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Two Feet On The Ground

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Changkyun turned onto the side furthest from the connecting wall.




He huffed in exasperation.


“Can you handle more? Show me Wonnie, show hyung how much you want it.”


Changkyun muttered a quiet, fuck under his breathe when he heard the answering moan and loud bang coming from the other side of the thin connecting wall.


Next week will make five months of living with Hoseok and Hyungwon. Five months of moans and groans, and not making eye contact because he’s too pussy to face them after listening to them fuck night after night.


And the smells.


The thick, hot sugary smell of over ripened apricots so sweet it makes his teeth hurt. The heavy viscous scent of fresh warm honey dripping down his throat, his inner omega lapping at every molten drop. The overwhelming smell of smoked cinnamon and apples tightening the vise around his heart and the chain around his neck.


Hoseok and Hyungwon jumped at the chance to invite Changkyun to move in with them. At the time, Changkyun saw no issue.


“Alpha, more, please Alpha.”


“Fuck, that’s right, my yeo-bo.”


Changkyun finally gave up and flopped onto his back once he felt his opening twitch and his cock chub up at the sound of Hoseok’s endearment and the answering moan he was rewarded.


Yeah, there was no issue, no issue at all.


Other than the fact that he’s had a crush on the two males for, hmm, a few years he’d say, actual numbers don’t matter at this point, it’d just make him seem even more pathetic.


But like he said, it’s been actual years.


Changkyun stared at the ceiling fan slowly rotating over his bed dazedly, hungrily listening to the two on the other side. He rested one arm behind his head and the other on his tummy as he listened in the dark and reminisced.


He met the two in his freshman year of high school. After bouncing around the world for a few years, his family decided it was time to settle back down in Gwangju, his hometown, when it was time for Changkyun to start high school.


It was during a fight in his freshman year that he first met Hoseok. Being the new kid who spoke perfect English and slightly accented Korean, things were a little rocky at his new school. Two seniors who’d been bothering him for weeks thought it’d be a good idea to finally drag him down an empty hallway and try to jump him.


When Hoseok tried to step in Changkyun knew nothing about the imposing alpha other than he was pretty huge and in the way.


Big for nothing he thought at the time.


‘No, I don’t need your goddamn help, thank you very much, now let me finish ripping the throat out of this asshole,’ Changkyun growled out before pushing the taller boy out of his way and almost literally ripping out the throat of the cowering alpha who tried to hurt him. Hoseok respectively backed up, hands up in a placating gesture to calm down the snarling omega, but he did stay close to make sure the two former attackers didn’t pull some slick shit to overpower him.


It wasn’t until Changkyun’s eyes went from a deep brown to a glowing violet that the older boy stepped in, lifting him off the crying beta who originally started the fight, and fireman carrying him to a quieter part of the school.


It was no easy feat, but the older boy somehow made it to an empty classroom before letting go of a wild Changkyun.


‘Who the fuck gave you the right?’ Yelled the younger omega, teeth bared in a bloody snarl.


Hoseok didn’t answer.


Instead he patiently waited for the boy to calm himself down. At some point Changkyun started to rile himself up even more, pacing back and forth, hands pulling at his dark hair in frustration. It looked like he wanted to get back and finish what the others started. Beautiful and wild and hitting puberty with the same ferocity as a brick to the face Hoseok held his ground against the fiery omega.


Changkyun was making a plan as he paced and eyed the older boy blocking the only door out the room. Arms crossed, Hoseok may have been wearing the same uniform as Changkyun, but the omega could see under the bulge of his biceps the way the breadth of the alpha’s shoulders and toned waist stretched the buttons of his navy-blue blazer and white oxford shirt underneath.


The alpha slowly blinked at the younger before speaking.


‘You done?’


Changkyun was furious, who did this overgrown man-child with the big ears and greasy hair think he was? He had everything under control. He didn’t need some fucking alpha throwing around his privilege and using his fucking secondary gender to do whatever the fuck he wanted.


‘Fuck you,’ Changkyun rumbled before taking quick steps that led him into the other boy’s space. He was ready to fight his way out of the damned room, alpha or not.


Once Hoseok saw that purply/violet glint in the other eyes he reacted. Before Changkyun could even try to touch the Alpha, he saw his eyes blink a bright, glowing silvery white and then found himself face down on the floor, a burning grip on the back of his neck, and on the wrist of the arm twisted behind his back.


