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Fifty feet of Chaos

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It all began with Eggman's latest plot. Things were normal. Then we couldn't reach the generator to destroy it. Shadow was out cold, having been hit by a robot while making sure I wasn't hurt after getting hit with a stray laser (the official verdict was just a little singed fur, not even a bruise). The generator was surrounded on all sides by a field of lasers. Flying in was out. As was tunneling or breaking things to get in.

I really should have seen Sonic trying something stupid at that point. He was panicking. He always does something stupid when he panics. He's Sonic the Hedgehog.

I could not have foreseen Sonic trying to use Shadow himself as a chaos emerald. I should have.

What happened next will not be written.

-Miles (Tails) Prower

Seriously though, what the heck Sonic?