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Transformers; a Pit of Random Aft stuff

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Beneath the mask.

Disclaimer; I own nothing. though I will say I dislike the way everyone has renamed Skyfire into Jetfire, in my stories they are two different mech, Skyfire a scientist and Jetfire a Fighter, yes, both knew Starscream and yes, both were friends with him, but only Skyfire feels remorse and sadness at losing his friend.

Also this is base of the Games War and Fall of Cybertron so no Humans sorry.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

He hated it here.

He hated it all. The battles, the stealing, the Energon-shed, the whole fragging way of Con life, he hated.

He sat alone in his quarters, waiting for what he knew was coming, today’s raid had been a failure, he knew it would be, they were low on numbers because of other missions and Megatron had been impatient.

The door to his quarters was all but ripped open as Megatron, fuming with anger barged into the room and snatched him up by the throat.

“Starscream you fool!!”

Another beating, another blaming session where everything, the mistakes, the failure even the timing of the Autobot’s arrival would be blamed on him and he would face a few days in the brig with those awful wing braces on his beautiful wings and stasis cuffs so tightly clamped on his wrists they would rub his metal skin raw.

He hated it here.

Megatron snarled down at him. “What? No defiance from you today? No blaming of anyone else? Are you so pathetic that you won’t even fight back?!” he demanded. “Pathetic! You aren’t even worthy to be called a Decepticon!!” the tyrant sneered with a parting kick as Starscream slid into the far wall and lay still, his body aching and sore.

He heard Megatron leave the room in his usual huff, likely off to find a drone or two to frag senseless.

His own train-mates had abandoned him years ago now, leaving the Nemesis to find their fellow Seekers and join them, Jetfire had refused to speak with him even on the Anniversary of Vos, Skyfire tried... but they couldn’t seem to get past the whole fact that Starscream had both mentally and emotionally been traumatized and Jetfire’s less then kindly introduction to him while he’d been stationed on Trypticon station studying Dark Energon hadn’t helped.

Starscream knew he would have no assistance reaching medical bay tonight, no one would notice and those that did would demand payment even though most would sooner strip him for parts, or crush him against their frames for a night of hard interfacing...

He really hated it here.

His only comfort was the small medical bot he had ‘borrowed’ some months ago who kindly did its job and repaired what it could of his damage. When that was done, it curled up into a portable ball and landed in his waiting hand.

Starscream sat on his berth and looked around his room, the walls were bare the shelves empty and his personal treasure... Broken and ruined in pieces on the floor...

By now, it was beyond repair.

He sighed sadly and moved to carefully pick up the pieces and put them into a thin clothe to keep them together while in his subspace at least there it wouldn’t be in more danger of being damaged.

And to think, the only reason he hadn’t left yet was his own childish fears...

He’d been out flying alone, one of the few times when he was free to do as he wished without anyone wondering where he was or what he was doing, only to see his old friend Skyfire out flying with the Autobots and felt his whole world shatter at the smile and laughter from his friend.

He was afraid if he tried to speak with Skyfire now he would be rejected, or worse, shunned by the older flier for all the cruelty he’d shown his former friend...

The idea of being left alone completely, it sent shudders down Starscream’s spine. He’d been alone from the start, his optics coming online and his mind already programmed with the basic needs and one desire.


With too many memories of his former life threatening to try and come to the surface, Starscream stood and left his room, wincing as his comm hissed static at him so he turned it off.

He held his breath as he went out onto the flight deck, high above the City of Kaon and once he felt the cool breeze touch his wings he took off, soaring higher and higher as he felt the rush of air around him...

But it couldn’t last and memories swam forwards.

It had all been so perfect.

He woke up he did his studies, his research and his work from the morning to the night; it was his one passion and true desire...

But then it all changed.

Science wasn’t new in Iacon’s Academy and Starscream was forced into a world where he wasn’t the only one who knew the joys of Science and his ideas were rejected because they were different. He’d been miserable and lonely, shutting everyone else out while he worked in his Lab/dorm in the Academy.

And then he’d met Skyfire, purely by accident really, yes Skyfire had been looking for him but the Shuttle hadn’t expected to find him locked away in a tiny room, half hidden in a pile of data pads of ideas, formulas and unfinished designs.

Their friendship had been rocky to start with; Starscream unsure and a little frightened that this new mech would just laugh and poke fun at his ideas while Skyfire was always trying to insure that Starscream was comfortable, even going as far as to let Starscream move in to his dorm where there was more room and they would have more space to store his ideas.

They’d become friends when Skyfire had defended Starscream’s work from several high up professors who refused to admit Starscream’s ideas and formulas were indeed probable and could be proven if they weren’t such stuck up, pompous, arrogant fools and admitted they had been bested by a Vos Seeker.

Slowly, Starscream had broken free of his programmed desire and with Skyfire leading him by hand, he had learned of the childhood he’d never had and the fun he’d never had because he’d never been a child.

Skyfire opened so many doors he had never known were closed to him and shown him so much he’d never thought existed.

And then...

Starscream felt coolent gather in his optics and he began to dive, not even realizing he’d shot over Iacon or that he was flying at speeds even he couldn’t keep control of if he hit turbulence.

So many promises left broken and so many dreams and hopes, shattered beyond repair... All because they’d gone off to explore this world and now they were enemies.

It hurt all the more because Starscream had honestly loved Skyfire he’d just never had the courage or guts to tell him... And now he’d never have the chance.

After coming back to Cybertron, Thundercracker and Skywarp had accepted him to their train after he’d been rejected everywhere else and showed signs of ‘Soft Wings’, a Vos virus that if not treated, would and could kill a Seeker, the flight systems in the wings of a Seeker grew so sensitive that they had to be removed and once that happened, even the strongest Seekers would go insane.

Jetfire’s arrival had only worsened Starscream’s already fragile mind and changed the once childish Seeker Skyfire had made him into a cold, unfeeling mech, Thundercracker and Skywarp had lost their bond with him and despite their best efforts, Starscream refused to open himself up again.

He was trapped now, trapped by his own foolishness and pride to prove himself worthy to someone who would never see him as anything but a fool.

Once you swore your oath to Megatron, you stayed with Megatron.

Unable to bare the thoughts any longer, Starscream pulled up again, ready to drive himself so high he could just hang in the outer atmosphere of the planet and clear his head.

Or rather he tried too.

The last thing Starscream remembered was a sharp pain in his wings before his world went black and he fell from the sky like a rock...

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Skyfire sighed softly as he sat on the side of a building, holding a data pad with only a few rare undamaged ideas he had kept from his and Starscream’s work together.

It had been one of the few things Starscream had treasured.

He’d found it hidden away and nearly piled up in what was left of the old Academy during the last trip he’d made to the Academy and brought it back to insure everything was still the way Starscream had left it.

He’d been found by another team on a frozen world and brought back to Cybertron to serve as an Autobot Scientist with Preceptor and Wheeljack... only to discover much had changed in his time away and the worst part was knowing his dear friend had changed so much...

He and Jetfire had argued many times of that...

It was strange to see Starscream now so full of confidence when at first all he had known was the data his programming told him and the brutal cruelty from Iacon’s professors, it had been down to Skyfire’s guidance Starscream had opened up and seen all that he had missed.

And now he was a Decepticon, their Air commander... He’d left the Scientist life for that of a warrior and he had chosen his life...

Still, Skyfire wished he had been there then maybe Starscream wouldn’t be suffering such awful and terrible beatings, abuse and terrible cruelty from Megatron. Optimus Prime had said that if he could, he would open his ranks and let Starscream stay with them as a ‘victim of war’ and let Skyfire care for Starscream.

But unless Starscream came forwards and told Skyfire or Prime about the abuse there was nothing that they could do. Sometimes Skyfire hated this war more then he hated anything else.

Sensing a storm, he moved back inside the Base and sighed, praying that his old friend would be safe and one day, somehow, come to him for help...

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Pain screamed at him from every area.

He’d crashed... Both his wings were damaged and torn...

Everything hurt so much...

He dragged himself away from the crash site, crying out in pain as he fell into a open pit and whacked his helm hard onto the ground.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Megatron was Furious.

Soundwave didn’t dare to speak until Megatron looked at him, only to report news that he still hadn’t found Starscream even after two weeks.

“What do you mean you CAN’T locate him?! He’s a Seeker!!” Megatron demanded slamming his fist onto the controller before him, several drones shuffled backwards, away from his arm’s reach. “Search out his Energon Signature!”

“My Lord,” Vortex said, “Maybe we’re just looking in the wrong places, I mean... There is a chance he isn’t on base.” He suggested. “It is... the Vos anniversary today,” he added.

Every flier bowed their head. This was a day of great sorrow to them, the only day Megatron couldn’t force them to fly if they chose not to and for Starscream, while many didn’t like him, it was a day so terrible that the tri-coloured Seeker was known to be so saddened, he could be heard sobbing throughout the base.

The other fliers were worried because not only was Starscream missing; they had found Energon in his room from a beating and Starscream were known to be unstable on this day.

Megatron snarled. “If he is not back by sun set, he will suffer far worse then a beating.”

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

With no attacks or raid, Optimus had agreed to some down time, so everyone was enjoying doing their own thing, even if for some (Ratchet, Preceptor, Wheeljack and Jetfire) that meant locking themselves in a lab with no word or reason and refusing to leave and others (Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Jazz, Cliff Jumper, Warpath and Ironhide) sleeping or sparring all day, others were on patrol and/or focused on the finer details of the Ark.

Skyfire was the only none warrior outside in the Cybetronian Sun, reading something from what the others could see and they were happy to at least see a small smile on the large shuttle’s face plates after being locked in Ice for so long the Shuttle was still adjusting to the awful knowledge that their home world was dying because of War and Vos had been bombed, killing thousands of innocent young fliers.

However the Shuttle had been a wonderful addition to the Autobots even if only as a Scientist and ‘taxi’ as Sideswipe jokingly called him, he had had a grate impact on the taught the build, repairs and alterations of the Ark.

Most amazing was Skyfire’s apparently endless patience. He’d sat through almost five hours of one of Ironhide’s security briefs and given advice, aided Optimus with stubborn codes and to top it all off, he had even managed to make Fireflight sit and listen to him for almost a whole hour before he’d started to ask questions.

Today was the day none of the fliers had to do anything, if nothing else, Megatron and Optimus were agreed that some days were remembered well enough without them adding to it.

“Decepticon call incoming...” Ratchet’s voice yelled as everyone came rushing in as if fated to hear what had to be said.

“It’s Vortex.” Jazz said.

“What’s he calling for?” Cliffjumper asked.

“Let me drag him down and ask him.” Warpath suggested cracking his knuckles.

“No.” Optimus said and looked at Jetfire, “he may just be calling to speak with Skyfire... I have known Seekers to seek out comfort in other fliers.”

Jetfire nodded and typed a few strokes. “Vortex?”

~“Always a pleasure Jetfire. However I am not calling for leisure or reminiscence.”~ the con flier said. ~“have you seen or heard from Starscream at all?”~

“No, I have not. Nor do I expect to,” Jetfire answered honestly. “Why?”

~“He is MIA and Lord Megatron is not pleased to find our second is missing.”~ Vortex stated before the line cut off.

As everyone settled back down no one worried at the worried look Skyfire gave the sky. Starscream was missing...?

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///


Primus it was cold...

He curled himself tighter as he lay, broken, hurt and alone, hidden in some forgotten cave as he waited to die.

Soon he would shut down, he could hear his systems slowly shutting off from lack of Energon and his whole body was cold, so cold he could see ice forming on the joints.

He wanted to die.

Then he could go to the well of All Sparks and be with his fellow Seekers...

He’d be free of Megatron there and he’d never be alone again.

He could wait for Skyfire there and everything would be ok.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

He searched.

He searched high and low.

He searched far and wide.

He searched for his friend.

The thought of losing his friend, even if they were enemies now was too horrible to even entertain; he’d already suffered losing his friend once he didn’t want to lose him again.

Skyfire flew low over the icy ground, trying to search for any sign of Starscream around the remains of Vos. There were signs of a crash below him and then he saw it, a trail of Energon leading towards the sheer cliffs.

“Oh please Primus no.” He pleaded as he shot forwards following the trail to its end in a shallow pit, “Starscream?!”

There was no answer and Skyfire feared the worst, then he saw it, a flicker of optics.

Skyfire gently reached into the pit and lifted the curled up seeker into his arms, hugging the cold ice covered form to his chest. “Starscream... its ok... I’ve got you,” he assured softly.

Starscream made no sound in response, only curled closer to the warmth he was held against.

“Skyfire to Optimus. I have a situation, Starscream’s hurt and in need of medical attention.”

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

It was warm here...

He liked it...

He felt safe, cared for and loved...

Someone was holding his hand and talking to him...

He knew that voice...

“Sky... fire?”

“Hush... you need to rest...” the deep but soft voice said as a gentle giant hand softly rubbed his wing soothingly. “You’re safe here.”

“Why...?” Starscream asked as sleep pulled him back into the dreamless dark.

“Because I still care for you.” Skyfire said softly.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Megatron growled as Laserbeak showed them a recording of Skyfire as he carried a battered and broken mess that was Starscream, his wings were bent at a sickening angle, his armour jagged and ripped, his thrusters broken and his left arm was limb and broken, off into the sunset.

Vortex and Blastoff refused to look at the screen, both shuddering at the damage to Starscream’s wings.

No flier deserved that.

Megatron didn’t care for the Seeker, but what he did care about was what information the Seeker might tell the Autobots. While there was no trust between them, Starscream was his second and that gave him access to a lot of information about plan, personal files and even his personal ‘side projects’.

If the Bots found out about Megatron’s new found hobby since learning of a hidden camp of Femmes, Megatron knew even Prime would not show mercy...

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Ratchet all but flew into action as Skyfire landed, taking Starscream’s broken form to his medical bay and hooking him up to life support while Skyfire let Preceptor draw Energon from him and set it up for Starscream while the medic began to rapidly work.

Optimus Prime himself orders that Starscream be left in medical bay under protective watch until he was stable enough to speak.

Skyfire refused to leave the seeker’s side.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

For three whole months, Starscream drifted between shut down and on line.

His first time waking up he’d been in a panic, fearful that he was back on the Nemesis and his body was being scavenged by the Cassettes for parts after a beating from Megatron, until Skyfire arrived and somehow embraced his terrified friend without disconnecting him from the vital wires that kept him stable.

Starscream hadn’t bothered to hide the coolent tears this time and instead, clung to his larger friends like a human child to their parent after a nightmare and told Skyfire everything, every terrible beating he had suffered at Megatron’s hands the nights he’d spent having a tiny medical drone repair him, the lack of a train...

Skyfire had just held him and promised everything would be alright now and that no one would ever hurt Starscream again and once Starscream was calm, he agreed to tell Optimus the truth and stay as a V.O.W in the Autobot base.

He was aware of what was happening, Skyfire made sure to be there when he was awake and tell him everything that had changed, while most of his body looked the same, almost a whole 87% was new parts, wires, joints and even an upgrade in his optics.

Ratchet had been very understanding, making sure not to hurt the sensitive areas of the Seeker’s back, hands and wings without Skyfire there to prove that he wasn’t going to hurt the poor seeker after a terrible night of unrest when Starscream had broken down into tears again in fear he would never fly again.

It took a few hours but Ratchet finally got the Seeker’s wings to a state where they could be reattached to his body but told Starscream he would need to start slowly as his new wings would be hyper sensitive.

Skyfire found some old wing mitts in storage and they were use to cover Starscream’s wings until he was ready to go outside and calibrate his flight sensory again.

There was still a tension though...

Despite how much time they spent together, Starscream was still unable to fully open up to Skyfire like he had before. The Shuttle blamed himself, but he continued to try even giving Starscream his old Data pads.

Starscream’s smile couldn’t have been any bigger; he was so happy to see his old ideas and formulas were still there and had even begun to jot down new ideas as they spoke.

Skyfire just hoped soon Starscream would open up to him again... There was so much he wanted to tell the Seeker...

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Megatron was angry, not only could he not find his Seeker but he was increasingly aware of the information Starscream knew.

The time Starscream had been gone had been nice at first, not always having to watch for signs of traps or betrayal, but his anger slowly began to build and every small mistake made it harder for him to control his anger.

Thankfully, drones were replaceable.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Skyfire sighed as he watched Starscream’s claws move over the data pad, searching for mistakes and adding new ideas. The Seeker hadn’t noticed him as he had been so wrapped in his ideas that Skyfire hadn’t the spark to interrupt and so instead he put the Energon cube at the side of the seeker and sat back, simply watching the seeker work.

Light danced around Starscream’s frame as he worked, every time his wings gave a slight twitch, the light shone just a little brighter around his face reminding Skyfire just how young Starscream truely was.

A loud bang and Starscream curled up tightly, holding his head with his hand and whimpering.

“Shhh, shhh it’s alright.” Skyfire said one hand instantly on Starscream’s back the other softly stroking his wings.

“What was it?” Starscream asked in such a fearful voice Skyfire had to refrain from cursing Megatron’s name.

“Wheeljack’s been working on inventions,” Skyfire explained, “Things get a little... loud at times.” He added as Starscream eventually calmed down and let his wings lower from their high and tense stance.

“He might do better if he didn’t hit things so hard.” The Seeker said and then felt a deep heat in his systems and a terrible shuddered.

Heat cycle.

Even after so many years, Starscream was plagued by his heat cycles... While on the Nemesis he’d been able to keep them under control, but now... It wasn’t going to be easy, but he had to keep it under control or Skyfire might get the wrong idea...

He just had to stay calm...

Starscream didn’t see his old friends face, a look of almost joy and happiness as well as a look of worry and concern.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Starscream was almost surprised at how large the room he’d been given was, large enough to keep claustrophobia away. but small enough that he didn’t feel the urge to fly every time he stood up, the room he’d had on the Nemesis was so small and cramped he’d had nightmares of being crushed more times than he cared to count.

Jetfire had been avoiding him and Skyfire was trying to keep him happy, it was starting to make him feel more... attracted to the larger shuttle though he would never admit it out loud.

Jetfire also seemed to know he was in heat and for that reason, the other shuttle was perfectly happy to ignore him.

He just wished he knew how to show Skyfire he cared for him without it being confused for Heat Cycle Lust.

He sighed and sat on his berth, taking out his little repair drone and began to tinker slightly with the wiring as it beeped at him. Ratchet had left him a few cubes to drink since he needed some Energon to refuel his systems and strict orders to rest.

He didn’t know what time it was when someone knocked on his door. “Yes?” he asked, rubbing his optics, he didn’t remember falling into recharge.

“It’s me.” Skyfire called through the door, “Do you... mind if I come in?” he asked.

Starscream could have said no... He should say no...

“Yes.” he said.

Skyfire opened the doors with one hand the other filled with data pads Starscream instantly recognized. “I found the rest of your data pads, thought you’d like to have them back.” The shuttle said smiling as he set the pads on the desk in the room noticing two cubes of Ratchet’s four were missing. “How do you feel?”

“A little numb and light headed... but I think I’ll be ok.” The Seeker said, moving to stand up only to feel his legs give out under him.

Skyfire move forwards and caught Starscream in his arms, holding him steady against his chest while Starscream tried to find his footing. “You need to rest.” The shuttle said, blinking as he felt Starscream cling to him tightly. “Starscream?”

“Why does this always happen...? Why can’t I ever get anything right...? Why can’t my dreams ever once just go without mistakes...?” Starscream asked as coolent dripped down his face.

“Starscream...?” Skyfire smiled softly and lifted the Seeker’s chin gently with his finger.

Starscream wasn’t sure if he wanted to believe it... Skyfire... Skyfire was kissing him... actually kissing him...

It had to be a dream...

Skyfire deepened the kiss and tightened his hold just a little more before Starscream realized it was no dream, but reality, he couldn’t think of what to do but before he could stop himself he clung to Skyfire’s shoulders and returned the kiss as Skyfire shifted them so he was sat on the berth and Starscream was sat astride his lap.

Servos wondered over wings and sensitive seams were found and teased as their lips continued to move together and their glossas danced, walls crumbled and soft sweet promises were whispered and as their lower regions rubbed together.

Starscream gasped as Skyfire started to kiss his neck, “S... Skyfire...”

“Shhh... let it happen... I won’t hurt you...” Skyfire assured.

“How... I’m not... I’m a...”

“You are my friend, Starscream, my friend and so much more... I wanted so many times to tell you... to ask you if you would be more than friends with me... but when I came back you weren’t the same... I was afraid if I ask you, you’d reject me...” Skyfire said and continued to kiss Starscream’s neck and softly tease Starscream’s interface panel, “Let me show you how much I love you... please...”

Starscream couldn’t find his voice and instead nodded, he was scared no matter what he did or told himself he was terrified of the idea Skyfire would disappear, leaving him alone and in pain. Skyfire moved slowly, removing his own cover as Starscream lay above him, trembling as Skyfire’s servos stroked his wings to sooth him, “Tell me if this gets too much,” He said.

“I promise...” Starscream nodded.

Skyfire nodded and softly rubbed his thick, cable against Starscream’s dripping port making the seeker moan as the heat cycle he had been so desperately trying to fight off came back in a swift flood.

Skyfire smiled and slowly pushing his cable inside Starscream’s port, moaning as the seeker’s port tried to pull him in deeper into the hot bliss while Starscream clawed his chest and shoulders, moaning and arching as he felt Skyfire move inside him, leaving him unable to make a coherent sentence.

The rest of the night became a blur of hazed, wonderful memories...

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

The Plan To Save Earth

“A SLAVE CAMP!?” Ironhide demanded in outrage.

Starscream forced himself not to curl up like a sparkling at the loud shout, even as Skyfire stood with him and Ratchet, ever concerned for the safety of his patience heaved his wrench up in warning to the weapons specialist.

“How long has he known about this?” Optimus asked.

“Megatron himself has known since the Human winter passed and we were contacted by Shockwave, Shockwave was the one who used the Insecticons to enslave it,” Starscream explained.

“I see,” Optimus said, “And you are sure they are all females.”

“Most of the reports state at least nine femmes, but the numbers continued to go down, the first report stated almost thirty,” Starscream stated.

“It might be where Luna’s Carrier came from.” Prowl stated looking at Jazz.

“Luna?” Starscream asked, “Is she about so high, purple optics, have the Dinobots as her bodyguards and a whiz with Computers?” he added holding his hand about mid-torso height.

Jazz nodded. “You know her?”

“Yes, she’s apparently the brains behind the attack on Shockwave’s labs that have been putting Shockwave in a less then pleasant spotlight.” Starscream explained, “When her profile came online Soundwave informed Megatron that she was under Autobot care and since she was so young, Megatron refused to pay her any mind, so Shockwave is the only Decepticon who pays her any attention besides Soundwave.”

“Soundwave is watching her?” Jazz asked.

“Call it concern. But Soundwave has never liked seeing someone so young hurt,” Starscream explained, “he refuses to be of any help to Megatron in his Slave camp, that’s why he’s not on the Nemesis and why he hasn’t been in the battles.”

“I was wondering about that,” Blaster said.

“Megatron’s Orders were so long as the femmes did as they were told, he wouldn’t hurt the young ones there, but while we were away, Shockwave seems to have taken the laws into his own hands,” Starscream explained.

“And you say Luna is safe?” Jazz asked.

“Last I heard of Luna, she, Grimlock and his team were laying low since Shockwave’s now got more cons up there with him.” Starscream explained. “Shockwave sent the Insecticons after them, so to my knowledge they haven’t left Cybertron.”

“Primus be blessed I KNEW that kid was Special!” Jazz cheered looking total relived at the news on Luna.

“Is there a way to save the femmes in the camp?” Optimus asked.

“There is, according to Soundwave’s symbioses, there is a narrow passage just big enough for smaller bots to squeeze through and open the security doors to let others through.” Starscream explained, “But the camp is under constant watch now and the only safe way is through Kaon’s gladiatorial arena.”

“Megatron’s playground.” Optimus said.

“Any found to trespass there become his toys to beat and slaughter as he sees fit.” Prowl recalled.

Starscream nodded then winced as his wings twitched and gave a slight spark.

“Let me see,” Ratchet said gently looking over the wing, “Ah, tense wire,” he stated and carefully loosened it.

“There has to be some way to contact Luna...” Jazz said, “She’s done so much, maybe she can get the femmes out of the camp.”

“Optimus!!” all optics turned to Mirage as he raced into the medical bay looking like he’d just seen Unicron himself!

“Mirage? What is Primus’s name?” Jazz asked catching his fell spec ops mech. “Mirage?”

“You have to... the main terminal... Teletraan 1!” Mirage stated frantically panting. “Smokescreen hacked the Decepticon comm lines. Shockwave’s on the comms right now to Megatron claiming he has our bots.”

“WHAT!?” Jazz yelled as everyone, even Starscream raced to the main entrance where Teletraan 1 displayed a play back message from Shockwave to Megatron, Tracks and Smokescreen typing rapidly as they tried to get a better transmission.

[“Well done Shockwave, it seems you have finally found the child you so foolishly abandoned,”] Megatron stated, [“I trust you have already filled the necessary information to have them sent to me.”]

[“Of cause my liege. And as you promised, the femme child is mine.”] Shockwave stated.

[“If you can catch her,”] Megatron stated. [“I do not see her amongst the captured Autobots.”] He added as the screen filtered through Shockwave’s imaging.

Behind him were several stasis chambers all filled with Autobots ready to be shipped to earth for Primus knows what tortures, three of which were instantly recognizable despite the horrible injuries they’d suffered.

“Oh my sparks, that’s Bluestreak!” Smokescreen gasped.

“Sunny?!” Sideswipe cried. “They got my bro!”

“Hound!” Mirage almost heaved his tanks.

[“You needn’t worry my liege, if I am right in my theory, she will come to me.”] Shockwave stated. [“Especially if this device of Starscream’s works.”]

“What’s he planning?” Jazz snarled.

“Oh no,” Starscream said, “Before we left Cybertron I was working on a replacement voice modifier for myself after some damages... It went missing after one of Shockwave’s visits to the Trypticon station.” He explained. “With a few new wires and more work, it would have been finished.”

“What use is it to Shockwave?”

“If he gets a recording of someone’s voice he can use it to trick Luna.”

“But who... oh no...” Jazz said. “Shockwave has samples of us all!”

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Soundwave stood on the rocks watching the ocean, one shoulder holding Laserbeak and his free hand holding a data pad, reading off it he sighed, his Lord may not care of the fate of the Femmes, but Soundwave had raised going on six young sparks and took huge insult to the way he knew Luna had come to the Autobot’s care.

Mercifully, he was aware that Luna didn’t know the truth of her heritage yet and he was happy to know that.

But now there was a problem.

Luna’s skills on a computer and her intelligence were her only heritage that could be linked to Shockwave, the rest of her behaviour, personality, beliefs and her very potential were thanks to her segregate sire, Jazz.

Granted Jazz at first look was NOT the mech you’d think would raise a sparkling, much less a femme, he was loud, boisterous, cocky, reckless and foolishly hot headed.

But upon Luna’s arrival in the Autobot ranks, Jazz had taken her as his own, throwing his attitude and his pride away and got down on Luna’s level teaching her to crawl, walk, run, transform, read and write, how to climb, how to dance, he’d taught her right from wrong with a father’s firmness.

Luna had been brought up in the Autobot way, but Soundwave knew that she was to this day being watch by the high ups for signs of her Decepticon coding starting to rise up.

Soundwave had kept his own observation to himself and his children, all of whom were very fond of the female Autobot not only had she left them Energon treats in the vents when she’d found out they had been keeping tabs on her, she also left them small but expensive tins of wax, shine and even gifted the twins with a rock and roll disk from Cybertron, but also because she didn’t refer to them as runts, brats, symbioses, kids or orphans.

She referred to them by their names in all her reports to Optimus; she even knew the difference between Frenzy and Rumble even from a distance and because of that, they refused to cause Luna harm, even after she was of age, they had sworn never to hurt her.

And Soundwave was also in no mood to see harm befall the child.

“Boss... what are we gonna do?” Frenzy asked.

“Options are limited. Current situation; unsafe for confrontation. Solution; Risky.” Soundwave explained.

“It’s always risky boss... but Luna’s nice to us and she don’t deserve this...” Rumble stated. “And if Shockwave gets her... Megatron will hurt her or use her as leverage to get Starscream...”

Soundwave reminded himself that his children were very sensitive to Starscream’s situation, even if outwardly they appeared to hate him.

“All actions taken now; must not be tracked back to Megatron... All communications with Decepticons not aware of Operation Revive must be cut. All actions are henceforth, part of Operation Revive and thus, not part of Decepticon Operations.” Soundwave stated.

“Yes sire.” His children all smiled.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Jazz was frantically trying to patch a comms line to Cybertron, typing like Red Alert on a bad day, racing over comms and seeking everything and every channel trying to find a solid link to their home world.

“Come on... come on... I know you are there somewhere...” he growled, searching over and over. “Damn it! Why can’t I find a comm link?!”

“Try and calm down Jazz,” Red alert stated as he works beside the mech. “I am trying everything I can but with all the interference from the Earth’s atmosphere and the lack of power on Cybertron, this is not an easy task.” He added.

“How can I be calm? My little one is in danger! If Shockwave gets his claws on her... Oh primus where is she?”

“With Grimlock, who has more power to crush Shockwave in on hand and who is OVERLY protective of Luna, just like all his team,” Prowl explained. “Everything Luna does is under Grimlock’s watch and if he thinks she’s in danger we both know what he will do to protect her.”

“Still... she’s not a solider Prowl... she’s a kid.” Jazz said rubbing his face with his hands and pacing with worry and stress, “I shouldn’t have let her go on that mission...”

“None of us could have known we’d end up here.” Red reminded. “All things happen for a reason and trust me when I tell you; Luna is in the safest hands ever made.”

“Not to mention the biggest.” Prowl said. “I’m sure she’s fine; remember she is one of the youngest members of Operation Revive.”

“I know... but I’m still worried...”

“We all are Jazz.”

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Starscream sighed as he worked, trying to redesign his old works to stop Shockwave’s plan, having been informed of Luna’s history by Ratchet, he had started to work on his signal booster.

It was stressful but he had to do it, he wasn’t willing to let Shockwave hurt a child just to get back at her for his own cruelty.

Just a few more wires and...


“Slag! Frag it all to the pit!” The seeker snarled in frustration as his small device blew up. “Why can’t I do it...?”

“Because you are tired and need to rest.” Skyfire said softly. “We can work on this while you take a break,” he added as Wheeljack and Preceptor settled to take over. “Please, the cot is seeker friendly and if we can’t finish it I promise we will wake you up.”

Starscream groaned as he was gently led away from his desk to the cot, wings low and optics dull.

“You need your rest Starscream.” Skyfire stated softly as he tucked the seeker into sleep. “I will wake you up if we have a breakthrough.” He smiled.

Starscream made a small attempt to refuse but the warmth of the blanket around him and the softness of the cot made it impossible to speak and within moments Starscream was sleeping.

Skyfire smiled and then returned to the work table, working from the old data pad to try and rework the device to stop Shockwave’s plan.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Red Alert jolted up right as a signal bleeped to signal a message from deep space.


“Cybertron!” He yelled down the corridor as he typed frantically.

~“Can any-?!... Arcee calling... Autobot Ark... Can any bot hear me?”~ The message stuttered into life. ~“This is Arcee calling to the Autobot Ark, Can any bot hear me? Slag it.”~

“Arcee! This is Red Alert responding, we hear you.”

~“Red! Oh thank Primus!”~ Arcee stated, panic and fear clear in her voice. ~“We need help Red, Omega Supreme is online again and every bot here is ready to leave... but we can’t get a lock on the Ark’s last known signal! Shockwave is hunting us all down and we can’t find half the crew.”~

“Calm down Arcee,” Optimus stated as he entered the room, “We will do all we can to help you. Red Alert will send you a full Map to us and we will also work with you to plan a way to get your missing crew back.”

~“Thank you Prime.”~

And with that, Arcee left the line and a new voice spoke up.

~“It has been an Age old friend.”~

“Magnus...” Optimus smiled. “What has been happening up there?”

~“Much has happened, and not all of it good, no doubt you know that several of our bots were taken and are now at Shockwave’s mercy... but that is not the worse part of it.”~

“What’s happened?”

~“Luna is on System support after she reactivated Omega. And she is not able to travel yet.”~

“I see...” Optimus stated.

~“It’s our fault... we were... or rather we had lost all hope of ever finding where you were or getting to you.”~ Kup’s voice stated, ~“But Luna...”~

“Never stopped hoping she’d find her sire again, I know.” Prime said. “She has Jazz’s stubborn nature... Now let us get down to business,” he stated.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Starscream woke to see Skyfire gently placing a device down, while Preceptor gently rubbed the seeker’s shoulder, trying to wake him, Optimus and Jazz were also there. “What happened?”

“Nothing yet, we managed to make the device, but we need your advice on how best to proceed.” Skyfire said smiling as Starscream slowly got out of the cot, just a little stiff from the rest but better for it as he could now see what he had been doing wrong before.

The wires have been back to front.

“Let’s see...” Starscream said as Wheeljack placed a voice alteration device they had borrowed from Jazz over his throat and moved into the next room with Preceptor. “In theory the device should detect voice pattern fluxes and allow the user to hear only the true voice of the one speaking.” He explained carefully placing the device on Skyfire’s helm near his audios. “So if Wheeljack comms Skyfire pretending to be Preceptor and then Preceptor Comms after him, Skyfire should be able to hear Wheeljack’s voice without modification and then the real Preceptor.”

“But how will this help against Shockwave?” Jazz asked.

“If this device works I can give the schismatic to Ratchet and he can send it to Cybertron where they can build another and place it in Luna’s helm so she isn’t fooled.” Skyfire explained.

“As long as it works.” Starscream said. “I never finished the device Shockwave stole so I don’t know what modifications he made to it.”

“Ok Guys,” Skyfire said over the comms.

There was static from the other end for a short time, before at last, Preceptor’s voice cut through the static.

~“Can you hear me clearly?~ he asked.

“Yes I hear you Percy.” Skyfire said.

~”Don’t call me that.”~

Jazz couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Few got away with that.

“So?” Starscream asked.

“Wheeljack spoke first, then Preceptor,” Skyfire said. “I heard Wheeljack’s voice but it sounded like Preceptor was in the back ground repeating him.”

“So it works?” Jazz asked hopefully.

“Yes it works.” Starscream smiled. “And since we know it works, we can send the schismatic to Cybertron.”

The look of relief on Jazz’s face was beyond words.

“Now what is the plan for the camp?” Starscream asked.

“We already have a plan in motion on Cybertron,” Optimus stated, “our biggest problem now is Megatron’s plans, according to reports he is now looking for you and he has sent orders for Soundwave to return to duty to find you.”

“Oh no...”

“But you needn’t worry...” Jazz said, “Soundwave sent an encrypted message to us and it is addressed to you, and from what I know of Soundwave, he isn’t sending you a threat.”

“Where did he send it to?” Starscream asked.

“Your data pad.” Skyfire said pointing to the pad in question, laying silently on the desk where Starscream had left it flashing every few seconds to indicate a message, the screen showed and image of Soundwave but that was it.

“You didn’t...?”

“Try and read it, nah, all we did was check who the call was from and then left it for you to pick up when you woke up.” Wheeljack smiled. “Friends don’t read each other’s messages when they haven’t been asked to do so.”

Starscream smiled a little.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Megatron was beyond angry, and FAR beyond furious.


Soundwave worked rapidly and silently while Megatron hovered over his shoulder searching the screen for any small blip that was his missing Seeker and Air Commander.

Starscream was hidden well, but none could hide from Soundwave.

“BOSS!!!” Frenzy screamed over the comms. “I found him!” he added.

“Do not shout Frenzy.” Soundwave scolded lightly as he tapped into Frenzy’s screen, sure enough, Starscream was there, flying at high speed and out doing the human jets pursuing him with easy.

“What is he doing?” Rumble asked looking at the screen.

“Being a fool?” Frenzy suggested. “Maybe he’s finally lost it.”

“Soundwave, take Vortex and Blast off and bring that deranged Seeker back here NOW!” Megatron ordered.

“Yes Lord Megatron.”

And in a matter to seconds Soundwave and the two fliers were gone, rushing through the air towards Starscream. Only to find he was not only moving faster than them, he also seemed to be eager to outrun them.

Starscream was fast the fastest there ever had been out of Vos, but what neither flyer could understand was why the seeker was now running like a mad-mech, laughing insanely and over all, being an out and out fool...

It made no sense.

Still, it had been AGES since they had been out and they silently wished it would take a while to get Starscream back into the Decepticon ranks.

That was likely why they didn’t notice the Arial Bots until the last minute.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

“Be safe sweetspark... and please... please don’t get hurt.” Jazz said before the com went dead. “Alright... let’s get this over with.” He said looking at Mirage and Sideswipe.

“Are you sure you want to just take us?” Sideswipe asked. “’Hide would have been a better choice or Warpath.”

