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Titans/YJ Oneshots

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"Go ahead. Leave me; that's what everyone else does." She said bitterly and looked down at the hardwood, gesturing to the door as a tear slid down her face.

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"You can turn into animals, big deal! I'm part dragon!" The dragon girl growled at the shapeshifter, eyes glowing, angry at his upstaging of her on the mission. "A dragon?! Really?! Just because you can breathe fire doesn't make you a dragon! I've never even seen you fly!" The green changeling glared, she was pretty, but it doesn't make her a dragon. "Seems like you wanna fight green bean!" Lunging at him, she tackled him to the ground, pinning him to the ground. Hovering over him she smirked, “Let’s take this outside, shall we?” “What’s that supposed to mean?” She laughed “You wanna see me fly? Well I’ll let you see it first hand!”