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Not All of Us Are Outcasts

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Midoriya Izuku had always looked up to Heroes. It had been his dream, his goal, to be a hero who would, in All Might's words, save everyone with a bright smile on his face. Everyday, as he anticipated for his quirk to manifest, he would be staring it the computer screen, watching his ultimate hero, All Might, do a job well done.

And as Inko sets up the computer on the same video for what felt like the millionth time since her little Izuku first watched the video, she smiled. "I bet half of the views came from you, Izuku." His mother smiled.

Too excited for words, Izuku just happily bounced on his chair, and intently stared at the screen as the video loaded.

"When I get my quirk, can I also become like him?" Izuku looked at his mother with a spark in his eyes, and how could she possibly refuse his enthusiasm? She smiled warmly. "You'd make a wonderful hero, honey." She said, before leaving Izuku to watch the video.

Every waking day that Izuku would wake up however, his enthusiasm started to deteriorate. As every other kindergartner start getting their quirks, still no sign of Izuku's quirk. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, until finally, they consulted a pediatrician.

"You should just give up." The words hurt like knives to Izuku's small heart. He has been looking forward to finally getting his quirk, and to be labelled as "quirkless"? It hurt. "There must be some mistake! He's been looking forward to it. " Izuku, dumbfounded, didn't have the strength or mind to listen to their conversation.

That night, as Izuku stared at All Might, at the screen, he looked to his mother with tearing eyes, and, with a cracking voice, asked. "Can... Can I be a hero like him? Even without a quirk?" The answer he was given wasn't satisfactory. It wasn't the answer he was looking for. So, why now, was he remembering these memories.

Now, when everything is lost, when his mother was reported as missing. Why now, of all times, did he have to remember those times, when his mother would smile and say everything's alright. When she would stay by Izuku's side and the watch as he fangirl-ed (or, fanboy-ed) as All Might does another job well done. Why now, when he's regretting everything.

And there, he broke. He curled up in a ball on the floor and cried. He cried for everytime his mother would stay by he's side in stormy weather, cried for everytime his mother would welcome him in her bed whenever he would be unable to sleep. He cursed Endeavor for putting his career before the safety of the people around him. If he would have only done a thorough search, his mother would have been saved before she suffered such cruel fate. And suddenly, it hit him. Where would he go now? Now that he's still far too young to work, how would he pay for the apartment, for his food, clothes, needs?

Thankfully, the people we're kind enough to give him at least a month to gather his things and leave. Unfortunately, that only made room for more grief as everytime he would walk around the house, the memories of his sweet mother that never even deserved such a cruel fate, accompanied him.

When his time limit finally comes around, he leaves, albeit reluctantly. The next weeks after that was a blur of colors and light. People passing by with pity on their faces. Izuku hated it. Hated being pitied. He's had too much share of pity for the time being. People who can be said as "scared" to touch someone who they didn't know. He wanted to lash out at them, to get mad at them for being scared of such a small, frail, harmless child, who just needs a place too stay.

At last, though, after so many days gone by of restless nights and cold floors, someone reached out. A man with light blue hair and his face hidden under some prosthetic hand. Or, at least, Izuku thinks it's prosthetic. He shivered at the though of it being "real".

It was a normal day, just like every other day after the incident, Izuku was wondering around town, no destination in mind. When he grew tired of aimlessly walking around, he stop and leaned over the side of a deserted building. His eyes wondered downward as he watched the very few people who would walk this way pass by without sparing him a glance. One person, stopped in front of him, before looking towards him and going down to face Izuku.

Izuku looked up, ready to run away from whoever this person was. The person just smiled (or, Izuku though he saw a smile. It's hard to tell when there's a hand blocking his face) and reached a hand for him. "Do you need some place to go to? I can take you with me. Maybe master might want to take you in." Desperate, Izuku instantly grabbed his hand, only to gasp and pull it back when they touched and searing pain ran through his hand. "Oh! I'm so sorry! I forgot to tell you, it's my quirk. Decay. Anything I touch with all five fingers wound decay. Sorry, I promise I didn't mean it!"

Izuku chuckled at his desperate attempt at apologizing, before nodding. "Yeah, it's fine. I'm Izuku. Midoriya Izuku." "Shigaraki, Shigaraki Tomura."

