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Not All of Us Are Outcasts

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Midoriya Izuku had always looked up to Heroes. It had been his dream, his goal, to be a hero who would, in All Might's words, save everyone with a bright smile on his face. Everyday, as he anticipated for his quirk to manifest, he would be staring it the computer screen, watching his ultimate hero, All Might, do a job well done.

And as Inko sets up the computer on the same video for what felt like the millionth time since her little Izuku first watched the video, she smiled. "I bet half of the views came from you, Izuku." His mother smiled.

Too excited for words, Izuku just happily bounced on his chair, and intently stared at the screen as the video loaded.

"When I get my quirk, can I also become like him?" Izuku looked at his mother with a spark in his eyes, and how could she possibly refuse his enthusiasm? She smiled warmly. "You'd make a wonderful hero, honey." She said, before leaving Izuku to watch the video.

Every waking day that Izuku would wake up however, his enthusiasm started to deteriorate. As every other kindergartner start getting their quirks, still no sign of Izuku's quirk. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, until finally, they consulted a pediatrician.

"You should just give up." The words hurt like knives to Izuku's small heart. He has been looking forward to finally getting his quirk, and to be labelled as "quirkless"? It hurt. "There must be some mistake! He's been looking forward to it. " Izuku, dumbfounded, didn't have the strength or mind to listen to their conversation.

That night, as Izuku stared at All Might, at the screen, he looked to his mother with tearing eyes, and, with a cracking voice, asked. "Can... Can I be a hero like him? Even without a quirk?" The answer he was given wasn't satisfactory. It wasn't the answer he was looking for. So, why now, was he remembering these memories.

Now, when everything is lost, when his mother was reported as missing. Why now, of all times, did he have to remember those times, when his mother would smile and say everything's alright. When she would stay by Izuku's side and the watch as he fangirl-ed (or, fanboy-ed) as All Might does another job well done. Why now, when he's regretting everything.

And there, he broke. He curled up in a ball on the floor and cried. He cried for everytime his mother would stay by he's side in stormy weather, cried for everytime his mother would welcome him in her bed whenever he would be unable to sleep. He cursed Endeavor for putting his career before the safety of the people around him. If he would have only done a thorough search, his mother would have been saved before she suffered such cruel fate. And suddenly, it hit him. Where would he go now? Now that he's still far too young to work, how would he pay for the apartment, for his food, clothes, needs?

Thankfully, the people we're kind enough to give him at least a month to gather his things and leave. Unfortunately, that only made room for more grief as everytime he would walk around the house, the memories of his sweet mother that never even deserved such a cruel fate, accompanied him.

When his time limit finally comes around, he leaves, albeit reluctantly. The next weeks after that was a blur of colors and light. People passing by with pity on their faces. Izuku hated it. Hated being pitied. He's had too much share of pity for the time being. People who can be said as "scared" to touch someone who they didn't know. He wanted to lash out at them, to get mad at them for being scared of such a small, frail, harmless child, who just needs a place too stay.

At last, though, after so many days gone by of restless nights and cold floors, someone reached out. A man with light blue hair and his face hidden under some prosthetic hand. Or, at least, Izuku thinks it's prosthetic. He shivered at the though of it being "real".

It was a normal day, just like every other day after the incident, Izuku was wondering around town, no destination in mind. When he grew tired of aimlessly walking around, he stop and leaned over the side of a deserted building. His eyes wondered downward as he watched the very few people who would walk this way pass by without sparing him a glance. One person, stopped in front of him, before looking towards him and going down to face Izuku.

Izuku looked up, ready to run away from whoever this person was. The person just smiled (or, Izuku though he saw a smile. It's hard to tell when there's a hand blocking his face) and reached a hand for him. "Do you need some place to go to? I can take you with me. Maybe master might want to take you in." Desperate, Izuku instantly grabbed his hand, only to gasp and pull it back when they touched and searing pain ran through his hand. "Oh! I'm so sorry! I forgot to tell you, it's my quirk. Decay. Anything I touch with all five fingers wound decay. Sorry, I promise I didn't mean it!"

Izuku chuckled at his desperate attempt at apologizing, before nodding. "Yeah, it's fine. I'm Izuku. Midoriya Izuku." "Shigaraki, Shigaraki Tomura."

It's been a while since Izuku has been able to smile like that, and it brought back memories of the time when he was still happy. After that introduction, Izuku stood up, and followed Shigaraki to their "hideout", as he called it. It was an abandoned building that apparently had a cafe inside. Someone was there, a man with a metal like band around his neck and a dark purple mist around his head. He looked over at the pair.

"Who is this, Shigaraki." Shigaraki looked behind him to an uncertain looking Izuku, before reverting his gaze to the mist-like person. "This is Midoriya Izuku. Izuku, this is Kurogiri." Kurogiri nodded. "A pleasure, Midoriya." Izuku nodded, before going over to a corner. "He's... Shy. I though master might like him as an addition."

Shigaraki opened up the TV. A voice suddenly rang through the little cafe. "Yes, what is it, Shigaraki." "I brought someone I though you might like. His name is Midoriya Izuku."

After a bit of examination from 'master', as Shigaraki calls him and as Izuku was told to call, Izuku had a quirk, after all. But, because it was a quirk which was already there to begin with and because it was a very not well known quirk, it passed under the radar when Izuku was tested. His quirk wasn't all that much, but he had two, apparently.

A rare genetic mutation where a quirk of the second generation was passed onto the fourth generation without notice. He had brainwashing and mask. Brainwashing was brainwashing, he could manipulate his opponent's mind and, most times, make them change their minds. Meanwhile, the mask manipulated how people could see him. Sadly, that one is uncontrollable, so they do not know if it is his true self, or just the mask working.

After the news, 'master' though he was a good addition, and so he was taken in. Of course, he didn't really care so long as he finally had a place to stay, and he was nearly terrified of his willingness to help after they had explained that they were what was called the "League of Villains" and that his ability to write very descriptive entries of observations about quirks, fighting styles etc. was to be very valuable to them.

After a year of getting to know everyone in the League, nonstop training for combat (and to which Izuku and 'master' spent quality time fighting it out in the training hall and finding out that apparently his "mask" quirk not only shows him as someone else outside, but also repels anyone it thinks is a threat to him), and his nonstop chitchat with Shigaraki whenever him, Izuku and Kurogiri would stay up late in the cafe after another training session.

Izuku was finally learning what happiness was again. He was finally able to fully smile without it being a fake. When they finally decided that Izuku needed a place to stay and so he's not always sleeping in their base, Erin accepted her into her apartment.

Erin was the closet Izuku could get to a family. She was always the for Izuku and even though they are not actually family, she still acted as if Izuku was her family. She treated him to his favorite restaurants, bought him clothes, and provided shelter for him. They shared their deepest fears, closest wishes.

One day, as Izuku was walking around town not looking around his surroundings as time flew by, as he was writing in his notebook intensely. He was recently given the assignment of tracking one of the Pro Hero, Kamui Woods. As to why, he did not know. Without knowing, he heard a voice coming from behind him. "You should know better than to be walking alone, young man." it said. When he turned around, a villain stood behind him, rushing towards him. But when their eyes met, he stopped dead in his tracks. Izuku smirked.

That's right. Can't touch me, can you? It's my quirk.

Just then, out of no where, All Might jumped out. At that time, when he saw his childhood hero leap out and scoop the villain into a bottle, everything came rushing back to him. How he admired him, how he watched him battle multiple villains at once and come out victorious, how he and his mother would sit in front of the TV, and watch.

"Thank you young man, but now I must be gone." Izuku widened his eyes, far too many questions running through his head that he couldn't process what was happening. Before he knew it, they were up in the sky, and he was clinging on to All Might for dear life. "But there's so much I need to ask!" his voice was distorted because of the wind that was passing them by at a very fast pace. All Might sigh and landed on a roof top, before turning away from him and started to leave.

Before Izuku could help it, the words tumbled out of his mouth. "Can... Can I be a hero, too? Because I don't have a quirk, people say I should give up on my dream, and I was often bullied because they say I'm useless. But, even so, if I keep trying, even if I'm quirkless, can I still be a hero?" Izuku looked up, dismayed that All Might has left in a puff of smoke, and he sigh. Of course the #1 hero would have other responsibilities than listen to a 14 year old ramble on and on about his passion to become someone he knows he can't be.