“Hide can’t move as fast as we can and I need speed and stealth, not fire power and hot headedness.” Jazz explained. “The camp needs it...”

“Ok... but if I see that one eyed freak so help me I’ll kill him.”

“Get in line Sides.” Mirage stated already loading his rifle with more ‘off limits’ ammo Prowl would have him serving brig time for even considering.

Smokescreen stepped into the room and nodded.

“Let’s go boys.” Jazz stated.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Megatron was now raging up a storm that would rival the earth’s strongest thunder storm that was now surrounding his ship.

Soundwave, Vortex, Blast Off and that accursed Seeker had been captured while Vortex and Blast Off had been able to escape; Soundwave and Starscream were still in Autobot hands.

Not a good place for them to be when Megatron was mere hours away from completing a very important phase in his plans to not only revive Cybertron but also rid this planet of the fleshlings that inhabited it so he could drain it dry of its resources.

For that he needed Soundwave and Starscream’s knowledge of space travel.

But in return for them back, Optimus wanted Megatron to release the humans he had taken hostage three days ago to bargain for half of the Oil works in Texas.

The human workers for his men, it was an easy trade but Prime clearly didn’t know that he had already taken more than enough to complete his plans.

His rage was that until the storm passed, he couldn’t leave to reclaim his men.

His only calming thought was that Shockwave had contacted him and in every sense assured him that the Brat Luna whom had plagued his head scientist for so long was soon to be off-lined.

The thought of the Autobots’ faces at the news almost helped him stay calm...


No one noticed that all the security monitors were running on loops, or that several security traps were deactivated.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

“Are we really going to do this now?” Frenzy asked.

“Yes.” Soundwave stated.

“Can I really, really shoot any of them up the aft?” Rumble asked.

“Affirmative.” Soundwave assured.

The twins looked at each other and smiled evilly. “I call dips on Brawl!!” “I call first shot on Wildrider!!” they called together.

Soundwave smiled under his mask and tapped the metal crate beside him twice, two more cycles and all would be set.

Jazz and his team were ready, waiting and prepared for what was to come.

Just two more cycles.

“Hang on Luna... we’re on our way...” Jazz prayed.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Saying Goodbye to Cybertron

Freeing the camp had been too easy.

He realized that now.

Sideswipe groaned as he slowly returned to online, his helm, back, chest and arms felt like they were being burned and twisted out of place.


“Welcome back.” Mirage stated softly somewhere to his right, sounding strained and shaky.


“I’m here…” he said and Sideswipe winced, the Spec ops officer sounded worse than he and Mirage did…

“So… Plan B?” he asked.

“Working on it.” Jazz said.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Starscream worked rapidly on the computer, typing and reconfiguring different programs as quickly as he could while Preceptor and Wheeljack sat either side of him, also typing rapidly, Red Alert making copies of everything while at the door way, Optimus Prime himself stood with Jetfire and Skyfire, blocking all shots towards them while returning fire.

“Come one, come on…” Starscream hissed watching the screens change and flicker as he worked. “Come on…”

“Almost got it…” Wheeljack stated.

“Incoming!” Jetfire snarled only to gasp and the shot was smacked aside and someone much smaller than him opened fire with something Ironhide would have used.

“Bumblebee?!” Prime gasped.

“Luna’s on the move! She’d heading for Jazz by herself!” the scout yelled. “Hide sent me to help out.”

“Which way?” Prime asked.

“I don’t know! The whole lab’s been moved!” Bumblebee said, “Luna’s signature keeps fading in and out! Even Grimlock can’t find her!”

“We got it!” Starscream stated. “We need to go!”

“Where is Shockwave’s Sub-lab?” Jetfire growled. “Luna’s gone off on her own to find it!”

“Head north three clicks and then follow the rails towards way towards Kaon! Shockwave’s sub-lab is beneath the old Factories!”

“Can you lead a team there?”

“Seekers can’t get down there.” Skyfire stated. “He’ll have to use comms.”

~“Whatever you’re gonna do, do it FAST!”~ Ironhide yelled into the comms. ~“Luna’s on her own!”~

Optimus reached to his Comm link. “All Autobots! Frontal Assault on Kaon! I repeat! Frontal assault on Kaon!!”

There was a rally call over the comms in answer to that.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Jazz looked up as the doors opened and growled inwardly.


They began searching the vents and small craw ways that were not covered by the cameras, and places that someone could easily hide, along with them, several Sentinel drones began to patrol the area.

Something had them on high alert.

Faintly he heard Luna’s name being cursed and smiled. “That’s my girl…” he said.

“Remind me never to piss her off,” Sideswipe said as Shockwave, looking stiff and limping as he walked arrived. “Well if it isn’t old one eye.”

A painful heat smacked Sideswipe’s face in response to that, leaving him blinded for a time.

“Bring the black and white to the chamber, leave these two to dangle.” Shockwave growled. “Luna will witness your demise when she arrives.” He added.

Jazz growled, this wasn’t going to be good for his face plates he just knew it but he also knew he had to hold on, he had to keep himself from going offline and wait for help.

He knew it was coming now and that was all that mattered.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Starscream shuddered lightly as he looked on the mess of Kaon and most of Cybertron. “What has Shockwave let happen?” he asked.

“According to reports, he hasn’t been focused on preserving Cybertron so much as his own work.” Skyfire said.

“What can we do?” Bumblebee asked.

“For now, all we can do is leave and come back when the war is over... we will rebuild and remake what he has allowed to fall into ruin.” Prime said.

“And Earth?” Starscream asked. “Megatron will not stop… not until he has everything under his name.”

“Let me worry about that.” Prime assured. "Right now, what matters is that our wounded heal and we prepare for the Ark to become more crowded."



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Chapter Text

The Moon is in Shadow.

Disclaimer; I own only Luna, nothing else. Story based around War of Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, nothing else is mine.

Warning; this is a story that has some adult themes, so not everyone will like it so I am rating it at Mature.

Chapter 1

Shockwave was not a mech made to be a sire.

He had known there was a chance of a sparkling during his intimate projects, but he had never been willing to give his time to rise a sparkling, that was a femme’s job. But to his annoyance, the Insecticons had brought in a surviving Sparkling because it’s coding matched his and had done what their natural programming had told them.

Return the lava to the nest.

So here he stood in his lab, one hand holding the small bundle as it cooed, clicked and chirped up at him to try and get his attention while his other hand typed rapidly at his computer.

Ignoring the bundle was easily done and he had better things to do then play a foolish game with this brat, the sparkling yawned and curled up against his chest and starting to drift off.

Shockwave growled. “Finally,” He said moving away from the console and opened a small container, the sparkling shifted and woke up at the sound of his voice, looking up at him with purple optics, filled with wonder, adoration and innocents.



Of no use to him in any way, shape or form.

Shockwave lifted the tiny bundle in to one arm and set it down in a small box like container and sealed the top, ignoring the terrified whines and chips the small thing made at him, trying to wiggle and free itself. When all else failed the sparkling resorted to crying, coolent tears dripping down its face as it clawed and smacked the walls around it.

Desperately, the tiny sparkling tried to open a parent/child link to him only to scream in agony as Shockwave brutally shunned the connection, sending a wave of anger, coldness and the tiny sparkling grew very still, hardly breathing and barley moving.

With no parent link, this Sparkling would likely die, its spark had a higher rate of fading and the innocent spark would be sent to the All Spark.

He would dispose of this annoyance later; right now he needed to finish his work.

He didn’t notice the two pairs of optics watching him from the vents with anger and outrage.


Soundwave was outraged at the report and images sent to him by Buzzsaw and Ravage, a live feed to Shockwave’s lab and all he did.

A sparkling, barely even two cycles old, rejected by her sire...

Even Megatron wouldn’t be so cruel to a young sparkling, nor would he permit such horrid actions.

But Soundwave’s hands were tied; he wasn’t able to aid this little innocent Sparkling while on a mission so far away and with so few capable servos in the ranks, if the child did stay with the Decepticons they would not be raised very well...

So, he did the one thing he hoped would help.

“Ravage, Buzzsaw, retrieve the Sparkling and bring her to Iacon’s lower gates... She will be found, by a member of Prime’s patrols there.” He sent and got a soft growl and chirp as an answering affirmative.

He could only hope that the sparkling would be safe and create a new parental bond with one of the Autobots before she died.


She didn’t like it here...

It was cold, lonely and scary...

Wet stuff was falling all around her and no one was answering her desperate calls for help from someone...


She wanted her carrier...

She wanted someone to make the cold go away...

She wanted to be safe and loved...

Why wasn’t her sire there?

Why was she so cold...?

She was moving...

She tried to look around and to her shock and horror, the place she was in moved violently and she was thrown out of it into cold unfeeling wetness and dragged away under and around at speed making her feel colder weaker and she felt heavy, desperately she heard herself clicking and bleeping in panic for someone, anyone to hear her and save her from this terrible place.

Suddenly something caught her small body in a firm hold and lifted her out of the terrible wetness and held her close and secure to something warm and dry.

“Whao there little ‘ne, this ain’t no place for a sparkling to be playin’.” A voice said as warmth embraced her and a swell of love washed over her, desperately she reached back to that warmth, clinging to it with all her tiny spark as more seemed to flood around her and make all that was terrible go away and replace it with love, tiny claws reached out and clung to the chest she was hugged against as she clicked and bleeped coolent racing down her face, afraid that the warmth would be stolen away.

“Oh there, there now... It’s ok now sweetspark, Jazz has got ya.”

She clicked and bleeped and whirled at this mech sobbing as she clung to him, he was nice and he was warm and he was kind... he’d saved her.

“Shhhh, shhhh... it’s ok, it’s ok... Jazz is here now... I’m not gonna let anyone hurt you little ‘ne.” The Mech soothed, heaving himself out of the water and sitting on the dry floor turning his engine on and letting it dry the little bundle off in his arms as he checked her over, constantly soothing her sobbing as she held tightly to him, to help he pulled a thermal blanket out.

Ravage and Buzzsaw stayed in the shadows, watching as the silver mech they knew as Jazz softly cradled the little Sparkling in his arms, covering her shivering form in a thermal blanket as he dried her off.

They had placed her down on what they had hoped was a stable area so they could scout ahead before continuing, but upon hearing her terrified and panicked calls for help the two had raced after her, only to find Autobots saboteur had already pulled the tiny child to safety.

“What’s your name little ‘ne?” he asked as a small thin cable clicked into place with the little sparkling’s helm and a small screen opened up on Jazz’s visor, “by Primus... you really are a little one...” he said.

Carrier: Offline
Sire: Unknown
Coding: ...unknown coding...
Age: Two Solar Cycles
Name: Luna

“Luna.” Jazz said as the little sparkling clung to him, “Ok Luna, looks like you and I are gonna be going to Iacon.” He stated watching Luna pat his Autobot emblem.

“Prime’s gonna love me,” He sighed gently shifting the tiny bundle as he began to leave the area.

Ravage sent a quick message to Soundwave before she and her sibling also left.


To say the least, Ratchet’s face was utterly priceless when he’d seen the tiny recharging bundle in Jazz’s arms when the saboteur walked into his Medbay, humming an old lullaby to the sleeping child.

Ratchet had been about to shout at Jazz but the soft, curious, sleepy bleep from the little bundle made the medic stop and watch in amassment as little hands reached out and touched his face plating, cooing at him in wonder.

Currently Luna was content to sit and watch the funny beams of light pass over head and listen to the odd beeps and hum of the medical scanner that Ratchet was using, clicking in response to the sounds around her as if having a very good conversation.

“You found her?” Ratchet asked as Jazz watched the little sparkling.

“Fished her out of a storm drain, poor kid was calling out like a bunch of Cons who’d found an Energon mine.” The silver mech said smiling as the little sparkling tried to catch the bright lights around her, clicking and chirping in delight. “I couldn’t just leave her out there alone... she’d never survive.”

“And her Parent units?” Ratchet asked.

Jazz shook his helm. “Carrier offline... she doesn’t know her Sire...” he said sadly as Luna beeped at him and reached up to him.

Ratchet chuckled and watched Jazz lift the little one with a sire’s care and wrap her once again in the warmth of a thermal blanket. “Looks like she’s formed a bond with you.” the medic said and Jazz shuddered. “Jazz?”

“Ratchet when I pulled her out of the storm drain she was reaching out for a parental link, she was desperate to get a response. It was like... like she was scared of being rejected. The moment I opened up to try and find out what was scaring her I got a wave of terror, pain and distress.” the Saboteur said looking down at the little bundle that rested in his arms. “She was so weak when she latched on to me she literally drained four of my lesser systems straight off the bat, whatever happened to her it’s scared her permanently and I can’t shake the feeling that she’s gonna have a real phobia of water.”

“Jazz, she’s only a new spark... If she survived this long without a link I’m sure she’ll be fine. Every spark has fears and phobias.” Ratchet said. “And besides, she has you now that is reason enough to be thankful to Primus.”

“Yea... I just hope the other Bots here learn fast, Sparklings aren’t known to enjoy loud noises.” Jazz sighed softly as Luna clicked and chirped at him.

“Oh, I’m sure they’ll learn quickly.” Ratchet chuckled. “We raised Bumblebee and the twins remember?” he added.

“Ratchet, have you seen Jazz?” someone asked as the doors to medical bay opened.

Luna blinked and looked around for the newcomer only to find a dark shadow fell over her and instinctively she clung to Jazz, whirling and bleeping softly.


“He, he, he... Hi Optimus, hi Ironhide...” Jazz said.

“Do I want to know where you acquired a Sparkling?” the large red mech asked as Luna looked at them, though she didn’t feel threatened by these two newcomers, they had nice optics but they looked at her funny.

“A Sparkling?” another new voice asked and Luna saw a mech appear behind the large red and blue mech, looking up at her with curiosity. “Wow, she’s so small.”

Luna beeped at the smaller mech and looked at Jazz, clicking at him.

“Cliff, Optimus, Ironhide, meet Luna.” Jazz said, “I pulled her out of a storm drain.” He added before anyone could demand answers.

“You what?” Ironhide asked in shock.

Jazz began to detail his patrol and how he’d found and saved Luna, all the while Luna was wiggling in his grip and chewing her blanket, Cliff Jumper seemed to get the idea and pulled out a small glowing blue cube, handing it to Jazz who deftly took it and gently pressed it to Luna’s lips.

Needless to say he never stopped his report to Optimus.

Ironhide wasn’t sure whether to laugh or look shocked at how skilled Jazz seemed to be with the little one in his arms as she eagerly enjoyed the sweet flavoured fuel she had been offered. “How are you so good with sparklings?” He asked.

Jazz just smiled. “Natural.” He said. Luna sneezed and blinked bleeping as she spilled a little Energon. “Oh dear,” Jazz said. “Looks like a little lady need a clean.”

Luna beeped and clicked at him.

“How are you gonna deal with her phobia of water Jazz?” Ratchet asked and Jazz smiled.

“That is easy.” Jazz said sitting Luna down on one of the medical tables. “Cliff keep her entertained for me would ya? I just need to get a small bowl and a cloth.”

“Got it,” Cliff jumper said and gently tugged the thermal blanket a little, “Hey Luna. Watch this.” he said and the sparkling watched and clicked in wonder and surprise as Cliffjumper disappeared.

“Over here.” Cliffjumper’s voice said as Luna looked around for the red mini bot, only to find him stood on the other side of the berth she clicked and clapped her tiny hands.

Jazz came back to find Luna trying to climb up an invisible arm. “That Cloak of yours works wonders for magic tricks.” He chuckled and set the bowl down near to Luna, dipping the cloth into the warm liquid out of her sight and then, swiftly whipping the icky Energon from her frame making her whirl and chirp at him.

“Why isn’t she panicking?” Ironhide asked.

“She can’t see the water in the bowl and she trusts Jazz.” Ratchet explained. “As she gets older she might be able to stand a shower or bath alone, but for now while she’s so small, she’ll have to share a bath or shower with Jazz or have a sponge bath.” He added watching Luna try to wiggle away from Jazz who with the help of Cliffjumper’s unseen hands, gave Luna a good and much needed cleaning.

“So she’ll stay with Jazz?” Ironhide asked.

“Yes. We can’t risk separating them while she’s still so young, especially after the trauma she faced.” The medic said.

Optimus nodded. “Very well, Jazz you are aware you can’t be on active duty full time now.” He said and Jazz nodded.

“Desk duty’s not so bad, besides I know Prowl and Jetfire would love to have a little ray of sun shine around, I plan on make sure she’s raised right even if some mechs can’t see past optic colour.” The Saboteur said.

“Alright then.” Optimus said. “I will inform Zeta Prime of this new situation.”


Jazz lay on his berth later that night, resting up on his elbow while he watched the tiny Sparkling sleep, tightly curled up in a ball wrapped in a blanket and snuggled close to his beating spark.

Zeta Prime had been delighted to hear of Luna, even come down to the Saboteur’s office were the other special Ops mech were gathered and greeted the tiny child himself.

With all the excitement, Jazz was honestly amazed the tiny sparkling’s systems hadn’t been craving a second cube of Energon before bed.

“So... she’s gonna stay with us?” Cliffjumper asked as he looked down from the top bunk of their shared room, true it was temporary, but neither minded, since both had an uncanny way of keeping their room tidy and clean.

“Yep.” Jazz said as Luna shifted slightly in her sleep.

Cliff Jumper smiled. “Let’s hope she enjoyed early starts.” He said before stretching and settling to sleep. “Night Jazz.”

“Night Cliff.” Jazz said, softly placing a hand over the tiny Sparkling’s back as she slept. “Night Luna.” He added softly.


Prowl wasn’t sure whether to smile, blink, faint, lock up, have a fit about the fact Jazz was caring for a child or laugh in sheer joy.

Little optics looked up at him and then the little sparkling reached up to him, cooing at him in wonderment.

“Jazz, whom may I ask is this little one?” the enforcement officer heard Jetfire ask as Luna was handed to him.

“This, Jetfire, is Luna and she is my charge. You two don’t mind if she’s in here while we work, do ya’?” Jazz asked while setting himself up at a desk after finishing setting up a play pen for Luna, it was makeshift, but it had everything, barricades to stop her getting to far away if she moved, toys of all shapes and colours to play with and even soft blankets to make sure she was safe if she had a whee tumble.

Luna clicked and whirled in delight at all the things before her, instantly trying to figure out what they all did and nuzzling the soft things around her.

“Not at all,” Prowl said.

And so it was for a long few hours, Luna was content to play games on her own while Jazz, Jetfire and Prowl worked, now and then a new bot would come in and Luna would click and whirl at them as they smiled down at her, some of the young warriors even found time to come back later and play games like peek a boo with her.

Optimus Prime came in and to his amusement found Bumblebee sat with Luna, feeding her while Jazz, Jetfire and Prowl spoke in hushed tones with Ratchet.

“Something wrong?” He asked.

“We think... We know who Luna’s real Sire is.” Ratchet sighed.

“Who?” Optimus asked quietly.


Jazz’s tone was icy cold and thankfully, Luna couldn’t hear the amount of hatred in his voice.

“It does explain a lot... and while it means for now she is safe... as she gets older and stronger,” Prowl said but couldn’t find it in himself to continue.

Jazz shook his head. “I won’t let him hurt her. He was spark less enough to throw her out and I won’t see her hurt by him again.” That said, Jazz picked up Luna and her toys, blankets and half finished cube and left.


Slowly, Luna began to develop, she learned to talk, crawl and eventually walk all the while she was always close to Jazz and the other high ranked officers, but she was never underfoot, she stayed near the corner of the rooms and sat quietly during meetings when Jazz couldn’t find her a playmate, she took a lot of interest in many things, but the first thing to become very clear was that Luna liked things that grew and things that could be changed. Preceptor had accidently began this fascination when he’d shown Luna a very small Crystal that originated from Cybertron’s lower levels and over the following days the single bloom had grown into a large living Crystal.

She’d begged Jazz to let her keep the beautiful crystal plant when Preceptor was finished studying it and Jazz, ever unable to say no to the little femme agreed, as long as Luna promised she would care for it.

And care she did, even researching the Crystals natural environment and making a small side room Jazz had said she could use into a miniature Crystal garden, much to the joy of Mirage and Sunstreaker.

It became one of Luna’s three projects.

The second was her stealth, even as a sparkling, Luna had a natural skill for moving without a sound, though no one knew whom it came from, she had managed to sneak up on Cliff Jumper several times and even made Ironhide jump out of his plating, her project was to somehow, someway, sneak up on all the special ops mech.

Jazz couldn’t turn down a challenge nor could he have been prouder and ever member of the Ops had agreed on a simple deal, if Luna promised she wouldn’t go into the front lines of the war, Jazz and the others would teach her how to use their tools of the trade and she could train to be a saboteur.

Luna’s final project however was as special to Luna as it was a dream come true to the whole Autobot Army.

Luna was attempting, with Preceptor and Jetfire’s help, to create a counter Energon to the terrible Dark Energon that was infecting every system of Cybertron. She wanted so badly to do this that she’d practically begged the older Autobots to teach her everything about the horrid substance and its effects and about normal Energon.

It had been strange, seeing such a young mind come up with theories and formulas that could work if the right time and effort was spent of them.

It had been many solar cycles and Luna had grown from a tiny bundle of silver plating into a young, beautiful femme with black and purple colour and an almost angelic silvery face, thankfully it seemed to had taken more of her carrier’s coding rather than her unloving sire’s, her arms and legs were rounded and shaped for stealth and silence, rather than speed and strength, true this meant she would be slower than the others in the Ops teams, but it also meant she was likely going to be the safest choice if the mission called for silence not speed.

Her fingers had become sharp talons, with deadly sharp edges that could retract to leave a blunt but still deadly claw like appearance to her hands.

She also showed great skills with blades and rifles, thought strangely she preferred the larger thermal Rocket launchers she saw Warpath and Ironhide use and when asked, she stated that sometimes big, heavy and bulky was better to get rid of large groups than a small light weight rifles.

Jazz had to agree with her on that one.

Currently, Jazz was waiting Ratchet very carefully and skilfully place new armour and plating on to Luna’s small form while Luna herself laid very still, a stasis mask over her face to insure she didn’t suddenly jolt awake.

This was Luna’s Secondary Protoform upgrade; she was no longer a toddler, but a pre-teen.

Most of the special Ops mech had made the joke that she would now be even harder to keep an eye on since not only was she keeping her old colours of deep purple and black, she was also going to start her training.

As Ratchet finished his work and smiled removing the mask before opening the doors to let Jazz inside, “She’ll wake up in a few clicks,” he said cleaning up.

“Good,” Jazz smiled watching as Luna’s fingers twitched a little as she began to wake up, “Hey there sweetspark, how you feeling?”

“I feel funny...” Luna said.

“Yea, stasis masks do that.” He smiled helping her slowly sit up while she regained her bearings and focus.

“Whoa... I’m gonna have to get use to being taller.” She said and he chuckled helping her stand on her own two feet, noting that like Mirage and Sunstreaker, she had pointed peds, not the standard flat ones Bumblebee had, though they had the same function, the pointed peds was more stealth based as they were thinner and left less notable marks. “So how do I look?”

Jazz smiled, the same childish note was in her voice, but Luna stood up to his elbow and not his knees, the baby cute face was now that of a young beauty, her optics were slightly more pointed and lined with a black shadow line, her lips painted just that slight shade of purple, her waist was narrow and her hips and breast were natural curved, not fashioned to stand out.

“Perfect.” He answered.

The alarms started to scream and Jazz pulled Luna close to him as the room rattled and groaned. “What’s happening?!” he demanded into the comms.

“Decepticons!” First Aid yelled.

“Scrap.” Jazz hissed, “Luna.” He said as he saw figures moving through the smoke and ripped a ducks off the wall, climbing into it Luna followed him closely on her servos and knees.

Right before something big smashed into the wall and dented the vent around her, trapping her body.

“Jazz.” She hissed.

“Shhh, stay still,” He said softly, trying to push the vent walls off her enough that she could wiggle free, “Come on, babe...”

“I’m trying...” Luna said using her claws to try and drag her way forwards.

“In the vent!” a voice snapped before Jazz was snatched from behind by the peds and dragged away from her, the force of the movement jarring the vent section lose and sending Luna, still trapped in the vent into the floor, hidden by the rubble.

She could still see Jazz, struggling to fight off three huge Mech with hammers and shields before one of them got lucky and whacked Jazz to the floor. “Take him to Kaon. He should make quite a nice addition to Megatron’s collection.” One said as they dragged Jazz away.

Seconds later, Mirage, Blaster and Ironhide raced in. “Jazz? Jazz?! Where are ya!?”

“Mirage! Hide!” Luna called out. “Blaster!”

“Luna?! Oh Spark, First Aid! Get in here! Luna’s down!” the weapons specialist yelled as Mirage and Blaster started tossing rubble and broken vent off Luna while Hide ripping the crushes section off her. “You ok kid?”

“They took Jazz... they said... they were taking him to Kaon.” Luna sobbed as Mirage held her steady. “You gotta save him.”

“Easy kid... easy.” Ironhide tried to sooth, but he had no idea what to say or do to comfort her, so instead he simply held her while First Aid checked her over. “Go with Aid and get to the safe zone, I’ll contact you as soon as I know what’s happening.”


“No Buts sweetspark.” Mirage stated gentle but firm. “You and I are going to the safe zone, once there we’ll help the medics, just like Jazz would want you to do.” he added.

Luna seemed ready to argue but slowly nodded. “Alright.”

“Good lass.” Hide said.


Cliffjumper woke to the sound of soft whimpering in his room and instantly sat up. “Luna?” he asked.

“Cliff...” the tiny voice called back. “I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to wake you up...” She sniffled gasping loudly and hiding as a loud rumble filled the air.

Cliffjumper sighed softly, Luna had just upgraded to her secondary form and still she hadn’t gotten over the terrible fear she had of storms. He couldn’t blame her, he’d heard Jazz explain many times how he’d found her, half drowned and dying in a storm drain during a terrible storm and how Ratchet had said she would likely never truely overcome her fear of storms, or her phobia of water.

True she could shower and bath like the rest of the Autobots but she was always wary of the water level and she hated coolent rain, even though it was harmless.

It didn’t help that Zeta Prime was now dead or that Jazz had been captured in the latest attack, nor was it any comfort that she’d been trapped in an air vent and seen the cons drag Jazz away commenting that the saboteur was going to Kaon and never coming back.

He sighed again and climbed down from his bunk and moved to sit on the end of Luna’s separate bunk, gently putting a servo on her back as she sat curled up and holding her servos over her audios.

“Hey, Sweetspark, it’s ok... Jazz will get out of that terrible place, you know he will and when he gets here you can tell him all about how your garden’s grown.” He said trying to take Luna’s mind off the terrible storm outside.

“I don’t like it...” Luna said as another loud rumble and cackle shattered the air, unable to stop herself she turned and clung to Cliffjumper and tears raced down her face. “What if he never gets out? What if they torture him...?”

“Shhh, shhh, it’s ok.” Cliff said softly, gently rubbing the young child’s back as he began to rock her. “There, there now... it’s alright...” he added as he set his systems going, letting Luna listen to his internal systems thrum and hum softly as he’d seen Jazz let her do so many times when she was afraid.

Slowly, Luna began to calm down, the trembling faded away and soon enough, the sound of a sleeping youngling filled Cliff’s audios.

Smiling he settled down beside Luna and tucked her into the berth, softly rubbing her helm as she slept.

When the door to the room opened he looked up instantly and then relaxed as a familiar face gave him a knowing and thankful smirk. “She’s missed you.” he said as Jazz put his weapons away.

Luna stirred and the second she saw Jazz she was up and out of the berth so fast Cliffjumper nearly fell off the berth himself, smiling as he watched Luna tightly hug her guardian as he embraced her, mumbling softly into her audio as he held her.

“I was so scared.”

“Shhhh, shhh, it’s ok babe,” he assured. “I’m alright and nothing is gonna ever take me away from you.”

The saboteur nodded to Cliffjumper and effortlessly the two changed places, Cliffjumper climbed back onto his bunk and watched as Jazz softly pressed a kiss to Luna’s forehelm before drifting off to sleep.


Luna was sat at a console, rapidly typing at the keys as she worked once again on her studies and research into Energon, Ratchet stood a few feet away cleaning his medical tools.

She didn’t notice the loud, heavy dragging sound until Ratchet’s panicked gasp.

Stood in the door way were a group of five large mechs she’d never personally meet but knew of through reputation as The Lightning Strike Coalition Force, lead by Grimlock and by the look of it, one of his team was badly hurt.

“What the frag happened?!” Ratchet demanded as the five mech staggered in.

“We were ambushed outside the borders of Iacon.” Slag said as he and Swoop placed Sludge down on the cleared berth. “Combaticons got him good.”

“Hold him steady, this is gonna hurt him. Snarl bring that light over here I can’t see anything in this dim space,” Ratchet said as he instantly began working on the terrible damages. “Luna, give me a hand!” he called out only to find Luna was already at his side. “Clamp your servos around this fuel line where my servos are as tight as you can, the more Energon he loses the less chance he has!” Ratchet said as alarms started to scream.

~“Decepticon Attack! Decepticon Attack!”~ Prowl screamed over the comms.

“Luna!?” Jazz called as he skidded to a stop in the door way.

“Busy.” Luna said as she tightly held the fuel line Ratchet had requested her to.

“Stay in the base.” Jazz yelled as he raced off.

“Damn it, Snarl, Grimlock I need Energon from both of you.” Ratchet said as Luna felt the fuel line jerk and twist in her hands. “Hold him still.” He added to Swoop and Slag.

Ratchet worked as fast as his servos would allow, Luna listening and obey as best she could with Sludge constantly struggling to move despite how tightly Swoop and Slag restrained him.

Eventually they managed to patch up the leaking fuel line and Ratchet was able to start removing the shrapnel while Luna was able to clean her hands and use her smaller fingers to pull other shards out of Swoop’s wings while Snarl and Slag patched up Grimlock’s back.

“Damn it... I can’t get this shard out...” Ratchet growled as he tried and failed to remove the small deeply wedged shard of metal inside Sludge’s chest, near his spark. The base continued to shake and rumble making his hands unsteady.

“Maybe I could?” Luna asked while rubbing her servos clean as Swoop tested his wings and nodded.

“Get over here.” Ratchet said. “See the tip?” he asked as Luna looked at the indicated shard, having to stand on a stool to see properly.

Grimlock was slightly unsure of the idea but he said nothing as Luna extended her talons and carefully reached in to the open chest before her, keeping her claws as far away from the spark casing as she could, the movement of the base made it difficult for Ratchet, but Luna’s smaller servos seemed to be better suited to the job.

“Almost...” she said as the base shuddered.

There was a slight click and Luna pulled her servo back the small shard trapped between her talons, she looked shocked it had been so deeply shoved into the plating. “What did they hit you guys with? A shrapnel bomb?” she asked putting the shard into the tin with the rest.

“A wall fell on him.” Swoop said.

Luna winced.

The whole room began to shake violently again and Luna lost her footing falling back off her stool until someone caught her and shielded her from the sudden swell of heat that raced through the room and alarms started to scream out.

“Blast it all Prowl what’s happening?!” Ratchet snarled into the comms as Luna trembled.

~“The cons are in the base!”~ Prowl yelled back as shots were heard. ~“Get your afts into the Safe room Ratchet! You’re easy game if the Cons see you!”~

“Luna help me move the berth!” Ratchet yelled as Preceptor and Wheeljack raced in to the room, several Autobot soldiers following as they shot down the hall.

“Cover them!” Grimlock said as his team mates began to move, Snarl and Slag standing behind Ratchet and Luna while Swoop and Grimlock covered Sludge’s berth as the none warriors moved the heavy mech into the safe room, a room that could only be opened from the inside once Ratchet entered the coding.

Luna pulled as hard as she could with Wheeljack while Preceptor and Ratchet pushed the berth into the room, Jazz was nearby, she didn’t know how she knew, she just did and that was enough to make her feel a little safer.

“Look out!!” a Autobot screamed as a purple blast show forwards and caught Swoop’s wing throwing the flier into the berth and forcing it forwards as Luna, Wheeljack, Preceptor and Ratchet fell to the ground.

“Ratchet!” Grimlock called out as the other members of his team gathered in a protective huddle around them.

“Get in here Grimlock!” Ratchet snarled. “You can’t fight them all,” He added as the huge mech stepped back, using his shield to keep the shots away from the smaller Autobots until the door finally shut.

“Swoop, are you alright?!” Snarl asked as the flier whined and gasped in pain of his wing.

“I need light.” Ratchet said and Luna pulled out a light box she’d had in her subspace.

Swoop’s wing was terribly burned and leaking Energon, “Hold that light higher Luna. Preceptor, Wheeljack help me.” Ratchet ordered as Luna nodded holding the light cube as high as she could while they worked.

“Oh my helm... Hey why is it so dim in here?” Sludge asked slowly getting back to his peds.

“Take it easy Sludge.” Snarl said helping his team mate up, “Swoop’s hurt and the medic to concentrate.”

“Got it,” Sludge said.

Grimlock again was silent as he watched Luna moved to give Ratchet better light, the distant sounds of the base outside their small safe room a constant reminder of how dangerous this place was for young ones.

This was no time for a child to be growing up in.

Eventually the fighting stopped and the Autobots were able to send the Decepticons packing as Ratchet opened the safe room and helped a still unstable Swoop out of the room while Jazz instantly grabbed Luna in a tight embrace.

“Thank Primus... I was scared you’d been hurt.”

“I’m sorry I made you worry Jazz... I didn’t mean to make you scared.”

“Oh Luna baby, you don’t have to apologize to me, you ain’t in control of those whack job Cons.” He said gently ruffling her helm. “Come on now, we better let Ratchet and his medics do their work while we go help Prowl with other things.”

“Ok Jazz.” Luna said.

Optimus Prime entered the medical bay with Jetfire and Warpath, the former wincing as he held a badly crushed arm to his side and the latter hobbling as Grimlock nodded to Optimus.

“Grimlock. Is your team alright?” Optimus asked.

“My team is fine. Sludge and Swoop were the only casualties, Ratchet is a good medic.” Grimlock said then looked to the door. “Who was the youngling?”

“Luna. She is Jazz’s charge and adopted sparkling. I’ll give you a full detailed history for her later, right now I need you and your team to help Ironhide and Warpath set up a defence grid on the ground.” Optimus stated.

“Swoop isn’t going anywhere until his wings are properly fixed.” Ratchet called out. “The blast that caught his wing fried almost half of his flight sensory network and his joints are jammed. Until that’s fixed, he’s grounded.”

“Awww Scrap.” Swoop winced. “You mean I can’t even glide?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” The medic said.


Luna and Jazz ended up helping with a supply inventory and Ammo count, the numbers weren’t good.

“We need to move closer to Iacon...” Prowl said to Prime as the officers gathered in Primes office, Luna was sat quietly at a small console rapidly typing as her mind focused only on her Pure Energon project while Jazz stood around the desk with the other officers.

Ironhide, Warpath, Ratchet, Prowl, Jetfire, Bumblebee, Skydive, Silverbolt and even the Wreckers leaders, Springer, old Kup were gathered around.

“But Iacon’s defences are too low and weak to stand much of an attack, much less a full blown assault Prowl, you’ve seen the forces Megatron gathers with in cycles. We can’t risk it.” Kup said.

“Maybe if we move the smaller groups there first to fortify and increase the defences, little by little?” Jetfire suggested, “It’d take a few days but we could do it.”

“What about the wounded? If another attack comes we’re all done for.” Ratchet said.

“And it will take a lot more Energon to move in groups then moving as one whole unit.” Preceptor added.

Luna half listened to the talking, she knew that Energon was a problem and that to her, meant the sooner she got this project to work the sooner everything would get better for the Autobots.

“-Is there any way you can create such a thing?” Preceptor’s voice asked dragging Luna from her typing.


“You weren’t listening?” Jetfire asked.

“I’m not an officer, I’m not allow to listen to your talks.” She pointed out. “Create what?” she asked Preceptor as the older Mech stepped closer and showed her a data pad.

“This is what use to be known as S.N. Energon, highly explosive and highly unstable even when contained.” Preceptor explained. “But it has other uses, one of which is the ability to create a large Energon spike... if we could distract the Decepticons with it we can move everyone out of this wreck of a base and to Iacon.”

“But we don’t have the supplies for such a concoction.” Wheeljack said.

Luna looked over the formula and thought over the idea of making such a thing, she’d never handled some of this ingrediance before because they were so dangerous and she had no desire to lose a limb...

But if it helped...

“I can try...” She said only to find the officers had gone back to arguing and discussing ideas, she sighed and looked at the data pad and at her console, then she realized something and looked again, opening a comparison screen she began to rapidly type again and smiled brightly. “Ratchet! Preceptor! Look at this!” she called out making both mech jump in surprise and then look over Luna’s work.

“Well I’ll be scrap,” Ratchet said and ruffled Luna’s helm. “You’ve out done yourself.” He said.

“Out done herself Ratchet she’s a genius!” Preceptor said laughing. “Do you know what this means?”

