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Teen Beasts

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This is not the first chapter but more a preface and summary of what's to come. The first official chapter will be posted on December 21, both the longest night of the year which just happens to be roughly the full moon this year. The perfect setting for this story I believe.

Since this season's story was so large that it took two parts to tell it, this story will be also split into two parts. Emotionally, the first part was where everything fell apart for the pack and the second part was everyone handling the aftermath. All on top of the enemies that they were facing. Yet, the ending won't be as neat and simple for everyone. If you've been reading my new Bestiary set, you might have an idea what is to come, especially for our wolfy brothers Scott and Stiles.

Also, we will see a side adventure for Derek, Cora and her new son Jason. Danger looms for them as they deal with the Alpha Oscar and his growing appetite for power. As he begins to try building his pack's power, his gaze begins to loom on the Hales. In the process of trying to protect themselves and baby Jason, Derek and Cora start to unravel more about Deucalion's past ambitions and find that it has ties to their father's death.

There will be characters we all know and some new original ones that we haven't seen yet or have already caught glimpses of before.

Roshon Fegan as Virgil Edelman

The former "bad boy criminal" and street gang guy of Beacon Hills High that everyone avoided because of rumors surrounding his past when he moved there over two years previously. Now graduated and alone, he finds himself feeling stuck in a dead end rut as a mechanic in a garage run by a jerk, in this small town that he feels he's stuck in for the rest of his life.  However, he has more depth than he would admit as well as some other hidden talent he himself isn't aware. And fate might come to see it either destroyed or realized one fateful full moon.

Jamie Dornan as Oscar 

The Alpha of the 'Pawshroud' Pack. Oscar has worked on establishing his position as the strongest and fiercest Alpha in the northeastern United States. Yet, he has started to have thoughts about extending that power to cover a much wider range. Oscar has begun to swell his pack starting with turning strong people, ones he sees built for war. He seeks to now have dominion over the whole eastern seaboard, and perhaps even be the reigning werewolf in the country. He feels that Cora Hale and her son may be the key to having all the power he needs to make that a reality and he won't let anything or anyone stop him. At first, his ambition could be chalked up to greed and lust for power but there might be a deeper meaning behind his desire. 

Ryan Guzman as Charlie Harris

Charlie is the among the newest people bitten by Oscar and inducted into his pack in his efforts to bolster its numbers. He is adjusting to this new change in his life though he is not too fond with his new Alpha and his tactics. As Charlie was in the army, he is used to dealing with hard asses. He is preparing for what Oscar says are hard times ahead and is ready for the war he predicts is going to be upon them all and he is resolved to help protect his new comrades and pack like a good soldier should. Yet, when Oscar starts to steer the pack in a shady direction, he wonders if he is going to be on the right side of this oncoming war.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Wilson Grant

He serves as the Second of Satomi's pack and works as a security officer over at Devonford Preparatory. Wilson was the first one to be bitten and turned by Satomi after she turned to Buddhism.  He is trusted and has the full respect from the members of his pack as well as both Stiles and Liam. While he believes in peace, he doesn't support pacifism as he is of the opinion that preaching for and making peace is useless unless you have the ability and resolve to keep it; especially given the events of the Deadpool. Loyal to Satomi, his pack, and fond of the ones who helped save them, he will do whatever it takes when trouble begins to brew for them all.

I hope you will like the story I have planned and I can't wait to hear your thoughts about what you hope to see and your predictions.