The puff of smoke disappeared, and Izuku was shocked to see that a skinny figure stood in the place All Might once was. "A... A fake?!" The man was still wearing All Might's clothes, although oversized, and he looked like All Might, except way more thinner and not so buff. "I am All Might. This is my true form. Now you've seen the real me, please don't write about it on the internet, even if it's an accident." Izuku widened his eyes at the statement. "But... But, All Might isn't this skinny!" All Might winced at the comment, before lifting his shirt. This time, it was Izuku's turn to wince, as on the left side of All Might's torso was a very big punch mark that was evidently sewn back together.

"This was from an enemy attack five years ago. My respiratory system was nearly destroyed, and my stomach had to be removed. The after effects of the surgeries got to me, and now, I can only do my hero work 3 hours a day."

"Five years ago... That was when you fought Toxic Chainsaw?" All Might nodded. "I asked that this was not made public. The Symbol of Peace should not be daunted by evil."

"The reason I smile, is so to trick the fear inside me. A Hero should always be ready to risk his life." Izuku looked down sadly, knowing what the answer to his next question would be. Scared to voice it out, but he still did it. "Without power... Can one be a hero?" All Might sighed, going over to the door. "You could always be a police officer. It's not bad to dream, but, you have to be realistic, too." The door opened and shut, and Izuku fell down to his knees. He knew the answer so why was he so dismayed? He shook his head to relieve him of the thought plaguing his mind, before standing and walking back home.

On the way home, he passed by a street where people were gathered up. Curious, he walked up to see what was happening, and he widened his eyes at what was in front of him. The slugging monster that All Might has caught only minutes before was here, and was holding captive an innocent bystander. Izuku gasped. If it was here, then... Then All Might dropped it when Izuku was clinging to him, and this was all Izuku's fault.

If he hadn't been the stupid person he was, then this wouldn't be happening. Then, too make it worse, the person the villain was holding captive, was Erin. Izuku bit his lips. The 4 pro heroes on sight couldn't do anything, and they were waiting for someone that could do something. Izuku's ears were ringing. The constant chattering among the people watching was painful to his ears. He couldn't stand it.

"Wasn't that the villain All Might was perusing?" "Oh yeah! It is!" "Wait, so he failed?" Izuku snapped. He ran past the many people despite their protests and despite all the pro heroes warnings to stay back. "Erin!" he screamed, running over. The villain stopped trying to suffocate her when it say Izuku, and it stopped dead in its tracks when they met eye to eye. In the blink of an eye, a rush of air ran through and All Might stood there, having done the finishing blow on the villain. Izuku was pulled to the side by the Pro Heroes who started lecturing him about the dangers that he could have encountered while Erin was pulled aside to be praised.

As soon as Izuku was able to leave, the heroes have already escorted Erin home, and Erin had told him that they would have to talk when he got home. On the way home, Izuku felt down, knowing it was his fault Erin was in that predicament and it was his fault for distracting All Might from his Hero duties.

"I am... Here!" All Might suddenly jumped out of the alley that was the next turning point. Izuku jumped with a startled look on his face and a yelp escaping his lips. "You sure do love jumping out of no where, huh." All Might chuckled at Izuku's statement. "Yes, well, I come with a thanks, an apology, and a proposal." Izuku looked up, confused at what All Might was saying. He smiled. "If you didn't tell me your story earlier. If you hadn't rushed out to help the scene, I wouldn't have been able to act."

Izuku gasped, shocked at the words. "Most of the top heroes often showed greatness even as children. Some would even claim that their bodies acted before they could even think."

Izuku suddenly, right then and there, remembered his mother's voice as she hugged him and cried onto him. "I'm sorry, Izuku, I'm sorry." It wasn't the answer he was looking for. No. He was looking for a different answer.

Izuku fell to his knees, breathing heavily as he tried to control his emotion. "You can be a hero, too. I believe you are worth of inheriting my power." Izuku looked up in shock. How could someone just "inherit" a quirk? "My quirk was passed down to me like a sacred torch. I had always avoided the question because the Symbol of Peace had to be a natural born hero. The quirk let's the user pass their power, and it is called One for All, but it is a strong power, so you would need to work for it. You want to enroll in Yuuei, don't you? So, what do you say?"

Izuku smiled. "Of course!" "A perfect answer!"

And so, Izuku's 10 months of training begun.

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"We need you to infiltrate Yuuei." Izuku whipped around to glare at Shigaraki, the man lacking his prosthetic hand and telling everyone he's in sort of a good mood. "What?!" Izuku hissed. He hadn't told anyone besides Erin about him training with All Might and inheriting his power so no one knows he's planning to go to Yuuei. Now they want him to infiltrate?

"Yeah. Your good at gathering info, right? Find the website, gather info on as much teachers as you can, and we'll do the rest." Izuku though it unfair that they would hack his way into the Hero Course, and yet, excitement coursed through his vains at the though of hacking the most secure place in Japan, Yuuei. He sighed, nodding. "Fine. But this better be worth it." He said, turning on his heel to leave the cafe and continue his training with All Might by the beach. He cursed slightly under his breath, realizing he would have to stay up very late to get the info gather shit done.


After training was over, Izuku practically collapsed onto the couch, and Erin chuckled. "Tired?" she asked and the younger groaned, a jumble of incoherent words escaping his mouth. "Well, I made your favorite!" Erin smiled, placing a Pork Cutlet bowl in front of Izuku, and Izuku's eyes practically lit up like a child. He may act like an adult whenever he's with Shigaraki or whenever he was working on another info gathering project for the league, but he is still 14, and he was turning 15 in a few months!

Quality time like this was rarely ever spent between them at the moment, considering how Izuku would always be busy with training with All Might and Erin was working extra hard on her part-time job, that it was a treasured moment between the two as they laughed and joked around with each other. "Sooo, how's your training with All Might?" Izuku smiled. "Actually, I'm getting there! The beach is almost clear, and considering it's only 3 months 'till the exam, I think I'm getting there. " Izuku was practically bubbling with excitement, and memories of his mother suddenly started flowing in his mind, before shaking the though.

I'll avenge you, mom, I will. I promise. You didn't deserve your fate.

"Oh, and, um. I heard from Shigaraki. So when's the deadline?" Erin broke the slightly uncomfortable silence inbetween the two. "Next week, presumably. But I was hoping to finish it today." Izuku said softly. "But, don't you have training tomorrow?" Izuku shrugged. "I can manage. " Erin eyed him suspiciously, before sighing and standing up to place their dishes in the sink before sinking next to Izuku on the couch. She pulled Izuku close to her and smiled softly. "Hey, Erin... Why are you so kind to me?"

Erin was taken aback by the question. Why? "Because... Well, it's kind of a personal reason, I guess." Izuku was slightly hurt at the answer, but he didn't pull back. He knew there was something else than just that statement. "You see... I once had a brother. He was so much like you, happy, cute, overflowing with energy. But, after the incident, I never saw him again. Mom... She ran away with him. I haven't seen him since." Izuku turned around and hugged Erin when he saw that Erin was close to tears. "S-sorry I asked." Erin smiled softly at the younger boy.

"It's fine. I needed someone to tell it to some day. Now, why don't you start work? I am gonna wake you up early tomorrow." Izuku smiled. He hugged Erin tighter, before pressing a soft kiss to her cheek. She blushed. "If I remind you of your brother, than I can be your little brother." He smiled cheekily, and Erin smirked. "Then I'm your big sis." They laughed together on the couch, the once gloomy atmosphere instantly lifted by happy statements.

Once the two of them had calmed down, Izuku stood up. "I would want to hangout with you more, but your statement was true. I do need to wake up early tomorrow." Izuku chuckled softly. "Yep, and I also have to work, so let's both get to work." Izuku nodded, before retreating to his room. It didn't take long for Izuku to find a reliable source of imformation about teachers who were working at Yuuei, and, in fact, was shocked to see that All Might would be teaching there.

The next morning, Izuku groaned as he woke up to Erin shaking him awake. "Come on, you're gonna be late." Izuku bolted up at the words. Him, be late at a meeting? Nonsense!

He rushed to put on some decent clothes, before going over to Erin to give her a kiss on the cheek. "I'll be home before you know it, sis!" He said, nearly forgetting the papers of info he printed out yesterday. He had said he would drop it by the cafe before running over the beach to meet with All Might. "Stay safe." He gave her a thumbs up, before practically slamming the door closed in his haste. Erin laughed.