 Hoseok was respectful enough to straddle the omegas back without making contact beyond those two points. He made a rumbling purring noise to try to calm the thrashing omega down.


Changkyun quieted down, but did not lesson his movements, when he heard the older boy begin to speak.


‘I don’t know what you’ve been through, or what you’ve been going through, but you have to calm down. You’re going to work yourself int a frenzy and then what? They’ll call your parents, drug you up with hormone suppressants, and drag you to the clinic where they’ll probably lock you up in a padded room,’ hissed the older boy.


He tightened the hand clamped behind Changkyun’s neck before shaking him a few times. ‘Calm down,’ he repeated.


And Changkyun did. He knew about the padded omega rooms, sterile and white.


Just another cage.


They stayed like that for a while, Changkyun huffing, letting out small growls here and there, Hoseok responding with deep purrs.


The afternoon sky changing from a dazzling blue to a warm orangey red.


There was some nonverbal que the older boy must have been looking for before he finally let go of the now somber omega.


The silence between them was deafening. It was a few seconds later when Changkyun finally jumped off the floor and flew out the door, leaving the stoic Alpha still on his knees, hands weightless at his sides.


They didn’t speak again for months. He avoided the Alpha every chance he got but it wasn’t his fault kids liked to gossip.


He found out the older boy was a highly respected senior who used his alpha privilege to stand up for abused rights of omegas and betas alike. Hoseok was shy and quiet, but that didn’t stop him from being voted class president. He became the captain of the swim team after his close friend, the last captain and class president, Shownu, graduated last semester.


He did taekwondo and liked to write music in his spare time, and had the slightest lisp, and god damnit Changkyun was falling too deep into the bunny faced man’s rabbit hole.


After the incident Changkyun noticed a weird pressure building around him. Like when your ears are stuffed when you go high quickly. It felt like it was pressing on his entire being. Pushing him into himself. He didn’t know what to do about it.


He wasn’t really making friends, being the new kid in town. Didn’t matter that he was a native Korean, spoke the language, ate the food, did everything a normal Korean teenager would do. People just, didn’t understand him.


He didn’t conform, gushing at idols, praying for their thin waists and artificial cheekbones. He didn’t covet designer clothes, he went to church with his family, donated what little money he had from his allowance and when he didn’t have that, his actual spare time.


And honestly, he was a little weird.


He got excited about things some of the other teens would go green at. Changkyun didn’t grow up restricted by Korean standards. His parents let him find himself, allowed him to not be restricted neither by his heritage nor his gender dynamic.


But all that freedom led him to currently be the odd man out.


He barely got picked for teams during sporting events, people would rather run from him or ignore him all together then actually come near him. Even group projects were a problem, him opting most the time to just work on his own.


Which wasn’t a problem really, Changkyun wasn’t stupid, he was actually pretty damn smart.


It actually took a lot of interviews and meetings between the school and his parents, as well as a few hard words from his father, before the academy's social worker and headmaster were even slightly convinced about this fact.


It took the whole summer of them trying to parse out his international classes and how they’d translate to the course work the school currently provided before he was able to get his full schedule at the beginning of the semester.


They transferred him into a few advanced courses, one of them being a science class he’d have to take with juniors. It was a big jump, but the headmaster didn’t take to kindly to Changkyun’s dad coming in and putting his foot down.


His father is a kind-hearted beta who loved science. He could not accept the ineptitude of the alpha headmaster, nor the amount of disrespect the headmaster unintentionally spouted about internationals and omegas.


Small knot syndrome his father called it.


So, they gave Changkyun the hardest classes they could. The school wanted to see the troublemaking omega fail.


But of course, Changkyun wouldn’t allow it.


Even if people didn’t want to get to know the sweet boy under the seething wolf.


Well. There were some people.


It was during his advanced biology course that he met his favorite hyung and first real friend, Jooheon.


Changkyun was actually forced to work with the loud teen during a mid-semester dissection. He had no problems slowly cutting into the hide of the formalin covered rat. His shaking and screaming partner on the other hand, was a whole other story.


Changkyun didn’t mean to laugh but he did. At the time Jooheon gave him the dirtiest look before he finally got close enough to actually see what Changkyun was doing.


Jooheon passed out at Changkyun’s first cut into the dead rat with the scalpel.


They just clicked after that.


Nothing beats a friendship based on a slight concussion from the fall and a few stitches from the scalpel slicing him when Jooheon grabbed for the table during his tumble.


Once they found out they had rap in common, it was a no brainer.


