadnt reached quite far enough and i slipped from his grasp,

"NO!! BUCKY!!!"Steve screamed,

i screamed as i plummeted down the snowy cliff side to my death.


Steves POV

he'd fell. i hadnt tried hard enough. hes dead and its my fault.

my heart hurts every time i thik about it and they were some of my last thoughts as i drove the ship towards the icy water, i had to crash the ship as it was the only way to save everyone from Hydra.

i pulled out my compass and placed it on the dashboard, it was a picture of Bucky, tears quietly streamed down my face,

"im so sorry Bucky...i love you so much"i whispered,

i looked forward and i had 30 seconds before i hit the water,

"'till the end of the line"i mumbled then i hit the water and i hit my head and was knocked out,


it had been strange to adapt, everything's different to how it was back in the 1940's, new technology, new clothes, new music, everythings new and strange,

lately Tasha been bugging me and trying to get me to go out with girls on dates but im not interested because as sad as it is...i still love Bucky, and i just dont seem to be attracted to girls as much as i thought i did, but im too scared to tell her but its getting irritating so im going to have to,

a while later me and Tasha were sat on our own in the living area of the Avengers tower,

"so what is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

i look down and breath in,

"please dont scream at me or anything?"i ask,

"omg?! have you fianlly found a girl?!"she squeals flinging her arms about,

i pull her arms down and hold them in place gently,

" actually.."

she relaxes and blinks at me repeatedly with a straight face,

"excuse me?"she asks blankly,

i swallow thickly, "im gay"i repeat,

she looks at me and then a huge grin appears on her face,

"OMG!!!!"she squeals, again,

"y-your not angry?"i splutter,

"no? why would i be?"he asks puzzled,

"because isnt it considered wrong to be gay?"

"Cap this is the 21st century not the 40's, being gay is accepted now"she smiles,

"oh"is all i said,


i threw the metal armed man over my shoulder, he rolled on the floor and the bottom part of his mask fell of his face and was on the floor, he turned and faced me and his long brown hair moved out of his face, my mouth fell open,

"Bucky?"i gasped,

he looked at me with a hard expression,

"who the hell is Bucky?"he asked,

my heart shattered, how does he not know who he is?, he went to shoot me when Sam came in and kicked him in the back, he fell to the floor with a grunt, he stood up quickly and looked at me, his eyes showed confusion like he saw something but it dosen't connect with what he knows,

he pointed a gun toward me but shot next to me instead and a car blew up behind me, i ducked and looked behind me at Natasha, i looked back and Bucky was gone,

i frowned and loads of black vehicles come round the corner and men came out pointing guns at me, and i had to get on my knees, i was so confused at everything that i just went along with it.


the next encounter i had with 'The Winter Soldier' was when i was trying to shut the Helicarriers down and had to change the chip in the main core, i managed to do it but got shot by my ex-lover in thr process,

i had just freed Bucky from wreckage that had fell on him from the falling Helicarrier, i dropped my shield, exhausted mentally and physically from all this fighting,

"you know me"i panted,

"NO I DONT!!!!"he yelled,

he threw a punch at me with his metal arm, it whirred and i launched to the side, he had an evil and scared look in Buckys eyes and it broke my heart,

"Bucky.."my voice raspy from the ash from the fire"'ve known me your whole life"i slurred trying to catch my breath,

'come on, remember me'

he punched me again, knocking me back down to the glass and metal floor, the helicarrier falling apart around us,

"your name..."i began, trying to gather some oxygen, chest burning" James Buchanan Barnes.."

'remember me, please Bucky!'

"SHUT UP!!!"Bucky screamed,

he flung his arm out throwing another punch my way, my back hitting the floor once again, my helmet laid beside me, battered and unfix able,

"im not going to fight you..."i coughed,

once i was stood again, we stood staring into eachothers eyes, Buckys face showed a mix of anger and confusion as i dropped my shield and it fell through a gap i the glass into the water below us, i looked at him and breathed in ignoring the horrible pain it caused, fighting the tears that brimmed my eyes,

"...your my friend..."i wheezed

'i love you, please come back to me'

another part of the helicarrier fell down causing it to shake, Buckys eyes flickered and glazed over like they did hen i first fought him, confusion covering face then anger.He lunged at me and lifted me of the ground and slamming me against the hard floor, i banged my head and gritted my teeth in pain,

  "...your my mission.."he growled, 

Buckys teeth clenched tight, he rested one hand beside my head and swung his metal arm back and hit me screaming "you'" with each word until my eye became red and swollen,

"then finish it.."i gasped, "...'cause im with you..till the end of the line.."

his eyes widened in horror and his mouth opened partly, his arm retreated to his side,

"Steve...?"he whispered,

i nodded, "yeah..its me"i whispered, tears started to fall out my eyes,

a large piece of the helicarrier fell down and smashed the bottom of it, and i fell, Bucky garbbed onto a metal bar, stopping him from falling,

"Bucky"i whispered as i fell,

i hit the water and i became too weak to do anything, as i started to loose consciousness a figure dived into the water and started pulling me up, i then passed out.


"how much damage did i do?"Bucky asks worriedly,

"enough"i sigh, "which Bucky am i talking to?"i ask,

"its me, its the real Bucky not The Winter Soldier"

"how do i know that?"i plead,

"your mums name was Sarah and you used to wear newspapers in your shoes..."he replies,

i suck some air in and lets a shaky breath out turning around letting a few tears slip out of my eyes, Sam looks at him worriedly,

"..its him..."i whisper quiet enough for Bucky not to hear but loud enough for Sam to hear,

Sam looks down and sighs in relief, i wipe my eyes quickly and turn around, i look at Bucky and he had his head in the hand that was free, he looks up at me and he had a few tears falling down his face, i raced over to him and freed hi arm and embraced him in a tight hug, he hugs back and sobs escape my body, i hear Sam shuffle out the room to give us some time,

"..i missed you Bucky..."i sob,

"i missed you too Steve..."Bucky says choking back a cry,

i nuzzle into his neck and calm down a few minutes later, i pull away but hold his hands in mine,

"im so sorry i didnt try hard enough that day on the was my fault you fell..."

"no Steve it Dloriswasnt. you did everything you could"

i nodded and he pulled me in for another quick hug.


me and Bucky where stood at the back of the plane and we look forwards, i look at Bucky and clap him on the shoulder,

"do you remember that time we had to ride home from Rockery Beach on the back of a freeze truck?"i ask,

"was that the time we used our train money to buy hot dogs?"Bucky answered with a smile,

"You blew three bucks trying to win a stuffed bear for a red head"i said chuckling,

"what was her name again?"

"Dloris. You called her Dot"i laughed,

"shes gotta be 100 years old by now"

"so do we, pal"i chuckled,

i looked down and went to walk but Bucky grabbed my arm, i looked at him and stood still,

" me?"he asked slowly,

i smiled at him and took his human hand in mine,

"yes, do you still love me?"i ask,

"of course i do, punk"he grins,

"come here, jerk"i grin back,

i pull him towards me by his waist and press my lips to his, he hums happily and kisses back, when we break for air i press my head against him and put arm around around his neck, his arms wrap around my torso bringing him closer,

"its been too long since we've done that"i sigh,

"it has..."

"i love you James Buchanan Barnes"

"i love you too Steven Grant Rogers"

Chapter Text

i sigh and shrug my bag over my shoulder, this is the 6th school ive moved to in the past 3 months, i flick my long black hair over my shoulder and out of my face and walk through the halls, i get weird stares but i shrug it off, its probably my clothes - i was wearing a sleeveless black and white skull top; black, skinny, ripped jeans; spike bracelets on each wrist; a black beanie; black, heeled, platform boots with chains attached: a studded black choker and white stretchers. topped with black eye make up and lipstick.

i roll my eyes and focus on getting to my first lesson, that is until a girl with long blonde hair, pink top and white skirt pushes my shoulders back into a locker. i drop my bag but i dont flinch,

"who are you?"the girl spits, her 2 other girls follow her and stand either side of her, 

"none ya' business"i say,

"actually it is.. i kinda rule this school. so..."the girl says smirking, 

"awh Barbie feels powerful, sorry honey but you may own this school but you dont 'own' me"

the girl slaps me in the face and i go with it so i can look for cameras, luckily there was one facing us, i smirk, i bring my knee up and hit her in the chest, as i do that i push the other two girls back and flat on their asses. i then pinned the main girl to the floor, 

"don't think you can over power me because you don't know shit about me and you never will. you mean fuck all to me."

"argh get off my you faggot."

i smirked and held her face still, 

"oh, you think im gay do ya?"

she spits in my face but i ignore it, "maybe your right lets test it!"i chuckle and press my lips to hers roughly but i quickly pull away and punch her in the face, i then stand up, grab my stuff and walk off -  the bell then rings.

I sit down in class and get my stuff out. I look out the window and there's a creepy man stood by the field. I look around the class from and no one has seen him. I look outside again and he smirks then runs into the bushes. I shake my head, 'probably just some weirdo trying to freak kids out'

Our teacher soon walks in. Her red heels clacking on the floor and her black dress swaying behind her. She puts the papers in her hands onto the desk with a thump and picks up a chalk ready to start writing on the board. 
"Hello class, as this is a new move for some of you I'll introduce myself, my name is Mrs Tyler and ill be teaching science"she smiels and flicks her short blonde hair frok her face,

I sigh and get a pen ready.

About half way through the day in 4th lesson I'm looking around the classroom while people are finishing the maths task our teacher had given us when I see a figure quickly walk past our door and I hear a soft click but I see my teacher stand up, the click must of been from his feet. I shrug and make sure I've done the work.

"Right. Times up! Swap sheets with the person next to you so we can mark it"Mr Novak says,

I pass my sheet to the boy next to me who smiles, he has short brown hair, bright blue eyes and a small frame, he had a nirvana shirt on too, I smile back.

I mark the last question and tick it then the fire alarm goes off.

"Alright everyone stay calm. Frist row, stand and leave your bags" Sir says,

He goes to open the door but it's locked, he uses his keys but it doesn't work, his eyes widen, suddenly the panels in the roof move and a figure jumps out and behind the teacher,

'It was the guy from earlier!'

He pulled the teacher back by the neck, he pulled a knife out his long sleeved, white jumper,

"Nobody moves or this man - what's your name?"

"Novak.. Cas Novak."

"Aw nice name. But anyway nobody move or Cas here dies"he grins,

He gets to work tying the teacher to the chair and I slowly start to get up, the boy next to me quickly taps my arm, I look at him,

"What are you doing?!" He mouths,

"Saving you!"i mouth back,

"You'll get yourself killed!!"

I shake my head, I have all the other kids eyes on me,

"Look forward otherwise he'll notice!" I mouth to them all,

They all look forward, the teacher notices me and starts to distract him,

"You really think you'll be able to harm me and all these children before they nice a while class is missing?" He asks,

I stand on the table quietly,

"I'm afraid you underestimate how quickly I can work" he smiles,

I slowly and quietly lift a roof tile away and climb up,

"Who even are you?" Novak asks,

I look down once I'm there and the boy looks up at me,

"Move my bag from underneath my seat please and move my work do it looks like there's never been someone there"I mouth,

He nods and does so, I smile and close the roof tile, I slowly crawl through the wires and small space and get to where the hatch was open from the other guy, I stop and listen,

"Who am I?! HAHAHA!! I'm Jeff the Killer!!"

My eyes widen, I should of figured it out, the hair, the clothes and the smile. The teacher sees me in the corner of his eye and I point to the table to say I'm going onto there, Novak quickly pulls Jeff to him to threaten him and I have a 30 second window,

I quietly swing down and land on the table silently, Jeff snaps back from the teacher, I see Novaks face turn to horror as Jeff starts clapping slowly, he turns around to see me,

"Well done. I have to say that was really well done. Unfortunately I heard you from the second you sat up in your chair, I just wanted to see how far you were gonna go!" He laughs, "but what were you gonna do once you got to this point? Huh? A scrawny little girl like you?"

He asks as he steps into the table, standing in front  of me, I don't budge, 

"Hmm I was thinking maybe we could go out for lunch, go to the park have a nice day, ya get my drift?" I smirk,

Jeff laughs "ya got guts kid. Maybe I'll let you be the survivor" as he says this he wraps an arm roughly around around, pulling me to him, I put my hands on his chest to steady myself,

"Aw ain't that sweet" I smile,

"Aw too bad I have to do this, your pretty cute!" He chuckles,

He then punches me off the table and I smack the back of my head into the desks, I manage to move 2 desks back with the impact. My vision goes slightly fuzzy but I can see Jeff walk back to the teacher,

"You naughty man. You helped her, guess your gonna pay the price!"He laughs,

He pulls his knife out and slices his throat,

"No!!"I scream,

He growls and turns around walking to me, he pulls me up by my shirt, he puts his k off against my cheek,

"Stay quiet beautiful"he grins,

"Fuck you!"I spit,

He kisses my cheek then knocks me to the floor, then knocks my head my vision goes blurry and then black,

I wake up to screaming and everything comes rushing back, I sit up and see everyone frozen to their seats 3 kids are dead and it's only been 5 minutes that i was out.

I stand up shakily, and walk towards the desk,

"Sit down doll you'll only get your self hurt"

"Never. If I die but these kids are alive so be it."

He picks up a child and holds her to his chest,

I freeze but my knife is in my hand, I grip it tightly and calculate how I would have to throw it to hit his shoulder,

"Come on gorgeous sit down and let me do my work"

"Never!"I growl,

I throw the knife and it hits him perfectly in the shoulder he lets the girl go and he stumbles back, I have for the girl to come to me, she runs and slides to my side,

"Thank you!" She sobs,

I smile, "Stay here, but once I open the door run. Run and find help."

She nods, I stand and run to the door I kick it 2 times and it finally opens, I run to Jeff, I punch him and he stumbles,

He picks his legs out but I dodge and punch him in the gut, he groans an flicks again but he lands it in my chest, I growl but continue to punching, he stumbles but grabs his knife,

He slashes at me and misses, I kick him but he manages to slice my shoulder, "gah!" I scream,

He punches my face and I fall back to the floor, he pins me but I bring my knee up and knee his dick,

"Go! Run go now!"I shout to everyone in here,

he groans and steps back, I punch him again and he grabs my hands holding me against his chest, "tch tch tch, you can't fight me, you can't last long enough"

"Watch me!"I spit and lick back wards then lick him again he falls back and some of the kids are are still here, i run and jump on Jeff, pinning him to the floor,

"Everyone run! Get out get help!!" I scream,

Jeff struggles underneath me, I punch his throat twice and he gasps for air, which he quickly regains, he punches me in the face and I fall back, he stands and gtabs my hair,

I scream and he drags me to the desk, my back hits it then my head, I breathe hard and Jeff straddles me with one knee Up, he holds a hand against my throat,

"Such a shame.."he sighs,

He leans forward and presses his lips to mine, they didn't feel rough, they felt soft and right to kiss, I kissed back a little and he let me go, he cupped one side of my face,

"Come with me" he asks,

"Go with you!" I scoff, "your a killer"

"But it's fun and you would be safe"he grins,

"Never"I growl,

"Fine!"He growls with a smirk,

He stabs his knife into stomach, my eyes widen and I feel blood rise in my throat and I cough, my head falls back, the pain burning my lower body, he looks at me and I see a sad look in his eye, he holds my face still,

"W-why are you s-still.. here..." I splutter,

"Shhh.."he says,

Then there was hurried footsteps down the hall, he pecks my lips as he pulls the knife out, he licks the blood from his lips and jumps out the window into the bushes,

I use my hands to hold my stomach, my hands covered in seconds, Mr Winchester and Miss Tyler turn the corner into the room with the girl I saved earlier and a paramedic, Mr Winchester runs to my side and holds my hand,

He was my uncle, which is why my dad choose to move here,

"Erica listen to me! You need to stay awake and listen to me" says the paramedic,

I look at Dean, and smile sadly,

"I'm sorry.. I love you"I whisper,

"No, No, No! Don't Erica!! Stay awake please..." he says cupping my face, he has years in his eyes, 

"I need back up! Girl with stab wound in her stomach, losing consciousness"says the paramedic, 

I squeeze my uncle's hand and my eyes become lidded and almost shut, I felt weak and I dropped Dean's hand,

"Erica!!"I hear then everything goes black.

I wake up and there's blinding white lights everywhere, there's a couple cards and some flowers in a vase on the bedside table, I sat up and I felt no pain, I looked down and my skin was paper white. I could hear crying outside the door and i pressed the buzzer for a doctor and one came in, her mouth dropped open,

Dean and Sam walk in and stare at me in shock,

"What?"I ask,

"How are you sat up? How are you alive?"Sam asks,

"What do you mean.."I ask, I look at the heart monitor and it's a flat line,

My eyes widen and I put a hand over my mouth and tears cloud my eyes,

"This has to be a dream..."

The boys walk to my side and Dean touches my arm, "your cold as ice.."

"No, No, No!!"I sob,

The doctor checks everything and my pulse and my temperature,

"Accoring to all the data and reading you should be dead.. you should be sat up right now and talking..."

An hour later more doctors are in the room and Dean and Sam are outside,

"We will have to take her in for testing"they say,

"No! You are not testing me!!"

"But your a medical mystery.. you could cure cancer!" One says,

"No! I'm still alive and you won't take me!!"

I rip all the wires out and don't feel anything machines start beeping and I jump up and run out the room,

"Erica!!"I hear Sam shout,

I don't listen, I just run. I end up at home and I run into my room. I grab my black skinny jeans that are ripped, grey short sleeved t-shirt and my black converse, I slip them all on and I look in the mirror, I have blood on my arms and neck.

I grab a wipe and wipe everything and out clear plasters on everything. I brush my hair and put a beanie on. I grab my back pack and grab a few essentials and run to the kitchen. I grab food and 3 bottles of water. I put my leather coat on and grab my phone and keys.

I run out and into the forest. I stary wlaking through and i get a text,


Erica where are you?! Are you okay?!


I'm okay, I've got to leave they want to do tests on me and I won't let them. I'm sorry and i love you. Tell Sam and dad I'm sorry and i love them. I'll maybe visit you in the future.

I turn my phone off and walk a different way, i get to the middle after about an hour of walking I sit down to eat and have a drink. I look around me the forest looks so calm. I then hear foot steps. I duck down behind the log and look around. I then feel a hand on my shoulder, I go to scream but they put a hand over my mouth, my eyes widen,

"Hello beautiful"Jeff says,

I kick him and he falls back,

"I wouldn't do that if I were you"

"Why I'm dead anyway!"

He laughs and gets up and kneels in front of me,

"Yes. But I can change that."


He grabs my face and kisses me, I then sit back, I feel my heart beat and then a large amount of pain hits my lower body,

"If you stay like this you will actually die and be 10 feet under. I saved you by making how you are"

He means forward, I shuffle away,

"No. I want to die.. I don't want to be an outcast. I don't even have anywhere to go now because of you!"

He cups my face but I'm too weak to move,

"You can live with me"


He roughly pulls me forward and kisses me, I slowly feel the pain go away and my heart beat slpwlwr and slower, I also feel the energy come back, I slap Jeff,

"Argh!! I hate you!"

"I know. Come on let's go home"

"No. I'm not going with you."

"Fine stay here."

