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Slight Manifestations Of Denial And Idiocracy

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Victor lounged idly in one of his family estate's grander drawing rooms, seemingly content to merely enjoy the soft tune of the piano as he ignored everything other than himself. In reality he was quite far from content — he could barely even hear the graceful notes of the piano or see the beta dutifully playing it. Instead, all he could think about, all he could hear or see were the words of a single letter plaguing him as his life flashed threateningly before his eyes.

He was Earl Victor Nikiforov, official heir apparent to Duke Feltsman as his not quite as official son — technically he was a bastard from Yakov’s long dead sister. It wasn't common knowledge amongst most and those who did know of it knew to not bring it up during afternoon tea if they wanted to keep Victor's favor. And they all did.

Victor was one of the most, if not the most, coveted bachelor alphas amongst the upper class of the country, including the royalty thanks to Yakov's lineage. On top of his impressive title, Victor was also blessed with his omega mother's more than average beauty while his built supposedly matched the alpha sire who'd left her — making him much more desirable than the scrawny green boys calling themselves alphas or the fattened old men looking for much younger brides to pop out a new round of children in order to boost their egos and status. The combination of Victor's looks, charm, money and ties to the royal family (the King himself favoured Victor like an uncle) made him the perfect wet dream of every and all omegas in town, as well as the respectable goal for all the doting mamas and alpha sires looking to marry their daughters or sons off to a higher status and wealth.

Not that Victor much cared for any of them longer than for brief amusements when he started to feel too numbed to fake smiles anymore. And that's why Victor remained shockingly unmated, unwed and without a single child of his own even at twenty-seven. He was truly convinced he was better off this way.

That was what he had thought anyway, before the words that threw him into a days long, and counting, loop of forced reflection on his life choices. What he had thought previously and what any of the simpering mamas or power hungry old men thought of him all seemed rather irrelevant at the moment.

Victor had tried his best to distract himself from these feeling, avoided them for days and days now but still his eyes wandered periodically to the letter that had successfully haunted his awake mind without stop since it had arrived unexpectedly over a fortnight ago.

The two pages of it laid crumbled on the table next to him, read more times than Victor would care to admit, and still left unanswered to its sender.

Out of habit born from dealing with liars and gold diggers for years, Victor wanted to question the words that looked so much like the truth on the scruffy paper. He had read them over and over, shaking his head and convincing himself they were lies as he ignored the slight tingle of something akin guilt tickling his chest.

With every time Victor finished reading it, looking at the looping signature at the bottom, the feeling got worse — it scratched his chest, squeezed his throat and tied his tongue until he had no choice but to silently read the words again from the start. But not once did he pick up a pen to write back, no matter how the idea haunted him. And not once did he open his mouth about the letter, or its content, after receiving it from the servant on duty the day it arrived. Not even to his best friend, Lord Giacometti, or his parents, dear lord not to his parents, had Victor said a word to.

And he didn't plan to, not until he knew what he should do…

Not because he was scared but because he could convince himself to be doubtful. He did have a good reason to question the omega’s candor — surely the words he had so gracefully inked to his letter despite the paper’s poor quality and the stains on it resembling tear drops could not be truthful.

Because surely , Victor had not gotten him pregnant. They were together but for a single night after all.

Lady Okukawa held nothing back when it came to her famous parties — no money was saved on entertainment, music, food, anything . She had a reputation to uphold after all as the former prima ballerina and upper class socialite. And, at least so she claimed, if a little champagne and dancing would help to catch a suitable husband for Yuuri as her ward, it was her duty to make sure the alcohol kept flowing and the music playing.

Yuuri himself, in all honesty, doubted that any level shy from an all-out royal gala attended by the King himself would help him in the regards of catching a respectable husband. Come think of it, the mere presence of the King anywhere near his proximity would most definitely make Yuuri's situation much worse rather than helping thanks to his anxious nature.

In all of these events held by Lady Minako Yuuri always, without fail, felt like he simultaneously stuck out like a sore thumb and was incredibly enough, completely invisible. In addition to struggling with that particular combination of awkward, the sheer presence of anyone with a title never failed to make Yuuri lose his wavering composure, his twenty years of dancer's grace as well as his tongue.

Yuuri was positive Lady Minako as well would any day now realise all his shortcomings and give up on finding him the non-existent match, sending him back home to Japan to be an old maid. Yuuri had long accepted it as an inevitable and so he didn't even try to fight his instincts when they told him to hung to the side of the banquet hall and try his best to blend in with the wall.

Yuuri frowned into his drink as he took a sip of the golden liquid, surveying the other guest over the edge of the glass. This party, just like all of Lady Minako's, was impressively packet with anyone who was anyone — all of them enjoying the fully decorated hall of Lady Minako's Lord husband's town house as they littered around, gossiping, getting sloshed and hunting for a match for themselves, their daughters, sons or even for an occasional niece.

To Yuuri's everlasting torture, anyone who was anyone most definitely contained one oh so handsome and wayward Earl Victor Nikiforov, who Yuuri definitely did not have a crush on. Not that he could be blamed if he did (he didn't!) as the stunning alpha was not only gorgeous but an heir to Duke Feltsman’s vast lands and rulings as well, making it so that nearly every young omega had their eye on him while their mamas held no means back to set a match.

Yuuri however held no illusions of ever catching the interest of someone like Earl Nikiforov, who even in looks was already completely out of Yuuri's league. And if Yuuri sometimes forgot it, the fact that the man was technically actual royalty always helped to crash him back down to earth. That and the humiliating reality that the Earl had successfully and effectively ignored Yuuri in every single event in the past year, refusing Lady Minako's many attempts to have him take a spot on Yuuri's dance card.

Why she even bothered to keep trying was a mystery to Yuuri. (She clearly was mistaken on assuming Yuuri had a crush on the Earl, because he did not. Certainly not.) Even if Lady Minako couldn't seem to understand the patent disinterest in someone like Yuuri, Yuuri didn't expect anything else. He barely deserved to be there amongst the crowd if it wasn't for Lady Minako's kindness (and pity most likely) — he really was merely a middle class omega with passable ballet form and a couple years too many on his age.

Even dressed up as he was, there were still so many more beautiful and proper omegas here to choose from, Yuuri could not hold a candle to them.

Lady Minako had dressed him in a fine blue gown that was way too tight, in Yuuri's opinion, to be appropriate. Even the neckline was scandalously low instead of the higher cut currently favoured by the upper class ladies. Yuuri's unmarked neck was covered merely by a thinnest piece of simple lace, the ribbon working as a collar of sorts thanks to his gown not covering his glands. Neither did it cover his unfortunately erect nipples that felt like they might bob out of his bustier any moment now in the chilly ballroom.