The walk, or, run, in this circumstance, was 2 minutes away from Erin's, uh, their apartment, and 4 minutes away from the closest route to the beach. He entered the cafe, and smiled at Kurogiri and Shigaraki. "Here." He said, handing them both the papers. They scanned through the pages, before nodding, satisfied. "Just sit back and relax. We'll handle this." Izuku nodded, before turning around. "Although I would like to stay a bit, I'm running on a time limit. Sorry!" Izuku bolted out the door, leaving the two stunned. Izuku was rushing. Shigaraki pouted. "And I wanted to have a game with him, too."

Izuku sucked in a deep breath as he halted to a stop. "S-sorry I'm late! I had to run an errand on the way here." He bit his lips and looked down, but All Might just smiled. "It's fine. Now, let's continue where we left off."

The remaining days after that when in a blur. The same routine over and over again, train with All Might, meet with Shigaraki and Kurogiri, and bonding time with Erin.


Kurogiri smiled as Izuku walked in. "You're getting in through recommendation." Izuku blinked, bewildered, before widening his eyes that the statement. He shook his head not accepting it. "What?!" Shigaraki smirked. "We had a way. They also agreed that you can go in without an entrance exam." Izuku groaned. Then what was all that training with All Might for? The entrance exam was in a few weeks and his progress was soaring. It wasn't that hard, 10 months flew by in a heartbeat, and Izuku could feel certain that he's ready to inherit the Symbol of Peace's quirk.

He sighed. "I'm leaving." He said, walking out the door and practically slamming it closed. Kurogiri closed his eyes, letting out an exasperated sigh. "That kid just keeps on getting hard headed everyday." Shigaraki smiled softly. "He'll come to... Eventually."

Izuku ran towards the beach. They didn't have a training session today, but he wanted to go for it. He spent the whole day cleaning up, just to show that he was worth it. Worth the power. The following day, the whole beach was practically clear, and everything was pilled up neatly on the side, Izuku on top with a smile of satisfaction on his face. "Midoriya-shounen." All Might smiled.

"Since we still have 2 weeks, I can show you how to use the quirk. Now-" All Might plucked a hair on his head and held it to Izuku. "Eat this." The younger widened his eyes at the statement, his face turning a shade of red. "W-what?!" he stammered. But still ate it.

"In a few minutes, it will take effect." And so, training resumed.


Izuku groaned softly, collapsing on the couch. "Aww, is my little brother tired?" Erin cooed, slithering behind Izuku and dragging him on her lap. Izuku smiled, burying his head onto the nap of Erin's neck, before sighing softly. "Yeah. Man, handling his quirk is tough." He said. Erin smiled softly at him. "It has only been a week. You should rest for now." The younger's eyes lit up softly when he was placed back down on the couch and a bowl of food was placed in front of him. "Eat up." Izuku smiled, before practically inhaling the food served to him. Erin chuckled at his eagerness.

"Oh, um, neesan? I've been meaning to ask, what's your quirk?" She blushed softly at the question, embarrassed. "I-it's not much. Kind of boring, actually. I'll just show you." And just like that, time seemed to slow down for Izuku. He could see Erin darting to and from around the room, but he couldn't keep up with her. It was as if she was a blur, someone who you can't see, but know they're there. Even his statements were slow, even if he was speeding his voice.

And, just like that, in a flash, everything was back to normal. Izuku looked around the room to see where his sister was, and was astonished to see a cake in her hands. He widened his eyes, before checking the time. 12:06. He had been up for that long? As tears slowly filled up in his eyes, Erin started singing. "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. " As each of the words escaped her mouth, she walked closer to Izuku, and smile on her mouth. When she finished singing, she set the cake on the table, hugging Izuku who was sobbing at this point. "I though no one knew..." Erin smiled. "When someone loves someone, they find ways to make that person smile. You're still to young to not celebrate your birthday."

Izuku, grateful, hugged the older girl more and she laughed lightly. "Now, go on, eat your cake!" As they were sharing a peace of the cake, Izuku asked again. "So, what is your quirk?" She smiled. "Time altering. I can make it go faster, or slower, depending on what I think. What I did just now was slowing time." Izuku nodded, eyes wide in awe at the description. "That's amazing!" The older chuckled. "No, it's boring." Izuku pouted.

"Alright, now go to sleep. It's 2 am and your having another training with All Might tomorrow, right?" Izuku nodded, thankful that the cake Erin had made was just small, enough for the two of them. He smiled, contented. Right then end there, he almost forgot why he was on the side of the villains in the first place, until he remembered that faithful day two, now three years ago. And he couldn't believe only a week left and he would be free of the training and would be roaming free on the grounds of Yuuei.


The week following flew by in a blur, and at long last, it was exam day. Izuku took a deep breath, trying to remember everything that was taught to him by All Might, and walking through the gates. He said he would still take the exam, even if he knew he didn't have to. Shigaraki and Kurogiri tried to tell him it was unnecessary, but their protest fell on deaf ears. I can do this. He said to himself. As he took another step, his determined face set, it took him another second to realize that he wasn't moving forward, no, he was falling forward.

And then took him another minute to realize he stopped mid air in a 45° angle parallel to the floor. "Eh?" Izuku's confusion made the girl next to her laugh. "Sorry, it's my quirk. Sorry for not asking you if it was okay for me to use it, but falling before the exam is bad luck, you know!" He widened his eyes at the statement, blushing red in embarrassment. "Ah! Your right, sorry I had been careless." She smiled. "Not at all. Anyways, I have to go, don't wanna be late. See you around?" She asked, reaching a hand to Izuku and pulling him up from the acute, and probably uncomfortable, able he was in. "Thanks." "Good luck!" she said, before leaving.

"Wait, what about your- name. " He sighed as she had already left. "Guess I better go hurry, too."

The opening ceremony was... Loud. Present Mic, especially, was louder than usual. "Welcome to today's live performance! Can I get a "hey"!!!" He was greeted with silence, and Izuku nearly snorted at the disinterested crowd. "Well, that's cool. Anyways? I'm here to present your guidelines to your practical! Are you ready??" Izuku wasn't really paying attention. Except, he was looking around, checking his surroundings for a specific blond male who was his childhood friend. He knew that the other would also be taking the entrance exam, so to be absent as the guidelines where told wasn't his 'style', as he would call it. Izuku was pulled out of his thoughts when a young man wearing glasses glared at him. "You with the curly hair, you've been muttering this whole time and its distracting! If this is just a game to you, then I would advice you to please leave immediately!" Izuku widened his eyes and bowed down slightly. "Sorry." The lecture continued on how the robot mechanics worked in the practical, but Izuku wasn't really paying attention. He knew he would get in anyways without having to ace the test. He just really wanted to see how he would fair when using One for All in a real combat sort of training. He was taught how to use it, not how to use it in combat.

After the... Loud explanation, was the practical exam itself. Although Izuku didn't really care, he found himself shaking in anticipation and slight nervousness. He breathed in, then out, then looked around at the people around him. There was the man with glasses who scolded him, and there was also the girl who saved him right before his demise and probable embarrassment near the front gate. He considered walking over to her, but even she looked focused and terrifyingly determined. The man with glasses glared at him again. "And why are you here? Interfering again?" The man said. Izuku flinched at the menacing tone in his voice. "Ahh, well, no, I-" He was cut off by another man who looked at him with a smirk. "That kid looked like an idiot back at the front gate. Can you believe such a sensitive kid would think about entering Yuuei?" They laughed at him, and, honestly? He was used to being mocked by his peers. "Guess one less rival to worry about." Izuku sighed at the laughter surrounding him. "And, begin!" The sound of Present Mic's voice startled half the crowd. "What? In the real world, there are no count downs." Izuku looked back to see everyone's already started, and he sighed.

He wished he had taken Kurogiri an Shigaraki's advice and just stayed at home and rest, but he had been dumb enough to go to the exam. He ran in the 'fake' city, catching up to his fellow peers. After a few minutes of running around looking for a robot to get, he started feeling dismayed as every robot he passed by was already either broken or missing a part and, if not blown into smithereens, reduced to a pile of ashes. "Two minutes left, and here's the big boss!" They brought out the 0-point robot, if Izuku was not mistaken, and even he was shocked at the sight of it. The thing was massive! They all started running away from it, but Izuku stopped dead in his tracks when brown hair caught his gaze. He looked back, and saw the girl who had saved him trapped under a rock and unable to get up. He widened his eyes, before summoning one for all and, before he knew it, he was soaring across the air towards the robot.