“What the heck are you all talking about?” Ironhide demanded.

“Luna’s Pure Energon formula, it’s finished.” Preceptor said. “We can use it to not only manufacture Energon for ourselves, but also fuel the main defences for Iacon.” He explained in joy.

Jazz smiled. “So Luna’s just saved us a ton of trouble.” He praised as Luna ducked her head not use to being the centre of attention for her work. “Remind me to arrange a celebration when this is all over for this.” he said.


~”So Luna’s just saved us a ton of trouble. Remind me to arrange a celebration when this is over for this.”~ Soundwave played back.

“Who’s Luna?” Frenzy asked scratching his helm. “I don’t remember any Autobots with that name in the files or the data banks.” He added looking at Rumble who also looked stumped.

“You ain’t the only ones.” Vortex said typing rapidly as Soundwave transformed and released Laserbeak. “There is no record of her in any of the Autobot’s data bases... she isn’t even listed as a soldier.”

“Then what is she? A tech bot?” Swindle asked.

“Luna status; Youngling. Not yet of age to be trained in Warfare or weapons use, by Cybetronian laws of both Autobot and Decepticon.” Soundwave explained. “She is unlisted by order of both Yourself and Zeta Prime until she has chosen her profession.”

“You know of her?” Onslaught asked.

“Encounters reported from Buzzsaw and Ravage, sighting of Youngling since sparkling age.” Soundwave informed. “I have been monitoring her development. In case she becomes of use or threat to our plans.”

“A Youngling?” Brawl sneered.

“Autobot Scout Bumblebee, continued interference in many of our plans, he is not yet fully mature.” Soundwave pointed out as he brought up a small profile he had been adding to the files, as of yet it was incomplete as all he had listed was Luna’s name, her age and the name of her guardian, no profile, not even a picture.

“Jazz is Guardian to a Sparkling?” Brawl asked sniggering. “Damn no wonder he’s been off his game lately, she’s got him up all night.”

Megatron was silent as he read the small information gathered on this youngling, then he looked at his communication officer and old friend, Soundwave never kept anything from him unless it involved something he knew Megatron would dislike.

A Lot.


The third in command seemed unwilling to speak while in the presence of others and so only shock his helm.

“Leave us.” The silver tyrant ordered and instantly Onslaught shooed his men out of the room and shut the door.

“Who is she Soundwave?” Megatron asked.

“She is an abandoned sparkling, Buzzsaw and Ravage retrieved her during a storm, but subsequent to the heavy rains, lost her near Iacon. She has since been raised and cared for by Jazz.” Soundwave explained. “She was Shockwave’s.”

“And he never mentioned her?” Megatron asked in anger.

“He rejected her.” Soundwave said. “She would have died if not for Buzzsaw and Ravage’s attempt to bring her to me.” He explained as his cassettes returned to his chest compartment. “I planned to inform you full of this after Luna had become of age.”

“You were going to speak with her?” Megatron asked as the profile was closed down.

“Negative.” Was all Soundwave said before turning to leave the room.

Megatron watched him go and turned towards the high window of his office, looking towards Iacon. One of his most loyal had broken one of the few Laws Megatron agreed with... and he didn’t agree with many laws.

He would have to deal with such a matter.



“Luna, we have a visitor.” Preceptor said sounding rather amused.

“A visitor?” Luna asked looking up from her work to find Sludge stood by the door, he wasn’t small enough to get into the lab without breaking something. “Oh...”

“I came to say thanks... if you hadn’t pulled that shard out of my chest... I might not have onlined again,” the larger mech said then looked at Preceptor, “I also came to see if you needed any heavy lifting done? Prime said you needed help with moving some equipment.” He added.

Luna smiled as she noticed Sludge’s slight uncertainty, likely he’d never had anyone but Ratchet to thank for his life so having someone else to thank was a little new to him.

Not that she minded she’d have done the same for anyone that needed help.

She hardly noticed how fast time was flying even as Jazz led her to the transport to their new home in Iacon, all her attention and focus was on her work. She also didn’t notice that she now had five new protectors, in the form of Grimlock and his team.

She also didn’t realize that the fact she took time to listen and talk to them rather than at and about them had earned her a place on Grimlock’s very short list of Autobots who could be trusted.

All Luna focused on was her work, she began to spend countless hours working alone, even though she knew others were there to help her, she worked alone, not so much she refused to share the work load, she just didn’t ask for aid in the formulas or equations.

It was something Jazz found himself unsure of and something Grimlock recognized.

“She’s not your true child, is she Jazz?” Grimlock asked quietly.

“I found her in a storm drain when she was barley two Vons old... Her carrier gone and a sire that rejected her...” The Saboteur explained. “I don’t care if she’s mine or not, I raised her and I love her. Shockwave will never take her away from me.” He added as they watched Luna type rapidly.

“She isn’t going to become Shockwave.” Grimlock said after a time. “She is too different from him.”

“Different?” Jazz asked.

“She shows my team and I respect, she is willing to spend her days in a lab working to save others, Shockwave would sooner save his own plating and respects only those who can command him.” Grimlock said. “Luna is not Shockwave.”

Jazz nodded in understanding as some of his fears were laid to rest. While he and Grimlock didn’t always understand each other, they could and had worked together in the past to complete missions that otherwise would have failed.

They had some respect towards each other, even if it didn’t always show through.


Shockwave was furious.

Megatron knew somehow of his sparkling and the rejection he’d shown it and now he was stuck dealing with not only several idiots in his tower to keep his research into the Insecticons going, but also sorting out the Energon refining he had Promised Megatron before all Pitt broke loose and his lord used him as a punching bag.

In his anger he hadn’t thought the take notice of the three shadows that now followed him everywhere as they watched his every move.

Kickback, Hardshell and Sharpshot watched in boredom as Shockwave worked rapidly on his console, ignoring everything he was meant to be working on, like the many prisoners they had brought him and more focused on a new project Megatron had given him.

A way to rid the Autobot ranks of Grimlock and his team mates as more than once the five Autobots had ruined Megatron’s Plans and a number of Shockwave’s to boot, much to their amusement as they discovered that the reason was because a child, not much older than 12 stellar cycles was responsible for many a Autobot Victory.

And that was indirectly.

“Seems the child is more like him then he cares to admit.” Hardshell stated inspecting the wall.

“I’m bored.” Sharpshot said.

“Go scare the idiots in the refinery.” Kickback said, “Maybe they’ll be a decent challenge.” He added half-heartedly as he watched the younger Insecticons rummage around for food.

They had nothing to do and a board Insecticon was never a good thing.

Shockwave suddenly seemed to get an idea and turned to them.

He knew a way to rid himself of two problems.

He could use the Insecticons to make it all the easier.


“You what?” Jazz asked Swoop over the radio.

/“I said we found a huge spike in Crystal energy, as in a whole deposit!”\ the flier stated. /“You gotta send someone out here and take a look! It could be one of the last deposits there is!”\ he added.

“We could send in Blaster, Wheeljack and Sunstreaker, they have the speed and strength to keep any Cons at bay.” Ratchet said as Optimus pondered the idea.

“Could I go with them?”

All optics turned to Luna as she stood holding a data pad and looking rather hopeful.

Jazz looked at the screen and location, it wasn’t close to the Deceptions or them... it was almost halfway between them and she wouldn’t be alone, she’d be with mech he trusted and she’d have one of Grimlock’s team there to help keep her safe.

It was a basic mission, go, see what was to be seen, take a few samples and make a few notes then leave.

“Alright...” Jazz said. “But you gotta promise me you’ll stay safe, if the boys tell you to run you run. Understand?” he asked and Luna nodded. “Good girl.”

“Don’t worry Jazz-man.” Blaster said ruffling Luna’s helm. “She’ll be safer than a turbo-fox in a den with us.” He assured knowing every mech in the room would sooner die then see a child hurt by war.

Luna smiled and after getting a few blank Data pads from her room and promising Jazz she’d Comm in every cycle on the cycle, she met up with Wheeljack, Sunstreaker and Blaster outside the Iacon walls.

“Ready?” Wheeljack asked and she nodded.

“Then let’s go.” Sunstreaker said as he transformed and races off, Blaster chuckled and transformed to his alt form, landing inside Luna’s waiting alt form, a low slung four wheeler like Jazz with a design built for speed and stealth.

Wheeljack smiled down at Luna before they raced after Sunstreaker.

The drive to the deposit was uneventful thankfully; Wheeljack and Sunstreaker were both very aware that Luna was in no way old enough to be in the middle of a fire fight and now they were sat waiting for the signal from Swoop that it was safe.

They got a signal and slowly they moved closer to the deposit.

No one saw the many waiting shadows that watched them as they inspected and noted the samples they were taking.

Swoop smiled and landed with Luna and helped her reach a higher set of Crystals. “You think this stuff will help?” he asked.

“It should. Crystals are just one of the purest sources of Energon,” Luna said.


“Yep.” She nodded and then stretched. “I think we have enough.”

“Agreed this place is making me jumpy,” Sunstreaker said looking around the area above them.

“We must follow the girl, girl.” A voice said as the Autobots moved off.

“So follow her, we will deal with the flier and report back to Shockwave,” another said.

“Agreed, agreed.” The first said as the Insecticons took off.

Sunstreaker scanners blared to life. “Company!” He called out, “Floor it!” He added as Luna and Wheeljack’s scanners also picked up their unwanted followers.

“Swoop!!” Luna called as the flier dived and looped to try and avoid nets and laser shots that were being fired at him.

“Keep going Luna! I’ll be fine!” the flier yelled as they shot into a tunnel.

“Luna, take Blaster ahead of us and call for back up!” Sunstreaker said, as he and Wheeljack skidded to a stop and transformed unloading their weapons. “We’ll hold ‘em off!”

Luna obeyed and floored her acceleration gears to the max as she swung around the corners until the road was blocked and she slammed the brakes on, drifting around a sharp bend before light shone over her and the road stopped with a high drop. “Slag!”

“Language young femme,” Blaster scolded lightly as Luna transformed and let him do the same once that was done, both Autobots looked around. “We just gotta get up higher.” He said.

“Blaster it’s a sheer drop,” Luna said, “There’s no way we could climb that.” She added as the ground under them groaned. “What the-?”

“Jump!” Blaster yelled grabbing Luna’s arm and pulling her off the ledge as it was eaten away by the Insecticons. “Hang on to me Luna!” he stated curling protectively around her as the floor came closer and closer.

“Luna!” Something big and powerful grabbed Blaster as he fell and braced their fall, making the ground shudder and quake under the heavy landing. “Are you both alright?”

“Sludge?!” Luna smiled in relief. “How did you find us so fast?” she asked as Blaster slipped something onto her arm.

“Swoop called us.” Slag said as he opened fire on the Insecticons. “Head north! You’ll find a path that leads right to the back gates of the ruins of Iacon!”

“What about Sunny and Wheeljack?” Luna asked.

“We’ll get them. Get gone!” Sludge said putting them down.

“Not so fast, fast!” A voice snarled as a web like net erupted over head, trapping Luna and Sludge in it as the ground under them was eaten away and they fell into darkness.



Jazz was a wreck with worry.

When Blaster had been carried into Iacon between an equally damaged Sunstreaker and Wheeljack and explained that Luan had been taken by Shockwave’s Insecticons, he had begged Optimus to let him go search for her, however Prime had made the valid point that of the Insecticons had Grimlock’s team they would likely keep Luna with Grimlock’s team.

Now he was in the Sea of Rust with Cliff Jumper, in hopes of finding his beloved child and saving her from whatever terrors Shockwave had planned for her.

Already he’d seen and found traces of Grimlock’s team and signs of where they had been held, but no signs of Luna or where she was.

“Oh for the love of all things, where are you Luna?!” Jazz demanded punching the side of the ship once they’d left the sea of rust.

“We’ll find her Jazz.” Cliffjumper said putting a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “She’s a smart kid and we both know that Blaster gave her a Cloak device like mine.”

“Still Cliff, she’s just a kid... she shouldn’t be out in the field yet.” Jazz said.

“We both knew the risk was she’d get into a battle before she was ready, at least she has some training in stealth and defence, she’ll be fine.” The red mech said, trying to convince himself of that statement.

Sideswipe sighed sadly as he listened over the comms, trying to find Luna’s signal as he circled the area. Luna meant the world and more to Jazz and to lose her would destroy him. All the Special Ops members were angered and ready to move on Jazz’s word to help find Luna, she may not have been theirs, but each loved her as a sister and would die before they let anyone hurt her.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Sideswipe said tapping his comms. “Guys! Luna’s signal just popped up! She’s safe!” he commed hoping the signal got through as he typed rapidly trying to boost his receiver’s signal to get a better lock on Luna. “Jazz! Cliff! Luna’s on-line!”

/“Sideswipe?!”\ Luna gasped over the comms. /“Sideswipe! Thank Primus, I thought I’d never get a signal out!”\

“Luna where the spark are you?” Sideswipe asked.

/“I have no idea, all I know is this place is crawling with Cons.”\ Luna said sounding out of breath and frightened. /“Sludge and I got separated after Shockwave tried to drag me off; Sludge hit him and told me to run so I did... I... I didn’t see what happened to him, I just kept running until I found... where ever I am now,”\ She explained.

“Shhh, shhh, calm down sweetspark. We’ll come find you,” Sideswipe assured, typing rapidly and smiling, “Ok, I know where you are now and I promise, I’ll send help.”

/“Sideswipe I keep hearing Shockwave... he keeps saying he’s... he keeps saying he’s going to kill Grimlock and his team... that Sludge is gone... I’m scared,”\ Luna said as the signal began to crackle, /“Sideswipe?”\

“It’ll be ok Luna. I promise.” Sideswipe said as the signal died. “Slag. Sideswipe to Optimus, come in Optimus!”


Luna shivered as she sat hidden in the shadows of some ruins, she knew she was near or in Kaon from the darker colours and the many Decepticons she’d seen, she just had no idea where in Kaon she was.

She just hoped she was nowhere near Shockwave and his horrible Labs, just the thought of those horrid places made her shudder.

Something moved and she froze, tightly clutching herself as she watched the shadows around her move and then still until at last she was sure they were gone and she relaxed somewhat.

Only to gasp as the floor gave out under her and she fell into shallow water. “Oh just lovely,” she groaned pulling herself out of the cold coolent and up onto a dry ledge.

“So’d you hear?” A voice asked and Luna looked up at where a small hole was in the top of the tunnel. “That Autobot Grimlock trashed Shockwave’s labs and now he wants the whole system flushed to try and flush out that brat the Insecticons let get away.”

“You serious Breakdown?” Another voice asked. “Damn. Well can’t say he didn’t have it coming, Megatron was pretty mad when he found out Shockwave was the kid’s Sire.”

“Shut up Deadend and get the drains ready for a flushing. If the kid is there she had better be a good swimmer.” Another voice said.

“Storm flush’s ready, Motormaster.” The second Deadend said.

“Strom flush?” Luna repeated in horror, a storm flush would flood the drains with coolent...

Without waiting to hear the roar of coolent get any closer, Luna raced off on peds to get away, all the while searching the walls and ceiling for ways out, she had to get higher than the coolent and she had to do it fast.

She spotted a ladder and a great nearby and raced over to it, hoping she could at least climb high enough to keep her head above the water however the flood of coolent was faster than she was and Luna felt herself slipping from the ladder and dragged away by the coolent current.

She hit several large things in the tunnel, unable to see where she was going or what was happening she panicked and tried to grab anything and everything that passed her.

When she finally surfaced again she grabbed hold of a floating panel and coughed up coolent from her intake tanks before looking around, she had no idea where she was, only that she wasn’t where she had been.

This place was covered in broken walls and strange web like stuff on the walls and ceiling. She pulled herself up onto the panel and curled up tightly shivering, she felt sore, cold and tired and she needed to rest, Sideswipe said they’d find her and Sideswipe never lied.

She just had to wait...


Swoop, Slag and Snarl watched from the main room as the tower was destroyed. “Grimlock did it!”

/“Grimlock!? Slag?! Swoop?! Snarl?! Can anyone hear me?! Primus damn it, ANSWER ME!”\ Jazz’s voice roared over the comms.

“Jazz? What’s wrong?” Swoop asked.

/“Luna’s still out there somewhere, Sideswipe’s signal on her says she was right where you all are in Kaon!”\ Jazz explained as the sound of bots rushing and shouting filled the back ground. /“The teams we sent to find her couldn’t get through to Kaon! And we don’t have time to launch an attack!”\

“Wait you mean everyone who isn’t on the Ark is gonna be trapped here?” Snarl asked.

/“You think I like that idea? Optimus is trying calling everyone back and since the space bridge is closing we can’t wait to long! Primus damn it I can’t leave knowing Luna’s on her own! You gotta find her and get out of Kaon now! We’re launching!”\ Jazz said. /“We can’t wait but if Luna’s with you at least I know she’ll be safe!”\

/“We’ll find her Jazz.”\ Grimlock’s voice came over the comms. /“Swoop, scout from the sky!”\

“You got it Boss!” Swoop said transforming and taking off.

/“Slag, Snarl search the banks... With all this damage areas will be flooded... Luna may be stranded on a patch of ground.”\ Grimlock said.

“On it.”

/“Thank you Grimlock... if ever you find away to get off Cybertron, the coordinates for where we are going should be in Shockwave’s computers.”\ Jazz said before the signal died.

Grimlock was silent then nodded. “Must find Luna.”

And so they searched even as they watched the Decepticons take off after the Ark, the comms filling with calls and cheers of good luck from other stranded Autobots who hadn’t been able to reach the Ark in time.


/“Grimlock! I found her!”\ Swoop called flying overhead as they reached a deep flooded area and in the middle, drifting aimlessly and unmoving on her tiny panel was Luna.

“Luna! Hang on!” Grimlock called as he waded out into the deep pool, his own huge size making the water seem shallow as he reached her make shift raft and touched her shoulder, recoiling at just how cold she was. “Luna...? Luna can you hear me? LUNA!?”

“G... Grim... Lock...?” Luna asked softly as her body tried to uncurl. “Grimlock...?”

“Shh, it’s ok Luna. I’ve got you.” the larger mech said lifting the freezing femme off the raft and carrying her back to the shore where he team were waiting, Slag instantly wrapped the freezing child in a thermal blanket. “Luna...”

“The Ark... is gone isn’t it?” Luna asked.

Grimlock nodded. “But there is hope... we can find another way off this planet and to them...” he said.

“Promise?” Luna asked weakly as her optics fluttered.

“I promise,” Grimlock said.

Chapter 2 Waking Omega

He sighed as he watched the planet’s surface darken, his own dark green and gray paint job fading with what little hope he had left. “Primus be kind to us... what are we to do?” he asked.

“We have to get off this planet Kup.” Another mech said. This one larger and blue and white in colour. “Prime’s Message said there was a way of Cybertron, we just have to find it.”

“And the other surviving Autobots,” Kup sighed. “Jazz’s young one is out there somewhere, I’ll be damned I see another youngling hurt because of the Decepticons.” He added.

It had been a few hours since the Ark left, but still the last surviving bots were making their way to Iacon for safety with Ultra Magnus and the few other remaining warriors.

“Kup! Ultra Magnus, Sirs!” A soldier said. “We have an incoming call from Springer and his team.”

“Patch them through,” Magnus ordered as the main screen flickered and zapped into life.

/“Ultra Magnus, Grimlock and his team are here, but they’re refusing to let our medics see to the child with them.”\ Springer said.

The image behind Springer was clear. Grimlock was protectively holding a darkling coloured youngling while his team all in strange new forms stood around him, refusing to budge.

“Let them in Springer, Grimlock won’t let anyone near a child so long as they aren’t in a protected area.” First Aid’s voice said as he entered the room. “Grimlock, can you hear me?” He asked.

/“I can.”\ The larger mech said.

“Good, bring Luna to the ground floor when you get here, medical bay is the first room on the left.” He commanded and Grimlock nodded.

Moments later, Grimlock stepped into a bright room where First Aid and two medical drones were working rapidly on mechs from the field.

“Place Luna on the spare berth, Grimlock,” the medical officer requested as he came over, “I know from your comm ahead she’s been in cold coolent, so we need to give her a little heated Energon and make sure there’s no icing over in her joints.” He explained gently pressing a warm Energon cube to Luna’s still lips and ever so gently coaxing the young femme back to awareness before he tipped the cube a tiny bit to let her sip the warmth inside it. “There we go...”

“Thanks... First Aid.” Luna said once her systems began to reboot.

“Not at all.” the young medic smiled. “Now, anywhere feel stiff?” He asked.

“No... Not that I can feel.” She said slowly moving all her limbs and appendages, everything moved like it should and everything felt right.

“Good, for now I want you to stay wrapped in that blanket and finish that warm Energon, while I see to these four.” First Aid said. “Swoop, you first.” He added.

While his team were checked over, Grimlock refused to leave Luna’s side, “Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked.

“I’m fine...” Luna said. “I know somehow we’ll get to where the others are... somehow... we just... need to find a way...” she stated.

Grimlock nodded.

Find a way...

He’d heard that a lot...

But somehow hearing it from Luna meant something...


Slowly, cycles passed and the Autobot and Decepticon forces left on Cybertron continued to fight, the Autobots lead by Ultra Magnus and Decepticons by the ruthless Brother to Megatron, Galvatron.

Luna remained mostly hidden away from Galvatron’s forces as he would have no qualms about killing her, and so, even when the battles weren’t facing Galvatron, she was kept locked in the base, listening to her friends and fellow Autobots being hurt and sometimes killed over the comms.

It became her drive. The reason that she’d spend hours and often days sat typing rapidly at a console, ignoring the looks she got from others and Ultra Magnus’s attempts to give her something other than work to do.

“Why do this Luna?” Kup asked.

“Because unlike everyone else, I actually believe there is a way of this rock.” Luna said, “Leaving me locked in the base doesn’t mean I don’t see the fact none of you are even bothering to search for the way off this planet Optimus mentioned.” She added before Ultra Magnus could try and deny that.

“But how can you find what we haven’t?” Kup asked.

“By doing what Jazz taught me to do, read between the lines, look for the hints and listen to the reports.” She said continuing to type.

Kup sighed and shock his helm, shooing Ultra Magnus out. “Lass, as much as I hate to be the one to tell you this... there is no way off this rock... Optimus knows it, and deep down Jazz knew it too.”

“LIAR!!” Luna turned on Kup so fast he stumbled out of the younger bots room. “Jazz wouldn’t lie to me! So keep you’re fragged up thoughts to yourself and leave me to work!” and with that Luna’s door was shut, locked and then double locked.


Grimlock gently knocked on the door and when it didn’t open he typed in the code to open it, ducking into the room with a soft smile as he saw Luna, rapidly typing on her keypad.

“I hear you yelled at Kup today.” He said.

“He said there’s no way off this rock.” Luna said. “Jazz wouldn’t lie to me. There is a way out of here and I’m going to find it.”

Grimlock put his hand on her shoulder and she stopped typing. “No one is asking you to be the hero,” he said.

“No one here has hope in seeing the end of this war anymore...” Luna said, “If we lose hope what’s the point?”

Grimlock bowed his helm. “Are you sure that there is away off this planet?” He asked.

“I am.” Luna said typing again and this time she showed Grimlock the screen. “These are Ratchet and Optimus’s reports about a mech by the name of Omega Supreme. He’s alt form is a rocket, big enough to carry all of us, all we need do is find him and reactivate him.”

“How?” Grimlock asked.

“That’s the part I’m working on.” Luna said. “The Pure Energon we used for the Ark... I can modify it to work for us, but it’s getting it around that’s the problem... if the container isn’t strong enough, the Energon will burn through it...”

Grimlock watched as Luna worked and then felt a small smile touch his face plates, Luna was keeping her hope alive by working towards something she believed in...

He silently sat behind her, watching over her as he’d promised Jazz he would do.

Eventually, Luna finished and Grimlock chuckled as she tiredly struggled to get out of her seat, softly he scooped her up and held her to his chest, near his spark, and within a matter of seconds, Luna was sleeping.

“Sweet dreams,” Grimlock said softly.


When Luna woke up again, she found herself a little embarrass that Grimlock was holding her like a sparkling, but at the same time she felt safe and warm.

“He hasn’t left your side all night.” Luna looked up and smiled at Swoop. “He’s got a thing for you.”

“Remind me to thank him when he wakes up,” she said and softly kissed Grimlock’s cheek. “Did you get the message I sent out?”

“I did, that’s why I’m here. Snarl and Slag say we can get to that place, but we’ll need someone to verify it’s the right place and the right mech.” Swoop said.

Luna nodded and tried to wake Grimlock, which failed as he remained still as stone until Swoop poked his nasal ridge and made him rapidly come on line.

“I know you’re not gonna like me for this... but could you get me into Iacon’s Tower district?” Luna asked.

“Why?” Grimlock asked. “That place is a ruin and derelict place.”

“I believe that is where they hid Omega Supreme’s body after his repairs were done and his gave his Energon to help us fuel the Ark and stop the Dark Energon inside him spreading beyond control again.” Luna said. “If we can reactivate him with Pure Energon, we can cure the corruption inside him and get off Cybertron.”

“But how are you going to carry the Energon?” Grimlock asked.

“Leave that to me.” Luna smiled. “So can you get me there?”

Grimlock thought about it, if he did this and everything worked out right they could be on their way to find Jazz, Optimus and the others... if it went wrong and they were attacked by the cons, Luna would be in danger...

“Please Grimlock...” Luna pleaded.

Grimlock sighed.

He was going to regret this...


The Tower district had seen better days.

But then again, so had most of Cybertron...

Luna sighed as Grimlock carried her on his back in his new dino-form as they passed through the area, using a small holo map she’d downloaded from the records and reports to try and find Omega Supreme.

At least... that was the plan...

So far they hadn’t found anything but rubble and broken bodies...

“He has to be here somewhere... he has to be...” Luna said looking around and at the scanner in her hand, “it says he’s right here...”

“Maybe he’s under us?” Swoop offered, “This place is riddled with old disused tunnels, maybe they had to hide him underground?”

“I hate tunnels.” Snarl sighed.

“We have to check Snarl.” Slag stated, heaving a heavy looking grate up. “Down this way.” He said jumping down and then carefully helping Luna down.

“Swoop, stay up here and circle the area, just in case.” Grimlock said and Swoop nodded taking off while the others headed underground.

They went down a few more levels before Luna stopped and looked around, to find a collapsed area ahead of them. “Scarp... We have to get through this...”

Snarl and Slag charged at the collapse while Grimlock melted the roof to keep it up.

“That works,” Luna said as they moved on slowly and carefully as the building groaned around them.

“Are we close?” Snarl asked as Luna checked the scanner and their location.

“Just a little further ahead, and we should be able to see him.” Luna said as Grimlock moved a large slap aside for them.

“Oh wow...” Snarl gasped as he looked into the large open chamber and down at the bottom, slumped against the wall and covered in Dark Energon Crystals and metallic webbing was...

“Omega Supreme, Key to Vector Sigma and Autobot Hero.” Luna said, “We have to get down to him.”

“Hold tight.” Grimlock said lifting Luna up before jumping down into the chamber, making a crater as he landed.

“Thanks Grimlock,” Luna said before looking at the body before them, wincing at the painful injuries. “Poor guy...”

“Can we help him?” Slag asked.

“We can, I just have to get up to his spark chamber.” Luna said as the Dinobots searched for a safe way up.

Only to be blasted back by the Dark Energon and left with a nasty tingle in their helms.

“Are you guys ok?” She asked.

“Yea... wow that stuff’s strong...” Slag said shaking his head.

Luna looked at the spikes and at the small scrap metal around the place, it could be bent and cover her hands, “Hmmm...”

“No way Luna, you aren’t going to climb up there.” Grimlock said.

“If I don’t get to his spark chamber I can’t reactivate him.” Luna explained. “Please trust me Grimlock, I can do this.”

Grimlock was about to refuse, but a sudden screech above them broke his train of thought. “Swoop?!”

“Insecticons!!” Swoop cried as he flew into the room, allowing Slag and snarl to BBQ the swarm that was chasing him.

Luna was already climbing up the spikes of Dark Energon, with swift moves, struggling slightly now and then as she worked out her path as the Insecticons began to swarm into the chamber, attacking the Dinobots as they attempted to get at Luna through the Dark Energon spikes.

“Stop her, her!” a voice demanded as Luna found the latches on Omega’s chest and began to pry and pull the spikes that covered them off.

“Hurry Luna!” Slag called up shooting down any of the bugs that dared to get too close to her.

“Almost got it.” Luna hissed tossing the last spike away and opening the spark cover and smiled as she saw the small sparkle of light inside.

“Interfering brat!” Kickback snarled as he leaped at Luna, only to be shot down by a well-aimed blast from above them all.

It gave Luna the time she needed.


Kup and Ultra Magnus looked up as a loud rumbling filled the air, shock and awe filling their optics as they watched none other than Omega Supreme float slowly down and land beside their base, Grimlock and his team stood in the gang way as the ship landed and slowly walked down.

“What happened?”

“Luna’s Energon formula worked.” Was all Grimlock said before the two older mech saw the limp form in Swoop’s arms charred marks on her chest and horrid marks on her face and limbs.

“We need First Aid.”

Chapter 3 Going to Earth

Luna was on system support, barely online and struggling to breathe...

Grimlock refused to leave her side and none of the high ups could get near her. The Dinobots would only allow First Aid near her.

Omega Supreme was a huge help on the battle field, and while he was taking orders he would always return to his place near the medical bay and watch over the area as if protecting Luna from an unseen threat.

The arrival of the female Autobots had been a hugely welcome addition to the ranks, Elita-one had been informed of everything by First Aid and by the recorded files Jazz had left with Grimlock about Luna and instantly she had rounded on Kup and Magnus for their behaviour before going to medical and working with First Aid to help.

Currently First Aid was in the middle of a scan while Luna began to stir.


“Kid?” Swoop asked watching as Luna slowly came around, looking around the room slowly as if analysing the area she was in.

“What... happened...?” she asked in a strained and broken voice.

“You woke Omega up kid... he’s online and has been fighting for us.” First Aid smiled.

“I did...?” She asked. “But... the pain... I thought...”

“Shhhh, you didn’t go off-line and you are going to get better. Arcee called Prime with the signal booster we got from Omega and now they sent us a map to follow when you are stable enough to travel.” First Aid assured finishing his scan and smiling.

“But... how...?”

“I will explain everything late, you need rest now.” Aid said softly. “Everything will be ok.”

Luna didn’t argue instead she slipped back into her sleep, but at least now First Aid knew she was getting better and not worse...

“Is she ok?” Swoop asked.

“For now.” First Aid stated, “As soon as she is fully repaired and has had a few upgrades to help her heal better she needs to call Jazz and talk to him, he is worried to off-lining about her.”

“Ok.” Swoop said looking back over his shoulder as Grimlock came in and smiled. “She’s gonna be ok.” He assured.

“Good,” Grimlock said, “Hunts are starting to get closer to us,” he added.

“Not to worry Grimlock.” Elita-one stated. “Optimus is waiting to talk to you in the main room, secure line.” She explained and Grimlock looked unsure of whether or not to leave Luna side. “I’ll stay with her until you get back.” The female commander stated.

Grimlock nodded before slowly turning away and heading towards the main room.

Ultra Magnus and Kup looked up as he came in and then proceeded to lock the door.

“What going on?” Grimlock asked.

~“We have a situation that requires your team AND Luna’s skills. I am going to have Jazz tall Luna all she needs to know but I need to speak with you, Grimlock.”~ Optimus explained. ~ “Starscream has recently become a V.O.W under our care and during his stay with us, he has recalled some information about a Femme Slave camp under Shockwave’s control... we also believe that this camp is also where Luna’s Carrier came from. I am sending Jazz along with a team of Spec Ops mech in to help evacuate the remaining Femmes in the camp. But I need your team and Luna to bring Shockwave down.”~

“But she... Luna is still badly damaged.” Grimlock said. “She can’t possibly be going on this mission.”

~“I don’t intend on sending her while she is hurt, and for that reason, Ratchet is sending First Aid new upgrades for Luna to help keep her safe and insure she is protected, we still have a few cycles before the plan is set into motion and that is why I need to ask you if you and your team are still willing and able to protect Luna in this mission.”~ Prime said.

Grimlock was quiet, thinking over all he could, still struggling with Shockwave’s modifications still messing with his thoughts.

He had to help Luna.

Luna was going to be going on a mission to help save the lives of femmes.

The femmes were in Shockwave’s hands.

Luna didn’t know Shockwave was her real Sire, and would not like to find that out in a bad way.

Prime had a plan laid out and needed him to watch Luna.

He liked Luna.

“I’ll do it.” Grimlock stated.

~“Good to know old friend.”~ Prime stated. ~“When Luna is ready, I need you to show her the plans we are sending you, your team and Luna will be the last team the Femmes meet, but you are the most important, as you will be the team to get them to Omega Supreme and Keep Shockwave’s Insecticons off them.”~ He explained.

“Understood.” Grimlock stated before an alarm went off.

“Incoming emergency!!” a bot yelled. “We need medics! Now!”

“Things are bad here Prime...” Grimlock said. “We need to leave sooner rather than later.”

~“I understand Grimlock, but without this raid, Shockwave and Megatron will likely never be stopped. We are winning here Grimlock but we need just a blow on Cybertron or Megatron will have a way to destroy everything we have worked for.”~ Prime said. ~“I know I was wrong before and I regret it, but please, for Luna’s future, help us do this now.”~

Grimlock was quiet.


Luna woke to a gentle tapping on her arm and smiled a little as Swoop gave her a sheepish look. “Is something wrong?” She asked.

“First Aid need berth... you got comm call...” The flier said.

“Oh,” Luna said slowly getting up with a little help from Slag as he helped her keep her balance when she stood up. “Who got hurt?”

“Springer and Huffer.” Swoop said and helped Luna to a privet room, “Jazz wants to talk to you alone.”

Luna smiled and nodded. “Ok.” She said as Swoop closed the door.

The comm line bleeped to show it was opening and Luna sat herself in the chair, it was still just that little bit too big for her as she waited for Jazz to answer.

When he did the look of relief that washed over his face made Luna smiled. “Hi Sire.”

~“Hello sweetspark... I hear we need to give you the biggest thanks ever when you get down here to earth... thought if you ever do anything so stupid as carry Pure Energon near your Spark again, Ratchet and I will personally ground you to your room and make you listen to basic medic skills 101.”~ Jazz said, though his smile said he was overjoyed she was still alive and well. ~“How have things been?”~

“Things are good now... everyone started to hope again.” Luna said.

~“I heard about that, something about a little lady shouting down at Magnus AND Kup.”~ Jazz smirked and Luna shrugged.

“You never lie to me Sire. You said you’d find a way to help us and you have. I know you might not always be right about everything in the universe, but you don’t lie... not to me.”

Jazz’s smirk faded and his shoulders sagged. ~“About that sweetspark...”~ he said then sighed. ~“There IS something I haven’t be completely honest with you about... something you should have known about from the start.”~

“I’m not your creation.”

Jazz looked shocked. ~“How...?”~

“Every mech here has been talking about me when they think I am tucked up in my berth... even Magnus has said things... I knew there was something different about me because my optics are purple and my coding didn’t register in Teletraan-1, 2 or 3’s banks as yours...” Luna stated. “I know I’m not meant to go into things like that... but with every mech saying that I was a liability and no one telling me why I had to know what I was doing wrong... So I did some digging and found some old reports about a sparkling brought in by head of Spec Ops at the age of two Vons, Off-line Carrier and unknown Sire... Me.”

~“Oh Luna...”~ Jazz said. ~“I know it’s not the nicest thing to hear... no matter how old you are... if I had been there I would have beaten them into damn shape... but I guess you are old enough now to know the truth... I found you in a storm drain, half drown and terrified of everything that moved, you were desperate for a link to a parent and I gave you one, when I brought you back to Iacon Ratchet, Prime, Cliff and Hide were the only ones to know the truth about where you came from... but later we found out your real sire was-”~

“I don’t care.” Luna said cutting Jazz off. “You raised me, you taught me right from wrong, you gave me a home and family and everything I have now, I don’t have anything from the mech who left me and I don’t ever want anything to do with him.” She stated. “You are my Sire... You and Cliff and all the other Spec Ops mech taught me to make the most of my talents and taught me I don’t have to be perfect to fit in... I don’t care if my coding isn’t linked to yours, or if I will be treated like a traitor all my life, the mech who left me to die isn’t my Sire, he didn’t teach me or love me, you do and that makes you my Sire.”

Jazz smiled and Luna smiled back, feeling a wave of pride, joy, love, warmth and gratitude wash over her from so many stars away.

She sent her own wave of love and joy back to him.

~“I know you are still not 100% Luna baby, but we need to talk mission... and Operation Revive.”~ Jazz stated, ~“You up for putting one huge spanner in Megatron’s plans as a graduation from Pre-teen mods to adult?”~ He asked.

“Tell me what to do, Sire.”