Yuuri kept to himself for the first half of the party, nursing his glass of champagne, and then a second one until he was forced to try and socialise during the dinner course. Mostly he received nothing but cold shoulder and mocking smirks. On the few occasions someone actually did approach him, they either excused themselves as soon as Yuuri's lack of a dowry was revealed or stuck around only to prove Yuuri right about his fear of being dressed inappropriately. The lustful leers and suggestive comments served to push him back to hugging the wall once dinner ended.

Determined not to bail though and upset his host, Yuuri settled on drowning a few glasses after a few glasses of the champagne being constantly served and soon he could already feel himself lifting in spirits. It was perhaps bad form to drink so gallantly while supposedly trying to attract a husband but it eased his fraying nerves and made him less self-conscious about his exposed body.

Drinking so freely also made the frown slip from his face when he surveyed the dancing guests, some of them obviously having enjoyed the liquors just as much as him.

Yuuri hummed almost happily along with the small orchestra, swaying a little in halted dance. He let himself look at the people around him more closely; someone had a rather obviously drawn on beauty spot on their lip, one alpha had chosen his dress shirt a size too small, another one was tracking a fresh faced omega girl with their eyes, someone had ice blue eyes that pierced through the crowd and pointed straight at Yuuri.


Yuuri froze with his glass midway to his lips.

It took a moment for Yuuri's mind and body to catch up with the fact that he knew those blue eyes and exactly to whom they belonged to. While Earl Nikiforov held his gaze hostage with his intense stare, Yuuri felt his face and neck flush hot and most likely redder than Lady Minako's prized roses.

To Yuuri's utter humiliation, when the Earl finally freed Yuuri from his gaze, it was to run his eyes over the omega's scarcely dressed form. His eyes lingered on Yuuri's hips and nearly exposed chest. His gaze was hot and rather obviously assessing, but unlike before with the other zealous alphas, Yuuri felt himself shameful responding to the lustful appreciation.

He flushed impossibly hotter and instead of anger and disgust, Yuuri grew wet in his small clothes.

The first slick slide of his own embarrassing arousal in the very inappropriate setting for it was finally enough to startle Yuuri out of his frozen state, making him almost drop his half full glass as his mind cleared.

Oh no.

Oh no.

Yuuri forced his eyes away from Earl Nikiforov and hastily whipped around to put his champagne flute away before he really did let it slip from his shaking hands. Once the Earl was truly out of his line of sight, Yuuri didn't try to fight his mind’s insistence about running away but let it guide his feet into the opposite direction from the alpha.

With his whole body on fire and cheeks redder than any misfortunate application of rouge could give him, Yuuri navigated himself awkwardly through the crowd lingering on the outskirts of the dance floor. He desperately hoped he would disappear in the hubbub of the other ladies and gentlemen. And dear lord, he hoped no-one could actually smell the evidence of his shameful reaction towards Earl Nikiforov.

Yuuri pushed forward, looping between the crowds of guests with as much grace as he could after more than six flutes of champagne. When he was finally almost to the other side of the hall, he turned to look back, trying to see if he could still catch silver hair amongst the blondes and browns. In his haste, and because he failed to actually stop moving when he looked behind his back, Yuuri couldn't see the body he hit before he was already running straight into their arms as they turned.

“Oh!” Yuuri huffed embarrassed before trying to discreetly straighten himself up from leaning on the stranger while also self-consciously checking to see if his gown still held in place to cover what little was left of his modesty.

“Ah, Miss Katsuki!” The voice belonging to the body exclaimed as they helped Yuuri upright politely, sounding surprisingly ecstatic about the impromptu clash rather than insulted. And familiar.

Yuuri looked up to meet the smiling face of Lord Giacometti and blushed further. Ah, not a stranger then.

Lord Giacometti smiled on, seemingly unbothered by Yuuri's lack of poise, “How delightful to catch you here, you've been as elusive as ever, much to my disappointment, and many other gentlemen’s, I'm sure.” The alpha lord threw a trademark wink at Yuuri at the suggestion before adding on, “I must admit I've missed seeing you at Lady Okukawa's classes lately, a shame really she chose to focus on you separately, not that you don't deserve it. You just do look so exquisite in your dance ensemble it tears my heart not to witness it any longer, if you don't mind my saying so.”

Ah… Yuuri hummed in part amusement, part embarrassment. Lord Giacometti certainly wasn't quite like the other alpha gentlemen of the town, as Yuuri had quickly come to know during the brief time they attended the same dance class organized by Lady Minako. (Practicing ballet at one’s own pleasure was in itself considered highly unorthodox for an alpha but Lord Giacometti hadn't seemed to mind.)

Lord Giacometti was notoriously forward with anyone he liked, romantically or otherwise, but harmless with his winks and suggestions, never actually going further than making Yuuri highly embarrassed and flushed in the cheeks. And at the moment he really wasn't the alpha Yuuri was concerned about.

Anxious, Yuuri tried to discreetly look around them again while also politely nodding along with whatever Lord Giacometti was telling him. To be completely honest, Yuuri really wasn't sure what he hoped to accomplish by looking for the Earl between the crowd — was he hoping the alpha had moved his focus on someone much more appealing or did he actually wish… no . It was definitely much better if the Earl lost all of his sudden interest towards Yuuri after the shameful display he'd made of himself from just a single look.

(Those pesky not-a-crush-like feelings throbbing in Yuuri's chest, and somewhere a little lower, were just so difficult to deny when the Earl had looked at him with such a burning heat it was surely enough to get even him, a virgin omega, pregnant.)

Before Yuuri could get carried away with that peculiar, embarrassing fantasy, Lord Giacometti laughed boisterously next to him and snapped him out of it.

“Miss Katsuki, please, no need to be so formal,” he said in response to whatever, apparently formal, face Yuuri had been giving while lost inside his own head. “This a party, no? Could I interest you in a dance for old times sake now that you have already so eagerly ran to my arms? If your card permits it of course,” Lord Giacometti offered good naturally, if with a smitch of mischief at the mention of Yuuri's earlier faux pa.

Yuuri looked at the offered hand, hesitating only for a moment — his dance card, truth to be told, very much permitted an unarranged dance or two, or five… And since Yuuri did quite enjoy dancing ballroom… And Lord Giacometti was consistently one of the few beau monde who actually treated him better than air or something to sneer at. Even if he replaced the behavior with frequent flirtation.

