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The Scent of Mystery

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The Scent of Mystery: Chapter 1.


A yaoi Detective Conan Alpha/Omega A/U.

Notes; Shinichi and Ran are Alphas. Ran knows Shinichi is Conan because Alphas have a good sense of smell and she was able to recognize Shinichi's scent coming from "Conan" when they met after his body shrank. Kogoro Mouri is still clueless about Conan/Shinichi helping him. Ran and Shinichi are Just Friends.


Shinichi/Conan was reading the newspaper in the office of the Detective Agency his Ran's dad, Kogoro Mori.

It's been over a year since Kudo Shinichi was shrunk into a kid by the Black Organization, and there wasn't a single real lead on them. Although he did acquire a former Black Organization scientist as an ally, who also took the same drug as him, her alias is Haibara Ai (a Beta). She was currently working on a cure for the drug.

And so far, Shinichi had been, somewhat, able to re-adjust to being back in an elementary school. Under normal circumstances, he would've been able to blend in easily (despite acting like a child was hard for a brilliant teenager like him), but Shinichi was an Alpha and unfortunately, his Alpha statues did not go dormant when his body shrunk to the size of a seven-year-old (8 currently). Since the Sub-Sex normally surfaces during puberty (between 12-14 in this world), "Conan" had a bit of a problem. Fortunately, Agasa-hakase (1) managed to explain to the staff at Teitan Elementary School that "Conan" was simply an early bloomer and was able to control his pheromones pretty well.

Shinichi/Conan sighed and thought 'It's been one crazy year.' He really hoped Haibara could come up with a cure for the drug soon, or that he could take down the Black Organization. Either or.

"Smoke's coming out of your ears," Ran said over the couch where Shinichi/Conan sat. The teen turned boy looked up to see his childhood friend looking down at him. "Oh, Ran, I didn't hear you come in," the teen in a child's body said as he folded the newspaper. “You’re thinking too hard again,” Ran stated with a giggle. Shinichi/Conan sighed and finally noticed that Haibara was there too.

"You're thinking about the Black Organization, aren't you," Haibara stated rather than asked. Shinichi's/Conan's eyebrow twitched at that and wondered if Haibara had some kind of sixth sense about these kinds of things.

The sandy blond pointed a finger at the teenager-in-a-child's-body and stated "I've told you hundreds of times to not think about That Organization. It's bad for you to do so." Ran agreed with Haibara when she said: "It'll ruin your ability to focus on a regular stuff."

Shinichi sighed a bit. He knew they meant well, Ran more than Haibara, but even though they knew how he felt about the Black Organization, they didn't really understand how he felt.

<> One Week Later <>

The Detective Boys were currently doing their "Helpful Civilians" assignment that Teitan Elementary School did to promote goodwill to their students. They were volunteering at the Omega Clinic that Dr. Adaide worked at on the weekends. Ran came with them as their sponsors for the Helpful Civilians program.

Ran and Shinichi/Conan had to wear masks because of their heightened sense of smell, and Omega pheromones are strong to Alphas.

Dr. Adaide was really grateful for the help, especially Ran's. Since most of the Omegas that were admitted to the Omega Clinic were abuse cases, mostly by older Alphas, and having a younger and gentle Alpha actually helping out at the clinic would be good for the mental healing (Ran, of course, can't actually be next to any of the Omegas, but having her being seen helping out works just as well).

Genta and Mitsuhiko pretty much got on Conan's case about not being a bad Alpha who hurts Omegas when he gets older. "Oh, come on you two! Do you really think I would purposely hurt someone like that?" Shinichi/Conan said with a huff, a bit annoyed that those two would even think such a thing. Shinichi has seen enough of Omegas being mistreated to make him not want to add to that. Even if it WAS Technically Against the Law to abuse an Omega. But it was more of a moral sense not to do it that really stuck in the mind of the young genius detective.

With that Shinichi/Conan decided to go outside, to clear his mind and to take his mask off for a bit. Maybe it was because he was a bit aggravated, or that the mask might have been a bit too thick, but Shinichi was finding it a bit hard to breathe.


Once Shinichi/Conan found a nice garden area on the side of the Omega Clinic, he sat down on the steps, took off his mask and took a deep breath.

"You do know they mean well," Ai told Shinichi as she joined him on the steps. "Yeah, I get that, but it was how they said it that made it sound like they were assuming that I would actually do something like that," Shinichi said with a sigh. Not all Alphas were bad, but all those Omegas with injuries from Alphas... It just makes it hard to get rid of that stigma.

