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Overall Gender and Sexuality of AO3 Users

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This chart shows the combined gender and sexuality categories for the respondents to the survey. Due to low numbers, two categories combine multiple sexualities: “heterosexual or homosexual non-binary people” and “men”.

The division of the chart is as follows: 32.3% heterosexual women, 29.8% bi-/pansexual women, 3.6% homosexual women, 6.0% asexual women, 12.9% women of other sexualities, 5.3% bi-/pansexual non-binary people, 1.0% hetero- or homosexual non-binary people, 2.1% asexual non-binary people, 3.2% non-binary people of other sexualities, 3.0% men and 0.9% non-respondents to one or both questions.