When he got back to his and Erin's apartment, he was exhausted. Erin chuckled. "How'd it go?" Izuku shrugged. "Eh. not much," Just at that moment, Erin turned on the TV, and he widened his eyes at what was playing. No wonder Bakugo wasn't at the entrance exam. The morning before the exam, an accident struck, and he was caught in the ruckus. He was one of the victims, and All Might was there, but was unable to help.

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Izuku would admit, the uniform kinda made him look weird, in a way. Erin reassured him that it was fine and that he was worrying too much, so he took her word for it and left to get to the train station. It would be a shame if he were late on the first day of class. He got onto the train, not really caring if the loud chattering of the people around him kinda made him annoyed. He brought out his phone.

"Oh, hey! Is that a Yuuei uniform?" Izuku looked up to see the same girl back at the exam who saved him from slamming his face on the floor accidentally, and the same girl he saved from that giant robot that was the reason he 'got in' and totally not because he was in through recommendation. "Oh! It's you!" Izuku smiled at the girl. "Yeah, I never got your name. I'm Midoriya Izuku." "Deku?" Izuku was taken aback by the name. Only Bakugo called him that. That brought back memories, and the pain of knowing he will never see Bakugo again. Because he was dead. "No, Midoriya Izuku." The girl widened her eyes. "Oh! I'm sorry! I though I heard Deku." The girl looked at him with apologetic eyes and Izuku shrugged.

It was kinda cute hearing that name from her, though. "But you know, it does kinda sound like 'you can do it' ("dekiru")." Izuku smiled. "Ahh! Right, um, I'm Ochako Uraraka!" The girl, Ochako, smiled. The way to school was full of both of their chatters and, as they entered the classroom, chaos greeted them. The man who scolded Izuku in the exam for being to loud was scolding another one of their classmates who didn't want to put his foot down from its position on the desk. "I'm from Somei Private Academy, my name is Iida Tenya!"

They bantered on for a bit more, before realizing the newcomers staring at them in nervousness. 'Iida's eyes lit up, he instantly walked over to Izuku and Ochako. "My name is-" Izuku didn't really know how to put it in words, but he did anyways. He interrupted Iida with the words "I heard." before smiling. Introductions were made and the man who finally put his foot down stood up and walked over to them. "Shinsou Hitoshi." He introduced.

"If your just here to socialize, please leave." They all looked behind to see a large yellow caterpillar in front of the door. Then it stood up and, oh, it was a person in a sleeping back. They all got back onto their seats. "Okay, thank you. It took you 7 seconds to calm down. Time is gold, you know." The disinterested tone in his voice got the students looking at each other. "I am Aizawa Shouta, your homeroom teacher. And today we're gonna do basic training. Get into your PE uniforms." He said, before leaving the room. They all got up to changed.

The walk from the changing room to the grounds wasn't that far, and the anticipation got everyone excited. Once they got down, Aizawa was there, and the students could see a hint of smile in his voice. "You." He pointed to a man with red, spikey hair (that kinda reminded Izuku of Bakugo) and a face that just screamed 'loud'. "Kirishima Eijiro. You finished top at the entrance exam." He was passed a ball, and Aizawa-sensei smirked. "Get in the circle, and throw the ball. Use your quirk, do whatever, just don't step out of the line."

After ping-ponging the ball into the air with his bare fist, it flew far off into the distance, before landing a bunch of feet away from the starting point. Aizawa held up his phone, and everyone was astonished to see 715.3. "For a quirk so simple, he got it to go up that high. That's what you get from the top one I suppose, but then...." Izuku started mumbling again, and they stared at him weirdly. "If you could please stop incoherently mumbling so I can finish the instructions, Midoriya." The teacher called out, and Izuku looked up in surprise, turning red from embarrassment. "Sorry.." He whispered.

"Okay, now its quiet, we're gonna go through 8 basic training exercises, but you can use your quirk and do your magic and all that. Do whatever you want. But, the one who finishes last will get expelled." Aizawa looked at them with a menacing gaze, before smirking. "What? But its just the first day! Expelled??" Aizawa laughed. "That's right. Go beyond, Plus Ultra!" Aizawa smirked at their nervous and/or determined faces. "Welcome to the Hero Course at Yuuei!" And so, the 8 training 'trials' began.

It was nothing special, everyone was using their quirks to get the best possible score, and, being able to control his power, Izuku was killing it. One man did catch his eyes. It was as if he was two people fused into one. One half had white hair and and the other half was a pretty red color. His eyes were also heterochromatic, one was black while the other was blue. Izuku though he was really hot, and he smirked.

Todoroki Shouto, son of the number 2 hero, Endeavor.

This was gonna be a fun year.

Everyone was doing their best, but Shinsou was struggling. What would he do? He didn't want to get expelled, yet his quirk was powerless against these types of things. When they finished, Shinsou was last, and he was prepared to get expelled, when Aizawa smirked. But, Izuku intervened.

Without anyone knowing, Aizawa and Izuku locked eyes, and Izuku smirked. His brainwashing taking effect for a second to change Aizawa's mind to expel Shinsou.

Your not expelling him. He's a good student. He will be useful. 

Then he snapped his connection with Aizawa's mind, acting like nothing happened. His quirk wasn't one to leave any traces, as even the person he manipulate won't remember it happening, either, so why bother?

"It was a joke. No one's getting expelled... Yet." The word added at the ending was nearly enough to put everyone on edge, and Izuku approached Shinsou. "Thank God!" Izuku said, acting innocently as no one knew what he just did. No one even knew he had 3 quirks. Just then, the bell to lunch time signalled, and Izuku was a little relieved that that was done. And also because he was starving.

Then the talk of quirks began. Shinsou, apparently, had brainwashing (or something to that effect), Iida had Engine legs, and Ochako had a quirk named 'Zero Gravity' where anything she touches loses the touch of gravity. Izuku made a mental note to write it down later in his 'info journal', as Shigaraki liked to called it. "What's your quirk, Deku?" Ochako asked as they sat down for lunch in one of the tables where Class 1-A sat. "Deku?!" Iida asked, aware that the nickname meant useless. Izuku shrugged. "She misheard my name earlier. But she did say it sounded like 'You can do it', so it kinda stuck." Izuku explained and they nodded.

The chattering of the loud cafeteria nearly made Izuku's ears ring, not used to the constant chattering of people around them. "So? What is your quirk?" Shinsou pressed. Izuku though of what he should say. No one knows about his two other quirks, and Kurogiri said to keep it a secret, meanwhile All Might said One for All is to be kept secret the whole time, too. "Midoriya?" Iida asked, seeing the younger in deep though. "Oh, uh, it's strength." Izuku said, and, really, it wasn't wrong, it just wasn't right either.

"And I actually got in through recommendation." For some reason, Izuku felt the need to tell them that, almost as if being smug, but he didn't really have any bad intentions. They looked at him with wide eyes. "What?! You got in through recommendation?! Then why where you at the exams?" Izuku shrugged. "I wanted to see how I would fair. It was sort of a personal reason. I wanted to see if I was really worth of getting recommended." He said honestly. They all stared at him for a second, before sighing. "Alright, you have your reasons." Izuku mentally thanked them for dropping the subject, otherwise he might've accidentally spilled the real reason why he was recommended in the first place, and he probably would have relied on his quirk again to dropped the subject. Fuck Kurogiri and Shigaraki and their hacking skills.

Once lunch was over, they all piled back into their classroom, and the class continued to drag on. By the end of the day, he had a literal journal full of entries of his classmates, and when Izuku got back home, Erin was lying on the couch, sleeping, probably very exhausted from work. She had asked for a change in her shift so her and Izuku would be working in the day, then boding at night. Izuku smiled, before noticing a bunch of papers folded neatly on the table. Izuku tried to ignore it, until finally his curiosity got to him, and he walked over, deciding to see what's up. His wide eyes scanned the papers, before looking over to Erin in shock.

It was papers to arrange the change of Erin's last name from Sakura to Midoriya. At that moment, Erin sat up, looking at Izuku with half-lidded, probably still hazy eyes, then her eyes wondered to the papers in Izuku's hand. She smiled. "Guess the cat's out of the box. I was gonna wait until you arrived to show you, but you got there before me, huh?" She asked with a slight chuckle. Izuku smiled. "I... Well... Does this mean we're officially family?" Izuku looked to Erin with uncertain eyes, and Erin just smiled warmly. "That's right. " She said, before pulling Izuku with open arms, and Izuku gladly sunk into the warm embrace. "I love you, my little brother." Erin said softly, rustling Izuku's already untamed hair, and he laughed softly. "Love you too, sis." He said, and, for the first time in so many years, he felt loved once again.