And, most pressingly, it wouldn't exactly do for Yuuri to refuse the man so above him in station, especially with some of the other lords and ladies eyeing them with vague interest.

Giving Lord Giacometti a shy smile, Yuuri placed his own hand on the offered larger one, suddenly happy about

the copious amounts of champagne he'd drank earlier that were now giving him the courage to be led to the dance floor. With the liquid encouragement coursing through his veins, and with Earl Nikiforov put off from his mind for the moment, Yuuri found he was actually quite keen to have a twirl at least once tonight.

Other couples were already swaying and turning with the music as they joined them in the centre of the banquet hall. Lord Giacometti took lead with practiced grace and instantly found their rhythm even mid set. Only complaint Yuuri could have was that the Lord perhaps held him a tad closer by his waist than was strictly necessary by proper etiquette, but even that was fine too. Despite all the time Lord Giacometti had spent complimenting him during their classes together and the flirtatious manner he adopted whenever they saw each other, Yuuri knew the alpha wasn't actually interested in something as boring as his virginity.

Lord Giacometti broke their comfortable silence after a while, smiling down at Yuuri as they kept up with the upbeat dance. “You certainly are as talented partner as I remember, even without your dance garb,” the Lord winked, making Yuuri blush again now that the previous color had finally been going down.

Before Yuuri could respond one way or another, Lord Giacometti continued, looking slightly wistful as he trained his eyes somewhere over Yuuri's shoulder. ”I fear you might outshine everyone else on this floor, myself included.”

Yuuri tried to spot what was making the Lord so serious all the sudden but couldn't turn the right way before Lord Giacometti spoke again, this time the ends of his lips tugging up again with his usual jubilant attitude.

“I see Earl Nikiforov certainly seems to think so, his eyes have hardly strayed from you since we set foot on the dance floor.”

Yuuri gasped, whipping his head around to look where the Lord was pointing to with his eyes. And surely enough, just as Lord Giacometti said, Earl Nikiforov was easily spotted standing just at the edge of the dance floor, his gaze intensely following Yuuri and Lord Giacometti’s movements.

Just as quickly as he had whipped around to look, Yuuri turned away, face positively on fire and all his grace forgotten for the rest of the song. He barely managed not to stumble or step on Lord Giacometti's toes until the orchestra finally played the last note. No sooner than that did Yuuri separate himself from his partner and curtsy so fast he almost tripped on his skits as he already turned to flee, muttering something about needing air.

Yuuri quickly found his escape to one of the many outdoor balconies leading away from the banquet room. He practically hurled himself against the iron railing, a voice somewhere in his mind telling him that it might not be the best idea to go running towards the open air and three story fall while intoxicated. That voice was drowned out by a much louder internal screaming. And by the blood rushing through his ears.

His heart was racing in his chest. Why did he do that? Yuuri had been on the receiving end of alphas’ attention before, granted, not often, but he had, and never before had he reacted in this manner — getting aroused and then panicking. What was that?

Yuuri pried his white knuckled hands from the cold railing and pressed them against his chest, not caring about the chill on his bare skin. Maybe if he pressed hard enough he could just force the rapid beating of his heart to still.

Yuuri's breath painted white clouds in the cool night air when he breathed, the cold actually getting slightly numbing. Numb was good though, he thought, numb wasn't the strange tingle beneath his skin that felt like someone had poured hot lava right to his core.

“My, won't a Lady such as yourself grow chilly out here dressed so rather lightly .”

And suddenly Yuuri wasn't cold anymore.

A shudder tore through Yuuri's spine at the sudden deep voice behind him. If the voice speaking and startling Yuuri hadn't broken the silence of the night air, the gasp that escaped Yuuri's lungs as he whipped around in a flare of his skirt would have.

Earl Victor Nikiforov stared at Yuuri with a tiny smile on his lips, looking like he'd just materialised there out of thin air to torture Yuuri's poor heart and fraying nerves.

Yuuri stared back silently. And stared. And stared.

Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, when the Earl received no other response but the initial shocked breath from Yuuri, he spoke again, this time his face torn somewhere between exasperation and amusement.

“Earl Victor Nikiforov, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I don't believe I've had the honor before,” the Earl smoothly introduced himself, voice dripping with sugary charm as he bowed a quarter of an inch in a proper, formal, alpha greeting.

Yuuri watched the Earl bow, eyes flicking over his perfectly styled silver hair and the slightly thinner spot of it around the swirl. For some reason, unlike any of the other numerous times Yuuri had been in the receiving end of this particular greeting, this time watching Earl Nikiforov perform it so smoothly irritated Yuuri. He huffed, perhaps slightly petulantly and pursed his lips.

Here Yuuri was, admittedly having been tracking the alpha with his eyes for a year now in admiration, only for him to get an impersonal alpha greeting and little more than a 'nice to know you’. That might have been fine a year ago when Lady Minako hosted Yuuri's debut to the society but not now after countless parties and even some afternoon calls spent in each other's vicinity.

“Not for any fault but your own, my Lord,” Yuuri shot back with a pout of foolish courage and topped it off with a stiff omega curtsy, ankles crossed, wrists exposed and head down. He kept his eyes on the alpha all through it though, momentarily even forgetting about his risky cleavage and how bending forwards might affect it.

A light rush of color seeped onto the alpha’s skin.

Seeing that Yuuri managed to make the Earl blush, however lightly, with his words brought Yuuri a rush of twisted satisfaction. He didn't get to enjoy the alpha’s reaction for long though, as as soon as his facade had cracked, it was put up again in the form of a pleased smirk — like Yuuri's little act of defiance was exactly what he was hoping for.

“Ah, yes, my apologies, Miss,” Earl Nikiforov smiled, pearly white canines glinting at Yuuri. “I must be a right fool to have missed your lovely company before.”

Yuuri squinted, he wasn't sure if the Earl was actually apologising or making a jab at his manners. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

“I'd definitely say so, my Lord.”

There was a beat of silence between them. It was only softened by the muted echo of the orchestra still playing beyond the balcony doors. Finally, after a second too long for Yuuri's nerves, delighted laughter bubbled up and filled the air. Earl Nikiforov's laughter rumbled out freely and loudly, the sound of it much more appealing than any music Yuuri had heard.

Yuuri swallowed.

Yuuri had heard the Earl laugh before, chuckle in good taste or humm amusedly, but never quite like this. It sounded so… joyful. Heat creeped to Yuuri's cheeks once more.

