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three turtle doves

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“Hey, I gotta question,” said Bakugou gruffly as they walked down the hallway of the precinct towards the breakroom.


“Hm?” replied Kirishima, thoughts mostly occupied with the steaming hot coffee waiting for him.


“Would you fuck Deku? For Christmas?” Bakugou asked him.


He looked at him expectantly, as if he hadn’t just asked Kirishima one of the most ridiculous things that he had ever heard.


The redhead gaped at him like he’d suddenly grown a second head.


“Wait,” Eijirou said slowly, “You want me to do what?


“Fuck Deku. For his Christmas present. He’s always said he wants two alphas at once. So.”


“Yes. And. What do I get out of this?”


Bakugou glared at him.


“You get to fuck my mate,” he growled, “the omega

with the ass that could start and end World War III.”


He threw his palms up in obvious frustration, like he was stating the most obvious thing in the world.


“Ah,” Kirishima blinked.


“I mean- I guess so- if you don’t mind, I mean. If that’s what you want,” he stuttered.


Katsuki shrugged, nodded.


“I want what Deku wants,” he stated simply.


“Besides,” he swung around, seemingly deciding that he didn’t want coffee after all, “it’ll probably be pretty hot.”


Kirishima stared at him, watched his back retreat down the hallway, gaping.


That Saturday, December 22nd, Kirishima knocked on the door to Katsuki and Izuku’s apartment. He held a mid-shelf bottle of wine and was jittering with nerves, like a highschooler going on his first date.


Katsuki opened the door, nodded at Kirishima.


“Hey,” he greeted the redhead, “come on in.”


He moved aside, held open the door, gestured him in. Kirishima stepped through the threshold, toed off his boots, and left them at the genkan .


He pushed the wine bottle into Katsuki’s hands. His blonde friend made his way to the kitchen and stood on his toes to pull down three wineglasses.


He poured a glass, drained it, then filled it again, then moved onto the other two.


Katsuki handed Eijiorou the glass, smirked at him.


“You excited?” he asked.


Kirishima shrugged.


“To be honest, yeah. Hope that’s all right with you, man,”


Bakugou grinned.


“I’m glad. Deku is too. He’s a bit nervous, though,” he said.


He paused, tossed back his second glass of wine.


“We’re ready to go when you are,” Katsuki said. He picked up Deku’s wine and padded out of the kitchen. Kirishima watched him go.


He could have sworn the blonde was swinging his hips a bit more than usually.


Kirishima bit his lip.


He finished his wine and followed his best friend to his bedroom.


With every step, the scent of an impossibly turned-on omega grew stronger.


He pushed open the door.


The smell of slick and sex overwhelmed him.


His cock was already hardening.


Izuku was a sight spread out across the sheets. He was sitting up on his knees, curly green hair mussed, lips spit-slicked, puffy and red and perfect. His hand snaked around behind him, fingers buried in his hole, fucking himself nice and slow. Little bruises covered his neck and chest.


Katsuki had been busy already, Kirishima figures.


Izuku let out a loud, needy keen when the smell of another alpha hit him.


“H-hah, Kacchan, Kirishima, please, please, I need it,” he moaned.


Kirishima tore off his shirt, shoved down his pants, nearly tripped himself in his haste to get to the bed.


He stared down at the omega, reached down and gave his cock a pull.


He noticed Katsuki standing in the corner of the room.


“C-can I touch him,” he asked, mouth dry.


Please,” whined Izuku.


Katsuki nodded.


Kirishima let out a low growl despite himself and rushed down to crash his lips against the omega’s.


Deku clung to Kirishima, nails scratching at the redhead’s back. His face was thrown back, his eyes glazed over with pleasure; his mouth was spit-slicked, lips a pretty pink. He let out a soft moan with every exhale. Kirishima fucked up into him, gentle but deep.


Differently than he would, personally, thought Bakugou as he fisted at his cock while he watched his best friend fuck his mate.


“H-hah, fuck, Bakugou, you’re hitting this every day?” grunted Kirishima. He met Bakugou’s eyes. His face was slack, blissed-out. Bakugou smirked and nodded.


“Damn good, right?” the blonde alpha asked.


“God, yes, fuck,” Kirishima groaned.


Deku whimpered, fucked himself down on Kirishima’s cock. His curls bounced with his every move. He could feel the alpha’s knot brushing against his hole, and fuck, he wanted it so bad.


He looked over at his mate, blissed-out green eyes meeting hungry red. Katsuki was spread out across the other half of the bed, legs spread, long fingers wrapped around his swollen, fat cock. Deku’s mouth watered.


“Kacchan, Kacchan, come closer, please,” he begged.


“I think I’m fine over here,” Katsuki drawled lazily, pumping his fist slowly.


Kirishima slammed up into him. Deku moaned, loud and wanton.


“Kacchan, please, I need you,” whined the green-haired omega.