He then scold and leaves. I sit on the log for a bit longer but then get up and walk around.

~~~time skip to a week later~~~

I may against a tree exhausted. I don't have any food left and i'm almost out of water too. I put my head back and close my eyes, i slowly fall unconscious. 

i wake up and im being moved, i open my eyes and start to fight, 

"hey! hey! hey!! its Jeff! calm down. im getting somewhere yo can eat and drink!"

"no.."i mumble but i dont fight, i drop my head to his neck and close m eyes, exhausted, after about 10 minutes of walking we get to a large mansion. it looks run down and falling apart. i look up and see Jeff focused on the house, now i look at him hes quite cute. When we walk through the mansion inside was all neat, clean and fixed. Jeff walks up the stairs and into a bedroom, which i assumed was his.

he placed me in the bed and put the covers over me, he quickly went out the door and came back a few minutes later witha wet towel, he placed it on my forehead, 

"ill be back in a minute"he says, 

i mumble an okay and he leaves, his walls where white with red splatters, carpets, furniture and curtains where black, Jeff then walked through the door with a tray with a bowl and glass of water on it. he set it on the side of the desk and sat on the edge of the bed, 

"can you sit up?"he asks, 

i nod and slide up to a sitting position, he places the tray on my lap, 

"got some tomato soup and water for you, id get some rest after"

"t-thank you"i croak, 

he nods and gets up and leaves the room. i finish the food and water and decide to get some sleep. 

its been a week since jeff found me and ive been slowly been recovering, ive been staying in his bed still.

when i wake up Jeff is sat on the floor cleaning some knives, i move to the other side of the bed not realizing there was no wall and i fall out of the bed. I hear footsteps and Jeff is sat behind me and he starts to sit me up when a massive pain rips through my stomach, 

"AH! Jeff, dont move me!"i shout,

he freezes instantly, 

"whats wrong?"

"i think i can feel pain from my stab wound..."

Jeff then shuffles and moves so my head is in his lap, he pokes at my face a little and looks in my eyes, 

"do you feel ill? warm? any pulsing feeling anywhere?"

"none"i say, 


He outs his hands either side of my head and just runs circles, I close my eyes and I feel myself relax, he moves down my face and neck to my shoulders, I start to fall asleep,

"Come on let's get you some sleep"

He sits me up and pain hits me again, I grip his hands,

"No! I cant. It hurts!"

Jeff holds my hand and rubs circles into it,

"Okay, okay, shhh.. I'm just going to move here" he says,

He moves slowly so his back is against the wall, he puts his hands either side of him and I lay with my head in his lap, I close my eyes but I feel uncomfortable for some reason, I tensed,

Jeff then out his arms around me and I felt more comfortable, I soon fell into an easy sleep. I woke up the next morning and Jeff was lower down the wall and I was laying fave first on his chest and his arms were still around me, I felt so comfortable so I didn't move. After about 20 minutes I felt a hand brush gently through my hair, I let that go on for a few more minutes but then I looked up, I smiled at Jeff,

I sat up and without much pain, I stayed sat in his lap, I reached towards his face,

"Can I..?"

He slowly nods, I reach forward and cup his face, gently feel over his scars and lightly drift over his lips, he hums and his eyes close. I suddenly coudlbt feel my body an do meant forward and kisses him.

He jumps but kisses back, I kill away and my eyes widen, I slap my hand over my mouth and shuffle back wars, away from him,


I bury my face in my knees, He touches my arm and I shiver but don't pull away,

"Erica.. I'm sorry"

I look up, "for what?"

"All this.. your body.. what I did at the school..."

I shake my head, "don't apologise.. what's happened has happened and it's okay"

He shakes his head but I hold it, "shh it's okay"

He nods and I smile,

"Your so beautiful" he whispers,

I blush and look away but he gently pulls me back, I run a hand through his hair, I kill him to me and kiss him again, he lifts me and puts me on the bed, we sit kissing for a while,

"I really like you Jeff"

"I do too Erica" he says, tucking a piece of hair round my ear,

We fall asleep, my head on his chest. When I wake up in the morning I felt weird but I put my hand on my chest to feel my heart beating and my skin was warm, I tap Jeff,

"Hm.. what's up Erica.."

"My hearts beating I'm alive.."

He sits up and holds my face, his eyes widen,

"Your alive and healthy!"He beams but then his face falls,

I cup his face,

"What's wrong?"

"Are you going to leave me now?"

I shake my head and kiss him,

"No, No, no"with each word i kiss him,

He smiles and smothers me in kisses I squeal and fall back.

Chapter Text

Will slumps as he walks into Hannibal's house after a long day with Jack. He slides his jacket off and roughly puts it on the coat rack and then flicks off his shoes. Walking further into the house Will starts to hear soft music thats more upbeat than usual, he places his bag on the counter in the kitchen and drags a hand down his face. Looking around he doesn't see Hannibal anywhere so he decides to follow the music.

After a few minutes of walking he soon finds him swaying his hips to some music that was playing and he covers his mouth as a laugh starts to bubble in his throat. Deciding to watch a little longer he creeps up behind him and pecks his cheek. Hannibal, startled, jumps back with a gasp, he then furrows his eyebrows at his lover; as the other fall to the floor in a fit of laughter.

"omg.. ive never seen you scared like that before"Will wheezes, 

Hannibal, who is still trying to keep up his scowl, wipes himself and comments, "i wasnt scared, merely surprised" 

"uhuh sure, okay"Will giggles as he calms, 

A few seconds later Will calms but the exhaustion sets in and he struggles to stand, Hannibal extends a hand and the smaller man takes it. Hannibal pull him up and into his chest, he falls into him easily and wraps his arms around him and nuzzles his neck, the cannibal holds him tight and gently rubs the back of his neck, 

"tough day?"Hannibal sighs, 

"yeah.. Jack is working me too hard."

Hannibal starts to sway them to the song and Will smiles, 

"ill speak with him if you like"

"mm..maybe..what are we doin'?"

Hannibal chuckles and Will looks up at him, theres a light blush on his cheeks. The younger smiles and wraps his arms around Hannibal neck and the other puts his on Will's waist, and they dance for a few minutes Wills head was on his lovers shoulder. 

After a while Wills looks up and presses his forehead to the others and smiles, Hannibal leans forward and presses his lips to his, Will hums happily and kisses back and presses his body closer. Hannibal slides his hands down and clasps them together pulling him closer. Will pulls away with a small peck, 

"i love you"

"i love you too Will"


Will's POV

"your probably wondering why i call you all here this afternoon.."jack says, 

he has called me, Hannibal, Alana, Beverly,Brian and Jimmy into the office. 

" its Christmas i was thinking of throwing a small party next weekend with you invited"

we all start smiling, and there was a couple 'yeahs' and 'yays', i looked over at Hannibal and he chuckles, 

"so where would this be held?"Alana asks, 

"well i was wondering if you could help me with that"Jack chuckles, 

"ill host it at mine, if you would like"Hannibal speaks up, 

"thats kind of you Dr.Lecter, is that alright with everyone?"

everyone nods and Jack gives a final nod, "oh and if theres any partners you would like to bring feel free to have them tag along, you may leave"


its the night of the party and ive just finished getting ready, i was a little nervous but i didnt know why. my phone then buzzed, 

H:  Are you driving tonight?

W: I was going to, yes, why?

H: I was wondering if you wanted me to pick you up and you could stay the night so you'd be able to have some drinks?

W: If your sure?

H: Of course, ill be there in an hour 

W: Okay, thank you, see you soon

H: See you soon Will

i smile and lock my phone, i hate that i love him. I sit in my living room and i kept touching my hair until i saw car lights pull up outside, then a knock at the door. I stood up and wiped my hands down my legs, i quickly checked the dogs had food and water and then opened the door. My heart jumped when i saw he was wearing a dark purple shirt, black waist coat and black trousers. I smiled and a blush started to appear on my face, 

 I smiled and a blush started to appear on my face, 

"Hello Hannibal"

"Hello Will, are you ready?"

i nod and follow him out and lock my door. As i sit int he car with him i look out the window and suddenly Hannibal's hand is on my shoulder briefly to get my attention, i snap my head to look at him startled, 

"i asked if you were okay Will"

"oh yeah.. im.. im.. a little nervous if im honest"i stutter,

"how come?"Hannibal asks, 

"i-im not really a party person.. and ive kinda been feeling a little distant with myself lately.."

Hannibal looks at me and puts a hand on my knee, "just stick with me tonight if you want and tell me if you feel any worse"

i blush badly but i feel comfort rise in me and i grin at him, 

"thank you Hann"

he nods but doesnt move his hand away only a little higher so its resting on my thigh with his fingers under my arm where it was on my lap, i smile and look out the window, 

we soon arrive at Hannibal's house and when he moves his hand i feel a little sad, he most of noticed as when i got out the car he put his hand on the small of my back as we walked into the house. I helped him set up and cook for the next 2 hours. 


Alana was the first to arrive with Beverly, Hannibal had answered the door and I was stood by the fireplace, soft christmas music was playing in the background, Alana spots me and walks over to me while Hannibal was talking to Beverly, 

"you okay?"she asks, 

"a little unnerved but im okay"

"okay, tell me if you need anything, did Hannibal pick you up? i didnt see your car"

"thank you and yeah he did.. he picked me up and offered for me to stay so i could have a few drinks"i smiled a little thinking about the car ride, 

Alana wiggled her eye brows, she knew about my not-so-little crush, i nudged her shoulder a little, 

"oh-my-god, something happened in the car didn't it! spill now Mr Graham!"he squealed quietly, 

" was nothing really Alana.."i say looking at my feet, 

"small or not, spill"he grinned, 

"fine.. he asked if i was okay and i just said i felt nervous and he said to stay wiht him if i want and had his hand on my leg the entire way here.."

"ooh!!... and?"

i hesitated but answered, "..and as we walked from the car inside he had his hand on my back"

her mouth opened in an 'O' shape, "he likes you Will!"

"no he dosent. hes just being friendly.."i sighed,

"uhuh whatever Will, and was his hand on your knee or thigh?"

"knee first then my thigh"

she smirked and nodded, i blushed then tapped her and she knew he was coming, "hello Alana"

"hello Dr.Lecter"she said teasingly, 

we talk for a while and Jack and his wife turn up and then Brian and the Jimmy. When we were all here we snacked on food Hannibal made and listened to the music and talked for a while, i did stay close to Hannibal, 

Alana's POV

i tapped Beverly, "hey, can we talk quickly?"

"sure"she smiled, 

we walk into a hallway with no one in it, 

"right, after i tell yo this you cant say anything, okay"

"okay"she laughs, 

"Will, has a thing for Hannibal and im pretty sure Hannibal feels the same. So i was wondering if yo would help me put up mistletoe?"

"omg!! yes!"she laughs again, 

"thanks! oh and one more thing"

i lean in and quickly press my lips to hers, she moves back in surprise and i break away, 

"shit.. im sor-"

Beverly pushes me against the wall and kisses me back, i wrap my arms around her, we pull away and smile, 

"I like you too Alana"

i chuckle, "c'mon lets get this mistletoe up!"

i take her hand and move quickly round the room.

Will's POV

after about half an hour Jack was caught under mistletoe with his wife and they kissed, Alana and Beverly announced they were together and had kissed and i had tried to avoid it, until now.

"Will, Hannibal, wait!"Jack shouted, 

me and Hannibal froze and Jack pointed up. Me and Hannibal saw it and i blushed hard, I could hear Alana and Beverly giggling - they set this up, 

"no backing out guys!"Alana shouts, 

Hannibal looks at me and cups my face with one hand and pulls me in, our lips connect and i sigh. My arms warp around his torso and his hands hold my face. A few seconds after we pull away and Hannibal is blushing, we move from the door way and everyone goes back to talking and dancing.

 Hannibal links his fingers with mine and takes me to an empty corridor. He  presses me lightly against the wall and holds my face in my hands looking in my eyes, i put my hands on his waist. He then pecks my lips, when he breaks i pull him in for a longer and pull him closer, i feel him smile. After about a minute he pulls away, 

"i love you"i blurt, panting, 

Hannibal smiles and brushes a hair out of my face, "i love you too"

i put my forehead against his and he pulls me close, 

"what does this mean for us?"i whisper, 

"i want you to be mine Will Graham"

"i want to be yours.."i breathe, 

"theres your answer then"he grins, 

i smile and kiss him again, i move to his neck and undo his tie and one button: i kiss my way down his neck and suck and bite where his collar will hide it, Hannibal grips my waist and lets out a quiet moan, i pull away and kiss him as i do his button up and his tie, i pull away and i smirk, 

"l-lets get back to the party"Hannibal stutters, 

i nod and he takes my hand and we get approving and happy looks from the others, a slow song soon come son and i curl against Hannibal and dance, Alana and Beverly and Jack and his wife do the same. I couldn't be happier, this is the best christmas ive had in a while.


Will's POV

I let my dogs run as me and Beverly sit on my porch catching up on a chat, 

"so when are you going to ask Hannibal on a date?"she blurts, 

I choke on my coffee and look at her, "w-what?"

"oh come on.. the way you two look at each other? its so obious, one of you needs to make the move.. we've been waiting literally 10 years."

"wait.. you say 'we' and you mean..?"

"me, Alana, Brian, Jimmy-" 

i nod, "uhuh..yeah okay i should of known.."

"-and Jack.."

"Jack too?! oh no..."i sigh, 

"yeah"Beverly laughs, 

"well.. i might have a small admiration for him.. but im his patient to him.. so its hardly able to happen"

"i can help set you up if you want"Beverly says with a smirk,

"no! no thank you.. i dont want a relationship right now anyway.."i sigh, my dogs starting to return,

"okay just let me know if you want help"she smiles, 

"i will Beverly"i chuckle.


Hannibal's POV

"so Mr.Lecter.. are you going to make you and Will's relationship go further soon?"

I furrow my eyes at Bedelia, "excuse me?"

"you and Will are very close and sometimes the looks you share can be more than friends and you seem to work very well together, you at least have feelings for this man, no?"

her comment shocked me, i had not expected her to ask me such a question, 

"well.. my feelings for Will have become somewhat stronger but im highly sure that the feelings are not mutual and i have no intention of pushing anything that could cause me to loose him."

she smiles knowingly, 

"so you do have feelings for him and seeing you two together i can tell that there is certainly a line of love from both of you and im fairly certain that asking Will on at least a date would not damage your friendship or cause you to loose him."

"i guess you could say that but i dont see the point in risking it"

"well im sure many of his team at the forensics have been waiting for you two to make a move for a few years so maybe take one risk?"

i nod taking in what she was saying, i check the time and stand up, as does she, 

"well thats all for today Dr.Lecter. i shall see you next week. and think about Will"she smiles, 

"thank you Bedeila, see you next week"


Will's POV

i finish at the office and head to Hannibal's, i wanted to tell him about the talk me and Beverly had. When i got there i knocked on the door, 

"Hello Will"he smiles, 

"Hello Hann"

we go inside and sit on the sofa, he hands me a glass of wine and throws his arm around the back of the sofa, i nudge myself closer,

"thank you, me and Beverly had an interesting talk today"i chuckle, 

"is that so?"Hannibal smiles, 

"yeah, she asked when i was going to ask you on a date"i laugh, 

Hannibal bursts into laughter and i look at him, his laugh became contagious, 

"m-me and Bedelia had a very similar chat today as well"

i laughed again, and looked at him. I nuzzled his chin and kisses below his jaw line, 

"maybe we should tell them?"i say, 

"we could, what do you think their reactions would be to finding out we've been together for 2 years and married for 3?"

"i think Beverly would be angry because we never told her"i chuckle, 

"yes, me too"

i lift my head and kiss him, he links our hands. When i pull away i look at the rings on our hands, we didnt wear them around others,

"it would be nice to wear the rings in public"i hum, 

"yes, and it would be nice to get Alana to stop trying to get into your pants"Hannibal says with jealousy,

"hey, hey.. ive only ever had eyes for you.."i say putting my glass down and cupping his face, 

he holds my waist and pulls me so im straddling his lap, i put my hands against the sofa and kiss him, his hands slide up my shirt and sit on my waist inside. Neither of us heard a knock on the door or Alana and Beverly walk in, until:

"finally guys!"Beverly exclaims,

me and Hannibal break apart, Alana looks a little upset but happy, i feel a bit guilty, 

"sorry to break it to you lady but we've been married for 3 years"Hannibal states, 

Beverly's mouth drops open and Alana's eyes water,

"oh wow.. why didnt you tell us.. or me?!"

"we wanted to keep it private for a while"i say, 

Alana then excuses her self and swiftly leaves, i look at Hannibal and peck his lips. 

"ill be back love"

he nods and i get up, i go outside and find Alana sat on the steps outside, she was sniffing. I walk down the stairs and sit by her, 


"im fine, dont worry"

"your not.. c'mon talk to me"

She looks at her feet and wipes her eyes, 

"i have feelings for you Will.. and i guess im jealous of you and Hannibal and i feel stupid for not noticing it or listening to anyone but dont get me wrong im really happy for you Will"

i give her a sad smile and he chuckles sadly, 

"its okay Alana.. im sorry i cant give you want you want but im still your friend and here whenever you want me"

"thank you Will"she smiles, 

i hug her briefly and peck her cheek, we go back inside and after a bit of a chat and telling them what happened between me and Hannibal they leave and me and Hannibal lay in bed,

"i love you Hann"i say curled up on his chest, 

"i love you too Will"he says pecking my forehead.


Hannibal's POV

I slam Will up against the living room wall as i kiss him, he moans and hooks his legs around my waist and one arm is wrapped around my neck and the other's hand is in my hair lightly tugging. He bites my lips gently and breaks for a bit of air and gasps, 

"omg i love you so damn much"he crashes his lips against mine again, 

he pulls away and starts kissing and nibbling my neck, 

"i-i love you too"i pant, 

"bedroom. now."

i hold him tight and move off the wall, he kisses me again and after a lot of fumbling around i put him down and he takes my hand, we fall backwards onto the bed laughing. Will takes my shirt off and i take his off. next he's undoing my trousers and kissing down my chest, i pant heavily..


the next morning i wake up first and stroke hair out of his face, he then wakes up, 

"good morning"i say, 

"morning"he mumbles shyly,

neither knew what to say so he snuggles into my chest for another few hours till we got up for breakfast which was also full of hugs and kisses.


Hannibal's POV

me and Will were taking a walk around the city for a date and eating ice cream and for ages Will has been hesitating to reach for my hand but never gets the courage to do it. its honestly adorable, 

"Hann can we stop for a drink, i really need one"he says smiling and rubbing he back of his neck, 

"of course"i say and peck his cheek hopefully giving him a boost of confidence, 

Will grabs and coffee and we walk around again, we get about 20 minutes away from our house and he takes a big swing for my hand and my heart beats but he stops himself at the last minute so i take his hand and link our fingers together and blushes bright red, 

"i-i wasnt sure if you wanted people to know.."

i stop in the middle of the street and cup his face and kiss him, i lift his arms around my neck and he pulls himself closer, we pull away but i hold his body still,

"of course i want people to know, i want to spoil you and show you off to the world"

he blushes and hides himself in my chest, 

"c'mon lets get home and ill cook dinner"

he grins and takes my hand. i grin at this adorable man.


Will and Beverly walk down the street chatting about nothing as they head to Jack. Beverly spots Hannibal walking ahead but Will hasnt noticed so she dosent say anything and keeps him distracted. 

Just as Hannibal is close she trips Will and Hannibal catches him loosly and they end up face-to-face in a dip-like dance move, they stare at each other and Beverly calls, 

"whens the wedding?"she laughs, "ill meet you there Will"she winks and walks off as Hannibal pulls him up but doesnt let go,

Will holds Hannibal's shoulders and the other holds his waist, "s-sorry Hannibal"Will stutters with a blush on his face, 

"no worries Will.. i was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me tomorrow night?"

Will steps slightly closer, and Hannibal rubs circles softly on his waist,

"i would love to"he grins, 

"okay ill pick you up at 7"

"okay.."Will breathes, 

Hannibal leans in and pecks his lips and then lets Will go, 

"do you want a lift to the FBI building?"

"if you wouldnt mind"Will chuckles,

"of course, my car is this way"

Will nods and Hannibal takes his hand. Will made a mental note to thank Beverly later.

Chapter Text

Steves POV

with everything burning and collapsing around me, i finished putting the card into the system and heard a horrible scream from below, i scrambled up and looked down to see Bucky become trapped under a huge metal beam from the falling helicarrier and be crushed against the glass beneath him, his face showed he was in agonizing pain.

 i got up and ignored the burning pain from the bullets in my side and right leg, i clumsily jumped down to where Bucky was trapped and dropped my shield. i began to try and lift the heavy, steel beam, Bucky looked at me and he looked confused, angry and...sad..?

i growled deep in my throat, breathing rapid and lifted the beam enough for the brunette to squeeze out, he lifted his body up a little using his metal arm only, a pang of guilt shot through me,

"let go of it Bucky!"i growled,

he growled back and i pinned his metal arm down with my legs and put my arm around his neck and grabbing at the card, i pushed a little more and Bucky let out a cry as i felt a bone in his arm or wrist pop, he was starting to loose his breath,

"GAH!!!!"he screamed,

my chest tightened, i didnt mean to hurt him, i didnt want to fight him...

he managed to wriggle out, i sighed in relief, i stood up, breathing ragged, ignorng the excruciating pain in my leg and side,

"you know me"i panted we stood up and i looked at him,

"NO I DONT!!!!"he yelled,

he threw a punch at me with his metal arm, i launched to the side, he also lost his balance and fell over, we both stood up fairly quickly, the evil and scared look in Buckys eyes broke my heart,

"Bucky.."my voice raspy from the ash from the fire"'ve known me your whole life"i slurred trying to catch my breath,

i wanted my best friend back, i missed him, this isnt what Bucky does..this isnt my Bucky...not the man i fell for all those decades ago...

he punched me again, knocking my back down to the hard floor, the helicarrier falling apart around us,

"your name..."i began, trying to gather some oxygen, body throbbing from pain, chest burning" James Buchanan Barnes.."

"SHUT UP!!!"Bucky screamed,

he lashed out throwing another punch my way, my back hitting the floor once again, my helmet laid beside me, battered and unfix able,

"im not going to fight you..."i coughed,

once i was stood again, we stood stairing into eachothers eyes, i was tired and didnt want to do this any longer, Buckys face showed a mix of anger and confusion as i dropped my shield and it fell through a gap i the glass into the water below us, i looked at him and breathed in, finally getting a decent breath of air into my lungs, fighting the tears that brimmed my eyes,

"...your my friend..."i wheezed

another part of the helicarrier fell down causing the helicarrier to shake, me and Bucky wobbled but finally gained out balance again, Bucky seemed to think but then growled and lunged at me and lifted me of the ground and slamming me against the metal and glass floor, i banged my head and gritted my teeth in pain, a few tears slipped out and i stopped anymore from falling,

'i dont want to loose my best friend...'

  "...your my mission.."he growled, 

Buckys teeth clenched tight, he rested one hand beside my head and swung his metal arm back and repeatedly hit me until my eye became red and swollen

"then finish it.."i gasped, "...'cause im with you..till the end of the line.."

i let some tears fall and he looked at me and pulled his arm down, his lips parted and his eyes widened in horror at what i had said, his eyes seemed to flash and glaze over for a few seconds, when he came back he looked me in the eyes, his hand came round my neck holding the side of my head and he lent closer to me, i flinched away slightly i was scared, worried, i didnt know what he is planning to do, 

"..i cant.."he whispered, his eyes pooled with tears, "...i cant finish the mission..."

he pressed his chapped and busted lips to mine and my eyes snapped open in shock, i kissed back and pulled my arm up to wrap it around his neck, i groaned in pain when Bucky accidentally lent on my side, Bucky pulled away and put both of his hands on each side of my head,

"..w-what...?"i spluttered,

he looked me dead in the eyes, tears starting to fall,

"i remember everthing...Steve im so sorry..."he sobbed,

i stroked his face with my hand and gave him a soft smile,

"its okay wasnt you.."i soothed,

he nudged into my hand and cried,


then a piece of the helicarrier came crashing down and broke the glass, Bucky grabbed a beam but didnt manage to grab me in time and i fell, i was too weak to try and save myself from falling, he watched me in horror as i fell into the water,

"STEVE!!!!"I heard Bucky scream in horror,

"Bucky!!"i tried yelling, my throat sore from the ash and smoke,

i hit the water and i felt faint, my body stung and throbbed all over, i saw a figure above me get bigger and then land in the water, water filled my lungs, my legs and arms too weak to move myself from the water, loosing consciousness i my eyes closed, then i felt myself being lifted...


i woke up and Bucky had me in his arms and was cradling me and crying, repeating 'im sorry' 'this is all my fault' 'please wake up' 'im so sorry',

i groaned quietly and looked up to him he had his head buried into my neck,

"..Bucky..."i whispered,

"Steve?!"he gasped,

i coughed and spluttered up the water that was mixed with ash, my lungs and throat burned and my head hurt,

"...thank fucking god.."he breathed,

he pulled me into a tight hug and or suits squelched due to being soaked to the bone, i tried hugging him back but i whimpered in pain, he pulled away and looked at me,

"im sorry...your hurt arent you?"Bucky apologized, 

i nodded a little, he shock his head and looked away,

"im sorry"he mumbled,

"stop saying sorry. it wasnt you it was The Winter Soldier and HYDRA. You, the Bucky i know wouldnt purposely hurt me. im just glad to have you back"i croaked but i smiled happily,

"im glad to have you back too..."Bucky smiled,

i leaned up and kissed his grimy cheek, he supported my body and kissed my lips, i pulled away and rested my forehead against his,

"Bucky..."i began, "...i love you...and i always have since we were sixteen..."

"me too Steve, i love you so sorry for everything ive done to you..."

"shh its okay...just one thing..."

"anything"Bucky breathed,

"be mine...?"

"of course, punk"Bucky grinned,


he laughed lightly and he helped me stand, i stood but tried to walk and my knees buckled, my body was in so much pain, i was too weak to walk,

"..come here"Bucky said,

he picked me up like a bride and i put my arm around his neck, i kissed his cheek and he carried me along the bank to the wreckage of the triksellion, Nick Fury and a few other agents where there and as soon as they saw Bucky they put their guns up to him,

"put the captain down solider..."Fury warned,

"He's not going to hurt anyone anymore..." I defended, i gripped onto Buckys uniform a bit more,

"We can't trust him. Solider put the Captain down."Fury warned again clocking his gun,

I looked at Bucky, his eyes glistened from the tears and they were a little red around the outsides, he looked worried, I put my hand on his firm chest and nodded,

"It's okay Buck, trust me"i said softly,

He nodded and reluctantly put me down, he held me at the waist for a few seconds to steady me and then let go with a soft squeeze, my chest fluttered for a second, Bucky grabbed my hand behind my back and i lent on it slightly to ease the pain in my back,

"Good. Now remove all weapons you have. Cap come over here"Nick instructed,

I stood straightly and let go of Buckys hand and tried to walk but pain shot up my leg and my knees buckled, I yelled out in pain, 

"Steve!" Bucky gasped,

He dived to the floor and caught me before i hit the floor, bashing his sholder, he sat up and cradled me in his lap, he held the bottom of my neck with one hand and fussed over my body in a panicked manor,

"Steve! are you alright! What hurts?!"he panicked,

"I'm alright Buck. My leg and side just hurt that's all"i said pulling his face to look at me with one hand, his eyes softend and he pulled away from my grasp,

Bucky went to my side and saw the gun shot wounds, his eyes widened and looked at me, 

"I shot you?"he whimpered, tears lining his eyes,

"Not you. The Winter Soldier did"

I put my hand up to his cheek again and I pulled him down to me,

"The team is over you really want to kiss me in front of them?"

"I don't give two shits"i sassily replied,

"what about three then?"he teased with a smirk,

"shut up and kiss me you jerk"i said and pulled him down by the collar of his shirt, 

"punk.."Bucky sighed into the kiss, we broke apart from a yell, i rolled my eyes and looked at Fury,

"Captain what are you doing?!" Yells Fury,

"I'm kissing my best friend who is also my boyfriend!"i sneered,

Bucky blushed and picked me up, i nuzzled my head into his neck, he carried me over to the team who had a medical crew ready, he placed me gently on the stretcher and kissed my forehead.

Chapter Text

Steves POV

i looked over at Bucky, he had cuts and bruises all over his face and arms, but he still looked like my Bucky and i smiled, he held my hand in the ambulance with Fury sat next to him eyeing him, i was nervous to what will happen but i will fight for Bucky's freedom,

i stroked over Bucky's busted knuckles and he gently squeezed my hand, i shuffled a little closer to Bucky, well i tried to, but i caused me pain and i gritted my teeth and let out a low growl, Bucky looked up at me and said, 

"what are you doing?"

i blushed and avoided his gaze,

"..i wanted to be closer to you"

Bucky chuckled and moved to kiss me,

"Barnes what are you doing?"Fury asked suspiciously,

Bucky pulled back and looked at Fury with an annoyed look, 

"im going to kiss my boyfriend, any problems?"he said firmly,

"no, just making sure your not going to kill anyone..."Nick replied,

"Fury, that wasnt Bucky...that was The Winter Soldier, he was brainwashed into being an assassin by HYDRA. Bucky would not hurt anyone, hes the most kind hearted and caring person ive ever known..."i said staring into Buckys eyes, he smiled at me, 

"that may be the case but he will be tested first before we make any final decisions..."

Buckys blue eyes widened at the word 'testing' and gripped my hand tighter, i squeezed it back reassuringly and his breathing calmed a little, 

""Bucky breathed,

"excuse me?"Fury questioned, his eye brows furrowed, 

" more testing...please...i cant take it any more....the pain..." he looked away from anyone and tears gracefully down his gorgeous face, "i cant do it anymore..."he fretted,

i sat up ignoring the pain in my side and leg, Bucky looked at me, a hint of worry and fear in his eyes as he shock his head, i tried to pull him in for a hug,

"no Steve you need to lay down.."he persisted, 


"im fine..."

"no your not"

Bucky looked down, his hair covering his face, i saw a tear fall through his hair and i pulled him in for a hug and he gripped my back and buried his face in my neck, i heard quiet sobs and i rubbed soothing circles into his back, his metal arm was cold on my body but i didnt care,

"..shh..its okay...your ones going to hurt you anymore.."i soothed,

"i dont want any testing..i want to be normal...i dont want to be a weapon...i dont want to harm anyone else..."Bucky sobbed, 

"i know...and you wont...ill make sure of it..."

"..thank you Steve..i love you.."he sighed,

"i love you too Buck"i smiled,

Bucky pulled away and i wiped his tears, i pecked his slightly chapped lips and Nick looked at us with sympathy, i smiled feeling a little more hopeful, Bucky gripped my hand the rest of the way, when we arrived at the hospital, i was rushed to have my wounds and injuries treated,

Bucky's POV

"Barnes-"Fury started,

"you can call me Bucky, Fury"i said politely,

" your arm programmed to HYDRA?"Fury queried,

"im not sure i think so..."i replied,

"right okay, dose it hurt if someone tinkers with it?"

"..most of the time, but it depends on where in the arm and why..."

"and when they messed with your head?"

a horrible memory flashed in my mind and i zoned out,

"..wipe him and start again.."ordered Pierce, 

him and his men walked out and the scientists come around me sorting the machine, they pushed me back and i prepared for what was about t happen, i tried to hide my fear, the scientist on my left put a plastic guard in my mouth to bite down on, the needles stuck into my back and my body tensed, my teeth already started clenching,

a metal band wrapped around my right and left arms and tightened, my head tilted up, the head pieces came down and sparked with electricity, my breathing increased, the metal pieces connected with my face and the pain shot through my body, my teeth bit down as hard as they could on the guard, i screamed though the guard and willed it to be over quick,

"noo!!!"i screamed in pain,

for some reason i didnt want to forget the man on the bridge...

i was brought out my memory by a hand on my shoulder, my head was in my hands, hands fisted in my hair, pulling at it, i looked up and Fury had worry and concern plastered on his face,

"...Bucky, what did they do to you..?"Fury asked softly,

"..they used electricity to wipe my was so painful, i screamed for them to stop but they never did...i didnt want to go through it hurts soo much..."i choked back a sob,

"and you wont go through it again...HYDRA will not take you again, you will be under the protection of SHIELD now..."Fury smiled gently,

"..thank you sorry for everything ive done..."i sniffed,

" wasnt you"Fury reminded me,

i nodded and looked down, i looked at my metal arm and i had the urge to hide it, then a thought crossed my mind, 

"...wait, how do you know im not lying?"

"you have a device on you that will beep in my ear piece if you never beeped.."

"smart..."i smiled, 

"...have you got any triggers..that turn you into The Winter Solider?"

"yes...11 words.."i swallowed,

"may i know them?"

"have you got a pen and paper as they cannot be said out loud..."

Fury nodded and gave me a pad and a pen, i wrote all 11 down, 










 freight car 

"all the the words are usually said in russian..."

" you know what these words mean?"Fury pressed,

"i have an idea...but i dont want to talk about it..."

"thats okay.."

i then heard doors open and Steve limps through on crutches, his face brusied and cut, a swollen eye, i stand up with a smile on my face happy that hes okay, he grins at me and i put my hands on either side of his face gently, 

"everything okay?"i ask,

"yeah, just a few damaged muscles in my leg and and Fury okay?"

"im sorry and me and Fury talked about HYDRA and my arm, he said i wont have to worry about HYDRA anymore because ill be under SHIELD protection"

"thats amazing!"Steve beamed, 

i smiled and pulled him in for a kiss, i love it when hes happy, i love seeing his beautiful smile that makes me feel good inside, i love him..

"i love you so much Steve..."

"i love you too Bucky.."

Chapter Text

Your POV

So here's what happened. Me and Jupiter were kidnapped by Balem' s men and were trying to save mine and Jupiter's family (we are sisters) we got stuck and were put in a cage like cell separate from each other. We were taken out daily by Balems men then questioned by the man himself..

"Rise and shine earthling."the creature snarled,

I stood up and walked out the door, the monster grabbed my hands roughly and walked me down a metal hall. We turned and he pushed me into a room. I sat in my chair like usual and same as always Balem walks in and sits across from me,

"So.. are you going to talk today?" he purrs,

I hated it that I found him so attractive,

"I have nothing to say to you"i snarl, instantly regretting it,

He stands up and grabs my face roughly and pulls me.up.

"Argh!"i groan,

"I should just kill you now. Your lucky your needed."

"N-needed for what.. you only want my sister.. s-shes she important one.."i wheeze,

"yes she is but she's the one I want dead. You however are different your strong, beautiful and tainted.."

My heart jumped but I forced myself to swallow it. He let's go of me gently and pushes me so I sit.

"So.. anything your going to tell me? I'll.set you free once I know what I need to know"

I look at the floor,

"Not even a dribble..?" He sighs, "we've been doing this for at least a month now.. there's got-"

"She's not my sister"i blurt quickly,

Balem looks taken back in surprise,


"Jupiter is only my half sister.. our mothers are different.."

He stands and cups my cheek,

"Well isn't that interesting"he smirks, "think about what else your going to treat me with tomorrow"

He slides his finger across my chin with a soft smile and then walks to the door. The creature returns to drag me back to my cell. He grabs me roughly and i groan, Balem turns to me,

"Be gentle with her."

The creature grunts and loosens his grip. Jupiter watches me come back and all I can feel is the guilt knowing I'm slowly breaking. It's her turn and 20 minutes later she returns with a red mark across her face and I know Balem.slapped her, however I couldn't feel.anger towards him for it,

That night I'm woken to rattling, I look up and Caine is there with a pick lock tool and has unlocked me and Jupiter letting us go.

"Y/N come on let's get out of here!"he calls,