He swallowed again, trying to work around the feeling in his chest.

When he could finally contain his laughter, the Earl bent over into a bow, a proper, deep bow all the way from his waist, and apologised, the smirk never quite leaving his lips though. “Truly, my greatest apologies, Miss. I shall endeavor never to take my eyes off of your beauty again.” As he spoke, Earl Nikiforov reached for Yuuri's hand, gently lifting it to rest on top of his own.

Even through both their cloves, the moment their fingers brushed together, a spark ran through Yuuri like lightning, putting his nerve endings on edge and his blood flowing even more to his already rosy face.

But instead of simply holding Yuuri's shaking hand or letting it go after the initial contact, the Earl went even further to absolutely ruin Yuuri, bringing Yuuri's hand to his lips and planting a long, searing kiss to his knuckles, never indeed taking his eyes off of Yuuri.

And Yuuri… Yuuri pulsed.

His heart thumped in his chest before exploding into wild beating, like a caged bird desperate to break out of his chest.

And even more pressingly, his sex pulsed, rough and wanting and suddenly so wet again, utterly desperate for the alpha standing in front of him, so close.

Oh no, not again.

“Shall I now get your name as well, or shall I simply find something worthy of your beauty to call you?” Earl Nikiforov smirked, all honey and smolder.

Suddenly Yuuri felt a lot less annoyed and a lot more drunk… on the champagne he'd had and something else. Something tall and handsome and oozing delicious alpha pheromones in front of him. Yuuri shivered despite feeling very, quite hot under his skin and between his legs.

“Ahm… K— Yuuri. Yuuri Katsuki,” Yuuri breathed out.

“Mm, an absolute pleasure,” the alpha purred in answer.

With his mind filled with the scent of pine trees in the winter and the musk Yuuri knew to associate with alphas, a realisation struck. If Yuuri could smell the Earl in the cold night air then surely the alpha could smell him too. Smell his usually fresh cherry blossoms turn more sugary and spicy as strange want grew in him without the excuse of suffering from his quarter yearly heat sickness.

The scents heavy around them, Yuuri couldn't help but to gasp in gulps of air, positively drinking in the combination of cherry blossoms and pines. He licked his lips on instinct, watching the alpha’s eyes fall to track the movement of his tongue.

Never… never had any alpha’s scent intrigued Yuuri so — it left him light-headed and confused. Was the Earl suddenly closer than before? Yuuri wanted him closer, closer in a way that wasn't appropriate, closer in a way he as an unmated omega ought not even know about.

The Earl's lips looked so inviting.

“M—my Lord—”

“Oh, please, you must call me Victor, won't you,” Earl Nikiforov, Victor , smoothly interrupted like his request wasn't completely outrageous and making Yuuri blush from the mere idea of complying.

Despite all his training to stay poised and elegant like a proper danseur, Yuuri fidgeted under the alpha’s gaze, hot and heavy in his own skin.

“I shouldn't…” he whimpered.

The alpha stepped slightly closer still, crowding Yuuri with his body heat and scent until he was firmly caged between the balcony railing and Victor's hard body. Yuuri could feel how under his jacket he was all muscle — he towered over Yuuri in stature.

“I insist,” the Earl said, his breath ghosting over Yuuri's face and making his head spin. “It would be a travesty not to hear my name called from such sweet lips.”

Another, needier, more embarrassing whimper bubbled out from Yuuri's throat and into the chilly night air.


Victor let his breath out in a swoosh, his shoulders relaxing with his breathing as an easy smile spread on his lips — his scent radiated the same want Yuuri could smell on his own, but it was also laced with something else, something darker and heavier, like the scent of hunt .

For a moment Yuuri could feel the alpha’s heart beating just as fast as his own from where they were pressed together. Only for a moment though. All too quickly the previous smirk was back on Victor's face as his eyes shone with intent. His right hand came up slowly, hovering next to Yuuri's cheek for two heart beats, like he wanted to caress it, before he moved it away. Instead the alpha rested his hand lightly on the curve of Yuuri's waist, feeling the light fabric of the gown thoughtfully.

“I must confess, I'm rather in awe of this style of gown you have on, it's much more eye catching than the others here tonight,” Victor smiled, not the relaxed smile from before but much more devilish, filled with sharp canines and conquest. “Are you perhaps trying to start a new fashion statement, I would not be opposed.”

Perhaps it was the spirits he had consumed or the blood actively leaving his head or just the sheer enormity of Victor's presence and scent that made Yuuri lose control of his tongue and mind. Or perhaps the sum of all of those things. Either way, his sex was actively throbbing now and it was very distracting.

And Yuuri couldn't help but to notice how the alpha had yet to take his hands off of him — in fact his both palms were now rubbing slow scorching trails down Yuuri's sides in the most inappropriate manner.

Yes, it was all very distracting.

Like an animal confused after running headfirst into a tree, Yuuri shook his head in an attempt to understand how he got himself into this situation. He could swear his vision was starting to edge onto pink but he knew that wasn't possible, not for unbonded omegas.

Victor raised one perfect eyebrow at Yuuri's continuing silence.

Trying to find his voice, Yuuri spit out the first thing he could think of, “L—Lady Minako chose it, my gown that is, for me.”

Gods above, it was so hard to concentrate. Yuuri had never felt like this. Like he was burning from the inside out but his skin was also on fire wherever Victor so much as grazed him, threatening to burn Yuuri into ashes and leave him bare. Not even his heat sickness when he burned and pulsed and felt so horribly empty had felt this intense.

And now, with the alpha’s touch and his scent surrounding Yuuri, it was easy to imagine the heat. Easy to remember his last bedbound days of burning and imagine the alpha there by his side. He would have replaced the deep ache within Yuuri with himself instead and not stop until he'd fucked the heat out of Yuuri.Until everything would be covered in white. Until Yuuri was p—

“Oh, Lady Okukawa?” Victor smirked, pulling Yuuri to the present before he could lose himself any more into the shameful, wet, indecent fantasies. Expect the current reality Yuuri found himself in was working towards indecent very quickly as well, in fact, considering proper gentlemanly and ladylike conduct, they might as well already be naked and coupling right there on the balcony considering how much proper conduct was being broken here.

“You are her ward, no?” Victor asked, pushing a lock of Yuuri's hair from his eyes.

“Y—yes,” Yuuri dazely answered, “She's an acquaintance of my family so she agreed to take me on as a pupil until I…” Yuuri trailed of, blushing for a different reason this time. He averted his eyes.