~“We are sending a team of four, myself included to Cybertron Via a Con shipment over the space bridge thanks to Starscream’s help, I will explain everything about that one later, What I need you and Grimlock’s boys to do is get to a camp site we have discovered is under Shockwave’s care, the femmes there are slaves and we need you to help us liberate it. But to get to it you have to go through Kaon’s Gladiatorial Arena that is why I am asking you to be as careful as you can be.”~ Jazz said. ~“It is of the utter most importance that once you have gotten in to the Arena you keep the path clear to run fast and get back to Omega Supreme with us... understand?”~

“Yes Sire.” Luna smiled, then let her smile drop a little. “We aren’t going to be able to save Cybertron... are we?”

~“Not for a while yet babe... but we will one day... when we have the knowledge and calculations right.”~ He assured.

“Promise Sire?” she asked.

~“I promise, someday we will revive Cybertron, and everything will be alright again.”~ He smiled softly, placing one hand over his chest and holding the other up before him. ~“Be safe sweetspark... and please... please don’t get hurt.”~ Jazz said before the line went dead.


Ultra Magnus sighed as he watched Luna packed her best weapons into subspace with ammo, ignoring the mutters about her from others around her while Grimlock and his team gave anyone who dared to glare at Luna for too long (more than a click) death glares.

“Are you sure you are ready to do this?” he asked Luna.

“Why do you suddenly care if I’m ready to leave?” Luna asked. “A few days ago you were willing to just sit down and let me die, be it at the hands of cons or bots.” She added and Magnus noticed several bots winced.

“You are a valued member of our forces,” Magnus tried to say.

“Oh? So you were lying when you called me a Hybrid brat who only stays because no one else would feed me, keep me warm, teach me to kill without a sound and kill Optimus Prime,” Luna stated, “or when you accused me of being the one stealing Energon from the stores,” She added.

Magnus went quiet.

“Apart from Grimlock and his team, not one mech here cares what happens to me, even when Jazz was here no one here wanted me around anyway, so why should you start caring now?” She asked. “Just do your part of this mission and leave us to do ours.”

Magnus could only watch as Luna and Grimlock’s team left the room, sending a prayer to Primus that all would go well.


Shockwave growled in anger as his computers began to frizz and short out. “What in Cybertron’s name...?” he demanded as the computer shorted completely and then blue screened on him.

~“Aren’t Viruses such a pain?”~ A female voice chuckled over the loud comms. ~“I came for my friends and I am not leaving without them.”~

“You are a fool to come alone Luna.” Shockwave stated calmly as he prepared his weapon. “But I thank you for saving me the job of hunting you.”

~“You couldn’t catch me even if you spark depended on it.”~ She taunted as his scanners locked onto her signature, four levels below him.

“We shall see about that, my dear.” He said as he left the lab. “What makes you think your friends are still here?”

~“I am not a stupid as you think Shockwave, I know you keep all prisoners in the slave camp below where I am now and I am going to get everyone out. And I mean everyone.”~ She stated her signature unmoving.

Likely trapped between the first and secondary locks on the doors.

“You will be joining them on a trip to earth, seconds before it blows.” He assured, then noticed her signal was moving lower again, she'd climbed through the vents or she'd cut the door somehow. "A pity you reject your true heritage, you would have made a fine Decepticon."

~"I have no reason to be a Decepticon whore like Slipstream."~ Luna stated,

"So you know you were born a Decepticon? And you still assume that Prime and his pathetic forces can stop Lord Megatron."

~"They've done it before, they can do it again."~

"Not this time." Shockwave assured. "You’re so called Sire and friends will perish for their attempts and those that don't will become slaves."

“That’s what you think!” Luna snarled suddenly dropping down onto Shockwave’s back and cut deep into his back, ripping his wings before diving into the shadows.

“What?!” Shockwave demanded as the walls slammed down around him and Luna’s voice filled the now small area.

“I learned a lot from my sire, more than you could ever teach me.” She stated. “And this is the last time you will ever have the power to hurt anyone again,” She added as a sharp and unspeakable pain cut across Shockwave’s crotch area.

“I will destroy you for this Child!” Shockwave snarled as he heard light but rapid footsteps rushing away from him. “No matter where you hide or where you run! I will find you and destroy you!!”


Grimlock smiled behind his mask as Luna gracefully landed on his shoulders and waved to Swoop, a signal to start the mission.

“Let’s get this Party Started!!” Swoop screeched out as he dive bombed the drones working in the slave camp. “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!”

The sound of confused and yet hopeful voice filled Luan’s audios as Grimlock ripped a wall aside.

“This way! Hurry!” he commanded as five, shivering and weak looking femmes were quickly rushed towards him by some very familiar faces. “Follow Luna!” he yelled over the sound of gunfire.

Luna jumped from his shoulders and began to lead the group through the maze of tunnels, using her training to guild them with ease as they paused at every corner and then Luna stopped them and ripped a large slap of metal away from the wall to show a ladder.

One at a time they followed her up and into the waiting transporter where Elita-one was waiting with her female warriors, Luna then smiled at them as Elita ushered the frightened femmes away from the door and into a safe room area of the transporter, “This ride is gonna get bumpy, Luna.” Elita said.

“Where are the others?” she asked.

“We’re picking them up now.” Chromia smiled as Grimlock’s team all but slammed their way past the drones towards them, shots bouncing off the transporter.

“Let’s blow this place to the next life time!” Firestar called out from nearby as she readied the guns.

“We don’t have time,” Luna said. “The place is rigged to blow anyway.” She added and everyone gave her a look. “What you wanted me to just leave this place standing?”

“Kid you are one hell of a femme.” Firestar smiled ruffling Luna’s helm. “You are welcome to come on my patrols anyday!”

“Let’s get out of here.” Elita smiled as the transporter drove OVER several drones and through a large defensive gate.

Luna suddenly felt a horrid pain in her chest and screamed, dropping to her knees and clutching her helm.

“Luna?! What’s wrong?”

Grimlock put a hand on Luan’s back. “Luna?”

“Jazz... something’s happened to Jazz...”


Luna's fears were well founded, not only had Jazz been captured alongside several others, but his torture had been far worse than that of any other captive and now he lay wounded and close to offlining in Omega Supreme’s hands while Ratchet attempted to heal him.

It didn't help that they were trapped in the middle of a batter field.

“Luna…” Jazz winced trying to move so he was sitting up.

“Keep still Jazz.” Ratchet stated, trying to keep his patient steady while working on the injuries. “Please, Luna is safe, Elita-one has her!”

“Luna…!” Jazz winced trying to move again.


Ratchet looked up for a split second as Luna vaulted over Omega’s thumb, closely followed by Swoop as he knocked the Insecticons away. “What happened?”

“Shockwave got him and his team, the others got off lightly with their injuries but Jazz…” Ratchet stated, still working as best and fast as he could while Luna held her sire’s hands, “Keep him still.” He said.

She nodded then winced as a shoot whizzed past her helm. “Snipers!!” Someone shouted as more shots rang out, Luna felt movement around her, glimpsing the spec ops mech she had grown up with surrounding them, firing at the snipers and Insecticons.

A loud roar echoed around them, making Luna’s inside shudder and rattle. “No…”

“That can’t be good…” Bluestreak said reloading his rifle.

“War Cannon!” screamed an Autobot as a blast of purple landed milometers from them.

“Omega! We need to move!” Ratchet yelled.

“We’re surrounded on all sides!” Swoop yelled down.

Luna looked at the War cannon and then down to the ground where the legs were being heavily protected by leapers and Insecticons.

“Luna…” Jazz asked feeling her servo slacken around his.

She looked back at her sire, then smiled a little, “Do as Ratchet says,” She said letting go of his servo.

Scanning two weapons before pushing past the spec ops mech barrier.

“Kid? Oh no, Luna you can’t be-” Smokescreen began only to be cut off when Luna jumped down to Omega’s knee and unloaded a rocket from her first weapon, scattering the cons while she used a second rocket to take out one of the cannons legs.

“Lay down cover fire!” Tracks yelled. “Don’t let her get hit!”

“Swoop! Carry me above it!” Luna yelled as the Dinobot flew down and picked her up, “Get me right over it!”

“What are you gonna do?!” Swoop asked.

“Drop a grenade.” Luna stated pulling a pin and tossing one down at the leapers as they tried to grab then from the sky.

“Jazz teach you that?” Swoop asked.

“No, Sunny and Sides.”

“…” Swoop cackled as they continued to fly allowing Luna to drop the grenades into the cannon. “Let’s get out of here!” he called as Autobots piled into the transporters and began to pull out.

“Head to Iacon!”


Once in Iacon, Jazz had been rushed into the medical labs, leaving Luna to worry what would happen to her sire while Omega was filled with ammo and supplies.

The Dinobots would stay on Cybertron, Grimlock wanted to insure Shockwave was truly gone and to keep Galvatron from following them leaving.

Luna had been torn between begging Grimlock and his team to come with them and going with them as they left…

Grimlock had looked back and then given a loud and powerful roar into the sky, a call Luna had come to learn meant the Dinobots would be back later…

It made it a little easier to cope as they boarded Omega Supreme and took off.

Luna was sat outside Medical bay, sat at the large window but instead of watching the stars go by she was hugging her knees to her chest, waiting for news that her Sire was going to make it…

A warm hand on her shoulder made her look up to find Tracks, Smokescreen and her other carers stood around her, Tracks holding a warm cube of Energon while Sunny draped a warm blanket over her shoulders.

“Get some sleep kid.” Smokescreen said. “We’ll wake you when Jazz comes out.” He added.

“I’m not tired.” Luna said, though she didn’t protest when Sunstreaker placed a pillow behind her.

Within moments she was sleeping.

“Poor Kid,” Tracks sighed.

“She’s with her sire now… that’s all that matters.” Smokescreen said.

“Think we should tell her when she wakes up?” Sunny asked, absently rubbing his newly repaired arm.

“Nah, let Jazz tell her.” Smokescreen smiled. “It’ll mean more coming from him then us.”


When Luna woke up, she was still leant against the window, of the ship, though they were no longer flying through space and were in fact on a new planet she had not seen before.

Looking around she spotted her carers all laid around her, or leant against the walls, all sleeping, likely none of them had left since she went to sleep… The doors opened to Medical bay and Luna looked up to see Ratchet slowly came out, cleaning his hands on a rag, when he looked at her, Luna felt her spark tense.

Ratchet smiled.

Luna let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding.

“He wants to see you.” Ratchet said quietly, watching Luna practically hop over the sleeping carers she’d grown up with and into the Medical bay.

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Transformers G1
Drabbles and One Shots



The Towers, despite popular thoughts and comments, were not perfect.

Everyone who lived outside the giant walls that kept the Towerlings safe thought it was a paradise, a wonderful, perfect little place that never had any struggles to it.

Jazz knew otherwise.

Jazz could see the signs from them as easily as Prowl could see the misunderstandings spawning awful lies and twisted truths about the Noble mechs that had been accepted into Jazz's Special Ops team.

No one would think such horrid things if they had known the truth.

If they knew that Tracks had always been told he would never become anything more than a pleasure bot all his life, that Mirage had been the youngest of three and never given the chance to shine, if they knew the real life a Noble mech lived, they would think differently.

Mirage scoffed. "No one would see us any differently."

Tracks nodded. "To them, Towerling is just another Fraction. Let them talk. I have no desire to let them or anyone else drag me down anymore."

"But they wouldn't if they knew." Prowl said.

"Knew what? That life in the Towers wasn't perfect? That the two of us are just two of thousands who grew up being told over and over we were nothing? That the pretty life of a Noble isn't just sit and look lovely so some mech marries you?" Mirage hissed. "No Prowl, no one would listen, they didn't listen when the Senate of twelve slaughtered missions in cold blood, they didn't listen when Vos was bombarded, they won't listen now!"

And with that, Mirage, Tracks and several others stormed out of the third's office.

Let the truth be known only by those who had been there to live it, let the rest keep their pretty little lies. It did no one any good knowing what the real life of a Noble was like now that the Towers were gone.


Small Blessings.

When things were quiet, it usually meant one of two things.

The twins were sleeping (rare) or, something had the whole crew entertained, (more likely).

So when, Red Alert showed up in the main rec room, he was expecting some kind of chatter and sound, but instead the sight that greeted him was one that almost broke his spark.

Bluestreak, still on medical leave after his injuries, was curled up on a large seat, clutching Prowl's hand as the third sat beside his cousin, humming a Cybertronian melody of some kind while Smokescreen sat on the floor beside Bluestreak, gently petting and rubbing the place where the youngest Praxian's door wings joint his back.

The Twins were sat not too far away, Sunstreaker carefully working from his Art tray on something small and delicate looking while Sideswipe's fingers carefully pushed and held something into place.

"Bluestreak's holo projector broke." Jazz explained quietly when Red caught his optic, "Sunny's making sure the images aren't damaged while Sides fixes the projector."

"How did it break?" Red Alert asked.

"Trailbreaker was arguing with Mirage when they came in, Mirage told Trailbreaker to stuff it and went to talk to Hound about something, Trailbraker just lost his bolts and charged Mirage just as Blue was coming over to show me some of his images, the twins saw and when Blue started to cry they swooped in and said they could fix it. Hound marched Trailbreaker off to the brig on Prowl's orders and Mirage called Smokescreen before he left."

"Ah." He said then looked up as Mirage came back with something in his hands and handed it to Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. "The Crystal should be stronger than the glass used to project the images and the coating would also help with the durability." he said.

"Thanks." Sunny said and Sides nodded.

It seemed there was a few blessings to having the twins and Mirage around after all.


Medical Aid.

Fireflight’s wings had been so badly damaged during the last fight that none of the airialbots had dared to get near him, fearing they’d trigger an aggressive response, and yet, Tracks had rushed in with First Aid and began working as if he were running on auto pilot.

Cliff Jumper watched in awe and shock as Tracks moved his claws slowly along the pulsing energon lines and system joints, making Fireflight whine and gasp in pain but at the same time First Aid and Ratchet weren’t stopping him, nor were any of the fliers.

“Why is he doing that?” He demanded of Perceptor as the Scientist arrived with metal and tools for the medics.

“So Fireflight’s systems don’t go into shut down and erase the flight calibrations.” The microscope explained. “If Tracks stops doing it, Fireflight will never fly again.”

Cliff Jumper looked back to where Tracks was knelt beside Fireflight’s body, finally realizing that Tracks was talking to Fireflight as he worked, oily tears running down the red face as the car former tried to help the jet as best he could until the wings were remade and finally reattracted, Tracks stayed with Fireflight long after that, gently stroking and petting the child’s wings as he sobbed into Track’s chest.


Mirage arrived at some point and brought a fizzy looking cube of energon with him that he slowly fed to the badly injured Swoop, the dinobot trembling and shaking violently from the traumatic sight of his team mates being so horridly beaten.

“Where did you get that kind of grade energon?” Brawn snarled in anger. “Its premium grade, best in the towers!”

“It’s my last cube and it’s more use for the medical team right now than you looking for a buzz joy.” Mirage snapped at the mini bot and Ratchet quickly shooed the crowd out of his med bay while Swoop slowly sipped the cube’s contents.

“Thank you, Mirage.” Ratchet nodded.

“Anytime Ratchet.”


For a good reason.

“So,” Jazz began carefully, “You and Tracks are perfectly ok with this?” he asked.

“Yes.” Mirage nodded though the movement was slight and did nothing to dislodge the little earthling creature that had settled itself over his helm.

“Not one complaint about your paint or your wax jobs?” Jazz asked.

“Not a single one.” Tracks assured very carefully aligning the two broken joints and holding them in place for Perceptor to carefully weld back together.

“You’re sure?”

“Yes.” Both Tracks and Mirage stated.

“huh… ok…” Jazz nodded.

Who’d have thought that making a play area for a group of monkeys at the Zoo was all it took to get Tracks and Mirage to get a little dirty.



Had it been anyone else, Ratchet might have been concerned.

But it wasn’t anyone else, and so he wasn’t.

Instead he entered the seemingly empty room and set the tray of food down on the floor by the berth with a firm cough to clear his vents and announce his entrance.

Then he waited.

Slowly, stiffly, a shaking hand reached out from under the berth and once the hand found the tray of energon, it slowly tugged the tray closer and then picked the small crumbled cubes off the tray and pulled them under the berth.

“You can’t hide under there all day.” He told the mech.

“Yes, I can.” The mech said back. “Its safe here. I’m not coming out.”

“And what about when Prime comes looking for you?”

“He can kneel down.” The mech stated. “I’m not coming out.”

Ratchet sighed but said nothing. Comfort was always found in strange places with this one, and it would take Prime’s patience to get him to come out of that comfort now.



Bluestreak woke up with a terrible scream, thrashing around violently as he tried to fight off the unseen hands and restraints.

Powerful, gentle arms came up from the darkness, gently catching him in their warm hold and gently petted his door wings and helm as a soft voice hushed and soothed the haunting voices that mocked him away, forcing him to open his optics and actually see the room he was in for what it was.

There were no restraints here, no cages, no screaming alarms, no one to judge him, no one to mock him, just him and his kind roommate, the kind smiling and always helpful gentle giant who could chase away the maddening nightmares and bring him that safety he had always lacked when rooming with anyone else.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered.

“Not your fault.” His room mate assured softly, gentle hands petting his door wings and gentle stroking down his back. “Better now?”

“Yes…” he nodded, snuggling close to the warmth of his room mate’s chest.

“Good,” a warm blanket was placed around him and he was gently held close to the giant frame. “Go back to sleep, I’ll stay with you.”

“But you have to help with the patrol tomorrow.”

“It’ll be ok.” He assured. “Now sleep.”

“Thank you Skyfire.”

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The Naughty Yuusha Drabbles

So these Drabbles are Naughty Slashy Plot Bunnies who bit me with ideas for Gunmax/ EVREY BP Member.
I MIGHT put some SG in there and maybe OCCs.


I Would Have... If You Had Let Me...
Gunmax/McCrane (Drabble 1 of 3)
(A.N: This set of three WILL! I say WILL! Have an OCC in them.)

It was stupid.

Honestly, even Drillboy knew it was stupid and he wasn’t even old enough to understand it properly, but he understood the basics of why the whole team was watching McCrane and Gunmax.

1. Gunmax was trying to prove himself to McCrane so they could go on a date.
2. McCrane wasn’t easily impressed.
And 3. McCrane wasn’t really paying any attention to Gunmax’s attempts.

It was making Gunmax unhappy...

The Biker had tried almost everything he could think of that might help him prove himself to McCrane, he’d taken extra shifts, helped the Build Team with projects, completed all his reports and even left McCrane a card and oil treats for Valentine’s Day.

McCrane had simply ignored the card and given the treats to Drillboy.

But the next rejection had clearly been too much for Gunmax to take.

The Biker had left a note on McCrane’s desk, asking him to meet Gunmax for a simple face to face talk about this whole thing in privet on the roof, but if McCrane didn’t show up to the meeting place, Gunmax would leave him alone.

The broken and torn look on Gunmax’s face when he came in the following morning, shoulders dropped and the antenna on his helm drooped so far down it looked ready to fall off had made even Shadowmaru move to avoid the biker as he made his way to his room and locked himself in there for the rest of the day.

That had been two weeks ago and as he had promise, Gunmax left McCrane alone, leaving the room when the crane came in, swapped his patrol shifts around so he didn’t have any shifts with McCrane and refused to go near the crane’s room.

Drillboy may not have been best friends with Gunmax, but he didn’t like how upset the biker was now, before this, Gunmax was always ready to jump into a verbal argument with Duke, he used nicknames for everyone and he taught Drillboy how to speak English and American.

Now, the biker used their names, he hardly spoke a word to anyone unless they spoke to him first and he hadn’t given Drillboy any lessons since McCrane’s flat out rejection.

Even Deckard found it strange and a little unnerving.

“Go to bed Drillboy,” Gunmax said startling the young mech from his thoughts as he looked up to find Gunmax sat at his desk, channel surfing as he waited for the night shift to end.

“But... shifts not over yet...” the Soccer loving mech yawned.

“Go to bed,” Gunmax repeated, “I can do this shift alone,” he added.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

The Biker nodded and slowly Drillboy headed for the door, pausing and turning back as he got to it. “Neh, Gunmax?”


“Why do you like McCrane so much?” he asked and Gunmax sighed.


“I’m old enough to know what a date is, so I want to know why if he’s such a mean old jerk to you, that you still like him.” Drillboy stated. “Tell me.”

“Because I love him! Ok?! Are you happy now?!” The biker snapped out, standing from his chair and punching the desk so hard it dented under his fist, making Drillboy stagger backwards and fall, backing himself against the wall, never in his life had Gunmax ever shouted so violently at Drillboy, never once, not even when the younger mech accidently dented Gun Bike.

Gunmax seemed to realize what he’d done and sighed his shoulders dropping as if tied to a heavy weight and his whole posture changed from angry to sad and regretful. “I’m sorry Drillboy... you didn’t deserve that...” he said then silently turned and sat back down at his desk. “Just... Just go.”

Drillboy raced off, still scared by the sheer fact Gunmax had been so aggressive.

A shadow moved and McCrane watched as Drillboy dived into the safety of his room and then he looked at the dim glow of the light from the Deckerd Room listening to Gunmax’s broken sobs filtering the air before a soft beeping sound made the biker sniffle.

The Crane moved silently to the door and watched as Gunmax tried to wipe his face clean as the door at the other end of the room opened and Power Joe and Dumpson came in looking freshly showered and ready to take their turn on shift.

“Dumpson. Power Joe” Gunmax said.

“Hey Gunny... you ok? You look like you’ve been crying.” The dumper truck said.

McCrane would have moved away if not for the broken, chocked sob that escaped Gunmax’s throat.

“Hey, hey Gunny? Come on Gunmax, talk to me...” Dumpson said. “What’s happened?”

“I... Oh God Damnit! Everything I do just goes wrong.” Gunmax stated. “You remember I told you about McCrane and that talk we had?” he asked and Dumpson nodded while Power Joe. “McCrane thought I was joking and... and he said I would never be anything more to him than an annoying pain in the ass and left...” The biker explained, wiping his tears. “Since then I’ve been trying for the life of me to prove to him I can change and that I was serious about the whole thing... but he just out right and point blank rejected everything... when I tried to talk with him face to face he just blew me off.”

McCrane winced, he hadn’t meant to be this harsh... but still all the foolishness with the help and smiles and treats and post it notes left for him... it was too much like a wind up to be real.

“Gunmax listen to me, if McCrane can’t see past the macho act you put on than he’s not worth it.” Dumpson said. “Come on Gunmax look at you, this isn’t the way you are... love isn’t meant to hurt you like this... if he isn’t going to be smart and see you for what you are beneath the act then really, he isn’t the one for you.” he stated.

“But it hurts... Dumpson I love the mech... He just... flat out refuses...” Gunmax broke down again.

“Oh Gunmax, I’m sorry... I know it hurts but as your friend I can’t see you so unhappy,” Dumpson said gently rubbing the biker’s back as the mech sobbed, likely the only real emotion he’d shown since McCrane had rejected him. “Shhh, shhh, its ok... it’s ok...”

McCrane slipped away from the room, cold, harsh realization slowly sinking in as he numbly went to his room.

Gunmax hadn’t been joking...

Everything had been sincere and honest...

The Biker hadn’t been mocking or trying to show him up...

It was all honest emotion...

And he’d rejected it.

“He loves you.” a voice said. “All he ever talks about on patrol or when we play cards is how much he respects and cares for you and asks what he should do to try and win your heart.”

McCrane turned to see Power Joe stood in the door. “You knew?”

“McCrane EVERYONE knew. Even Yuuta knew, we were the ones who encouraged it all.” Power Joe said.

“I... I do like him just...”

“Then why?” the power shovel asked. “McCrane he’s sobbing his heart out in there and all you can do is stand there and reject him! McCrane he’s not trying to hurt you.”

“I don’t want love.” McCrane said. “I don’t want love from him... I’m not going to live forever, none of us are... so what’s the point?”

Power Joe was silent then growled. “Fine, be that way, but when you wake up and find out you DO want love and Gunmax refuses you, you’ll be sorry.” He snarled before leaving.

McCrane stayed stood for a long time, just listening as he heard his internal systems slowly work...

He didn’t want love from Gunmax... He didn’t want to get attached... he didn’t want to be hurt... he didn’t trust it could ever be real... he didn’t trust the Gunmax could be faithful...

Something cool ran down his face and McCrane covered his mouth before any sound could escape. He wasn’t sure why, but somewhere inside him, McCrane felt a painful little jolt as something withered in pain in his chest.


A Dream?
Gunmax/Power Joe (Drabble 1 of 2)

Music was loud, oil was flowing and the dance floor was alive!

And Power Joe was missing the whole thing, stuck on his own making sure there were no calls for the night...

He hated losing bets to Shadowmaru; it meant that he lost out on all the fun and all the time he was left to do the boring shifts.

“You look ready to bolt, P.J.” a voice stated so close behind Power Joe he almost dropped out of his seat in shock.

“Gunmax?! Geez you near gave me a system crash!” the power shovel gasped, putting a hand over his chest plating. “Don’t sneak up on a mech like that!”

“Gomen, Gomen, but I just couldn’t resist,” Gunmax chuckled sitting himself on the edge of his desk and taking out his gun. “So, board?” he asked the obvious question.

“Yes.” Power Joe stated. “I hate it when Shadowmaru is right.”

“Because you can’t learn to not make bets with him,” Gunmax chuckled, “even Drillboy knew not to bet the games would be called off after the flooding we suffered last week.” He reminded.

“It was dumb I know but still... I didn’t think he’d ask me to take his shift tonight...”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have boasted about going to a Party tonight then, you know what happened the last time you went out.” Gunmax stated.

Power Joe sighed, the last time he’d gone out he was stupid enough to come back drunk and also almost terrified poor Drillboy when he’d collapsed on the ground near the young mech and utterly terrified his brother was hurt, Drillboy had screamed for McCrane and Dumpson.

Power Joe had been under close watch after that and had to apologize to Drillboy several times for scaring the poor kid and spent a week begging McCrane for forgiveness.

Gunmax sighed and pulled an oil canister out of his subspace and put it down near Power Joe. “Here,” he said. “High grade stuff, so don’t guzzle it,” he warned as Power Joe’s optics brightened.

“Thanks.” The power shovel said as Gunmax opened a second canister and took a swig. “How many of those do you carry?”

“Five with me and five in Gun-Bike’s carry hold.” The biker mech said. “I learned a long time ago you don’t go out unprepared.”

“That before or after Deckerd cuffed you?” Power Joe asked with his usual smirk taking a drink of the oil, it was sweet with a slight warmth to it.

“Before,” Gunmax said and the two lapsed into silence, enjoying their drinks.

All the while, Gunmax seemed to ignore the fact Power Joe was staring at him, the Power Shovel flirted and joked about liking the biker mech, but neither took it as a serious thing, just friendly banter between to would be players practicing for the day (if it ever came) that femmes came in to their lives.

Gunmax was attractive, no member of the BPs, Japanese or English could rightly deny that, the Biker was slim built with curves in all the right places but muscle and strength where it counted, but despite that, the Biker mech was, hopefully unknown to Gunmax himself, the cause of many an in fight between Power Joe and Dumpson, most were disguised as Sparring matches but others were also known now a days as Brotherly spats.

If Gunmax ever knew, Power Joe knew that someone’s head was going to get pounded in big time, but for some reason, that just made it all the more thrilling to simply watch the biker, he was witty, cunning, sly, smart mouthed, sexy and for lack of better words, a bad boy to the core.

He off lined his Optics and finished his drink, lingering thoughts of the biker mech sprawled out over the desk begging for more as his port was pounded into sparks working their way over his A.I.

Sometimes, Power Joe wished he could just once have the Biker mech in his berth, just to see if his fantasies of the Biker mech were anywhere near as good in reality.

Power Joe onlined his optics with a start, feeling something warm, wet and sinfully good against his cable, a hand rubbing his inner thigh while another teasingly danced around his port.

“Shi... Shimata...” he cursed trying to pull away to see whom it was under his desk, but his chair refused to move and then, without hesitation, the wet warmth that had been teasing his cable, began to engulf his length, sinfully slowly as a finger pushed into his port, “Ahhh! Shimata!”

“Mmmm...” A voice murred and the heat began to move further down his length, so much so that Power Joe’s systems began to heat up rapidly.

“Ohhhh... damn...” he panted, broken thoughts forming in his mind.

Someone was under his desk, sucking off his cable... he couldn’t move back and see who it was, nor could he stop himself enjoying it...

Gunmax was no longer anywhere to be seen...

Was it Gunmax? The Biker Mech who was too proud to get down on his knees and beg under his desk, working his cable as if it was a common thing?

Power Joe didn’t get an answer as his Cable suddenly emptied its load deep into the throat of whom ever it was under his desk, but before he could react, he felt himself harden again as he was pushed away from the desk enough for the Biker mech to stand up, his lips shimmering with oil and fluids as he smirked at Power Joe, and let his plating slide open. “You enjoyed that?”

“Yea... but why?”

“Does it matter why?” Gunmax asked, running a finger down his own chest plating. “We’re alone; no one’s due back for a few hours and I’m all yours for the taking.”

Power Joe didn’t need to hear anything more; he grabbed the biker Mech and yanked him into his lap, passionately kissing the biker without hesitating thrusting his glossa deep into the hot cavity and pulling the green mech’s hips against his own.

Gunmax moaned and leaned into him, straddling his hips while rubbing their cables together until Power Joe heaved him up and slammed his cable deep into Gunmax’s port, making the biker moaned loudly and almost break the back of the chair he gripped it so tight.

“F**K!!” Gunmax cried as PowerJoe forced himself to stand and then slammed Gunmax’s back against his desk, sending paper work flying as he started to move his hips frantically, so much so that all Gunmax could do was hold on for the ride. “Ahhh! Shit! Ohhh! Yes! There! There Right There!!”

“Mine!” Power Joe snarled, biting down hard on Gunmax’s neck cables. “You’re mine! No one else!” he added as he clawed the biker’s seams searching for wires and gaps he could assault. “All Mine!”

“Yes! Yes! YES!!” Gunmax panted, arching and moaning as Power Joe pounded his port mercilessly, it hurt, but at the same time felt sinfully pleasurable and... Beyond words!

Power Joe hissed and once again locked their lips in a bruising lip lock before giving one final, hard, harsh and deep thrust as his cable erupted inside Gunmax’s port, filling the biker with a second load, much bigger than the last before unwittingly, Power Joes systems blew a fuse and his optics blacked out.


Power Joe yelped as he was clipped up the back of the head. “Wake up!”

“McCrane?” he asked looking around McCrane and Dumpson had come into the room the clock above the door reading 05:06am, shift change time and Gunmax was sat with his back to the three of them, watching some late night Biker show on his desk T.V. “What the? When did?”

“Two hours ago,” Gunmax said flicking the monitor off and stretching, “you nodded off after that drink I gave ya and FYI you snore like a bore.” He added leaving the room, “Later. I got some Zs the catch up on.”

Power Joe blinked dumbly then slowly followed as Dumpson and McCrane took their places for their shift and he went to his room, lying on his berth as he looked up at the ceiling.

Had it been a dream? There was no mess on the floor, no sign of the rough treatment he’d given Gunmax, no dents and scraps... everything felt normal...

A few doors down, Gunmax looked at his neck in the mirror, wincing a little as he sat down. Maybe next time he decided to play games with Power Joe he’d take something stronger to help him relax.

“Well, they named his Power Joe for a reason,” a little voice in the back of his mind said making him smile.


To Keep Warm
Gunmax/Dumpson (Drabble 1 of 1)


Gunmax had a love/hate feeling for the soft white stuff.

He liked them because Snow was one of the many things he rarely saw in America and the human children seemed to enjoy them.

He hated them because during very bad storm such as the one that had been raging all week, everyone was snowed into the Precinct and the power was out all over the complex.

“Who’d have through snow could be such a bother?” Drill Boy said as they all sat around wrapped up in thermal blankets, fortunately, Deckard and Yuuta were home save, leaving Duke, the Build team and Gunmax in the precinct, Shadowmaru had gone to assist with some project or other in Canada.

“Bother? Drillboy it’s fatally freezing out there even for us,” McCrane said. “We’re lucky we had Thermal Blankets.” He added.

“Indeed.” Duke said as he and Dumpson fiddled with a comm to try and get a reading from the radio stations. “And... done.” He added as the radio news report filtered through the air.

“And in other news the snow storm is starting to clear up in some areas, but it will be some time before rescue attempts can begin as many areas have been buried under almost fifteen feet of snow.” A reporter said.

“Great.” Gunmax sighed as he and Drillboy sat on the couch, playing a card game of some kind, McCrane was mixing oils to keep them warm and Power Joe was sat on the arm of the couch, helping Drillboy play the game.

Dumpson chuckled, like Drillboy, Gunmax was not enjoying being cooped up, but likely because Gunmax had been planning a HUGE event with Yuuta and the Commissioner to raise money for a local children’s charity for the last month now.

And the snow had ruined everything.

“Looks like you’ll have to have the event when the snow goes away.” Power Joe said standing to help McCrane with the drinks.

“Looks that way, but we had all the dates set up and planned all the food and everything, most of it won’t stay good for long.” Gunmax sighed, having spent all his spare time with Yuuta, planning the events, the activities, the risk assessments, he’d even shocked McCrane when he’d asked the Crane if he could aid him with the car park access for people with wheel chairs.

“It’s ok Gunmax.” McCrane said. “We’ll still have the event, we’ll just have to reset the dates is all.” he added.

“Yea...” Gunmax said then everything froze as a loud groan filled the air and suddenly the roof of the complex gave out above them and several feet of heavy snow dropped down on top of Gunmax, Drillboy and their large sofa.


Instantly the Build team began to dig through the snow, frantically searching for their team mates, Power Joe first finding a ripped thermal blanket and then Gunmax, protectively huddled over Drillboy, for the most part both were unharmed but Gunmax had taken the brunt of the snow falling onto them.

His dentals chattered and Drillboy was pulled from under him and then as he was carefully lifted out of the cold snow, the thermal blankets dripping wet and clinging to his plating harshly.

“Get them in the shower room! Quick!” Duke said as he helped Power Joe carry the shivering biker to the showers while McCrane and Dumpson carried Drillboy, the thermals already freezing and sticking to their plating.

“C-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-cold-d-d-d-d-d-d!” Drillboy said as his teeth chattered loudly.

“Shhh, its ok Drillboy.” McCrane said as they reached the wash racks and instantly Duke hit all but two of the showers on to full whack while McCrane turn one to medium and stood with Drillboy under the spray, letting the warm droplets rain over the younger mech’s frame. “It’s gonna be ok.”

“Easy Gunmax.” Dumpson said holding the biker mech up right as the water rained down over them both, making the small ice melt and at last the thermal blanket fell away to the ground. “Duke, you sure this will work?”

“It’s better than leaving them to dry off naturally.” Duke said. “Those blankets were dripping wet, they may as well have slipped into a pond of cold water, they need to warm up and this is the fastest way to do it.”

“I th-th-th-think-k-k its work-k-k-k-k-king.” Drillboy said as his shivered died down.


The Biker shook his head and then indicated to his right shoulder Dumpson looked and winced. “Duke get over here, Gunmax’s hurt!”

The English mech came into the stall and gently used a warm cloth to touch Gunmax’s shoulder, the snow had hidden a part of the roof that had come down with the falling snow and it was now deeply wedged in Gunmax’s shoulder, likely it had let snow into his inner systems and that was why he was so cold.

“We have to get that out Gunmax.” He warned and Dumpson nodded, holding the Biker still so he couldn’t move away. “This is gonna hurt.”

“Just-t-t Do it!” Gunmax forced out.

“Drillboy don’t repeat a word Gunmax says you hear me?” Dumpson said as McCrane and Power Joe head the younger mech out of the wash rack to properly dry him off.

Drillboy clung to his older brothers, Gunmax was foul mouthed only when he was in a lot of pain, unlike everyone else, Gunmax wasn’t as thickly armoured and even small dents hurt the biker worse than it did them.

As Duke used hot water to wash the ice away from the wound and then with a harsh tug yanked the jagged roof slate out of the Biker’s shoulder and placed the cloth over the open wound.

“SHIT!” Gunmax cursed kicking and thrashing in Dumpson’s arms as the pain rippled through his systems, in his pain he kicked Duke away from him and into the far wall, winding the knight while he trashed around. “F**K!”

“Easy, easy... it’s gone now... hold still.” Dumpson said as he stood with the Biker mech under the shower, holding the biker steady as his own legs couldn’t stop shaking as the pain began to fade. “There we go.” He said as Duke came back and carefully cleaned the wound.

“Still c-c-cold.” Gunmax said.

“Understandable, the slate would have let snow into your systems and now it’s inside the only way to get it out is the let it melt out.” Duke said. “I’m sorry Gunmax, but without Toudou-san I can’t just strip your plating back.”