It was times like this when he start wondering just how exactly the people see him. Because, whenever he sees himself in the mirror, he's rarely smiling. Hair all messed up and eyes looking like they lack sleep. Bit according to Shigaraki, he always wore a bright smile, and, although his hair is still messy, there is a drastic difference, and his eyes actually have life in them. He might have to admit the image disgusted him a lot back then, but he had gotten use to it that he would even act the role from time to time. The trouble with his quirk was that he didn't know if the person saw the real him, or the 'mask' him.

The day after, they had Hero training, actual training that they could do without having to think about getting expelled in any way, shape or form. Izuku was still mad at All Might for not doing anything to help Bakugo, but he told himself he'll reserve that anger for after he had avenged his mother, and also because he needs All Might to training his quirk.

Once they were dressed in their hero costumes, Izuku sighed. He had hoped Erin hadn't gone overboard with the design of his costume, but this was outrageous. Her costume designs weren't that bad in all honesty, yet apparently she made an exception for her design on his costume, and Erin probably though it was super cute, but a bunny? To put it simple, his costume had bunny ears.

He would have laughed at himself if not for Ochako actually saying it was cute. No one laughed at it either, so he shrugged. "It's weird. Who would ever want to be saved by a bunny?" Ochako laughed. "Me! And anyways, yours look way better than mine. I should have specified what I wanted, instead I was given a skintight suit." Izuku smiled, before shrugging. "It's... Not that bad.." He mumbled that last part, a blush probably adorning his face. He shook the thought away, before searching the crowd for a certain someone.

The boy looked amazing in his costume. It was simple, dark blue in color and some sort of support running from the back to around his arms, there wasn't much going on in his costume, and that was better than having so many things hanging off of you. He smiled. "Uhm, Deku-kun?" Izuku was brought back to reality when he realized Ochako was shaking her hand in front of his face. "We're teammates! And we're against Shinsou and Iida, they're the villains." Ochako explained. And so everyone left to their respective places, Ochako and Izuku at the start of the building, Iida and Shinsou at the top guarding the 'bomb' and the others, including All Might, went to watch via CCTV.

"We're up against Shinsou and Iida, so I'm not too worried. But, you see very jittery..?" Ochako laughed slightly at Izuku, said boy mumbling once again. When the timer started, the two of them made their way stealthily through the building, and when they got to an intersection, Izuku had the mind to stop and listen, and he heard footsteps approaching. "Ah!" He gasped, pulling Ochako back when a blur of white whipped from behind them, and they saw Shinsou with binding cloth, much like Aizawa-sensei's, around his neck. He smiled. "Surprise." He pulled Ochako up. "Get to the bomb." She nodded.

"You're really into your role, huh?" Izuku asked, smirking slightly. Shinsou's eyes lit up with a dangerous tint to them, and he also smirked. "Your one to talk. So answer me, do you like her?" The question took Izuku aback, and he nearly answered him, if not for the voice at the back of his head reminding him of what'll happen if he was to answer the other guy. He shook his head instead. "Oh, smart. Not talking now, huh?"

Izuku raised an eyebrow, then smirked. "Sorry, Shinsou, I didn't mean to rush. So, how's it going there, huh?" unconsciously, Izuku used his other quirk once they met eye to eye, and he saw a flash of pain in Shinsou's eyes. His thankful that his other quirk was sort of like mind controlling, as it wasn't just brainwashing. He walked over to Shinsou, and Shinsou looked at his with blank eyes.

"Yep, that's right. You never know, and you will never know, what this is." Izuku whispered in the other's ear, albeit smugly, mind you. He knew he could say anything to Shinsou and Shinsou wouldn't even remember it. He activated the earpiece. "Ochako, talk to me, what's your status?" He was met with a crash on the other line, and he worried for his teammate. "Sorry Deku, I got caught. I'm up at floor 5."

Izuku rushed over, leaving Shinsou since as soon as they break eye contact, the connection will also break, and Shinsou will gain his conscience back in roughly 30 seconds if Izuku could count properly. He arrived at the 5th floor to see chaos, and Izuku laughed slightly. He charged up one of his fingers, and let it rip, the floor getting rushed with strong cold wind. At the time of the distraction, Ochako ran to the bomb and touched it. "Retrieved!" Izuku smiled softly.

"The bomb has been retrieved! Heroes win!" Ochako and Izuku high-fived, and Shinsou and Iida congratulated them. Since Shinsou forgot what happened, he just assumed he lost consciousness after a blow, and Izuku apologized a lot, so that was that. Shinsou practically had to cover Izuku's mouth and say it really was okay because Izuku just would not stop saying sorry, and the three of them just laughed at him, to which he also ended up laughing anyways.

After they were given the results, the one with the highest score was apparently Iida as he was the only one who actually stayed in character. Shinsou was too reckless to storm into the enemy's hand, Ochako fell out of character the moment she got on the floor of the bomb and Izuku's last attack was also reckless as the wind could have easily been a diversion for the enemy to escape and for them to detonate the bomb itself. As for Iida, he prepared for the enemy in advance and did the job nearly perfect.

After that first one, everyone did their best to win, and after the whole training, everyone in class was exhausted. "Hey, Deku-kun, you going home alone?" Ochako asked, as she was with Shinsou and Iida. They looked at him expectantly, and he glanced at them nervously. "Actually, I can't. I need to run an errand, sorry. Maybe tomorrow?" Izuku said, and Ochako pouted. "Ah, fine. But! You better make up for it tomorrow." Izuku smiled.

Once he was out of school, instead of taking the train, he took a sharp left and made for the cafe. "Sorry I'm late." Izuku said, entering the cafe to see Kurogiri and Shigaraki there. Izuku gave them a copy of his notes on his classmates, and a few of his teachers. He admits, he feels kinda filthy selling out his friends and classmates, but he could care less. After all, he's been part of this league for nearly 3 years and they treated him like China in that given time. They gave him shelter, friends, a place to call home, and he even found someone who he can call family, and he was thankful for that.

"You really are good at collecting info." Shigaraki said, ruffling Izuku's Green hair and Izuku could see a bunch of strands falling and disintegrating into dust before it fell to the floor. Izuku pouted slightly. "Now, how 'bout a game? This time I will beat you." Shigaraki said, pulling out his favorite board game, and Izuku smirked. "That's a challenge." Izuku pulled up his phone to tell Erin he'd be late because he'll playing a game with Shigaraki. And Erin responded with 'Again? Alright, take care.' and the laughing while crying emoji. Izuku smiled.

This will be a fun night.

Chapter Text

He hasn't won a single game. Shigaraki and Izuku was currently on their 3rd game that night, and Shigaraki hasn't won any of them. "Izukuuuu why are you so good at this???" Izuku laughed at Shigaraki's pout. It wasn't that Izuku was good at the game, Shigaraki was just really bad at winning. Izuku shrugged. "Hate to say it, Shigaraki, but you're just really bad at strategy. Now then, check mate." Izuku said, rather smugly, mind you, his head leaning on his left hand and a smug grin adorning his features. He could tell that Shigaraki was about to explode in anger.

Before that could happen, Izuku stood up. "I would like to have another game, but my sister would probably get mad at me for staying out late. I'm already pass my curfew by now." Shigaraki looked at him with a face that said 'Oh fuck of you don't have curfew.' Izuku smiled. "Plus I have school tomorrow." Oh. Okay so that probably got to Shigaraki because he sighed and waved his hand. "Take care." No matter how much Shigaraki shows that he treats Izuku like a pet, he thinks of Izuku as his little brother too, and that's probably speaking for the whole league.

When Izuku set of for home, the moon was 2/5th of the sky, and Izuku checked his phone. 9pm. Izuku walked a bit faster, if only to get home earlier. He hadn't really planned on staying that late with Shigaraki and Kurogiri, but he guessed he was just too invested in the game. When he entered home, (he could call it that now, can't he?) he was greeted with Erin who had a bright smile on her face. "How's the second day?"

Izuku smiled. "Tiring, but I do have a few friends, and a certain someone who happens to catch my eye." Izuku really didn't mean to let that last part slip, but he was really into saying he actually has friends his age that he forgot that it was suppose to be a secret. The older had a mischievous glint in her eyes at the mention of a special "someone". "Oh? Who? Can I met her?" Izuku didn't want to break to her that it was a he that he was referring too, not a she, but he went with it. "Maybe in the future."

