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Klance One-shots (mostly fluff and angst)

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"Guys! Guys!" Lance races into the training room, where Shiro, Pidge, and Keith were discussing keiths training schedule and, the healthiest way to go about it.

"What is it Lance?" Pidge asked with a sigh. "Well I was super bored, and so I asked Hunk what I should do." He paused to catch his breath, "and so he told me too mess around with some of his left over ingredients. So I did and, after about an hour of mix-matching ingredients I have made a marvelous discovery!"

"And what is it?" Keith said acting kinda moody.

"Nunvil helps make touchable bubbles! I even made a bubble wand for it!"

Then there was a silence which was broken by Keith not long after it began.

"Wait, bubbles?!" Keith practically screamed, "I fucking love bubbles!"

"Whoa Keith, did not take you for a bubble guy." Pidge spoke softly.

Shiro sighed, shaking his head. "Keith had like a addiction when he was little. It got so bad I stopped buying them for him."

Lance was becoming a bit concerned. "What?"

"I also had to forbid them from ever entering my property."




Shiro just began walking quickly out of the room, speaking quietly under his breath he said "I need a break."

"So anyone wanna mess around with me and my bubbles?" Lance turned to the two paladins left, trying his best to avoid the previous outbursts.

"Hell. Fucking. Yeah."

"No fucking way."

"Okay then Pidge, your loss." He shooed Pidge out of the room and opened the bubbles.

"So why do you love bubbles so much Keith?" And Lance was honestly very curious.

"Well for one there very pretty, The can only be touched without popping under certain conditions, and there entertaining." Keith spoke like it was obvious thing, and Lance tried his best to ignore it.

Lance blew the first few bubbles. It flew into the air and both boys were quiet as they watched each one finally pop.  

Lance blew again, but in Keiths direction this time. A couple landed in Keiths hair and Lance laughed at how cute it was, and about how gay that sounded, which made Keith mildly confused why, until Lance reached over to pop the bubbles.

"Why is your eyes so pretty?" Lance had seriously asked, which in turn made Keith blush. "Stop being so pretty. You're not even trying"

Keith laughed, blushing more now. "I'm not pretty."

"Anyone who saw you would disagree."

Why they didn't speak almost the whole time they were blowing and popping bubbles neither of them quite knew, but it was nice. They felt like they were finally hanging out together and not aruging the whole entire time they did was kind of refreshing.

"Lance?" Keith had asked.


"I love bubbles, because they can be therapeutic." Keith sighed, "After Shiro had brought me in and took me to the Garrison. It was kind of stressful trying to do my best at the school he had been so popular at. People loved him." Keith turned to make eye contact with Lance. "Bubbles could be admired by everyone and still be able to be fragile and, break apart in front of people."

Lance scooted closer to Keith wrapping his arm around Keith. "That's a good reason." They both smiled. "Sorry about the rivalry thing. You didn't even want to be apart of my drama, and i'm sorry for putting that kind of stress on you."

"It's fine." Keith leaned in closer, "You couldn't have known. I kept that stuff away from everyone so nobody would have known, especially you."

"I-I guess, that I just want you too know that I care about you. I would never try to stress on you."

"Again, don't sweat it." Keith paused taking in a breath. "I care about you too, the team would fall apart without you, and I guess that would mean me too."

And so they stayed their leaning against each other, blowing bubbles.

Lance had looked at Keith for the most part. Seeing Keith fascinated by such little things was weird, but, also a bit adorable. Lance found that out pretty fast. Lance also loved how Keith could be so nice when he gave him a break. So Lance stared at Keith, who was enjoying Lances presence, and the calming sensation Lance had been giving him. Keith loved that they could talk without talking in a way. They seemed to understand what each other was thinking by just making eyes contact. Both the boys had found a way to finally get along. And were found the next morning, in the training room cuddled up fast asleep.

And it seemed kinda of funny to their friends. 

Who knew these boys would finally fall in love with the help of bubbles.



Word count: 822