I nod and quickly follow, although looking behind me sadly. Suddenly alarms go off and there's tonnes of the creatures surrounding us. One grabs my arms and pulls me back th3 same happens to Caine and Jupiter,

"No! Jupiter!!"i shout,

Jupiter fights and looks over to me,


Then I'm dragged round a corner and into the main room, Balem is stood in front of a long sofa, he looks angry and upset. He walks over to me and nods at the creature, I'm released but I don't run,

"how could you do this.. just leave.. or try to.."he sounds so heart broken,

I look him straight in the eye and grip his arm,

"I had no choice..they were already pulling me and if I argued I would of got them caught.. but it seems like that was inevitable"

He pulls his arm.away from me and turns around,

"I was going to give you everything, anything you wanted.. I would of set you free"

"I don't want to be set free"i whispered,

He quickly turned to me, shock painted on his face, he went to speak but he was interrupted by Jupiter and Caine being dragged in,

"Jupiter! Caine!"

I move forward but Balem reaches forward and wraps an arm around my neck and he has a knife in the other against my waist, I swallow my heart breaking,

" sorry"i whisper only him hearing it,

"Let her go Balem! It's me you want!"Jupiter fights,

"Are you sure about that"i can hear the smirk in his voice,

He eyes widened and I wriggled, the knife pressed further in. I gasped,

"Jupiter whatever happens just know that I'm sorry"

"What? Why?"sh e shouts,

Quickly I slip in Balems grasp and then around to wrap my arms around his neck and pull.him close, the knife cutting my side. The two creatures holding them.rushed over to me,

"Jupiter Caine run!!"

"but-"Caine starts, Balems arms wrapped around me as we the floor,


I hear running and they leave, the monsters pull me off Balem,

"Traitor!"Balem screetches,

"Im sorry Balem"

"Lock her in here and follow me, now!"

He storms to the door and the monsters hit my head making me go fuzzy, by the time I was able to move the door had already been locked. I banged against them,

"No! You bastard let me out!!"

I slide down against the floor.

About 5 minutes later the building starts collapsing and I run around looking for something to unlock the door, after a few minutes I find a silver pen and it only takes me a few seconds to unlock the door,

I hear a gun shot then someone cry ou5 in pain,


I run to the noise and see Jupiter and Balem.fighting, my heart breaks and suddenly he's pinned Jupiter by the throat with a pipe, I go to move forward but she sticks her thumb in his wound and he falls to the floor in pain, she picks the pipe up and hits him twice, she goes to hit I'm once more and I drive forward standing between them. Balem is gasping on the floor behind me,

"Stop! Please!"

"Y/N what are you going?!"Jupiter gasps,

"It doesn't matter, just leave, find Caine, get on the ship and leave"

"What wh- your in love with him aren't you"

"Please.. just leave, I'm so sorry" I plead,

She takes off her neckless and places it in my hand,

"Fo r your own sake I hope i never see you again"she says and leaves,

I stuff the neckless in my pocket and kneel down, Balem was unconscious, I pull him to the wall and cradle him in my lap,

"No, No, ,no, please... wake up.. I'm so sorry.. Please.."

I rest my head on his and hold him.tight,

"Y/N" he whispers,

I hold his hand,

"Yes I'm here.. I'm here and I'm not going to leave"i sob,

He uses his other hand and cups my cheek

"Go, get on the ship with your sister, you dont deserve this fate"

"Im not leaving you."i say,

He leans up kissing me as building starts collapsing and we start to fall; but at the last second a creature catches us and places us on a ship, Mr.Knight as the pilot. He takes off and we manage last minute to get out.

I sit on a medical bed with Balems head in my lap, stroking hair away from his face. Mr.Night patches up his wounds and leaves us alone when he's done. I hum random tunes as I move hair from the man below mes face. An hour later and his eyes blink open, I cup his face. He looks at me shocked then smiles,

"Balem.."i say, fighting tears,

"Y/N.. you're here.."

"Of course, I told you I wasn't leaving you."

He grins and I mean down quickly and cup his face, pressing our lips together, he kisses back desperately, but softly pull away,

"I love you" I say,

"I love you too"Balem replies tucking hair behind my ear, "how are we here?"

"As we fell one of your creatures caught us and dropped us in here, Mr.Night is flying us to the nearest planet"

He nods and holds my hand again.

"Lay with me"he asks,

I nod and move so I'm laying next to him, I curl into his chest and his arms wrap around me.

"I don't understand why you decided me over your sister.. "

"My sister had my family and the one she loved but I didn't fit in.. but I felt that I did with you.."

He smiles and gently brushes his fingers through my hair. My hand rests on his chest and I accidentally fall asleep.

Chapter Text


I walk through the streets, listening, trying to find the club my friend was talking about. When I start to hear up-beat, electronic music I know I've found it. Standing against a wall outside for a minute I text my friend,

[Hey Jade where are You?]

I look up from my phone and instead of Jade I see a  man in a blue shirt with the top open, black slacks and black shoes. His hair was messy but it didn't look out of place. I realised I was staring and a blush appeared on my cheeks and I looked down.

He chuckles and I hear his foot steps get closer.

"Are you going in or are you just going to stand out here all night?"he asks smugly,

I look up at him and he's at least 2 inches taller than me,

"I-I was waiting for m-my friend.."

"She's probably already inside and if not she will find you" he extends his arm out, "so let's go in"

I take one final glance around and the man slips his arm around my waist leading me in. The music is almost deafening and the beat vibrates through my body. People everywhere are jumping and moving to the music. The man leads me to the back to a sofa and we sit down. His arm is around the back of the sofa, his hand just touch in my shoulder.

"So what's your name?"he asks leaning into my ear,

"Skye" I say into his ear,

He smirks and nods, I turn my head to watch all the people dancing around. Some look at me with a dirty grin and I shiver. One walks past me and growls and leans in slightly. I mean towards the man a bit and his arm slips round my shoulder to pull me to him. Looking at him I mean into his ear,

"What's your name?"i ask,

"Deacon"He smirks,

It seems familiar and for down reason strikes fear but I can't think why. Turning my head I watch everyone start to raise their hands I don't take much notice. Deacon pulls my head to face him and cups my cheek. Pulling me forward our lips connect. I place my hands around his neck and kiss back. After a couple seconds I feel something wet start hitting me.

Then I taste blood. I pull away and look around the people have stopped dancing but are gasping for the red liquid. I look at Deacon and he's grinning and I can see fangs. Then it clicks.

"Your Deacon Frost.."

"Well done sweetcheeks"

I go to get up but he holds me to him by wrapping hid arms around my back. He missed my neck and I feel his teeth graze. My heart pounds,

"Please don't.."

I start to make a move for my knife when suddenly the music dies down and the people stop moving. Deacon let's go and stands, his eyes go wide,

"Take my hand we have to go"

"Your going to kill me.."

"No I won't but he will"

He points to the man stood in the crowd, I stand and look at him. My eyes go wide and I gulp. I turn to Deacon and he starts moving towards an exit. He stops to look at me,

"Wha t are you waiting for? Let's go!"h e hisses,

"You have to go.. I can't.."

He walks to me and grabs my hand,

"What do you mean?"

"Blade is my brother..."

Deacons eyes go wide but then he smirks, he pulls a card out of his pocket and stuffs it in my bra. He pulls my face forward and kisses me harshly, I briefly kiss back but then he runs off.

I turn a corner and most of the people have gone, some are dead and some are fighting my brother. He kills the vampire he's fighting and he looks dead at me.

"Skye what the hell are you doing here?!"

"My friend wanted to come here for her birthday.."

Blade storms up to me and gives me one of his swords,

"Get out of here."

I nod, on my way out I notice a body gasping on the floor. I kneel down and I recognise the short blonde hair.


I pull her into my lap and wipe her face,

"Skye.. I'm so sorry.. I didn't realise.."he croaks,

"Its okay don't worry your going to be Okay"

"You have to go.. leave me.. You can't stay here" She says,

"Blade!!"i shout, "no I'm not leaving you"

Jade wipes her neck to show 2 bite holes. My heart pounds,

" No it's okay blade has a cure. Blade!!!"

"Im sorry Skye..."

I shake my head and she goes limp. Tears fall out my eyes and I hold her still. I calm and suddenly Jade sits up and hisses. She grabs my face and sinks her teeth into my neck.

"Ahhh!!"i scream,

She's ripped off me and I fall to the floor, I go dizzy,

"Shit.." I hear someone mutter then it all goes black.


I wake up and look around I was in a white room on a bed. Slowly I sit up and then I remember last night. I scramble up and I trip for the first few steps but then I make it to the bathroom. I look at my neck and there were 2 puncture holes. I look at my hands and I'm shaking. I slide down the wall to the floor and curl up. My head in my hands.

" No, no, no.."

I hear foot steps and I look up. Deacon was stood there.

"Where the hell am I?"

"My penthouse."he says,

He walks to me and kneels down. I tense up. Reaching a hand out I narrow my eyes at him,

"I only want to check the marks"

I loosen a little and he brushes hair out of the way gently. He slides his finger over the area and nods.

"You'll be Okay. And before you ask, no you didn't turn.. I got you here in time for the cure.."

"Wait. Your the one who saved me"


He stands and extends and hand. I take it and stand, but I wobble and Deacon catches me.


(Watch from 2:00 till 2:14 and think the doctor is Deacon and rose is Skye)

He holds me and I wait for my vision to clear. Deacon looks at me,

" You alright?"

"Yeah, yeah" I nod,

He let's me go and I walk into the bedroom.

"How long am I staying here for?"

"Until I say so but mainly to make sure you don't turn"

I nod and look down.

"You can walk around the penthouse but don't leave without some one with you.. there are people worse than me in this building"

I roll my eyes and look up at him,

"Yo u do realise who I am don't you."

"Yes blades sister."

"Which means I can handle my self"

Deacon chuckles and walks up to me,

"but I had to save you from that vampire last night"

I stand up and I'm face to face with him, our noses almost touching. I grip his shirt,

"Don't you fucking dare! She was my best friend. I was upset and of guard."

He smirks and grabs my throat, pinning me to the wall. I struggle slightly,

"Loose the fucking attitude, or you won't be leaving alive."

"Yoy think I fucking care?"

He squeezes tighter and I just close my eyes. He let's go and I hear a door slam. I kneel on the floor holding my neck.

"Fuckin g ass hole"


A week later and Deacon has been checking the wound and if I changed but each day is normal.

I sit on the sofa reading and Deacon storms in Mercury behind him. Suddenly alarms go off.

"Fuc k sake!"

He walks over to me and picks me up and runs to a room in the back of the pent house. I'm placed on a bed and he hands me a key.

"Cupboard over there is full if food and anything you'd need. Don't come out until I come get you"

"Okay.. but what is it?"

"Your brother"


He k3eps walking to the door,


He snaps round at the nickname,


"Be careful"

He rushes over to me and kisses my forehead, i grip the sides of his shirt and then leaves the room. Locking it.

I hear fighting and things breaking outside and it makes me flinch. I feel so conflicted. I want my brother to be Okay but Deacon to be Okay at the same time.

I may back on the bed and things go quiet. Then I hear heavy foot steps. It's blade. For some reason I don't want to leave and go back to all the rules with him. Quickly I grab  a knife and carve into the wall that blade took me. Just as I finish the door slams open.


He runs to me and hugs me. I hug tightly back, he was okay.

"Come on let's go"

"Eric.. I can't I'm sorry"


"..i like it here"

"He's put you into a trance, you don't really want to be here"

"No it's not!"

He picks me up and slings me I've this shoulder so I see the back of him. I pound against his back but it doesn't do anything. As we get to the door Deacon runs round the corner. I gasp but cover my mouth. Blade stops as Deacon heads towards me.

Eric turns and shoots Deacon and he glides backwards and slumps agaisnt the wall.

" No!!"

I hit Eric again and tears fall out my eyes. I accidentally pass out.

I wake up tied to a chair in the lab in the warehouse. Tugging at my wrists Eric walks in. He takes a seat next to me and just stares, after a minute or so I can't take it.

"don't just stares say some thing!"

"How could you.."

I look down,

"Ho w could you side with them. How could you be sad over the killer of our mother?"

"have you ever thought about the fact that you always give me rules and never let me go anywhere or have any friends. Even though I'm the older one?!"

"I do it because your too reckless and you'll get hurt."

"This past week I've felt safer and happier than I can ever remember being."

Eric stands and slaps me, I look at him with anger,

"Don't you dare. You are not leaving until you realise what you are doing."

" No!! You can't do that! Let me go!! ERIC!!!"

He just keeps walking and I slum back agaisnt the chair.

An hour later and whistled walks though but he doesn't say anything,

"I bet your angry with me too"



"Im disappointed if anything.. but not angry.. I also d9nt think it's just your fault.."

I look at him and he places a hand on mine,

"I think if Eric had been a little less harsh and gave you more freedom you would of been fine.."

I nod,

"Hence why I'm doing this"

He unlocks my wrists and legs. I stand and hug him.

"Thank you"

He nods and I go to my room. About 3 hours later there's a banging down stairs and I tuck my gun into my waist band and go downstairs.

"Where is she?"

That's Quinn's voice, my heart pounds and I run towards it. I see Quinn pinning whistler agaisnt a shelf,

"Quinn let him go"

"Skye! But he held you captive"

"No he didn't it's fine"

He let's whistler go,

"go leave whsitler:

"Be careful"

"I know" I smile,

He runs off and Quinn walks in a different direction. I follow and soon we are outside the warehouse. Deacon was stood by a car and he walks forward when he sees me. He was limping a little but he was healing.


He grins and I run towards him and hug him. He wraps his arms around me and nuzzles into my neck. I grip his shirt at the back and hold him close.

"Let go of my sister Frost."

I let go of Deacon and turn around Eric was stood there with his gun pointing at him. Deacon tried to walk in front of me but I put my arms out.

"Skye what are you doing?!"

"He won't shoot his sister but he don't hesitate to shoot you."

"Skye move. You know what I'm doing is the right thing."

"I'm not moving. Just let us leave."


He pulls the trigger and shoots my shoulder. I fall to the ground with a shout. He shoots at Deacon but Deacon dives to the floor to catch me in his arms. Quinn throws a hammer at Eric and they fight while Deacon gets me into the car. He holds me against his chest while I whimper in pain. Quinn jumps in the car and we drive off quickly. Deacon presses small silent kisses to my head that no one could see and I grip his shirt.

Once at the penthouse Deacon had his best medical team treat me and I passed out.

I wake up in the same bed as least time but Deacon is sat on a chair in the room facing a computer. My shoulder was throbbing.


He instantly is up and by my side. I turn my head and rest it agaisnt him. Trying to forget the pain,

"Is it hurting?"

I nod, he places his hand on my side and just rubs with his thumb. I focus on that and I start to forget the pain,



After a few minutes he let's go and lays down beside me. He strokes hair out of my face and my eyes flick from his to his lips. He chuckles and holds my chin with his finger and thumb. Leaning in he presses our lips together.


A week and a half later and my shoulder wasn't healing and I was becoming weak to the point where I couldn't leave the bed.

I was sat up agaidnt the head board listening to music when Deacon walked in with some medicine. He sits on the edge of the bed and I take his hand,

"Deacon..yoy know there isn't any point in this anymore.. it isn't healing.."

He shakes his head and growls,

" dying De.."

"No."he cups my face gently and tears line my eyes, "I won't let that happen. I won't."

Tears fall as I rest my head agaisnt his. He leans in and hugs me and I cry agaisnt his shoulder,

"I can't loose you.."he mumbles,

"I can't believe my own brother is the going to be cause of my death.. "

Deacon pulls away and looks at me, his eyes were red and it looked like he was going to cry,

"I'm going to kill Blade."

I put my hands on Deacons chest,

" No.."

He looks at me confused,

"He's still my brother..and you know there is another option for me..i don't have to die.."

"I don't want to see you as one of my kind.. and I don't want to see you go through the pain.."

"I don't want to die De"

"..i know.."

I lean in and kiss him. He kisses back,

"Please.. Deacon.. I want this.. please.."

He kisses me harder,

"Yo u might not survive it.."

"Im going to die either way.."

He kisses me again,

"I love you Skye..."

"I love you too.."

He cups my face and he has a sad smile on his face, he kisses my lips and down my cheek and finally to my neck. He kisses, sucks gently and grades his teeth,

"..i can't..I can't do it.."

"Its okay Deacon.. everything will be okay"

"Im so sorry.."he sobs and presses a firm kiss on my neck,

Suddenly there's a sharp pain and I arch up. I grip Deacons shoulder and I feel the blood run down my neck, the pain sears through my body and I gasp in pain, he let's go and he's cupping my face and I jerk around,

"Im so sorry.. I'm so sorry.."he repeats over,

I stop moving and I loose control of my body. I go limp and my breath leaves me.

Deacons POV

I hold her in my arms as she stops moving. I wait for her to come back but nothing happens. Stroking her face I hold her close.

After 5 minutes nothing happens,

"Skye..? Skye? Skye!!"

I bring her head to my chest and hold her tight. Tears fall out my eyes and my heart hurts. The door opens and I don't look up,

"Deac have you- oh fuck oh no.. i-ill come back later" Quinn says and slides out the door.

"Im sorry Skye.. I love you so much.."

Suddenly she gasps and moves to sit up. I look at her and he face looked place but clear. Her eyes were a vibrant blue and he fangs were showing. She looks at me and it takes her a second but she then jumps forward kissing me,

"I told you it would work De!!"she says sitting in my lap ,

"Yoy scared me.. you were out for nearly 10 minutes.."

"Well I'm here now.."she smiles and cups my cheek.

I nuzzle her neck and kiss it. We get cleaned up and I give her, her fist feed.


Its been a month and I'm walking the street around the penthouse. (At night obiously) and there's a figure in the alley. I sneak round and I recognise the coat. I gasp and turn to go,


Slowly I move round and Eric is looking at me,

"Your one of them? You let them change you!"

"No. I had no o the option. Your gun sho5 would in my shoulder wouldn't heal and I was dying. I didn't want to die or leave Deacon.. so I asked him to do it. At first he wouldn't and it took a while but he in the end decided he didn't want to be without me and did it for me.."

"Your a monster."

I slap him,

"Ho w dare you.. you shot me. You did this."

"You should of just died."

"Get the fuck out of my sight."i spit,

"You'll soon realise the monster you are and Frost"

"I love him Eric! And that isn't going to change!"

Eric storms off and I go inside. Deacon stops me in the living room.

" Hey..  what's wrong.."

"Just bumped into my brother.. told me I'm a monster and j should of died.."

'Don't listen to him.."

"Im not trust me"i smirk,

He leans in and kisses me and I put my knee inbetween his legs, he smirks agaisnt me and I open my mouth. His tongue dances with mine and he lifts me up and my legs wrap around his waist. We go to the bedroom and he slams the door behind us...

Chapter Text

Sam Emerson's POV

Looking at the window, I was shaking. My brother, Michael was banging on the glass, he was flight but begging me to come in. I know I shouldn't he's one of them. A vampire. But he's my brother,

"Sammy me"he shouts, he looks terrified and he's grabbing parts of the window to keep himself in place,

I walk forward slowly until I'm facing him at the window,

"in your brother me"

I swallow thickly then scramble to open the latch on he window. Michael reaches in and slings and arm around my holder and holds me tight. I pull him over he edge and we sit on the floor, below the open window.

"Thank you Sammy.."he gasps,

He pulls me to him but holds my shoulder tight. I keep my hand on his stomach. His hand is bracing himself on the window.

"We've got to stick together Sam..we've got to stick together bro.."he rasps in a hushed voice,

I look up at him, our faces incredibly close, my heart beating madly,

"W-what about mum?"

"Just dont-dont tell her anything..dont say anything.."

"I don't know Mike..its not like you got a D in school or something.."

He moves his hand and it hovers around my jaw,

"We are gonna work this gonna work this out okay Sam? You trust me Sam? Okay?" He says cupping my fave gently, our noses almost touching,



I hear mum shout my name and Michael keeps holding my face, he's sweating and he's nervous and scared..i lean my forehead against him and I can feel him breathing hard,

"Its okay Mike..we will sort this..just like you I'm going to go sort mum.."

I go to get up but Mike holds me tighter, I snap my head to look at him,

"Sammy wait.."


He presses a brief kiss to my lips and then let's go pushing me off him, I quickly sit back on his lap and cup his face, then kiss him hard. Michael sighs happily and wraps his arms around me, holding me tight. His doing a slips in my mouth and I groan. We pull away and I nudge my head against his,

"Sam?! Where are You?!"

"Go"Mike whispers,

"I love you"i say quickly pecking his lips,

"I love you too Sammy"

I get up and run downstairs to where mum hugs me and asks me where I was and what is going on..i had to make up an excuse about my comic scaring me,


The next morning my door creeps open and I open my eyes it's only just got light. Michael hangs his head but crawls in my bed with me and I don't say anything, I just wrap my arms around him. He presses light kisses against my collarbone,

"Did you sort it.."


But I knew why..i wasn't angry. I lift his head and press my lips to his. He hums and wraps his arms around me, we pull away and he curled into me and I hurry my face in his hair,

"Good night Mike..i love you"

"Night you much.."

I smile and we both fall asleep.

As the car drove through the front door of the house I pulled me and mum out of the way, I saw Mike jump forward and push Max in the way and my heart lurched as there was a cloud of smoke and dust. As Max was impaled by a thick wooden stick he exploded and I couldn't see Mike anymore. Lifting my arm I sheltered me and mum from the heat and light.

Smoke filled my lungs and burned my eyes, i rubbed them and slowly the smoke disappeared and I could see. Mike sat up from shielding Star and she curled into him, but he wasn't paying attention he was too busy looking around and as soon as he spotted me, he smiled and seemed less tense, I smiled back, 

the little kid ran down the stairs shouting something but I wasn't listening, I was focused on Mike. Star stood and ran off, probably to the kid and Mike began to stand, 

"is everyone alright?"he rasps,

"yeah"mum sighs but she has a smile on her face, 

quickly getting to my feet I run and hug Mike tightly, mum joins but Mike's head is tilted towards mine and his hand is on the back of my head, massaging the nape of my neck. I close my eyes and grip the back of his shirt tightly. Mum lets go first and goes to granddad. (sorry guys who have seen the film im changing up this scene so only Lucy speaks to her dad at the end) 

Mike lets go but cups my face, 

"hey"I smile, 

"are you hurt?"he asks searching my face, 

"no, im fine Mike"I smile, 

my hands are on his sides, gently stroking and he pulls me in for another hug. Burying his face in my neck, he secretly kisses the skin below my ear, 

"i love you"he mumbles against my neck, 

"i love you too"i whisper into his hair, 

we separate and get partly cleaned up. Edgar and Allen walk up to us and I stand in front of Mike slightly,

"you human now?"Allen asks,


the twins squint at my brother and I grit my teeth, 

"hes fine."

"okay cool..hey how are we gonna get home?"

"urm..-"I start, 

"you two can sleep in Sam's room and me and Sam will share mine for the night, that all right Sam?"he says looking at me and I knew the real reason was to be with me tonight, 

"yeah thats fine"I smile, 

"okay cool thanks!"Edgar finishes, 

for about 2 hours all of us cleaned and tided up a bit and burned any bodies that were left, Star and Laddie slept bundled on the sofa, mum in her room, the Frog twins in my room and me and Mike in his.  

I sat down on Mike's bed and stretched I was so tired, suddenly I was tackled backwards and Mike was straddling me and holding both my hands above my head with one hand and tickling me with the other, laughing and wriggling I tried to ask him to stop, 

"s-s-s-stop!!! M-M-Mike please!!"I laughed, 

he slowed and let go of my hands and linked both of his hands with mine. leaning down he connected our lips and I hummed happily. The kiss become slow and soft. Mike breaks away and rolls over and out of bed and changes into his pyjamas, which is just his shorts I do the same and we crawl into bed. Mike holds me against his chest and he rubs a hand up and down my arm. u

" scared me tonight.."I mumble,

"im sorry..I tired to hide my face from you when I turned but-"

"-no thats not what I scared me because I thought you were gonna get hurt...or killed"

"Oh Sammy...I knew that I was doing..I was safe.."

"but he threw you through the banister.. and you were slammed against walls.."

Mike cups my cheek with one hand and strokes my face and a tear slips though my eye, 

"im sorry for how I treated you.. im sorry I thought you were gonna kill me or something.."

"hey, hey, hey..its didn't do anything wrong..its alright Sammy"

"I love you so much"I sob into his neck. 

I lay on his chest holding him tight and he rubs my back soothingly. Once I calm Mike lifts my head to kiss my lips gently, 

"its okay..everything is okay baby, i love you too.. so much.."

"..what did you call me?"I say hiding my laugh,

" that too cringy?"

"no its cute"I say and kiss him,

"okay"he smiles,

we kiss a little more but we are too tired and fall asleep in each others arms.

Chapter Text

Peter's POV

"How many times have we re-built this thing?"I ask laughing,

Ned shrugs, placing another piece into the death star,

"I dunno.. maybe 6 or 7?"

I chuckle and pick another piece up, 

Knock Knock

My head flicks up and I hear the apartment door open, then aunt May's voice,


"Coming!"I stand quickly, "Ned stay here ill only be a minute"

He looks up and nods, watching me go. I walk into the living room, and its like DeJaVu, Tony Stark was stood there again, 

"Hey kid"

"H-Hi Mr.Stark"I stammer, 

He smiles, "Its Tony, you left your back pack at the lab the other day"He winked as May looked at me, 

I took it, and as soon as I felt the weight I knew what it was. I grinned, then there was beeping and May rushed off stammering an apology, she was cooking dinner, 

"well I must be going, got a meeting with Ross"Tony said with a sigh, 

"Ill show you out"

May shouted another apology and a good bye as we walked past, Tony stood at the door and turned. I grinned and slid my arms around his neck, pulling him in for a chaste kiss, he placed a tender hand on my hip, giving it a gentle squeeze as we broke the kiss. 

"careful.."he hums, 

"I know"I sigh, "when can we meet up again?"

"Ill let you know"

I nod, peck his lips once more and then he leaves. I walk back to my room and join Ned. Looking up at him his mouth is wide open,

"what? you knew I had an internship with him?"

"y-y-you kissed him!"

I went pale, my smile dropped, 


"I saw you! you slide your arms around him"

I dragged a hand down my face and leaned against my bed, with my knees tucked against my chest, 

"please tell me you know how wrong this is! hes like 3 times your age Peter!"

"of course I know that!"

Ned gasped and my head shot up, 

"is he forcing you into this?!"

"what? no!"

" can tell me Peter.. are you sure?"

"yes! hes not forcing me Ned!"

"Okay.. so you gotta tell me how did you two get into..this..?"

I sigh and run a hand through my hair, 

"so..we were at his mansion just after I got back from Germany.."


"Omg! that was so awesome!!"I beamed,

Tony turned to me with a grin on his face and put a hand on my shoulder calming me, 

"cool it kiddo"he chuckles,

"Im sorry it was just s-so fun!"

Tony smiled again, 

"you know you do have to go to school tomorrow, right?"

My happiness then dulled down instantly, 


"everything's done and its a Wednesday.. school tomorrow"

I sighed and turned around, 

"what a buzz kill"

"as soon as you go home May is going to send you back to school this isn't on me.."

"I could stay here.."I mumbled, 

There was a hand on my shoulder turning me around, 

"what was that?"Tony asked, 

"w-what if I stayed here..?"


"just one night.. May doesn't have to know I'm back yet..."

Tony turns sighing, 

"plus it gives clearance for the avengers thing"I say, hping silently, 

After a few seconds of silence I was about to say something when, "FRIDAY, is there a room spare for Mr.Parker?"

"yes, sir"

My mouth dropped open, 

"ill show you where you can stay tonight"

"oh-wow-thank you Mr. Stark!"

"Peter, its Tony not Mr. Stark"he laughs, 

"right, sorry"

we walk up the huge stairs and then down a long corridor, my mouth hanging open. Tony stops at a door and opens it. I walk in and theres a huge bed, loads of windows and more space in one room than mine and May's bedroom alone, 

"oh my god..this room is huge.."I gasp, 

"Its not the biggest"Tony shrugs, 


"FRIDAY which room is the largest"

"excluding the gym it would be your bedroom sir"

"ohhh my god!"I laughed, 

Tony turned, looked at me and laughed. I walked over and put my bag on the bed, it sank and my mouth dropped open once again,

"fall onto it, I dare you"Tony grinned,

"are you sure?"

Tony laughed, stepped forward, grabbed my shoulders, 

"if i wasn't, would I do this?"he said and then pushed me backwards, 

the shock of it made me grab his arms and pull him with me. We both sank into the mattress, me underneath Tony. My laughs died down to giggles, then to a grin. 

"this bed is heaven"I chuckled, 

"definietly are"Tony smiled back, 

Then I was caught in his gaze, my hands rested on his chest but I wasn't sure if it was to push him away or closer. So I slid my hands up, testing him, my hands linked around his neck,

"Peter.."he mumbled,

"its okay"I said, 

then I pulled his lips down and kissed him. It was gentle and sweet, but short. Tony pulled away, 

"Peter..we can't..your only a kid.."

"no one has to know..its okay.."I say pulling him towards me,


I looked into his eyes and wound my fingers in his hair, "..please"I whispered,

He was the one to initiate the kiss this time and I pulled him closer. His hand slid over my chest and I grabbed it, sliding it underneath my shirt-

(end of flashback)

"you had sex with him?!"Ned screeched,

"shh!!! Ned!"

"did you?"

I rubbed a hand on the back of neck, I could look him in the eye, 


"oh god!"

"Ned..please..don't say anything..please.."I bed, my hand on his shoulder,

"I don't know man.."

"you've kept spiderman a secret.."

"and how many other secrets are going to follow? huh?"

"no more.. i promise.. just please keep this a secret.. I haven't been this happy in a while.."

Ned slumps down and sighs, "okay fine. but you have to promise me you'll tell me everything from now on, no matter what it is?"

"yes! thank you"


"I promise"I smile. 

A few hours later, when Ned was gone, I was laying on my bed thinking over how eveyrhting started...


Tony's hands slid underneath my shirt, lifting it up. I sat up allowing Tony to take off my shirt, he cupped my face,

"Are you sure?"He asks,

I smile and lean forward, kissing him. He kisses back for a few seconds then breaks away, looking seriously into my eyes, 

"I want you to say it.. I need to hear it.."

"Yes..I'm sure"I smile, 

he smiles and kisses me softly. When his mouth moves to my neck and makes his way down to my chest, my breath comes out in small pants. He was so gentle with my body, touching me lightly, making everything feel good. We were tangled in the sheets all night afterwards. 

(end of flashback)

I closed my keys and suddenly there was a ping, looking down at my phone it was a text from Tony, a smile appeared on my face and I couldn't stop it, 

Hey, you okay?

 yeah, why?

you asked my straight away why.. so c'mon whats up friend Ned saw me kiss you earlier..


its okay!! hes not going to say anything I promise!!

I'm sorry!!

you need to be more careful..what we are doing isn' know that..


I do.. I'm sorry..

It okay.. stop apologizing..


want me to come get you? you don't have school tomorrow?

yeah.. please I'll tell May Ned forgot something and I'm going to stay at his or something

okay I'll be there in 10 in the block just over


I put my phone down and grabbed my back pack, stuffing some clothes inside. Spotting an old jacket of Ned's I grab it and leave my room. May was sat on the sofa painting her nails,

"Hey May, Ned left his jacket"I say lifting it up to show her, "I'm gonna go round his for the night, we need to revise fr the test on monday anyways, is that okay?"

"urm.. okay, text me when you get there, alright?"

"will do thank you!"I say grinning, 

As I get out the door my phone buzzes in my pocket, 

I'm here

Okay now coming down

I run down the stairs but decide its quicker and more fun to just jump over the banister. It wasn't very high, I've jumped from higher. When the wind and adrenaline hits me I smile. Once I'm outside I run round the corner. My body shudders when I spot Tony leaning against his car. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt, black jeans and a black blazer, he looked amazing, 

"hey"I said walking up to him, 


I pulled his collar down and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned into his chest. 

"c'mon lets go"Tony smiled.

I nodded and got in the car. This is what my life is now..and I could'n be happier..

Chapter Text

The first time Sam saw her was in the little coffee shop, on the table by the window. She was smiling as she drew small pictures in the mist that had formed on the window as a consequence of the bitter winter weather. He found her beautiful, her chestnut hair sat long and wavy on her leather coat. She looked at him, her emerald eyes catching Sam's breath and heart all in one go. He smiled and she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Hey, watcha starin' at loverboy?"His brother asks, standing in the way of Sam's sight of the angelic girl in the little coffee shop,

Dean followed his younger siblings gaze but frowned when he saw an empty table, Sam's heart drops.

"nothin'" he gloomy replies,

Dean shrugs and gets in the car. Leaving Sam to stare at the city as it quizzed by.


The second time he saw her she was handing out fliers to strangers on the street. Tapping Dean, he gets the car to stop. He doesn't hesitate he just gets out and walks over to her,

"Hey, could I get one of them?"

"yeah sure, all the more help I guess," She says,

Her voice smooth and caressing, the frown on her face didn't match, it looked foreign, it shouldn't be there. Looking down at the piece of paper, there was a girl, not much different from the one standing in front of him, except younger and her hair was shorter and straighter. A name, written in bold text above the picture read: ALICE SNOW.

"it's my little sister...she went missing 2 days ago"The girl's voice changed to a more mellow and dark tone that sat funny within Sam's stomach,

"how old is she?"

"9 years old.."

"I'm so sorry... I and my brother will keep an eye out for her"Sam says, offering the girl before him a smile,

"Thank you.. if you see anything, or find her.. please call me on the number at the bottom.."

"We will"He nods,

She turns and walks away into the thickening snow, her grey and green scarf flowing behind her in the wind. The same scarf she wore yesterday. He turns to see his brother looking at him funny. 

"we need to find her sister."


The third time he saw her was after he had been knocked out while trying to save Alice from a vampire that he and Dean had tracked down. Sam woke up to see a dirty and cold concrete floor, he groaned as he sat up. His ribcage throbbed. As his eyes focused in the dim light he noticed a figure curled up on the floor. Long brown hair covered the important parts of the naked figure, along with a long scarf. His heart drummed madly, like a bird in a cage, within his chest. Slowly he walked over to her, kneeling down and keeping his voice soft,

"hey... it's me, the guy from earlier... I took your leaflet and said I was going to help you... I also saw you in the coffee shop.."

She looked up slowly and her body relaxed in a familiar face. "Did he hurt you?"He asks, fearing the answer,

She waits then nods once. Sam's blood boils. He takes his shirt off and holds it out for the girl to take. She reaches out and puts it on while Sam has his back turned out of politeness.

"Thank you.." she whispers, her voice no longer holding the innocentness and happiness it had before,

Her scarf was still around her neck and it gave Sam an idea.

"hey.. if you take your scarf off you could make a pair of shorts out of it..wrapping it around you"

Her eyes widen and she grips at her neck, ""

"that's fine... its name is Sam by the way"She nods,

Suddenly a large bang echoed through the room, the girl shrieks and hides against Sam's back. He takes one arm and wraps it around her. "trust me" he whispers, she nods,

Sam stands and braces himself for whatever comes through the door.




Bangs and a body comes bursting through the door. Sam goes to attack when he sees his brother,



He relaxes and see's the girl curled up again covering her ears. Carefully he leans down and takes her hands away,

"Hey, hey... it's okay.. it was just my brother.."

She nods,

"Dean pass me your shirt she needs to cover her self."

Dean instantly does so and the girl quickly wraps it around her, covering her exposed skin.


The fourth time he saw her she was hugging her sister tight, tears in her eyes, the vibrancy starting to return. She turned to Sam and ran to him, hugging him tightly.

"thank you.. so much.."

She let go and briefly hugged Dean and thanked him sincerely too. She turned to walk away when Sam gently held her wrist,

"whats your name?"

"Evelyn" She grinned and walked away.

He didn't take his eyes off her until she was completely gone.


