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That Messy One-shot Book

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Hey guys! This is my one shot book on here for allll sorts of fandoms and stories. I'll try and list below the majority of ships and stories you'll likely see in here :)

  • Symbrock/Veddie
  • Harringrove
  • Hartwin (Harry Hart/Eggsy)
  • Ironstrange
  • Winnix
  • Hannigram
  • Septiplier
  • Drarry
  • Newtmas
  • Sterek
  • Stucky 
  • Hidashi
  • Spideypool 
  • Wincest
  • Batjokes
  • Starker
  • Cablepool
  • Solby
  • Ironstrange
  • Drarry


Here are some of the reader/OC one shots that might be included too!

  • Newt (The Maze Runner Series)
  • Creepypasta Characters
  • Balem Abrasaxx (Jupiter Assending Villain)
  • Loki (Avengers, Thor)
  • Deacon Frost (Blade Villain)
  • Eddie Brock (Venom)
  • Sam/Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
  • Billy Hargrove (Stranger Things)
  • The Joker (The Dark Knight version)

All one-shots will be unrelated unless the title has the name same and part (1,2,3 etc) next to it :)

Hope you enjoy the book anyway!!