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AO3 Census Masterpost

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The results are now in! Below the cut are links to all of the data and analysis so far, plus an interesting fact from each post. The section summary posts have all the graphs in one place if you just want an overview.

I know a lot of people who took part in the survey are interested in hearing what the results are, so please spread this post around! It will be kept up to date as new analyses are completed.



  • Age - The average age of respondents was 25 years.
  • Gender - More respondents selected Genderqueer than Male.
  • Sexuality - Only 38% of respondents selected Heterosexual.
  • GSRM - 54% of respondents identified as a gender, sexual or romantic minority.
  • Ethnicity - 78% selected White as their sole response.

Site Use

  • Length of Use - The average respondent has been using AO3 for 1.8 years.
  • Frequency of Use - 49% of respondents used the site at least once a day.
  • Session Length - Half of the respondents spent more than 5 and a half hours a week on AO3.
  • Activities - Commenting on works was less than half as common as reading them.
  • Languages - 6% of respondents used languages other than English on AO3.

Work Preferences

  • Ratings - The most popular rating for creators was Teen and Up, but readers preferred Mature.
  • Categories - There were four times as many F/F readers as there were creators.
  • Genres - The most popular genres were Alternate Universe, Romance, and Fluff.
  • Popular Fandoms - The five most selected fandoms from the list given were Sherlock, MCU, Teen Wolf, Supernatural and Harry Potter.
  • Other Fandoms - The most common write-in fandoms were Welcome to Night Vale, Pacific Rim, Inception, Les Miserables, and Star Trek.

Further Analysis

Analysis by Others

  • Notes for Future Researchers - Future researchers into fandom topics along these lines should bear in mind the lessons learned about question design.
  • Sharing the Data - This data is available to anyone who wishes to perform further analysis on it.