The fifth time Sam saw her was in the little coffee shop, on the rickety table by the window. She was smiling as she drew small pictures on the napkin that came with her cool summer drink. He found her just as stunning, her chestnut hair sat long and wavy on her white t-shirt. She looked at him, her emerald eyes catching Sam's breath and heart all in one go, once again. He smiled and she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. Her scarf was still around her neck as usual. This time he walked over to her table,

"May I sit with you?"He asks,

"yes" she coughs, "I um, mean yeah," she blushes,

Sam smiles at her, "fancy seeing you again" he chuckles,

"yeah..fancy that"she smiles,

After a while of talking Sam couldn't hold it back any longer.

"May I know why you always wear the scarf..?"

Her face falters for a second and she hesitates to look at the man in front of her,

"I suppose as you saved mine and my sisters live its only fair.."

Slowly she begins unwrapping the scarf slightly. There on her neck were large and prominent scars of all sizes and lengths,

"My father was an abusive man.. he took it out on me by slashing me with knives or a whip that he kept..I got me and my sister out when I was 13.."

"I'm so and your sister never deserved that..."

"It's okay...I personally have accepted the scars but society hasn't so I cover them.."She shrugs,

Sam delicately takes her hand in his and stroked his thumb over her knuckles,

"Well I think you're beautiful"

She blushes but smiles. Sam walked her out when they had finished their drinks and she turned to him.

"thank you for the coffee.. and the chat it was lovely"

He smiled at her. Swiftly she lent up and pressed her soft lips to his chapped ones. Sam pulled her close as she wrapped her frail arms around his neck. As they broke away she slipped a piece of paper into his hand and whispered in his ear,

"call me"

With a final peck on the cheek, she was gone, leaving Sam to look down at the number on a piece of paper in his palm.

Chapter Text

Tony's POV)

I sit on the floor, the pain in my side slowly going. Looking over at the Dr I sighed,

"why did you do that?"

He didn't answer me. I looked over at the Guardian's and Peter and I noticed the alien girl starting to dissolve away,

"eh...Drax?" she says before dissolving completely,

Drax was next, "Quill..?" where his last words because he was gone,


I step towards him, "Woah take it, easy buddy.."

Quill sighs and looks down at his hands, "oh man.."

Once he was gone I looked over at Peter, my heart pounding, he was fine. Quickly, I turn and see Dr Strange disappearing,

"It had to be done.." then he was gone,

"ah... Mr Stark... I don't feel so good"Peter stammers,

I snap my head around, he was going too. My heart breaking and tears lining my eyes,

"..I-I don't know what g-going on... Mr Stark" He says stepping forward and falling into my arms.

I catch him as he sobs into my shoulder,

"I-I don't want to go Mr Stark...I don't want to die.."

as his legs dissolve I lay him clumsily on the floor and stroke the hair out of his face as he looks into my face with tearful eyes.

"..I'm sorry.."

"it's okay Peter.." I say gently, leaning down to kiss him tenderly, "I love you.."

He breathes in sharply and looks at me with a soft smile.


I kiss him again but soon I fall forward into nothing. Placing a hand where he just was a tear falls from my eye, I turn and sit with my lips against my fist, biting back tears.

"You loved him didn't you.." the blue robot/alien hybrid said gently,


'why did she get to stay? why couldn't Peter of stayed..?'

"he was the only good thing I had in this life.."I swallowed thickly, "a-and now he's gone..".

(Peters POV)

I gasp sharply and sit up. I was sat on the floor, the floor Tony had laid me on.

"Hey, kid you okay..?"I look up and the Star-Lord is holding a hand out for me to take,

"w-where am I..?"I ask looking around,

I could see the Star-Lords companions, Mantis and Drax and Doctor Strange. The machine birdman and the soldier with the metal arm are here too. Wanda, Nick, T'Challa and a talking tree are here too along with another S.H.I.E.L.D agent and thousands of other people.

"We don't know..I think we are all the people who vanished.."

"w-where's Tony..?"I ask,

"he's not here.."

I look at him, eyes tearing up, "what?"

"I don't think he disappeared.."

"no, no..he had to.. I can't be here...I can't be here when he thinks I'm dead.."

I start pushing through the crowd, "Tony?... TONY? TONY?! MR. STARK?!!"

"Hey, hey, kid.. calm down"Wanda was holding my face, tears fall out my eyes, "W-where Tony..?"I sob,

"I don't know but I promise we will get back.. we will get to him.."

"How do you know that?"I cry, she pulls me into her chest and I grip her coat and cry,

"I didn't get to tell him..he doesn't know Wanda.. he said it to me but I didn't get to say it back.."I sob,

"what didn't you get to tell him Peter.."

"I love him"Then I burst and she holds me tighter as we kneel on the floor,

"..oh sweetheart.."

Chapter Text

Peter's POV

"what didn't you get to tell him Peter.."

"I love him"

Its been 6 months, I think. I'm not sure my watch is actually accurate out here, in the other realm. That's what we call it, the other realm. Me and Mr Strange have managed to figure out an explanation of sorts of where we are. We believe that the snap that Thanos did split the entire world, possibly even the whole universe, in two. The real world and the other realm. We call everyone here the others. This world looks exactly identical to earth in the real world, other than the sky is red and the sun never truly sets. Technically I am at home, I found this book and I've been documenting everything that's happened, the research, living here and just import details. The other realm is pretty nice but it constantly feels empty and lonely, even when I'm surrounded by everyone. I miss Tony. so much. At night my heart breaks, having to sleep alone, without his arms surrounding me I feel cold. Waking up in the morning I never feel rested and the hole in my chest makes me feel so heavy. Knowing Tony he probably hasn't slept at all, that is..if he still thinks of me.

until tomorrow,

Peter Parker.

I close the journal and lay back on the bed. The same heavy feeling overcomes me and I turn over, hugging the pillow to my chest. Like clockwork, my eyes sting and the tears flow uninterrupted down my cheeks.

"I want to go home.."I sob quietly,

I stuff my face into the pillow, trying to muffle my cries. It obviously doesn't work as Wanda walks into the room, her feet making their way across my floor softly,

"Peter.," she whispers, sitting on my bed and rubbing my side,

Slowly I turn to face her,

"I'm okay" I sniff,

"No, you're not.."I shake my head, swallowing the tears, "but that's okay Peter, I know you miss Tony, I miss Vision too. Don't feel like you have to hide. Come see me when you're upset.."Wanda said, stroking my hand,

"I will"I croaked,

"come here" she murmured, putting her hands out,

I fell into her arms, gripping her shirt. The tears came flowing again and she held me as I cried.

"I don't want to sleep alone anymore" I blubbered,

"you don't have to, not anymore. I can stay with you or you can stay with me."

"Can I stay with you please. This room reminds me too much of him. "

"of course Peter, let's go"She smiled,

I go to get up but instead her arms wrapped around me and picked me up. I slept in her room that night and slept a little better, able to forget Tony for the night.

Its been a week since that night and every night since Wanda has let me sleep with her and I think I've started to sleep better. The more I talk to her the less I hurt but I don't think it will ever go away. She's become like a sister to me. The other realm sky has been changing the past couple days, it makes me nervous I'm not sure what's happening, Mister Strange thinks its this realms version of the seasons which makes me feel a little better, but this place isn't home.

I haven't got much more to say today, so ill be back tomorrow,

Peter Stark Parker.

I wrote it just to see what it looked like but it ended up just making me feel bad so I shut the journal and left my room. Walking into the Avengers tower living room I saw Wanda, Nick, T'Challa, Stephen, Bucky and Starlord and his friends. Everyone was here but it still felt empty and every voice seemed to echo to me. I sat next to Wanda and she gave me a soft smile.

After a few minutes of sitting with them and talking I started to feel funny, my fingers were tingling and the hairs on my body stood up.


My head snaps up and manage to see the rest of Mantis' body disappear, but not like before, it looked like she had gone invisible. Next Drax's body started to go.

"not this again," Peter said as he too disappeared,

I looked at Strange and he ran to me, "they're leaving in the same order as last time.. which means.."Strange looked down and he too was going,


"kid listen, it means we are either going home or splitting again..stay safe." and with that, he was gone,

tears pooled my eyes, only me and Wanda were left. I ran to her hugging her tight,

"Don't be afraid Peter, we will be okay. I promise" she says as I feel her arms becoming lighter.

A few seconds later and she was gone. I sat on the sofa, sobbing, waiting for my turn. I waited hours and nothing happened. Desperately I ran around the tower,


I ran around the city, crying out for anyone. Once back at the tower I sat on Tony's bed,

" me" I sobbed,

I was completely alone.

Tony's POV

I sat alone in my lab, eyes burning from no sleep, coffee cups everything along with paper.

"Where are they?!"I growl in frustration,

suddenly there's a noise upstairs,


I look up, that voice belonged to Strange. I shook my head, I'm hallucinating now.


This time I stood, "Strange?"I shouted, feeling stupid for shouting at nothing,


Shivers ran down my spine. Running up the stairs, taking two at a time I see him stood at the top.

"Tony.."He sighs,

I run and hug him tight,

"H-How..?"I stutter pulling away from him,

"I don't know.. we were just sat there and suddenly in the same order we disappeared here we disappeared there.."

"8 months I've been fighting to get you back and suddenly you just come back?"I laugh in disbelief,

Suddenly it clicks,

"If everyone else is here that means.."

I push past him looking at everyone who came back, but I couldn't see his face. Going to Strange again I grip his shirt in my fists,

"where's Peter?"I say, gritting my teeth,

"I don't know.. I went before him, he should be here.."

"no, "I growl and run to my bedroom.

Sitting on the bed I grip my hair, tears fighting to flow. Deciding to sleep before I did something stupid I laid down. Hours later I was woken up by a thud, sitting up I saw a figure standing up from the floor beside my bed. Quickly I turned my light, ready to attack whoever the intruder was. The figure staggered by turned around,

"Peter.." I breathed,

"H-Hey mister Stark.."He was swaying badly,

Quickly I flew to my feet and caught him as he passed out. Picking him up I ran down to the lab with him in my arms, he felt so light and skinny. Laying him on the table I attached the wire to him,

"BANNER!!!!"I yelled,

Quickly he ran into the lab,

"Tony what- oh my god!"

without a second thought, he ran to me helping me attach the wires to Peter while I put an IV into his arm,

"Now scanning his vitals, "Banner says,

I finish with the IV and look over at this screen:

Body Temperature (BT): 37ºC, NORMAL

Blood Pressure (BP): 110-70, NORMAL

Heart Rate (HR): 95bmp, NORMAL

Breathing Rate (BR): 15bpm, NORMAL

OVERALL: A little malnourished, but okay.

I breathed a sigh of relief,

"He's okay, what the hell happened?"Bruce asks,

"I don't know I just woke up to a loud noise and he was stood in my room and passed out"

"you mean he came out of nowhere?"


"that means he must have been the last to return"

I nod, "sorry for waking you.."

"Don't apologise, at least he's okay"

I nod, "although you can take him off the IV he doesn't need it, I'm gonna go back to sleep, call if you need me again"He smiles, clapping me on the shoulder,

"Yeah, thanks again Bruce"

he nods and leaves the lab. Gently I remove the wires and IV from Peter and carry him back to my bedroom, laying him down in the bed. Carefully I wrap my arms around him and hold him tight.

The next morning I feel him shuffle and I sit up. His eyes slowly open and look at me,

"hey kid., "I say softly,

"Tony?"He says sitting up,

"Yeah, it's me"I breathe,

He throws himself into my arms and I hug him tight,

"Oh my god! I didn't think I would see you again.."He sobs,

"Its okay, you're here're home"

He pulls away and kisses me hard, I kiss back,

"I love you, I love you so much"He gasps,

"I love you too, "I say, tears glazing over with tears,

"I never got to say it before I disappeared"

"I know, but I already knew"

His smile was filled with tears, but for the first time in ages, it was of happiness. I kiss him again but more tender this time. Carefully I lay him down, never letting go of his lips,

"I love you so much Tony" He smiles,

"I love you too"

Suddenly an idea pops into my head,

"hang on a second Pete"

I get out of the bed and into a drawer on the other side of the bedroom, I grab the box, nerves starting to settle in my stomach. Turning around I see Peter sat up, legs hanging over the bed. Taking a deep breath I walk over to him, kneeling in front of him, opening the box in y hand to reveal a thick, silver band,

"Peter, I love you so much, more than anyone I've ever met before in my life. and I never want to let that go, never let go of you. These past eight months had me torn up like never before, so I want to ask.. will you stay with me for the rest of my life and marry me?"

I look up at him and his hand was over his face, face wet with tears again,

"oh my god.."

fear settled in my stomach, but all in one second it left,

"yes! oh my god yes!"He cries,

Taking his hand I slip the band over his finger, a perfect fit. He flings himself into my arms and we crash to the floor. Finally feeling happy and complete as he kissed me, laying on the bedroom floor. The thought of marriage used to scare me, I preferred one night stands but with him, I want to do everything and now I have the time. and that's what scares and excites me the most. Peter has finally given me meaning in life.

Chapter Text

Strange was kindly being shown the room he has been given to stay in, in Stark tower. It made Stark smile at how Stephen was marvelling at everything. Tony sneakily had put Strange next to his room, he totally did not have a crush on the wizard. Upon opening the door Stephen exclaimed,

"This is huge!"

"why thank you" Stark snorted,

Strange gave him a look of disapproval, "Sorry I had to"Tony laughed,

They stepped inside and Stephen had to hide his blush for the shorter male. Suddenly the cape decided to take action, moving towards Tony's ass. Stephen tried to will it back and even tug it. Luckily it behaved and he let out a little breath, only then did he realized he has completely missed what Tony had been saying,

"Anyway, I hope this room will be alright for you like I said you can put any clothes you have in the wardrobe in the corner and help yourself to any food in the kitchen"

"t-thank you"Strange stammered,

Just as he had crossed his arms his cape had flung out and smacked Tony in the ass before he could move. He froze and Tony jumped, turning to look at Strange,

"Oh, Doctor!"Tony smirked,

"I-It was the cloak!!"Strange had tried, putting his hands up in defence,

"mhmm but isn't that cloak linked into your mind?"Tony asks,

Slowly Strange was backed up against the wall,

"meaning..the cloak must have heard a thought of yours.."He says seductively, a hand coming to rest upon the flustered man's chest,

Strange swallowed thickly, his throat becoming dry. Cheeks reddening and heart pounding against his ribs,

"or maybe..your eyes had wandered.."Tony's voice becoming quieter and huskier,

Stephen's breath had become broken. The wall had begun to dig into his back but not as much as the weight of Tony's hand on his chest was on his mind. As he spoke he could feel the billionaires breath on his own lips. Tony inched closer, faces almost touching,

", saw something you liked..hmm Mr Strange?"Tony whispered,

"m-maybe s-so.."Stephen spluttered,

"do you like what you see Mr Strange? hmm?"

All Stephen could manage was a silly and small nod. Stark's other hand reached up and his thumb lightly stroked over Strange's lips,

"Do you want to kiss me, Stephen?"

Tony using his name struck a nerve and his want for the other man became intense. He nodded,

"Hmm? Do you want that?"Tony whispered into his ear,

"y-yes" Stephen groaned,

How could Tony be so good with words, and be able to seduce him so easily? Suddenly Tony started to kiss and nibble a little at his jaw, Strange thought his legs were going to give out on him. He snapped his eyes shut and took another deep breath in. Feeling Tony move closer to his lips,

"so so easy want this so bad.."Tony murmurs,

Tony gave him a quick peck on the cheek and suddenly he was gone. Stephen opened his eyes, he was alone in the room. His mouth felt so dry and his jaw and cheek tingled where Tony's lips have been. How could he leave him like this, wanting him so badly, having gotten so close to having it? Strange, suddenly filled with adrenaline, moved from the wall and stormed out of his room and into Tony's. Finding him stood, looking out the window. His feet moved without thought. Tony grinned at him. Stephen pinning him to the glass window, Tony snaked his arms around his neck. Pulling the two closer,

"that was so not fair Stark" He growled,

"shut up and kiss me, magic man"

Stephen did so, with harsh passion. Feeling their lips mould together, Tony's fingertips in his hair. He could taste the stale coffee on Tony's tongue. Bracing a hand against the glass he felt the warmth from the sun. Luckily for Tony, Strange was wearing a button-up shirt, making it easy for him to slip his fingers inside and up his chest. Stephen moved from his lips and started working his way down Tony's neck, as well as pulling up his polo shirt.

They split for a second to remove their shirts, the majority of Stephen's already done by Stark. Stephen growled low in his throat as he pulled Tony to him by his jean belt loops and kissed him again. Tony was arched against him, unbuttoning Stephen's trousers. The wizard moved and started sucking a mark on Tony's neck, earning a groan. Strange slipped his hands downwards and unbuttoned the other man's jeans so he could grip his ass through his boxers,

"I knew it"Tony chuckled,

"Shut up" Stephen blushed,

"Make me," Tony remarked huskily,

Stephen pushed Tony against the window and rubbed his knee against Tony, making him moan. Suddenly the door opened,

"Tony have-oh shit"

Strange removed one of his hands from Tony's trousers and shut the door with a wave of his hand. Tony hadn't opened his eyes to see who it was,

"who was it?" he panted,


"F-F.R.I.D.A.Y. lock my door"

"Yes, boss"The A.I. replied,

"No more intruders," Tony said,

Stephen lifted him up, Tony wrapping his legs around his waist. They moved to the bed, once Tony was on his back he spoke without any hesitation,

"lube is in the bottom drawer, along with a condom. I want you to fuck me"

Strange groaned and quickly gathered the items. "I've never wanted someone as much as I want you right now"

"The feelings mutual"Tony smirked, "now fuck me into the mattress"

Strange moved forward and kissed Stark hard.


4 Hours later and the two men decided it was probably about time they saw the others.

"come on Tony, we should probably go see them"Strange chuckled,

"I'm comfortable" Tony whined, nuzzling more into Stephen's chest,

"Come on, we can come back later"

"ooh there's a later is there?"Tony asked,

"I-I mean if you want there to be..t-there doesn't have to be"Stephen stammered,

Tony started laughing and the other man scowled,

"of course there's going to be a later. As if I'm going to let you go, I haven't been fucked like that in a long time"Tony laughed,

Tony kissed Strange once more and sat up. Once they got dressed they headed to the lounge/kitchen area, Tony jumped up and sat on a stool, while Strange stood leaning on the counter next to him.

"you two look like you had fun"Natasha smirked, meaning the marks that were littered on both men,

Stephen blushed while Tony, being his usual cocky self-winked, "best I've had"

"so what are you guys...? fuck buddies, dating or something weird?" Clint chuckles,


"dating," Tony said, stopping Stephen,

Stephen looked at Tony and smiled, Tony winked back at him,

"well, I'm happy for you guys!"Wanda comments,

The rest of the group agree, as Tony hooks a finger in his lover's belt and pulls him against his body and kisses him. Stephen wraps an arm around him,

"Sneaky Stark.."He smirks,

"what can I say, that's what I am, and you love me for it" he winks playfully,

"Indeed I do,"Strange says, without a hint of a joke,

Tony gapes and Stephen laughs and kisses him once more.

Chapter Text

Hannibal's POV

i neatly arrange my desk, my last patient has just left and i have an hour til my next ne. I listen to the soft classical music playing, suddenly theres a frantic banging on my door. I get up and quickly walk over to the door and open it.

Im faced with Will stood in the door way, hes shaking, his eyes are almost closed and his hair is stuck to his forehead due to sweat, he stutters and slowly puts his arms out,

"H-H-Hannibal.."he gasps, " me..."

i take a big step forward and quickly put my arms out, he collapses into my arms. I swiftly pick him up, i shut the door with my foot and place Will on the long sofa. I press my hand to his forehead, he was boiling, i sigh and stand up. I walk to the cabinet at the back of my room and open some water and dampen a cloth with it.

picking up my phone i dial the patients phone number that is due to come in next. I rub a hand over my face as I see the name, Franklin, I put the last didgit in but i dont dial yet. Will is my priority, sitting next to him I place the cold rag on his forehead. His face creases but then relaxes.

only once im sat at my desk do I finally dial the number,

"Hannibal! Hello!"

I internally groan, i clear my throat, with a little extra effort,

"Hello Franklin, im afraid we will have to cancel our appointment today as something has come up"i say, with a small and quiet sniffle,

"oh..alright.. yeah thats fine.. same time next week instead?"

"yes, thank you Franklin, good night"

"good night Hannibal have a good weekend!"

I end the call and go back to Will, I sit on the edge of the sofa beside the younger man, I gently stroke through his hair, his temperature has gone down but he is still shaking,

"Hannibal?"Will sleepily says as he wakes,

I quickly retreat my hand but he saw,

"sorry"i quickly apologize,

he dosent say anything he just sits up and reaches a hand out, he cups my face with one hand and i hear him release a breath, i lean into him, he must be looking for something to ground him.

"your okay.. your not hurt.. i was so scared Hannibal.."

i open my arms slightly and he hesitates but falls into them and grips my shirt at my sides, his breathing is rigid but his shaking is stopping,

"talk to me Will.. what happened? was it a dream? vision?.."

i put my hand on the back of his head and an arm around him, holding tight,

"..i was at a crime scene.. with Jack.. and when i did my thing and imagined it everything was fine till i got home and went to sleep.. i dream't the killing but the victim was you.. i killed you.. you screamed at me.. you looked so betrayed.. im so sorry.."

i pulled Will's head up and cupped his face so he was looking at me, "listen Will.. you dont need to be sorry.. it was a dream like you said.. im still here.. "

i lift one of Will's hands and slide it in one side of my waist coat and out it over my heart,

"can you feel that?"

he nods, "yes.."

"im here okay.. you didnt harm me.. you havent harmed anyone.."

"okay..."he breathes,

he leans forward and hugs me, resting his head on my chest but dosent move his hand from inside my waist coat. I wrap my arms around him and press a soft kiss to his hair.


its a week later and i have 3 hours to myself and i was drawing when my phone buzzed on the desk,


Jacks making me go to another crime scene.. please come get me.. i cant do this...

i stand immediaetly and reply,


on my way. ill follow your text address.

i grab my leather jacket and slip it on, along with my gloves and helmet

(im sneaking a little of season 3 that ive accidentally seen into this, and i had to put the image below in too :P )

(im sneaking a little of season 3 that ive accidentally seen into this, and i had to put the image below in too :P )
i lock up and get onto my bike, i have a spare helmet under the seat along with a jacket.i speed off down the street, i memorized where Will was heading and by the time i got there Jack and Will were already inside, i take the helmet off and put it on the seat and walk inside.

i find Will at the top of the stairs, Jack talking to him. Will spots me and walks down the stairs and stands beside me,

"Hannibal?"Jack says,

"im sorry Jack but i cant have Will here.. his mental state after the last crime scene isnt ready.."

"fine.get out of my sight"

i tuck touch Will's arm and he tucks himself under my arm, we get to the bike and i get the jacket and helmet out, i help Will put it on and i put my helmet on. We get on and Will wraps his arms around me, i rev the engine a little then set off. Long rides on the motorbike calm will so i go the long way, once we get back to mine we go to the kitchen and i get him a glass of water,

"thank you for getting me.."

"it was no issue"i smile,

Will blushes lightly and i reach out and stroke his cheek, he looks at his feet with a smile. i let go and Will goes to the living room. I walk round the counter and start preparing lunch.

half way through cooking i hear Will's feet pad against the tile floor gently, then his arms wrap around my waist and his head rests on my shoulder. I dont say anything but i lean into him lightly so he knows ive acknowledged him.

i finish soon and move everything to the side. I turn in Will's arms, he opens my waist coat and lays his head on my chest, i smile knowing hes trying to listen to my heart. i wrap my arms around him and i press a kiss to his forehead,

"is this a doctor-patient thing or friends?"he asks me,

"its whatever you want it to be"

he lifts his head and pecks my lips softly and quickly,

"can it be something like this?"he smiles,

" not clear on what you mean.. would you mind clarifying it for me"i smile teasing him,

he blushes but smiles as he wraps his arms around my neck and kisses me, this tome for longer. I place my hands on his hips and pull him closer. He pulls away and nudges my cheek,

"did that make it clearer?"

"hmm one more thing.."he looks a little worried and slowly moves his arms but i squeeze his hips gently, "..will you be mine Will?"

"could you make that clearer?"he smirks,

i chuckle and lean forward and kiss and nuzzle his cheek,

"yes i will"

i pull away from him and grab the plates, "lets eat". i press a kiss to his cheek as i walk past, he blushes,

im lucky to have a man like Will Graham in my life.

Chapter Text

Wades (POV)

Since Nathan saved me, even though I didn't want to be- the jackass, he's stayed at my new apartment, since I blew up the other one, and hes started ignoring me. only saying little words. I'm starting to get a little pissed off. speaking of which, here he comes through the door. 

"hey Nate"I grin, swinging my legs where I'm sat on the counter, 

"I got the milk and bread."he says putting them away in the small shitty fridge, "and tacos"he says chucking at me,

gasping I catch them and look in the bag, 

"NAAATEE!"I squeal, 

The older man rolls his eyes and walks off to his room, not before shouting an insult over his shoulder, "you're such a food whore Wade"

"Yeah, but I'm your food whore"I tease, 

His shoulders tense and he lets out a huff, walking out the room. maybe hes just on his man period. 

Later on I'm sat on the sofa, flicking through shitty channels, in my hoodie and jogging bottoms. My hood up and strings pulled tight. I know the techno-virus infected man doesn't care that I looked like a shriveled up nutt-sack, but I like to hide it some times. Nate walks in and stares at me for a second before going to the kitchen, 

"why are you covering yourself up?"He grunts, 

"I just wanted to"I shrug, 

then there was more silence as Nate finished getting a drink, but before he left I stood up and grabbed his arm, 

"Are you mad at me?"I say,

"no? why?"He asks, scrunching his face up, adorably,

"then why are you ignoring me?"

"..I'm not..?"

"you are, you're being distant, barely talking to me. I'm sorry you can't go back and see your family.. I didn't want to you to do that.."I say letting go of his arm and turning around, 

more silence, and I heard footsteps so I assumed he'd left the room, that was until he put a hand on my shoulder and turned me around. 


"I wish you wouldn't hide yourself.."He says gently, 

"wow.. I didn't know you could speak so softly, thought you were all gruff and manly"I smirk, 

Nate chooses to ignore me and take my hood down instead, his hand caressing my face, 

"how can your hands look so rough and battered but feel so smooth, metal man?"

Nate rolls his eyes, 

"shut up."

"make me handsome"

"don't."He sighs, taking his hands away, 

"too scared old man?"

"you joke too much to take seriously"

Nate starts walking away, I grab his wrist and look him dead in the eye once he turns, 

"make. me"

He pushes me against the nearest wall and cups my face. "do you really want me to do this?"He mumbles, 

"kiss me like you mean it"

he quickly leans forward connecting our lips. I groaned a little, 

"did you just moan..?"Nate asks pulling away slightly, 

"your lips are unexpectedly soft. not to mention how well you use those lips of yours."

I reached up and knotted my fingers in his hair, pulling him back into a kiss. Nate slipped his tongue into my mouth and I jumped up, wrapping my legs round his waist. He catches me and holds me in place. I shift a little purposefully grinding, 

"are you trying to tell me something Wade..?"

"lets go to the bedroom. shall we metal man? and I hope your packaging a load of metal down there"I wink, 

he just kisses me and walks towards the bedroom..


(the next day)

I wake up and Nates arms are tightly wrapped around me. I link my hand with his gently, 

"morning"he grumbles, 

He starts kissing my shoulder blade gently, "I knew you were a cuddler"I tease, 

"be quiet, or I'm kicking you out the bed" 

I turn and face him, cupping his face I kiss him. He just pulls me closer by the waist .


(6 months later)

I slam the door open, Nate is sat on the sofa. 

"fucking bad guys. never know when to die."I grumble, 

I walk over to Nate and go to kiss him when he puts his hand in my face, I pout against his hand

"your covered in guts go shower."

I kiss his palm, "not even a kiss?"


I suck one of his fingers into my mouth and he groans, "join  me?"I smirk, grazing my teeth along the finger, 

He pulls his finger out and stands up pushing me roughly towards his bathroom. the next thing I know, hes kissing me hard and panting into my mouth as he pounds into me hard agaisnt the shower wall. My hands holding his shoulders, nails digging in. I kiss him harder as he comes, me following soon. 

"guess we are going to have to shower again"I chuckle against his mouth. 

"I love you"I laughs, 

I freeze, "you what..?"

"sorry.. not the time.. I didn't mean to"He says, letting me down and starting to leave, 

"No, no..say it again"I say catching his hand in mine, 

"..I love you Wade.."

I grin and pull him for a kiss, 

"I love you too Nate.."

He smiles and kisses me back. 

Chapter Text

"Good night Emily! see you next week"I shout,

As the warm night air hit me, I took a deep breath. Working the night shift at a bar gave you no time to breathe, especially on a Monday night. Luckily I only work Friday to Monday. Walking down the street I pull out my phone and headphones. Plugging them in and putting them on my head I press play and No One Does It Better by You Me At Six game on, I hummed the tune as I walked down the street.

Then someone runs down a small alley, intrigued I pull my headphones off and poke my head around the corner. I see a tall man, I couldn't see much of the rest of him other than his long black hair. His body was moving up and down rapidly, and I could hear him breathing hard.

"are you okay?"I ask,

then there's loud footsteps and shouting. As I go to poke my head round to see who it is the man pulls me forward, covering my mouth and hiding us behind a wall. My back firm against his chest. I go to scream when the man whispers in my ear,

"Shh, I won't hurt you. you can go when they have left" his voice was deep but smooth,

it sent shivers down my spine, and for some reason I recognized it. My heart was pounding, is this a serial killer? who is this man?

the footsteps quickly went past and the shouting got quieter, then man then let me go with a soft push. I wiped my mouth and raised my hand slapping the man round the face,

"what the hell?!"I shout,

once again I'm pinned by the man, this time against a wall. However, I could now see his face due to the street lamp. My breath caught in my throat,

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, dear"He smiles, but the smile wasn't a nice one it was a cruel one that should have scared me,

"Loki.."I breathe,

"Indeed I am"He smirks,

"w-what? aren't you supposed to be back with Thor?"

he lets go of me, "Oh I was, but I knew if I went home with him I would have been executed. so I created a hologram and fled."

I nodded slowly,

"well..I must be going home, it's getting late"I say edging away,

before I can move any further away he grabs my wrist,

"I must warn you, if you tell anyone you've seen me, I will find you."He says,

"O-of course" I nod,

"good."He states then let's go but doesn't move his hand so my wrist is hovering in between his fingers,

I swiftly turn and head home, but I could feel him watching me go. Once I got to my flat block I felt safer inside. I chucked my keys into the dish and double locked my flat door for the first time in a long while. Usually, I would get into my pyjamas, get a small glass of Jack Daniels and coke and watch a few episodes of supernatural to wind down but I just didn't want to. So I got changed and curled up in bed, falling asleep fairly quickly.

The next morning something felt off but I didn't know what it was. I just shrugged it off to being a weird night yesterday. I checked the time it was 12 am (I got in late last night) then made a coffee and sat on the sofa, then played some music to wake up. After 20 minutes I got hungry, so I got up to raid the kitchen. To my disappointment there was none. Sighing I walked to my bathroom to get a shower.

An hour later and I was dressed and my makeup and hair were sorted. My short blonde hair was spiked up and I had rose gold eyeshadow and eyeliner on. I had a black shirt on with the Nirvana logo on it, which was tucked into a short leather, skater skirt. I had skin coloured tights on. Round my neck was a simple black choker.

I grabbed my black backpack, which had my phone, purse and keys in it, and my black heeled boots and walked out of my flat. Once outside the block I noticed a slim figure with black jeans and hoodie stood by the wall, I couldn't see the persons face so I shrugged it off. It only took me 15 minutes to get to the shopping mall. Once I did I headed straight for the nearest food shop and grabbed all my food needs.

I walked out and felt someone following me, so I turned around, but no one was there. Sighing I walked into Starbucks and grabbed a small coffee. As I was stood against a pillar on my own drinking my coffee and scrolling through Tumblr, I felt breath on my neck and froze up. I went to turn my head but the person spoke,

"No need to turn just yet. I'm using you to hide."

weirdly my fear disappeared, sighing I looked back down at my phone and took a sip of my drink. Then he walked around in front of me with a grin, he was the one wearing the jacket, except it was open slightly at the top revealing a white t-shirt underneath and his sleeves were rolled up,

Then he walked around in front of me with a grin, he was the one wearing the jacket, except it was open slightly at the top revealing a white t-shirt underneath and his sleeves were rolled up,

"why have you been stalking me all day?"I say, with a scowl on my face,

"I haven't"

"yes, you have! you were on my flat block and I swear you followed me out from the food shop."

"I was following you, you can hide me"

"and why the hell would I do that?!"

"because you just happen to be here as well as me"

"You planned this!"

"no, you just happened to leave your flat and you didn't know I was there so.," he smirked,

I growl, shove my phone into my pocket and walk off. Unfortunately, I hear footsteps following. Looking over my shoulder he smiles at me. I roll my eyes and keep walking. Suddenly I see 2 shield agents a couple shops up. 'I'm so going to regret this' sighing I reach behind me, grab Loki's hand and pull him to my side,

"Oh and what is this?" he smirks,

"look ahead 4 shops," I say through gritted teeth,

Loki's face goes hard and he nods at me, they get closer and I decide its too risky to walk past them, swiftly I turn and head towards the escalator. Loki yelps a little at the sudden change of direction. Once on I sigh in relief and let go of his hand. Loki was one step above me and I looked at them to see another agent going down. My heart started to pound and I did the only thing I can think of.

"one coming down. kiss me" I said quickly,


"just do it!"

I reached up, grabbed his face and pressed our lips together. His arms quickly wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer. After a few seconds, we broke away,

"they went past"He said gently,

Blushing I nodded and slowly let go.

(I'm sorry I took the scene from winter soldier between Natasha and Steve :P)

We quickly left the building and I headed towards my apartment.

"so..what was all that about then?"He asked in a teasing tone,

I gritted my teeth, "don't."

He stayed silent, once we got closer to my flat I had slowed down as had he. I typed in the code for the blocked door and I stepped inside holding the door, I turned and he was staring at me like an idiot

I typed in the code for the blocked door and I stepped inside holding the door, I turned and he was staring at me like an idiot (like the gif below :P)
the look pulled at my heartstrings, 'I hate to admit it but this God looked cute.'

"are you coming or what?"


I rolled my eyes and grabbed his arm pulling him inside. Once inside I chucked my keys into the dish as usual and took my shoes off. I now felt short, with my heels in an inch shorter than him but without I'm roughly 5 inches shorter. I sighed once my feet flattened.

"why do you wear those things if they cause you pain?"He asks,

"it's a human thing" I chuckle,

I nod and take my bag to the kitchen. When I return I see Loki still stood by the door.

"oh my god, take your shoes off and get comfortable."I laugh then head to the kitchen again for a coffee,

"why have you brought me here?"Loki asks,

I freeze and slowly turn to face him,

"..because I'm already deep in this now, why not help you completely. Plus where are you even staying right now?"

" mean you're going to let me stay here?"


"..thank you..urm.. I don't seem to know your name?"


"Rowan..thank you"