Erin smiled. "Awwww, my little Izuku is growing up!" Izuku chuckled when Erin pinched his cheeks. Erin was the only person that could actually make him act like his age, even if she was the only one who could actually see his real side. "Now, eat. It's late, you have school tomorrow." Izuku nodded, before doing just that.

The following day, Izuku and Ochako met up at the train station on the way to school again, and Izuku would admit she was a nice companion compared to Bakugo who would usually just scream at him to fuck off and call him "Quirkless Boring Deku". Whereas Bakugo would say "Deku" like the name was a sin, Ochako would say it like it was a friendship pledge.

When they got to class, they were both greeted by tons of interviews. "How's it like being taught by All Might?" Izuku widened his eyes. If there was one thing he was bad at, it was that he was really really bad with crowds. Ochako took control of the situation, sensing the unease from Izuku. "Sorry, but he needs to go to the nurse's office asap. Excuse me!" She pushed through the crowd, holding Izuku by hand, and Izuku would have swooned over holding a girl's hand if not for Todoroki Shouto who plagued his mind at the moment.

Once they were both in, they breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks, Uraraka-san." Izuku smiled softly. Ochako nodded. "It's good. I didn't want to deal with them, too." Ochako laughed slightly. When they entered the classroom, the same chaos greeted them. At this point, they had already gotten used to it. "Alright, settle down." Aizawa walked in and everyone rushed to their chairs. "I read the reports of your fights. You all did a good job. Now, I hate to spring this all on you so suddenly but-"

The students tensed slightly, preparing for the worst. They hoped it wasn't a pop quiz. "We're picking class president." Izuku breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't study last night so thank God they were doing something normal. Everyone was eager to be class president, and the quiet room turned into chaos once again. "Wait! If we're voting, might as well do it political style." Iida said, getting the class to shut the fuck up for short.

Izuku sighed, thankful the classroom had once again turned quiet. "I don't care what you do just do it quick." Aizawa said, retreating into his yellow sleeping bag and preparing to sleep on the floor.


How'd get into this position? Izuku was currently standing in front, nervously looking around at everyone. He had 3 votes, and he fucking got the position. "So, Midoriya is our Class Representative, and Yaoyorozu is our second Class Representative." Izuku looked at Iida in slight pity, the said man lamenting his (quote on quote) "Loss".

Before Izuku could say another word, however, the lunch bell rang, and he was relieved to see he wouldn't need to speak at all. "Iida-kun? Why didn't you vote for yourself? It was obvious you wanted the position." Iida shrugged. "I didn't think I had it in me. Besides, I think your more suited for it." Izuku looked at Iida with shock written all over his face. "So one of the votes was yours!" Ochako said, and Iida nodded.

Lunch was nearly too quiet for the group that was nearly always noisy, a sort of dark cloud hanging over them, each had a reason. Izuku didn't want to stand out that much, and yet he's the class representative. Iida was just sad he didn't get the position. Ochako... They really didn't know what was up with Ochako but something bad might've happened. Shinsou was absent. He called in sick.

"Soo, uh, what's with the aura?" Ochako asked suddenly, breaking the silence. The two boys shrugged. Before they could actually start their food, an alarm sounded off, and everyone panicked. "What is that?" Izuku asked, oblivious to the sound. "It's a level 5 breach, it means someone tried to forcibly enter the campus." Izuku stood up. He might have a good idea as too who would do that, but they aren't that dumb, are they?

The hallway the students took was very narrow, and Izuku and the others were practically squished by the other students. With Izuku's view out the window, he stopped fighting the current of students to see who exactly was trying to enter their school, only to be too relieved when he saw it was just the media, looking for someone to ask about All Might's teaching probably. Izuku looked at Iida. "It's just the Media!" And his voice probably held more relief than he'd want it to have. The three of them, Izuku, Iida and Ochako, made a plan to make Iida fly and recipro burst his way through the crowd, and with that, Iida went soaring.

He hit the wall at the far end of the hallway, high enough for every student to see him. His voice boomed throughout the small hallway, loud and clear for everyone to hear. "Everyone, it's just the Media! No need to fear!" The statement got everyone to calm down at least a tinny bit, and Izuku sighed in relief. The crowd stopped moving though, so he started sort of worming his way out of the many students who were now piled up in the hallway.

Class 1-A breathed a sigh of relief once they were safely back in their classrooms, and Aizawa entered. "Now, let's go back to electing officers." Izuku looked around the classroom nervously, before starting. "Okay, so, we will now elect the other officers, but before that can I say something?" He looked around at his classmates confused faces. He smiled softly. "I would like to exchange places with Iida-kun. I think he suits the job better than I am."

The eyes of his classmates lit up, and they started agreeing. Iida stood up and smiled, before opening his mouth too speak. "Thank you everyone! From now on, I will do my best." Izuku chuckled, before leaving the front to go to his desk, and accidentally falling asleep.

He came too an hour later when Ochako shook him awake. "Deku-kun, you've been asleep. Classes are over." Izuku shot up, and the three crowding over him laughed lightly. He took note of how most of the class was already either gone or leaving, and that he was the only one with a notebook out. He blushed in embarrassment, before shoving his things into his bag, and pulling his back from his chair. The three of them, Ochako, Iida and Izuku set for the train station, chatters filling the gaps around them.


Izuku looked around in shock as he entered the apartment. Shigaraki was there, having a happy conversation with Erin and Kurogiri. "What am I missing here?" They looked over at him, smiling. "Oh, uh, we got your schedule for tomorrow. Apparently you have rescue training at a facility called Unforseen Simulation Joint or something with pro heroes named Eraserhead, Thirteen and All Might. We're attacking." Izuku really wasn't shocked at that. He know the light blue haired male would use any opportunity to fight All Might, and Izuku really didn't care that much. He can do whatever he wasn't, 'cause Izuku really doesn't want to deal with a whiny Shigaraki.

"You got in without them noticing?!" Kurogiri shrugged. "No biggy. And besides, the Media was desperate to get in, so we did them an little favor." Oh. So that's what happened, and that's the reason the alarm went off. Izuku had a sneaking suspicion it was them, and that statement clarified that his gut was telling him the right thing. "Then I can help you guys scatter my classmates. We don't need to harm them, right?" Erin had a glint in her eyes and her face says 'Ohhh someone cares for his classmates' and he knew he would be teased later by the older person.

Shigaraki nodded. "Alright, talk it out with Kurogiri." He said, before warping them (excluding Erin) to the cafe. Izuku groaned, wondering why he didn't have Kurogiri warp him to their apartment that one time he went there from school and went home late? Without another though, Kurogiri gave him a floorplan of the facility they were working with, as well as a list of his classmates and all their quirks, before getting to work. He would have to stay up late for this once again.

Chapter Text

There was an aura of nervousness coming off of Izuku. Ochako, Iida and Shinsou asked what was wrong, but Izuku just passed it off as nothing, so they though nothing of it. But in reality, Izuku was really jittery. What if someone noticed and blamed him? What if they knew he was the traitor? What if- his thoughts were interrupted by an interested and slightly weirded out Kaminari. "Midoriya? What's wrong? You've been mumbling incoherently really loud." Izuku widened his eyes, covering his mouth. "Ah! Sorry!" And only then did he realize even the teacher staring at him.  He groaned, sinking further into his chair (if possible) then burying his face into his hands.


The rest of the morning past by in a blur, yet hero training seemed to take hours to arrive. After lunch, Izuku turned jittery once again, so he breathed in then out then told himself no one knew. He wasn't all that surprised when they were told of what they were gonna do. "You can choose if you want to wear your costume, as some of them are ill fitting for your quirks. And since it's a remote location, were getting there by bus." That was something Izuku wasn't anticipating. Ah well at least it wasn't school premises. 


The bus ride was noisy, starting of with Asui (or Tsu, as she would preferably be called) stating that Izuku's quirk was somewhat similar to All Might's, for the sole reasoning that the massive blast he did in their training was sort of like how All Might's punches come with massive blasts. Thankfully, they dropped the subject with "Except All Might doesn't hurt himself." and Izuku is left wondering just what the hell they see on the outside, before shrugging it off. 


Now the whole class was making a ruckus in the back of the bus, with Iida trying to tone it down a little. The talk of strongest and most popular was cut of when they arrived, and Izuku mentally thanked the Gods cause if he were to listen to another fucking scream from someone defending themselves he was gonna explode. Well, his ears specifically. 