It's been a while since Izuku has been able to smile like that, and it brought back memories of the time when he was still happy. After that introduction, Izuku stood up, and followed Shigaraki to their "hideout", as he called it. It was an abandoned building that apparently had a cafe inside. Someone was there, a man with a metal like band around his neck and a dark purple mist around his head. He looked over at the pair.

"Who is this, Shigaraki." Shigaraki looked behind him to an uncertain looking Izuku, before reverting his gaze to the mist-like person. "This is Midoriya Izuku. Izuku, this is Kurogiri." Kurogiri nodded. "A pleasure, Midoriya." Izuku nodded, before going over to a corner. "He's... Shy. I though master might like him as an addition."

Shigaraki opened up the TV. A voice suddenly rang through the little cafe. "Yes, what is it, Shigaraki." "I brought someone I though you might like. His name is Midoriya Izuku."

After a bit of examination from 'master', as Shigaraki calls him and as Izuku was told to call, Izuku had a quirk, after all. But, because it was a quirk which was already there to begin with and because it was a very not well known quirk, it passed under the radar when Izuku was tested. His quirk wasn't all that much, but he had two, apparently.

A rare genetic mutation where a quirk of the second generation was passed onto the fourth generation without notice. He had brainwashing and mask. Brainwashing was brainwashing, he could manipulate his opponent's mind and, most times, make them change their minds. Meanwhile, the mask manipulated how people could see him. Sadly, that one is uncontrollable, so they do not know if it is his true self, or just the mask working.

After the news, 'master' though he was a good addition, and so he was taken in. Of course, he didn't really care so long as he finally had a place to stay, and he was nearly terrified of his willingness to help after they had explained that they were what was called the "League of Villains" and that his ability to write very descriptive entries of observations about quirks, fighting styles etc. was to be very valuable to them.

After a year of getting to know everyone in the League, nonstop training for combat (and to which Izuku and 'master' spent quality time fighting it out in the training hall and finding out that apparently his "mask" quirk not only shows him as someone else outside, but also repels anyone it thinks is a threat to him), and his nonstop chitchat with Shigaraki whenever him, Izuku and Kurogiri would stay up late in the cafe after another training session.

Izuku was finally learning what happiness was again. He was finally able to fully smile without it being a fake. When they finally decided that Izuku needed a place to stay and so he's not always sleeping in their base, Erin accepted her into her apartment.

Erin was the closet Izuku could get to a family. She was always the for Izuku and even though they are not actually family, she still acted as if Izuku was her family. She treated him to his favorite restaurants, bought him clothes, and provided shelter for him. They shared their deepest fears, closest wishes.

One day, as Izuku was walking around town not looking around his surroundings as time flew by, as he was writing in his notebook intensely. He was recently given the assignment of tracking one of the Pro Hero, Kamui Woods. As to why, he did not know. Without knowing, he heard a voice coming from behind him. "You should know better than to be walking alone, young man." it said. When he turned around, a villain stood behind him, rushing towards him. But when their eyes met, he stopped dead in his tracks. Izuku smirked.

That's right. Can't touch me, can you? It's my quirk.

Just then, out of no where, All Might jumped out. At that time, when he saw his childhood hero leap out and scoop the villain into a bottle, everything came rushing back to him. How he admired him, how he watched him battle multiple villains at once and come out victorious, how he and his mother would sit in front of the TV, and watch.

"Thank you young man, but now I must be gone." Izuku widened his eyes, far too many questions running through his head that he couldn't process what was happening. Before he knew it, they were up in the sky, and he was clinging on to All Might for dear life. "But there's so much I need to ask!" his voice was distorted because of the wind that was passing them by at a very fast pace. All Might sigh and landed on a roof top, before turning away from him and started to leave.

Before Izuku could help it, the words tumbled out of his mouth. "Can... Can I be a hero, too? Because I don't have a quirk, people say I should give up on my dream, and I was often bullied because they say I'm useless. But, even so, if I keep trying, even if I'm quirkless, can I still be a hero?" Izuku looked up, dismayed that All Might has left in a puff of smoke, and he sigh. Of course the #1 hero would have other responsibilities than listen to a 14 year old ramble on and on about his passion to become someone he knows he can't be.