I nod and walk to get my coffee. After a few minutes I walk in and sit on the sofa, Loki was sat on the other end. I turned the TV on and started to watch the rest of my supernatural episode.

"what is this Midgardian rubbish?"Loki asks annoyed,

"My favourite thing to watch," says smiling,

Loki sighed, and after another episode, my stomach rumbled. I jumped up startling Loki,

"why the sudden need of movement Rowan?"

"I'm hungry and ordering pizza, you want some?"

"what is this pizza?"

"heaven in a box"

"..heaven? a box?"

"never mind.."I sigh, I still order a chicken and bacon stuffed crust pizza though,

Half an hour later, Loki and I are eating pizza,

"soo..what do you think?"


I laugh and smile at him, and he sends me a half one back.

A week later I and Loki were listening to music on the sofa,

"Loki have you ever been drunk?"

"what a strange question"

"have you?"

"yes once when I was younger, but I can't get drunk easily on Midgardian alcohol, it is way weaker than Asgard's liquor."

"..but its still possible"

"I guess so.."

Grinning I run to the kitchen and bring pack 2 bottles of Jack, 2 glasses and an 8 pack of coke. Placing them on the table I grin as Loki looks intrigued,

"what is this?"

"Jack Daniels, its whiskey and my favourite drink"

I pour us a drink each and he tastes it,


"..its bitter, but its nice. I like it"

I grin and take another sip of my drink.

2 hours later and I was drunk and Loki was just a little calmer than usual, dare I say tipsy.

Giggling I lean towards Loki,

"so you're telling me that you scared Thor once by pretending to be a snake and.."

"and changed back and stabbed him"Loki finished chuckling,

I burst into laughter, Loki started laughing with me,

"a smile looks good on you" I smile,

Loki's face tinted red, and the smile fades. I put my drink down, crawl across the sofa to his side and grab his face,

"nooo...smiiillee" I slur,

He then laughs, causing a smile. I move my hands from his face too on his shoulders,

".y'know out of all these heroes and shit that has recently come up, you are definitely my favourite"

"I am no hero"

"Shh, you may have done some bad things but you can be good. I know it"I beam,

"thank you Rowan"

I nod, "why do you have your hair long?"

"what kind of question is that"He laughs,

"I mean it"I pout,

He smiles putting a hand on my knee, "Its long because if it was short it would be curly, but I also happen to like it long"

"I've never seen you with short hair, obviously"I laugh at my own comment for a few seconds, "but I think I'd prefer you with long hair too"

I stare at him giggling, I reach a hand up to twirl a lock of hair between my fingers. I look into his eyes, they were a lovely bright emerald green. I bit my lip gently and his eyes flicked down then up to my eyes again. Slowly I moved my hands to cup his face. I pressed a short kiss to his lips for a few seconds and he kissed back. I broke away and he smiled.

"you don't need to protect me right now," he whispers

"I'm not trying to"I breathe,

I press my lips to him and he kisses back just as much. swinging my legs over his and straddling him, he holds my waist. I open my mouth and his tongue slides in. My hands slide under his jacket pushing it off, Loki's hands let go of me only for a second to take his arms out and chuck his jacket over the back of the sofa. He has a black t-shirt on underneath and I slide my hands under that too, we break away and he takes it off. I lean forward and kiss his neck gently,

"you don't have to be gentle with me" he teases,

"is that a challenge?"I smirk against his pale skin,

"take it any way you want"

moving up to his jawline I graze my teeth and his hands slide up my shirt but wouldn't go any further than my stomach.

"bedroom?"I whispered in his ear,

He nods and lifts me up, I nibble his neck and kiss as he carries me. We fall back into the bed laughing. I grab his face and kiss him. We roll over and I sit up over him. Grabbing the hem of my shirt I went to pull it off but his hands stopped me,

"hang on..are you sure? are drunk"

"c'monnn..Yes, I'm sure.."

I tug again but he just leans up to gently kiss me, I kiss back and he pushes me down so we were laying side by side,

"what?"I ask,

"get some sleep we will talk in the morning.."

"nooo" I slur again,

"Shh," He says pulling me to him,

I lay against him and he strokes my hair. quickly I pass out.

the next morning I wake up with a banging headache as everything came rushing back to me. I looked around my bed and there was only me, I was both relieved and disappointed. Slowly I left my room wincing at the light. Heading to the kitchen I saw Loki stood to make coffee. Sitting on a stool he places a mug next to me along with a packet of painkillers.

"thanks" I sigh,

he nods and smiles gently,

I take the painkillers and drink the coffee, we sat in silence until I couldn't take it anymore,

"Loki..listen about last night I'm really sorry.."

"there's no need to apologise.." he smiles,

"I do need to..and I hope you can understand that we need to put this behind us.."

his face then falls,

my heart breaks, but I need to do this,
my heart breaks, but I need to do this,

"Loki.I am really sorry..but it's too dangerous..and eventually, you will move on, possibly go home.I don't want to get hurt or left behind.."

He swallows and nods, "I-I understand.I am sorry too.."

I nod and smile slightly, "Excuse me," he says and gets up, I hear him go to his room. I put my head in my hands and the tears sting my eyes. I push them away and get up.

A few hours later and I'm dressed, I stand outside Loki's door and take a deep breath. I knock three times gently,


"yes, Rowan?"He says through the door,

"I'm just going to the shop, do you want anything?"

"no, thank you"

".okay..Ill back soon"


I sigh and open the front door, stood there was a tall blue man. I started to back up when he grabbed me by the throat and lifted me up,

"what do you want?"I croaked,

"I think you know"

then it clicked 'Loki',

"I don't know what you're talking about!"I rasped,

he chucks me at the wall and it makes a bang, I fall on my front, coughing loudly. The blue man stomps forward and I crawl away. Tears of fear pooled in my eyes, suddenly Loki come rushing out his room,

"what was all- Thanos."

the big blue man turned to him and grinned,

"ah, that's the man I'm looking for"

" will kill you"

"and If I leave he will kill you."He growls not taking his eyes of Thanos,

I coughed a little more,

"where is the tesseract?!"

"I don't know. the Avengers took it."


He moves to me and grabs me by the throat, I claw at his hands but it doesn't do anything.

"let her go! she isn't part of this."Loki growls as his clothes change his Armour,

"Oh, she is. she has harboured you. she is an attachment to you."

"no. I don't know where it is. the Avengers have it."

he throws me again but through a wall this time. I pass out Loki's name on my lips.

Loki's POV

I growl and use my magic to push him out the window. Once he was gone I ran to Rowan, who was laying on the floor. I sat down and pulled her onto my lap.

"Rowan..please wake-up..Rowan.."

Her eyes snapped open and started to push at me, I grabbed her hands,

"Hey, hey, hey. it's just me"

"Loki.." she whispered,


she gasped and wrapped her arms around my neck hugging me. I hug her back tightly, she pulls away,

"you need to go, get out of the city somewhere safe while I deal with this.."

"what if you die..what if I don't see you again..."

"then its probably for the best..I caused this."I sigh,

Her eyes well up with tears,

"if that's what might happen then no. I'm staying where you are."

"why? you deserve to live normally"

she cups my face with one hand,

"I don't want to. I'm sorry I lied the other day but I was scared. I don't regret anything that has happened between us."

my heart beats faster, I hold her hand against my face, I smile. Suddenly I'm blasted backwards and Thanos chucks dust over Rowan and she passes out. He picks her up and leaves the building,


I run after him and he has her in a trance at the top of the empire state building at the edge. I stand at the bottom, thinking of how to get to her when suddenly I'm being grabbed.

"no! stop! I need to get to her!"

I look round to see 2 shield agents handcuffing me,

"we can handle it, it's alright"

"no! you don't understand!"I shout,

then Iron Man turned up,

"nice to meet you again," he says sarcastically,

but I don't look at him, I keep my eye on Rowan above me. My heart was pounding. Quickly, the rest of the Avengers appeared, again I didn't look at them, just Rowan.

"humans!"Thanos roared, "in return for this woman's and the rest of your lives spared I request the tesseract!"

I fidget more and the agents struggle to hold me. Strangely enough, I don't see Thor here.

"Tony, get behind him. I will distract him. Get the girl."Captain America said,

"it won't work. he can see all of you. you need someone who isn't here to do it."I say, still looking at her,

"how do you suppose we do it then, your highness"Tony sassily replied,

"let me go and I can get to him. I can hologram myself."

Tony laughed, "nice try."

"I am being serious."I turn to him now,

"is the way I am acting right now anyway the same to how you've seen me before? Ia-"

suddenly there was thunder, my heart hoped it was true. Then I saw him behind Thanos. Thor hit him and he moved from Rowan. Tony then flew upwards and went to grab her but bounced back. Thor knocked Thanos on the floor,

"Fools! there is a field you cannot pass through to get her!"Thanos laughed,

Thor struck him with lightning, Thanos was weak. suddenly he threw a knife at Rowan, stabbing her side,

"NO!!!!" I screamed, tears in my eyes,

she woke as she tipped forward, she spotted me,


"ROWAN!!!"I turned to the group, "Please!! someone grab her! the field is gone!!"

Iron Man came crashing down and caught her in time. I thrashed around as much as I could as Tony laid her on the floor.

"please. let me go, let me see her!"

Natasha came over, "what is with this girl and you?"

"I love her" I sobbed,

her eyes widened, suddenly my hands were released. I ran towards her, I knelt by her side. her eyes were barely open,



"I'm so sorry I'm going to fix this I promise.."

I took the knife out and everyone stood back. Placing my hands on her wound I closed my eyes and focused my magic to heal her, her pulse was weak though. As soon as I finished doing what I could I cradled her in my lap.

"Rowan..stay awake will be okay"

She reached up and cupped my face, I held her hand,

"I love you" she whispered,

"I love you too, stay with me.."

she smiled and I leant down to kiss her, she kissed me back hard. When I pulled away she then closed her eyes and her head fell t the side,

"Rowan?..Rowan! no, no, no. NO!!"I pulled her up and to my chest, I rocked her against me,

NO!!"I pulled her up and to my chest, I rocked her against me,
I held her to me and the tears fell, I couldn't stop them.

"brother.,"Thor said gently to me,

"get away!"I said, my voice loud,

"Loki.. its okay"

a vehicle, they call an ambulance turned up and one woman came out to see the body. Thor hugged me and I fought the tears. The Avengers were shocked to see this side of me. When they were taking Rowan to the hospital I rode in the ambulance. They took her body to do tests once we got there. Thor and Natasha had come to the hospital, they didn't say anything but Thor hugged me again but I pushed him away.

I sat for hours waiting when suddenly a nurse came busting through, she rushed up to me.

"she's alive. you must come quick!"

I and the nurse ran down the hall, she pushed me into the hospital room. The bed covers were messed up I couldn't see her until I heard water running. I walked into the bathroom and my mouth dropped open, she turned to me with a worried look. Her hair had become raven black, her skin had gone a baby blue but the most amazing and most beautiful is that her eyes were a deep red,

"please say something.." she begged,

" look..beautiful" I smile,

she looked relieved,


"yes" I smiled, taking her face in my hands,

she leaned forward and kissed me, I wrapped my arms around her.

"I love you," I say,

"I love you too Loki, so much"

~~ A couple days later ~~

(Still Loki's POV)

I brushed my suit down and checked my pocket. My nerves were playing up. I took a deep breath in and knocked, 'I love this girl'.

the door opened,

"Hello darling" I smile,

"LOKI!" she squealed and jumped up,

I caught her, her legs and arms wrapped around me, mine around her. She pulled back slightly and kissed my lips. After a minute or so she let go and pulled me inside and onto the sofa,

"how? why? what?" she giggled,

"Shield is letting me out on one condition.."

she nodded,

"that I go back to Asgard..if I stay here long term I will be taken into custody again.."

her face dropped, she covered her face with her hands. Shakily I grabbed the box out of my pocket and swiftly got onto one knee,

" solution is this" I grinned,

she took her hands away and put one over her mouth,

"Rowan Smith, will you join me in marriage and become my wife, and live with me in Asgard?"

her eyes widened and she started crying,

"y-you want me to be your wife a-and live with you in A-Asgard...?" she stutters,

"yes.." I chuckle nervously,

"Oh, my god!! yes!!" she grins, tears of happiness falling,

I slip the ring on and she jumps forward kissing me. I lose my balance and fall to the floor.

"can I just mention I have to in Asgard by Monday.."

"that's 2 days.."

"..and you have to be my wife in order to live with me in Asgard.."

"so I'm leaving earth and getting married in 2 days.."


"I don't care as long as I'm with you," she says smiling,

I kiss her again and she giggles.

so 2 days later I and Rowan were stood on top of stark tower waiting for Hemidall to bring us up. The Avengers congratulated us and I apologized to them about New York some forgave me or thanked me some scolded but I felt better about it. Rowan had some simple Asgardian robes on which were Green and Gold, it made her blue skin look even more beautiful.

Rowan had some simple Asgardian robes on which were Green and Gold, it made her blue skin look even more beautiful
"Ready?"I asked,

"definitely," she said holding my hand tight,

then the light came and beamed us up. In a matter of seconds, we were in the Bifrost.

Rowan's POV

Once in Asgard Thor was stood there with a couple other people and my nerves were spiking. 'I'm in another world, about to get married and I think Loki and Thor's father is smiling at me. OMG'

I started getting dizzy, Loki noticed and held me,

"Rowan? are you okay?"

"um..uh yeah..just a little all.."I say then pass out,

Loki's POV

I catch her as she faints. She falls into my chest and I chuckle,

"Loki! why are you laughing!"Thor scolds,

"because she only fainted, she was nervous and overwhelmed, she will be okay" I smile,

I pick her up and Odin has a smile on his face.

An hour later Rowan wakes up and she seems better, she speaks to my father and Thor a few others that had came. I was proud to be about to call her my wife and happy that I have made my father proud too.

Chapter Text

Sam and Dean had always flirted with each other whenever they had the chance but they had never talked about it. They had their touches too, but they have broken every other literal and supernatural law there is except this one, so why stop?

"I probably shouldn't be eating this, I'm getting so fat," Sam whined while taking a fry from Dean's plastic takeaway tub,

"Dude, what're you talking about, you're not fat."

"Dean that's because my clothes hide it, but I'm getting really gooey right here."Sam sighed, poking at his stomach

"I don't see any goo. You want to see some goo, I'll pull my ass out for you."Dean grinned,

"Well, I see it and I didn't five years ago. My jeans pop open and my shirts are getting too tight. I look like a porker."

"Well, your clothes probably shrunk in the wash, don't be an idiot..anyways, you're not a porker, you're the unporker. You're sizzling"Dean said an winked,

Sam's face flushed and he looked down. Dean reached over the motel table and pressed a quick kiss to Sam's lips. Sam gasped lightly and held Dean's hand still,

"kiss me again...please"Sam breathed,

Dean chuckled and leaned back over, kissing him again, but for longer this time. Once they broke apart Sam pressed his forehead against Dean's,

"I like this.I like you.."

"I like this too. but I love you"

Sam grinned and pulled Dean into another kiss.  

Chapter Text

Sam's POV

I sneak back into the motel room and quietly shut the door. I shrug my coat off and tiptoe to the bathroom. I shut and lock the door. I make sure there's no blood on my face and I brush my teeth. I turn the light off and sneak into bed with Dean. He sleepily pulls me in and snuggles into my chest. i smile and fall asleep.


the next morning Dean is already up and sat at the table with a coffee, I stretch and get up. I slip a shirt on and walk over to the table sitting down, pressing a kiss to Dean's forehead on the way,

"morning," he says with a smile,

"good morning," i say as i sip my cup of coffee, 

once we finished our coffee's and had woken up a bit we start looking for a case, 

Dean's POV

I'm not going to say anything, but i saw him come in last night, where was he? i will find out. We sat on the bed, newspapers scattered everywhere and Sam's laptop on his lap. 

"what about this? men dying in their homes with their children claiming it was their fault?"

"hmm..maybe, it could be a serial killer and a coincidence though?"

he shrugs and throws his head back, he wraps his arms around my waist and nuzzles his face into my neck. I place my hand on his thigh and rub it with my thumb.


about 3 hours later i pretend to fall asleep on the bed and i hear Sam writing something then slips out the door. i quickly stand up and find a note on the table, i pick it up and read it:

Hey De ,

Just popped out for some snacks ill bring back lunch when I'm done.

Love You xxxx

i crumple the picture up and quickly run outside to see Sam driving off, i hotwire another car and follow him. He drives for about 15 minutes but turns off down a road. I follow him but park further up the road. I walk the rest of the way on foot to where Sam was going, he went into an abanoned house. 

I sneak in and hide behind a wall, which luckily had a hole in it. There was a girl there. my heart clenched, 

"hey Sam"the girl smiles, 

Sam shakes his head, "Ruby. i cant keep doing this, i cant keep hiding this from Dean."

Sam's POV

"tell him then Sam"she says as she steps closer,

"no. this needs to end."

"but your getting better, so much better, " she praises and cups my face, 

i shook her off, "i cant loose him. and this will crush him."

"so you'd rather loose me and everything we have."

i growl and walk away from her, "Ruby."i growl, 

"do you really want to be stuck chanting latin and using demon knives to kill demons or would you rather use your powers?" she asks, 

she steps closer and cuts her wrist the blood seeps out, i clench my fists, and unconiously i step closer, 

"what the hell is going on here?! Sam?!" a voice shouts, 

i jump back and Ruby's eye go wide, i walk towards Dean, 

"stay there."

"Dean let me explain."

"you have 5 seconds before i blow this whore's head off!"

"wow way to make a girl feel good"Ruby scoffs, 

Dean doesn't say anything he just points the gun and pulls the trigger, he shoots her in the foot, she screams and falls to the floor,

"talk. now"he says pointing the trigger at her face, 

"id explain whether you were threatening to shoot her or not. she means nothing to me. shoot her if you really want."

Dean seems to loosen a little, i look at Ruby her mouth is hanging open and her eyes were filling with tears, 

"Dean. I want to get this out first. I love you so much, i would never ever cheat on you. this isn't what this is. Ruby said i would be able to kill demons and excorise them just using my hands with her help.. i wasnt really thinking about the concequesnes of it.. i was drinking demon blood to get the strength..."

Dean puts his gun down, "im glad i didnt shoot her now. prove to me that i can trust you, that ths isn't what i think it is.. use your 'powers' "

i put my hand out to her and focused my nose and eyes stung but she screamed and black smoke left her body, i fall to the floor and catch my breath, i wasnt surprised when Dean didnt come to my side, i wiped my nose on the back of my hand, there was a little bit of blood. 

i stood and looked at Dean, he was looking out the window, his fists clenched, 

"you've been drinking demon blood."

" sorry Dean.. i really am..."

"and you've been sneaking off every other night to drink demon blood and test our your new 'powers' with her?"

i nod, he steps forward and ounches me straight in the face, i stumble and all on my ass. 

"you stupid stupid sonovabitch"he growls and leans over to pick me up yby the shirt,

he slams me up agaisnt a wall, 

"what the hell were you thinking?"

"..i dont know"

he grabs my face and my feet touch the ground, 

"what the fuck were you thinking?!"

i shake my head slightly and tears line my eyes, 

"im sorry"i say my voice wobbling, 

"your so stupid!!" he growls, 

he leans in and presses his lips to mine roughly, he breaks to say "if id of lost you.. oh my god.. i dont know what id of done."

"i-im sorry"i say tears falling, 

he wipes them away and pecks my lips, 

"i love you De.. so much. i know im stupid.. im sorry but i love you so much.."

i kiss him and he pulls away and hugs me, 

"dont leave me please"i sob into his shoulder, 

"never Sammy never.. i love you so damn much baby"

Sam sobs into my shoulder and i wrap him in my arms, he grips my shirt tightly. I pick him up once hes clamed and bring him to the car, we get in and he places his hand on my thigh all the way back to the motel. once we are back i pull Sam to the bed and push him down. 

i press my lips to his and he wraps an arm around my neck, i pull away and suck on his neck in multiple places, with each break i growl, "mine" and he breathlessly replies with "yours"

once ive marked him he pulls me close and under the covers, i lay flat and he lays on my chest, i curl my arms around him, 

"i love you Dean."

"I love you too Sammy"i say and peck his forehead.

Chapter Text

Peter had been thinking for a while now. Once single thought going round in his head for months. Usually, he would talk to Nev, but this, he knew he couldn't. It was crazy! He shouldn't be having these thoughts, it's so wrong. But he can't stop. It won't go away.

The scary part is;

He doesn't think he wants them to...


Peter wakes with a jolt. Confusion fills him, what woke him?

"Peter?"Aunt May shouts,

"Yeah May?"He calls back, looking over at his clock to check the time,

It was only 12 in the afternoon, why was she calling him already?

"Tony is downstairs waiting for you"

Peter frowned. Suddenly it clicked, he was supposed to help him work on a project today. Peter jumped up,

"Crap!" he hissed, "tell him I'm coming May!"

He threw on a white, short-sleeved top, black jeans and a light blue jean jacket. Grabbing his backpack from the corner of the room he picked up his keys, phone and wallet. Tying his black trainers he was out the door.

"see ya later May!"

"Don't be back too late Peter!"

"I won't!"He smiled,

He sped down the stairs and Tony was stood outside the apartment doors, next to one of his cars,

"do you sleep in or forget?"Tony chuckled,

Peter went red and shrugged, "all of the above?"

The billionaire laughed and motioned for Peter to get in the car. It wasn't much of a drive for Tony's car to the Avengers building. Every time he came here it always gave Peter the chills, he grins at the building as they drive to the garage,

"Kid, you've seen this building so many times how can it still amaze you?"Tony chuckles,

Peter turns to look at Stark, "it's not the building its what it's about and the Avengers that amaze me"

Tony nods, a soft smile upon his lips. Peter had to look away, both from the blush and the fact he was actually staring. It annoyed him how easily he got caught on Tony's features, but you've got to admit, Tony was very attractive. Oh, surprise, Peter thinks, he's not straight he's pansexual. As they walk to the lab he's surprised at how quiet it is,

"Oh, the Avengers are out at the moment, forgot to mention"Tony rambles,

"Oh okay" Peter smiles, however, he feels nervous at the thought of being alone with Tony for hours,

He doesn't have long to dwell on it however as they make it to the lab. They walk over to where the blueprints were and excitement rose in Peter's chest,

"this is gonna be a fun one Mr.Stark!"

"Kid, it's Tony, not Mr.Stark"Tony chuckles, ruffling the younger one's hair,

"right, sorry"Peter blushes,

"let's get started!"He beams,

Peter nods and they start to gather all the items.


6 hours later and only just half of the project is completed but Peter's head is starting to hurt and he's hungry. As if on cue his stomach growls loudly and his eyes widen,

"Pete if you were hungry you could have said something"Tony grinned,

"I just got carried away and didn't notice"Peter admits, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly,

"c'mon lets grab some food"

Tony orders pizza while Peter sits on the sofa in the living room. It was cosy in here, warm colours and lights, lots of sofas and chairs to sit on. It felt like a home,

"food's gonna be here in 30 minutes"

"thank you Tony" He beams,

It catches Tony slightly, the softness in his eyes and in the tone of his voice. He smiles back. Tony doesn't think, he reaches out to Peter and gathers him into his arms. Peter shuffles forward to make the hug more comfortable and wraps his arms firmly around Tony. This felt nice, it felt good. Tony starts to pull away and Peter's heart drops. Peter's heart pounds but he decides to shut his brain off. Tony looks at him, slightly confused as to why Peter hadn't pulled away.

"I want more than a hug Mr Stark" Peter whispers, leaning forward to capture Tony's lips in his,

Tony is motionless for a few seconds, Peter reaches a hand up to cup his face. He starts to kiss him back but suddenly he jumps up, facing away from Peter.

"kid.. you know how bad this is right?"Tony starts, still not looking at him,

"yes.." he answers slowly, "..but I don't care, I meant it. I'm in-"

"Peter don't"Tony snaps round and puts a hand up, "don't..."

Pete's body deflates, what has he done? He knew this was a bad idea but did it anyway. Tony's heartaches. He knows the kid loves him, more than is legal and hell he loves him back. but the age gap is not gonna go down well not to mention he's only just turned 19. Looking at Peter, slightly sagged on the sofa hurts him. Slowly he walks over to him. Peter looks up at him, face innocent. Gently he places a hand on his cheek, lifting his face up. Tony leans down and kisses him. It's short but sweet,

"You know that we can't tell anyone else.."

Peter reached up, wrapping his arms around Tony's neck loosely,

"I know, it doesn't matter... as long as I have you"Peter desperately kissed Tony,

Tony lifted Peter up, his legs wrapped around his hips. He carried him to the wall and pressed him against it. Peter's tongue slipped into Tony's and he groaned happily. Tony took his lips from Peter's and kissed down his neck and sucked on his collarbone, where it was easily hidden by his shirt. He moaned as Tony kissed at his neck. Peter shuffled, creating friction and it was Tony's turn to moan. Peter started undoing the billionaire's shirt and sucked marks down his neck and his chest. Tony moved them back to the sofa and removed Peter's shirt, beginning to kiss down his chest. Peter was moaning and wriggling underneath him.

Suddenly a doorbell rang throughout the Avengers base. Tony groaned while Peter held in a giggle,

"I forgot about the pizza"Tony hissed,

not caring about his open shirt which exposed all the new marks from Peter or his slightly fading hard on he opened the door and paid for the pizza. Needless to say, the delivery guy was very surprised to see Tony in that state.

"H..Have a good night sir.."

"and you, "Tony said then slammed the door,

As Tony placed the pizza on the counter arms wrapped around his middle. One hand snaking down and into Tony's pants, gripping him. He swallowed a moan,

"we can reheat the pizza later.."Peter murmured in Tony's ear, he hummed back an approval.

Turning around he grabbed Peter and carried him to Tony's bedroom, slamming the door behind him.


~~ BONUS ~~


"Pete you might want to text your Aunt and tell her you won't be home tonight"

Peter does just that then latches back into Tony.

The next morning Tony wakes first and smiles at Peter sleeping next to him. Pecking his forehead he gets up and walks to the kitchen to make breakfast.

"Morning Tony looks like you had a good time last night"A voice booms suddenly,

Tony jumps and sees most of the Avengers in the living room,

"when did you lot get here?"Tony groans, completely bi-passing Rodger's comment,

"late last night, we just managed to hear the end of your night"Natasha winks,

However Tony gulps, just as he does a pair of arms wrap tightly around his waist and a head rests on his shoulder. Guessing by the looks of the Avenger's faces he's guessing its peter. Looking down it confirms it. It doesn't help that Peter was wearing a pair of shorts and one of Tony's shirts which due to it being big on him it's hanging off him and showing the multiple marks that Tony had littered on his skin.

"Tony.. you better explain, "Clint growls,

Peter's head snaps up, his face pale. "oh crap..."

"Yup, we're in deep shit..."


Chapter Text

There's a ringing in my ears as I look up. My heart pounding fast against my ribcage. Tears burn the waterline of my eyes. I try and take a deep breath but I can't move. My heart hurts. The sound of a gun going off and a body hitting the floor take over the ringing in my ears. I see it all again. Harry's body flying backwards as Valentine pulls the trigger, he falls still to the floor. I feel myself scream but I don't hear it, I don't need to hear it, I know what I scream,


A pair of arms come around my shoulders, they're firm. I blink, Harry is no longer on the floor instead he is sat across from me, in another room. I punch and kick, desperate to get to him.

"Eggsy! Eggsy! Calm down! it's me, Merlin!"

I look to where the voice came from, seeing Merlin I stop kicking.

"That's it, lad, deep breath"

Taking a deep breath I try and look at Harry again but his hand keeps my face looking at Merlin,

"no don't Eggsy just focus on me and breathe"

Slowly, I nod. The breaths come easier and easier until the ringing in my ears stops and I can think.

"T-Thank you" I croak,

He nods, slowly I turn to look back. This time I don't panic looking at him, but my heart never stops hurting. The last time I spoke to him, he was angry with me and he thought I hated him. I don't, it's the complete opposite. And he doesn't even know,

"wow.. that was not the reaction I was expecting"A voice chuckled,

Looking next to me I could see another Statesman agent. Anger rises within me,

"How else do ya think id react? He was and is everything to me! and I thought he was dead!"I screamed hoarsely,

The guy smirks and puts his hands up, "alright, alright, calm it sunshine"

"fuck you!"I growl,

The guy just laughs at me, "Can I see him?"I ask,

"you can..however he won't remember you, either of you...when he was shot he lost the majority of his memories.."A woman with short hair says,

"I still want to see him.." I hesitate,

She nods slowly and leads us out and to Harry. Once at the door Merlin taps me,

"go in alone, I'll see him after.."He speaks softly,

I nod and walk in slowly, Harry turns and looks at me,

“Harry, ”I say,

“Hello.”He smiles, my heart jumps,

“Harry.”I breathe,

“How do you do? Have we met before?”Harry frowns, I step closer,

“Harry, it's okay. It's fine. They know that we know you.”I push,

“I think there must be some mistake.”Harry steps away from me, that hurt, he almost looks scared,

“It's been such a long time, Harry. I need to get my brogues resoled. Yeah, and my oxfords are done in as well.”I try to lift up the mood and get him to remember,

“Why are you telling me about your shoes? I'm a lepidopterist.”He asks,

My heart seems to break even more, how does he not know,

“You're a what?”

“I study butterflies.”

Then it clicks, Merlin had said once that’s what he wanted to do before he joined the army,

“Harry, look at me. It's good to see you. We'll be back soon.”

I walk back out with a heavy heart. Walking around the corner I slide down the wall and curl up, silent tears fall.

A few days later and I decide to go see him again. I know I shouldn't it's only torture, but each time I hope, I hope he remembers. Even though he's here it still doesn't feel like it, it feels like a copy,

"Hey Harry"

I frown, there's a suitcase and he's packing it,

"What's going on?"

"I was just packing. Look at these lovely toiletries Merlin very kindly gave me as a leaving present. Here, try this aftershave."He smiles, pushing it towards me,

I swallow thickly and push it away,

"Yeah, I know, Harry. I'm wearing it."I pause, building the courage and pushing the pain away, "Listen, you can't just give up."

"Give up? No, on the contrary. I'm about to achieve my dream. Researching rare butterflies alongside some of the finest minds in entomology."He beams,

It does make me so happy to see him excited to do this but it's not him, he isn't living,

"You know, you may as well have me stuck up on this wall. 'Cause you're never gonna find a butterfly more interesting than me."I blurt,

"Sorry?"Harry frowns once again,

"When you and I first met, I was just, like, a maggot. Maggots turn into flies- "

"-Perhaps you mean larva."Harry cuts in,

I'm not angry at him for it, it almost makes me smile as he used to do it all the time and it would piss me off but now I couldn't care, not anymore.

"Larva, yeah, okay. Whatever. The point is...everyone wanted to squash me. But not you. You helped me to become a caterpillar. And now I've got wings. I'm flying higher than I ever dreamed. And that is all thanks to you."I finish with a breath,

However Harry's face was just blank,

"I hate to seem rude, but I need to finish packing and get some sleep.," he says and carries on packing,

I grab his arm gently and turn him to look at me. He flinches and I hate it. I let go,

"Harry, you can't just walk away. Kingsman needs you. The whole world needs you." I plead I wanted to cry or scream, "I need you."I choke,

"Eggy, whoever the Harry was that you knew, he's gone, I'm afraid. Goodbye."His words were hash as he turned away from me,

I left the room and Merlin was waiting for me. Shaking my head he moved forward and pulled me into a tight hug,

"I don't usually do this so this is an exception but you need it"

I nod and squeeze my eyes shut.


After sitting in that bar I decided I wanted to see Harry once more. I have one more plan.

I walk into his room, a puppy in my arms, the same breed that Mr Pickles was. Harry shoots up in bed whimpering in fear at me,

"It's all right. Don't panic. Just thought I'd bring you a little leaving present. What do you think? He's lovely, isn't he?"I chuckle,

"Would you like to hold him?"I smile,

Harry carefully takes him from my hands, cradling him to his chest,

"Hello."He grins, at the puppy,

Slowly I pull my gun out and point it at the dog, my finger nowhere near the trigger,

"Do you think I should shoot him?"I state blankly,

Harry scrambles up, holding the puppy tighter,

"Are you quite mad?!"

"What? What's the problem?"I ask, following him as he backs away frankly,

"No! You can't!"He panics, I don't like it, but this is my last resort,

"Eh? What?"

"No, you'll have to shoot me!"Harry bellows, holding the puppy tight, shielding him,

"Shoot you? Well, I will shoot you." No, I won't,

"No. No one's sick enough to shoot a puppy!"

"Well, what about you, Harry? You were sick enough to shoot a puppy! Do you remember?"
Harry's eyes are suddenly blown wide, breathing heavily he starts looking around,

"You were sick enough to shoot a puppy!"

He stumbles and frantically looks around before staring straight at me. My heart pounds against my chest once again. Please work...

"It was a blank!"He shouts,

I put the gun down and grin at him,

"Yes, Harry. Yes!!"I jump,

"It was a fucking blank! That's right. It was a blank!"I beam,

"I would never hurt Mr Pickle!"Harry never stops holding the puppy close,

"Yes, Harry!"

Harry looks down at the dog in his arms,

"He lived to a ripe old age! He died of pancreatitis! He- You're not Mr Pickle."

Slowly, he lifts his head up to look at me. His features soften,

"Eggsy."He breathes,

"Hello, Harry."

Walking forward I pull him in for a hug, being careful of the puppy. He holds me just as tight.


I pull away and look at him.

"Im so sorry Harry, when we last spoke before died it was an argument and I'm so sorry, I never meant any of it"

Harry bends down letting the dog down. He places a hand on my arm,

"I know Eggsy, I know.."He smiles,

His thumb rubs my arm gently,

"I was watching the feed when it happened, I screamed for you, it hurt so fuckin' much 'arry"

Tears started to form in my eyes, "Oh Eggsy.."

I don't think, I wrap my hand in his shirt and pull him forward quickly. I lock my lips with his and kiss him. His hand moves to my wrist, just as I consider moving away he starts to kiss back. One of his arms wraps around my waist. Pulling away I rest my forehead against his,

"I love you, Harry.."

Harry takes a second before pulling back to look me in the eyes, he smiles,

"I love you too Eggsy.."

He leans forward and kisses me once again. I push myself closer to him and his arms tighten around me. Suddenly he pulls back gasping,

"Valentine has to be stopped."

"No, I know, "I reassure him,

"He has a device."He mumbles trying to get by me,

"It's all right. It's sorted. Don't worry. We got a lot of catching up to do."I chuckle, taking his hands,

"Well, well. I suppose I should cancel that taxi."

I turn to the side and see Merlin smiling at us,

"Yes, If you don't mind...Merlin."Harry smiles at him,

Harry squeezes my hand but releases it to walk to Merlin and hug him, but not before Merlin says;

"Welcome back...Galahad"

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Billy's POV

Though my eyes are open I can't think of why; my heart is pounding, mind empty. It's as if a hypodermic of adrenaline has been emptied into my carotid. I strain into the utter darkness, breathing rate way too high. My body shot up, hands instinctively going to my chest, I can feel the blood, moving inside the rip I feel my chest, no wound. I look down, squinting, the blood on my shirt is still there but no wounds, even my sides are healed, 

"What the fuck?"I croak, my throat raw, 

I move to stand as a sharp pain rips through my torso. Hissing in pain I grit my teeth forcing myself to stand, 

"GAHH!!"I yell, 

Finally stood, I wobble on my feet forcing my breath in then back out. The pain subsides slightly, enough to look around, I flinch and stumble back, the creature is on the floor, non-moving. The mall is destroyed, I feel sick to my stomach. Red and blue lights flash from outside and I can hear talking. I trudged along the tiled floor at a sedate pace, my mind focused on the gentle footsteps that seemed to echo through my skull, I need to get outside. I need to..find, someone. Anger burned within me as flashes of what I did rang through me, tears burned my eyes pushing my anger more, willing my feet to move faster. I shoved the door open at the entrance of the mall and the paramedics turned and looked at me in shock. My breath shallow I kept walking, looking for anyone I knew. I scanned the crowd of paramedics, soldiers and police. I could feel the pounding of my heart against my ribcage and the burning in my chest. 