"I can understand their concerns though," Ai said softly, before saying "Gin is an Alpha, a strong Alpha." Shinichi gave a look that said, "Somehow, I'd figure that." Ai took a deep breath and said "Whenever he wanted to make a point, he'd release his pheromones... And... It was.... Very powerful... Even the other Alphas obey when he did that." Shinichi has heard of those kinds of Alphas, but he never thought they were real. And Ai was never one to lie. Keeping certain information to herself, yes. Lieing, no. Shinichi glanced at Ai, who was shaking. It was obvious that what she was about to tell him was a bad memory.

<> Flashback <>

Sherry (Ai's codename during her time at the Black Organization) was walking towards her lab, keeping her routine.

"Why the fucking hell should go along with that plan?" Sherry heard someone close by shouted. She peered around the corner to see what was this fight about.

From what Sherry could tell, a group of Black Organization members were gathered (Gin and Vodka in the group), probably for a mission, and one of those members was obviously not thrilled.

Gin lit a cigarette before saying calmly "The target's an Alpha an will easily be able to smell another Alpha nearby, especially if it's an unknown Alpha. Hence why Chianti will make the shot. She's a Beta and doesn't give off much of a scent." The annoyed BO growled and snapped "But this involves a close shot! Chianti's an amazing sniper, but her close-range shooting's terrible!"

Chianti snapped an "OI!"

Gin gave the annoyed BO a cold look and stated in that same tone "Her close range is fine. She will be able to make the shot in one try without drawing attention to herself, thus completing the mission perfectly. Unlike you." The BO member growled out an "I'm perfectly capable of completing the mission!"

Gin puffed out a bit of smoke before saying "You can't control your phenomenon. You'll give yourself away the moment you take aim." The BO member was furious, releasing his pheromones, and snapped "I can control them just fine!" Sherry wrinkled her nose at the smell, to her it reeked. The others in the group backed away a bit to distance themselves from the aggravated Alpha. Chianti took three steps back while Vodka backed towards Gin, who made no movement.

With a smirk, Gin said "You call that display "Control"?"

A tsunami of a powerful Alpha pheromone washed away the smell that was already in the air.

Everyone just froze, Sherry included.

The scientist could feel the sweat of arousal trickle down her neck and felt the underwear she wore become moist as her womanhood started pulsing. All because of this overwhelming display of pheromones. And it seemed to be coming from Gin.

With a sinister smirk, Gin said "Being able to weld this kind of pheromones is "Control". But compared to yours, I might as well be comparing a newborn kitten to a full-grown tiger."

The once annoyed BO Alpha dropped to his knees, eyes widen, a tent formed in his slacks, and a wet stain formed over his crotch.

"Any more complaints about the plan?" Gin asked, retracting the pheromones a bit.

<> End Flashback <>

'Yikes, Gin's worse than I thought,' Shinichi thought with a shiver.

Shinichi took another deep breath and said: "The flowers here smell nice." It was true, the flowers did have a very pleasant scent. That Ai could agree to.

<> The Next Day <>

The Detective Boy was back at the Omega Clinic, helping out again. There were more Omegas today, about 80% of them were just here for their monthly checkups. That was a big relief for the children. So now they were making sure that all of the doctors had enough supplies for all of the checkups.

Shinichi/Conan went to get some of the small plastic tubes for the blood work when he smelt something sweet. 'Odd? I'm wearing a mask, I shouldn't be able to smell anything,' Shinichi thought as the sweet smell seemed to fill his nostrils. 'Something about this scent just...' Shinichi thought before his mind went blank.


"OI! Conan!" Genta said, looking around for the boy in question. After all, one of the doctors needs more of the tubes for blood, and Conan hasn't returned with them. Mitsuhiko arrived at told Genta that he couldn't find the glasses wearing boy. Ayumi second that motion. Ai and Ran just gave each other a look.

"Are you looking for your little Alpha friend?" An Omega asked the group of children and teenager, before adding "I saw him go in that direction," pointing down the corridor that Conan went down. The Omega then said "He looked a bit dazed as he walked. I'm not sure if his mask was on right, but I think maybe all the pheromones might have been getting to him."

"He still should have said something if he was going out for air," Genta stated, arms folded in annoyance.

For some reason, Ai and Ran weren't sure about that.


Shinichi continued to walk down the corridor, still dazed and still following that sweet scent. He just couldn't resist this scent, he had to follow it! He still had his mind, but his body just followed the smell.

'What's going on? My mask is on right and it's thick enough... So I shouldn't be able to smell anything...' Shinichi thought to himself as his body kept following the smell. The shrunken Alpha then thought 'Is the scent that strong?'

The irritable scent led Shinichi to a closed patient room.

He opened it and walked in. He took a few steps towards the source of the scent.

When Shinichi regain his senses, his eyes widened in shock.

'Why-' Shinichi thought before someone walked in and snapped "What are you doing here?!"


To be continued...


1)) Hakase is basically a Japanese honorific for someone who is a doctor or has a doctorate.