Gunmax nodded as Dumpson helped him walk out of the showers and into the hall way, quickly wrapping him in thermal blankets as they walked towards the Build Team’s shared common room to find McCrane was already there, sat in the larger sofa with Drillboy in his lap, shivering despite the two thick blankets around him and the fact Power Joe had dug out a small heater and was now searching for the portable generator they had.

“Are you... ok now Gunmax?” the driller asked and the biker nodded as Dumpson and Duke let him sit down, the larger mech dragging the heater in to the middle of the room as Power Joe filled the portable generator up and pulled the cord making the generator groan to life.

“Are we all camping here?” Power Joe asked.

“Looks that way,” McCrane said and Power Joe nodded pulling out the second couch to make the fold out bed and pulled a fold up cot from inside the storage cupboard.

“Take your pick Duke, cot or bed?”

“Cot,” Duke said, “Gunmax needs the bed more than I do,” he added as the biker shivered violently despite the heat around him.

“Th-th-th-thanks Duke,” Gunmax said as Dumpson handed him a steaming mug of oil.

Time ticked past and eventually, Drillboy dropped to sleep while Duke and the other mechs went to sleep, Gunmax remained awake, shivering and struggling to find warmth under the thermal blankets and the fleece blankets Dumpson and Power Joe had dug out for him.

He was freezing and everything he did just didn’t seem to make any difference, his body was just so cold and all he could do was curl up tightly under the blankets and try to find warmth.


The biker mech shivered and looked up, finding Dumpson stood above him with a mech sized hot water bottle and another blanket. “Here, these might help.”

“Th-th-th-th-thank-k-k-k-k-k-ks.” The biker said through chattering dentals. He was a little shocked when Dumpson climbed into the foldout bed behind him. “Wh... what-t-t-t-t you doing?” he asked.

“You’re not warming up, so I’m going to help.” Dumpson said, wrapping his big arms around the smaller framed mech and setting his engines going.

Normally Gunmax would have cursed up a storm, but with the sudden swell of heat, he rolled over and snuggled into the warmth offered to him.

Dumpson smiled, pressing the hot water bottle against Gunmax’s back as he settled down, it was 6am in the morning and while he, Duke, McCrane and Power Joe had slept well, Drillboy and Gunmax were not so lucky and so, Duke and Power Joe were in the Deckard Room while McCrane tended to Drillboy and Dumpson saw to Gunmax who apparently had not slept that night.

Drillboy and McCrane came out of McCrane’s room at noon, Drillboy looking a little better but still wrapped in a warm blanket while he and McCrane went to take their shift so Duke and Power Joe could clear some of the snow away, the younger Mech handing Dumpson another hot water bottle to help as despite being asleep, Gunmax was still shivering badly.

Eventually the humans got inside to help and Toudou was quick to find the problem.

The snow had become cold water as they were in the showers and was now pooled inside Gunmax’s thermal systems, making the biker’s body internally and externally icy cold and because they systems were so delicate and sensitive Toudou couldn’t just remove the plating and use a blow dryer, the water had to be evaporated.

“It’s gonna take a while to get the heat lamps running.” Toudou said. “He’s gonna need to stay warm until then.”

“How long’s it gonna take?” Dumpson asked as Gunmax continued to shiver, letting the human look under his plating.

“At least six hours.” The human said already working rapidly to melt the small icicles in Gunmax’s wiring, “if they don’t work we’ll have to shut him down and replace the while system and that could take up to four weeks.”

“Shimata,” Gunmax growled through chattering teeth.

Dumpson sighed, “It’s better than nothing,” he assured the biker as Gunmax re-wrapped himself in the blankets once Toudou was out of the way.

“St-t-t-till sucks,” Gunmax said as the humans left and he curled up under the blankets again.

Dumpson would have laughed at how cute it looked to see the biker mech curled up like Drillboy when he slept, but knowing how dire the situation was, he chose not to laugh and instead refilled the hot water bottles and got a fresh cup of hot oil.


“Th-th-th-th-thanks,” Gunmax said and snuggled into the large mech when Dumpson joined him in the blankets again to keep warm as he shivered. “Is-s-s Drillboy ok-k-k-k-k?”

“Yea he’s ok, just a small case of sniffles,” Dumpson said tucking the blankets around Gunmax to keep the heat in. “He’s helping to clear the snow out of the building.”

“Brave kid-d-d,” Gunmax said, feeling slightly light headed, “Damn... so cold...”

“It’s ok,” Dumpson said. “You’ll be warm soon.”

Gunmax didn’t answer and instead curled closer to the red mech’s chest to try and find more warmth, unaware of just how close they were pressed together, due to the sheer coldness he hadn’t realised that in moving closer to Dumpson, he’d unintentionally started to rub their crotch plates together.

Dumpson however...

“It’s just because he’s cold... he’s not interested in you... he’d just looking for a way to stay warm...” the red mech told himself, “It’s just the cold.”

But then a thought came to him, a way to help keep Gunmax warm and try to melt the ice faster... he knew Gunmax might hate him for it, but if it could help Dumpson would deal with it.

“Gunmax?” he asked as Gunmax continued to snuggle and cling to him trying to stay warm.

The biker looked up at his name and for a moment, Dumpson could have sworn he saw lust behind Gunmax’s visor.

It was all he needed to see.

Gunmax moaned loudly as Dumpson assaulted his lips with his own, clawing at the mech’s armour and pressing himself against the larger mech with his systems began to slowly heat up, for a few seconds it was bliss and then raw pain ripped through his systems when he tried to move so he was atop Dumpson.

“AHH! F**K!” Gunmax cried clutching is chest compartment. “Ow, ow, ow...” he hissed lying on his back where the pain eased away again. “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...”

“Gunmax?” Dumpson asked. “I’m sorry... I’ll go.” he started moving to get up.

“No... Don’t stop.” The biker said grabbing Dumpson’s arm. “This is helping... It’s just really... Really painful to move,” he added.

Dumpson smiled. “Then lay back and let me do all the hard work.” He said before pinning Gunmax’s wrists and assaulting his lips again, but made sure he didn’t put too much weight on the Biker.

Gunmax didn’t resist, if anything being pinned made his engines purr and rev as his plating tremble. Dumpson didn’t waste time with teasing, he knew the Biker was cold enough and didn’t want to keep him waiting any longer for some warmth.

Reaching down he paused for a second to make sure he could hold his own weight off Gunmax’s chassis before removing the smaller mech’s cover, freeing his already throbbing cable and port.

“Ahhh... y... Yes...” Gunmax moaned, feeling Dumpson fist his cable and start to pump it, while his fingers started to tease and pull the rim of his port gently. “Ohhh...! Wha... what are you?”

“Shhh, just relax and enjoy...” Dumpson said softly, raining kisses down Gunmax’s neck, “I promise I’ll be gentle.” He assured as the biker moaned beneath him.

Gunmax couldn’t find the words to answer, he didn’t want Dumpson to stop what he was doing, not because it was helping him warm up, but also because he did like the other mech, he’d just never had reason or time to approach the other mech about his feelings.

And now they were literally seconds away from interfacing and Gunmax couldn’t find the words to tell Dumpson this was something he wanted...


Dumpson paused a second, “Pardon?”

“More...” Gunmax repeated, “Please, I want more...” he pleaded.

“I don’t want to hurt you,”

“Please,” Gunmax said again, this time reaching up to stroke Dumpson’s face. “I need this... please...”

Dumpson couldn’t refuses him, sighing softly the larger mech nodded and let his plating slip off while hooking the smaller mech’s legs over his shoulders and pressed the head of his lard cable again Gunmax’s port.

Gunmax nodded once and Dumpson began to push his hips forwards slowly, hissing at the tight wetness that squeezed around his cable, making his systems rev faster as steam started to seep from inside the his joints. “Shimata...”

“Ahhh! Oh My God! So big!” the biker panted, his hand fisting the blankets around them somehow managing to pull Dumpson in closer. “Ahhh! Yes... Sooo-Ohhh good!” He moaned as Dumpson’s hips finally touched his rear. “Ahhh!”

“Too much?” Dumpson asked.

Gunmax shock his helm, “No... Please... don’t stop... feels... good.” He gasped out as his inner walls squeezed around Dumpson’s cable. “Move... please...”

Dumpson didn’t need to be asked twice and began to move, pulling almost all the way out before sharply shoving right back in, making Gunmax’s body jerk and jolt as pleasant little moans and half coherent pleas passed his lips, soft hiccupped breaths and broken off sobs driving Dumpson into a near frenzied pace.

Gunmax’s systems began to flash warnings at him, but he didn’t care, all he cared about was the rush of sweet, raw pleasure in his body coming from Dumpson.

Dumpson panted heavily continuing to push deeper into Gunmax, feeling a tight knotting inside his lower region as he did, “Gunmax... I can’t...”

“Don’t...” Gunmax moaned and Dumpson nodded, a small smile crossing his lips.

He braced himself on one hand while using the other to fist Gunmax’s throbbing cable, watching as Gunmax’s face twisted with more pleasure seconds before the Biker arched stiffly and hot oil-like fluid ejaculated from the tip of his cable coating his abdomen and stomach along with Dumpson’s hand.

The larger mech struggled to keep his weight off the biker as he also reached his peek, filling the biker’s port, trying to keep himself from falling forwards onto the mech while he panted heavily.

“Ohhhh god...” Gunmax panted softly.

“Better?” Dumpson asked

“A lot.” Gunmax said reaching up to cup the mech’s face. “How did you know?” he asked.

“Know what?” Dumpson asked.

“That I... that is was...” Gunmax began then sighed and simply kissed the other mech. “How is it said in Japanese again, Watashi wa... Aishite?”

“Watashi wa anata o aishite,” Dumpson corrected smiling, “Watashi wa amarini mo anata o aishite.”

“Is that? I love you too?” Gunmax asked.

“You’re good at this.” Dumpson nodded, “maybe we could do this again when you’re not so cold?” he offered.

“I’d like that.” Gunmax smiled.

A few hours later Toudou was amazed to find the icy water was almost gone.


Gunmax/Drillboy (drabble 1 of 2)

Drillboy was a fast learner.

He picked up the English language easily from Duke, though he did sometimes get his words confused, he knew all the rules and regulations on Guns and other weapons from McCrane, Dumpson taught him Self Defence and Power Joe had taught him how to properly clean his armour.

Deckerd had taught him how to be gentle with small animals and how together they had set up a small account for Drillboy so some of his ‘payment’ could be sent to Animal charities and hospitals. Shadowmaru had taught Drillboy how to sneak around like a ninja, and also about respecting the world’s forest and plants.

It became a running Joke that Gunmax had nothing to teach Drillboy.

So, McCrane thought, why was the young Build Member spending so much time with the Biker?

The two seemed to be spending many hours together, talking in hushed whispers while Drillboy giggled and Gunmax chuckled now and then, they never gave anything away.

Deckerd had tried to find out what it was but Drillboy was apparently better at keeping secretes then anyone, not even Shadowmaru couldn’t get it out of the two, much to their annoyance.

“You worry too much,” Dumpson said, apparently reading McCrane’s mind. “Gunmax isn’t gonna hurt him and whatever they are doing, they’ll tell us when they are ready.”

“But it’s been almost three months and they haven’t let slip anything...” McCrane said. “I think I have right to worry.”

“I’m gonna kill that Biker!!!!!” All mech present jumped at the loud and fury filled shout and watched as PowerJoe practically charged into the room, “Look at this!” he snarled turning the large screen TV on to the Music and Dance channel.

“What in the world?” Dumpson asked patting Duke’s back as the English mech chocked on his oil in at being startled.

“Power Joe what is the matter?” Deckerd asked.

“What’s all the noise?” Shadowmaru groaned waking from his nap.

“Shhh!” Power Joe hushed everyone and turned the volume up.

“And now we take you live to the latest Music Video in our Brave Police archives. In this latest addition we have not just one mech but two, and a hot pairing at that.” The presenter stated as she turned to the large screen TV beside her only for the image to fade and music start playing.

Duke’s jaw dropped down to the floor as Drillboy began to sing and dance to the rhythm of the music nothing to outrageous but still not 100% child friendly. “I can't count all the times that I had to say I'm sorry for wanting something with a few more bits than my Atari. ‘Don't play a game, boy’ they said it would get old, but sometimes boys like me are curious and can't be told ‘NO’,”

McCrane almost fall off his chair. “DRILLBOY!?”

“With Gunmax!” Power Joe snarled.

“You came along and had me saying "What is this?" Your sexiness had got me ready for the Genesis.” Drillboy continued to sing while holding his arms out to his sides while a second pair of arms wrapped around his waist and Gunmax appeared behind him and instantly took the lead, using his own body to move Drillboy’s in a... *AHEM* less than child friendly manor.

“Baby, grab a hold of the joystick, take control of the motion, I can feel it when you huh-huh. Baby, you make all of the choices, other players can join us, if you're feeling like you wanna play games!”

The two sang together and Dumpson was almost breaking his desk with the pressure he was putting on it, his shoulder joint steaming in dismay.

“Then I upgraded to Nintendo 64 and your first time with a joystick left you feeling like a who-ho-ho-ho. Hyper gamer, nothing greater, we can play all night, you'd better be some competition 'Cause I want a fight.” Gunmax sung, seeming to purposely let his hands wonder Drillboy’s body, dragging his fingers down the younger Mech’s chest when the music became more suggestive.

“Baby, grab a hold of the joystick take control of the motion, I can feel it when you huh-huh. Baby, you make all of the choices other players can join us, if you're feeling like you wanna play games!”

McCrane’s trigger finger twitched and his optics darkened rapidly.

“I don't want you thinking that I'm trying to apply pressure, but the pressure makes it better pushing harder makes it wetter. If you wanna skip a level then we'll go to level two, just beat my boss and get me off and then I'll play with you.” Gunmax sang at a point where Drillboy had spun and they were both, literally chest to chest... and other areas to. “You, you, me”

“Okay, just plug the damn thing in already.” Drillboy stated. “If you wanna play games! If you wanna play!”

“THAT’S IT!” McCrane snarled standing and turning to leave the room.

And walked right into Drillboy as he and Gunmax came in, both looking rather happy and a little out of breath.

Power Joe and Dumpson tackled Gunmax and had him pinned in a matter of seconds while McCrane grabbed Drillboy by the arm and demanded. “What do you think you were doing?!”

“What do you mean? McCrane you’re hurting me!” Drillboy snarled. “And let Gunmax go!” he added to his brothers trying to shake McCrane off.

“After what he did to you? Not a chance!” Power Joe snarled about to throw a punch and Gunmax when a harsh punch slammed into his gut and Shadowmaru got between them and Gunmax. “You?!”

“Sit. Down.” Shadowmaru snarled.


“Haven’t touched the kid.” Gunmax stated, rubbing his throat and shoulders. “Honestly can’t the three of you think of anything but sex?” he added.

“What was that on the video then?” Dumpson asked.

“Dancing and show.” Drillboy said finally breaking free from McCrane. “Gunmax didn’t hurt me nor did he force me to do anything it was my idea.”

“WHY?!” Power Joe demanded.

“A Dare.” Drillboy stated. “Rook and Pawn said they if I could make a Music Video that involved good music, and a good dance routine that went with it they’d do one too. At first I thought I wouldn’t get it done in time... Gunmax agreed to help me...” he added.

“Gunmax taught you to dance?” Dumpson asked.

“I have siblings in America who love to dance. I got the same bug.” Gunmax explained. “The whole thing was Drillboy’s Idea, all I did was supply the music and routine.” He added before giving a mock salute. “Good night.”

Drillboy’s shoulders slumped and he shrugged on his brothers as he left too, stating he wanted to go shower though clearly, something had just saddened the young mech deeply.

“Well, you three just royally blew it.” Duke said.

“What do you mean?” Power Joe asked.

“I mean,” Duke stated, “That the little stunt you three just pulled will likely mean Drillboy won’t speak to any of you for a while.”

“You knew?” McCrane asked.

Duke shook his head. “I assumed that they were planning a Prank against Pawn and Rook after seeing the two of them talking to the twins a few nights ago, it was not my place to tell you so I kept my mouth shut.”

Once in the showers Drillboy twisted the knob and sighed sadly as the warm water rained down on him, once again, his over protective brothers had ruined a perfectly good moment with Gunmax.

He’d stumbled across Gunmax dancing one night while trying to think of a routine and song, at first the Biker had been angry Drillboy had seen him but when Drillboy explained what he’d been dared to do, Gunmax had made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

The biker would teach him to dance, but Drillboy wasn’t allowed to tell anyone that Gunmax danced.

At first it had been just that. Drillboy listening and watching Gunmax while learning the moves himself and then picking out a song, but somewhere along the way, it changed... at least for Drillboy, he’d found himself enjoying the older mech’s touch, eagerly waiting for the times they ended up pressed together, the moments when they were practically sandwiched together...

But now, thanks to his brothers and their stupid over protectiveness, Drillboy was afraid he’d lost any hope of ever telling Gunmax how he felt.

He almost yelped when a pair of familiar arms wrapped around him and warm breath blew playfully into his audio. “Smile babe, you look cuter when you do.”

“You’re not mad at me?” Drillboy asked as Gunmax rested his chin on the younger mechs shoulder.

“Nah, you didn’t have a choice back there... though honestly, where they get those ideas is beyond me.” The biker said and Drillboy’s chest tightened.

“So... you wouldn’t do this again?”

“Dance with you? Sure I would... I just doubt it will ever go beyond that...” Gunmax said and the younger mech blinked and cocked his head to one side to see the Bikers face better. “I wouldn’t force you to do anything you didn’t want to do... but if your brothers think I’m so shallow as to love and leave, maybe it’s better if we don’t spend as much time together for a while.”

“You mean?”

“I do like you Drillboy... but it seems nothing I’ve done so far has proven anything to your brothers.” Gunmax explained, “I don’t want you to fight with them because of me.” He added and before Drillboy could say anything the biker leaned forwards and kissed him softly on the lips.

Everything seemed to stand still, until after what felt like eternity, Gunmax pulled back and Drillboy was left panting slightly. “When?”

“I’ll comm you.” Gunmax whispered before slipping away.


One of many
Gunmax/Bishop (drabble 1 of 2)
(A.N. Introducing, Gunmax’s Family. and YES that includes the Mics from GGG no like? Buzz off!)

To say the least Gunmax had not been very impressed when Duke suggested Bishop, having begged and pleaded with his brother to let him get away from England and away from the horrid bullying from the twins, come to Japan and help himself on patrols.

He had stepped in and offered a better and educational choice.

Bishop, having never left England could take Deckerd’s place on a special transporter, and go with Gunmax to America to firstly, have a small break from the twins and secondly enjoy some good old laughs with Gunmax’s family.

Bishop had agreed to go instantly and while Deckerd was a little downed at not getting to meet the siblings Gunmax had told everyone so much about, seeing how upset Bishop was at the teasing from the twins had made even McCrane angry.

And the reason for the teasing?

The twins had heard Bishop talking to Ringo King about a personal matter and started picking fun at the mech trying to find out more about it.

Regina had twice had both mech put on full day shifts, but it seemed to do little to stop the twos teasing and it was deeply upsetting Bishop.

Even the triplets weren’t happy about the teasing and had been the ones to first call Duke about it one night when they’d found Bishop crying in his room.

And so, here they were, waiting in Japan for the transport to arrive at the docks while Gunmax helped Bishop go over the check list they had, just to be sure they had everything packed.

“And books for reading if you get board on the way there?” Gunmax asked.

Bishop nodded and tapped his side compartment, catching a book entitled ‘work of Shakespeare volume 02’. “I’m halfway through it.” the ambulance admitted.

“Nice choice.” Gunmax chuckled. “Right I think we have everything.” He said.

“Wait!” both parties turned to see a trio of meches racing towards them, Bishop automatically braced his feet so he wouldn’t fall ever seconds before Ace, Jack and Ten tackled him.
“Don’t leave us!”
“We don’t want you to go away forever!”
“You can’t just run away!”

“Guys... I’m not running away or leaving forever... it’s just two weeks.” Bishop explained gently untangling the three from him so he could see their faces. “I promise, in two weeks I’ll come back I’ll even bring you pictures and gifts back if I find something you’d like.” He said.

Gunmax chuckled. “I’ll tell you what boys, I’ve got Ringo’s Privet phone number for his desk phone, so every day once a day I will remind Bishop to call in and you three can talk to him.”

“Promise?” Ace asked.

Gunmax nodded and help up his little finger. “Pinkie-promise.” Ace smiled and hooked his own little finger with Gunmax’s.

“Transports here.” Duke said over the comms as a modified Jumbo jet landed on the tarmac runway, it looked big enough to fit all the BPs in it, but since it was only going to carry two mechs it seemed a bit much for the simple run.

“It’s also a test flight just too triple check the systems are right and it’s comfortable for the long haul flights.” Saejima explained. “Enjoy your flight.”

Gunmax wheeled Gunbike up the ramp and kicked the stand down smiling as the engine gave a slight rumble. “This should be a fun trip.” He stated as Bishop and the trio brought the baggage in.

Soon they were off to America.

... ... ... ... ...

Bishop looked around as they came off the transport and stretched their limbs, comfortable the flight may have been, but no mech liked sitting down for so long and not being able to go for a walk to keep their legs from going to sleep.

“Gunny!” a voice yelled out and Bishop blinked as a female robot a head or so shorted than Gunmax raced over and jumped up at the biker mech, she was light red in colour with black highlights and trims. “You’re here! I missed you! Who’s your friend?”

“Arrow please... one thing at a time.” Gunmax said smiling as he hugged the femme. “In order, yes I’m here, I’ve missed you and everyone else too and this is Bishop, he’s come for a holiday from his two brothers who have been teasing him.”

“They’re mean.” Arrow said sticking her glossa out. “Family doesn’t pick on family, even if they make silly little mistakes like fall out of bed a lot.” She added and Gunmax smiled.

“Bishop this is my little sister Arrow, like me she doesn’t have an alt form, but she does have a bike.” The biker introduced.

“Hello Bishop,” Arrow smiled.

“Hi,” the English mech smiled back then blinked as Gunmax was suddenly hit by... many smaller meches who were all the same colour and one who was red and blue.

“Ummm...” he asked looking at Arrow.

“Those are the Mics,” she explained. “Together they go by the Mic Brigade, separately they are known as Mic Sounders the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc., etc., through to Mic Sounders the 13th.” She added pointing out the only mech in the pile that was red and blue.

“Mics please... I need to stand up!” Gunmax laughed. “Arrow help!”

“Mics!” Arrow said and clapped her hands together making the thirteen mech look at her instantly. “Behave or Doctor Liger won’t let you go to the concert.” She stated and all 13 Mics helped Gunmax up and stood to attention.

Gunmax smiled and then looked around. “Where’s Legion?” he asked.

“Big brother had to stay at HQ for a system scan; he’s been having bad helm aches again.” Arrow explained.

“Darn...” Gunmax said. “Well best not keep him waiting,” he added as Gunbike rolled out of the transport. “Get your bike and help me with the baggage sis.” He said and Arrow nodded whistling and soon after, a black and red bike pulled up, revving proudly like a dog obeying the call of its master.

Bishop smiled a little and as they drove along the roads, talking with Arrow and the Mics he found himself rather happy and part of a team rather than a fifth wheel.

Arrow laughed about something that had been said then smiled at Bishop. “I don’t mean to be rude, Bishop, but does your name refer to the Arch Bishop? Or the chess piece?” she asked.

“The chess piece,” Bishop said.

“Are all your brothers named after chess pieces?” she asked.

“Ringo King, Duke Knight, Paul Rook, George Pawn and me, John Bishop.” The mech explained. “Our Queen is Lady Regina.”

“The human girl you told us about?” Arrow asked Gunmax who nodded and Arrow thought. “But if the last names are chess pieces, shouldn’t Bishop be in charge?” she asked. “I mean... it goes King, Queen, Knights, Bishops, Rooks and then Pawns... right?” she asked.

“By chess rules yes, but remember it’s just names and the one who gives the final say so to them is Ringo.” Gunmax explained, “Unfortunately, Rook and Pawn don’t get how upsetting it is to be teased all the time, so Bishop’s going to spend a few days with us and have some family bonding time with us to make him feel better.” He added smiling.

“If you’ll have me that is.” Bishop put in as they all pulled to a stop at a large building.

Arrow smiled and kicked her bike stand down as Bishop transformed and once he was standing she hugged him tightly. “Of cause we’ll have you; you’re already part of the family since technically all the Brave Police AIs are cousins.”

“Oh yes! All AIs are family!” Mic 13th said and his brothers all nodded in agreement.

“I’m glad to see you’ve remembered that at least.” Another new voice said and Bishop turned... and nearly fell over at the sight of the new comer.

He stood a fair height, almost as big as J-Deckerd did, but he had a friendly smile on his face and a kind pair of deep green optics. “Who’s this?” the mech asked.

“This Legion, is Bishop, John Bishop.” Gunmax said. “He needed some time away from a pair of teasing twins so I let him tag along with me.”

“Well, I’m sure he’ll fit in just fine around here, assuming he doesn’t snore.” Legion stated with a friendly smiled.

Bishop shook his head. “I don’t snore.”

“Good, because your rooming with me,” Gunmax chuckled.

Bishop tried not to blush at that thought.

Him and Gunmax alone in a room together... could his personal fantasy get any closer to becoming a reality?

Over the following hours, Bishop found out that not only was Gunmax’s family welcoming to him, they were also very relaxed and welcomed him without question, they didn’t poke fun at his helm lights when they flashed after he’d sneezed, they didn’t tease him about the teddy in his baggage after the Mics accidently knocked it over during a play fight, rather Mic 13th asked if he could have one like it because it was so soft.

Arrow hadn’t even blinked when Bishop said he wasn’t interested in girls, in fact she had all but smiled about it and hugged him tightly, claiming she liked him because he wouldn’t flirt with her like some others would.

She was younger than himself and Drillboy, she was also very eager to learn more about everyone in Japan and England, despite the clear tiredness in her optics she kept asking questions until eventually, she yawned and leant against Bishop.

“Neh... do all the mech in England make good pillows?” she asked making Legion and Gunmax chuckle.

“Come now, Arrow, time for bed.” Legion said gently lifting Arrow up into his arms and carrying her off to the dorms, “you can ask more questions tomorrow,” He added. “Good night Bishop, Gunny.”

“Ok... nighty-night Bishy...” Arrow called back and Bishop blinked.

“She does that when she’s tired,” Gunmax explained chuckling slightly, “she’s where my pet name Gunny came from, she calls the Mics by number so for them it’s not so bad,” he added, “you can go to bed if you need, I have to go check on the Mics and make sure they didn’t turn their room into a fort again.”

“They do that?” Bishop asked.

“Yea, they like to play games while they can since like you’re brothers and Drillboy they have to learn about the world, whereas Legion and I were pre-programmed with the knowledge,” Gunmax said.

Bishop smiled a little and Gunmax slid him a full canister, “tomorrow, I’ll show you around the beach line, and if we have time I’ll take you to the best place in town to eat.”

“Really?” Bishop asked excitedly.

“Really, really,” Gunmax smiled, “Now off to bed with you, Duke will have my helm if you don’t get enough sleep.” He said.

Bishop nodded and headed to the room, smiling as he fluffed his pillow and put his teddy at the head of the bed, “Night Mr. Cuddle-kins,” he said before putting his helm on the pillow.

He slept peacefully for a few hours waking only a time for two to drink his oil and shifting to snuggle deeper into the blankets, muttering now and then some random line from his books or a name.

He didn’t notice at first that a second weight had settled on the bed with him, a gentle pair of hands gently wondering around his frame, nor did he notice that something covered his optics and restrained his hands above his helm as the others began to rub his thighs.

Not until he woke up only to find darkness and his protesting questions lost while a pair of warm lips pressed against his, a sweet tasting glossa thrusting into his mouth and exploring it as the hands continued to run along his body.

“Mmph...?!” He heard himself try and say.

“Who am I?” A voice asked and the lips captured his again in a quicker but just as passionate kiss, he knew it from somewhere but in his still half sleep like state, he wasn’t sure who it was making his shiver as he felt a soft breath on his neck, “That depends,” The voice said as the lips left Bishop’s, only to continue their assault on the other side of his neck. “Who do you want me to be?”

“I... I don’t know...” Bishop said.

“Liar,” the voice stated, “You’re practically begging for attention from someone, so tell me, who do you want me to be? Ringo? Duke maybe?” The voice asked as skilled fingers teased his hips, “Deckerd or Shadowmaru? One of the Built team?”

“No...” Bishop gasped, his body jerking somewhat under the sinfully pleasurable touches.

“Then who?” the voice asked and Bishop moaned as his body was pinned against the bed and the others crotch plating rubbed against his own heated one. “Maybe... Gunmax?”

“Ahhh... yes...” Bishop moaned clutching to his bed sheets, wishing he could see or at least touch his guest.

“Don’t worry, sweet Bishop,” the voice said as those sweet lips touched his neck again, “I’ll make you feel just as good as he would. I promise...”

“Ahh... wh... why...?”

“Do you really want a reason, little Bishop? Or do you want me to make every fantasy you’ve had of Gunmax come true?”

Bishop couldn’t form words to answer that, his body trembling and his voice box refused to work.

Until a cool hand touched his suddenly exposed cable making him arch and gasp. “Ahhh! Gunmax...” he breathed as his port was also teased by talented fingers.

“So wet, were you dreaming of this? Or are you just eager to be filled and have Gunmax pounding your port raw?” he asked.

“Ahhh... ohhh gods...” the English mech panted, struggling to focus as he was teased, sweet kisses coating his neck, face and lips, muffling his loud moans and pants as the fingers were replaced by something bigger thicker.

“Ahhh! Wait! Stop!!” Bishop whined, shaking with fear as his port rim burned with raw pain, making him snap back to reality. “No please... no...!”

“Shhh, Bishop it’s alright...” The other said, heir cable head moving away and the restraint leaving his hands, as gentle hands held him steady and soft lips kissing away the tears under his blindfold, “Shhhh, shhh... The pain will ease... I promise.”

“It hurts... it hurts...!” Bishop half sobbed. “I... I want Gunmax... it hurts...” he said.

“Shhhh, shhhh,” the other hissed softly, soothing hands helping to distract him from the pain, as the blindfold came off and the familiar visor face came into view. “Shhhh, I’m here and I promise, I won’t force you.”

Bishop’s shock was lost as the younger mech shoved the biker away and clutch his blankets, feeling hurt that Gunmax had not only done this to him but also ashamed that Gunmax had seen him cry.

“How did you... how did you know? Did King tell you?” he asked and Gunmax shock his helm.

“I figured it out... you kept on making small talk with me when we were on comms and you made the effort to get to know me. When you guys stayed in Japan I heard you talking in your sleep and you talked to your teddy... I thought bringing you here and making the fantasy a reality would be a way to show you I cared back... but I guess that Ideas gone down the pan.” He explained, getting up and re armouring. “I’m sorry.” He added and before Bishop could respond, Gunmax closed the door and was gone.


If you accept me like this...?
Gunmax/McCrane (drabble 2 of 3)
(A.N. Mention of Gunmax’s family.)

Drillboy and Dumpson were struggling to keep their laughter in while Duke, Deckerd and even Yuuta tried to talk to Gunmax while Power Joe and McCrane were out dealing with the latest criminal they’d arrested.

However it seemed an unpredictable accident had left Gunmax...


“Come on Gunmax, it’s not so bad.” Duke said.

“NOT BAD?!” Gunmax screamed his voice a pitch or two higher and more feminine than usual, “I’M A DAMN FEMALE!!!!!!” She roared, “How am I meant to work like this?! I can’t see thanks to that bastard breaking my visor! I sound stupid, my frame is all wrong and my bike is a wreck!!!” she added.

“Well, if you wanted to you could, maybe... no ignore me.” Drillboy said seeming to calm down as a thought came to him.

“What is it Drillboy?” Gunmax snarled.

“I just thought... maybe you’d be more comfortable if we took you off the duty router until this is sorted,” Drillboy said. “But it would mean that you were... well um... off duty with McCrane.”

Everyone winced.

“Just... leave me alone.” Gunmax said.

Drillboy ducked his head. “I’m sorry.” He said before Dumpson lead him away and Duke and Deckerd also left, Yuuta riding on Deckerd’s shoulder.

Gunmax listened to them leave before sinking to his... her knees and covering her face with her hands.

McCrane... just thinking of the mech still hurt to the core, the horrid feeling of being openly rejected by the mech haunted her every night... Gunmax couldn’t stand it.

McCrane had tried to speak with Gunmax before this, but the pain and hurt was still so raw Gunmax had simply turned away from the crane when they were in the Deckerd room for a briefing/debriefing and speed away if McCrane tried to catch up with him on a road.

When Duke had asked why Gunmax refused to hear McCrane one night while Gunmax was up late with him for the grave yard shift, Gunmax had admitted it was out of fear, fear of being rejected and hurt even more by the oldest Build team member.

Duke hadn’t been expecting Gunmax to start sobbing again.

“Gunmax...?” Shadowmaru’s voice asked from the other side of the door. “You ok?”


Shadowmaru was silent and then sighed. “Listen Gunmax. If you want I can lend you my head phones and you can listen to your music. At least then time might fly and you can relax a little?” he added.

Gunmax opened his mouth to say no but then stopped and sighed, standing up she opened the door and found Shadowmaru stood there, one pair of Robot sized head phones in one hand and a canister of high grade oil in the other. “Thanks ‘Maru.”

“Hey, you’ve been through enough today, I figure I’ll get a better chance to bug you about it later on,” the ninja stated handing the head phones and oil over to Gunmax before looking past the biker at the damaged visor that lay on the desk. “You sure you don’t want someone to look at that? It might be fixable.” He added.

“It’ll be ok ‘til morning.” Gunmax assured. “Toudou has enough to deal with, I saw to damage J Roader and Fire Roader took out there.”

“If you’re sure.” Shadowmaru said before scratching the back of his neck. “Anyway, I’ll go now, but if you need anything, you know where I am.” He added.

It might have sounded like a lover’s words of comfort, but they weren’t, Shadowmaru had no sexual attraction to Gunmax, he understood what it was like to love someone and be rejected after Kagerou’s death.

Gunmax nodded and Shadowmaru took his cue to leave, closing the door as he did.

Some hours later, Gunmax was laying on her back, fingers tapping softly to the music she was listening to while reading a news article on supped up bikes, she was laid on her front and her optics on half power so she could read without stressing her sensitive optical systems.

The change hadn’t changed much about the frame work... just made her chest more perky and the cover for his lower regions was more curved and slim rather than slightly boxy and big, her helm had also changed a little, the rim was slightly shorter, and his hips and waist were just a little narrower.

Other than that Gunmax looked much the same...

The flashing on the door lock caught her attention before suddenly the whole room went dark. “What the-?”

~“Roll call!”~ Deckerd yelled down the comms likely he was in the Deckerd room.

“Did the power cut off?” McCrane asked from right down the hall.

“I’m here!” Drillboy, sounding spooked but also close by.

~“I’m outside,”~ Duke said from the Deckerd Room two corridors over.

~“What’s going on, the water cut off?!”~ Power Joe demanded as Gunmax heard a dripping sound from down the corridor and to the right.

~“Damn it’s cold out here.”~ Dumpson said also with the sound of dripping.

“Gunmax?” Shadowmaru asked from behind Gunmax, sounding worried as to whether the Biker was aware of what was happening.

“I’m here.” the biker said. “What happened?”

~“Power cut, the whole grid’s down.”~ Duke said as he hit the comms, ~“Is everyone ok?”~

~“Yea just half washed.”~ Dumpson said as he and Power Joe began to dry off with towels. ~“Are we going to see if we can help?”~

~“Shadowmaru and I will go with Duke,”~ Deckerd said.

“Yes sir.” Came the chorused replay, Gunmax wasn’t sure who it was but she could feel optics on her back as she stepped back into her room, being stared out just made her feel more self-conscious and aware that she wasn’t any closer to changing back.

She head Drillboy leaving the hall way and sighed, sitting on her berth with her head in her hands.

“Are you... alright?”

Gunmax felt her chest tighten as she turned to find a familiar set of optics looking at her from her doorway seconds before the light flickered on and off again and doors slammed shut with an audible clang.

“What’s happening?!”

~“Everyone calm down!”~ Deckerd said over the comms, ~“The power plant is working on everything they can, what we’re experiencing is likely the backups trying to come on line and failing.”~ He said calmly. ~“Now, whose where?”~

~“Me, Dumpson and Driller are in the generator room looking for the backups, they just blew on us so they’re gonna need some work.”~ Power Joe said.

“Gunmax and I are in her room.” McCrane answered. “Do you think we can lift the doors?” he asked.

~“We’re trying, big brother. But they aren’t shifting.”~ Power Joe said as he and Dumpson tried to lift their room door up together. ~“They’re jammed in place while the power’s out.”~

~“I could drill out.”~ Drillboy said.

~“No, you couldn’t.”~ Dumpson said, ~“The Door to the Deckerd room and all our doors are so re-enforced even the Max Cannon wouldn’t break through them, they were made that way just in case we ever needed to hide the humans and only our rooms were available.”~

~“Oh yea I forgot about that.”~ Power Joe said.