Squinting I could see the back of a man's head, that hair. I know him- 

"S-Steve.."I cry pathetically, "St-teve"

As I get closer my legs wobble and it gets harder to breathe. Finally, he turns as I get to him, 


My mouth opens but no words come out as my knees buckle and my eyes become hooded, 


I feel his arms around me as I collapse against his chest, my eyes open a little more and I look up at him as he lowers to the ground and I lay in his lap my head rested against his arm. One of his hand rested on my torso the other on my cheek, 

"Billy, look at me, c'mon stay awake"

He shakes my head but his words become quiet. My eyesight blurred, but not because tears were welling up. Everything became fuzzy; then I saw nothing at all. My consciousness was floating through an empty space filled with a thick static. The pain that once burned like a fire had faded away to an icy numbness. Black filled the edges of my vision and the only thing I could hear was my own heartbeat. My breath came in ragged, shallow gasps. Seconds passed as I lay there, then, I heard voices. People swarmed all over me, trying to help me, I realized. They wanted to save me. If I could have, I would have laughed. Surely they could tell that it was far too late for me to be saved, yet they were like children, naive to the darkness of the real world. The despair and suffering of the world that took everyone I loved away from me. I would be joining them soon though. I would be able to leave all the pain behind. I closed my eyes, I could die happy now.

Steve's POV

His eyes glazed over until his eyelids closed softly. I barely knew him, all we did was fight yet this hurt, the pain in my heart. I screamed. Screamed for help, for a paramedic. Tears burned my eyes as I shook him and squeezed him, 

"BILLY!!"I cried, 

I looked around and saw 3 paramedics running to me but I also saw Max, her mouth open and she started running towards me, 

"No Max!!"I looked to the closest paramedic, "Don't let her see him, stop her!"

They swiftly turned and pulled Max away, she screamed and fought against them as tears streamed from her eyes. Looking back down at the boy in my arms his breathing was shallow but still alive. It all became a blur as the paramedics pulled Billy from my lap and into an ambulance. I remember asking if I would come too and I nodded. The ride to the hospital seemed to take too long as they gave him CPR and tried to wake him. His white shirt was covered in blood and ripped where the Mind Flayer had ripped into him. I thought he was dead, I saw him die. My heart was in my ears as they rushed him away. The waiting room seats were cold and hard. I sat there staring at the white floor for hours, I wasn't sure how long but I was numb. We lost Hopper El is broken along with the rest of the kids and Joyce. I'm terrified to think about what is going to happen next. More time passes until a voice snaps me out of the haze, 

"Mr Harrington?"

My head flicks up and a nurse is stood there, 

"He's stable, would you like to see him?"

Slowly I nod and it takes me a while to get to my feet and follow her through a maze of corridors and doors. Finally, we get there and she lets me in, I can hear the beeping of the machines. Billy is laying there his face beaten and bruised but his body is more healed than it should of. No signs of what the Mind Flayer did to him in the last moments of the fight. Pulling a chair beside him I placed my hand on top of his and finally breathed. 

I sat beside him for days. The days turned into weeks and then months. 8 months exactly. He hadn't woken or moved. But his body was healing, he looked weak his face his skin had sunken into his cheeks and his muscles were deteriorating. I started to drift off, my head resting on the bed beside him. 

Something woke me, my eyes peeled open and I looked around. Then I heard it, the monitor, his heart rate was going mad and he was shaking badly. My head finally shot up fully and I placed a hand on his arm, 

"Billy! Billy! You're okay, you're safe!"

"GO AWAY!!!"He screamed,

he jolted up, eyes wide open. I jumped back looking at him. In the grip of silent panic, wild eyes, pupils dilated, heart racing, brain on fire, brain synapses firing like a hyped up internal aurora borealis, like a cluster bomb exploding in his brain, turned his brain to a mental soup of conflicting instructions, brain frozen, brain feeling like it's seized up, shrill scream, running aimlessly, frozen in panic, arms flapping almost comically, almost threw up, brain feeling like it's been pickled in brine,

"Billy.."I whispered, 

His head snapped to the side to look at me, his chest heaving up and down, 

"You're safe.."

"where is it."He growls, voice cracking, 

I stepped closer but stopped when I saw him tense, "It's gone, we killed it.."

"it's dead?"

"'s dead, you're okay," I say, cautiously lifting my hands up, 

What I saw next shocked me and caused a horrible shiver to run down my spine. Billy's lip wobbles slightly as tears fell from his eyes. He slumped down and I could hear the sobs. Carefully I walked to him, he didn't flinch, 

"'s okay, it's just me"

I carefully place my arms around him and he falls into them, gripping the back of my shirt as he cried. I said nothing just held him until he calmed, I wasn't going to force him to do anything, just let him rest against my chest, 

"I did so many bad things.. I hurt them..tortured them..and the kids.."He croaked, 

"'s okay now..none of that was your wasn't you, you were being controlled."

Then he shoved me back, teeth gritted, eyes red and puffy. 

"but it wasn't always there I still had some control. I could have shouted for help or stopped. but I didn't did me?!"He screamed,

"That's what the Mind Flayer does, it makes you think you have control when you don't-"

"How would you know Harrington?! Huh?! It was in me, not you!"He spat, 


"Don't! get out! I don't need your pity!"


"GET. OUT!"He screamed, 

Ordinarily, I would, but I could see the tears in his eyes are still there and the fear, he's shaking. Walking over to him his face falters, I place my hand on his shoulder and he looks down at it, 

"Shout and scream at me all you want, if that's what helps if that makes the pain go. I know you're scared and angry and hurt and that's why I'm here to be your friend and help you even when all this is over."

He blinks at me for a moment, "why..? why are you being so nice to me, I was an asshole to you"

"because I used to be an asshole and I know what that guilt feels like and you don't deserve any of this."

His lip trembles so he bites it and looks down, 

"Thank you..I'm sorry for everything..I'm sorry for shouting at you.."

Placing a finger under his chin I lift his head to look at me, 

"You have no reason to apologise, I understand"I smile, 

He stares at me, and reaches a shaky hand up, I smile reassuringly. Billy's hand touches my face slowly and gently, but then firmly cups my cheek. My hand slips down to rest on his thigh, he leans forward then stops, 

"It's okay" I breathe, careful not to shatter the moment and startle him, 

He nods and pulls me forward pressing a light peck on my lips. It's soft and quick, but I felt it none the less. When I pull away his eyes are still closed, he's shaking. I hesitantly looked up at him. The swirls of emotion I saw there made me gasp. Lust and desire. However, before I could ponder about it further, he yanked me to him and covered my mouth with his in a hungry kiss. As our lips crushed together, I felt like I was walking on air. It was magic, the way his lips connected with mine. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than I could have imagined and I opened my mouth with a low moan. 

"Stay.."He mumbled against my lips, 

"I'm not going anywhere"

He pulls away but wraps his arms around me, burying his face into my neck. I press a quick kiss to his forehead and pull him in tight, 

"I never thought I could have something like this.."He whispers, 

"It can always be like this.. if you want that..if you want me.."

He looks up at me once more, a soft smile playing on his lips, "I do"

Capturing his lips he sighs happily and falls gently into my arms, where he's safe. 

How strange is it that we went from beating the crap out of each other to this? 

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Sam's POV





He was dead before the gunshot reached my ears. It was a violence to the still of the April night - a noise that heralded death and destruction. It broke the air in stark contrast to the voice of the birds that rang out in this dawn and the oblivious nature that surrounded me as I sat tied to the seat, helpless. I gripped on so tightly despite the fact that my palms where sore and burned. My nails dug deep into the tape around my wrists to give myself a better grasp, to give myself one more hope that he would get up, that he isn't laying there dead. I anticipated my death, waiting for the gun to be pointed at me, and I welcomed it. I couldn't live a life without him, without Colby. I had never felt so alone, so lost... So incapable of doing even the smallest tasks. And this was only the beginning, the beginning of the pain, the suffering and the endless congo line of emotions that were in store for me. Emotional pain isn't felt the way a cut or bruise is. This is much different and only you can tell it is there. Sometimes the pain is at the back of your mind like a pulse. Other times it pushes itself forward demanding attention. Cutting your heart and mind in half Stinging with every breath you take. I loved him, more than he knew, more than I should of, only now, now that I've lost him have I realised I should of told him. Sobs racked my body, my eyes opening and closing again, I can't bare to look, to see it. 

Hands suddenly touched my shoulders, gripping me. I screamed, fighting, shoving as much as I could. 

"no! no! go away! no!"

"Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam!!"

"what the fuck, what?!"I screamed, 

opening my eyes I looked up, 

"what is this?!..what?"

"Sam, Sam, look at me"


He's stood there, he's talking, holding me. Colby's alive, what he can't be I saw him die! He pulls the bag off his head and starts un tying my hands and feet. He's alive. I stand up and face him, 

"I actually thought you'd died.."I sob, 

"dude I'm sorry"he breathes, pulling me in, "dude, no I'm here, I'm here"

"Don't you ever fucking do that to me again!"I croak, "I seriously thought you'd died!"

He wraps his arms around me tight, borrowing his face into my neck. I squeeze and grip onto him tight, 

"Oh my god..oh my god..."I sob, 

He pulls away and lifts my chin up to look at me, still holding my shoulder, 

"I'm sorry was a prank, it was a prank man, I'm okay I promise, I'm fine"

As he hugs me again I grip his shirt in my fist tightly, not letting go, 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..I'm okay"

He pulls away once more and he's breathing hard. Lifting my hands I grip the hem of his shirt and yank him forward, smashing our lips together, 

"I love you..shit..I love you so much"I hiss against his lips, 

His fingers make their way to my belt and loop into my belt hoops, pulling my hips forward, pushing our bodies closer roughly. 

"I love you too, I'm sorry Sam.."He pants, pulling away, 

"Just shut up and kiss me"I hiss, 

The next thing I knew, he had slammed his lips to mine and nearly knocked all wind from my lungs. I hardly had a moment to react before he pressed his tongue to the seam of my lips and, at my grant of access, delved inside my mouth. It was a very sloppy kiss with the strong scent of tears being exchanged in the intermingling of our billowing breaths. My arms reached up and tangled around his thick, strong neck. In an instant I had pulled away and arched up into his broad chest, moaning in the contact of body heat against my own, before I drew back into his lips. I could nearly feel the slight burn of the salty tears as it rolled off my tongue and down my throat with every push of his tongue against mine.

"Don't ever leave me again,"I growl, 

"Never Sam, never.."

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Sam's POV

I twist around in my seat laughing as me and Colby watch old vines of ours, preparing to re-create a couple, 

"Oh my god! I'd forgotten about this one!"I laugh, 

Colby doubles over laughing, I watch his eyes crinkle and his cheeks bunch up as he laughs, a sound I could never forget. Snapping myself out of it I pause the video, forcing my eyes away from his face, 

"are we re-creating this one?"He chuckles, 

"yeah, why not"I grin, 

He nods and runs to grab an apple from the kitchen. I grab a pair of glassses and put on a white shirt. Colby sets up the camera and I get into postion, 

"I'm ready to see..Colby Brock.."

Colby does his part and I change ready for the flashback, 

"remember Colby, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!"As I finish talking I toss him the apple and he catches it, 

We swtich back and turn press record. Colby laughs at me as he plays with the apple, I try not to laugh as I say my line, 


He stands and I step back, "oh god no.."

However Colby throws the apple and instead of going to the floor next to me he lands it straight on my head. I go dizzy as the pain floods through me. Stumbling Colby stands up quickly, 

"Shit Sam! I'm so sorry! You're okay, right? You're not hurt?!"He stammers, 

"No, no, no I'm fine! Totally fine! No, no, no I'm fine!"

He stares at me and steps forward, 

"Really? Because you're repeating your words, you look pale, and you look like you're about to topple over.."

The it gets too much, I'm struggling to stand,

"Yeah, you might wanna catch me.."I mumble as my legs buckle from under neath me, 


Then everything goes dark. 

Colby's POV

I jump forward and catch Sam, wrapping my arms around his waist as I carry his wieght to the floor and lie him down on my lap. Pressing my hand to his forehead, he's warm, 

"Crap..Sam I'm so sorry.."I hold him to me and a minute or so later he comes around, looking me in the eyes, 

"Hey Colby.."He slurs, a little woozy, 

"Are you okay? where are you hurt?"

He puts his hand over mine, "Shhh, just a little dizzy and a headache"

"Okay, c'mon, lets get you to the sofa"

I start to lift him but he growls and nuzzles into me, sending shivers up my spine, 

"noo..I'm comfy"

"Sam I need to get you some water and painkillers"

He pouts and I sigh and lift him into my arms, he wraps his arms around my neck as I walk to the sofa. Looking down I see him grinning at me, his cheeks tinted pink. Looking away I feel my own cheeks heating up. Gently placing him down on the sofa I run and get a glass of water and some painkillers, handing them to him. He sits up to take them and I kneel down beside the sofa. A small bruise is forming on the top of his head and I feel the guilt, 

"Sam I'm really sorry.."

Sam reaches out and cups my face, I freeze, my breathing shallow, 

"It's okay Colby"He smiles, 

I stare at him, eyes wide. His eyes flick from mine to my lips then back to my eyes. A grin slides onto his lips as I feel his hand glide up and into my hair, pulling me to his lips. He kissed me and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below my ear, his thumb caressing my cheek as our breaths mingled. I ran my fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and I could feel the beating of his heart against my chest. He pulls away for a second then his lips brush mine. Not innocently, like a tease but hot, fiery, passionate and demanding. I want to pull away before I lose myself but I can't seem to...In this minty moment, my senses have been seduced and I can no longer think straight. "Sam.." I whisper slowly, prolonging each letter as if to savor them. I feel him smile, my heart fluttering as I clasp my hands on either side of his waist. Pulling away slowly it takes a few seconds for my eyes to open, when they do they're met with Sam's, 

"what was that?"I breathe, 

Suddenly Sam's face falls, he backs up, away from me, 

"Colby shit..I'm so sorry..what the fuck was I thinking, I'm so sorry.."

He starts to get up but I grip his wrists and roughly pull him back down onto the sofa and he looks at me, 


He freezes staring at me, 

"'s okay..I didn't mind, I kissed you back, remember?"

Slowly he nods at me, 

"You're okay, we're okay"I murmered, 

His wrists moved until his hands held mine, i threaded our fingers together and gripped tight, 

"I love you"He blurts, 

My brain stutters for a moment and my eyes take in more light than I expected, every part of me goes on pause while my thoughts catch up. Snapping out of it I let go one of his hands to cup the side of his face, my thumb sliding over his cheek, 

"I love you too"I smile, 

Pulling him forward I kiss him gently. He breathes, catching up kissing me back, harder. 

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The Joker looks ahead to see the Bat-pod emerge from the alley in a cloud of fire, skidding sideways impossibly it races towards them. Jumping out of my car I run for him, 


I watch as The Bat-pod races straight at the Joker's truck and fires a harpoon directly at them. It impacts low, below the bumper. I step out too far and he sees me, shock momentarily on his face before he's flipped upside down. The cable goes taut ripping one post from its foundation- The trucks front wheels catch, flipping it end over end. I daren't move, I daren't even breathe, I'm frozen to the spot. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest...duh-duhn duh-duhn. Deep heavy breathes sound nearby. The hairs on my arms stand to attention, as a militia of chills march down my spine. The beating gets louder and louder. The sound is intolerable, my breaths get deeper and deeper by the second, 

"JACK!!"I scream running towards the wreckage,

The Joker crawls from the wreckage. He jumps over the median and starts waving his pistol at oncoming traffic. Thick white make-up was cracked over the jagged, cable-like scars that twisted from his mouth corners toward his ears. His demented eyes twinkled with sadistical glee. The gun dangled loosely from the purple gloves that covered his hands. Batman guns the bat-pod and rides it up and over the median. The Joker walks towards the Bat-pod, which speeds towards him. He is firing his gun randomly at the oncoming traffic.

"Hit me. Come on. Hit me."He growls,

"Jack no!!"

Batman watches as the Joker holds out his arms. Waiting for impact. There is no room to go around him. Batman locks up the brakes. The Joker watches as Batman dumps the bike, rather than smashing into him. Batman slams into the truck. The Joker's thug reaches Batman first. He is unconscious. The first Thug pulls at the mask. An electric shock from he bat-suit throws him back. The Joker laughs mechanically and jumps on the thug now lying on the floor. Tears blind me as my feet move first, running as quickly as my long legs can carry me, bolting across the road like an Olympic champion at the start gun; quickening my pace to an all-out sprint. The pounding noise of my tennis shoes resonating off the tarmac road with an echo that matched my heart throbbing inside my chest with the thick fear I felt as I ran. Once I got to him I grabbed his arm and we stared at each other in an odd way, as if it were a silent argument. Our glances battled each other until tears arose, and I found myself crying.

"Why did you do it?" I hiccuped, tears rolling down with the same quietness. 

He sighed, looking at me, regret in his eyes. I felt an urge to do something, to comfort him, but also myself. In a moment I pressed my lips against his, felt his body loosen and arms touch my shoulders. In that split second before his touch, every nerve in my body and brain is electrified. It's the anticipation of being together in a way that's more than words, in a way that's so completely tangible. Pulling away we hovered right there, quite soundless for a while, simply feeling each other's presence, 

"Don't do that again."I sigh, resting my forehead against his, 

"I'm unpredicable doll" He whispers, hovering over my lips as police sirens sound in the background. 

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Steve's POV

My parents were going to go crazy. The music was so loud that it made my skin tingle and my lungs feel like mush. The bass thumped in time with my heartbeat as though they were one, filling me from head to toe with music. I liked this song. 
Over the roar of music, a distant, hazy chatter could be heard. I couldn't make out any words, but laughter rang in my ears and wouldn't seem to stop. The song that was playing got louder, pulling me in and wouldn't let go. Shoving a shot of vodka down my throat and ignoring it, I had no choice but to join the crowd, jumping in a huddled group like Tic-Tacs being shaken in a box. 

As I jumped and moved with the countless bodies within the crowd I looked towards the door and spotted the new kid, Billy, walk in. His redshirt open, exposing his toned and tanned chest. My heart fell, 

"fuck no. he can't be here"I hiss to myself, 

Barging through everyone I headed to the back where Nancy and Jonathan were sitting. I attempted to duck myself behind Jonathan, 

"Woah Steve, what's going on?"He jumps, 

"Billy is fucking here"

"you scared of him or somethin?"

I look up at him, gulping, 

"Something like that.."

Nancy suddenly gasps, "Oh my god! You have a crush on him!"

"Shhh! Don't shout it!"

"wait Steve you're gay?"Jonathan asks, 

I groan and drag a hand down my face, " mean..ugh I don't know..still figuring it out"

"Hey man, it's okay" He smiles, patting my shoulder, 

I smile, suddenly I'm ducked down behind the sofa, I look up and Nancy mouths Billy. I lay flat and squeeze my eyes shut, 

"Hey Steve he's gone out the back"

Nancy helps me up and I lean against the wall. Slamming my head back I growl, 

"Go talk to him?"Jonathan offers, I scoff, 

"Last time we spoke he threatened to beat the shit out of me."

Jonathan didn't say anything, 

"I'm going to get another drink"

Time passes and each drink seems like a better and better idea. The jokes get funnier, I become a comedian of epic proportions and the music gets louder. Looking around everything is spinning but I'm laughing. My eyes lock onto Billy, who at the back of the house, smirking at me, biting his lip. My jaw goes slack,

"Go on tell him you love him." Me to me after a few vodka shots, mind in a frenzy, world spinning faster than normal, legs giving way. Under the influence of alcohol, everything seems like fun. Conversations which under usual circumstances would be dull, become thrilling as a result of muddled words, loss of filter and a burning desire to be brutally honest. There is, of course, a small voice quietly nagging at the back of my mind, reminding me that I won't feel this way tomorrow and that my actions will have repercussions, and perhaps ones of great severity. But when I'm drunk I am well beyond the point of caring. My motto becomes," Live in the moment," opposed to my usual " every action has a reaction." 

I stumble over to him and he walks backwards, towards the pantry. Where the music and voices get quieter and the bodies become less. He stops by the counter, 

"Hello there Steve" He grins, I can see now that he's had just as many drinks as me,

He's swaying slightly and he's grinning lopsided, 

"Billy" I growl, 

Not knowing when it happened my lips were suddenly locked with Billy's, kissing him. The start of the soft touch sent a strong feeling of warmth spiralling through my system. My eyes closed fearlessly. Tense nerves soon began to relax, my troubles, my pain began to melt away and the surroundings began to disappear leaving only me, me and Billy. This. This felt true. This felt good. This felt right.

His lips felt so gentle so warm, I felt my hands begin to slide up his chest and encircle his neck, as the kiss began to grow heavy. Billy's hand slid off my face and tightened around my waist. I pressed harder continued kissing him hungrily wanting more. Then I was being into the pantry, Billy kicking the door shut and shoved me against the door. His body pressing against mine. The kiss goes on, our lips moving in perfect sync and the kiss becoming more passionate by the second.

My right hand flowed onto his open skin as my left hand began greedily pulling his already open shirt off. Our lips parted and clasped onto one another once again with an adding of more pressure. Billy's hand slid smoothly onto my arm, lifting it and pinning it against the wall. The kissing growing more greedy, mouths locking tighter. The heat flowing throughout my body began to grow as I felt his other hand on my shirt, sliding over my chest, in contact with the buttons he slowly began to unhook them, my shirt began to hang loosely. Reluctantly I removed my lips from his, leaning frailly against the wall. My eyes leisurely began to open, eyelids relaxed as I slowly sucked in the cool air. Billy stares back, his eyes calm. I rested her forehead upon his as my hand slipped back onto his bare skinned chest. Our breathing slow. Our lips crashed together one more. I sucked in a breath as his hands slide expertly over my nipples, occasionally squeezing them. I felt a hot breath on my neck, then the tender brush of lips. Burning as they make contact with my neck. A hand runs through my hair, as the kisses become harder and more urgent. Another hand slides around my waist, and pulls me close to his pine scented body, grinding our groins together. I hiss slightly as the feeling runs riot through me, knocking the last piece of sense I had left out. 

Billy pulls away from my lips and uses them on my neck. Latching on, nipping and sucking their way down to my chest, sucking on my nipples as he goes lower. I feel my self shaking as I pant, 


I feel him laugh against my skin, I slam my eyes shut, 

"so so easy touch and you're like jelly in my hands.."

He moves back up to nip at my ear and graze his teeth along my jawline, his hand moving up to grip my hair forcing my head up so he can bite at my neck, 

"my little bitch."He growls sending it straight to my dick, 

His hands hover over my chest, lightly touching. In that split second before his touch, every nerve in my body and brain is electrified. I move my leg and rub against him, he falters and pushes against me. I smirk, feeling in control. Reaching behind him I grab his hair and pull him up to me, his eyes are shut and his mouth is open, panting. Sticking my tongue out I move forward and push it straight into his mouth, grinding it along with his. He moans and I pull away and push him onto the floor. His eyes snap open and look up at me, his pupils blown wide with lust, I stand over him and undo my jeans. Billy watches as he lifts his legs and bends his knees, undoing his jeans too. Slowly I pull the jeans down, 

"Fuck you Harrington..such a fucking tease."He snarls, 

I smirk and kick the jeans off, only in my boxers now. Stradling him he pulls me into a harsh kiss, my lips were sore and most probably will be bruised tomorrow but I don't care. He bites my lip as I move my hips, creating friction. He moaned against my lips and I pulled away to pull his jeans off. As I look back up he's got a condom between his fingers, my mouth opens but he talks before me, 

"Fuck me."He growls, grinning, 

"Holy shit.."I pant, 

He pulls me forward by the hips and latches himself back onto my lips...

I blinked my eyes open a little and groaned. The small window above me blinding me with sunlight making my head throb. My back hurts and my lips hurt. Looking beside me I suddenly remember what happened last night, Billy is still asleep next to me, one arm draped over my stomach and his leg wrapped around mine. Peaking down I'm relieved to see we've at least got our boxers on, 

Carefully I sit up and grip my head. Hissing as I bash my lips, "shit.."

I hear groaning behind me. Looking over my shoulder Billy is sat up, shrugging on his shirt. Covering the bites and hickeys I left littered on him. My heart breaks, how stupid was I to think this would last? This was just a one-time thing for him, I keep watching as he fumbles through the mess of clothes until he pulls out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. 

"Hey, hey! You can't do that in here!"I snap, grasping his hand and ripping the lighter and cigarette from his hand, 

He laughs at me, his signature smirk sat on his face, 

"I think I liked you with less sense and more drunk"He sasses, 

I sigh and look at the stick and lighter in my hand, 

"Oh what the hell, how can this get any worse"I grumble, 

Placing the cigarette between my lips and lighting it. I watched as the tube before my bruised lips filled with the white tendrils of burning toxins. Watching it fill up, the tube is now filled with the white substance. I then sucked in and felt as that sweet burning sensation curled throughout my lungs and throat, ripping its way to my head finally letting it out in a huge cloud watching the light create abstract colours out of the light mist still hanging in the air. The smell of sex and smoke in the air. As I take another drag my head is pulled back and Billy's lips are on mine once more, sucking the smoke out of my lungs and mouth and into his own, pulling away smoothly and breathing the smoke back out, 

"If you're gonna steal one of my cigs you could at least share"He smirks, 

"I-I didn't know you were gay.."I stutter, 

He chuckles and pulls my hand up to his face so he can access the cigarette, taking a long pull then nudging my hand back, 

"I'm not, it's called bisexual" He hisses,

I nod dumbly, 

"Was last night just a one-time thing?"I ask, putting the cigarette back to lips and breathing in, it burns a little but I don't care, 

Billy stands and gets dressed, "It doesn't have to be, Harrington"

He pulls the cigarette from my hands and puts it between his teeth, standing by the door, 

"I'll let you make that choice"He winks and walks out the door. 

I'm left sitting on the floor on my ass, not even dressed. Suddenly everything hits me like a truck. Scrambling up I shove my jeans on and throw my shirt on, not bothering to do it up. Throwing the door open I sprint outside to see Billy looking smug, leaning against the bonnet of the car. He stubs the cigarette out as I stomp towards him, yanking him closer to me by the collar. I feel his fingers link themselves into my belt loops pulling me closer, 

"You fucking jerk, you asshole" I spit, 

He just stands there smirking, 

"You-you fucking wake up after that and kiss me like it's nothing like last night was nothing and walk out, just. like. that. fuck no!"

His smirk widens, "so..whats your choice pretty boy?"

I slam my lips onto his, forcing my tongue into his mouth, kissing him roughly. He groans and moves his hands to my ass, gripping and pulling me closer to him. Our tongues grind together as he moans into my mouth, pulling away, the strand of saliva connecting our breaks. Billy leans forward and licks my lip slightly, 

"There's my answer."

"that's more like it"He grins, 

I pull him back inside and up to my bedroom, I had another couple of days yet until my parents get home anyway. 

Chapter Text

"You just can't see it can you?"I scream at Billy, 

He laughs, licking his lips then smirking at me, 

"Answer me!!"I bellow, tears threatening to spill from my eyes, "You can't take it that you're gay and in love with me so you continue this bullshit front of fucking every girl you see and beating people up for fun!"

He grits his teeth and shoves me by my shirt against the fridge, faces inches apart, 

"who the fuck said I was in love with you?!"

I laugh and look to the side to hide the tear that fell, 

"I didn't realise you were that oblivious to your own feelings or no maybe its arrogance and fear!"I spit, 

He glances down at my lips and I shove him back, he isn't going to make this go away and stop the fighting by kissing me, this time it's serious, 

"Fucking asshole"

"Oh, I'm the asshole?"

I laugh and get into his face, 

"yes, you're constantly going behind my back and sleeping with other girls in our own fucking school to make it worse, you're constantly fighting me, you can't seem to accept who you are-"

My head snaps to the side as a burning sensation hits the side of my face, I can taste blood in my mouth. 

"Shut up!"

Wiping my mouth I turn back to Billy,

"You know what? I'm fucking done!"I huff, throwing my hands up and walking away from him, 

His body tensed up as he turned to look over his shoulder at me, 

"You what Harrington."He growls, 

"You heard me. Get your stuff and get out!!"

He snarls at me as he barges past me and grabs his shit. I scowl at him as he walks out the door not turning around. Shaking I listen for his car to start and I hear the tires screech against the tarmac as he speeds away. I take a deep breath in and collapse onto the table my hands stopping my face from smashing into it. Hot tears flood from my eyes as the anger and hurt floods through my chest, 


Standing up I kick the table and stomp up to my room. Collapsing onto the bed, fighting the tears. The hours blurred into days and then quickly it was a month since I kicked Billy out. Occasionally I see him at school but I walk the other way and ignore him. The whispers that run through the school of another girl he's fucked only hurts more. I catch him staring at me sometimes but I just snarl at him and walk away.

Sitting on my bed I spot a shirt of Billy's discarded in my wardrobe. Hesitantly I walk over to it and pick it up, it still smells of him, like gasoline, smoke and alcohol.

"I miss the bad things. The way you hate me. I miss the screaming. The way that you blame me!"I mumble, 

Screwing it up in my hands I shove it to the back of the wardrobe, out of sight,

"Miss the phone calls. When it's your fault. I miss the late nights. I like that kick in the face. And the things you do to me!"

Shaking my head I get back into bed, turn the light off and curl up, falling asleep. 

Pulling into the school car park I grab my bag and slam the door shut, walking into the building I see Nancy and Jonathan stood by my locker looking shocked, 

"What?"I ask, 

"Look at Billy," Nancy says quietly, 

Sighing I turn and open my locker, 

"Nancy...I already told you-"


Looking round Billy has moved and he's stood with his fist in some girls locker. I roll my eyes but before I can look away he's curling his fist as the girls face twists from gawking at him to fear, 

"Stop fucking going around telling people I fucked you. I've never touched you and I never will!"He yelled,

The girl stumbled back, nodding with tears in her eyes and a red face. My mouth fell open with shock, 

"You understand me, bitch?!"


"good, fucking slut, stay away from me."He snarls, turning and walking down the hall, 

He spots me and he falters for a second the anger fading, I snap my head away and focus on my locker. Once his footsteps are gone I hit my head on my locker, squeezing my eyes shut and growling. A hand touches my shoulder and I shrug it off. Slamming all my books into the locker and shutting it I turn the other way, walk past the girl and into the toilets. As I lock myself in I feel sick, it hurts. 

"I miss the bad things. The way you hate me. I miss the screaming. The way that you blame me!"I growl,  

Slamming my hand against the door I feel a tear drip down my face, 

"I miss the late nights. I like that kick in the face and the things you do to me! I love the way that it hurts.."I croak,

Wiping my face I stand up, breathe deep and unlock the door and head to class, praying I don't see him. When that final bell rings I've never got up so quickly. Rushing to my car I speed out of the car park and head for the backroads of Hawkins. I watch the gauge go up, 50..60..70...

"Billy slow down!"I hiss as his gauge hits 75, 

He looks over grinning at me, I growl, 

"Pull over!"

He frowns at me, 


"Fine!"He barks, 

Hitting the brakes and skidding to a stop on the grass on the side of the road. Flinging the door open I get out the car, slamming the door and walking away from the car. I hear the other door slam and footsteps behind me, 

"what the fuck Harrington?!"

I snap round, "what the fuck is wrong with you Billy?! You were going to fast!"

"there is no one else on the road!"

I scoff and kick dirt, placing my hands on my hips, "Like that matters! what if you lost control, huh?!"

"I wouldn't of."He bites, 

Looking back at him, his face is puffed out and red, "what if you crashed and we died? If-if you..died..? Huh?!"I look back down as my voice croaks and my eyes water, 

I hear Billy sigh and then his hands are around me, cradling my neck and waist, 

"shit...Steve..I'm sorry.."

I wrap my arms around him and hold him tight. Pressing a soft kiss to his neck, 

"I can't lose you...I can't.."I whisper, 

He pulls away from me and cups my face, 

"hey..look at me, you aren't going to lose me"He smiles, 

Looking at him I nod. I gently lean in and kiss Billy's warms lips. We pull apart and take shaky, shallow breaths. Unable to contain ourselves anymore, Billy holds my head in his hands and pulls me into a fiery and passionate kiss. My hands work their way around his body, feeling each crevasse, each line along with his perfect physique, 

"Car. Now"He moans, Nodding I follow him. 

I lay on my back as Billy slides in after me, matching my body's form. My hands venture over his muscled body, exploring. We pull apart and Billy leans down and harshly kisses up and down my neck. I let out little whimpers of anticipation as he works his way back to my lips. As we kiss I flip him over and lie on top of his strong, muscular body, running my lips down his neck, nipping and sucking. Billy roughly rips off my shirt as I grind down on him. 

I snap out of the memory and press my foot down on the breaks to slow down back to 50. Gripping the steering wheel I head back home, 

"When you tell me you'll make it worse, I hate that feeling inside, you tell me how hard you'll try but when we're at our worst, I miss the misery"I sigh, 

Billy flashes into my head, different memories, good and bad. I bite my lip,

"I miss the rough sex, leaves me a mess, I miss the feeling of pains in my chest! Miss the phone calls, when it's your fault, I miss the late nights"

Pulling up on the drive there are no cars, I'm alone, again. Opening the fridge I grab a beer and open it. Walking out the back and sitting by the pool I sigh,

"Oh, you're so dead Harrington!!"Billy laughs from the pool, his clothes now soaked, 

I laugh and head for the back doors to the house. I hear the splashing of water and then a wet pair of arms around my waist lifting me up, 

"Billy!!"I squeak, 

"Oh, it's your turn now"He chuckles, 

"No!! Put me down!!!"

I see the edge of the pool but he stops putting me down, my back facing the water. Billy snakes a hand up to cup the back of my neck, 

"Don't play with fire or you're going to get burnt"He whispers, lips only a breath apart, 

"Then burn me"I smirk wrapping my arms around him, kissing him hard,

I lean back and he grips me tight as we fall into the water. 

Tears fall from my eyes, I sit there sobbing not realising the back gate has been opened and someones walked in. A hand touches my shoulder and I jump. Standing up, 

"Billy? What are you doing here?"I ask, fiercely wiping my face, 

He holds out a pile of clothes, my clothes, "I thought you might want these back.."

I take them and place them on the garden table, "well...thanks"

