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egg tarts

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The smell of coffee and cinnamon floated around the two sisters as they drank.

“I’m ruined Sonyaaaa. I will never recover! I’m broken foreverrrrr~”
“This all could have been avoided if you listened to me but ok...” mumbled Sonya, checking her feed.
“Gah! You don’t understand! I’m heartbrok-“

She gaped as she took in the beautiful specimen. They were quiet, still and pale, as if they were scared half to death by the prospect of being noticed. They were tense, flat against the wall as if that would help them blend in. They were perfect.

“Why are you staring at the notice about the coffee machine being down like it’s a hot dude at a bar?”

Natasha ignored Sonya favor of gazing at the piece of paper.

Their font was soft spoken and elongated, and the color was off white, comforting Natasha with the color like it was an old blanket.

“I must have them.”
“The iced coffee orrr...?”
“The paper.”

Sonya stared at her. After a few seconds, she just put her head into her hands and screamed.

“I crave death in all its forms, I crave death in all its forms, i crave death in all its-“

Natasha sighed as she forlornly watched her true love.
Someday, they would be hers.