“Until you?” Victor probed, same hand that had been in Yuuri's hair moving to turn his head back towards him, fingers putting gentle pressure on his chin.

Yuuri swallowed. “Until I find a respectable match.”

Victor didn't answer right away, instead searched Yuuri's face with his eyes. Finally he hummed thoughtfully, holding Yuuri just slightly tighter against him.

“And you are staying here at her townhouse?”

Yuuri sucked in a breath, “Oh, um yes?”

Victor smirked. “Yuuri, may I call you Yuuri?” he asked, voice low like a secret and Yuuri all but gasped.

Yes, god yes . Yuuri had never heard his name sound so… so… worshipped. Like a moan. Yuuri's eyes flashed pink for certain this time and he was too caught up to even notice. Victor could call him by his given name any time, any place he wanted, as much as he wanted, if he only kept saying it like that always.

Yuuri opened his mouth to tell him as much but managed only a pathetic whimper, almond whining — it seemed to be as much of a yes as the alpha needed though. He ran his hands over Yuuri's sides and back, far enough down to ghost over the omega's bottom. This time Yuuri did gasp out loud.

“Shall we go continue our talk perhaps somewhere slightly more private, Yuuri?”

Yuuri blinked, his heart skipping a beat in his chest. Surely he couldn't possibly mean...


Victor smirked, “Yes, your rooms for example.”


Oh .

Private ...

Of course. They weren't exactly innocently chatting at the balcony right now but Yuuri didn't think the Earl would actually… make such propositions to him before…

Well, before making an official proposal to him.

Yuuri breathed in slowly, and then out, trying to wrap his mind around everything.

He knew sometimes alpha gentleman liked to, um, steal a taste of their intended before the wedding night but still… Yuuri had heard of such arrangements but it wasn't exactly a common conversation topic during afternoon tea so his information was severely lacking on the subject. Was it really more common than he thought?


No. Yuuri shouldn't…

He absolutely shouldn't…

It was a bad idea… A scandal in the makings.

A risk on both their reputations…

He should decline for tonight.

He shouldn't take the alpha's hand in his own shaking one.

He shouldn't lead him quickly through the house while the other guests enjoyed the party downstairs.

He shouldn't unlock the doors to his bedroom.

He shouldn't let the alpha lock them again behind them.

He shouldn't...

But we wanted to.

God did he want to. Yuuri absolutely throbbed with it, ached and pulsed already dripping and absolutely embarrassed under Victor's heated gaze.

Yet, Yuuri couldn't help but to be nervous now that they were alone, truly alone. He was under no illusion that the Earl was as virtuous as him, in fact, Yuuri strongly suspected that the alpha knew very much what he was about. At the age of twenty-seven, Victor did have a bit of reputation as… well, a man of passion, one might kindly put it.

Nothing was ever proved but there were rumours saying the Earl had certainly enjoyed himself during his long travels a few years ago. Yet, no scorned omegas had been found or were there litters of little bastard pups running around either, so nobody knew for sure. And Yuuri certainly had spent enough time admiring the alpha from afar to have noticed if he had ever shown any interest in any of the omegas in town.

He hadn't.

Not until now anyway. (Yuuri still couldn't quite believe it.)

At the moment though, whether Victor had or had not had partners before, it didn't matter because he only had his eyes on Yuuri.

It was almost like a dream.

But even in his dreams, Yuuri's nerves refused to leave him.

He wasn't completely ignorant on what it was that would most likely happen next, of just how his alpha would tumble him, but he still did lack a quite a bit of knowledge in this area. The uncertainty made him anxious.

Victor seemed to see it too, either reading Yuuri's face like an open book or perhaps just smelling his nervous scent. He halted his advances, setting the cloves he'd taken off on Yuuri's vanity before moving to gently push back the hair falling on Yuuri's forehead. Under the soothing pressure of Victor's fingertips, Yuuri felt already more relaxed.

“Don't worry beautiful, I'll take care of you,” Victor whispered like a secret between them, which, to think about it, all of this actually was. The thought sent a burning tingle down Yuuri's spine.

“Yes, please,” Yuuri pleaded just as quietly, already breathless.

Victor smiled and just like that the burn in his eyes and the smirk on his lips was back. Yuuri had just a moment to register the sudden change again before the next thing he knew, he was lifted from the ground and gently but swiftly deposited on his bed. Before Yuuri could even catch his breath from the change of position, Victor was already crawling on top of him, hovering over Yuuri's smaller frame and looking more than pleased with the position they were in.

Yuuri bit his lip at the compromising set up. He'd thought that perhaps they'd start with a simple kiss, ease into whatever the Earl planned to do to him. Yuuri after all had never had so much as a kiss… But instead of getting the alpha’s lips on his own like he had secretly dreamed of, Victor leaned down, bypassing Yuuri's waiting lips, and tugged his own face right to the hollow of Yuuri's neck. His nose tickled Yuuri's skin and his hot breath ghosted over the lace covering Yuuri's mating gland.

“Mm, you smell divine here,” Victor murmured, voice rumbling in appreciation. He took a deep, audible breath against Yuuri's skin, making goosebumps rise everywhere his breath touched.

Yuuri curled his toes, trying to control his beating heart and to come up with something to say. Thank you, you as well smell quite delectable? In fact a mere whiff of you seems enough to make me wet like my first heat and speaking of heats, I may or may not have thought about your hands on me as I pleasured myself during them.

Yes, no.

Yuuri would not be saying anything of the sort th—

“Ah!” Yuuri gasped. All other thought fled his mind as wet lips locked on his skin, sucking just under the collar on his neck. Yuuri was bound to have a mark there later.

A second kiss on his neck followed the first, then a third and fourth until Yuuri was gasping and moaning under Victor's tongue and teeth. With every new purple mark of claim Yuuri moaned more freely, growing embarrassingly loud, not to mention wet. Briefly he wondered if it was the new sensation of someone else on his skin that made him this sensitive or if it was something distinctly Victor that unraveled him. With the alpha’s growingly thick scent around him and his blue eyes staring at Yuuri's blushing face, he knew it was definitely Victor.

No one else could make Yuuri feel like this.

When Victor finally lifted his face to properly look at his handiwork, Yuuri was pleased to see the soft blush now doting the alpha’s face as well. His eyes too were dilated, the previous blue of them only a thin ring around the blown up pupil. Yuuri was happy he obviously affected the alpha as well.

Victor rumbled in response to Yuuri's spiking scent, hand drifting to map out the sensitive marks he'd left on Yuuri's exposed skin. Yuuri's breath hitched as the fingertips on his skin moved to rest dangerously just under the lace of his collar.