He nods at me, looking down. An awkward silence fills the hair, 

"I'm sorry Steve..for everything..for hurting you and being such an asshole.."

"I appreciate the apology..but its..its too late now.."

He takes a sharp breath in and nods, forcing a blank look on his face but I could see the tear. I smile sadly as he starts walking away. He quickly turns around, 

"Steve..please.."He pleads, 

My chest hurts and I want nothing but to pull him into my arms and forget the last month, but instead, I shake my head, 

"No Billy...I can't do it anymore.."

He turns and walks away again and I watch him, my heart completely shattering. He opens the gate but stops, catching my breath in my throat, 

"You were right.."He starts, "I am gay..and I..I am in love with you Steve. I was too stupid to see that I was hurting you and being such an asshole to you, and now I've lost the best thing that ever happened to me, life gave me a chance and I ruined it, just like everything else."

He turns and looks at me with a sad smile, "and I really am sorry, I'll stay away from you and I hope you find someone that treats you how you deserve to be treated, goodbye Steve"

I couldn't say anything, I was just getting used to not being with him and he walks back in and flips it on its head. The gate slamming brings me back to my senses and I run to the gate and find Billy inches from his car, 

"Billy wait!"

He freezes instantly and turns to me. I walk to him and cup his cheek, he gasps inward, staring into my eyes, leaning into my hand, 

"I love much..but I'm so scared...I miss you, even the fights and the screaming, everything...It hurts so goddamn much without you.."

"come back to me Steve..please, I'll change, I'll try to be better, I'll stop letting my anger get the best of me"

I chuckle and lift my other hand up to cup the other cheek and Billy's hand rest themselves on my waist, 

"I don't want you to change, I want the man I fell in love with back, the tough guy. your anger can easily be helped but all I want is you to girls no other guys..."

"I promise, no one else, none of them could ever compare to you anyway"

I lean forward and press a gentle kiss to his lips. His arms wrap tightly around my waist and my hands slide into his hair, 


I pull away and look behind Billy and see Dustin jumping and cheering, quickly Ell, Mike, Lucas, Max, Will, Nancy and Jonathan come out from behind the wall. Looking back at Billy has gone red but smiling, 

"what is going on?"I chuckle, 

"I couldn't do this by myself without making it worse and fucking up" Billy admits, 

My heart swells at the thought of the kids, Nancy and Jonathan helping him, 

"and I was sick of you always being upset and hurt" Nancy smiled,  

Kissing Billy's cheek I pulled away and pulled them all into a hug, 

"Thank you guys so much"I smile, tearing up once more, 

The group looks up and see's Billy stood awkwardly looking at us, 

"Come on, you're one of us now, whether you like it or not"Dustin laughs, 

Jonathan reaches out and yanks Billy into the hug and my tears fall but for once they aren't filled with pain and anger it's with happiness, 

"I love you guys so much"I croak. 

Chapter Text

Billy's POV 

"Am I dreaming or is that you Harrington?"I smirk, seeing the man stood on the porch, 

H scoffs, placing his hands on his hips, 

"Yeah, it's me, don't cream your pants."

I laugh and walk closer, 

"what are you doing here amigo?"

"I could ask you the same thing...amigo, "He says blankly as he walks towards me, 

"Looking for my step-sister, a little birdie told me she was here"

He frowns and shakes his head, his hair moving, damn that hair. 

"Huh that's weird, I don't know her, "He asks, I could see through the lie, 

I shuffle my feet not breaking the stare, not that I wanted to, damn him, 

"small, redhead, bit of a bitch"

"doesn't ring a bell, sorry buddy"

Looking down I nod, pulling the cigarette from my mouth and breathing out, 

"y'know, I dunno, this whole situation haring down on them it's giving me the heebie-geebies."

Steve frowns at me and it does something in my chest, pissing me off. I shouldn't be feeling this way, not about him. 

"oh yeah, why's that?"

I shrug, "my thirteen-year-old sister goes missing all day and then I find her with a strangers house, and you lie to me about it"

Steve laughs and can't look me in the eyes, and right now I don't know whether to punch him or kiss him and it scares me, 

"man, were you dropped too much as a child, or what?"

I laugh at him and run my tongue along my lips, I catch his eyes looking, 

"I don't know what you don't understand about what I just said. She's not here."

Pulling my lips away from the cigarette I point towards the window, "then who is that?"

The 3 kids and my sister scramble back from the window. Anger flooding its way through my chest. Steve looks behind himself, 

"Oh shit. Listen-"

Lifting my hand I shove his chest and he falls onto the floor with a flood. I lean over him, one hand on my hip, 

"I told you to plant your feet."

I kick his chest and he falls back down, I stomp into the house and find Max and Lucas,

"Well, well, well, Lucas Sinclair, what a surprise."I turn my head to my sister, "I thought I told you to stay away from him Max."

"Billy go away."

"You disobeyed me, and you know what happens when you disobey me."I turn and slam Lucas against the wall, "I break things!"

"Get off of me!"

"Since Max won't listen to me, maybe you will. You stay away from her. You STAY away from her! You hear me?"

"I said get off of me!!"He yells kicking me, 

I stumble back and grit my teeth, "you're so dead Sinclair!"

Suddenly I'm turned around and Steve is there, looking at me with such fury. I felt sick, 

"No, you are!"

He punches me in the face and I stumble to the side, a laugh pulls its way through my throat. He hit me and it felt like a kiss. I wanted more I wanted him to hit me again, 

"Looks like you got some fire in you after all huh!" I cackle, "I've been wanting to meet his King Steve everyone's been telling me so much about!"

I stare at his lips and grin, he flicks his eyes down but then back up. Pushing my chest with his fingers he growls, "Get out."

However, his eyes linger on my chest. I swing at him and he hits me again and god I love that feeling. He hits me again, and again and again. My face hurts from smiling, I'm drunk on him and I've never felt this good. I grin at him and he stares at me confused, 

"C'mon Harrington. Hit me again, I love it when you hit me"I wink, 

He growls and grips my shirt, yanking me forward, locking our eyes together, 

"Kids get out, leave. Get in the car!"

"But Steve-"


I hear scrambling but I just focus on his eyes,  

"Why are you really here Billy?"

I laugh and shove him away, suddenly realising what I'm doing. Growling I lung at him but he catches it and twists it behind my back, pressing his chest to me, 

"Answer me"

"Fuck you!"I spit, 

"It wasn't just Max you came here for was it?"

I punch him in the face and he falls flat on the floor, I straddle him and grip his shirt, 

"No one tells me what to do!"I spit, 

He looks at me softly and I falter. I don't know what to do! He makes me so angry, he confuses me. 

"Stop fighting me, Billy.."He murmurs, 

My heart hammers in my chest and I feel my hands shake. Slowly I let go of his shirt and lay my hand flat on his chest, he stares at me but I watch my hand as I slide it up and cup his neck. I grip slightly, gritting my teeth, 

"Billy.." he whispers, 

I growl and move my hand, wrapping it around his throat, squeezing, more and more. He starts choking but just looks at me, 


Tears sting my eyes, I let go and crash my lips against his. He pants into my mouth and slides his hands up into my hair tugging me closer. Forcing my tongue into his mouth I moan and my hands struggle to hold me up. This feels different, better. My whole body feels like it's on fire, I've never felt this with any girl. Pushing myself closer the kiss gets deeper. The shadows behind my eyes go white as Steve suddenly moves his hips up, grinding against me and I moan. I pull away quickly, catching my breath, 

"Shit.."I gasp, 

I look in his eyes and he's smiling stupidly at me. Then I look at his lips, they're red and puffy. He slides a hand up my chest and I shiver, his hand tries to push my shirt off and I jump up. Shaking madly, my head hurts. My heart hurts, I want him to kiss me... and shit fuck me but its so wrong so damn wrong. Shaking my head I run out the door, forgetting about Max and skidding out of the drive away. I need to get away. 

Chapter Text


Steve's POV

"No, no no!!"I shout as the car gurgles and comes to a stop, "Fuck!"

Hitting the steering wheel I get out the car and slam the door. Great, stuck on the side of the road on the outskirts of Hawkins. Looking back at the dash the gas light blinking, should have filled up earlier. I don't even have a phone on me. Opening the back door I grab my old jacket and prepare to spend the night here, its late and no one is going to be coming past here anytime soon. Making a pillow out of the jacket I sigh and take the one I was wearing off. Suddenly there's a horn and I jump, bashing my head on the roof. Rubbing my head I look behind me, 

"Oh fuck.."I sigh, 

Billy's Camaro rumbles to a stop beside my car. I shut my door and lean against it with my arms crossed, 

"Well isn't it King Steve."He smirks, I try to forget the way his eyes travel over my body, 

"What do you want?"I sigh, 

He walks until he's in front of me, taking a drag from the cigarette. I gulp as his lips close around the end, 

"I want to know why you're parked up on the side of the road with no lights on"He grins, his tongue poking out to lick his lip, 

"Ran out of gas, go on laugh at me"I snap, rolling my eyes, 

"Well I was going to offer you a lift.. but now I'm not sure I should.."He walks closer to me and I back up as much as I could to the car, 

His hand presses against the car roof beside my head and my breath hitches, 

"I don't need your help"I squeak, 

"Oh I think you do, were you just going to sleep in the car and hope someone comes in the morning?"He chuckles, 

"What else am I supposed to do?"I huff, 

Slowly he leans forward and I stop breathing, just watch him. He smirks and leans into my ear, his lips almost touching me, 

"Get in the car Harrington" He purred, 

Walking back to his car he started it up but didn't move it. I fumble inside the car for my jacket and keys, locking my car and walking to his. Rolling the window down his voice calls from the car, 

"Come on then, your highness"

Getting in I scowl at him and he just laughs. I jump as he speeds off the road, telling him where to go. 

We pull up outside my house and I shake, he must have realised no one is home. No cars and no lights curtain still open, 

"You live alone?"He asks, eyebrow raised, 

"Might as well but no my parents are just away like usual."

Looking over at me his lip is curled up in a smile, "when are they supposed to be home?"

"N-Next week"I stutter, mentally cursing, 

He moves his hand and I flinch slightly. It slides onto my knee and I stare down at it, 

"why so jumpy?" he dared, 

"I-I'm not"I suck in a breath as his hand slides further onto my thigh, 

I look at him and he moves forward, latching onto my lips. As I gasp he takes the opportunity to slip his tongue in. My seat belt unclicks and his hands slide under my ass as he pulls me onto his lap. My hands slide into his hair tugging him closer. Billy rolls his lips and a moan slips my lips, I feel him grin against me. Slowly he moves and kisses down my neck nipping gently as he squeezes my ass, 

"Come inside?"I breathe, 

Billy pulls away and looks at me darkly, nodding. 


Billy's POV

I storm into the locker room heading for the gym. Punching the lockers as I go,

"hey hey, woah, whos there?"A voice shouts, 

I growl and turn the corner, spotting Steve Harrington halfway dressed, in jeans,

"Billy? What are you doing here?"

"could ask you the same, Harrington"

I walk to him, and he slips a shirt over his head, 

"I stayed late doing some extra gym work, your turn Hargrove."

I scoff, "why do I need to tell you"

"well you're the one who made a punching bag out of the lockers, announci- wait is that that a burn?"

I look down at the cigarette burn Niel left on me the other night and cover it slightly, 

"keep your nose out of my business."I hiss, turning and walking away, 

"who did that to you?"

I flip around and pin him against the locker, "fuck off Harrington."

I grit my teeth as I feel the burning in my eyes, too late though, Steve's saw them, 

"who hurt you, Billy?"He pushes, 

I shove his chest into the lockers, "why the fuck are you bothered?"I spit, 

He shrugs slightly and lifts a hand heading for it, I catch his wrist, 

"Stop this bullshit, I just want to see if it's infected"He barks, 

My nostrils flare and I hesitantly let go and he gently moves my shirt and looks at it closer, his finger grazes over it slightly and I hiss, 

"It's fresh, isn't it? A recent thing?"

I nod stiffly, and he actually places his hand on my chest this time. Cursing as my breath hitches slightly. I smack his hand away and step back, 

"you done feeling me up now, fag?"

He rolls his eyes, "Save the insults, Billy, I don't believe this tough guy act you have up."

I scowl at him, "whatever dickhead, have fun doing your weird shit"

Walking away from his hand suddenly grips my wrist but strangely enough, I let up spin me around, I didn't hit him either, he places a piece of paper in my hand. Opening it there's an address written on it, 

"If you need somewhere to go or just want to talk or whatever that's my address, my parents are never home so you won't need to worry about that"

I shove the paper back at him, "I don't need your shit."

Walking away He doesn't grab me or talk to me and strangely I wanted him to. I shake it off and continue my way to the gym. 

After an hour or so I walk back and see the crumpled note sat on top of my bag and I look around but he's long gone. I sigh and stuff it into my bag. Heading for the showers. 

Pulling up on the drive I see the kitchen light turn on and I brace myself for Niel's shouting, maybe tonight it won't be too bad. Walking in the door he's stood there with his arms crossed, 

"where were you?"He growls, 

"At the gym at the school, you see my bag" I hiss, 

He stomps over to me and smacks me, 

"Don't talk to me like that you piece of shit!"

Slowly I turn back to him, scowling, 

"wipe that look off your face before I do."His voice rough, 

I smirk then make a straight face, licking my lips. He throws a punch and I hear the sickening crack from my nose, tasting the blood. Looking back up at him, 

"who were you with?!"

"I wasn't!"

"Faggot!!"He bellows and the tears form in my eyes, 

He smacks me again and punches my stomach. I cough and hunch over, 

"Pathetic. You're no son of mine. No son of mine sleeps with a man!"

"I was alone!!"I scream, 

He grips my hair and pulls my head up, kicking me. I fall to the floor and he kicks me again. Coughing I look up at him and he snarls before walking off, 

"Learn some respect."

I spit blood onto the floor and grab my bag going back out to my car. Turning the engine on I peer down at the note in my bag. Growling I check the address again before speeding off. 

Steve's POV

As the film, I was watching finished there was a loud banging on the door. I jump and grab my bat, slowly opening the door. I drop the weapon as I see Billy stood there, nose and mouth bleeding, a shiny bruise forming on his face and he's hunched over. Without saying anything I pull him inside and he sits on the counter. I know if I ask he will run so I silently grab the first aid kit. Standing in front of him I hesitate but he just moves, giving me better access. Carefully I clean his wounds and hand him an ice pack for the swollen eye. Going to the fridge I grab two beers, open one and hand one to him. Gladly he takes it and gulps half the bottle, 

"Thank you.."I whisper, 

"You don't need to thank me..I'm just glad you came so I could help."

He doesn't look at me, "I have a spare room upstairs if you wanted to stay here?"

It takes a second before he nods, smiling. He jumps off the counter but yelps in pain as his legs give way. I catch him before he can hit the floor and he grips tightly onto my shirt. Limping over to the sofa I sit him down. He curls over and grips his head in his hands and I hear sniffs. I touch his shoulder and he flips over, pinning me down. I can see his face now, it's red and his eyes are wet, 


His breathing calms and his grip releases slightly but he doesn't move, 

"Talk to me.."I pleaded, "I'll listen, it's just us.."

He nods and sits back up, 

"who did this to you?"

" dad.."


He shakes his head and his hands are shaking but I don't touch him, 

"Back in Cali..he caught me..caught me with a guy..he hit me before that because I wasn't good enough but that gave him even more reason to.."


He looks at me, eyes full of tears, 

"he calls me his faggot son"He laughs slightly as a tear falls, 

I sit up closer and he tenses, 

"I'm not going to hurt you..if you are gay that doesn't matter, its who you are and frankly your dad is a dick"

"you're not going to hit me..?"He stammers, 

I place a hand on his shoulder, "no, I know I have in the past but I didn't know, it's not going to happen again.."

He smiles, genuinely, smiles. It's beautiful, much better than the smirk he usually shows, 

"you need to smile more.."I mumble, 

"what?!"He jumps moving back, 

"Don't freak out on me now.."I sigh, 

He just stares at me. Moving forward I reach my hands out, 

"Do you trust me?"

Slowly he nods, 

"close your eyes"

"why? what are you doing to do?"

"if you trust me you'll close them"I smile, 

He eventually does shut them and I cup his face, he flinches but I pull him forward slightly. Moving forward I press a kiss to his lips, gently and only for a second. I pull away as he opens his eyes, 

"why did you do that? You didn't have to."He hisses, 

"because I wanted to"

He stays silent for a while and I stand up, 

"I'm going to get a beer"

I reach for the fridge handle but I'm quickly spun and pinned against it. It was so sudden. The hands cupping my neck and the lips pressed against mine. I almost forgot to kiss back. Linking my fingers in his jeans I pull him to me, 

"Don't be afraid" I whisper against his lips, 

He pulls away but doesn't let go of me, 

"For once I don't want to do anything that you don't want.."

I smile, "I don't want to be hit" I wink, 

He grins at me and yanks me forward for another kiss. 



Steve's POV

My hands are on the steering wheel and my foot is ready to press down on the pedal but I couldn't move. My hands shook and the tears are starting to blur my vision,

"What are you waiting for?! Drive!"Robin shouts,

I watch as Billy gets close to Nancy and the kids,

"I can't!"

"Why?!"She screams, "STEVE!!"

I shout as I press down on the pedal and my heart breaks as my car crashes into Billy's. His body flings to the side and he smacks his head, going limp. Robin is out of the car but I sit there as a sob sits in my throat. Shakily I get out of the car and go to the other car. Carefully I open the door and Billy falls towards me, unconscious. I slide him back against the seat, knowing when he wakes him it won't be him. Quickly I press a kiss to his lips,

"I'm sorry Billy.."

I shut the car door unable to look back at my boyfriend in that state. Robin is staring at me sadly, 

"I'm sorry..I-I didn't know.."She stammers,

"It's okay..not many do.."I sigh,

She nods and we run into the building.

I throw the last firework and look worriedly at Robin,

"That's the last one.."

She goes to speak when there's a scream and my heart drops, I know that voice. Flinging my head to look at the bottom floor I see Billy fighting against the Mind Flayer. I'm frozen, terrified. The creature then grows more arms that head for him,

"BILLY!"I shout,

He looks at me and I realise my mistake as the monster's claws dig deep into his side and he screams, the second one hits and he goes weak,


He lets go of the creature as more claws claw at him, holding him up as he falls limp. He screams at it as a claw comes flying out and pierces his chest, his voice stops and he falls to the floor,

"NOO!!!"I scream,

I hear Max shout and run to him as I run down to him. She's shaking him as he sputters and coughs. Eleven pulls Max into her arms as I lift Billy into my arms and he looks at me,

"No, no, no, Billy looked at me... please!"

"Steve.."He coughs,

"Hey..hey baby..I'm here..stay awake for me...please"

He reaches up and cups my cheek with his hand and I nudge into it, kissing his thumb not caring about the blood,

"I'm sorry.."He wheezes,

"No, no.."I sob,

"I love you.."His voice a whisper as his eyes roll back and his hand falls from my face to the floor,

"I love you too..please! Stay with me!"

I pull him up to my chest and cradle him to me, "BILLY!!"I cried,

A hand is on my shoulder and I look up and it's Nancy,


"He's gone...Nancy..he's gone.."

She kneels beside me, "I know, I'm so sorry...I know it hurts but you need to let him go, we need to get out of here.."

"I don't want to.." I blubbered,

"Steve we have to..there's nothing more you could have done.."

"I should have been down here! With him!! I could have saved him.." I wailed,

"No did the most you could..he died a hero.."

I nod and look back down at the love of my life, whos now gone. My chest hurts as I lean down and close his eyes, then press a firm kiss to his forehead. Gently I lay him down and stand up, falling into Nancy's arms, unable to stop the tears.  


Billy's POV

Pulling up to the arcade and Max gets out, 

"I'll be back in a few hours." 

"Yeah, yeah, I know" she waves me off joining her group of friends, 

I pull out of the space and head for the mall. Stuffing the keys in my pocket and ignoring all the stares and whispers from the women..and some men I head straight for one place. Scoops. I grin when I walk in, no customers. The young girl is at the counter and she spots me, 

"Billy" She nods, 

"Robin" I wink, 

"It's not me you want to wink at"she laughs, pointing her thumb to the back, "He's out there."

"Cheers doll."

"and don't call me that!!" she yells, 

I chuckle as I walk into the back. Steve is facing away from me, not noticed I've walked in. My grin widens and I sneak up behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist, kissing his neck. I feel him jump,

"Jesus Billy, you scared the shit out of me!"

He turns to look at me, I laugh, 

"Your fault for facing the wrong way babe" he winks, 

He stands and pulls me into a hug, nuzzling his face into my neck. I wrap my arms tight around him, making sure to land a smack on his ass as we pull away. His face beet red, 

"You're pretty hot when you're flustered, y'know"I smirk, 

"Asshole" He sneers, 

"Oh shut up and kiss me already"

He slides a hand round my neck and connects our lips. I sigh and pull him close to me, kissing back. Pulling away he looks at me, 

"Missed me?"I ask, 

"I saw you this morning"He laughs, 

"Oh, so does that mean you don't?"I gasp, 

"Of course I did, jerk"

I lean in and kiss him again, this time slipping some tongue in, he moans as I grip my hands under him and place him on the table, standing in between his legs. Letting go I kiss my way down his neck while my hand's fumble with his shorts. His hands stop mine, 

"Billy, I'm at work"He hisses, 

"Relax Stevie, "I say sucking on his neck, 

Pulling his shorts down he's already semi-hard. I smirk letting go of his neck to put it to more use. 

Walking out of the back, Steve follows me, his hair a mess, red-faced and a bit loopy. I laugh and press a kiss to his lips, 

"see you at home baby"I wink, 

"yeah..uhuh.."He mumbles, 

I laugh waving at Robin as I left, heading back to pick up Max. 

Chapter Text

Pheonix's POV

The Impala roars as I pull into the Hawkins High School, blasting The Scorpions. Cutting the ignition I turn to my sister next to me, she's two years younger than me, 

"Go on, don't be a pain in the ass"I grin, 

" shut up Nix I know" She sighs, rolling her eyes,

"Remember Aunt Brenda wants us home early for dinner, shes out tonight." 

Grabbing her backpack she gets out nodding. When she slams the door I get out and lean on the roof, 

"Don't slam the fucking door, Rose!"I shout, 

She throws up a middle finger and I make a mental note to lecture her about it later. Looking beside me I see a '79 Camaro, next to it is stood a boy, strawberry blonde, curly hair and a white shirt not done up properly and a jean jacket. He smirks at me and I just wink. Reaching down I grab my bag, shutting the door and standing up. Looking back at the boy, 

"Nice car" I grinned, 

"could say the same to you, '69 Impala" He smirks, flicking his tongue out over his lips. 

I roll my eyes, he's that type of guy. One that thinks it's all him and girls dribble over him. 

"Indeed" I sassed, turning on my foot and walking away, 

I could feel the slight shock radiating off him as I walked away. I smirked as I walked into the school already wanting out of this shit hole. Rolling my eyes as I see the boys staring. Okay, so I knew I looked good. My long dark hair messy and flicked to the side. White band shirt tucked into my black, ripped jeans and my black boots. I wore dark eyeliner and red lipstick. But I wasn't interested, if I'm going to date someone it won't be someone who's going to treat me like dirt. 

Lunchtime rolls around quickly and I walk out to my car, leaning against it. Pulling a cigarette from the pack in my pocket I light it up and sigh. Needed that. Taking another drag I feel a pair of eyes burning into my back. Looking around I spotted the guy from this morning. Groaning I turn away and focus on my cigarette. The gravel scratches against each other as the footsteps get closer, 

"Never caught your name earlier?" His voice speaks, smoothly, 

He finally stops, leaning on my car in front of me, 

"What does it matter to you?" I jeered, putting a hand on my hip, 

His grin widens as he moves closer. I stand my ground, I don't know what he wants from me exactly but he won't be getting it, 

"Well you're new and I like to know the newbies, especially the good looking ones."

Rolling my eyes at him I look down at my cigarette just under half left, 

"Alright pretty boy, you got till I finish this to tell me what exactly you want from me."I scoff, 

"Straight to the point, I like that"He winks at me but I just smoke a bit more of the cigarette, his eyes watch as he runs out of time, he places a hand on my hip pulling me to him slightly.

"Friday night, I'll pick you up, we'll go out, what do you say?"He licks his lips again, 

"No thanks"I shrug, moving away from his grip, 

He freezes slightly, his face turning to a frown, 

"what's wrong hot head? Not used to being told no?"I smirk, 

Taking the last drag from the cigarette I blow out the smoke and squish it into the floor. He stares at me, a dark look in his eyes. I shove the feeling I get in my chest down,

"Times up. See ya around" 

Pushing past him I walk back into the building. Going past the lockers a girl touches my arm, snapping around I glare at her. She stumbles slightly and instantly pulls her hand from me, 

"Hi sorry, My name is Nancy..we have Chemistry together, just wanted to know if you needed any help?"Her voice is sweet but her eyes are mean,

Grinning I look at her. Putting my hand out to her,  "The name's Pheonix"

She smiles and takes it, "Nice to meet you, class is just this way if you want to walk with me"

I just shrug, she tries to take my arm but I move away. She seems a bit taken back but I don't care, I don't know this girl and I don't like being touched. Chemistry bores me to death, I prefer English but I already had that this morning but the day goes by like nothing. I keep to myself, I watch as people stare at me in the halls and classes but I ignore it and keep my head high. As it turns out me and Nancy have a fair amount of classes together so I decide maybe its a good idea to have her stick around. The bell sounds and I sigh, standing up and gathering my stuff, turning to Nancy,

"you drive?"I ask  

she shakes her head, "No, my friend Steve or my boyfriend Jonathan usually drive me"

Nodding I spot my sister stood outside. Walking beside her I ruffle her short blonde hair. 

"dude!"She hisses, 

Nancy looks at me strangely, 

"Oh Nancy, this is my little sister Rose"

"Oh! Nice to meet you"She grins, 

Rose shakes her hand with a smile, she's much nicer than I am towards new people. 

"Hey" she greets, 

I go to speak as a boy comes running up to us, "Nance!!"

She turns to look at him, "oh hey Steve!"

My brain makes the connections, that must be the friend Steve she mentioned, 

"You need a ride home?"He asks, then spots me and Rose, "oh, you two new?"

I purse my lips together and place a hand on my hip, "that obvious, huh?"

"well we don't get many new people here, so it is yeah"He chuckles, a little nervous looking, 

"Steve this is Pheonix and her sister Rose, me and her have a few classes together"

He nods at me and sticks a hand out. I stare at it and decide to shake it is the polite thing to do, instead of brushing it away, 

"Nice to meet you, Steve."

He nods, "you two need a ride home?"

"no we're good, my car is just up there."

Steve looks where I'm pointing and then his jaw drops, 

"t-the impala?!"He stammers, 

I look at Nancy chuckling, she rolls her eyes, 

"yup, that's mine."

"c-can I come to see it?"

"Sure" I shrug, 

me, Nancy, Rose and Steve head for my car and I unlock it. I know my car is a classic and having people oolge over it isn't anything new. I look at Steve and his hand hovers over the bonnet, 

"M-may I?"

"Yeah, you can touch it"I laugh, 

He smooths over the paintwork carefully and sighs. Me and Nancy laugh and my sister looks smugly. Looking around most people have cleared out, 

"Hang on"I smirk,

I get in and Steve reluctantly moves his hand and steps back. My sister doing the same, she knows what I'm doing. Turning the key I rev the car hard several times, listening to her roar. Stopping and looking out the window Steve is gobsmacked, 

"Steve get in, Nancy can you look after Rose for two minutes"I wink,

"yeah sure" she laughs as she places an arm around my sister pulling her into her side. 

Steve scrambles into the car and almost dribbles as he feels and looks around my car. Laughing I point at the seat belt. He stares at me, 

"Put it on, we're going for a ride"I smirk, 

"Oh my god!," He almost squeals, 

Turning the song up, Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me blasts through the speakers. 

Step inside
Walk this way
You and me babe.

Hey hey!

A grin settles on my face as I start up the car again, rev her once more and speed off out of the car park and down the road, shifting the gears higher and higher. The windows are down, wind licking at the car, 

"Holy shit!!"Steve shouts,  

As we hit a corner I hit the brakes, move down a gear and slide around the corner. Steve yelps and I laugh turning around and heading back to the school. 

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon, fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
I can't get enough

Slowing down I pull back into the car park and park up where I was. Turning the music down a bit but still loud enough. Steve is stuck to his seat, shock smacked onto his face. I burst into laughter, 

"enjoy that?"

He slowly gets out the car, looking at Nancy, 

"Holy shit that was awesome!"

I laugh and Rose gets into the car, 

Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go!
Crazy little woman in a one-man show
Mirror queen, mannequin, the rhythm of love
Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up
Loosen up

"Don't wet your pants over a girls car Harrington."A voice hisses, 

Looking over I see the guy again, against his car. Teeth gritted together tightly. Pride fills my chest, knowing I made him jealous, 

"fuck off Hargrove."Steve hisses, 

He goes to move to Steve and I lean over looking at him, "you jealous he likes my car and not yours?"I smirk, he stares at me and licks over his lip then back at Steve

He scoffs and walks away, "as you will, King Steve"

"fuck off man."Steve hisses and walks away, 

"see you tomorrow Pheonix" Nancy smiles sadly, 

"Yeah, see you Nancy"I nod, 

Steve walks away with her after he nods at me. I look at Rose in the seat next to me, she shrugs and I turn on the car again. I put the scorpions on and the music blares through the speakers as I roar out of the parking lot, perfectly aware of the stare Hargrove was giving me. Pulling up at our Aunties house me and Rose quickly leave the car. Brenda is stood by the table, hands on her hips, 

"where have you two been? I told you to get home quickly."

"Sorry Auntie, we-" My sister starts but I cut her off, 

"It's not her fault Auntie, it's mine I showed a new friend my car and it took longer than I thought."

He walks up to me and slaps me with the back of her hand. I hiss and push Rose behind me slightly, 

"It's Brenda to you, next time you come straight back."She hisses, "sit down and eat, both of you."

After dinner me and Rose run to our rooms quickly, to get out of the way of Brenda. Laying on my bed I listen to the blur of music coming from the record player. My door slowly creaks open, lifting my head it's Rose, sighing carefully I nod and she shuts the door behind her. Sitting up on my bed she looks at me, 

"your's red.."

Peering into the mirror, there is indeed a red mark across my face and a small indent where her ring was. That's gonna bruise, 

"Does it hurt?"Rose asks quietly, lifting her hand to touch my face,

Smiling down at her softly I scoop her up into my arms and lift her into my lap. Laying against the headboard of the bed, my arms wrapped around her belly, 

"No, I'm fine Rose"

"Are you sure? She hit you pretty hard Nix.."

I look at her and smile, moving to tickle her. She laughs, 

"See I'm fine" I laugh, 

She giggles breathly and fights me, 


Stopping I lay down pulling her to my side. Placing her head onto my shoulder I hold her a little tighter, 

"Love you Nix" She sighs, 

"I love you too"

My alarm blares and I jump. There's a weight on my arm, looking down Rose is still asleep, curled against me. Shaking her she groans and opens her eyes. 

"Come on little monster, need to get up for school"

"arghhh" She moans, 

"come on"I laugh picking her up, 

She squeals and then I hear a bang from across the hall, 

"Shut up you brats!!"

Me and Rose look at each other and giggle. Putting her down she leaves and heads for her room. I quickly shower, blow dry my hair and backcomb the top and pin it back, straightening the rest. Applying my eyeliner and lipstick. I pair some black shorts and fishnet tights under with a grey worn top that's sleeveless. Slipping my converse on I grab my cigarettes, lighter and bag. Luckily Rose is sat at the table, I thought she'd fallen asleep again. Sitting next to other she slides a plate with 2 slices of toast and a coffee towards me, 

"Thank you" I smile, 

She nods and we eat and drink. Before I know it I'm roaring into the school car park, parking two spaces down from where I was. Looking around I smiled, no sign of the Camaro, good. Rose gets out quickly, 

"I'll see you later Nix!"She bounces, 

"Yeah, yeah"

I lock the car, looking at my watch I've got another 15 minutes so I light up the first fag of the day, smiling when the nicotine enters my system,

"Hey, Pheonix!"Looking over I see Steve, Nancy and another guy with short dark hair walking to me, 

Grinning slightly I wave them over, 


"Phoenix, this is Jonathan"Nancy smiles, 

I put my hand out and shakes it, "ah the boyfriend"I smile, 

"yeah," she blushes, 

"Nice to meet you, Jonathan"

"and you Pheonix"

Nancy looks at me frowning, I tilt my head slightly and she gestures to my face. My face hardens and I shake my head, dropping the cigarette and putting it out,

"I'll see you guys inside, " I say hastily, heading for the building, 

"what, oh, okay, see you then?"I hear Steve mumble, 

Opening my locker a hand is suddenly next to me, looking beside me its that Hargrove kid. 

"what do you want?"I sigh, 

"If I can guess your name correctly can I take you out tomorrow night?"

Shutting my locker I turn to him, crossing my arms over my chest, 

"pretty smooth line, and would work for the brainless girls willing to do anything to fuck you. However I already know my name, Steve said it yesterday when you were around."

His face hardens, "smart, girl, Pheonix, I'll give you that"

"Now, leave me alone."I hiss, 

I go to move and but his hand is on my shoulder pinning me to the locker. He frowns as he looks at my cheek, cupping it,

"What happened to your face?"He asks, 

Anger boils within me. Pushing him back I kick him into the lockers, 

"I said leave me alone, Hargrove."

Walking around I notice people staring and whispering. A pair of girls sneer at me, but I stop and walk to them, 

"what the fuck are you sneering at? Are you jealous? You want him, be my fucking guest. He's a piece of shit who thinks with his dick. and if that's what you want, feel free to drop down on your knees for him in the bathroom at lunch."I spit, 

Their faces turn to shock as I walk away. Looking at my watch I groan, I'm late. Slamming the door open my Math teacher stares at me unimpressed, 

"Miss Winters you're late."

"I am so sorry Mr Graham."I scoff, 

Plonking my self down in an empty seat, I sneer at the people staring at me who turn around, 

"This better not be a regular thing Winters."

Looking up at him through my lashes and leaning back in my seat, 

"It won't be."


"and its Pheonix, not Winters."

He nods and goes back to teaching. 2 hours later the bell for lunch rings and I rush out of the door, heading for my car. Lighting up a cigarette I breathe easier. There is a tenseness to my muscles that makes me more like a mannequin on this soft mattress than a woman of flesh and bone. I want so much to melt onto the soft foam, wrapped in eider-down, and drift into the world of dreams. Yet my brain is a violent whirl of stupidity, trying to organize the chaos in my life. It seeks to discover a way to control the capriciousness of people, to acquiesce and please them so that our encounters are softer, less draining. Of course, the task is pointless, life is far too random for a human brain to take the billions of factors that come together to form just one day for one person. Though my conscious brain knows all this by subconscious remains stubborn in its attempts to protect me, to ensure my survival. Ironic really, what I need to survive the week is sleep, at least six hours would be nice. But for that to happen I will have to be out in less than five minutes and not even a double of vodka and a pack of smokes can do that. The bell rings again and relief floods through me as I managed not to bump into that Hargrove kid again and head to chemistry, sitting beside Nancy she smiles at me, 

"where do you go at lunch?"She asks quietly, 

"to my car, to smoke"

She nods, "Hey listen, there's a party Friday night on Park Lane, number 20, wanna come? me Steve and Jonathan are?"

"I'll think about it, need to see if Rose needs watching"


Double chemistry goes by slowly but Nancy helps next I have my first class of Biology. Walking in the teacher looks at me, a smile upon her face. Dark curly hair down by her shoulders, 

"Hello, I'm Miss Polastri! but its easier if you want to call me Eve."

"thanks. I'm Pheonix"

"ah yes! Your seat is there next to Billy, here's your books"

