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The short cut Jimin takes from school to his home is what one would say a creepy, narrow pathway. It's sort of an abandoned alley beside the street road and some high end houses. He found this narrow alley when he was a freshman and decided to roam around the street after hanging out with his friends. He realized people usually come this way for mostly dealing drugs, couples come to make out in the dark or even have quickies and so so. But as the time passed, Jimin became a sophomore and then a junior ,the alley got more and more abandoned.

Jimin liked it to be that way, forgotten, unused, far from the world. He found a soft spot where a mattress was placed and he would sometime sit down and relax on it, even spending nights.

Sometimes he would find himself dragging another guy along with him in the dark alley and make out until he got sobber. That's what he'd do, always making out, doing stuffs but never got to the real deal. He would state himself fine, not happy but fine with which he was cool.

Jimin was the only child in his family. Not entirely actually. He had a younger brother ,Jihyun. But he died when Jimin was 10 years old and Jihyun was only 5 or 6. He never knew how his brother died because none of his parents would actually say the words out loud in front of him, but he always knew something was off about it. After Jihyun died, his parents got divorced, they got on their separate ways and left Jimin with his grandparents.

He wasn't a cool kid in the school, he never intended to be one. But one thing he was proud of , he had a great deal of friends. They were Five of them in their group. Seokjin,. Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok and Jimin. As Seokjin and Yoongi were seniors, leaving Namjoon, Hoseok and Jimin to be the Juniors.


When Jimin finally got to his home that night it was already late. Knowing his grandparents were fast asleep, Jimin slowly tiptoed to his room upstairs and closed the door silently. It was the last night of their summer vacation. He partied all night at Namjoon's but barely got drunk. Jimin took a glance at himself in the mirror, smirking for some unknown reason, stripped out of his clothes and sunk into his bed followed by a deep slumber.


The next day, new semester of their Junior year, students were busy complaining and groaning about the school starting sooner than they expected.
His friends, were actually the ones who were complaining and groaning. Well not all of them as Yoongi was already sleeping in the grassy field. Jimin on the other hand was never really too excited or too disappointed on anything. He finds nothing that interesting to react over. He lazily glanced at his friends. Hoseok was chatting animatedly with Seokjin and Namjoon who seemed to be really paying attention to whatever Hoseok was saying. Yoongi was using Hoseoks thighs as his pillow to sleep like a dead person. Sometimes he wonders if Yoongi really sleeps at times like these or just pretend to be asleep to avoid human interaction.

"Hey, Jimin ah, coming?" Seokjin asked Jimin, shuttering his thoughts.

"Where, hyung?" Jimin saw him giving a dreadfull glare and shuffled through his head to figure out if he missed something.

"Okay, Don't think too much, you look like you're having constipation." Seokjin laughed in a high tone "The new students, you promised to help us."

Every now and then their school had exchange students from other places, and being the head of student council, both Seokjin and Namjoon are obliged to help these new students with their school tour, rules, regulations and also to help choosing groups. Jimin was generally a kind person but couldn't remember when he promised to help them.

"Uh, hyung? When did I do that?" He asked, raising a brow.

"Last night, asshole. When you were drunk." Namjoon joined in.

"I was drunk, so how on Earth does that count?" Jimin whines.

"It counts cause I'm saying so, get your lazy ass up from the ground. Look I would have dragged Hoseok ah with us if Yoongi didn't already book him for the hour and I don't want to die, waking him up, okay?" Hoseok snorts watching Yoongi smirking with his eyes closed.

"There's gonna be ten new students, so I've decided to divide them into three groups. Namjoon you'll get Lee Lin, Bong Soo, Jimin you'll get Mingyu and Jungkook and I'll lead the rest." Seokjin glanced up from the paper on his hands. Jimin who wasn't really enthusiastic about the leading and helping the new students , decided to let go of the irritation once the students arrived at the main building. He was assigned with two Sophomores named Mingyu and Jungkook, who were surprisingly taller than him, which bothered him alot but he kept his smile on his face.

"Um okay, I'm not really used to this stuffs but here's the basic things, you always have to attend the classes, because trust me you are always watched." Jimin smirked and pointed at the cc cameras in the corridor and both the boys looked over their shoulders . "Second thing, never dare to visit the third floor of this building, legend has it ,the place is haunted, well kind of abandoned because some dude bullied another dude so hard that the latter actually died." Jimin watched the unbothered looks on the students in front of him. "And thirdly mostly importantly, do not let Mrs. Hudson let to do you stuffs okay? She's a little nut in the head. You'll know." He then showed the students the rest of the school which took him less than 60 minutes and showed them their classes after heading for the library.




Jimin was starting to think he would burn the school down after glancing at the foods the cafeteria had. Define bad, it's worse actually. After shoveling through his food alot he finally decided not to burn the school and took a sip from his cola.

Yoongi who was sitting in between Jimin and Hoseok tapped the back of Jimin's head,

"Eat. You're not eating again." Jimin was going to answer before Seokjin and Namjoon chimmed in.

"Who's not eating again?" Seokjin half yelled, made a bunch of students to turn around towards them. Yoongi enthusiastically pointed at Jimin , earning a death glare from him.

