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One shots - Vikings

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The saltiness danced along your skin as the drops of water crashed against it. The sea was calm only disrupted by your boat and others following it. Your head was half hanging on the side of the boat as the strands of hair touched the surface. You weren’t worried about falling from the boat as it moved calmly almost as if it was staying in a place. Your eyes were closed as the early rays of the sun fell upon your form warming your skin. It was almost lulling you into the sleep however your blood was boiling more as you approached closer. There was something almost satisfying knowing that you will destroy what destroyed your best friend, one who died because of it. It was your time to seek revenge and you weren’t the only one in anticipation to bury everyone in the town to which you were approaching.

“My Queen,” a voice called out to you.
Before opening your eyes you moved your body completely back into the boat settling on the ground.
“When will you stop with that?” you questioned the blond man who sat down beside you. He was much taller than you and at the moment was of good use blocking the sun away from you.
“Well, you are our Queen,” he said smiling at you, knowing exactly how much it annoyed you.
You were one of those who wanted the best for their people and you didn’t want to be seen as if you were better than them. Thorin was one of your closest people and always a good advisor, but also a person who knew how to annoy you perfectly and although you hate it you wouldn’t want it any other way.
“I will skin you,” you threatened, but still dared him to continue.
“Do you find me that desirable? You want for my pretty face to always be with you?”
“Do you really want to get killed before we make them burn?” you asked with a corner of your lip curving.
“Then I should better be quiet,” he said smiling at you. He was so proud at you at that moment even more then when you told him the whole strategy. You told him the perfect way to defeat them without even a drop of blood of your people being spilled.
“It’s your decision,” you shrugged as if you weren’t bothered when in reality he was the one always by your side. You would die for him and he would for you as most of your warriors would if not all of them.
“Is it only revenge?” he asked after a moment of silence. He was present when you got the news that your friend was killed in a battle, a battle which wasn’t his to fight.
“Halfdan meant the world to me, he was like a brother to me, but is not only that…” your voice got quieter at the end before you stopped talking. You lowered your eyes for a moment to your hands before connecting them back with Thorin’s green orbs. “They say life for a life, and finally I am ready to take mine back.”


The flames were keeping you warm as no furs were around your shoulders. You were standing far in the back with a piece of cloth wrapped on the lower part of your face but still, you could hear what was being said, still you could scoff at the ridiculous of his words just as your men hidden in the shadows. None of you even if spotted were seen as a threat as no swords were hanging from your belts. You didn’t need swords as all of the people around you were in your eyes already dead. They didn’t realize that their bodies were already failing. Soon they will start falling down and the one who stays alive will be yours to kill.
It didn’t take long until people were coughing and now distracted, your men could take their hidden weapons and end their suffering. All of them in terror were looking around for salvation only finding death while only one man apart your men, was standing unaffected, but it wasn’t the will of the Gods, it was an antidote which was already poured in his ale staying unnoticed under his tongue together with poison to kill others. It took only a few moments until most was lying dead on the ground so you moved towards the flams walking past them before stopping in front of the man holding his dying wife on the ground. He failed to notice you in his sorrow so you sat down across from him before speaking.
“And only the Gods stayed standing,” your voice was muffled by the thin material, but you didn’t take it off as the smoke would only irritate your throat which wasn’t in its best shape since you were a child.
“I will end you,” Ivar spoke with rage in his voice. The veins on his neck were popping out; however, he chose to hold the dead woman instead of attacking you. The tears were falling down his cheeks wetting her blond hair. His face although painted couldn’t hide his sorrow among with the whimpers leaving past his lips.
“You wanted to play a God, Ivar. What were you thinking will happen, have you thought that they will stay silent and only watch?” you questioned him still sitting down with your hands folded in your lap. Your eyes moved from him to the woman and there were no emotions in your heart speared for the scene in front of you, not even for hundreds of bodies around you.
“Who are you?” Ivar asked glancing at you. You were just a human with no weapons on you but still not afraid. You made him question his words, but too late as everybody was dead.
“One who was mourned but never died, one for whom the Gods thought will be the right one to kill you.” Your voice was calm as the summer breeze but bringing the slight chill on its wake.
“You are going to burn!” He groaned under his breath gently placing his wife’s body on the ground so that he could end you, but when he looked back at you, you spoke again while moving the thin material away.
“I am too cold to burn, but you are human enough to die.” As you said the words the material was completely off and you could see the instant recognition in his eyes. Although you were children the last time your eyes met he couldn’t forget you, he just couldn’t.
“No, you are dead!” He almost but screamed at you, but you showed no reaction.
You stayed still with your eyes locked with his, but yours were empty, void of anything, while his were filled with sorrow and not only for what happened moments ago but years ago.
“Yet, I’m here my prince. The Gods took a man I loved away from me so that I would seek revenge from the one who owns me their life.”
“You…you are dead…I s…” Ivar was at the loss of his words and still influenced by the shock by losing his wife he couldn’t trust to what was before him. So it didn’t take him more than a moment to find himself on top of you with his hands around your neck.
“If you try to kill me, they will kill you, just look around Ivar, you lost.” As you spoke Ivar lifted his gaze only to see dozens of men and women with blades tightly gripped with strong arms ready to spill the blood if necessary.
“Defeated by a dead woman,” Ivar said silently after moving his gaze back to you. He couldn’t help himself than question if you were really there; if you were really the one who saved him; the reason why the water didn’t kill him when he was younger, but instead it took you.
“No, Ivar, defeated by a friend you left to die.” Just as the words left your mouth Thorin stepped closer punching Ivar in the head with the sword’s handle. Ivar’s body didn’t have time to fall onto you as already two of your men lifted him up.
“What now?” Thorin asked after helping you to your feet.
You looked around seeing as your people dragged dead bodies just throwing them in flame. It didn’t take you long before answering not even sparing a glance towards the man for who you were ready to die when younger.
“Burn him with the rest, then we sail to kill the one I called my brother.”