Victor's eyes flicked between his hand and Yuuri's face, thoughtful as he felt the lace between his fingers. Yuuri laid dead still, holding his breath as the alpha toyed with the most important piece of clothing he had on. Slowly, so slowly it felt like Yuuri could see and feel and remember it happening all at once until it was too late to react, Victor tugged the lace up an inch before letting it snap back against the gland beneath it.

Yuuri flinched with his whole body at the same time as his mouth betrayed him, letting a strangled moan of surprise out, “Ah!”

Victor grinned wickedly at the reaction.

The lace collar did do a rather little to actually secure Yuuri's safety, it was more perhaps to create the illusion of safety, and of modesty of course. And yet, illusion or not, Yuuri was still expected to wear it at all times.

“Would you like to keep your collar on?”

He should. “No.”

The thought of Victor's lips directly touching him there, a place reserved only for mates, a place where no-one since Yuuri was a child had touched without barriers, a place where no-one else would touch… it was dizzyingly tempting.

Yuuri's heart beated wildly when Victor set to loosen the ties of his collar. The removal of that small piece of cloth from his neck actually made him feel more naked, more exposed than even the lowest decolte imaginable ever had — this was definitely much more private, much more scandalous than a mildly outrageous gown choice made by Lady Minako. Yet, Yuuri thought, the feeling of stomach turning exposure he was used to, never came. Despite the wild beating of his heart and the burning pulse in his lower regions, he felt oddly satisfied with revealing this part of himself to Victor.

Instinctively Yuuri turned his head slightly, offering more of his neck to the alpha. Victor made a noise in the back of his throat before leaning in, laying a surprisingly delicate kiss just over where his mark would go.

Yuuri's eyes shut and he exhaled, the sound turning into a moan when the lips on him turned more demanding, sucking hard enough again to stain his skin red and purple.

“Mm, you also taste divine here,” Victor growled, lips never leaving Yuuri's neck even as his hands began to wander. He traced Yuuri's chest, putting pressure briefly on his hard nipples before moving lower, caressing Yuuri's waist, his stomach, his hips until suddenly his hands slipped beneath Yuuri's rumbled skirt, feeling the burning skin of Yuuri's inner thighs.


Victor raised his face at Yuuri's surprised exclamation and smirked devilishly before licking his lips. “I wonder if you're delicious here as well,” he said before sliding his hands even higher. All Yuuri could do was gape and gasp when the alpha tucked his skirts up in order to dive under them, putting his face directly in front of the wet, hot, private part of Yuuri's want.

Suddenly all of Yuuri's nerve endings were focused on a singular point in his body, the feeling of what could only be Victor's wet tongue lapping at him shamelessly driving Yuuri into a mindless frenzy. He threw his head back in a long moan, unable to hold any sounds back as the alpha sucked and licked at his swollen sex, making him feel hotter and more sensitive than Yuuri could recall ever feeling.

So overwhelmed by the sensation of Victor lapping at his cunt, Yuuri jolted in surprise when the first finger joined the alpha’s tongue.  Smooth fingertips drew the shape of his folds, briefly flicking the bud on top before putting pressure at Yuuri's opening.

Yuuri clenched subconsciously at the feeling. He tried to get a glimpse of the sight Victor was surely at the moment. All he could see though was Victor's lower half and his feet coming from under Yuuri's dress as the man pushed even more tightly into the snug space between Yuuri's glistering thighs.

The teasing pressure of fingers on him turned less teasing and more purposeful. With a long, slow lick of warning against his puffy folds, a single digit slid in, immediately curving just so and hitting Yuuri in a spot to make him squirm and gasp out loud.

Victor felt big, much longer and much more precise than Yuuri's own fingers ever had managed (something to do with more experience surely). Taking no time at all, his pumping and pulling allowed him to wiggle in a second finger.

Yuuri's back arched off the bed and he threw his hands to desperately grasp at the sheets, trying to ground himself. The stretch of more fingers burned slightly but was overshadowed quickly by the mounting pleasure, by the growing pulsing inside his stomach. By now his cocklet was absolutely stiff and leaking as well, Yuuri could feel the additional wetness dripping onto his sweaty skin under his dress.

Yuuri clenched and rubbed against the fingers in him, getting wetter and increasingly desperate the more those fingers played him. Yuuri bit his lip until he could taste blood, the cord inside him was pulled so tight it might snap at any moment, releasing the flood of pleasure just inches away.

Like he could sense Yuuri's looming climax, maybe he could feel it, or even taste it on his tongue, Victor sped up his efforts, humming against Yuuri's folds as he stuck his tongue inside with his fingers. His lips almost felt like they were still smirking.

With his free hand, which had been squeezing Yuuri's thigh with an iron grip so far, Victor suddenly traced Yuuri's legs up until his hand rested torturously close to his crotch. Yuuri's hips thrust up on their own, fucking himself on those fingers inside him while also desperate for more friction on his front.

Victor hummed again, a muffled sound but this time the humor was definitely there. For a long few moments he simply teased Yuuri, dancing his fingers around Yuuri's erection, only ever brushing ever so lightly against it without offering true relief.

Driven almost mad with want, Yuuri whined needy and embarrassing in his lust. And despite the wantonness of his shame, it did seem to get his message across — A Large hand curled around him, enveloping all of Yuuri's small length into it and giving one fast stroke in time with the hand pumping between Yuuri's legs. The second stroke already had Yuuri crying out. The third finished him.

With a loud, broken shout, white hot pleasure erupted over Yuuri — his cunt clenched tighter than before, trying to suck more of the delicious fingers inside him. Slick dripped in pools onto the sheets and over his dress, most likely on Victor's already wet face as well.

Yuuri felt like he stayed that way forever, suspended in his pleasure, more aware of his own body than he knew he could be. Also, more aware of someone else than before — Victor felt like gravity, pulling him in until every cell in his body was shifting to get closer, to be by his side and never leave.

Finally, after what felt like ions, Yuuri could breathe again, boneless and gasping still but more in his senses. Victor had freed himself from under Yuuri's dress and was looking at him hungrily. Yuuri focused his eyes on the alpha's face and suddenly his cunt throbbed with new vigor. Painted across more than half Victor's face was Yuuri's release and slick, claiming him lewdly and serving as physical proof of how he had just claimed Yuuri in return.

Yuuri knew he was blushing and most likely whining, having lost the ability to restrain himself. Victor truly looked at him like he was food. And he had been seconds ago. With his eyes completely black, swallowed by his pupils, Victor looked wild, hungry for more and like he intended to get what he wanted.