The building was massive outside, but it was even bigger inside, if that could even happen. "Is this Universal Studios Japan?" The whole class all screamed in accidental unison. Izuku himself was shocked. The floor plans had nothing compared to seeing it up close. Silently, he started counting back from 100. "From Landslides, to Floods, and Conflagration zones and more, Welcome to Unforseen Simulation Joint, or USJ for short!" "It really is USJ." Izuku chuckled softly. Thirteen came out, the space hero in his space suit. Aizawa walked over, and Izuku couldn't help but overhear the conversation. 


"How about All Might? I thought he was meeting us here?" Thirteen pulled up three fingers, and Izuku instantly knew what he meant. "He passed his limit this morning on his way. He's resting in the break room." That confirmed Izuku's hunch, and he sighed. Of course All Might would try to help as many civilians as he could. Izuku couldn't help but roll his eyes. Typical, he could save so many people but not Izuku's best friend. 50. 49. 48. 


"Okay, before we start, I would like to say a thing or two... Or three... Or four..." The whole class looked at Thirteen as he kept going,  every time going up one. "Well, anyways, as many of you are aware, my quirk is black hole. It can suck in and tear apart anything." The whole class nodded, and Thirteen continued. "However, my power could easily kill. I've no doubt some of you here have similar abilities, and in our super powered society, the use of quirks is heavily restricted and monitored. At first, it may see like a secure and stable system, but it only takes one wrong move for people to die easily."


38. 37. 36. "During Aizawa's test, you came to learn of your hidden talents and powers, meanwhile All Might's test taught you the dangers each of your quirks can pose to some others." 26. 25. 24. "This class will be a new perspective. You will learn how to utilize your quirks to help others." 14. 13. 12. "Your powers are not meant to inflict harm, so I hope you will leave here today with the understanding that you are suppose to help people." 


Izuku nearly snorted at that last sentence. Ha! Help people. How will you help people if they can't help you? 2. 1. And- "So now-" Aizawa was cut of when a black mist emerged from the center. Right on time. Shigaraki's sort of blue hand emerged from the black mist, and some other guys that Izuku has never met. He sighed. Shigaraki, you've gone ahead once again huh? Aizawa instantly broke into action. "But, Aizawa-sensei! How will you fight?" Izuku asked, and Aizawa smirked. "You can't be a hero with just one trick up your sleeve." 


Izuku was genuinely impressed by their teacher's moves. He was good. Izuku smiled. He can handle it. In a few seconds, the students were suddenly blocked off of their entrance. Kurogiri stood there, and in all honest, Izuku could have just zoomed on through him without a second though, but he was told to stay in character. "Greetings. We are the League of Villains, and we are here today to end the Symbol of Peace, All Might. So could you please tell me where he might be?"


Izuku could have laughed at the scared faces of his classmates. Kirishima jumped up, using his hardening quirk. "Like hell we would do that!" Izuku nearly groaned at his classmate's persistency to fight, but instead smiled when a dark mist enveloped them, and Izuku swore he will never get used to the feeling of being warped, no matter how many times he goes through it. When he came to, he looked around at his surroundings. Todoroki and Hagakure (or he was sure it was Hagakure. He just met her at introductions, plus it was just her gloves and boots so yes that was definitely Hagakure.) we're both standing up. Well, more like Hagakure was off to the side avoiding Shouto's ice. 


"Ah! Be careful of your surroundings!" Izuku yelled, opening his eyes as his quirk broke the ice glacier before if reached him. The other man just groaned. "Stay at the side if you don't wanna be frozen. You're in my way." Oh what a nice way to greet your comrades. Izuku rolled his eyes. Rude much? Izuku jumped up, before walking over to where Hagakure was. "He just hogs all the spotlight." Izuku nodded in agreement at the girl's statement. 


"So, what do you mean 'kill All Might'?" Todoroki asked one of the villains trapped in his eyes. The villain looked around, his eyes landing at Izuku pleading with fear in his eyes. Izuku just smiled softly. Go ahead. The villain nodded, before spilling part of the story to Todoroki, leaving, of course, the details where Izuku was responsible for. Aka ratting out his classmates. He still couldn't get over how easily they gave away their quirks and shit. 


Todoroki sighed. "Come on, we have to go back." The three of them found their way back. Well, Izuku more or less dragged them back, him knowing the way and all. "Wait. Aizawa might be in trouble." Izuku pointed out when they started on their way back, and Todoroki nodded.


As they were running, Izuku widened his eyes. In the Mountain Zone, Kaminari was being held hostage by the one most likely messing up the radio signals, the other two there with him was unable to do anything. For a moment, Izuku entertained the idea of going to save him, but the villain probably felt his presence even from this far because he turned around, and made eye contact with Izuku. Unconsciously his quirk activated. Let him go. and the villain let go of the electric man who was temporarily out of order from using his quirk too much, a sigh of relief escaping the green haired male's lips.


When they reached the main, the two boys were horrified of the scene in front of them. Well, Izuku, not really and Shouto wasn't showing it. He looked over at Shigaraki. I though you said only All Might? The younger hissed in his mind when the two held eye contact, and Izuku could swore Shigaraki loosened his grip on their teacher. "Midoriya! You're close to him, save him!" 


The voice brought him back to reality, and Izuku mentally thanked the older for grounding him. However, before he could act, Todoroki had already sprung into action, sending ice in the way of the two fighting, forcing them to let go of each other. Well, more like forcing Shigaraki to back away, and Izuku would be lying if he said even he wasn't intimidated. (seriously, that dood was raised by the number 2 hero, of course he'd be scary.)


Just before another fight broke loose, the doors opened. A very very angry All Might stood by the open doors, his blazing eyes landing on the center where a mad Todoroki, a surprised Midoriya and a beaten, bruised and unconscious Aizawa in their care. And in that moment, Izuku truly saw in the man towering there in front, what made him The Symbol of Peace.

Chapter Text

Izuku admits, seeing the number one hero angry in person was intimidating and it scared him. He breathed in, trying to call himself the best he can. In a flash, the hero was gone from his spot, and even Izuku had a hard time keeping eye on him. The next second, Aizawa had been turned to the three "heroes in training". "Midoriya-shounen, Todoroki-shounen, bring Aizawa-sensei to safety." The three of the started to walk back, Hagakure sort of moaning about how All Might didn't call her.

Izuku looked back, and saw how the battle was unfolding, eyes wide. "And he didn't even- Midoriya?" Hagakure looked back to see the green haired kid looking stunned by the battle. "Uhm, can you guys continue? I have to go do something." Aizawa was given to Hagakure, and Shouto groaned. "Go back, Hagakure. I have to chase him." He didn't know what has come over himself. He somehow knew he needed to follow the green haired and protect the innocent boy. It might be the aura of innocence he was giving off, or how every moment made him look cute and innocent and... Oh fuck getting sidetracked here.

Shouto just knew he was to be protected. Even in those split seconds he would suddenly smirk menacingly at his opponents, green eyes with passion and sort of hatred flashing through them, and triumph. And after a few seconds, it would disappear. It always made Shouto wonder if he was just seeing things, or if everyone saw what he saw, but he would never try to comment, as no one ever did. He though maybe he was special, seeing this side to the usually innocent boy that showed he wasn't innocent, or that maybe he just had too much of an active imagination and it was just his father's 'training' that was finally catching up on the mentality of his mind, but he didn't mind. The intimidation he felt afterwards from the man would be gone once he reverts back to his usual self.

God Shouto's mind is messed up.

As for Izuku, he didn't know he had that effect on his other classmates. Heck, he didn't even know what they were seeing! The damn quirk doesn't work on Izuku's eyes, so he's always left wondering what they did see, and what they don't see. Stopping just before the battlefield, his eyes scanned the place. All Might was loosing. The 'nomu' as Shigaraki called it, had him pinned down with Kurogiri's warp in between them, lower half going through one and upper emerging a few inches away from the first one. All Might was bleeding, and that was easy to see.

Before he could intercept, he sensed something cold running his way, and he dodged just in time as Shouto's ice came rushing where he stood place earlier, freezing the half of the nomu and freeing All Might, in a way. "You have really got to fix that aim." Izuku mumbled, before standing up and he nearly called Shigaraki by his name when their eyes met. Shigaraki didn't acknowledge him, however, and went back to his not really working plan to kill All Might.

"Midoriya!" Shouto and Izuku looked behind him to see Kirishima and Kaminari running towards them. A line of electricity suddenly zoomed towards the two of them, dodging just in time to not get zapped to death. The line reached the nomu, and the four of them widened their eyes when it didn't have any effect. They heard a groan come from Kaminari, and Shouto shrugged.