“It’ also why the doors are so heavy and sound proof.” McCrane stated. “But with the power out I guess the sound proofing if off too.”

“Must be...” Gunmax said.

~“So... What do we do?”~ Drillboy asked.

~“We wait it out.”~ Dumpson said. ~“We can’t do anything else.”~

Gunmax felt dread seep into her systems. She was alone with McCrane, the mech who’d out right broken her heart and coldly refused to even give her a reason.

She dropped back down onto the berth and covered her face, “Can to day get any worse!?” she demanded.

~“You could be pink instead of green.”~ Power Joe stated.

“SHUT UP!!!!!” Gunmax roared down the comms before shutting hers off. “And will you stop staring?! I already know my frame has changed!” he snapped at McCrane.

The older mech mentally slapped himself and turned away. “Sorry.”

Silence filled the room, safe the tapping from Gunmax’s fingers and the soft ticking of the robot sized clock on Gunmax’s wall.

Looking around the room, McCrane saw two thing he would never have thought possible with the biker.

The room was tidy and well kept, pictures neatly set on shelves along with data pads and books, a pen/pencil holder on the desk in the room with neatly stacked reports and one or two small bike models.

The pictures were of Gunmax and his American team mates, a set of 13 smaller meches there were all the same colour save one whom had more red in his paint job, the numbers 1 to 13 written around the photo.

Another was of another mech, a head or two taller than Gunmax with larger frame and build than Gunmax’s, his right arm slung over the Biker’s shoulders and an oil can in his left hand.

The last picture was that of a female biker, a head shorter than Gunmax she was stood back to back with him, the usually cockiness on Gunmax’s face shadowed by a look of pride, love and joy as the female copied him.

“Who are these?” McCrane asked.

“The thirteen are the Mic brigade, another set of AIs made in America after I was bought on line. The big mech is Legion, my brother and commanding officer back home... the girl is my sister, Arrow.” Gunmax said, “She’s a good kid... just needs a little more training and she’ll be a patroller like me and Legion.”

“She looks younger than Drillboy.” McCrane said.

“She is. She only came online three years ago.” Gunmax said.

“Sounds like you will have a partner then,” McCrane said watching Gunmax’s reflection move in the picture frame. The dim light hit the changed form just so... McCrane had to force himself not to look lower that her waist as he reminded himself this change was not an excuse to try and see what Gunmax was like as a female...

It was wrong... just like thinking he could right all his wrongs to Gunmax now he was a female with an apology...

“What do you want?” Gunmax asked after another long silence, “clearly not to ask about my life back in America.”

McCrane’s shoulders dropped. “I... I came to talk.”

“About what?” she asked.

“... About us.” McCrane said.

“There is no us,” Gunmax hissed. “You made that clear when you not only ignored my attempts to get your attention but also when you flat out refused to even meet me on the roof to try and talk it out like grown mech.”

“I want to try... I want to do this over Gunmax... I know I hurt you and I know I don’t deserve anything from you... but please... ” McCrane tried to plead only to back up a step when Gunmax stood and clenched her fists.

“Why now?”

“Well... I... I am... it’s... I...”

“Because I’m female now? Is that why you rejected me before? Because you didn’t want to share the berth with another mech that wasn’t one of your own?” the biker demanded. “What happens when I change back to a Mech? You just throw me back in the gutter like some cheap slut toy?”

“What?! NO! No I’d never-!”

“But you are!” Gunmax snapped. “If I hadn’t changed you wouldn’t even care that I breathed and don’t you dare deny it, I saw you watching me through the reflection!”

The lights flickered on and off again.

“You don’t care about me, you never have and I was a damn fool to think you would ever understand what love is,” Gunmax snarled, her fists trembling, “I was willing to give you everything! Tell you everything that mattered to me, introduce you to my sibling, damn it I wanted to share eternity with you and you just threw it back in my face! If you think you can just waltz in here and say sorry to me now I’m a female and everything will be alright you are sorely mistaken!” she added and McCrane could take no more.

“Enough!” He shouted lunching forwards and pinning Gunmax to the bed with a loud clunk as the lights went off again, plunging them into darkness.

Throwing everything out of the window, McCrane ignored the voice in the back of his helm screaming at him to stop and kissed Gunmax.

Time stopped for a moment, Gunmax’s optics widened as she felt his lips moving on hers, her AI unable to understand what had happened as McCrane continued to deepen the kiss, making Gunmax snap back to reality and start trying to pull away from him only to find herself trapped.

Fighting her own long rejected desires to just let McCrane have his way with her, she knew it was wrong and no matter what her body wanted, she didn’t like being played with.

The kiss finally stopped and Gunmax instantly acted on her training, driving her helm forwards and butting McCrane’s nasal ridge with the rim of her helm. “Get off me!” she snarled and kicked McCrane in the abdomen, knocking him away.

And out of the room as the doors and lights came back on, McCrane groaned and tried to stand up as he heard the door close again and the lock being slammed on. “Gunmax!”

“Go away McCrane!” Gunmax said, her voice trembling as she leant against the door. “And don’t come back until you’ve figured out what the hell you want!”

~“McCrane?”~ Dumpson asked. ~“What happened?”~

McCrane couldn’t answer.

“Gunmax... I’m sorry...”

“Leave!” Gunmax screamed. “You didn’t want me as a mech, what makes you think I’ll stay a female just so you can have your perfect love life you can go find someone else to be your bed toy!” she added.

“Gunmax I didn’t-”

“LEAVE!” she screamed again as sobs were heard.

McCrane bowed his head and walked away.

That night, no one saw Gunmax again, not even after the power came back on fully and Shadowmaru returned.

It wasn’t until the following day, after Toudou and his team had used reverse technology to change Gunmax back into a mech that he was seen, fixing the dents and bumps on Gunbike.


“A transfer?” Two small words had McCrane’s chest tightening rapidly as he walked past the Deckerd Room, listening to Duke and Drillboy talk during one of Drillboy’s English lessons.

“When did Gunmax request a Transfer?” Drillboy asked.

“Just after the rejection,” Duke sighed. “I honestly thought he had withdrawn his request after Deckerd offered him a few days off... but it sounds like Gunmax is set on leaving Japan.”

“Because of McCrane?” Drillboy asked.

Duke nodded with a sigh. “It’s a shame really, Gunmax’s progress here was making Saejima think about having more of his siblings brought over.” He said, “But I guess now we’ll have to get use to not having Gunmax around...”

McCrane numbly walked away...

Gunmax was leaving... it shouldn’t bother him. It shouldn’t hurt him... but it did.

McCrane couldn’t stop himself feeling guilty for this, he had started to realize just how honest Gunmax had been about his feelings towards McCrane and things had started to seemingly get back to normal...

Until the change... and now, it seemed.

Gunmax’s door opened and Dumpson came out, “you sure you wanna do this Gunmax?” he asked.

“Yes I’m sure,” Gunmax said, the sound of things being packed into boxes and a box being sealed filling McCrane’s audios, “I’ve already cleared it back home too and besides my siblings have asked for some aid now they’re getting reviewed they want me there to so people know we are still working not only in America but also in Japan and England.”

Dumpson sighed. “What about... McCrane?”

“What about him?” Gunmax asked. “He made it clear he doesn’t care about me, why should I give a damn what he thinks of me leaving?” he added.

The other mech sighed again, “Just... promise you won’t ignore him if you come back... he’s been torn up about whatever it was that happened between you two during that black out,” and with that Dumpson left, pausing when he saw McCrane retreat into their room.

The crane mech sank to his knees by his berth, his whole body shaking violently as he put his head in his hands, oily tears forming in his optics as a horrid feeling ripped through his body.


He’d rejected Gunmax with no reason, then he’d tried to force himself on him when he’d been changed...

And now Gunmax was leaving...


Fear of the Dark
Gunmax/Shadowmaru (drabble 1 of 3)

Everyone had a fear.

Shadowmaru feared forever losing those he had come to call his friends, Power Joe, being replaced, Dumpson, not being strong enough, McCrane, losing any of his brothers, Drillboy feared one day waking up and being trapped in a small space.

Duke was afraid that one day he would be called and told one of his brothers back home was fatally wounded, Deckerd was afraid he would become outdated and Gunmax...

Gunmax was refused to tell what really scared him and when pressured to tell he would snap and sometimes, like when Power Joe cornered Gunmax after a heavy night of drinking, get physical and shove past the mech trying to find out to get away from the BP HQ.

It had been a long day and everyone had been grateful for the end of their shift, even McCrane and Deckerd were glad of it and hit the showers before all but dropping onto his berth at HQ, rather than going to Yuuta’s house, that was just how tired he was.

Gunmax had just finished drying himself off when he saw the rain on his window and sighed, “Great mud in the morning.” He said, folding his towel and carefully setting it on the heater rail before settling on his berth.

He got up again and went to his shelf, softly pressing his middle and index fingers to his lips and then put his fingers to each of his pictures, “Good night sibs,” he said before going back to his berth.

Gunmax shot bolt up from his berth as the thunder boomed outside the building making his inner workings rattle. "Shimata... damn storm..." he cursed getting up off the berth and grabbing his memory foam pillow to insure he would get some sleep he headed into the hall and paused as his optics adjusted to the dim lighting. "Ok... just go and knock on the door... he's always up at this hours." he said to himself as he headed to the only room he knew would be available at this hour.

Shadowmaru's room.

The ninja bot in question was meditating, the raging torrent outside not bothersome to him in the least. However, he wasn't expecting visitors at such a late hour, so when a knock came at the door, he had a difficult time suppressing his startled jump. Shaking it off, he stood. "Who could that be...?" He said to no one and opened the door. "Konban-...Gunmax-dan'na? Daijobu?"

Gunmax nodded. "I'm find just-" Another loud clap of thunder and lightning made him stiffen and glare daggers at the ceiling. "Do you mind if I sleep in here?" he asked. My room's walls aren't that thick so every clap makes my insides rattle like a lose bolt." he explained.

Shadowmaru cocked his head to the side, but smirked lightly. "Sure, come in, make yourself comfortable." He said. If he were a lesser mech he'd probably be poking fun at Gunmax for being afraid of a little spring shower. But he, of all the BPs, understood what it was to be afraid and that all the BPs were afraid of something. It was hardly a laughing matter, and certainly nothing to tease about.

"Thanks," Gunmax said. "It wasn't the storm that scared him... but if he wanted to be up and patrolling tomorrow, he needed sleep and the storm wouldn't give him that. Just as he'd set his pillow down another loud roar and clap happened and all tell-tale hum of the power stopped and all the lights died plunging them into darkness.

Gunmax's optics widened and he froze.

Shadowmaru snorted, tapping his door's key lock only to get nothing in return. Without the power the doors were sealed shut and they'd have to just sit tight until the power came back on or the build team got the backup generators up and running. "Well it seems we're stuck for the moment." Shadowmaru mused. He shrugged, not the least but concerned over the matter. "Shall we relax for the moment until the power returns?"

Gunmax didn't answer, at the sound of Shadowmaru's voice the biker had backed himself against the nearest wall and dropped to the ground, covering his helm with his arms and trembling, his optics still wide and darting left, right, up, down and every other way they could, as if searching for a danger in the room. "L... Legion...?" he asked, for a moment not realizing where he was or who he was with.

Shadowmaru turned, his scanners picking up Gunmax's sudden increased in torque, essentially the BPs equivalent to a rapid heartbeat. "Gunmax? Are you alright?" The ninja knelt next to Gunmax and put a hand on the other's shoulder. "Dan'na you're shaking..."

Gunmax seemed to snap out of it a little and nodded. "Y... yes I'm... I'm alright... just... Just scared." he admitted in a quiet voice, the shaking slowing down just a little. "I... I'm afraid of the dark..." he added still looking around.

Shadowmaru blinked. Of all the things he had expected Gunmax to fear, a simple thing as the dark was not even on his list. However Shadowmaru knew fears were never simple. He sat down and huddled himself close to Gunmax's side. "It’s alright to be afraid, Dan'na." He assured, trying to help calm Gunmax. "We're all afraid of something."

“I should be over this... Legion and... Arrow are over it... why can't I just forget it?!" Gunmax demanded of himself, not hiding the fact he was utterly terrified nor did he seem to mind being so close to another mech in his frightened state, almost clinging to Shadowmaru. "Shimata... what’s wrong with me?"

"I don't know, you tell me." Shadowmaru said, his voice calm and neutral. "You say your siblings are over this, well what is 'this'?" Shadowmaru took Gunmax's hand and squeezed it in his. "Why are you afraid of the darkness?"

Gunmax took a few breaths to try and calm himself and then sighed. "Remember when... when I went back to America to see my siblings with Bishop to help him with his training... while we were there... there was an attack... I... I was hit by some kind of beam and everything shut down, I couldn't move but I could still feel everything around me... I could hear someone talking about... taking me apart like I was offline... since then... I've been afraid it would happen when I'm alone in the dark..." he said.

Shadowmaru nodded, and leaned in close to whisper to Gunmax. "That will never happen, Dan'na, because anyone who would dare try it would have to deal with me."

Gunmax shivered a little and looked at the ninja mech. "You... you're sure?" he asked, fear still lingering in his optics.

"You tell me..." Shadowmaru insisted, closing the space between himself and Gunmax to press his lips against the biker's in a gentle yet deep kiss.

Gunmax didn't respond at first, still locked in the shock of the fact A) Shadowmaru was kissing him and B) he was enjoying it, and C)... where did Shadowmaru learn the kiss anyway... shoving those thoughts aside Gunmax timidly returning the kiss, despite his many times flirting with his fellow mechs he didn't throw himself at the first mech who kissed him.

Shadowmaru felt Gunmax's hesitations and pressed forward, running a hand down the biker's thigh only to trail it up again and grope his round little rump.

Gunmax gave a startled gasp and murred, reaching up to Shadowmaru's frame, searching for ways to return the delightful sensations he was feeling.

Smiling, Shadowmaru parted from the kiss and cupped one of Gunmax's cheek in a hand. "So, tell me, what do you think?" He asked.

"I guess-"

Someone knocked on Shadowmaru's door. "Shadowmaru? Since I'm guessing Gunmax is with you sleeping can you kindly tell him that the power will be out for at least two days, and we have leaks above his room, so we've shut off the water til the leaks fixed." Dumpson said before walking away.

Gunmax sighed but turned back to Shadowmaru and smiled. "I guess if you're with me, I'll be safe." he said.

Shadowmaru smiled and called back. "So you're saying Gunmax and I are stuck in here for 2 days until the power gets back on?" He asked Dumpson or anyone else.

Made a sound of affirmative from down the hall. "Have fun love birds." he added before the sound of a loud and Angry Power Joe was heard and Dumpson left to aid his brothers.

Gunmax felt a blush touch his face before Dumpson raced off and looked at Shadowmaru. "Could we... move somewhere more comfortable? My back's getting cramped..." he admitted.

Shadowmaru smirked and gathered Gunmax in his arms. "2 whole days..." He mused, setting Gunmax down on his berth before moving to tower over him. "Whatever will we do to entertain ourselves?" He asked in rhetoric, trailing a finger down Gunmax's midsection.

Gunmax shivered a little and smiled shyly. "I'm sure besides sleeping we can think of something." he said, "Do you have any plan?" he asked realizing the berth was the same as his, just slightly bigger for Shadowmaru's wings. "I have wondered... are your wings as sensitive in all your forms? I remember Power Joe poked them once and you almost broke his finger off..." he asked, reaching up but not touching the wings just yet, he didn’t want to upset the other.

Shadowmaru smiled and lay himself down across Gunmax's form. "Why don't you find out?" He asked before drawing his glossa up Gunmax's neck.

Gunmax murred as Shadowmaru focused on his neck and smiled, reaching up further to gently run his fingers along the Ninja's wings, gently rubbing up from the bases to the tips, enjoying being under Shadowmaru's larger form.

Shadowmaru’s wing began to twitch in response to Gunmax's touches, and the ninja sighed, heavily pressing his form onto Gunmax's, running his hands over and across sensitive areas and seems, tugging at wires and caressing bare circuits.

Gunmax arched into the touches and his frame began to rattle and heat up wrapping his legs around the Ninja's own as they laid pressed together. "Ahh... ohhhh... Shadowmaru..." he moaned continuing to rub the Ninja's wings. "Ohhh..."

Shadowmaru went from licking with his glossa to nibbling with his teeth, taking Gunmax's radar antenna in his mouth and nomming his way up and down.

Gunmax's whole body tensed up and the seemed to melt as Shadowmaru teased his antenna. "Ah! Ohhh... damn..." he breathed, his fingers trembling as he clung to Shadowmaru’s form, trying to find an equally sensitive spot on the mech. "Ohhh baby..."

Shadowmaru smiled and just as abruptly as he instigated this make out session, he stopped, sitting up on his knees. He continued to knee Gunmax's legs, messaging them up to his groin. "Well that was fun, ne? But maybe you'd like to sleep now?" he said teasingly.

Gunmax was shocked for a few seconds, dumb founded before growling and trying to get his legs free to force Shadowmaru closer to him again. "DO NOT try and tell me you were just teasing about this?" he demanded with a growl, "I'm not tired and no way am I going to roll over a sleep after that." he added, as much as he wanted to reach up and pull the Ninja back down, he didn't want to seem desperate... even if Shadowmaru had left him with a noticeable heat under his crotch plating.

Shadowmaru smirked. "No need to be hostile, Dan'na..." The violet mech knelt and kept his gaze locked with Gunmax's, the two watching each other as Shadowmaru flicked out his glossa and slowing pressed it against Gunmax's piece, slowly, slowly, painfully slowly dragging it up to follow the curve of the biker's armour.

Gunmax hissed softly and his thighs started to tremble as his plating was teased. "Sh... Shimata..." he moaned. "Ahhh! Ohhh..."

Shadowmaru smiled devilishly, continuing his ministrations across Gunmax's armour, lapping at creases and delving into seems.

"Ahhh... Shadowmaru... god damn!" he gasped and panted, "Where did you... learn to be such a tease?" he asked.

"From my brother actually." Shadowmaru rested his helm on Gunmax's abdomen taking a moment to dwell on his brother's untimely demise, "How I miss him."

"Kagerou... taught you all this?" Gunmax asked. "I'm sorry he's gone... but maybe someday we could bring him back?" he added, knowing Deckerd and Yuuta were trying to get Saejima to find someday to bring the other Ninja back.

Shadowmaru smiled. "It is a nice thought." He said, then sat up again taking one of Gunmax's feet in his hands and messaging them in slow circles.

Gunmax half sighed. "Did he also teach you to give massages?" he asked. "No offence but if he did, I really hope they bring him back so he can give me some tips," he added, struggling to hold back a chuckle as Shadowmaru found a tickling spot near his heel.

Shadowmaru smiled. "I'm sure he'd be pleased to do so, as long as you don't mind being smushed between us," The ninja leaned forward and gave Gunmax a lusty lude look. "We share everything you understand?"

Gunmax smiled his usual charming smile. "You think I mind being shared? I usually get torn in fifteen directions when I get home because I'm the 'middle' sibling, though I will say being between you and your brother would be nice, so long as your brother doesn't mind the fact I don't change form so have a little... well weaker a form." he asked.

"Weaker? Or voluptuous?" Shadowmaru said throwing Gunmax's legs over his shoulders and grinding his cod into the biker's.

"Volup-wha?!" Gunmax asked having not heard the word right in his mind and thought Shadowmaru had called him a Vulpine, however the sensation and swell of heat that raced through his systems all but shoved all coherent thoughts from his mind and left Gunmax biting his lower lip, moaning and clawing the berth under him. "Ohhh goddamn..."

Shadowmaru grunted out a few sounds, before groping over Gunmax's piece. "Open for me 'Slender Hips'~" He crooned.

Gunmax moaned loudly and almost instantly the plating clicked and fell lose, steaming a little as Gunmax's port was already starting to drip and his cable was practically throbbing.

Shadowmaru smirked and pressed two of his digits into Gunmax's leaking port, scissoring them and rubbing them over Gunmax's walls

Instantly Gunmax's insides began to squeeze around the intruding fingers making heat, sinful and unstoppable heat race through his body, hissing softly as his systems began to purr, the cooling fans inside him kicking in to try and cool the more delicate wiring and components down. "Ahhh... Shadow... maru... oh god..." he moaned.

"Do you like that, Dan'na?" He added another finger and pumped them inside Gunmax's valve. "You like me violating you?"

Gunmax nodded, unable to form words at that moment, his body trembling and his mind racing, trying to find some way to answer in words besides the broken moans and pants.

"Good, good," Shadowmaru purred, extracting his fingers and holding them up, waiting for Gunmax to watch him before licking the viscous fluid from his digits.

Gunmax's systems went from purring to roaring at the sight and his face burned red with a blush, part of his mind wanting to know if things would be the same or better if Kagerou was still around.

Shadowmaru smiled, "Mmm so sweet....yet tangy..." He licked his lips. "Mmm, makes me want more~" He slurped, leaning down to run his glossa across Gunmax's valve before moving up to the underside of his throbbing cord.

Gunmax's blush brightened and before he could utter a word, his helm hit the pillow and his voice box gave out a deep shameless moan, Gunmax's cable throbbing more and more by the minute.

Shadowmaru kissed his way up Gunmax’s body, his hand taking place of his mouth and stroking Gunmax's rod while his lips were busy with other areas.

Gunmax's whole body began to tremble and shake, eager for more but not having the strength to roll them and take charge Gunmax could only wait for Shadowmaru to end his teasing, but until then, it seemed Gunmax was an the ninja's mercy.

Shadowmaru took a mental recording of Gunmax in the throes of pleasure to remember for later. He had never pegged the wayward biker for being the patient type so eager to be teased. "Dan'na, would you do me the honour of retracting your shades?" Shadowmaru purred into Gunmax's audio.

Gunmax paused for a second, before nodding, reaching up and pressing gently on the middle of the visor, a soft hiss followed and the visor slid up, one optic a bright orange colour, the other a brilliant blue. "They don't retract, just slid up and down." he explained with what little coherent words he had managed to find.

"Either way," Shadowmaru said, kissing the brim of Gunmax's nasal ridge, "I am glad you trust me enough to show me what a beauty you are under that mask."

"You think?" Gunmax asked. "I haven't... Shown anyone else this... only my siblings know I have odd optics." he admitted smiling somewhat.

"Odd? Or Unique?" Shadowmaru countered, continuing to rub and jerk at Gunmax's hardened member.

Gunmax arched and moaned, biting his lower lip as he tried to find words. "I... say odd because... ohhhh god... they say... ahhh! I can... get them changed... if I want," he managed to say before his body jerked and his cable began to leak oil and other fluids over Shadowmaru's hand.

"But why would you want to? Its part of who you are, and you are gorgeous." Shadowmaru insisted, wrapping his tongue around Gunmax's antennae and laving it with his oral fluids.

Gunmax couldn’t find words anymore, his body refusing to listen as it was assaulted with wave after wave of pleasure from both his antenna and his cable. "Ohhhh... ahhhh Ahhh! I... I 'm going... I... can't...” he tried to say only to be let a moaning wreck

Shadowmaru chuckled, sending vibrations into the antennae in his mouth. He slurped across one more time before looking Gunmax in the eyes and in a lustful yet commanding tone said, "Let. Go."

"Ahhh... ahhh! Oh F**K!" the biker cursed as his systems went red line and his cooling fans rattled as they worked over time to try and keep his body cool, hot sticky oil and other fluids splattering over Shadowmaru’s hand and over his abdomen. "Ahhhh... ahhhh..."

Shadowmaru brought his hand to his lips and licked the sticky off his hands then leaned onto Gunmax to begin grooming him clean. "Are we better now?"

Gunmax was a panting, trembling mess, but he managed to nod weakly as his optics flickered, a sign he was not only struggling to cool down his heated body but also very satisfied. "Yea... sorry about the language..." he added.

Shadowmaru chuckled. "Don't let it worry you." He assured, giving Gunmax a gentle chaste kiss.

"Perhaps now, you're ready for a rest?"

"Just a bit," Gunmax said, "Just until I can... feel my systems again..." he added, "I feel like jelly inside." he admitted shamelessly snuggling up to Shadowmaru's frame.

"You taste like it too." Shadowmaru teased, slurping up the last bit of mess.

Gunmax playfully ran a finger down Shadowmaru's wing. "Sweet talker." he said playfully.

Shadowmaru offered the Biker a coy smile. "Shush now, you should rest." He cooed, wrapping his arms around Gunmax and holding him close. "Otherwise our next activity will make you short out."

Gunmax chuckled and snuggled closer to the ninja mech smiling. "Fine a short nap, but if you repaint me while I sleep I swear, I’ll paint those wings of yours red with blue spots." he warned with a slight yawn.

“I’d like to see you try,” Shadowmaru chuckled, draping the cool blankets over them both. “Rest.”

Gunmax was asleep before his helm hit the pillow.


The following morning, Gunmax woke to the sensation someone was playing with his antenna, still tired, he shifted his helm in an attempt to shake the tickling fingers away but they persisted.

“Mmmm, ‘Maru... knock it off...” he mumbled between a yawn.

“Shadowmaru is still getting some oil before he and I get better reacquainted.” A rich voice stated into Gunmax’s audio making the biker mech snap to alert, he didn’t know this voice. “You’re here for the show and games.”

However he found himself a little... trapped, cocooned in the blanket while all his more sensitive areas were left uncovered and vulnerable.


“Kagerou,” the new mech stated, “Shadowmaru’s brother,” he added.

Gunmax’s systems froze and crashed, his final thought...

“I’m f****d...”


Knight’s Mercy
Gunmax/Duke (drabble 1 of 1)
With some added Deckerd/Ringo King
(Set in Fantasy universe! No like? No read!)

Gunmax hated it all...

His cousins had arrived not two weeks ago into the kingdom and already the elder of them was flirting and teasing Gunmax’s lover.

And Deckerd wasn’t saying no.

Gunmax growled and stood from his seat, enraged that his lover and the mech Gunmax had once believed would be his mate continued to kiss and enjoy moments with his cousin and slapped Deckerd. “Foul Lord, You are not staying in my bed any longer.” He snarled at the shocked Lord before turning away.

“Gunmax... Love please! It’s-” Deckerd tried to say as his love stormed off, his path however was blocked by another mech, his brother, Duke. “Duke?”

“You can explain to your current bed warmer the situation, while I try and calm down your dear love. For once Deckerd can you remember you are a future KING to this land and Gunmax is meant to be your Queen.” The other stated before leaving.


Gunmax growled as he hit the ground with his fist, sitting with his feet in the cool waters of the stream near his small garden hut as he tried frantically to hide his tears, ripping his tiara from his helm and tossing it to the ground as he sobbed into his hands.

It was horrid!

He’d once hoped that he and Deckerd would live a happy life, no wars, no dangers just him and Deckerd alone and happy together...

Instead Deckerd had brought him to his home land away from the forests of his own land and given him a beautiful garden and his own hut to come to when he needed space...

And then all Deckerd’s attention went on everything but Gunmax... the forest loving mech felt betrayed and unloved, his own people would laugh at him now, they had all warned him this would happen, but he’s refused to listen...

The tears continued to fall as he sobbed into his hands.

Until a strong pair of arms gently embraced him from behind, on hand coming to rest on his back and the other over the back of his helm.

“D... Deckard?” he asked.

“No Gunmax.” Duke said. “Just a Knight.”

Duke had expected Gunmax to shove him away, curse him for daring to touch him when he was nothing more than a lowly knight and Gunmax the heir to a throne.

Instead however, Gunmax clung to the Knight and continued to sob into his chest and so Duke knelt and held the weeping heir until the tears became soft sniffles and hiccupped breaths.

“Why is he doing this to me?” Gunmax asked.

“Pardon?” Duke asked.

“Deckerd... He once said he loved me and now... Now he won’t spend a mere hour with me... He won’t even come walk with me... Why?” Gunmax asked.

“Perhaps because he is worried he will seem weak to the other kingdoms... you may be his love... but the kingdoms around us are fearsome and any sign of weakness on Deckerd’s part would likely lead to an invasion.”

“Still...” Gunmax said. “You find time to spend with your family and friends when they visit... even the Young King Yuuta finds time to spend with his friends... but Deckerd... he does not try!”

Duke sighed. “I was trying to save him some grace.” He admitted. “To be honest Lord Gunmax... I don’t why he’s like this... sometimes a mech can be foolish and allow another whom they shouldn’t get close to them and hurt those they love.”

“Do not sugar coat it.” Gunmax said.

Duke sighed again and let his hand slide gently and slowly around to Gunmax’s face and lifted his helm up so they were looking at each other. “I beg you, not give me too much freedom with my words...” He said.

“Why?” Gunmax asked.

“I have one too many thoughts of you and his relationship... I have a spark for you and if you let me... I fear I will hurt you in ways I could never forgive myself for doing.” Duke said.

“What do you mean?” Gunmax asked. “Surely you... you couldn’t have feelings for me?” He added.

“I am a noble by blood... but with my land in ruin, I serve Deckerd,” Duke explained. “I know of your kind, Forest Lovers who must stay in touch with nature to stay healthy...” he said. “I also know they seek a lifelong mate, not a short term lover.”

“How do you know so much of my people?” Gunmax asked, the tone of voice showing he was relieved to at last have someone who understood what he needed and what he desired.

“I had hoped one day to court you myself... but when my Kingdom was ruined by the plagues... I lost everything I had gathered to grant to you as gifts, beautiful gardens, open forests, vast lakes, a home away from home for you and your kin should you ever have needed it, ruined by plague, fires and war...” Duke explained... “I wasn’t sure I’d be seen as anything more than a desperate Knight looking for a Lord love to live off...” he admitted lowering his gaze.

“Do you still think that?” Gunmax asked and Duke nodded.

“No Knight has the rights to court someone as high as you.”

“What if I asked you too?”

Duke looked up slightly shocked at what he had just heard. “Lord Gunmax?”

“If I asked you to court me... would you?” He asked. “I am tired of Deckerd’s continued ignorance to me... He doesn’t even kiss me good morning anymore... If you truely mean what you say I want an answer. Would you court me if I asked you too?”

Duke bowed his helm.

“As much as I would love nothing more... I cannot say yes.” he said.

“Why?!” Gunmax demanded.

“Because Deckerd is my friend... and as foolish as he is with his words and his actions, I still do not wish ruin things between you and him... I would rather wait and see if fate sees your relationship with Deckerd flower or wither...” Duke said standing and bowing. “I am sorry... I shouldn’t have come here...”


But Duke didn’t turn back, he simply walked away, passed the trees and passed the shadow that watched from them.


Deckerd looked up as the doors to his room opened, but rather than his Queen to be, it was Shadowmaru at the door, one of his loyal spies.

“Where is my love?” Deckerd asked.

“In his hut out in the garden, sobbing his heart out. Alone.” Shadowmaru stated.

“Duke didn’t-?”

“He spoke with Gunmax and when Gunmax tested him, Duke left.” Shadowmaru stated again. “Though it seems you have not learned your lesson.” He added looking at the sleeping form of Ringo in the bed. “Continue this way and you will lose Gunmax. You must know that Forest mech need love or they will become petals in the wind and return to their home.”

“This is his home.” Deckerd said. “Leave me,” he added and Shadowmaru bowed leaving.

Gunmax would never leave him... he knew that. Gunmax was too proud to leave him now...


Duke was alone in his room, his armour and weapons in their racks and his mind racing as he washed his face in the basin, the saddened look on Gunmax’s face still haunting him as he tried to relax on his bed.

The knight in question’s mind and heart were conflicting with each other, making his innards all twisted and sick. His heart felt a love beyond anything the Knight had ever know, a love for only one person, Gunmax. The King's betrothed... Duke winced at the thought. His mind knew logically, that such a scandal would put his fate with those of Lancelot and Qwenever, a traitor to his King and a harlot.

“But....isn't true love worth the risk? It's not as if Deckerd finds favour with his betrothed.” Duke fell back onto his bed, tired and bereft. He wished from the depths of his soul that royalty, honour, title and rank would all just disappear. That he could take Gunmax and simply run away with him.

But wishes such as this were not easy or simple to grant and Duke knew this. He, as a Knight, held a duty to his King. And out of respect to this duty, he knew he should pursue this fancy for the King's betrothed no longer.

Rolling onto his side, the knight fell into a light and uneasy rest.

Unbeknownst to Duke, he’d left his door unlocked.

Gunmax sighed softly as he stood in the shadows of the hall way, refusing to accept Deckerd's behaviour any longer he was going to prove to Deckerd that he was not a mech to just sit back and let his lover abuse his heart. He planned to go and see Duke again that night, and find out if the Knight would love him without question if Gunmax promised to go back to his own kingdom and give Duke the chance to court him...

It didn't matter about rank or status to Gunmax... it didn’t matter to any Forest mech who courted them as long as their intentions were genuine and their hearts were pure of sin they were welcomed with open arms... Gunmax had once thought Deckerd to be his true love, the young King had been so kind and caring towards him until they’d come back to this Castle... now he felt like a prisoner and a fool but Duke had said before that he had feelings... Gunmax had to know if they were true feelings or if Duke was just a love sick Knight who'd realized his place and spoken out of turn...

He hoped with all his heart that Duke did love him...

After a few minutes, the door to Duke’s room slowly opened and then closed again, this time locking heavily but quietly. Gunmax removed his cloak and hung it neatly on the back of the door, it was always warm in Duke's room, so warm Gunmax realized just how cold he had been outside, crying his heart out over a mech who clearly didn't love him.

Searching the room Gunmax couldn't help but smile at the many pictures and small knick-knacks he had from his home land. The Knight was a kind soul... something rare for a Forest Kingdom Mech like Gunmax to find, he sighed softly and looked at the bed, surprised Duke hadn't sensed his arrival, usually the Knight knew when he was coming and would have sat up to greet him... was he asleep?

Moving closer to the bed Gunmax gently reached out and touched Duke's face. "Sir Duke?" he asked quietly.

Duke made a little noise in his sleep, his mind somewhere between the dreaming and waking worlds. He shifted, unconsciously leaning into Gunmax's touch.

Gunmax smiled and gently stroked Duke's face, then he had a thought and bit his lower lip.

If Deckerd couldn't be faithful to him, there was no reason to hold back anymore. Gunmax nodded to himself and gently pushed Duke's shoulder, not to wake him put to give him a slight hint as he spoke. "Roll on to your back for me Duke... please?" he said softly, using his free hand to undo the small lace bow on his gown.

Duke murmured as he rested, but slowly shifted to roll onto his back, his arms resting at his sides, his head turned slightly so that his face was towards Gunmax.

Gunmax smiled and climbed onto the bed with Duke, straddling the knight's hips and using his free hand to hold his weight off Duke he turned Duke's head towards his and softly pressed his lips to Duke's hoping he would wake so they could talk of love... but also scared to wake him as he was worried Duke would shove him away like he had before in the garden...

Duke moaned quietly, pressing into the kiss, his optics fluttering a moment before he finally awoke, for a moment his mind was hazy as he was still drifting from sleep back to consciousness. When he was finally fully aware of his surroundings and what was going on he sat up, giving Gunmax a gentle push to break their kiss. "Gunmax... you, why're you... what're you doing here?"

Gunmax moved with him but to steady himself from falling, he caught Duke's shoulders and held on to them, stirring himself for what he was about to say and bracing himself for rejection if his hope were shattered. "I came to finish that talk we started... and to know if you were honest about what you felt for me..." he stated. “Please, tell me the truth Duke... I have to know if you do really care about me the way you said you did... or if it was just words to make me feel less a fool for loving Deckerd when he clearly has no love in his heart for me..."

He hoped and prayed with all his heart that Duke would be truthful, but with Duke's sense of duty and honour to his King and friend, Gunmax wasn't sure if Duke would open up and admit his feelings...

"Please Duke... don't let me go on thinking I made the biggest mistake of my life leaving my kingdom for the wrong mech..." he added.

Duke gaped for a moment, floundering for his voice. Words were there, but they were so much and so many the Knight found himself choking on them.

Taking a deep breath and swallowing hard he sighed. "I... Yes. I meant what I said, every word," he brought his hands up to where Gunmax's rested on his shoulders and took hold of the other's hands in his own, giving them a gentle squeeze. "My heart and everything it entails, is yours and has been since the moment I first laid my optics on you. But," he bowed his head, almost shamefully. "It is my duty to serve my king, to protect his kingdom and..." He looked up and peered into Gunmax's optics. "To honour his chosen mate."

"But he doesn't love me... he won't even say good morning to me anymore... not one kiss since the night we first arrived here... just a garden, a hut of my own and nothing more." Gunmax stated. "Duke you know my people... we need to know and feel we are loved or we will die... and with Deckerd's hands over my cousin... Duke I can't stay here if he continues to treat me like this..." he explained. "Please... don't tell me you plan to sit by and watch me wither away...? Because if Deckerd continues to ignore me that is what will happen to me..."

