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This is an attempt to present a story in chronological order using content originally published on Tumblr.  As such, it might be a little messy.

The Editor at "Jack Kelly, Cowboy Hero" (aka jackcowboyhero) picked up the story of the newsies not long after the events of the 1992 movie.  Starting in October 2014, the story there has moved in more or less real time; now, in January 2019, it's 1906 for the characters there.  The boys' stories are told really well there, and I've loved reading such a thorough continuation of the story.  If you're at all a fan of the movie I recommend reading "Jack Kelly, Cowboy Hero" from the beginning.  It's well worth your time.

About two years ago I seized upon a single headcanon I read there and sent an ask about it; that led to the formation of an original character.  (I’ve been making up OCs to interact with the newsies in my head since the 1990s, but it took 20 years to let any of them out into the world.)  In the process of researching and writing these things I’ve learned a lot. 

Neither the Editor nor I is fluent in any of the foreign languages used here, so any mistakes are on us.  

I’m grateful to the Editor for inspiring me and working with me on this–follow jackcowboyhero on Tumblr!–and I hope y'all enjoy.