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Always In My Mind

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It's 5:32am. Kenzie has got up early, like every other morning.


She has a smile, walking into the bathroom.


She starts taking a warm shower, letting the water run down her white skin and soft body.




Meanwhile, Berry was just waking up to his alarm, dropping his phone on the floor after it had rang.

- “Five more minutes..” He mumbled and hugged his pillow.

At his haze of sleep, he could hear his automated coffee machine turn on. He should clean that thing eventually. His morning coffee started tasting like shit.



Kenzie gets out after 20 minutes of being in there.


She still had time since it was only six o'clock now so, she started watching cartoons. One of her favorites, Scooby Doo Where Are You?




Berry was waking up to his fifth ‘5 minutes’, whining and muttering to himself. He found his usual clothes tiredly and went to get his morning coffee. He found yesterday’s newspaper, starting to read the titles while drinking his coffee.




Kenzie started drying herself off with the towel she had on, putting it in the dirty clothing bin after.


She puts on her clothes and brushes her hair while humming.


She is wearing a black long sleeved sweater with a red plaid skirt, long black socks that reach to her knees and black converse.


Kenzie looked at herself in the tall mirror that was on her wall.


"I hope they like this outfit." she said


She always loves her friends saying things about her outfits. They sometimes give compliments too.


She especially loves when Lamar says something to her. She smiles at the thought.


Kenzie smiled again, looking into her own hazel eyes.




Berry was wearing a black tanktop and black skinny jeans along with regular black sneakers. He had a blue jeans jacket and a grey beanie on too. His hair had started to grow faster than he thought and it needed trimming. So he decided to cover his messy hair with the beanie.

Then, he left his apartment, walking to the bus stop.




Kenzie drinks some strawberry milk then, she eats a few pieces of bacon, wiping her mouth after.


After that, she walked out the door. Her house was two blocks away from the highschool so, she decided to walk.


She got there first, before her friends.




Berry got off the bus and was looking for his friend, Kenzie. He was squinting at his phone, trying to make something out of his schedule. He still had difficulties with it.




Kenzie walked to where her math teacher, Mr. De Santa usually was.


She looked at him with a kind smile, walking over. She takes some papers out of her bookbag, giving them to him. It was her math homework, she had already done. She knew all the answers were correct, tho loves when her teachers give her praise.


"Mr. De Santa, I got the homework done early, if you wanna look at it." she said to him.


Michael was tapping his fingers against the corner of his desk, already waiting for his first cigarette break. He looked up to Kenzie, taking the papers with a hum.

- “Alright, let’s do so as you’re this early.” he said and began to check the papers. Michael seemed impressed, humming while he quickly glanced the papers through, not really paying too much attention to the longer ones.


- “Now this is effort right here.” Michael tapped the papers before putting them on the side. He looked back to Kenzie with a smile.

Berry remembered that Kenzie had math with Mr. De Santa as one of her classes and he made his way to her.

- “Kenzie..” Berry whined and shoved his phone to her.

- “Where’s my class? I can’t read shit from this schedule..” He muttered.


Kenzie smiled at her teacher. "Thank you, Mr. De Santa."


She looked at Berry then, at his schedule.


"It says that you have Mr. Philips, first period PE. Let's go, I'II take you." she also said, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of there.


Berry shrugged a bit and let Kenzie guide him to his class. 

- “You mean that slave driver? He’s pure evil when it comes to PE..” Berry grinned, though he meant it. Being the shortest guy of his class, he didn’t get any special treatment, vice versa. And he wasn’t in his greatest strength either, he hated PE.


Kenzie laughed a little bit. "Mr. Philips isn't that bad. I like him." she said back to her male friend.

She pushed him into the boys locker room and then, walked away.