The puff of smoke disappeared, and Izuku was shocked to see that a skinny figure stood in the place All Might once was. "A... A fake?!" The man was still wearing All Might's clothes, although oversized, and he looked like All Might, except way more thinner and not so buff. "I am All Might. This is my true form. Now you've seen the real me, please don't write about it on the internet, even if it's an accident." Izuku widened his eyes at the statement. "But... But, All Might isn't this skinny!" All Might winced at the comment, before lifting his shirt. This time, it was Izuku's turn to wince, as on the left side of All Might's torso was a very big punch mark that was evidently sewn back together.

"This was from an enemy attack five years ago. My respiratory system was nearly destroyed, and my stomach had to be removed. The after effects of the surgeries got to me, and now, I can only do my hero work 3 hours a day."

"Five years ago... That was when you fought Toxic Chainsaw?" All Might nodded. "I asked that this was not made public. The Symbol of Peace should not be daunted by evil."

"The reason I smile, is so to trick the fear inside me. A Hero should always be ready to risk his life." Izuku looked down sadly, knowing what the answer to his next question would be. Scared to voice it out, but he still did it. "Without power... Can one be a hero?" All Might sighed, going over to the door. "You could always be a police officer. It's not bad to dream, but, you have to be realistic, too." The door opened and shut, and Izuku fell down to his knees. He knew the answer so why was he so dismayed? He shook his head to relieve him of the thought plaguing his mind, before standing and walking back home.

On the way home, he passed by a street where people were gathered up. Curious, he walked up to see what was happening, and he widened his eyes at what was in front of him. The slugging monster that All Might has caught only minutes before was here, and was holding captive an innocent bystander. Izuku gasped. If it was here, then... Then All Might dropped it when Izuku was clinging to him, and this was all Izuku's fault.

If he hadn't been the stupid person he was, then this wouldn't be happening. Then, too make it worse, the person the villain was holding captive, was Erin. Izuku bit his lips. The 4 pro heroes on sight couldn't do anything, and they were waiting for someone that could do something. Izuku's ears were ringing. The constant chattering among the people watching was painful to his ears. He couldn't stand it.

"Wasn't that the villain All Might was perusing?" "Oh yeah! It is!" "Wait, so he failed?" Izuku snapped. He ran past the many people despite their protests and despite all the pro heroes warnings to stay back. "Erin!" he screamed, running over. The villain stopped trying to suffocate her when it say Izuku, and it stopped dead in its tracks when they met eye to eye. In the blink of an eye, a rush of air ran through and All Might stood there, having done the finishing blow on the villain. Izuku was pulled to the side by the Pro Heroes who started lecturing him about the dangers that he could have encountered while Erin was pulled aside to be praised.

As soon as Izuku was able to leave, the heroes have already escorted Erin home, and Erin had told him that they would have to talk when he got home. On the way home, Izuku felt down, knowing it was his fault Erin was in that predicament and it was his fault for distracting All Might from his Hero duties.

"I am... Here!" All Might suddenly jumped out of the alley that was the next turning point. Izuku jumped with a startled look on his face and a yelp escaping his lips. "You sure do love jumping out of no where, huh." All Might chuckled at Izuku's statement. "Yes, well, I come with a thanks, an apology, and a proposal." Izuku looked up, confused at what All Might was saying. He smiled. "If you didn't tell me your story earlier. If you hadn't rushed out to help the scene, I wouldn't have been able to act."

Izuku gasped, shocked at the words. "Most of the top heroes often showed greatness even as children. Some would even claim that their bodies acted before they could even think."

Izuku suddenly, right then and there, remembered his mother's voice as she hugged him and cried onto him. "I'm sorry, Izuku, I'm sorry." It wasn't the answer he was looking for. No. He was looking for a different answer.

Izuku fell to his knees, breathing heavily as he tried to control his emotion. "You can be a hero, too. I believe you are worth of inheriting my power." Izuku looked up in shock. How could someone just "inherit" a quirk? "My quirk was passed down to me like a sacred torch. I had always avoided the question because the Symbol of Peace had to be a natural born hero. The quirk let's the user pass their power, and it is called One for All, but it is a strong power, so you would need to work for it. You want to enroll in Yuuei, don't you? So, what do you say?"

Izuku smiled. "Of course!" "A perfect answer!"

And so, Izuku's 10 months of training begun.