"Jimin we've talked about this. Please don't make us go over that phase." Seokjin scolded like a mother.

"What , hyung seriously I'm eating. I swear I am. I just don't feel like eating this ugly looking thing today."

Jimin was telling the truth. The problem was Jimin was once dieting so bad that he was admitted to the hospital, it wasn't a great time of period so his friends took extra care of his eating. Seokjin nodded and plopped down on the chair.

"So how were the twins?" Seokjin had asked.

"What twins?" Jimin once again was dumbfounded, had no idea what the elder was talking about.

"Jeon Mingyu and Jeon Jungkook. They're twins."

"The hell? They were twins?" Jimin raised both his brows earning a nod from the elder.

"Well I wouldn't know, cause I didn't even bother to ask their names. But they don't look alike much."

"Yeah ,I wouldn't know either if I hadn't met Kim Taehyung in my group. He's their cousin, he's in your class. They sort of like moved in together. He's kind of a nice guy but talks alot, like alot alot." Seokjin emphasis on the last word. "But the twins are hot Jimin ah."

Jimin didn't pay attention to what the other was saying as his eyes were fixed at three new figures in the hall of cafeteria. They were all tall, masculine, well built, sharp jaws, straight noses, undercut hairs. He was mesmerized. But he already knew two faces among the three. The Jeons, twins. They sat the very far corner of the room, separated from the others, as if marking their own territory. Jimin was kind of embarrassed that even though he met two of them, he didn't realize he was walking with the human version of Adonis behind him. His cheeks reds up realizing they must have checked out his ass ,which was pretty much everyone in the school wants to die for. He noticed one of the Jeons was looking at him ,like really staring. It gave Jimin a shiver down his spine so he turned to Hoseok who was now laughing with Yoongi.

"Can you two get a room or something?" Namjoon spoke before Jimin could open his mouth. "I know you two are in love but, it's really cringy." Namjoon scrunched his nose, making a face.

"Yah, We're not in love....." Hoseok protested with empty words before he was interrupted.

"Um, hello, excuse me." A voice spoke, making all of the five of them halt whatever they were doing and turn to the person ; well two of them standing next to them. It was one of the twins who spoke. Jimin still didn't know his name. He also saw the third person of the three Adonises who possibly could be Kim Taehyung.


"Oh hi, Mingyu. Guys this is Mingyu, He's new, he's a sophomore, and this is Taehyung. Mingyu, Taehyung these are my friends, You know Jimin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon and me." Seokjin babbled until Namjoon patted his back. For some reason, Jimin thought the eldest was a bit nervous. By the time Seokjin finished Taehyung took the seat next to him and threw his hand over the elders shoulders whispering something in his ears. They all greeted each other, and Taehyung was really a chirpy character but also very weird sometimes. Mingyu joined the group too, missing one more person.

"Um Mingyu, where's your brother?" Jimin asked low enough for only Mingyu to hear.

"Oh, Jungkook? He's probably at the library, he doesn't socialize much." Mingyu made a guilty face, as if he was sorry on behalf of his brother, who was giving Jimin a nasty glare a while ago and then vanished off to somewhere. A while later Jimin was laughing so hard that he leaned alot closer to Mingyu ,who was sitting beside him, realising, the boy the had a nice foreign smell on him. Jimin was so mesmerized with the smell that he was sure he could almost taste it. He flinched as soon as he realized he was too close to the boy.

The group dispatched as soon as they heard the bell rings. Jimin was taking fast steps to his class. It was math, the subject he hated the most. He wasn't late but he was always in hurry when it came to classes. When he arrived at the room , he saw Dokhyeom giving him a knowing nod and a thumbs up following by pointing at his usual seat at the back. Jimin saw one of the Jeon's sitting on his desk at the back corner. He was intimidated more than irritated the way Jungkook sat with a marking territory on the desk. Jimin took normal steps to him and stopped once he was close enough for the other to notice his presence. What he didn't know was that the rest of the class was staring down at the both of them, kind of expecting them to be arguing because God knows how feisty Jimin can get when it came to claiming what was his.

Jimin cleared his throat ,as Jungkook stared at him. "That's my seat." Jimin says softly hoping the other would appreciate his voice.

"Did you buy the desk?" Came the cold reply from the other. Jimin was blank for a moment, not because he was trying so nicely but because the fact that he found the cold voice spreading on his blood.

"No , but I sit here everyday." Jimin trying his best to be nice again.

"So? I don't see your name in here? There are plenty of other empty seats, grab one, besides, I came first." The last sentence Jungkook made was almost a growl, not a human growl but like what a wolf would growl.

Jimin was ready to fight back that instant but the teacher entered the room and the class was groaning all together. So instead of creating a mess , Jimin took the seat in front of Jungkook.

When the class ended, Jimin turned back to the boy, who was now staring more softly than before as if he was staring the whole time. Jimin took out his black sharpey and wrote his name on desk, pointed at the name he wrote, "Now I have my name on it." Giving him a fake smile ,stormed out of the room. What he didn't know was, Jungkook to his surprise loved the feisty little tantrum the other boy threw at him.