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Kick my loneliness away

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When Kid woke up he felt beaten up but somehow much better, he was in his own bed ( he wondered how did he get there but he was grateful ), his stump of an arm didn’t hurt so bad anymore and it felt unrestricted. The more he woke up the more he heard someone talking on the phone, and he seemed angry.

“Of course I brought him home, he said no hospital so I had to bring him with a taxi, go to the pharmacy and buy him medicine, cream, and band-aids. What the actual fuck is happening with you guys, the man has prosthesis and I don’t think he ever cleaned the interior or checked what’s left of his arm, he has no necessary medicine and WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN THINKING? He could have died due to infection.”

The man shut for a second and then started screaming at his phone again, while furiously walking from a corner of the room to another.

“It’s a delicate subject? You think? So is DEATH you MORON!”

Kid must have made a sound or maybe he was looking too intently to the other man because in the next second grey-steel eyes were drilling a hole in his head.

“Oh the delicate subject has woken up and I’m about to make him even more delicate, but I’m not done with you yet Mr. Killer. You want to stay at Penguin tonight and you ask me to stay with him? And what do I get for playing nurse?”

“I’ll let you take the damn pictures.”

Law turned to Kid again, this time eyes wide opened and mouth a little bit open. He had the same look as some hours ago when he was caught with the damn drugs. Kid smiled and signaled him to close the call.

Law was shocked the second time that day, but this time it was in a good way. He closed the phone without saying a word and looked at the man from the bed as if he was the eighth wonder of the world.

Kid looked at him and laughed.

“You should really see your face right now.”

“Well mister Eustass considering the first time I told you about the pictures you run off screaming at me, and the fact that you slapped me today, or should I say yesterday?”

“It’s already after twelve?”

“Unfortunately, and I have to wake up really early tomorrow morning, so if you were not kidding and it’s ok with you for me to handle your wounds, I will be here again tomorrow after 12.”

“Handle my wounds? Didn’t you want to take pictures?”

“Well yes the pictures are part of the whole deal but my University thesis is about the best way to heal bruises on an albino.”

“So you won’t bruise me yourself for the pictures?”

Law looked at him funny, like concerned and disbelieving.

“Mr. Eustass what is the last thing you remember from tonight?”

“Umm … walking through the park and my arm hurting really badly, and then … I don’t know. Did I faint because of the pain or something? And how did you find me?”

Law’s face was even more concerned.

“Do you think you can rise for me a little?”

Kid tried but his equilibrium was shit at the moment. Law was there in a blink and held him up, walking with him for a little.

“Why the fuck am I feeling like I’ve been hit by a train?”

“Um … that’s because …”

Then Law turned him around to look at the full body mirror and what Kid saw brought him back bad memories. He was shirtless so he could see almost all his body, his face, arms and upper body were full of black bruises, and his head was bandaged.


You got hit on the head and that is the reason you fainted, got kicked and mugged. Your phone is missing and your wallet was beside you, empty.”

“Oh … And I had an interview tomorrow.”

“Well, I’m sorry to tell you that you will have to go another time.”

“Help me back to bed. So Killer knows and he’s not here? How did you manage that? He’s like a big mama chicken when it comes to situations like this.”

“Oh, my yelling at him must have made its job, Penguin also, and the fact that I know what I am doing.”

Kid got really white, even though he was tucked in bed by Law. He was shocked probably, so Law tried to distract him.

“Mr. Eustass…”

“It’s Kid, I don’t know who Mr. Eustass was and I will never know.”

“Oh, ok Kid, ummm …”

“You’re being a little bit rude dock, I gave you my name and you won’t give me one back?”

“Oh, you don’t remember, I told you in the club, I’m Law. As I wanted to ask you earlier, do you know why your arm hurt? Did you maybe think to go to a doctor?”

“No doctors for me doc, I am over with them, but it seems I don’t hate you that much.”

“OK, I don’t suppose you will tell me why.”

“Not today and not sober, if you ever really want to know the story you’ll have to get me really drunk and then maybe I will talk about it but for now almost no one managed that.”

“OK, do you know why it hurts?”

“It’s something it happens when I contract my muscle.”

“Yes, that’s the reason you have problems. You have scar tissue and invaginations on your residual limb, it must be handled with much care Kid, washed at least two times a day and used a special type of cream. I bought you the first one but you will have to buy it from now on until your tissue will heal, and for the suction, you might want to consider custom liner and making just an invagination silicone pad (filler) for that area so you can wear it against your skin and the liner.”

“Doc, you lost me at tissue, and I’m tired, you must be also, a lot has happened today and …”

Kid got quiet all of the sudden.

“What? What’s the matter?”

“Did they steal the syringe also?”

“Oh, no. That’s what I thought in the beginning, that someone saw us and followed you for the drug but they missed it.”

“Oh, thank God! Wait!”

Kid got up really fast and grabbed Law by one hand, searching for a sign.

“I didn’t do it, Kid. And I want to thank you for that. If you haven’t been there …”

“But I was and you stopped, and you will stop from now on, do you hear me?”

Law just nodded, being convinced that this was another story for when he was dead drunk also.

“I don’t need it, I have you now and your bruises and tomorrow I’ll come with medicine and this year I will finish with studying and will be paid for what I do and …”

Las stopped when he saw that his patient was heavily sleeping. He really should leave, go home, maybe sleep for an hour or two and then go to Doctorine, he really should do that but could he really leave Kid alone in the state he was? He expected things to go so differently, the man was too calm with all the story of the robing and he didn’t say a thing about his money being stolen.

Law gave up, opened a message on his phone and announced Doctorine that he found his subject, his wounds and the medicine he will be using. She wrote back in an instant telling him to not come the next day or maybe the next two weeks and stay with the man until he was fine. She also told him that she wanted his grade to be bigger than 9 and not to disappoint her.

Law smiled for the first time in many months and before he could convince himself not to, he called Penguin.

“Law, what happened, why didn’t you answer our messages, is everything alright, could we help you with anything?”

“You know Peng, I’m really glad that my friend seems so sure of his relationship that he uses the first person plural not singular anymore.”

“Oh, shut up and tell us!”

“I can do only one of those Peng. The red beast is fine, he’s sleeping, and he agreed to help me with my thesis. I think he is still in shock, today was a long day and tomorrow he might not be so ok any more but for now, he has no contusion and even though his bruising is bad he has no real damage. I’m more worried about his arm but I will handle it also while I’m here. Tell Mr. Killer will see each other often.”

“Oh, yeah, Ok. That means we will all see each other because you will have no way to disappear this time. Bepo will love it!”

“You guys will kill me someday!”

Even though Law said the words, his tone was playful. This day turned from disastrous to great, and Law couldn’t help smiling.