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Not What He Expected

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Bars, as a rule, were not a safe bet for Omegas. Even if you weren’t close to your heat, you were always taking a chance that some boozed-up Alpha would scent you no matter how many blockers you used. That’s why I typically avoided them like the plague. It was safer that way.

Tonight was different. When my bestie Darcy had found out that her Alpha was cheating on her she had called me in hysterics and begged me to gather the troops. My girlfriends and I were here to support Darcy, so I put on my big-girl panties and took one for the team.

I had noticed him watching me from the next table out of the corner of my eye. Great. Darcy was in the middle of telling everyone how she had caught her bastard of a husband banging his secretary when the waitress approached the table. She handed me a drink.

I looked at her in surprise. “I didn’t order this,” I said, eying the drink warily.

“Compliments of the Alpha at the next table.” She told me with a wink.

I sighed and pushed it back towards her. “I don’t mean to be a bitch, but we are here to comfort our friend, not to pick up guys. Thanks but no thanks.”

The waitress picked up the drink and put it back on her tray. “Your call, hon.”

I saw her return the drink to the guy’s table with an explanation. He looked over at me and frowned. Whatever. Tonight was about Darcy. Some guys just couldn’t take a hint.

I was listening sympathetically as Darcy made excuses for her asshole husband when he walked in. My head immediately whipped around in his direction. God, he smelled good! My eyes were immediately drawn to him. He was tall, with gorgeous green eyes, and a cheeky grin. His spiky brown hair and the light layer of scruff that dusted his cheeks combined with his amazing scent were almost too much. I struggled to tear my eyes from him.

“Earth to Y/N! Hello?” Natalie said sarcastically. “Darcy wants to dance! Stop eye-fucking that guy and come on!”

Natalie could be such a bitch sometimes! I jumped up and followed everyone to the dance floor. Someone in our group had requested ‘Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood, and when it came on, we all cheered. I had a good buzz going so I swung my hips as I danced with Darcy, trying not to spill my beer as I sang along.

I felt someone press against my back and hands grab my hips and I whirled around. “What the fuck?” I hissed. It was that guy who had tried to buy me a drink earlier. What a creep! Could he not take a hint? He was so close, I scented him immediately. Alpha. Shit!

“Get your hands off me! I am NOT interested, okay? Leave me alone!” I snapped at him, and I tried to walk away.

Before I got very far, he grabbed my wrist. He was drunk and horny and obviously not thinking clearly. “Wait.” He said.

“Try that one more time and I will kick your ass.” I heard from behind me. “Now let her go.”

What now? I thought. When I turned around, it was the green-eyed Alpha who had caught my eye. And man did he look pissed.

“Who the fuck are you?” The drunk asshole asked. “I don’t see a claim on her so she is fair game.” He protested.

“I’m the guy who’s gonna break your arm if you touch her again.” He said in a cold, angry voice. He turned to me. “Go back to your friends.”

I ran back to the table. Everyone had sat back down and they all looked at me expectantly. “Who IS that?” Natalie asked. “Do you know him? Holy crap is he hot!”

“That one is ALL Alpha!” Monica chimed in with a drunken giggle.

I shook my head. “Shut UP, guys! I’ve never seen him before. He was just being nice. At least he got that asshat to leave me alone.”

“Sure he was,” Monica said with a snort as everyone started laughing.

“Die, bitches!” I snapped irritably.

I felt the weight of those green eyes on me the rest of the night as we drank and laughed and consoled Darcy as she decided to leave her two-timing husband. Eventually, it got late and everyone began to leave. We all said our goodbyes and hugged Darcy tightly.

I needed to use the bathroom so I waved goodbye to my girls and headed off in the opposite direction. When I came out everyone had left. I headed out to my car thankful I didn’t have to work tomorrow.

“What’s your hurry, beautiful?” I heard a drunken voice say behind me. Seriously? Not again!

I sighed before turning around.. “Look, I’m sure your a very nice guy when you’re sober. But how many times do I have to say no?”

He was standing right in front of me, much closer than I expected. As quick as a snake he grabbed my arm. “Listen to me, you little tease. You’ve been leading me on all night.” He jerked me towards him and planted a sloppy wet kiss on my lips.

Before I could even scream in protest the guy was flung off me and went flying across the parking lot. My rescuer from earlier was standing there, practically vibrating with anger. “Are you okay?” He asked me.

My would-be-Romeo was so drunk he could barely get up off the ground. I turned to green eyes. “Can you hold this for a minute?” I asked, handing him my purse. He looked surprised but did as I asked.

I walked over to where the other guy was standing, more like swaying on his feet. “Listen to me, you Alpha dickhead. I said no. I meant NO so keep your hands and your slobbery mouth to yourself.”

“Omega….” He began and grabbed at me again.

That was it. I was so fucking done. Just because I was an Omega didn’t mean any Alpha in the vicinity could put their hands on me. I kicked him in the nuts as hard as I could, and he went down like a felled tree. Some people just never learned. I walked back over to green eyes, who looked shocked.

He smirked at me and handed me back my purse. “Guess you don’t need rescuing after all.”

I grinned back. “Not really. I’ve never been much of a damsel in distress. I’m Y/N. What I do need is pancakes. How about we call this idiot an Uber and score some breakfast? What do you say, handsome? Are you in?”

His smile lit up his whole face, and I was suddenly lost in those green eyes. “You’re not what I expected.“ He told me. “I like that. My name is Dean, and yeah, I could eat.”