Duke swallowed hard, his emotions and thoughts conflicted. In his mind he knew he had to be honourable in his duties to his King. However, what Gunmax said was true. The King was showing quickly waning interest in Gunmax in favour for the forest mech’s cousin, making Duke wonder if Lord Deckerd was courting Gunmax in order to get to King from the beginning.

If such was the case, then Gunmax would surely die alone and neglected and as a royal knight, it was Duke’s duty to ensure that would not come to pass.

“Come to me.” Duke said, laying back down and pulling Gunmax down with him. “Let me be your provision, where my King has failed.”

Gunmax’s smile couldn't have been any bright if he tried. "Thank you Duke... my brave and noble knight." Gunmax said as he let Duke move him, before leaning in and resuming their kiss from before but with more passion them the last time. For the first time in months, Gunmax felt as if he were loved, his heart filled with joy and love after so long of being rejected.

Duke cupped Gunmax's face in his hands as they kissed, but they weren't there for long. The white knight moved his hands to Gunmax's shoulders, tugging at the fabric of Gunmax's gown lightly as he moved his hands down Gunmax's arms, to his sides, around to his rump where he stopped, giving the other's backside a light pat.

Gunmax moaned softly into the kiss, moving his own hands down Duke's back and moving so his gown straps fell down his shoulders, giving Duke better chance to remove the gown while they were locked in a kiss, his back arched a little as Duke’s hands reached his rear but he didn't pull away from the kiss, Deckerd had neglected him so much every slight touch sent tingles down his spine and his needs seem to increase tenfold.

Duke smiled, knowing now that he had chosen rightly, that his Lord and Master had shrank his espousal duties, taking a small delight in Gunmax's slow torment, he continued his soft feather-like touches over Gunmax's spine, sides and even reaching down to caress Gunmax's thighs.

Gunmax arched against him again, this time moaning loudly and clinging to Duke as he was teased by the touches. "Mmmm... Duke... please... please don't tease..." he pleased as he started to tremble. "Please... I can't wait... not anymore... please..." he added, hoping Duke understood his needs.

Duke smiled and nuzzled the side of his helm against Gunmax's. "It is my duty to please you, my Lord." He said, slipping a hand underneath Gunmax's clothing and pressing his digits against the mech's already dripping entrance.

Gunmax gasped and clung to Duke. "Ahhhh... ohhh Duke..." He moaned as the trembles became stronger, it really had been too long... Gunmax had forgotten how good it felt just to be in someone's arms and told he was needed and loved.

"My brave Duke... my loyal Knight..." he praised, having watched Duke for so long he knew Duke was not always given the credit and praise he was due.

Duke hummed, revelling in Gunmax's reactions. It was almost delicious how the mech in his arms squirmed for him. He pressed a digit into Gunmax's opening while lapping and nipping over the mech's neck and chin.

"Ahhh... ohhh stars..." the forest mech gasped, using shaky hands to try and find a way under Duke's night shirt to his bare plating, he wanted to touch the mech so badly, to return the pleasant touches... he wanted to make Duke feel this same pleasure but his fingers were trembling so much he wasn't sure if he would even get under the mech's shirt.

Duke understood Gunmax's intentions and with his unoccupied hand, he unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, but decided to make Gunmax work for the last three. Adding another finger into the forest mech's valve, he scissor them against Gunmax's inner walls, knowing it would do little to help Gunmax's concentration

Gunmax gasped and moaned louder, having to bite his lower lip to stop himself cursing, it felt so good to be touched again... he managed to get some control over his hands again for a little while and undid the last few buttons on Duke's shirt before pulling it off his own gown starting to feel restrictive... he wanted to move more but the gown restricted his legs so he couldn't move and take control of this situation just yet... he was forced to wait.

Duke smirked now, almost devilishly, as he continued his slow motions inside Gunmax's valve. He nibbled over the other's audios, using his free hand to tug away at Gunmax's garments.

Gunmax felt his face heat up slightly as his gown came loose from his body and all but fell from his torso, his plating smelt like the forest he had once lived in. "Duke... ohhh my noble love..." he panted trying to find the energy in himself to speak and move while his fingers clung to Duke's shoulders. "Please love... Give me more..." he pleaded again.

Duke seemed happy to oblige his love's request, but it would involve some repositioning. For a moment, he removed his digits from Gunmax's valve, intending on getting better positioned.

He never got the chance.

Gunmax saw his chance and made his move, using his hands to swiftly remove Duke's shirt completely and kick off his annoying gown, one hand firmly pinning both of Duke’s above the Knight’s head Gunmax smirked down at him. "You should know, my Knight, I do not enjoy being teased..." he said, despite how intimidating he was meant to sound the look of desire was more than enough to tell Duke Gunmax wasn't going to hurt him.

Slowly, Gunmax trailed a single finger down Dukes chest, while his lips took up assaulting Duke's neck and shoulders. "Say my name love." he asked softly while his fingers worked on the string ties on Duke's night pants.

Duke gasped at the sudden brazenness of the Forest mech. He quickly settled back into the softness of his bed and stretched out as he was assaulted by Gunmax's lips.

Gunmax smiled and continued to tugs the strings until they came loose enough for him to remove them, smiling as he felt the bulge under them, gently stroking the head of Duke's cable with his fingertips. "Say my name and I will make sure you are greatly rewarded love..." Gunmax said again, licking the areas he'd bitten Duke to sooth any pain he might have caused.

Duke, to his merit, remained tight-lipped, giving Gunmax a grim worthy of the forest mech himself. The white knight was being stubborn, eager to make their first night not one to easily forget.

Gunmax smiled, if Duke wanted to play that game then fine, Gunmax knew a way for two to make a mech talk. Still assaulting Duke's neck, Gunmax positioned himself so he could grind against Duke's cable but in a way that Duke wouldn't be able to slip inside his port just yet. If nothing else, Gunmax could thank his cousin for tips on how to drive a mech insane with teasing.

"Mmmm... if it's any consolation... you already feel bigger than Deckerd." he admitted searching for just one cable on Duke's neck he knew sent Meches crazy.

He found it.

Duke’s eyes widened and his had to bite his glossa to stop himself cursing as his body gave a loud rev, Gunmax’s port bathing his cable in warmth while his lips found his neck cables and teased the one wire that drove his body into a heated frenzy for a second or two, just long enough for Duke to buck up against Gunmax’s port trying to slip inside. “Ahhhh... Guunnn... oh my Lord... Gunmax. Please...”

“Good boy.” Gunmax smiled against his neck, relining himself and then swiftly impaling himself on Duke’s cable to the very hilt, arching and moaning as his insides were stretched and squeezed the cable within him.

Duke managed to pull his hands free and instantly let his desire take over, firmly holding Gunmax’s hips in place while he bucked into the other’s port, shifting as he sat up and pulled the other mech against his chest, taking all control from Gunmax as he pounded the mech’s port.

Not that Gunmax cared now, his body trembling as wave after wave of raw untameable pleasure ripped through him, leaving him speechless and a mess of moans, pants gasps and sobs as Duke drove their passion higher and faster.

Eventually it came to a peek and Gunmax threw his helm back and screamed silently as he felt his cable erupt over Dukes waist, chest as he was filled with the Knight hot seed. Leaving his insides burning with warmth and an almost forgotten love burning anew once again within him.

“My love?” Duke asked softly as Gunmax lay, spent, exhorted but smiling in his arms.

“It has been too long... since I felt this way...” the Forest mech stated softly. “Let me stay the night... let me dream it was you I chose... please...”

Duke felt his rational mind returning but ignored it and nodded. “Allow me to change the sheets, then we may sleep in true peace my love... Is that agreeable?”

Gunmax smiled and leaned up, gently kissing Duke’s lips. “Anything you desire I am happy to agree with.” He assured.

From the shadows outside the window, another watched and smiled.

King Deckerd would not need to hear of this little affair...


Making It Real
Gunmax/Bishop (drabble 2 of 2)

Legion’s badge bleeped at him and he opened it with a slight flip of his wrist.

To the sound of gunfire, rapid fire and laughter.


Gunmax and the Mics jumped up at the scream from their sister.

“Arrow what’s wrong?!”

~“Bishop and me got caught in a crossfire! They got mechs and I don’t have the ammo to hold them off!”~ Arrow screamed down the line over the heavy gunfire. ~“Bishop?!”~

~“I’m ok... the bullets just bounce off!”~

“Where are you Arrow?!” Legion demanded as he and Gunmax raced out of the room, Gunmax all but pouncing onto Gun Bike.

~“The Old warehouses near the Ohio River, Kentucky! Hurry!”~ Arrow pleaded as Legion loaded several heavy looking crates into his trailer.

“We’re on the way Sis! Hang on!” Gunmax yelled revving Gunbike and taking off in a mess of black tire smoke.

Sirens blaring and speed at max Gunmax arrived in a matter of minutes but to him it felt like hours. Upon arrival he unloaded several shots into a mech that was FAR too close to Arrow and Bishop for his liking.

Bishop had run out of bullets and resorted to a duel handed long sword, likely his secondary weapon like Duke’s but clearly Bishop was well trained to use the blade.

“Ammo?” Arrow asked just as Legion skidded into the area with an all mighty blast of his horns, Bishop noted that Legions Alt form was in fact a monster truck sized Peterbilt of some kind, with a trailer to match.

“Are you two alright?” Gunmax asked using the trailer as a shield to bring down the first of two Mechs.

Arrow nodded. “We’re ok.”

“No you’re not.” Bishop said. “She got hit on the leg when we got here, she can’t stand.” He explained and Gunmax nodded slinging Arrow’s arm over his neck and leading her into the trailer.

“Bishop.” Legion said before dropping a box of ammo for Bishop. “What happened?”

“We came here so Arrow could show me how to fish in the river... but when we pulled up someone shot at us,” he explained and one glance at Arrow’s crashed bike told Legion that was true, there was a large fishing box in the passenger cart and a now broken rod. “We didn’t see at first who shot at us but when we saw the mechs we had to move to here so we would be brought down by the gun fire.” He added.

Hearing the mechs laugh and snarling as Gunmax let lose multiple shots at the mech. “Is it always like this?” Bishop asked.

“This is mild.” Legion stated, “With so many cities and gangs, the Mechs here are common so we have denser amour and heavy duty ammo, we’ll get this sorted out quickly and you and Arrow will be taken back home.” he assured before standing and aiming his shot gun at the larger Mech. “Down you go!” he yelled as the mech fell.

Before the humans could run off into the night, they were blinded by multiple police lights and faced with up to ninety police officers.

“GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!! NOW!” A human officer snarled and the defeated humans dropped onto their fronts.

A female officer smiled and walked calmly to the Brave Police. “You certainly know how to get out attention Big fella.” She said and Legion smiled saluting the woman.

“Officer Bats.” He greeted.

“I’ll send you a full report of these guys the second I get in to the office, but for now, you have my personal thanks, these fools have been running amuck up and down the river.” The woman explained then smiled up at Gunmax. “Good to see you again Biker boy.”

“You too Batty.” Gunmax smiled.

Bishop blinked but said nothing as the woman officer and Legion spoke a little longer before she left them and Legion carefully pushed a battered and scratched up red and black bike into his trailer with Arrow.

“Bishop you don’t mind riding with Gunmax back to base do you?” he asked.

“Not at all.” Bishop said as he and Arrow shared a little look.

“Alright, then off we go.” Legion stated as he changed forms and hooked his trailer up.

Gunmax revved Gun Bike behind Bishop and smiled a little, “No funny business. I promise.” He assured and Bishop blushed a little before climbing onto Gunbike behind Gunmax.

The first few minutes were passed with silence before Bishop spoke up. “About the other night...” he said.

“Mm-hm?” Gunmax asked.

“I’m sorry I pushed you away...” Bishop said. “I’m just... not use to being the centre of attention... I’m not even use to being touched at all...” he admitted.

“I realize that now.” Gunmax stated. “And I’m sorry I scared you... Arrow is better with words then me to be honest, I thought you and she would be the item when we got here... I’ve always preferred just going with what feels right and trying to make my partner feel special...”

“I’m not your first?” Bishop asked.

Gunmax shook his head. “Not that kind of partner... When I first started in Japan and opened up to the guys there I let them plan what they want to do for the day and go with it, if things go bad I do what my gut tells me... I thought the same thing would be good in a more personal relationship...” He explained. “I guess I blew it.”

“No.” Bishop said slipping an arm around Gunmax’s waist. “You just scared me a little, I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy what you were doing... it did feel amazing I just... I just wasn’t expecting you to find out I was interested in you and try to make one of my fantasies a reality.”

Gunmax smiled. “I may not be the best on the job, but I’m not a fool, I know when A Mech is trying to get my attention... and if you’d like hen the reports are done, we could try again?” he asked.

Bishop nodded. “I’d like that.”

... ... ... ... ... ...

Gunmax smiled as he backed Bishop into the wall of his room, nipping at his neck cables and rubbing his hands down his sides to his hips while Bishop clung tightly to him, moaning and arching against him.

Before they dropped to the bed, Gunmax made sure to send Arrow a thank you message for telling Bishop his flaws.

Not that they mattered right now, Bishop was all but melting in his arms and the night was shaping to be a dream come true.


Sharing a Biker
Shadowmaru/Gunmax/Kagerou (drabble 2 of 3)

Gunmax moaned and panted heavily as his port was scissored slowly by one hand and the other pumped his cable, pushing him closer and closer to the edge of his sixth overload that night.

It was past midnight, everyone else was sleeping but Gunmax was being kept awake by the sheer bliss he was feeling, his hands restrained to the head board his plating in a neat pile on the floor and his visor retracted, leaving his torturer multiple chances to tease him to the brink of Overloads or send him into such a daze he wouldn’t remember anything when he woke the next morning.

If he got to sleep at all tonight.

“Do you enjoy this sweet pet? Do you enjoy being forced to the brink?” his tormentor asked as lips ghosted over his neck and shoulders, biting and licking softly at the delicate wires, making Gunmax’s body tremble and shudder. “Answer me.”

“Y... ya... yes...” Gunmax managed to gasp out as he tried to focus on speaking, but with five overloads and one more seconds away, he couldn’t focus on anything but his captor’s hands and those sinful lips...

“Good...” and with no further words from his capture Gunmax arched and cried out as overload washed over him again, leaving him panting, dazed and trembling as his tormentor moved above him gently kissing his face as the restraints on his hands were removed.

“Did you enjoy the show Shadowmaru?” his tormentor asked and Gunmax managed to find the energy to turn his head to where Shadowmaru was sat in a chair half hidden in shadows and by the look of things, already fully aroused.

“Indeed I did, Kagerou, had I known you wanted to prepare him so well, I would have warned him you were so skilled with your ways,” Shadowmaru said standing from his chair and looking at Gunmax, gently cupping his face, “Do you need to rest? We can wait if you need to rest.”

“I can last...” Gunmax assured if a little shakily. “One more round...” he added.

Shadowmaru nodded and then before Gunmax could speak again, both Ninjas moved in on him, Kagerou taking the back while Shadowmaru sat in front of him, Kagerou’s fingers teasing his wires while Shadowmaru kissed and licked his neck.

Stars started to erupt behind Gunmax’s eyes but his moans and gasps were muffled as Kagerou assaulted his lips, leaving saliva bridges between their lips between every kiss. Feeling the brothers moving to align themselves better he trembled and clung to Shadowmaru, unable to move between them due to how numb and weak his legs felt.

Shadowmaru smiled and held Gunmax up slightly as Kagerou slide more comfortably into positing behind the biker, his cable lined up with Gunmax’s port as Shadowmaru lowered the biker down slowly, smiling as Gunmax arched and dug his fingers weakly into his shoulders and back.

“Mmmmm... so warm pet... so welcoming...”

“Ahhhh... ohhhh stars...” Gunmax panted then gasped as Shadowmaru pulled them both closer to him and Gunmax felt Shadowmaru’s cable slide against his already stretching port and Kagerou’s cable. “Will you... fit?”

“Do you trust us?” Shadowmaru asked.

Gunmax nodded.

“Then relax, I swear I will go slowly.” The ninja assured softly while Kagerou’s hands moved to Gunmax’s thigh and hip, ready to help make it easier for Gunmax to move.

Slowly, Shadowmaru began to finger the edge of Gunmax’s port the already stretched opening was practically flooding with lubricants, making the action less painful and easier for both mech, Kagerou’s slow and steady thrusts in and out giving Shadowmaru time to open the port enough to slide his own cable head slowly into Gunmax’s port.

The biker arched gasping and moaning as his ports stretched and squeezed the intruding cables, never had he felt something so intense before... there was some pain, but nothing more than a stinging that was slowly fading as both ninjas moved like pistons inside him as one pulled out the other pushed inside, leaving Gunmax unable to form words.

Kagerou and Shadowmaru were unable to speak either, the latter panting heavily as his lips showered Gunmax’s collar with kissed and soft nips while Kagerou’s hands rubbed his chest and nuzzled his neck.

The thrusting steadily grew faster until Gunmax became lost in the throngs of passion, silently screaming as the two pounded his port and then filled him with an almost unbearable heat, sending Gunmax’s systems into blissful overload.

Shadowmaru and Kagerou panted heavily while clinging to one another and Gunmax, feeling the Biker go limp between them they shared a smile.

Gunmax was a sleep.

“Perhaps, next time we will let him decide who takes him?” Kagerou asked.

“Agreed, but for now, let us clean him up and let him rest,” Shadowmaru said, gently and slowly pulling out of their tangled state and carrying Gunmax to their personal shower to wash him down and re-armour him.

With that done he returned to the bed room to find Kagerou had changed the sheets on the bed and was just fluffing the pillows ready for them.

Careful not to wake their new found lover, the ninjas lay Gunmax on the bed and then snuggled either side of him.


Never To Be
McCrane/Gunmax (drabble 3 of 3)

Gunmax had left without a goodbye to McCrane.

Not that the Crane expected anything less for his horrid actions.

Things were a little off at first but eventually everyone settled back into their own way of things, but there was always an empty desk were the Biker mech should have been.

He came back now and then, but never stayed very long, everyone noticed he seemed happier now he was back home... a lot happier.

It hurt McCrane at times, sometimes he would hear Gunmax talk about his siblings back home and the happiness was evident in his voice... it seemed McCrane had lost his chance of ever being able to make Gunmax happy.

A part of McCrane said he deserved it. that this emptiness was what Gunmax had felt when the crane had so coldly rejected his affection, and how Gunmax had felt when McCrane so foolishly tried to talk with him at the wrong moment and ended up pushing Gunmax away for good.

Another part of him said it was worse than this for Gunmax... he had been the one to suffer an open rejection and a situation that had likely left some terrible nightmare in the biker’s mind.

“Mail!” Drillboy called from the door with a large stack of letters, “Shadowmaru, Deckerd, Dumpson, Power Joe, Me, Duke, Deckerd again, me, Duke, Duke, Dumpson and Power Joe... and one for McCrane,” He ticked off handing out the mail.

McCrane took the letter and placed it down while he finished his report, during that time Drillboy and Deckerd went off on patrol, Duke went to rest in his room while Shadowmaru and Power Joe went on a break.

McCrane opened the letter and nearly dropped the paper.

By now you know that whatever it was I felt for you has gone away and will likely not come back for a long time if at all, but that is not why I am writing to you.

Drillboy has told me you haven’t been yourself since I left, so like you, I will be as blunt and straight forwards as I can be.

Get over it.

I loved you, everyone knew that, but you clearly haven’t got a romantic wire in your form, or if you have it is dormant. I had to learn to cope without your understanding that I genuinely loved you and I have moved on.

So if you don’t mind, put the kicked puppy look away and move on. And if the future, IF we ever end up stationed together again things might be different.


He read the letter over and over, before his shoulders sagged and he placed the letter in his draw.

“Heart ache is said to be the hardest pain in the world to overcome.” Dumpson stated from his desk.

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Relearning Love
Gunmax/Power Joe (drabble 2 of 2)
(This Drabbles is School themed. No like? Go elsewhere.)

Gunmax was never one to shy away from a challenge.

The ninjas said he couldn’t sneak up on them, he’d done it, sure it had taken a few days, but he’d done it.

Drillboy said he couldn’t go three days without speaking, he’d been silent for four days.

Duke had said he couldn’t go two weeks without a drink of high grade oil, Gunmax had given Deckerd the key to his stash cupboard and not asked for it back until the following month after a horrid phone call in regards to an accident involving his younger sister Arrow.

Dumpson has said Gunmax couldn’t learn how to do a form of Martial arts. Gunmax had put Dumpson, Power Joe and McCrane to shame in a small tournament. In his school uniform and while wearing his backpack of all things!

Deckerd, wisely had not set any challenge to Gunmax, though he was happy enough to regulate the challenges, and lay down basic rules.

Challenges set had to be reasonable, after all, you couldn’t as a mech with no alt form to do something that required an alt form. No stupid time lines and no backing out of a challenge because you were losing and all Challenges were not to interfere in their class work.

Power Joe hadn’t set a challenge yet, but that was mostly because he couldn’t think of a good challenge for the biker that didn’t break any of the basic rules.

It was then, in a moment of sheer madness/genius, Power Joe realized he had a challenge... it would just mean he’d have to get Gunmax alone.

After checking everything was alright with the teachers of their lessons and making sure it fit with the rules, Deckerd text Gunmax his latest challenge and everyone waited.

The answer came swiftly.

Bring it on PJ.
1 school Day in the Girl’s Uniform is easy.

PS, will need McCrane to stitch my biker leathers again, left wrist seem is coming unthreaded again.

Gunmax. <3.

... ... ... ... ... ...

Power Joe lost his challenge but he didn’t care.

He was alone, with Gunmax, for the WHOLE Weekend.


Power Joe had struggled all Friday to keep his arousal from shooting skywards, Gunmax hadn’t only come in the girls uniform, he’d gone all out, French perfume, painted red lipstick, he’d even borrowed a wig from Arrow.

Wolf whistles had been thrown around all day and Power Joe had gladly played the role of noble gentle man all day.

Gunmax’s request for winning had been that Power Joe play Butler for him that weekend.

And thus, Here they were, Gunmax lounged on the sofa while Power Joe stood beside him, most of the chores done, dishes were washed dried and away, ironing down and folded neatly, carpets vacuumed, floors swept and mopped, bathroom cleaned, bed straightened and made...

Surprisingly Gunmax’s apartment was tidy and neat, everything had a place to live, everything was organized and everything was clean.

Power Joe looked down, as he had umpteen times before to see Gunmax’s perfectly shaped body sprawled over the leather of his sofa, a vest top practically begging to be ripped off and tight short just clinging to his aft and hips.

Power Joe exhaled a silent breath. He stood just beside Gunmax, as a proper butler would, his focus never waning from the other's form. The biker was slowly lulling to sleep, his posture slacking as the moments passed and all the while Power Joe watched him. He couldn't help it. Gunmax was and had always been the single biggest obsession for Power Joe. Since the first time the two had crossed paths Power Joe couldn't keep his thoughts from being fixated on the young hooligan.

And he had him alone for the entire weekend.

And Power Joe had still to admit to Gunmax what he felt in his heart.

Gunmax slipped in and out of sleep a little longer before his letter box went and he groaned. “Damn mailman... get that for me will ya, P.J?” he asked, shifting slightly and making his vest top shift to show off more bare plating for a moment or two. “Likely just junk mail... but it might be something good.” He added.

Power Joe nodded and went to get the mail, flipping through it to weed out any junk from the gems.

Solicitation. Junk.

Advertisement. Junk.

Coupons. Useful.

Bill. Bill. Bill.

"Biker Rally Monthly periodical?" Power Joe offered to Gunmax.

Gunmax smiled. "I thought it would never get here!" he said reaching for the letter in question, "I was worried the Rally had been called off with all the bad weather." He added. "Give it here, the rest can go either in the bin or in my 'Needs paying draw' by the fridge." He stated, referring to a small plastic set of draws he had neatly set and labels, Family matters on top, Bills in the middle and at the bottom, M.R Please Keep Out.

Power Joe nodded and put the junk mail in the trash and the rest where it was needed before returning to Gunmax's side. "So were you going to go? To the Motor Week Rally that is?"

Gunmax was rummaging through his school bag for his wallet. "We'll be staying in the camper van with Legion, since he races in the rally already, we'll be in Texas... Oh come on you got to be kidding me!" He stated and then checked his calendar and a little brown book on his desk. "Oh man... And I was sure everything was in order..." he sighed and slumped back down on the couch. "I hate money. Never there when you need it, spent on crap when you don't need it."

Power Joe smiled and took an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to Gunmax. "I thought such might be the case so I took preliminary actions." He said, earning a confused look as Gunmax opened the envelope.

Gunmax blinked and re-read the tickets. Free entry, hotel, dinning AND unlimited access to room service...

"How did you know I was low on cash this month before I did?" Gunmax asked. "Don't tell me Kagerou hacked my accounts again..." he added.

Power Joe chuckled. "No nothing like that. I just know you. You have a habit of...miscorrelating events. You don't get paid until two weeks after the convection. With those bills stacking up there really no way you could have made it." The kung-fu master rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "I mean not to say you couldn't have found a way on your own, you’re very independent and all that but I just wanted to... you know, so you could go and not have to worry about anything."

Gunmax gave him a slight look and poked his chest. "Are you sure you aren't stalking me P.J?" He asked and then smirked. "Remind me to thank you for this when I come back from the Rally. Heck Arrow might even send you a gift back for this." He added, putting the tickets into the family matters draw. "Thanks Power Joe."

Power Joe's smile diminished slightly. "You misunderstand." He snatched one of the tickets out of Gunmax's hand. "The tickets and reservations are under my name. If you want to go, you'll have to be my guest." Power Joe smirked. "Essentially you're my 'plus one'."

Gunmax blinked. "You want to go to a Rally with me? I thought you hated rallies?" He asked, trying to give his mind chance to absorb what he had just heard.

Power Joe made a noise. "I...don't, no I don't. But there's more involved, free tours of El Paso and historic land marks and...If nothing else you like these Rallies and I like you so-..."

"Whoa. Back track there PJ." Gunmax said. "You like me?" he asked. "Since when?"

Power Joe averted his gaze and blushed looking suddenly timid, something the kung fu artist rarely was, if ever. "For... awhile. I couldn't tell you when it happened but... it... I... hmm." Power Joe paused, trying to reign in his thoughts which were buzzing a mile a minute

Gunmax watched him and waited, not realizing that his vest top strap had fallen down his shoulder slightly. "Well out with it then PJ." He pushed for more information.

Power Joe made a noise, trying to find words that fit his emotions and not finding any that worked. His eye caught the tank top strap that dangled placidly on Gunmax's shoulder and reached out to move it back to its proper place, his hand lingering a bit at Gunmax's shoulder before moving to cup the other's cheek.

Gunmax blinked but didn't pull away. "Power Joe?" He asked.

"I..." Power Joe began again, giving a wry smile. "I honestly can't remember not loving you since I've known you. Its like, when I first met you... I found something that I was missing, some piece of me and... I wanted to tell you before but didn't want to risk chase you away." Power Joe slouched, his gaze mesmerized by his reflection in Gunmax's shades, as if trying to see beyond them into the other's optics.

Gunmax seemed to stiffen and look unsure of what he was hearing. "You set the challenge up deliberately didn't you...? You knew I'd win..." he stated.

Power Joe blushed again. "I was actually afraid you'd find out beforehand... “He admitted. “That you'd think I set it up just to be mean but... it was the only way I could think of to get alone. I hoped that it being just you and me I'd have the courage to admit this all to you. Hehehe, my knees have been knocking ever since I got here."

"Why not just tackle me in the changing rooms? Or drag me off to a locker and have your way with me there?" Gunmax asked as if that would have been the most obvious way to show affection.

Power Joe looked offended. "That... what... you... what?!" He gaped for a moment as if every train of thought he had suddenly derailed. "I couldn't! I wouldn't! That’s... that’s neither romantic nor the least bit appropriate! I believe in wooing and romancing and..." He paused for a minute and sighed. "You are worth far, far more than a 'quick snog'."

"My ex wouldn't agree with you..." Gunmax said. "There is a reason I dropped out of Gym and Self Defence classes is school and went privet." He added and if Power Joe thought he’d know why, it was around the time Gunmax started to miss those classes that the Teacher, Kinasaki had been fired from the school and arrested.

Power Joe cocked his optical ridge staring at Gunmax blankly. "You have an Ex? Oh God! Did he hurt you?" He put his hands on Gunmax's shoulders and gave them a comforting squeeze. "What did he do? Do you want to talk about it? Or not! That’s fine too but ....but if you need anything I'm here for you!"

Gunmax sighed. "It’s over with now... I just have to deal with mouthy reviews on my mental state is all... remember when those Chiften twins showed up and caused all that trouble? my review was so bad they thought I'd have to go back on the Anti-deprecation tablets after the beating they gave me... they're all locked up and rotting now so everything is ok." He explained. "I just... haven't really thought about another relationship with anyone... at least not yet..."

Power Joe nodded and put his hands down. "I understand. Completely. If...I don't want you to feel like you have to be obligated to return my affections. I...I'd like to at least befriends. Give you the chance to decide if you’re even interested."

Gunmax sighed again. "Power Joe I don't know HOW to have a real relationship." He admitted. "Kirisaki was the first guy I loved and that love got me beaten up and smacked around... I don't know how to bring down the walls anymore... If you want a relationship with me you have to be the one to start it with actions not words," he stated. "I don't know anything else... and no one else knows what that's like..."

Power Joe bit his lip in deep thought. "Would you let me show you?" He offered, reaching to take Gunmax's hand and take half a step closer, invading into the other's personal space.

Gunmax was quiet for a moment, he'd never been given the choice before... and it did feel nice to have someone showing him attention again.

"Just don’t pussy foot around..." He at last stated nodding in answer to Power Joe's question.

"I promise. Absolutely." Power Joe said with a nod, then stopped. "What exactly does that mean?"

Gunmax sighed. "It means don't ask Questions, not go slow and don't stop until I'm a mess of moans and pants, or you run out of stamina." he explained. "In even more basic terms it means stop talking and pound me senseless. Does that make more sense to you?" He asked.

Power Joe blushed hard and he made a little noise, but he nodded all the same.

"Then get on with it, Pj." Gunmax stated. "After all we are alone for the weekend." he added.

Power Joe swallowed the lump that suddenly developed in his throat, having expected Gunmax to react to his admissions but... not quite like this. He pressed in, moving his hands over Gunmax's chest, winding their way around him until he pulled him into a hug. He was trepidations of Gunmax's words and what they insinuated, but he decided if this was going to happen he'd make it an experience Gunmax wouldn't find comparison for. Taking a steeling breath to calm his nerves, PJ grabbed up Gunmax in a swift motion and slung the other over his shoulder and headed to the back of Gunmax's small apartment.

Towards the bedroom.

Gunmax stiffened in the hug but relaxed after a few seconds, Power Joe wasn't the 'straight to business' kind of guy... this was likely as new to him as any real affection Gunmax would get in future from the Kung-fu master. When he was slung over the other's shoulder however, he smiled, already starting to feel tight in his tight shorts.

Power Joe got to the bedroom and gently lay Gunmax down on his back and moved to straddle over him. His mind raced, how to please Gunmax without...without abusing him like his Ex apparently had. The Kung fu master ran his hands under Gunmax's tanktop messaging the well-muscled visage.

Gunmax moaned softly and bucked his hips against Power Joe’s, reaching up to the other’s shoulders, but his hands seemed to want to wonder further. Nerves and fear stopped him doing anything much, this was the first time in a while anyone had shown him such attention and he had no idea how to return it without fear of punishment if he got it wrong.

Power Joe smiled. “It’s ok to touch Gunmax.” He assured before gently cupping Gunmax’s face, “We don’t have to rush... we have all weekend to ourselves... we can go slow...”

Gunmax listened and slowly reluctant still to open his heart again, nodded. “Slowly... until we find the right flow...”

And so it went, slow, gentle hands and timid fingers exploring every inch and seam of the other’s body, eventually getting more comfortable with each other and relaxing more.

Eventually Power Joe gained more confidence with what he was doing, and Gunmax felt himself blushing as the Kung-Fu Master pinned him to the bed and began to kiss and nip at his neck and confident hands moved over his form and Gunmax felt himself becoming lost in ecstasy as he was showered by kisses and gentleness he’d never thought possible.

He stiffened as Power Joe’s hand moved down and began to caress his thighs, pausing when he stiffened. “Don’t stop...” He pleaded softly. “I... I need to learn its ok... I need this...”

Power Joe nodded and continued gently caressing and massaging his thighs and continuing to kiss and nip his neck, leaving his head spinning and his body trembling like a school girl with her fantasy crush.

“Power Joe...”

“Shhhh,” Power Joe whispered, “Just relax and let me teach you.” He said, now gently rubbing the bulge under Gunmax’s shorts. “You don’t wear plating?” He asked.

Gunmax shock his head. “I prefer not to when I’m relaxing.” He said. “God... please... I need more...”

Power Joe smiled. “Alright Gunny,” He said and swiftly undid the strings to his shorts, slipping his hand down under them and removed them.

Gunmax shivered slightly as he felt the shorts slip away, leaving him exposed while Power Joe removed his own pants before straddling him again.

“Tell me if I hurt you.” the other said and Gunmax nodded.

It didn’t hurt as much as he’d thought it would, but God it felt amazing!

Power Joe forced himself to stay at a slow and steady pace for Gunmax, watching the younger mech moan and his face twist in the throngs of pleasure, his insides squeezing tightly around his cable, making it harder for him to hold back his desire to just pin Gunmax’s hands and pound the mech’s port...

That lasted a few seconds longer before Gunmax felt himself being pinned to his bed and his port all but pounded.

And he loved every second of it...

Some unknown hour later that night, worn out and beyond focus, Gunmax passed out under Power Joe as the two lay in the afterglow of their love making.

A warmth between them that Gunmax found himself unwilling to let go of.


In Secrete
Gunmax/Drillboy (Drabble 2 of 2)

Shadowmaru sighed softly as he watched Drillboy fly silently alongside him.

He sent a quick text to Kagerou and the two Ninjas agreed on one thing.

Annoying as a Happy Drillboy could be, a Sad Drillboy was just heart wrenching.

... ... ... ... ... ...

McCrane was furious.

Dumpson was outraged.

Power Joe was beating the living daylights out of a punching bag.

Kagerou was out of action until his wing was fixed, due to a bad accident during training with Duke, Shadowmaru had already pulled his fair share of late night patrols and refused to do another.

Deckerd had altered the route to suit and while no one else minded the change, the three of them were livid.

Gunmax was due to do a late night Patrol with Drillboy that night and none of them were permitted to leave HQ until they were either called for a crime or Drillboy sent out a call for backup.

... ... ... ... ... ...

Gunmax was silent through the patrol, he knew McCrane had planted a bug in his bike, so instead of giving the mech more reason to dislike him, he was quite and after a few small signs to Drillboy the drill jet was also silent but livid.

Gunmax sighed. “Hold up Boy...” He said as he slowed down, scanning towards a small area where small houses were set up.

“What’s up?” He asked.

“I saw something move... Could have been a stray but it’s worth checking,” Gunmax said.

Drillboy nodded and changed while Gunmax kicked the bike stand down as they headed towards the houses, slowly and carefully.

A small brown and orange cat jumped out and sat on a bin lid, cleaning its paws.

“Just a cat.” Drillboy said as the two headed back to the bike and took off again. “Good eyes Gunmax.”

“Thanks kid,” He said, “I hear there’s a flower festival soon, if Fay and her friends wanted you could take them to see it? I have heard the floats are amazing.”

“I’ll ask her when I next see her,” Drillboy assured.

They fell into silence again and then Drillboy sighed. “Why don’t my brothers like you?” he asked.

Gunmax shook his head. “Not a clue, maybe the fact I’m not a Changer like the rest of you and the fact I will throw myself into the fire even if Deckerd has ordered me not to, maybe it’s because they can’t stand the fact you’ve made a choice and they weren’t there to point out all the flaws themselves... for all I know it’s because they just don’t like me.”

Drillboy sighed. “But it’s not their place to judge my life.”

“No, but it is there job as your brothers to look out for you.”

“This isn’t looking out for me, its forcing me to do something I don’t want to do!” Drillboy yelled.

“Drillboy, that is enough.”

“But it’s the truth!” Drillboy said. “I didn’t get forced into anything and they are treating me like a baby!”

Gunmax sighed but said nothing.

When they got back from patrol, his brothers were waiting and Drillboy’s angry boiled over as he ripped the bug from Gunmax’s bike and tossed it at his brothers, before all hell broke loose.

It took Duke, Deckerd and the ninja twins to drag the brothers apart, Gunmax stepped in the middle of McCrane and Drillboy, getting whacked on the helm by the older brother when he did and by the end of it, Drillboy was in lock down, McCrane and his brothers were getting a stern telling off and punishment from Saejima and Yuuta while Gunmax, dizzy and wobbly on his feet, sat between the Ninja twins while Toudou tended the dent in his helm and fixed a few wires.

“Thanks for the chance, fellas but honestly... it’s not gonna help so long as those three are against it.” Gunmax said.