Yuuri slid his gaze lower, almost unintentionally resting his eyes between the alpha’s legs, on the very eye-catching and obvious bulge there. Yuuri gulped. It was… He was clearly… well endowed.

How was it supposed to fit.

While Yuuri ogled at Victor's arousal, and only mildly panicked about it, Victor slid his hands behind Yuuri's back. He tucked Yuuri up easily until he was resting on his knees, close enough between the alpha’s legs that he could feel the scorching body heat coming from him and smell his lust filled scent. The musky, wintery scent of him turned almost peppery when he ran his wrists all over Yuuri's sides.

“As much as I enjoy this gown on you, let's get you out of it, yes?”

Yuuri could only nod dumbly, oddly twisted between feeling more embarrassed by his increasingly low number of clothes and not being able to even care in his mixed state of arousal and trepidation. With him complying to the undressing silently, letting Victor unlace his dress, pull off his stockings and finally free him of his slick ruined chemise, Yuuri was completely nude faster than he realised.

Gently, despite the quick draw of his breath and the gleam in his eyes, Victor laid Yuuri back down on his back, guiding his thighs open until he could see every intimate part of Yuuri. This time Yuuri did have the sense to blush again, but he didn't close his legs.

Once he seemed to deem Yuuri acceptably positioned, Victor shifted his focus on himself, swiftly undoing his trousers and reaching in.

Yuuri held his breath.

For a good reason.

It was even bigger now that Yuuri could see it. Yuuri licked his lips nervously. Victor held his cock in hand, the flesh hard and swollen, the color of it seeping into rosy pink at the glistering tip. It curved ever so slightly to the right and when Victor pumped his own hand slowly over the length of it, his fingertips never met.

It was strangely beautiful. And absolutely terrifying.

Yuuri expected Victor to rid himself of the rest of his clothing next but he didn't, instead he simply settled closer between Yuuri's legs, bringing the tip of his cock against Yuuri's wet entrance.

“Calm yourself, Yuuri, you are too wound up,” Victor whispered to his ear as he put more pressure between them.

After a pause, Yuuri nodded, forcing the breath out of him and feeling his clenching muscles loosening. As he sagged a little, he also made himself open for Victor, the alpha wasting no time pushing in.

“Umph!” Yuuri gasped, back arching and eyes widening in shock. It felt even bigger this way, pushing inside him. There was a spark of pleasure in it, imitation of the tingling sensation of earlier but even more it was muted by the burn of the stretch. It hurt more than mere fingers, opening him up much more wide, reaching so much deeper than Victor's tongue had. Yuuri couldn't help but to mewl and gasp and moan, burying his fists into the sheets.

It felt like an eternity before Victor's hips finally came to a stop, flushed against Yuuri's pelvis without so much as an inch between them. Yuuri could feel all of Victor's length in him, could even see it bulging out his stomach. He moaned again, this time sounding less pained and more desperate.

“Are you alright?” Victor asked, almost looking calm if it weren't for the slightest strain on his voice and the tremor on his arms where he held himself up over Yuuri.

Yuuri closed his eyes for a second before opening them again, swallowing a whimper and the tears stuck in his throat. He nodded shakily before trusting his voice again, “yes, please just… please.”

Victor looked at him, quiet and searching. Without a word he shifted his weight to his knees, freeing his own hands to untangle Yuuri's clenched fists from the almost torn sheets. He held them gently for a beat before settling them on his own shoulders. Yuuri automatically curled his fingers around them, grounding himself as the alpha’s body heat seeped to his hands even through his petticoat.


Yuuri nodded, more steady this time. “Alright.”

And then Victor moved.

Slowly at first Victor thrust his hips, pulling his cock out before pushing back into the wet softness of Yuuri. Building up a steady rhythm he groaned lightly. Yuuri moaned at the feeling, clenching his fingers tighter into the alpha’s covered shoulders.

After a few minutes Yuuri could feel himself getting accustomed to the feeling, the previous burn all but fading. The sparks of pleasure grew more defined with every slide of Victor inside until Yuuri was thrown back into a loop of constant pleasure with every push and pull. His cocklet hardened again, slapping against his stomach with their movements, already dripping. Yuuri gasped, the sound turning into a half yelp when Victor suddenly changed his angle, hitting that spot inside Yuuri that made white flame shoot up his spine.

“Ah!” Yuuri moaned and screamed, unable to smother his sounds. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes, from pleasure this time, as Victor hummed and picked up his pace, every thrust now expertly aimed to that one special spot.

“Mmmnh.” Yuuri thrust his hip back, trying to meet Victor's moments in time with his own inexperienced ones, opening up more and more for the alpha. He felt so much — every slide of burning hot skin inside him, every pulse of his own walls massaging that flesh to milk it dry, every curve of the cock filling him… “G—ghod!”

Yuuri threw his head back and moaned. He blinked his eyes open, trying to see the blurry ceiling above him through his tears. He hadn't realised he'd closed his eyes at some point but now he didn't want to miss any sight of his alpha as they became one. Yuuri turned his head away from his ceiling, expecting to meet blue eyes gazing at him.

Except he didn't.

Instead of looking at Yuuri, instead of watching him, never turning his eyes away like he had said before in the balcony, Victor's eyes were solely focused forward to the headboard above Yuuri's face like he was trying to drill a hole to it with his eyes. He was biting his lower lip in concentration.

Yuuri's chest immediately hitched with a sliver of doubt, not nerves or embarrassment like before but with a darker and more hurtful feeling. He shook it off adamantly.

“V—Victor,” Yuuri half moaned half whined, squeezing his hands on the alpha’s shoulders. Slowly, almost reluctantly, blue eyes turned down to meet his. Victor bit his lip hard enough that it looked like he'd draw blood any moment now.

Yuuri's heart thumped fast, faster than it had during any of this yet. Hands shaking minisculely he let go of Victor's shoulders to grasp his face between his palms. The alpha’s cheeks blushed lightly under his touch and his hips faltered slightly.

Yuuri needed… he needed that seed of doubt to burn away from his heart. “Please…” He needed… god he needed to…


“What?” Victor gasped out, finally freeing his lip from his teeth.

Yuuri let out his breath and tugged, pulling Victor's face down to meet his own until their lips finally collided.

It was like… lightning. Lightning going through his nerval system and setting every cell of his skin on fire as it went. Yuuri couldn't help but to crush himself closer to Victor, pushing up to meet him, squeezing his hands tighter on his face, locking his legs around Victor's stilled hips in a vice grip. Yuuri moaned into Victor's mouth.