“I like watchin’ you get wrecked. Fuckin’ little slut, Deku,” Katsuki was breathing hard, waves of heat rolling through him. He worked his cock faster; his knot was beginning to swell with his release. He was so fuckin’ close.


“Turn him over, Eijirou, fuck him so hard he won’t be able to walk for a week,” he demanded.


Deku clambered off of Kirishima before the redhead could even reply, turned over, pressed his face into the mattress and arched his back. Slick practically dripped from his hole.


God ,” Kirishima breathed. He reached out, pressed his hands against Deku’s plump asscheeks, squeezed.


He crawled forward and lined himself up again. Deku hissed and pushed back against him when he felt the head of his dick tease at his entrance.

“Fuck me, please, ” he turned his head to the side, fisted at the sheets.


Kirishima pushed in. Katsuki and Deku moaned in tandem. The redhead started to move again, no hesitation whatsoever. The sound of his hips smacking against Deku’s ass filled the room, but it was quickly drowned out by the sound of the omega’s voice, moaning and squealing. He shoved his hips back to meet each of Kirishima’s thrusts.


Deku twisted his head to the side and gazed at his mate, panting.


“Kacchan, can I touch myself, please?” he asked, way too sweetly for someone with a cock up his ass.


“Yeah, baby, jerk yourself off. Put on a show for me, Deku.”


Katsuki could come just from the sight in front of him. Deku’s ass up in the air, his back arched prettily, a constellation of freckles spilling across his milky skin. His hair was a fucked-up mess, his cheeks reddened.


Deku slowly moved a scarred hand between his legs. When his fingers brushed his dick, he let out a choked, relieved moan.


“Thank you, Kacchan, o-oh,” he gasped, pulling at his dick.


A wave of slick gushed from Izuku’s hole.


Kirishima moaned, fucked him harder, faster. The bedframe slammed against the wall with every thrust. Katsuki licked his lips, vaguely aware that their neighbors were going to fucking hate them after this.


He pushed himself up, crawled towards his mate and best friend. Kirishima met his gaze. Bakugou gave him a shit-eating grin.


“What’s it like, fucking my little pet into the mattress?” he asked as he positioned himself in front of them. Deku propped himself up with the hand not occupied with his dick and stared at Katsuki with those big, beautiful eyes.


He looked like a fucking mess. Katsuki wanted to make him even messier.


“He’s taking my cock so damn good,” Kirishima responded, snapping his hips forward. Deku rocked with him, his green curls brushing against Katsuki’s chin.


“Knew you’d like it. Know he likes it too, the slut.” Katsuki brought a hand up, tilted Deku’s face towards him, kissed those lips.


Deku moaned, open-mouthed, licked Katsuki’s lips sloppily.


Katsuki reached his hand around and down, wrapped his fingers around Izuku’s dick.


Izuku choked out a moan, his hips stuttering like he couldn’t decide whether to fuck back onto the redhead’s cock or up into Katsuki’s fist.


Kirishima’s thrusts were hitting deep; Deku’s green eyes rolled back,  his head lolled to the side. The ring of Katsuki’s fingers slid over the head of his cock with Kirishima’s every move.


“Ka- Kacchan-“ he whined, breathless and needy.


“Yeah, baby?” Katsuki replied innocently, barely, just barely, stroking Izuku’s cock.


“Kacchan, more, please,” Deku was getting desperate, bouncing backwards to meet Kirishima, slick coating the back of his legs, sticking to the redhead’s thighs, accentuating the slap of their skin together .


Katsuki growled, gripped Deku’s cock harder, jerked him off faster.


“Kacchan, let me come, please,” he sobbed. Fat tears pooled at the corners of his eyes.


Katsuki smirked.


“Ask Eijirou,” he said, “nicely.”


“Kirishima, can I come, please?”


The redhead snapped his hips foreword.


“Yeah, ‘Zuku,” he gasped.


Izuku moaned, music to the alphas’ ears. Hot cum spurted from his cock, coated Katsuki’s hand. He turned to putty, collapsed forward onto his mate, presented his neck. Katsuki bit him, hard, his hand flying to his own cock.


“Fuck, Katsuki, I’m gonna fuckin’ come,” Kirishima groaned, his thrusts growing shallow and uneven. Deku was a keening mess.


“God, me too,” Katsuki replied, his swollen knot throbbing with his almost-release. Deku sloppily kissed down his mate’s chest and lapped at his cock, mouthed at his knot.


Kirishima pulled out of Izuku, slotted his cock between his asscheeks, fucked through the slick. He gripped his knot and fell over the edge.


Izuku crooned as hot cum splashed against his freckled spine, ran down between his legs, and splattered across his face.


Kirishima collapsed to the side, breathing hard. Katsuki pulled his mate up towards him, kissed him deeply.


“Merry Christmas, guys,” Kirishima panted with a chuckle.


Deku snorted into Katsuki’s chest. Katsuki slapped Kirishima’s shoulder, grinning.