She hands me then and points to the back. I nod and turn, however, I fight a groan realising I'm sat next to the one guy in this school I hate. At least I know his full name now. Billy Hargrove. As I sit down he stares at me smugly, one Eve starts talking he turns to me, 

"Fancy this" He grins, 

"Don't talk to me unless it's about the work and you have to"I snap, 

"you got it"He winks, 

I turn before he can continue and copy some notes down. half an hour later and things have gone smoothly and I feel less tense. Until Eve hands us a worksheet for independent study or partner study. The class chatters around me and Billy, 

"want to work on it together?"Billy asks cooly, 

"No," I say blankly, 

He groans, "okay, why do you hate me so much?"

I turn to him, laughing, "you don't know? You're an asshole, so full of yourself, arrogant and you look at girls and talk to them like they're just a piece of meat that you can throw away."

He looks taken back, "you're not much better yourself sweetheart" he scoffs, 

"I may be an asshole to you but I don't treat women or men like they're a plaything. and I'm not arrogant or full of myself."

He rolls his eyes and looks away. Looking down I finish the worksheet, leaning my head on my cheek I hiss at the pain. I feel Billy looking at me but I ignore it. Accidentally I fall asleep with my head on the desk and I'm woken to a hand gently shaking my shoulder. Peeling my eyes open and I'm met with Billy's blue ones and his face isn't wearing that smirk but a genuine smile and for a second I falter but then shoot up, 


Looking around it's just me and Billy, jumping up there's a hand on my shoulder, he's stood next to me, 

"hey, the bell has just gone, you're okay"

Looking at him I smile slightly, "thank you..for um waking me"

"shh, it's nothing"He grins, 

and there's that smirk again. I nod at him and grab my stuff walking out, finding Rose stood talking to a kid her age. 

"Hey Rose"

"oh hey, Nix! This is Mike, he's in my classes"

"Hey Mike, I'm Rose's sister, Pheonix"I smile gently, 

I may be an asshole to people my age or older but I'm not to kids, it isn't fair. Suddenly 5 more kids are around us and then one kid that's short and kinda chubby with curly hair gasps at me. 

"you're the girl who snapped at Billy and those girls this morning!"

I flush slightly, has it gone round the school. I play it off, shrugging, 

"I am yeah"

"Sorry Nix, these are Mike's friends."She points at each kid, saying their names, "Will...Lucas...Max...Jane..and Dustin"

I smile and wave at them, 

"you're nice? I thought you were an asshole to people?"Lucas laughs, 

"I'm only an asshole to adults and whiney teenagers"I wink,

 They laugh until Steve walks to us, "okay, c'mon kids, stop bombarding Pheonix"

"Oh no, mum's here!"I laugh, 

He goes red-faced as all the kids burst into laughter, 

"So I see you've met my brother"Nancy smiles, pointing at Mike, 

"yeah, made friends with Rose"I smile, 

"that's sweet" She smiles ruffling his hair, he hisses and we laugh,  

"How are all these kids getting home?"I laugh, 

"Well Jonathan is taking me and Mike home," Nancy says, 

"Me and Dustin are biking, "Will says, 

I look at Max and Lucas and Jane, 

"you guys need a lift?"I ask, 

Jane shakes her head, she hasn't spoken to me yet, 

"I'm taking Jane home," Steve says, I nod and smile, 

"You drive?"Lucas asks, 

"yeah, the Impala up there"I point to it, 

Lucas's mouth drops open and Max smirks, 

"oh, my brother is going to be pissed when he sees that"Max laughs, 

I grin, "Can I have a lift home.. please?"Lucas asks, 

"sure, who's your brother Max?"

Suddenly her face falls she points behind me,  "him."

Looking back I see Billy smoking and staring at us. I look back at Max, worried, 

"I'm okay, I promise" She reassures, 

"Max! get over here we need to get home."Billy hisses, 

Max says goodbye and grabs her bag but I walk her over there, glaring at Billy. 

"So you've met Max"He sneers, 

"Yes, I offered her a ride home, wanted to check with her brother if that was okay with him You seen him anywhere?"I narrow my eyes at him, 

He steps towards me, "you're looking at him."

"Oh really? Because I didn't think big brothers spoke to their sisters in that way."I spit, 

"Fine, you want to take her home, be my guest."

He throws away his cigarette and glares at Max. She stares at me shocked, 

"go back to the group, I'll take you home in a second."I smile, 

She nods and I catch up to Billy, pulling his arm to the side. 

"What?"He hisses, 

"why do you have to be like that to your sister?"I ask, without a harsh tone, 

"she's not my sister, she's my dad's girlfriends daughter."

"step-sister then. but still"

He scoffs, glaring at me, "you don't know shit."

I stare at him hard, walking closer I put my lips near his ear. I feel his hand rest on my waist, I can feel him shake slightly, nervous?

"your home life and how one or both your parents treat you is not an excuse to take it out on her."I say sternly, 

Pulling away his eyes are wide and for a second I could see the pain but then it's wiped away with a scowl. Swiftly he turns on his heel and walks back to his car. Joining the group again they look at me, 

"what did you say.."Max asks, 

"nothing really, just had a word with him"I smile, "it's okay"

Slowly she nods, "right, so Max and Lucas you're coming with me?" 

They nod and we say our goodbyes to everyone, Rose and Max get in the back and Lucas in the front as that's the order of them going back. The kids laugh and smile as the car races down the road. It only takes a little while to drop Lucas off and then I'm outside the Hargroves house. I almost feel guilty, understanding a little now. Suddenly the front door swings open and a man comes storming out, he looks at me and then Max, 

"Max go inside now."She nods and gets out quickly, "you." the man hisses at me,


"Why are you the one to bring Max home, why didn't Billy do it?"He snaps, 

"Max wanted to ride with me as she liked the car"I shrug, 

"keep your fucking nose out of my family's business, silly girl."

I get out of the car and lock it, "I don't appreciate you speaking to me like that especially with my younger sister in the car. He glances at her and his jaw tightens. 

"Stay away from this house, whore."

I go to open my mouth when Billy's voice shouts from his car as he pulls up, getting out and walking to us, 


The man snaps his head to look at Billy, 

"It was my fault I got out late."

"late from where?" Neil hisses, 


He stares and then looks at me, "I apologise for Billy's behaviour, thank you for bringing Max home."He says stiffly, then looks back at Billy, "get inside now."

Neil walks off as Billy nods. I look at him and mouth "sorry" 

He shakes his head and he just turns away. Getting back in the car I don't spend any more time here than needed, Rose looks at me but I ignore it and drive back home. Brenda didn't care this time as she didn't even have dinner started which was a relief. 

The week flew by quickly without much happening, Billy left me alone and didn't turn up for most of his classes I had to admit I was a little worried but I've been busy with Steve, Nancy, Jonathan and the kids. I've started sitting with them at lunch and it's been quite nice. 

"Hey, my mum is looking after most of these kids tonight and asked if Rose needed to be looked after if you want to go to the party?"Nancy says, 

I look over at the other table to Rose whos laughing and messing around with the group, I smile. 

"Yeah okay, I'll go for a little while"

Nancy grins and I excuse myself for a cigarette. The bell rings once again and I sit down in Biology. I jump when I notice movement next to me. I look at Billy and his face has a fading bruise under his eye and his lip is split. I can see the badly done make up on his neck on the finger marks. I feel sick to my stomach, looking away, 

"I'm sorry Billy.."I whisper, 

"For what sweetheart?"He tries with his usual tone but it cracks and the smirk fades, 

"It's my're right I am like you...I am arrogant.."

He looks at me with half a smile, 

"you're none of those things, you're smart and protective and that's a good thing"

My mouth falls open slightly and he looks away, "you didn't need to cover me from him"I whisper, 

"He would have hurt you if I didn't"He hesitates but places his hand on top of mine, I don't move it, 

Smiling at him I bump my knee against his, "I can handle myself, Billy"

He smiles back. Taking a breath I decide to go against my rational side, 

"Are you going to the party tonight?"I ask,

He smirks at me and this time it works, "you asking me out this time?"

"Never said that. I asked if you were going"I smirk, 

He frowns at me, "I might haven't decided"He shrugs, 

"Well if you do, I'll see you there" I grin, 

He laughs slightly at me and I join him. 

7 pm rolls around and I've pinned my hair up and slipped a black lacy dress on and some black flats. Looking at myself in the mirror I take a breath, I'm not used to wearing lighter makeup and looking more normal. Walking out of my room Rose is sat at the table, 

"you ready?"I ask

She turns to me and grins, "you look stunning Nix!"

"thank you Rose"I grin, pressing a kiss to her forehead, 

Leaving the house I lock the door behind me and start up the car. Brenda is on a weekend bender so won't be home until Sunday evening. Pulling up outside Nancy's I park the car on the drive as she told me to. Jonathan is driving us to the party and back as he isn't drinking tonight. Knocking on the door Will opens it dragging us in. I laugh and Steve and Nancy look at me, 

"wow Pheonix, you look amazing!"She grins, 

"thank you"I smile, hugging her, 

Steve stares at me, blushing, 

"you look beautiful"

"Thank you"

"We ready?"Jonathan asks, 

we all nod and climb into his car. I could hear the noise from down the road where we parked. Walking into the house I go straight to the kitchen and pour me, Nancy and Steve a shot of vodka. They laugh at me but drink still. The music was as loud as thunder; it made the cutlery on the tabletops rattle. Neon lights flashed everywhere like police sirens, but much more colourful. After some more shots and drinks, I look to the dance floor area. No-one can see much of the floor, it's wall to wall people dancing to the music. There's no room for any more but somehow when Steve, Nancy and I hit it space magically comes. I lose myself in the music and end up moving away from my friends but I don't notice much. I laugh at the guys who get closer until there is a pair of arms around my waist and they back off, scared. A warm feeling rushed through me as they talk into my ear, 

"Found you."

Turning in the arms, I wrap my arms around Billy's neck. He's just wearing his leather jacket and some jeans and I'm too drunk to have any sense, 

"Looking good Hargrove"I wink, 

He pulls me closer and I cup his face with one hand, the other in his hair. The next song kicking in, 

Girl, it's been a long time that we've been apart
Much too long for a man who needs love
I miss you since I've been away
Babe, it wasn't easy to leave you alone
It's getting harder each time that I go
If I had the choice, I would stay

Looking into Billy's eyes I smile, his hands in a respectable place on my hips. I slide my hand over the bruises on his face and neck, 

"I'm sorry.. for being a bitch..and causing this.."

He leans slightly closer and I let him, 

"it's not your fault Pheonix"

There's no one like you
I can't wait for the nights with you
I imagine the things we'll do
I just want to be loved by you

"Call me's easier, "I say softly, 

"Okay...Nix"He grins, 

He moves us to the beat and I shuffle closer. My hips almost touching his, 

No one like you
I can't wait for the nights with you
I imagine the things we'll do
I just want to be loved by you

The buzz of the alcohol feels amazing and I get lost in Billy's eyes as he stares at me, doing his best to keep his eyes up, I fight a laugh. 

Girl, there are really no words strong enough
To describe all my longing for love
I don't want my feelings restrained
Oh babe, I just need you like never before
I just imagine you'd come through this door
You'd take all my sorrow away

Leaning forward I press my lips to his ear, whispering his name, 

"Nix..?"He murmurs, 

Pulling away I look at him.

There's no one like you
I can't wait for the nights with you
I imagine the things we'll do
I just want to be loved by you

Quickly, his hand drifted to my hip. It settled there and pulled me closer. I inhaled sharply. Realising I was against his warm chest, chiselled to perfection. Must he be so perfect? I splayed her hand against it, intending to push him away, but instead, I left it there. His breathing quickened as did mine. He began nuzzling my neck with delicate kisses. So faint, they were whispers. I urged myself to push away, but couldn’t. My limp body began to tremble uncontrollably. His head was angled slightly to the side as his lips came closer and closer to mine. I was surprised to find my own lips parting themselves. Our breaths mingled. my heart hammering inside my chest. At first, it was a delicate butterfly of a kiss. Then his arms encircled me. This is not what I'd thought would happen tonight. A kiss is one of the most sensual happenings, aside from sex and, I found myself loving it. Craving more. His lips were warm and tasted of mint; he had obviously been chewing gum earlier. His hands were wrapped around my waist and mine locked around his neck pulling him down slightly. When we broke apart for air, I rested my forehead against his and gathered some much-needed oxygen. His smirk told me everything and I smiled back, sinking into his hold.

My hand rests over the bruise around his neck and I frown. Leaning forward I kiss the bruises and he sighs, holding me tight. I move up and kiss the bruise on his cheek and then his lips. Looking at me he cups my face, 

"come with me.."He whispers into my ear, I nod.

He pulls me from the dance floor and outside. Holding my hand he takes me to his car, suddenly it hits me. I push against him and surprisingly he lets me go and I put distance between us, 

"I shouldn't of come here. I knew this would happen, all you want is sex, Billy."I hiss, 

He looks hurt and I shut my mouth. Billy steps towards me and I flinch, 

"Pheonix..listen to me, I promise, that isn't what I want, not with you.."

I stare at him, my breathing quickening, hands shaking. Feeling the tears burn my eyes I turn and run, 


I keep running as the tears blur my vision. Turning into the forest I lean against a tree and curl up on the floor. Sobs ripped themselves through my body as I struggle to control my breathing. Why does everyone use me?! I hear the leaves crunch but I don't look up, I'm frozen, 

"'s just me.."Billy's voice whispers, "look at me.."

"I can't"I croak, "I'm scared"

His hand reaches to me and lifts my chin and I'm looking at him. His face shows no sign of the cocky kid I first met, but genuine worry, 

"Why are you scared..."

"Everyone uses me then chucks me away, I can't deal with it anymore.."

Looking down again I see where my dress has gone up and I can see the scars and some fresh cuts on the inside of my thigh, usually hidden. Billy's eyes flick down and sadness fills his eyes and I feel sick. He takes my hand, 

"That won't be me..I took you outside to ask you to be my girlfriend, but I understand if that isn't what you want, I can back off"

I grip his hand back and smile, "just give me time? but don't leave me"

He moves to sit beside me and I lean on his shoulder, 

"I'll stay and you can have as much time as you want"

Looking at him I smile, he presses a kiss to my forehead and pulls me to his side. Taking a breath I feel a little lighter and happier. Things are going to get better with time. Smiling I lean into him, content with this. 

Chapter Text

Steve's POV

I check the time, I have 15 minutes before Billy gets home. Rushing around I scatter rose petals from the apartment door to the dining table. Running upstairs I change into a tight pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. I hear the Camaro pull up outside and I sprint downstairs in time to light the candle, 

"Steve? I'm home"

"Oh good" I smirk turning around, 

Billy's jaw slacks as he takes in the surroundings, he stares at me, 

"Come here"I purr, leaning back on the table, 

"Okay" Billy smirks, a burning sensation starts in my finger, 

Billy takes a hold on my hips and I lean in close to his ear, 

"I just burnt my finger on the candle.."I whisper, 

Billy pulls back quickly and looks at me as tears line my eyes and my lip wobbles. Billy bursts into laughter and takes my hand in his, 

"You're such an idiot Harrington"

I pout at him and he leans in and pecks my lips, "come on, the kitchen now"He chuckles, 

He runs my finger under the water and I sigh, 

"Can't believe I did that...I was trying to be sexy"

Billy chuckles and presses a kiss to my temple, "well it was working"

"was?"I asked lifting my eyebrow, 

"Yeah, until you burnt your finger"He grins, 

"Oh fuck off"I grumble, pushing him away, 

"Hey c'mere" He says, his voice an octave lower,

His hands slide down to my ass as he pushes me against the sink, quickly turning off the water. Leaning down he presses gentle kisses to my neck. I smirk and lift my arms, smothering my cold and still wet hand down his back. He hisses and jumps back and I lean over laughing, 

"Fuck!"He hisses, 

I grin at him and a mischevious smirk curls over his lips, 

"Oh, shit.."

"You wanna play dirty? I can do that"

"No!!" I scream and run through the apartment, Billy right behind me. 

I run and jump over the sofa but trip over the coffee table and fall flat on my ass. Crawling backwards Billy straddles me, holding me down. His hands are soaked and he shoves them up my shirt and I squirm as the cold liquid touches my chest, 


"You give up yet pretty boy?"

I nod and pull his hands out of my shirt, "Yes!! I give up, I give up!!"I pant, 

Billy looks down at me grinning and I reach up, pulling his face down as our lips collide roughly. I hiss and he slips his tongue in. I buckle my hips up and he moans. Smiling I deepen the kiss. Maybe the night didn't go as planned but it still ended the same way. 


Chapter Text

Reader's POV

Locking my front door I turn and see Steve Harrington in his BMW smiling and waving. Laughing I walk over to him, 

"Hey, Stevie"I laugh, 

"Morning Y/N" He grins, 

He spins the wheels and heads off to the school. I turn up the music as I Want To Break Free starts. Laughing me and Steve belt out the lyrics, 

"I want to break free

I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You're so self-satisfied I don't need you
I've got to break free
God knows God knows I want to break free"I sing, 

"I've fallen in love

I've fallen in love for the first time
And this time I know it's for real
I've fallen in love, yeah
God knows, God knows I've fallen in love" Steve takes his turn and I'm laughing, 

"It's strange but it's true, yeah

I can't get over the way you love me like you do
But I have to be sure
When I walk out that door
Oh, how I want to be free, baby
Oh, how I want to be free
Oh, how I want to break free"Steve continues and I join in, 

It's not long before he swings into the school car park and my face hurts from laughing, 

"Argh, I really don't want to go in there"I groan, stepping outside the car to light up a cigarette, 

"I thought you'd quit Y/N?"Steve frowns, I shrug and blow him a kiss, 

"It was calling me"

"Bullshit" Steve shoots, 

I just shrug but then my attention is ripped away as a car roars into the car park, Rock You Like A Hurricaine blasts from the vehcile, 

"Who is that? What did I miss while I was away?"I ask, not taking my eyes off the blue Camaro, 

"That's Billy Hargrove, a new-ish kid"

Billy steps out, his golden, curly hair falling onto his jean jacket. Taking a drag from his cigarette he looks at me and I force my mouth shut He smirks, winks and walks away. Once he turned away I steal a look at his ass then look to Steve, 

"Don't."Steve shakes his head, 

"But look at him!"I hiss quietly, 

Steve pulls me closer to him, his face hard, "He's a bad person Y/N I don't want you getting involved with him."

Shoving him off I grab my bag and throw the now dead cigarette away, "Don't tell me what to do."I spit, 


Not looking back I storm into the building, walking to my locker. I hadn't even opened it before someone was stood beside me, against the lockers. Turning to them I grin, 

"Hey, haven't seen you around here before" Billy smirks, I have to force my eyes away from his lips, 

"That's because I was away last year"I grin playfully, 

"Where'd you go, sweetheart"

Stepping closer but crossing my arms I look up at him, "Why should I tell you?"

Billy's grin widens as he flicks a tongue over his lips, "You don't, but I bet I could get it out of you"

My eyebrow raises at him, "Oh yeah?"

I step closer, teasing him, "Uhuh"

Billy nods and leans down. I reach up but whisper in his ear, "Gotta try harder than that playboy"

Flicking round I close my locker and walk to class, not looking back to see the expression on his face. Smirking I see Steve glaring at Billy. Let's see who makes the first move between the two. 

See I knew Steve liked me but he was my best friend and I wasn't sure if I wanted to cross that line but if he made a move I wouldn't object but over the next couple weeks I spoke to Billy more, got to know him and now I'm in a situation. I like Billy and not just because of his looks. 

Once again Billy stops me at my locker and I turn to smile at him, "Hey Billy"

Although this time it's different. He slides a hand around my waist and tugs me closer slightly. A hand comes up to rest on his chest, 

"You busy tonight sweetheart?"His voice smoothe, 

"Nope" I grin, 

"Then I'll pick you up at 6?"He smirks, 

"what are we gonna do?"I purr, knowing where this is going, 

"I was thinking of going to the drive-in theatre..get some drinks and watch the film from the backseat of my car" His eyes darkening, 

"Sounds good, see you at 6"I wink, turning away I let my hand drag down his chest. 

Steve corners me as I head to class, "Hey Stevie"I smile, 

"Are you free friday night?"

I gulp. Shit are the both going to ask me out? This can't be good, 


"Come on Y/N its Tina's party!"He grins, and I breathe again, 

"Oh crap, yeah I'll be there"I grin, 

Steve jumps and hugs me tight, I squeeze him gently. 

"What time does it start again?"

"I'll grab you at 7" He starts walking off and I drop my hands, defeated. 

6 rolls around quickly and I put half of my hair up, stick some makeup on and put on a simple black dress. A car revs outside and I peak round the corner, glad to see my mother passed out on the sofa. Grabbing my keys I run outside and spot Billy grinning at me, stood against the car. 

"Hey" I grin, 

"You look, gorgeous sweetheart"

I blush and he steps around the otherside of the car to open the door for me. Shocked I look at him, 


"Such a gentleman" I chuckle, 

He shakes his head and laughs but I get in. I fight the yelp as he speeds off. I'm not in the car with him often and I forget about his driving every time, catching me off guard. It takes us 20 minutes to get there but soon enough he's swinging into space, after buying the tickets. Unbuckling my seat belt I look at Billy and he grins at me. 

"I'll get the drinks, you wanna put the seats forward?"He asks, 

"Sure, and before you ask I don't mind what I drink"I smirk, 

He nods and gets out of the car. I flick his seat forward then climb into the back and flick mine forward. Once the seats are out of the way it's pretty spacious. Laying back against the seat, Billy is back quickly with the drinks and I take them out of his hands quickly so he can get in. Taking a sip I realise its lemonade, 

"My favourite" I smile, 

"I know" He winks, 

A quater the way into the film Billy slides an arm around me and I fall against his side. I let my hand slide onto his thigh. Billy's hand lifts my chin and our lips connect. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than I could have imagined and I opened my mouth with a low moan. Tongue slipping in and playing with mine. His hand wondered but hestitantly, not what I expected from him. Pulling away  locked my eyes with his and moved his hand to my thigh, under the skirt slightly, 

"Don't be cautious. I won't break"I murmur, 

"I don't want to fuck this up"He whispers, 

In that one sentence, I realised this wasn't a one-time thing. My breath caught in my throat, 

"You won't, "I say before connecting our lips again, his hand slipping under my dress, 

His hand ghosts over me through my underwear and I moan. I felt a hot breath on my neck, then the tender brush of lips. Burning as they make contact with my neck. A hand runs through my hair, as the kisses become harder and more urgent. Another hand slides around my waist and pulls me close to his pine-scented body. His kisses are now on my shoulders and in my hair. Nipping and biting at me. Moaning he pushes me onto my back and hovers over me. He lifts my dress up and off my head. Disgaurding it on the floor somewhere, his hands cupping at my breasts. My breathing moving to panting. Wrapping my legs around his waist I pull him closer, slip my hands in his shirt and remove it. Hands wandering over his chest, pulling in for another kiss, one of his hands slipping inside my underwear, his finger sliding over my clit. Arching up slightly I moan. Billy pants against my neck and my hands move to his hair, sliding my fingers through the mess of curls. He slips a finger in and I gasp. Using his other hand he pulls off my bra and sucks on a nipple. 

"Shit" I hiss, 

Adding another finger he pushes in and out, pleasure flooding through me. Hadn't done anything in so long. He keeps going until I can feel the knot in my stomach. Pushing his hand away I nip at his neck as my hand's fumble for his jeans, I could feel how hard he was against my hand. He stops me, holding my hands still, 

"What?"I pant, 

"Are you sure about this? We don't have to go all the way"Billy speaks, 

"I'm sure if you are"I smile, 

He grins, kissing me and releasing my hand. Popping open his jeans I shove them down, he kicks them off. Palming him through his briefs he groans into my mouth. Pushing his briefs down and pumping him a couple of times, Billy moans but reluctantly pulls my handoff. Leaning back he pulls a condom out of his jacket and opens it, sliding it on. Gripping his hips I watch as he lines himself up then pushes in, 

"Fuck" I groan,

"So gorgeous Y/N" Billy grins as he moves his hips, 

After a few thrusts, he shifts and hits a spot. I moan and arch my back, 

"Holy shit..fuck Billy..harder"I moan, 

His arms wrap around me as he leans down and pounds harder into the spot each time. Billy's grunts and groans in my ear as the knot forms in my stomach, 

"Billy! Fuck!"I hiss,

Once more thrust and I come, my walls squeezing around him, setting him off. Pulling out he leans on me, both catching our breath. 

"I want this again.." I breathe, 

"Me too Y/ mine?"

Looking up I move a few stray curls from his face and nod, "Yes"

When I get home after Billy dropping me off I knew I needed to ring Steve...Billy is going to be picking me up tomorrow. Quietly opening the front door my mum hasn't moved. Sighing I run to my room and dial Steve's number from my phone. 


"Hey Steve, " I say, nervous of his reaction, 

"Y/N? You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine.. just wanted to let you know I don't need picking up tomorrow for school.."

"oh..okay- Billy's picking you up isn't he?"

"Yeah..sorry Steve"

"No, it's okay Y/N, ill see you tomorrow, yeah?"

"Yeah, see you" I smile and end the call, that went much easier than expected. 

When Billy's Camaro pulls up outside I don't hesitate to almsot run to the car and jump in. Looking back and spotting Max, who's staring at me, eyebrows furrowed, 

"Hi, Max, Hey Billy."

"Hey sweartheart"He grins, "ready?"

"yeah," Max sighs, 

I nod and prepare myself for his manic driving. I'm glad I don't live too far from the school, meaning Billy wasn't driving for long. I lean against the car, waiting to see Steve as Billy's arm snakes around my waist and pulls me closer, now able to kiss me. Laughing I kiss him back, pushing back, 

"I need to find Steve"I chuckle, 

"He isn't gonna like this"Billy smirks, 

I frown and turn to him, "What do you mean?"

I knew what he mean't but how did Billy know? 

"He stares at you all the time and warned me to back off"He shrugs, 

Nodding I look down at the ground slightly, "yeah.."

"Hey.."Billy nudges me and I look at him, "It's okay, I can play nice" He grins, 

Giggling I shove him sloghtly, out of the corner of my eye I spot Steve staring. He scowls and walks away, 

"Oh shit."Turning to Billy I peck his lips, "I'll see you later okay?"

"Have fun"He smirks and I flip him off, running after Steve, 

Catching up to Steve I pull him into an empty classroom, 

"Steve, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong?! You're dating Billy Hargrove. Asshole of the school."

I frown and cross my arms over my chest, "He's not that bad Steve, come on you know that, he sat with us at lunch a couple of times. What's wrong?"

Something in Steve's face twitches, "I-I just don't want you getting hurt."


He can't look at me and suddenly it clicks, I'm such an idiot, "You like him don't you?"

His eyes widen and his head snaps to look at me, "w-what?!"

"You have a crush on my boyfriend" I smirk, 

"N-No..I-I fuck. No, it's not a crush I just like the way he looks. I barely know him."

Placing my hand son my hips I wiggle my eyes at him. He growls and shoves me agaisnt the wall, "It's you I like Y/N, alright?"

I go blank. Both of us? Oh shit. "Steve..I'm sorry...I am.." You're too late 

I wanted to say. Billy made the move first and I can still have Steve as my best friend. That'll work, right? 

"It's okay...I just want you to be happy" He nods and lets go of me,

The bell rings and I pull him into a hug. "You still picking me up for Tina's party, friday night?"

"But Billy-"He says psuhing me away, 

"Shh, he will be fine" I smile, 

"Okay" He nods, a smile finally playing on his lips. 

Just like that, the week flew by. Steve sat with me and Billy a couple of times and I finally noticed how much he looked at Billy. And for some reason, I don't mind. Putting on some blue shorts and a white crop top I wait ouside, with a cigarette, for Steve. As usual, he's on time. 

"Hey, Stevie"I grin, 

"Hey, Billy meeting you there?"He asks, 

"Yup, he was fine, don't worry" and it was the truth, he understood me and Steve were good friends, 

Steve smiles and pulls the car into drive, heading to the otherside of town, to Tina's. Billy meets us outside and wraps an arm around me after nodding to Steve, a faint blush over my friend's cheeks. I grinned and dragged them both into the house. 

An hour later, me and Billy had drunk more than I thought. Pressing sloppy kisses to Billy's lips as his hands gripped at my ass I groaned. My eyes flicked to Steve in the corner, pretending not to watch, Billy was watching Steve. I grinned, 

"Baby.."I whispered in Billy's ear, 

"yeah, princess?"He jumps looking back at me, 

"Can Steve join?"I grin, 

"What?"Billy frowns, 

Pushing my body closer to his and tugging lightly on his hair, Billy groans, "let's go back to my place, with Steve"

"Y-You mean the three of us?"Billy stammers eyes were blown wide with lust, 

"Yeah, Steve likes you, been watching you and me"I smirk, 

"Okay, go get him. I'll wait in the car once you nod at me" Billy beams, excited, 

Nipping his lip I move away and walk to Steve. Tapping his shoulder he jumps, 

"Hey Y/N"

"Steve" I purr, 

His eyes widen and I pull his hand, pulling him up and out the door. Billy was in the car watching us. Steve's eyes flick to the car then back at me. Pinning him against the front door I slide my hand into his hair, pressing my lips to Steve's. He yelps and pushes me back, 

"Y/N!! What are you doing?!"

"relax Steve, we're going back to mine, we want you to come"I grin, 


Sighing I pull him ofrward roughly and kiss him hard. He groans and tries to fight but I push harder until he gives in, kissing me back. Quickly I pull away and to the car. Getting in the back, Steve sits in the front, 

"What the hell is going on?"Steve pants, 

"want to have a little fun?"Billy smirks, leaning closer to Steve, 

"Dude, she's your girlfriend.."Steve backs up, 

Groaning I lean forward and nip at Billy's ear, then whisper to him, "Kiss him and show him"

Billy grins widely and I lean back and watch as Billy slips a hand in Steve's hair to pull him closer. Connecting their lips. Steve jumps and tries to push back until Billy slides a hand onto his hip and nips his lip. Steve moans and kisses back. Pulling away for a second, just enough to talk, 

"So..the three of us?"

"Yes," I grin, 

Steve nods and pulls Billy back into a  kiss but his hand reaches out for me. Moving forward I slide a hand onto Steve's leg. Steve pulls away to conenct our lips and I sigh. Billy moves to slide a hand into my shirt and cup my breast. Moaning into Steve's mouth. Steve pulls away and takes my hand in his and uses his other hand to caress Billy's face, 

"We can go back to mine if you want? No parents for a week"Steve sighs, 

"Yeah that would be better, my mum comes home tomorrow morning"I nod, 

Billy nods and I kiss him quickly before letting go of both of them and leaning back smiling. As Billy drives Steve puts his hand on his thigh but I'm just happy. I love them both and I have both, even if its just for tonight. 

When Billy pulls up at Steve's, he helps me out of the car. His arms around my waist, nipping at my neck as Steve unlocks the front door. Stmbling inside Steve connects our lips and Billy come up behind me, one hand sneaking into the front of my shorts his other grabbing Steve's ass. Me and Steve moan into the kiss. I shudder as Billy's fingers rub against me. 

"Upstairs" Steve pants, 

We pull away and head up to Steve's room. I turn and face the boys, their backs to the bed. Smirking I walk to Billy and rip off his shirt, kissing him then do the same to Steve. shifting I push their chests and they fall back onto the bed, beside either other. Walking to the record player in the room I flick through the vinyl and smile when I spot The Scorpions. Putting it on I sway my hips and make my way over to the boys. Hooking my fingers under my shirt I lift it off my head and throw it to the side. The boys watch me as I open each button on my shorts slowly and pull down the zipper. Shimmieing the shorts over my ass and down my legs. 

"Fuck.."Steve breathes, 

"C'mere" Billy growls and reaches out, grabbing my hips and pulling me to the bed, 

Twisting I fall onto my back and Billy crawls over me. Kissing me roughly, forcing his tongue in. I groaned and felt the bed shift as Steve watched, amazed. Billy pulled off and grabbed Steve by his hair, pulling them into a crushing kiss. Biting my lip I stare at them. I can't believe this is happening. The excitement fills me as Billy pulls back from Steve and moves down my body kissing and nipping. Groaning I reached for Steve and he moved to kiss me. Gasping into Steve's mouth as Billy rips my underwear off and replaces it with his mouth. Sucking and flicking his tongue over my clit. Moaning and shuddering at his tongue, 

"Such a good girl for us Y/N" Steve purs, sending shivers down my spine, 

Moving my hand I unbutton and shove down Steve's jeans and boxers, taking his cock in my hand. Steve groans and pushes into the kiss more. I arch up as Billy's tongue is joined by his finger, pushing inside. Moaning I lift my leg oper his shoulder, trying to get closer. Steve pulls away from my lips and I grip his hips, his cock pressing against my lips. Taking the tip into my mouth my tongue flicks over it until I swallow more of him down. Steve groans and runs a hand through my hair, 

"Fuck Y/N!"

Grinning I swallow more until the tip touches the back of my throat. Breathing through my nose I fight the gag reflex. I whine when Billy moves off me, 

"Patience princess, so pretty like this"Billy grins, 

I moan when he slides his cock over my clit then pushing inside. My teeth graze Steve's throbbing cock and he hisses. Pulling his hips toward I encourage him to move. Hollowing out my mouth as he thrusts his hips, his cock fucking my mouth, "Holy shit!"

Billy picks up his pace, pounding into me and hitting that good spot. 

"Billy.."Steve pants, he shifts as Steve reaches for him, shoving his tongue in Billy's mouth. I moan at the sensation and sight. My mouth and hole being fucked by them as they kiss. Billy slams into me and I struggle to keep my mouth open for Steve's cock. The knot in my stomach twists and my body tingles as my orgasm builds. I come with a scream, the boys follow and I swallow down Steve's come, licking my lips as Billy pulls out. They collapse either side of me. Sounds of breathing fill the room with the smell of sex. Grinning I reach out for my boys. Turning to lay against Billy's chest as his arms wrap around me, but I feel him pull Steve forward and push up against my back, holding both me and Billy. Falling asleep with a smile on my face. 

The sun from the window blinds me and I look down. Billy is nuzzled into my shoulder and Steve's chest is in front of me. Smiling I sit up and shuffle out of the bed. Stifling a laugh when Billy's face scrunches up and Steve moves and wraps Billy in his arms instead. Billy's eyes blink open as I shove a shirt on, his head turns and I smile at him, 

"Morning sweetheart"He speaks, voice rough, 

"Morning baby" I giggle, leaning back over to peck Billy's lips, 

Steve's eyes blink open and he stares at me and Billy confused, "Mornin pretty boy" Billy grins, 

Steve groans and nuzzles Billy's shoulder,  

"Coffee anyone?"I laugh, 

Eventually, the boys sit up and shove some clothes on. Cradling my mug of coffee I sit down on the sofa, Billy places himself next to me, arm slung over the back. Steve stands awkwardly by the side and I go to speak but Billy beats me to it, 

"Sit down pretty boy"

Steve stumbles and sits next to me, I sigh and lean forward, 

"We need to talk about last night.."I start, 

"Y/N it's okay, we can forget about it if you want, I can keep a distance between you and Billy" Steve stammers quickly, 

I turn my head to him but then look at Billy who's lost in thought, 

"I enjoyed last night..a lot but whether it happens again or whatever isn't my choice it's you two."

They're quiet and I sigh, "I like you're my best friends and I don't want last night to ruin that.."

Billy nods slowly at me, then he turns to Steve, "Well I can play nice and share Y/N with you. Last night was fun and I know you've been looking at us and certainly me Stevie"He winks, "and I'm not gonna complain at having both King Steve and you Y/N to myself"

Steve flushes and looks away. Looking at Billy I smile. 

"I like you both too...and I want to keep whatever this is"Steve nods, 

Placing my mug down on the table I link my hands with theirs, "Steve..will you join our relationship?"

I look at Billy to check and he just nods at us both. Looking back at Steve his mouth is slack but he nods, "yeah..yes"

I laugh and pull him in to kiss him. Billy wraps his arms around me and presses a kiss to my neck. Steve pulls back to lean over and slide his hand in Billy's hair, connecting their lips softly. Leaning back the boys separate and cul into my sides. Their hands linked together, mine resting on top, squeezing gently. Later that day we arranged to keep the public relationship just me and Billy but in private it being all three of us. Society wouldn't accept our real relationship not for a long while, especially with two guys technically being together but it worked and we were happy.