"Nothing is affecting it. It has regeneration, but I don't think that's all there is to it." Izuku said when the two caught up with them. The two of them nodded, looking towards the scene unfolding. All Might was giving it his all, punching none stop until he got to the point where he finally punched the right stop and sent the thing flying. Izuku widened his eyes, seeing fear and anger in Shigaraki's eyes. All Might was angry, and he was not stopping anytime soon, but Izuku knew he was past his limit, the steam from him mixing in with smoke.

Before Shigaraki could come any closer to All Might, Izuku stood in front, making very clear eye contact. fuck you no. Shigaraki's eyes widen, in fear or anger Izuku did not want to know, but he did know that he's gonna get a scolding from Kurogiri if Shigaraki throws a tantrum when they get back. Izuku admits, he also didn't like seeing his 'brother' (he can call him that, right?) making tantrums. If he was being gravely honest, Izuku was sort of the older sibling, if they were siblings, because of the sole reason that Shigaraki acted like a 5 years old child who wanted everything brought on his door step at once.

A shot came from the main door, and all their heads snapped up to the door where pro heroes and staffs from UA came in. Izuku heard Shigaraki swear underneath his breath, and as they left, Izuku heard the sounds of shots hitting skin, and he winced when he knew that the older will definitely throw a tantrum, what with being shot probably on his hands. Izuku groaned softly when they finally left, and he went after All Might. "All Might! Are you okay?" All Might Smiled at him. "I'm fine. You saved me again." The two of them looked towards the three other boys now approaching them. "Fuck, they will see!" just then, a wall of concrete rose from the floor, and Cementoss emerged from the other side. "Sorry guys, but we have to see both of them to Recovery Girl at the moment." Kirishima nodded. "I see! Okay! We'll help up there then!" Kaminari said, before the three of them planned to go back to the rest of the class.

Cementoss walked over to the two boys hidden behind the wall of cement he made. One of them had a broken arm, and the other had deflated into his original form. "Jeez you two need Recovery Girl." Izuku laughed softly at the statement, even though he was once again wondering what they saw. The two of them were escorted to back to school grounds to see Recovery Girl, meanwhile everyone else was sent home by principal.

"All Might?" All Might looked at the green haired boy and and smiled softly. "Yes, Midoriya-Shounen." The boy's hand was in a cast, and he looked at All Might with curious eyes. "Why do you try so hard?" All Might was taken aback by the question. He though long and hard for an answer that would hopefully satisfy the young boy.

"Well, I once was like you, quirkless, timid, often bullied, but I wanted to be a hero. I wanted to save people. I wanted to show that people are supposed to be equal, quirk or no." Izuku looked down, eyes filled with anger and sadness. He sigh. 'So that's his reason. And yet, he didn't bother with the incident all those years ago...' tears threatened to escape the younger's eyes, but he held it back. He willed himself to be strong, eyes closing instead.

"I see..." He sigh softly, before looking All Might dead in the eyes. "I want to... as well." All Might smiled at the statement, but Izuku was not happy at all to be saying it. 'I want to avenge them.' was what he wanted to say, but he knew that wouldn't do jack shit.

That night, as Izuku was lying in his bed, Erin working late again, he though. Did he really mean what he said? If he did, why was he on the other side? Was he seriously getting attached to All Might, of all people? Was he seriously doubting his choices? He's eyes closed. How'd he end up in this dilemma? How'd he manage to land himself in the middle of a battlefield he was suppose to be watching only from the sides?


He groaned, drifting off to sleep, for tomorrow would probably be another long day.

Chapter Text

As soon as school started once again, the tension was back. "Who would be our substitute?" Someone from the class asked, and the class shrugged. After what happened at USJ, everyone has been on edge. As soon as the bell rang, they all scrambled for their chairs, and shocked gasps escaped the students when their teacher, Aizawa-sensei, enter the class. Albeit bandaged everywhere and probably hurting, but they had to give him kudos for entering class even in that state.

"Aizawa-sensei, are you sure you can teach like that? Aren't you suppose to be resting right now?" Aizawa waved off all the protests from the students to go back to bed and rest. "I'm fine. Anyways..." He paused, and the tension was back again. Another quiz? Or maybe they were doing another test? Izuku tensed slightly, getting ready for what comes next. "Sports fest is next week." Breaths of relief escaped the students, and Izuku sighed when he realized no one was getting expelled... Yet.

Sports fest? The whole class turned lively at the mention of the event. "Sports fest, where all aspiring heroes get to show their worth to pro heroes!" "Ooohhh now I'm excited." Izuku groaned. The class has once again turned to chaos, and his head was starting to hurt from all the constant chattering and loud screams. In a different universe, he might be as excited as they were, but he wasn't even really trying to aim to be a hero, he was already a sort of villain.

The room was shushed by Aizawa, who wasn't probably done explaining. Izuku wasn't paying attention. Instead, he was staring at the window, eyes drifting off to a certain red and white haired male who was busy taking notes and probably thinking of how he was gonna rise to the top. If there's anything Izuku learned about the male in all of the past school days, it was that he was sort of like Kacchan, in a way. He thinks highly of himself, and he disassociates himself from the rest with the reason 'Our levels are way to different.' And Izuku could have scoffed at such a lame statement. It wasn't that he was saying his stronger, it was just it really was lame. Even Kacchan, who he though of highly, he would have laughed if that statement were to leave the blond's mouth. Too bad it can't.

Izuku was snapped out of his thought with Ochako and Iida who went to him to inform him it was now lunch. "A-ah, right, let's go before we lose a table at tne cafeteria." He said, standing up, and the two nodded. As the three of them walked, each of them in their own words, lost in thought, Ochako turned to the two of them. "Hey, you two... Why do you want to be a hero?" She asked, the two taken aback somehow.

The question was easy, and yet the two were speechless as it caught them off guard. Izuku thought hard, before smiling softly. "So I could defend people." He said the most logical think that came in mind, but he knew it was a fucking lie. Thankfully, Ochako accepted his answer, and Iida answer with one similar. Ochako smirked. "Oh! Could it be! The great Iida comes from a rich family?!" Ochako asked, well, more of said, and Iida chuckled nervously. "A-actually, yeah. I tried to hide it with the way I talk. Guess nothing gets past you Uraraka-san."

Ochako laughed victoriously. "Of course!" But that brought the question. "How about you, Uraraka-san? Why do you want to be a hero?" Izuku asked, and Ochako smiled sadly, turning around. "It's.. To help my parents financially. They're always risking their lives in their jobs that don't really make that much money just so I could live a normal life, and I want to repay them somehow." She said. That statement, for some reason, hit Izuku hard.

Knowing he wasn't able to thank his mother properly for raising him. Nearly in tears, Ochako turned around and smiled. "That's why I want to continue saving people! For the people I love, and the other people that risk their lives everyday." Iida smiled, nodding. "Yes, me as well." And Izuku smiled. "I will, too!" Another lie. This two.. This two friends of his are too optimistic to shoot down, but he'll keep pretending, for his sake, for her sake, for the whole league's sake, in this messed up world everyone's created.

And so, a week has passed and finally, the Sports Fest arrived. Everyone was buzzing, and excited, and Izuku stood there, analyzing everyone and how he was gonna win this. Talking with Ochako and Iida, he spotted a certain red and white haired male approaching him. He turned towards him, mustering the warmest smile he could make. "Todoroki-kun?" He asked confused. Everyone stared at the two, curious as to what was gonna go down.

Shouto looked at Izuku menacingly, and honestly, Izuku was pretty scared. But not to the extent that he was shaking, it was more of an 'anticipating' kind of scared. "Midoriya, you are weak, and nothing more than an obstacle in my way, so try not to get in the way." He said, before walking away. Izuku clenched his fist, before smirking, and addressing only Shouto, knowing only he could here the next words he'll say. "Haha, I like you, challenging me huh. Well, sorry, but I have no intention to lose today, and I'm pretty sure you're gonna be sorry as to how things will go down today. If you lose, it's game over for you." Izuku, turned, knowing no one but him heard that.

Shouto smiled. "Hmm? Are you really gonna do that? You're interesting you know? Alright then." he said, before leaving. "Hey! This is no time to be fighting!" Kirishima said, nearly hitting the two on the head with his hardened hand, Shouto leaving the room before he could do so. Izuku chuckled softly. This'll be interesting. Show me what you got, Todoroki Shouto, and maybe I'll show you my true power.

And so, the Sports Fest began.