And Victor… Victor was dead still. All his muscles were painfully rigid, almost vibrating with tension as he held himself there, not moving away but not meeting Yuuri either. It lasted for a second, then another. Before the third he finally broke. All the tension fled out of him like water and suddenly he was groaning against Yuuri's lips, deep and dark, primal in away that made the back of Yuuri's neck tingle.

Victor snapped his hips into movement again, thrusting into Yuuri hard and precise. And he didn't stop again once he started, hips pushing against Yuuri fast and as roughly as he could without doing actual damage.

Yuuri moaned and gasped without breaking their kiss. Victor answered his sounds with deep growls, biting down on Yuuri's lower lip until he tasted blood.

“Ah! Victor!”

Victor let Yuuri's lip go, swiping his tongue along the marks he left there before diving deeper, pushing his tongue to meet Yuuri's own. Yuuri let him dominate the kiss, guiding Yuuri's shy tongue with his own talented one until they were absolutely entangled, breathing the same air.

In the haze of the pleasure from the kiss and from Victor's cock hitting all the right places, from Victor's hands now wandering along Yuuri's burning sides, it was easy to almost miss the suddenly more pronounced pressure against his opening. Almost.

Yuuri half moaned half gasped in surprise as Victor thrust in again, definitely with more resistance than before as he filled Yuuri. Filled him more than before.

He was swelling. Yuuri could feel it pushing against his walls as Victor moved and tugging at his opening every time he pulled back, as if it almost couldn't fit through.

Yuuri knew what it was. Victor was about to knot him. And Yuuri was nowhere near mentally prepared for it. Nerves hit him full force even as his cunt clenched desperately like it actually wanted, needed, to be knotted and pleasure clouded his head.

Knotting was something to do in the marital bed when trying to produce an heir. Something so intimate and sacred yet utterly erotic that Yuuri should hardly even know of it. Knotting was—

“Ah!” Yuuri yelled out loud, breaking their kiss for the first time when he could feel the moment it stuck.

Victor groaned loudly, dropping his face to the crook of Yuuri neck as his hips stuttered to a stop.

The knot locked inside Yuuri, stretching him so full and tight that he could barely think. And suddenly, suddenly he was so full of Victor.

White flooded inside him, hot and wet and seemingly endless as it just kept on coming. Simultaneously white hot pleasure erupted through Yuuri and he too came, shouting and gasping as his cunt tried to lock impossibly tighter around the knot and his cocklet spewed robes of clear spent to the non-existent space between his and Victor's bodies.

The pleasure washed him warm until Yuuri felt absolutely worn and tingly all over, his muscles turning into jelly. Suddenly the mattress felt softer than before, Victor's weight over him helping him to skin into it completely boneless.

Victor nuzzled his neck, lips and nose ghosting over flaming mating glands in less fevered patterns than before but still creating sparks deep in Yuuri's spine. The attention was comforting and his release made Yuuri's mind go from hazy with lust to sluggish with bone deep, satisfied, exhaustion.

It was easy for Yuuri's eyes to slip closed, feeling so fulfilled and safe.

Only to wake up much later to too bright light filtering to his eyes from the open curtains and to the horrible chill on his naked body where he lied alone in the tangled mess of his bed.


For a moment Yuuri stared at his ceiling, by now familiar with its many cracks and details from sleepless nights of staring. It wasn't until he'd counted them all once in his head that he dared to reach around the bed, feeling for a second body.

He only found cold sheets.

By the time he'd counted the cracks of the ceiling twice, he'd already had time to fear he had dreamed it all — that the most wonderful night of his life was a lie his drunken mind created.

And yet… there was too much evidence.

The dirty, stained and rumbled sheets were one. His wrinkled gown lying cast aside on the floor was another.

And even more pressingly, the marks on his own skin — red and purple bruises covered his chest, his neck and even his sides. Yuuri could see clear indentations of teeth sunk to his shoulder. He ghosted his fingers lightly over the raised mark and winced. It was sensitive. His whole body was sensitive in fact, absolutely throbbing from somewhere deep and making sitting up uncomfortable.

It wasn't a dream. And it clearly wasn't the best morning of his life like part of him had expected after the night…

Maybe last night wasn't as perfect as he thought. Maybe he… maybe he had misunderstood. Maybe…

Yuuri's breath hitched.

Victor .

He wasn't here. Nobody was here. The house was silent in the early hour of the morning, too early for the servants to yet find him here like… like this.

Used and bruised and covered in only a sheet to hide his modesty.

Well. Not his modesty. Not anymore.

Yuuri squeezed his eyes shut and tried to control his breathing, heart beating too fast. Despite everything, despite every piece of proof in his room, despite the deafening silence of his absolute solitude, Yuuri prayed and called out.

“V—Victor?” The cracks in the ceiling had nothing on the crack in his voice. In his heart.

There was only silence and he had his answer. What a fool he was.

A sob broke out of his throat.

Yuuri slumped back down on the bed, curling on his side and clutching the sheets that still held the alpha’s distinct scent. Yuuri smothered the following cries into the fabric until it was drenched with his tears.

Victor wasn't here and he never was planning to stay here.

There were no notes left on his bedside table.

No-one came to call on him when morning finally fully came and the house woke up.

There was no-one to defend him when the servants saw the incriminating marks on his tainted skin.

Yuuri sobbed. And sobbed. He cried until his eyes were red and swollen — until the ache in his heart drowned out the stinging pain on his cheek caused by the Lord of the house.

Victor didn't feel bad when he'd sneaked off that night after having his pleasure from the beautiful omega. Yes, indeed, the omega had been extraordinarily exotic and beautiful, seducing him with his grace on the dance floor and later with his oh so sweet cries under Victor. He'd been soft, so soft and so unmarked by any other man, the inexperience clear in his lovely scent. Scent that surely now was no longer that — no longer full of innocence of an untouched omega but the one of quite thoroughly deflowered one. And thorough Victor had been apparently...  Knowing now what he did.

But again, Victor hadn't felt shamed or saddened to leave the omega sleeping peacefully with his gown scattered on the floor and neck covered in indecent bruises. It wasn't like him to stay to warm his partner's beds after they were done, so he didn't.

He didn't feel bad for it…

(The wince in his heart when he heard the gossip that Lady Okukawa's Lord husband had thrown the poor omega in the streets when his indiscretion came to light surely had nothing to do with quilt.)