And the pressure around Changkyun finally started to dissipate.


Funny thing was, Jooheon was friends with fellow junior Hyungwon, who was cool with seniors Kihyun and Minhyuk, who were also besties with Hoseok.


They almost had a whole pack and everything.


It was insane.


It was awkward as fuck.


But Changkyun lived for awkward shit. Kind of. When he was purposefully awkward it was one thing, but when he was unintentionally awkward around Jooheon’s friend it was fucking annoying.


Especially when he was around Hoseok.


But with time, video games, and Jooheon’s brute force, they all just, meshed.


And they meshed pretty well.


Eyes dry, Changkyun blinked a few times back into the present as he rolled towards the connecting wall, hand palm up trying to feel the heat being generated in the other room.


There was no love at first site for him.


There was no big badda boom.


Honestly, he didn’t trust Hoseok for a long time if he remembered correctly. They had had a pretty intense moment back then and that shit was even too weird for Changkyun to handle.


When he finally met Hyungwon, he was so intimidated by the boy’s face at the time, he could barely splutter two words at him.


It was slow, but he fell for the both of them. He grew to love them. The teenagers they were, and the adults they became.


To this day he’s still not sure how he got to this point, listening to his hyung’s fucking like literal rabbits, a trickle of slick dripping out of his clenching pussy.


Ugh,” he rolled his eyes at himself and his bodies lack of control.


 One minute he was talking to the hyung’s about applying to colleges, and the next the two bombarded him with questions about where he was going, and if he wanted to go back to America, was he going to live out of a dorm, and why do that when our apartment is so close, and so on and so on.


And here he was, years later, still in love and living with these two assholes.


It was literal hell on earth, but hey, he had a roof over his head, food in his stomach, and a bed to slowly suffocate himself and die in.


Fuck… Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…”


Hyungwon was about to cum.


The noise in the other room hit a crescendo before it transformed to panting and whispered words of what he inferred to probably words of love and appreciation, then quiet.


After a few minutes Changkyun could hear some quiet muttering, the squeak of the bed, some more silence, a bedroom door creaking wider open, and then bare feet padding towards the bathroom.


Changkyun flipped on to his stomach, feigning sleep at this point, deepening his breathing and loosening the muscles in his body.


The steps stopped at his partially opened door, silently pushing it open. Changkyun squinted his eye partly open in the semi-darkness. He could see a blurry silhouette outlined by the living room light in the background.


Hoseok couldn’t sleep with the house shrouded in absolute darkness, so they left the lamp on at night. It was mostly a precaution for Hyungwon who would be so out of it when he slept, that when he actually did have to get out of bed at night, he’d knock into everything before actually reaching his midnight destination.


Hoseok was considerate like that.


After a pause, the silhouette quietly padded into Changkyun’s room. He felt a slight dip at the side of his bed. The smoky smell of fresh cum/cinnamon/apples hits his nose.


Hoseok reached over and softly ran his fingers through Changkyun’s hair. The omega let out an involuntary purr that if he would had caught mid stride, would have alerted the alpha to his actual wakefulness.


Changkyun heard a quiet huff of laughter before those perfect fingers left his hair to slowly trace the outline of Changkyun’s face. The smell of too sweet apricots and honey passively wafted into Changkyun’s nose from Hoseok’s hands.




Before Changkyun could embarrass himself and nuzzle into the syrupy scent left over on the alpha’s hand, Hoseok takes it away, slowly standing, lifting the sheet tangled near Changkyun’s feet up and over him, tucking him in like he was their most precious thing. He felt a soft press of lips to his forehead before the alpha’s powerful presence was gone.


Changkyun opened his eyes when he heard the water in the bathroom sink running. His door was a little wider open then before, letting in more lamp light from the hall. Another weird Hoseok thing, he didn’t like closed doors. Closed doors meant secrets, meant hiding, and in their mini pack, he wanted none of that.


I mean, Changkyun could still close his door, it was his god damn right and he paid the rent here too, sort of. And Hoseok wasn’t some overly possessive alpha male, far from it actually. But still most of the time Changkyun found it cute. His hyung’s babied him sometimes since he was the youngest and sometimes, sometimes, he really didn’t mind.


He listened to the water splash around for a little bit before the faucet turned off.


He closed his eyes as Hoseok passed his room again, and then he heard nothing else because his brain finally decided to shut shit down for the night because he had a final tomorrow and it was not with the shits.