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The North Remembers

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The children wake screaming.

At first he thinks there has been some sort of attack. For why else could they feel such terror? When he gets to the girls’ room, he is confronted with a near rabid Arya, her small form barreling towards him. Sansa is hid in the corner, her knees tucked against her chest.

Robb and Jon burst through the door a moment later, wide eyed.

“Arya!” Jon barks.

His youngest daughter stills instantly in his hold. Sansa whimpers carry in the half darkness.

“It’s him, Arya. It has to be him.”

Arya frowns in response.

“He could be a faceless man, Jon. Whoever he is, he certainly isn’t Father.”

“Arya,” Robb starts, “I saw Mother too. And Maester Luwin. And Jory.”

Sansa steps from the shadows at that. Creeping up to him with soft steps, tilting her head in contemplation.

“It is Father, Arya. He looks the same. I’ll never forget his face. Not after what Joffery did.”

“Fine, you stupid dork. But if you get us killed, I’m going to kick your ass.”

Ned was sure that his eyebrows had disappeared into his hair at that point.

Sansa just shook her head.

“Jon, do you think Theon remembers?” Asked Sansa

Robb swore loudly, “ He better not have. After what he did to Bran and Rickon…”

Ned’s head was spinning. What did the Crown Prince and the Greyjoy ward have to do with him and his younger sons?

“It wasn’t Theon, Robb. Rickon went to Skagos and Bran traveled with the Reeds beyond the Wall. They lived.”

“Aye, we did. And we still do Brother.” Stated Bran, practically materializing in the doorway.

“I sent us all back. In the end, I was the last one left. The Others had overrun Westeros after the Wall fell.”

“Bran, who is ‘us’?” Asked Arya

“House Mormont, House Reed, and House Stark.” Bran turned to Jon, “Cousin, Lord Howland will most likely wish to swear fealty to you. Yours is the Song of Ice and Fire after all. And I’m sure that young Lyanna will wish to crown you King.”

Robb made a soft choking sound, eyes wide as saucers.

Jon chuckled at that. “Bran, I’ve told you. No matter if all the realm Hails me as King Jahaerys and kneels at my feet. I’m still your brother.”

Ned jolted at that. “Do you know, then? How did you find out?”

Jon’s mouth turned down into a familiar scowl, “I didn’t find out until after I had had sex with my Aunt. And my friend Samwell of House Tarly found a bit of text from the Citaedal about it.”

“You’ve met Daenerys?”

Bran answered, “Yes, Father we have. After the death of her children, she was never the same. Neither were we. We all grew up far too fast. We’ve all seen so much violence and death. It changed even the hardest of men into scared, frightened boys.”

Arya wrinkled her nose at that.

Ned cleared his throat. “Yes. Well I believe that you should all get back to your beds. We will speak of this over the breaking of fast in my solar.”

Gods, he needed to get drunk. His children had gone mad. Absolutely stark raving mad.