“How are we meant to make Drillboy happy again?” Shadowmaru asked.

“Alter his brother’s point of view.” Gunmax stated. “But we all know that is impossible.” He added as the three were marched past him, each giving him a hated glare.

Deckard came over and sighed. “I am sorry Gunmax...” He said.

“Not your fault... those three can’t be helped.” Gunmax stated, “They are only doing what they think is right.”

“Still... if Drillboy isn’t happy this can’t continue...” He stated.

Gunmax sighed. “If McCrane finds out you are giving me permission to do this he will go through the roof.”

“Let him. I am tired of seeing Drillboy so sad.” Deckerd said.

... ... ... ... ... ...

Drillboy was laid on his bed, flicking through the pages of one of his many comics, his music on loud since he was ignoring his brothers’ comms and he was now officially off duty.

So he could do whatever he wanted for a few days.

His door had been locked from the outside by Toudou so he really wasn’t expect anyone to come in.

So when someone’s hands began to rub along his side he jumped out of his plating and almost threw his music player off the berth, only just catching it as the head phones came off. “Who the?!”

“Hey baby.”

“Gunmax?” Drillboy asked, having to reboot his optics to make sure he wasn’t glitching. “What are you doing in here? HOW did you get in here?”

“Shadowmaru is a wiz on a keypad and Kagerou loaned me his stealth tech for a while.” The biker stated with his usually cocky smirk printed on his face. “Miss me?”

He got his answer when Drillboy all but threw himself at him and they ended up in a tangled heap on the berth, Gunmax smiled softly and rubbed Drillboy’s back as the younger mech clung to him, small oily tears dripping onto his shoulders.

“Hey now, it’s ok... I’m not mad at you for what they did.”

“Still... they shouldn’t have...” Drillboy said.

“Shhhh... let’s not talk about them... let’s just you and me forget they even function for the night and spent time as we see fit... just you and me babe.”

“But what about-?”

“Deckerd and the others are dealing with them, you and me are off duty and free to do as we want.” Gunmax assured and Drillboy smiled brightly.

Hands wondered and lips met in soft, harmless kisses, tender promises and sweet nothings where exchanged as they stayed together, a night of slow, passionate love making followed, Drillboy found he never wanted it to end.

As they laid together, panting and gasping for breath Drillboy faintly heard a voice in the back of his helm telling him his brothers would be furious when they found out...

Another part of him said it would only be bad IF they found out...


Tender Loving
Gunmax/Kagerou (Drabble 3 of 3)

Gunmax sighed as he slumped down into his berth, his systems rapidly shutting down after a none stop 48 hour shift.

He hated it when the other mechs didn’t double check their shifts...

He stirred softly as he felt a weight on his berth, forcing his optics to on line for a second before dark hands softly began to rub his back and gentle fingers removed his visor, placing it down on the berth side table.


“Close.” Kagerou said gently straddling Gunmax’s rear as his hands began to rub against the biker’s shoulder. “You’ll lock up of you sleep while your tense.” He added, gently massaging the biker’s back and shoulders.

“Mmmm... thanks Kage’,” Gunny said softly, already feeling his insides soften and relax as Kagerou’s skilled hands and fingers worked their magic.

Kagerou made a soft humming noise while he continued to rub and massage the biker’s body.

Gunmax drifted into a deep sleep and wasn’t sure how long he slept, his body had needed more rest than he’d thought but he wasn’t about to complain.

He became aware slowly as he felt tender hands teasing his antenna as he slept, he murred and tried to wave it off, only to have his hand caught and kissed softly. “Mmmm... how long have you been here?” he asked.

“All night...” Kagerou whispered. “I had hoped we could have some fun, just you and I, but with you being so tired I settled for just a night of snuggling and cuddles.”

Gunmax smiled feeling something warm against his lower back, “Feels like you still want more than just snuggling with me, Kagerou.”

Kagerou smiled against his hand, “Do you want this?”

“Do you have to ask?” Gunmax teased, wiggling his rear against Kagerou’s crotch. “I’m all yours baby.”

Kagerou smiled, “You may soon regret those words love,” he said rolling them so Gunmax was pinned on his stomach, while Kagerou’s hands wondered on his form.

Gunmax moaned and let Kagerou do as he wished, trembling as the Ninja skilfully removed his plating and began to gently tug and play with his wiring, sending tingles all over his body.

“Mmmmm... you’re good at this...” The Biker said.

Kagerou smiled. “Shadowmaru thinks so too,” He said gently reaching own and starting to finger Gunmax’s port, “Still so tight sweet one...?”

“I don’t flaunt myself to every mech...” Gunmax moaned. “Only those who mean the most to me... you and ‘Maru are those meches,” he added.

“It’s an honour.” Kagerou said softly kissing along Gunmax’s neck and jaw line as he pushed his fingers deeper inside Gunmax’s port.

“Ahhhh... ohhhh baby... mmmmm...” the biker moaned, struggling a little as Kagerou teased him. “Kage... Ooooohhhh...”

“Do you like it love?” Kagerou asked softly licking and suckling on his antenna.

“Ahhh... You know... Ahhhh! You know you I do...” the biker moaned, shuddering as his insides began to squeeze and clamp around the Ninja’s fingers. “Ohhh baby...”

“You get so wet so fast love, “Kagerou said smiling as he pulled his fingers free and licked them clean, “Have you been dreaming of this?” he asked.

“Maybe,” Gunmax panted gasping as Kagerou rolled them again and slowly began to tease his port entrance with his cable head. “Ahhhhhh... ohhh Baby...”

Kagerou smiled and continued to tease Gunmax’s port slowly, gently rubbing his hands over the biker’s frame before thrusting deep into the biker’s eager port, growling at the warm wetness that consumed his cable.

Gunmax panted and arched, moaning as his rode Kagerou’s length, trembling as those skilled hands send wave after wave of sinful pleasure over his systems, “Kage... ohhh fuck... baby...”

“Are you close sweet one?”

“Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Yes! Ohhh baby... please...!” Gunmax moaned panting heavily, “Please... ohhhh so close...”

Kagerou smiled and began to move faster, gripping the biker’s hip tightly as he moved inside the biker, his free hand grasping the biker’s cable and pumping it in time with his thrusts, growling as he pushed harder and deeper as he felt Gunmax’s insides ripple and squeeze his cable tighter and tighter.

“Ahhhh... Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Kage... can’t... I...” Gunmax managed to gasp out before his insides clamp tightly around Kagerou’s cable, milking it as he coated the Ninja’s hand with his own hot fluids.

Kagerou smiled and licked his hand clean while leaving his cable pushed deep into Gunmax’s port. “Don’t worry sweet love, I plan on making your day off as blissful as I can...”


Bed of Lies.
Gunmax/Ringo (Drabble 1 of 1)
(Note, this story is set in a God!!Braves universe I have in my mind,)

Gunmax refused to look at any of them.

He refused to allow himself to sink to such a low level as they had and he refused to open himself to the other presence he could feel trying to reach out to him.

"So let me get this, completely straight." he heard his brother Legion, God of Time began from Gunmax's left. "Lord Ringo, God of the Horizon, chose to assist Lords Rook and Pawn, Gods of the Land and Sky, to 'test' the loyalty of my brother, Gunmax, God of Lust and Desires, in an attempt to see if he would be unfaithful due to his history."

There was a timid nod.

"And you, Lord Pawn, believe that my brother, who has already suffered the loss of ONE lover he believed was true, thought wise to have Ringo pretend to love my brother, and then in an attempt to show Gunmax was unfaithful, spiked his drink."

Another nod.

"And then you, Lord Rook, attempted to seduce him. and in his drunken state, rather than allowing you to have your way with him, Gunmax attacked you, resulting in the temporary loss of one of your wings, internal bleeding on Pawn's systems, and then, when Lady Arrow, Goddess of Love and Sincerity arrived to assist her brother, with the 13 Fairies of Honesty, Kindness, Justice, Humour, Honour, Trust, Generosity, Loyalty, Laughter, Freedom, Charity, Harmony and Music, you two were forced to confess that you had planned to publicly show my brother as an Unfaithful cheat."

A final damning nod.

"You heartless FOOLS!" Arrow screamed from her seat. "Love is not a game for your pranks and SICKLY IDEAS!" She cursed down at the three, her usual calm aura flaring in utter rage at this tale, "My brother is not a cheat nor is he unfaithful! How dare you use him as a target for your sick and foolish heartless intents?"

"Lady Arrow please..." Lord Bishop spoke though clearly he was in no better mood. "They will be dealt with by Gods Duke and Deckerd."

"I care not! They do not deserve the titles of Gods! Least of all YOU God of Horizons!" She cursed Ringo. "You who came to my temple, into MY home and ask my blessings... you do not deserve to know Love."


Arrow looked at Gunmax.

"That is enough... if you will excuse Me." the God of Lust said before slowly walking away from the gathered gods and fading into the shadows.

… … … … … …

Ringo returned to his home and found it had been stripped of everything Gunmax had ever given him, beautiful paintings of the night sky that Gunmax had painted for him, sweet smelling candles and flowers, jewels and gems, everything Gunmax had given him in those past five years... Gone, replaced with what had been there before.

Empty and bare walls.

The house seemed colder now...

And he had only himself to blame.

He had lost Gunmax because he couldn't get the idea out of his mind that Gunmax was somehow... someway cheating on him.

And he had been wrong... he had been so very, very wrong...

Lady Arrow had forbidden him to set foot in her home again for his betrayal of her views.

Lord Duke was furious with him, as was Lady Regina.

And he was angry with himself for allowing such thoughts to plague him the way he had...

It had cost him his lover... and the mech he had hoped would one day be his mate.

He sighed as he laid down in his now large and empty bed... it felt cold now and he knew why...

It was a Bed of Lies now.

And he didn't know how to change it.

Chapter Text

Snow Fun

An: If you haven’t read Ultra Rodimus’s GGG fics ‘More Then Words’ and ‘Change of Perspective’, you won’t understand some of this fic, so go read those first. It snowed here last night and I wanted to make a little ficlet. And since reading Ultra Rodimus’s GGG fics, I got a Plot Bunny on my head that wouldn’t leave me alone til I typed this up.

Summary: The GGG Robots discover just how much fun a Snow Ball Fight can be.


Volfogg woke from his sleep by a chill in the air, he shivered, moving back in the bed to snuggle against his lover...

...And fell out of the bed.

The sudden yelp from the bedroom, was heard outside and Mamoru came into the bedroom and found his lover half wrapped in blanket and sprawled over the bedroom carpet, muttering. “You okay?” he asked, getting out of bed to help the purple mech back to his feet.

“I’m fine, just a little friction burn.” The human mech said, just as they heard something outside. “What was that?”

“Probably some snow falling of the roof.” Mamoru said, “It started snowing last night, when I woke up this morning I found that we were snowed in, I called GunGlue and GunDober to dig us out and the Ryu brothers showed up to help, right now, they’re having a moving the snow to the feild.”

“That explains why I got cold.” The purple haired man said as he began to get dressed.

Once the two were outside, they found GunGlue and GunDober playing in the deep snow around their little ‘base’. Seeing Mamoru and Volfogg, they called ‘morning’ in gun-speak and then went back to playing.

Mamoru smiled watching the two playing then looked up as a large chunk of snow fell off the roof behind them; Volfogg changed his form and lifted Mamoru up onto his shoulder. “It looks like the snow will be here for a while.” He said, as he looked around.


Volfogg felt a slight pain and numbness on his left arm and turned to see the Ryu brothers in the middle of a three on three snow-ball fight, Mic, HyoRyu and FuuRyu against Goldymarg, EnRyu and RaiRyu, by the look of things the Mic, HyoRyu and FuuRyu were wining. The Snow ball that had hit Volfogg had been aimed at RaiRyu, and the yellow twin had ducked.

“GunGlue! GunDober! You guys want to join?” RaiRyu offered, as the Gun brothers watched the snowball fight from afar.

A snow ball in the face from GunGlue gave him an answer.


GunDober and GunGlue were rolling in the snow, giving the impression they were laughing, the Ryu brothers, Goldymarg, Volfogg and Mamoru weren’t too far behind.

Volfogg had declined the offer to join in and instead sat watching them all with Mamoru, GunGlue had joined HyoRyu’s team and GunDober was with EnRyu’s team, and after a long game, the two sides were at a stale mate, surprisingly, the Gun brothers had a very good throw and GunDober had managed to hit Goldymarg in the side with a large Snowball and knock him flat on his side.

Mic had seen stars for a few minuets after GunGlue’s Snowball hit him on the head, and as he had tried to get his bearings, he’d walked into a large tree and been covered head to foot in snow, EnRyu had scooped the snow out of Mic’s eye screen and then drawn a smile with his finger. Sending the other Mech into fits of laughter.

Guy had come down just as everyone was calming down from all the laughing.

Noticing Guy, the Ryu brothers stood. “Captain.”

“At Easy, guys.” The older man walked over to Mamoru and Volfogg with amusement in his eyes. “signs of a snow ball fight and a snow man the size of Mic Sounders... what happened down here?”

“Snow-ball fight, and then Mic walked into a tree.” Mamoru grinned watching Mic start moving again.

“Well, I hope he’s ready to come back to teh Orbit Base for his check ups.”

Upon hear that, Mic hid behind the gun brothers, looking like a child who’d been told there was a monster under the bed, Mamoru laughed. “So that’s why you were so eager to help this morning.”

“Mic not want big needle in him! No thank you!!!” Mic insisted still hiding behind GunGlue and GunDober, GunGlue and GunDober looked at Mamoru and GunDober said something in Gun-speak, Mic’s screen face flashed a question mark. “What?”

Mamoru and Volfogg shared a smiled. “He say’s there’s no needles for the checkups and that you’re being silly.” Mamoru said, as he watched GunGlue dust the snow off Mic’s head, GunDober spoke again and this time looked at the Ryu brothers. “He asks who told Mic there was a needle involved.”

All eyes went to EnRyu and when the red twin looked up, he found himself under attack from Snow balls. “Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow-Ow! I was only teasing!!”

After a few minuets of convincing, Mic went back to the Orbit base with the Ryu brothers and Goldymarg, the Gun Machines went too, since they hadn’t had a check up in a while.

“Think it will snow over night?” Mamoru asked as he and Volfogg returned inside.

“If it dose, we can always turn up the heater.” The taller man said, as they lie together, “Or find some other way to keep warm...”


HyoRyu and FuuRyu

RaiRyu was no where to be found...

FuuRyu sighed, guessing that his yellow twin was busy else where to come and spend some time after they had celebrated ‘Valentines day’ with the Humans, he smiled, he’d given RaiRyu a shocking gift while they had been alone that night and he had no doubt that the gift wouldn’t be seen by any but Fuu.

HyoRyu and EnRyu had been quiet lately and having not heard from them in a while, teh green twin headed to the older twins room, finding HyoRyu reading with EnRyu no where insight, watching the blue twin, FuuRyu felt something inside his systems begin to burn. He caught himself thinking that and felt hi face heat up a little, and shook his head. ::HyoRyu is EnRyu’s lover, not mine! Don’t get any ideas!:: he told himself.

“Evening FuuRyu...” HyoRyu called over as he put his Reading pad away. “Something I can help you with?”

“Oh... No nothing really HyoRyu...” FuuRyu said looking away from the blue twin and catching a glimpse of the blue cover that hid HyoRyu’s connection cable. ::Unless you’re up for a Quick interface... STOP IT!:: he scolded himself, then changed the subject. “I see you’ve gotten a bigger recharge bed.” He said with a slight smile.

“Yes, En seems to think that he can be as rough as he wants with me.” HyoRyu chuckled a little recalling teh last time he and En had had some time alone.

“I bet I’m harder then him.” FuuRyu slammed his hand over his mouth at that. ::I did NOT just say that!!::

Hyo looked at Fuu with an unreadable exasperation and then smiled seductively. “Care to test that statement?” he asked getting up and walking over to the green twin, who was now blushing so much he’d put EnRyu’s paint to shame.

“B-but HyoRyu... you’re EnRyu’s lover... what if he finds out...?”

HyoRyu was now directly infront of the green twin and had him backed to the wall. “I’m sure he’ll be more then willing to share me with you, same would apply if it were Rai, in fact, I think that’s what En went to talk with Rai about...” the blue twin said leaning in and kissing at Fuu’s neck.


“We’re all practically brothers, Fuu, and if me and En can be lovers, and you and Rai why not me and you and En and Rai, or Rai and me and you and En? We can combine together either way, so I don’t see a reason why we can’t share each other... do you?”

By the gods, HyoRyu’s hands were everywhere!! Fuu couldn’t keep his resistence up and gave in, letting his hands roams over the blue twin’s body feeling the older twin smile against his neck.

Before any more doubts could settle in, Fuu felt Hyo’s lips take his into a passionate and hungry kiss, coaxing the green twin’s lips open and his tongue to dance with his. The next thing Fuu knew he was lying on top of the blue twin and he was in complete control of the situation...

...And he liked it.

Kissing his way down to the blue twin’s connection cover he could already feel the heat coming from the cable, he opened the front of the cover and then opened his own, connecting the two cables he felt a rush of pleasure and slight pain shot through him as he sent powerful surges into the blue twin with. HyoRyu could do nothing to stop it and all but collapsed down when it was over, FuuRyu took his lips into a mind blowing kiss and he felt his systems fly back into arousal.

It was then that Hyo noticed thar Fuu was still aroused and was barely ready to rest. ::Let me see if I can change that.:: He smirked and kissed his was down to the green twin’s connection cable.

He caressed the opening lovingly with his thumb, and Fuu bucked under his grasp, unable to take Hyo’s teasing and the blue twin gave the cable a loving kiss, then took the tip into his mouth and began to suck it greedily, teasing it with his tongue, Fuu hissed and moaned as Hyo sucked and gently nipped his cable, one hand playing the wires in his leg while the other braced Fuu’s aft. It was quickly becoming too much for the green twin to handle. “H-Hyo... I... I can’t last... much longer!” he moaned.

HyoRyu merely smiled around Fuu’s cable, continuing his ministrations, FuuRyu felt a pleasant tingling in the base of his cable and knew that release was just moments away, turning his head side to side and trying to say something until he couldn’t take it anymore and finally after what felt like a years, Fuu came long and powerfully, shooting lubricant into Hyo’s hungrily sucking mouth.


Hyo awoke to find Fuu snuggled up in his side and just next to the green twin was RaiRyu, looking like he’d been well had before arriving.

Red arms wrapped around him and HyoRyu smiled feeling EnRyu’s lips find his own. “I take it they’re okay with idea of sharing?” he asked after En settled beside him.

“Yea, though I must say, Fuu and I will be having discussions about where he found a thong in that size...”



Brave Police Shadowmaru Drabble

“Don’t just sit there! Help me!” Shadowmaru snarled as he tried to get a large red collar off his neck.

“Fifty oils to each of you if you don’t help him.” A female voice said, a young female sat on the edge of Duke’s desk, inspecting her nails. Her left arm in a sling. “This is pay back for the ‘carry me while sleeping’ stunt he pulled last week.” She said.

The girl’s name was Jenifer; she had been sent to Japan from her designer in Canada, a leading man in the robotic world, he had made Jenifer to be a stand in for the Brave Police if one of them fell behind with Paper work, or when one of them needed extra help with investigating. Her appearance was almost human, but she had two large bat like ears atop her head and her limbs were made of the same type of metal the Brave Police were, however, because she was the same size as an average 18 year old girl, the metal broke a lot easier then the brave Police’ armour did.

A week ago, Shadowmaru had been for some reason, been sleepwalking, and had, much like any real dog, picked Jenifer up like a puppy and carried her all around the base, it was later discovered that he had accidently picked up one of Drillboy’s jet oil canisters, thinking it was regular oil and drank it, the result was a slight glitch in his AI that made him sleep walk.

While carrying Jenifer around, Shadowmaru had walked into the Decker Room, where Decker, Drillboy, Power Jo and Yuuta had been talking, and bumped into Power Jo’s leg, that had woke Shadowmaru with a jolt and in a small panic fit, dropped Jenifer, resulting in her broken arm.

Thankfully, Jenifer’s body was filled with nanits so in a few more hours her arm would be healed and she would be good as new, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t mad at Shadowmaru...

“I said I was sorry! How was I meant to know it was Drillboy’s jet oil?” the ninja insisted.

Now Shadowmaru was paying the prise for hurting Jenifer.

She had fitted him with a bright red collar and a leash that kept him sat in a huge basket with a doggy bed inside it, sat either side of the basket were two large paddling pools, one with Shadowmaru’s fuel and the other filled with water.

“They were marked up, dog breath.” She said, then after checking the clock, she smirked and looked at Decker. “I think it’s time for the Doggy to go walky.” She said holding up a hand held device. “Yuuta, would you mind if Decker and I took Shadowmaru for a walk in the park?” she asked sweetly and Yuuta, managing somehow to keep from laughing, nodded his head.

If looks could kill, Jenifer had little doubt she would be dead and rotting from the look Shadowmaru gave her.

Gun-max, Drillboy and Power Jo stepped back from the desk when they watched Decker reach out and take old of the leash, Shadowmaru was about to protest, but for some reason, instead of words, all that came out of his vocalize were barks, growls, whines.

Dumpson and McCrane looked at Jenifer and the device she held. “Is that...” McCrane began.

“...A vocal modifier?” Dumpson ended and Jenifer nodded.

“Can’t have little babies at the park hearing Shadowmaru cursing, can we?” she asked, then looked at Duke and Gun-Max. “Could one of you help me down please?”

The Knight smiled and held out his palm, letting Jenifer slide into it then lowered her to the ground. “Would you mind company?” he asked. “Its a nice day out and there is no crime today.” He added.

“Hmmm... what do you think Yuuta?” Jenifer asked.

The boy nodded. “A Day at the Park and a way to help the people get to know the Brave Police aren’t just a bunch of bots with guns and AI Programming.” He said and with a smile, the Brave Police headed out side. Gun-Max letting Shadowmaru sit on the passenger cart while Decker drove Jenifer and Yuuta there.


“Fetch!” Gun-Max shouted tossing a large stick into the air.

Shadowmaru, without having much choice, raced after the stick, barking as he did.

Jenifer chuckled as she relaxed under a tree, watching the other BP’s treat Shadowmaru like a tamed puppy dog knowing full well that the ninja could do nothing in retaliation since the collar had a large volt shocker in it that she used to make sure he did as he was told, an added punch to her punishment to him for dropping her.

“Woof!” Shadowmaru barked standing in front of Jenifer and looking down at her in a way that clearly said ‘get this collar off me.’

“Shadowmaru~ here boy!” Drillboy called holding something behind his back. “I got a surprise for you!” he added and Shadowmaru barked running towards him.

Drillboy pulled out a huge bone and Duke gasped. “Is that a... Dinosaur bone?” he asked.

Drillboy smiled. “Don’t worry; it’s a fake one I made a while ago to see if Shadowmaru would bury it like normal dogs.” He said watching Shadowmaru nom and chew on the large bone.

Decker, McCrane and Gun-max had been talking and Decker smiled, with a quick move, snatched the bone from Shadowmaru and threw it up in to the air. “Fetch!” he said tossing the bone as far as he could.

“Woof! Woof!” Shadowmaru barked leaping and grabbing the bone then realized something...


Jenifer held her sides she was laughing so much.


Jenifer chuckled as she settled on Gun-Max’s shoulder as Drillboy and Duke dried off Shadowmaru with a huge towel, then, removed the collar from his neck. “There see? That wasn’t so bad was it?” she asked, letting Yuuta un-bandage her arm and check it for any damage.

Shadowmaru didn’t answer, he was already out of the room and shut himself in his room.

Three weeks later, the Decker Room erupted with laughter as the view screen showed a TV show Jenifer liked called ‘You’ve been framed’

The video that was rated the funniest was the clip of Shadowmaru diving for the bone and then dropping in to the water. Shadowmaru ducked so far down in his chair he vanished under his desk.

Chapter Text

GGG-Kitten Drabbles

Dinner time

It was a funny sight to say the least...

Everyone in the house knew that the Yuusha kittens loved Prawns, Shrimps and Chicken. And it was also known that Shadowphoenix was the main source of the Yuusha Kittens food.

But when the black winged human stumbled into the room with the Yuusha kittens on her shoulders and head, a black and white Hark and Tiger following and one tiny light blue kitten riding in her bump-bag, all purring and nuzzling her, some people started laughing and chuckling.

Shadowphoenix mealy smiled and walked alone like nothing was wrong.

Once she reached the kitchen the kittens jumped off her and to the floor, and watched as she found their bowls and a large pack of Prawns, and without even batting an eye lid gave them all a hand full of Prawns in their bowls. The first ones to get their bowls were GunGlue, the hawk, and GunDober, the tiger, both of whom were happy to dig into their dinner.

Next were the Ryu kittens. HyoRyu the blue kitten, EnRyu the red kitten, FuuRyu the green kitten and RaiRyu the yellow kitten, they waited until Shadowphoenix had turned to get the last bowls before digging into their dinners, without even looking, Shadowphoenix cleared her throat stopping En-Kitty from pinching one of Rai-kitty’s Prawns.

The last ones to get their dinner were, Volfogg, the purple ninja kitty, and Mic, the smallest light blue kitty, which was still sat in Shadow’s Bump-bag, watching the other eat. Vol-kitty sat watching from the floor as Shadowphoenix knelt and placed his bowl near him and then brought Mic-kitty out and put his bowl down too.

“Try not to leave a mess, fuzz-balls.” She said before heading out of the kitchen to watch some TV while the kittens ate their dinners.


It was a nice day outside and everyone was out enjoying the sun. Even Vol-kitty and three of teh Ryu kittens were outside, bathing in the sun. The Gun critters were playing near the water and Mic Kitty was playing with a few fallen feathers from Shadowphoenix.

Shadowstar was waving a bit of long grass for Hyo-kitty to chase when suddenly a red blurr shot towards the black and while Hawk and Tiger. Cy sighed and began counting. “Three... two... one...”


The red kitten had knocked GunGlue and GunDober into the shallow pond. And was now rolling around mewing and waving his tail happily, Shadowphoenix chuckled as two black and white critters surfaced from the water and glared murder at the red kitten. “En! I’d start running for your life if I was you!” she called over and the red kitten finally noticed the two black and whites that loomed over him.

With a tiny wave of his paw, En-kitty was off like a red blurr trying to escape the angry hawk and tiger that chased him. GunGlue managed to get a few becks on the kittens head and GunDober managed to head but teh fleeing kitten a few times before they disappeared back into the house.

Shadowstar watched them go and turned to Cy and Shadowphoenix. “Shouldn’t we go after them to make sure they don’t hurt him?”

“Nope. They won’t hurt him, just use him as a play toy for a few minutes. Besides, En’s a troublemaker and he knows that everyone will get him back for the pranks he pulls on them.” She said, stretching out in the warm sun.

A few minutes later, the Gun Critters came out of the house and lay in the sun to dry up. And Shadowstar went to see if she could find En-Kitty...

She found him tangled up in some string, hanging upside down from one of the coat hangers.


“Has anyone seen Vol, Rai and Fuu?”

Shadowphoenix looked down from the roof beam she’d been lying on when she heard Cy ask her question. “Nope... I thought they were with you.”

Shadowstar shook her head. “Haven’t seen ‘em. Why?”

“I haven’t seen them all day... and its past dinner time.” Cy said looking around the room for the three Yuusha kittens. “Where were they last?”

“Last place I saw them was in Vol’s box, Rai and Fuu were looking for someone to play with and Vol was the first one they found.” Shadowphoenix said flying down from the beam she had been on.

“I checked there... nothing but his water bowl...” Cy said, trying to think of other places the kittens might be.

“Um, guys...” Shadowstar said pointing behind one of the chairs.

Shadowphoenix flew over and practically melted. “Awwwwww, look at them...”

Cy looked and smiled. Vol-kitty was sleeping behind the chair with two smaller balls of curled up fur using him as a pillow, Fuu-kitty and Rai-kitty, and all three were purring.

“I guess this proves that even the proud and might Ninja kitty can be won over by the cuteness of little kittens like Rai and Fuu.” Shadowstar said as the three Yuusha kittens continued to sleep.

Piggy-back Ninja

Vol ran as he caught sight of the two younger Ryu Kittens coming at him again for the fifth time that day.

After two minuets he had run past Cy, who had stepped aside with a knowing smile, he’d almost gotten away from the younger two Kittens when a green and a yellow kitten pounced on him. Mewing in victory, one of them began to pull playfully at his ears and the other batted at his purple tail.

With a cat’s version of a sigh, the purple kitten let the two younger kittens climb on his back before he began to walk again, passing Shadowphoenix, Cy and Shadowstar.

Shadowphoenix chuckled while Cy smiled again. “Piggy-backs from Vol, heh, Rai and Fuu must really be working their magic on him.”

Paint fun

Shadowphoenix was lazing on one of the roof beams petting Mic-kitty, while Fuu-kitty was sleeping on Morph’s lap, Cy was in the kitchen with Vol and the Rinny was petting Rai-kitty, Shadowstar dangled a bit of string for Hyo-kitty to play with.

No one noticed that En-Kitty was missing until...


The red fur ball came out of the kitchen and shot down one of the hallways, leaving bright pink paw prints over the floor, moments seconds later, Cy came out of the kitchen covered in pink paw prints all over teh back of her cloths and shoulders and a pink paw on the left side of her face.

“How’d he get into the paints?” asked Shadowstar, trying not to laugh.

“I don’t know but he isn’t sleeping on my bed unless he gets a bath.” Rinny said, still petting Rai.

Cy growled and went after the pink pawed Yuusha kitten.

Morph noticed that there was a pink tail dangling from Cy’s shoulder and sniggered. “Looks like Vol’s gonna need a bath too.”


GunDober purred quietly, rubbing his tiger head against Cy’s hand as he was scanned by a lady in a white dress with a red cross on the collar of the dress.

The lady smiled a little. “He is one lucky Critter. He’s only managed to sprain his left hind paw, nothings broken or chipped, so he’ll be just fine in a few days.” She said.

Cy sighed. “Thank heavens for that.” She said, picking the Tiger Yuusha up, being careful with his hind paw.

GunDober had been chasing a butterfly and jumped up to catch it, missed and landed badly on his hind legs, and since then, he’d been limping around and no one knew what had happened, so Cy had taken him to the vets to see what had happened and if anything was broken.

Thankfully not, and so with a bit of a fussing and a little medication to make the pain go away faster, the two were off back home.

Nap time

Coming in from the garden, Rinny yawned.

And stoped dead in her tracks when she saw who was on her bed...

On the bottom of the pile were En-kitty and Hyo-kitty, both snuggled together and curled up between them were Rai-kitty and Fuu-kitty, all four were purring loudly and showed no signs of waking up any time soon.

Fetching the mail

Shadowphoenix twitched as a furring tail flicked at her face, turning over she found the tickling didn’t go away and sighed, and sat up in her bed. “Alright, Mic I’m up...” She trailed off when she saw Mic-kitty pulling in a large stack of letters for her up onto the bed.

Across the hall, Cy woke up to find Vol-kitty, GunGlue Hawk and GunDober Tiger pulling and pushing her mail on to her bed. Rinny was also getting her mail delivered to her by Rai-kitty and Fuu-kitty, both pulling the mail onto the bed with their teeth and tails. Shadowstar got her mail from Hyo-kitty while En-kitty pulled the last of the letters onto Morph’s bed for her.

“Must be their turn to fetch the mail...” Cy said watching teh Yuusha kittens wonder off to find something to do...

Tangled up


The one thing no kitten could resist.

Currently a large Green ball of Yarn was sat near the TV set and since everyone else was busy, it hadn’t been noticed by anyone. Well almost no one.

Vol-kitty, having not seen this strange green ball before, wandered towards it and began sniffing it, it had Cy’s sent but it didn’t look like her. He gently poked it with his paw and teh ball rolled, the lose end caught Vol’s attention and he prepared to pounce.

Cy came in a few minutes later to find Vol tangled in the green yarn, looking up at her pleadingly for some help getting out of the yarn tangle. “Mew...?”

On the Bus

Rinny was so glad that they were the only ones on the bus. The Ryu brothers were due a visit to the vet and since they’d missed the taxi, they had to take the bus. Hyo-kitty, Fuu-kitty and Rai-kitty were being quiet, and well behaved, sleeping, or just lazing in their boxes.

En-kitty was being very loud, very rude and very fussy, not wanting to be in the box at all. Shadowphoenix sighed from teh seat behind Rinny and pulled a bag of Prawns from her back pack, and pushed one into each Box to keep En quiet.

Mic Kitty was sat beside her, watching everything fly past the window, happily nibbling on his own Prawn.

The Snow

Shadowstar and Shadowphoenix were outside in the knee deep snow, clearing the path to the house. Around them were several Yuusha Kittens, playing in the snow. Hyo and Fuu were rolling in it, mewing as they sniffed it and then jumped on big piles of it, Rai and En were jumping in the holes, and trying to catch teh falling snow flakes while Mic and Vol were trying to get out of a deep ditch mewing for help.

Bath time

It was a funny sight to see.

Shadowstar had come into the bathroom that morning to get ready for the day and found the Yuusha Kittens in the bath tub, in paw deep water and they were all rolling around in the water, then climbing out of the bath tub, and shaking off, the water before heading to the fire place, to dry off.

The Fair

The sun went down and Shadowphoenix yawned, and stretched, the smell of the sea and fish and chip shops drifting around her, making her hungry. Next to her, a little light blue kitten was pawing her arm. “Alright, Mic, we’ll get some fish and chips them we’ll go on some rides.” She said gently placing the kitten in her bump-bag.

Heading up the stone steps from the beach, seeing the sea side fair open for the night comers, she smiled and got some Food, before heading to the fair ground, stooping near the steps and letting Mic-kitty out of her bump-bag feeding him some of her fish. Since the others were all busy at home, Shadowphoenix had taken Mic-kitty with her on her day holiday.

Goldymarg Puppy

Morph was woken up when she heard something whining outside the door of her room. Yawning she opened teh door and a small puppy came in, orange and gold in color and jumped up onto her bed, curling up on her pillow and falling to sleep.

Goldy Puppy had been found in a dumpster near the house stuck under a big box of hammers and tools, and Shadowphoenix had brought him home. The Ryu kittens had so far stayed away from him, but Mic-kitty and teh Gun Critters had been brave enough to get close to the puppy and in the short two weeks Goldy-puppy had been around, he hadn’t barked or snapped at them, only sniffed them and then cocked his head to one side.

He had also taken a liking to sleeping inside Morph and Shadowphoenix’s bedrooms when he got lonely at night.


Everyone was at the vet again, and this time everyone was worried.

Morph, Cy and Shadowstar had been cleaning the house while Rinny and Shadowphoenix had gone to get a few bits and bobs from the shop, when they got back, they saw some boys with sticks near the garden wall, kicking and hitting something. Rinny had taken the shopping bag inside while Shadowphoenix had gone to send the boys away.

Two minutes later, She’d come into the house, her blue cardigan wrapped around GunGlue, shouting for the others to get GunDober and the other Yuusha pets into their carriers, as she grabbed her car keys.

The minute she got to the car, Mic-Kitty jumped onto her shoulder and was quickly followed by GunDober jumping in the back seat to be with the Hawk. Shadowphoenix didn’t stop until she got to the Vet and GunGlue was being seen too properly. Cy, Rinny, Morph and Shadowstar arrived minutes later asking what was happening and now they were all sat waiting to hear about GunGlue...

It was almost 9pm when teh door to the room GunGlue was in opened, and the vet came out, taking his gloves and mask off. Turning to the group of girls sat waiting, and smiled. “You’re lucky to have gotten him here so fast, he wouldn’t have made it if you hadn’t come as soon as you did.” He said and motioned for them to come in.

GunDober jumped up onto Shadowstar’s shoulder as they went into the room, and then hopped down to lay next to the sleeping Hawk, gently nuzzling his head against the bird’s bandaged wing.

“He’ll be recovering for a few weeks, but he’ll be just fine as long as he rests and takes one of these every morning and night for three weeks.” The vet said, handing Shadowphoenix a small bottle of tablets for GunGlue. “You can take him home tonight but bring him back in tomorrow first thing so that we can make sure we haven’t missed anything.”

After saying thanks to the vet and paying what was owned, everyone got into Shadowphoenix’s car and they headed home. GunGlue and GunDober were set in Cy’s Room with Vol-kitty, and by Morning all the Yuusha pets were snuggled around the Hawk.

Ice cream

“Five single chocolate ice creams and nine bowls please.” Shadowstar said as En-kitty and Hyo-kitty sat on her shoulders.

Once she had the ice creams, and a tray to carry all teh ice creams, she joined the other girls on the bench near the wall, Cy and Rinny helped her set teh bowls down for teh Yuusha pets while Shadowphoenix and Morph rounded up them up and helped GunGlue, still unable to walk or fly alone, settle near his brother so he could have his ice cream.

Rai-kitty managed to get ice cream on his chin and around his noise, and En-kitty came away from his ice cream with ice cream above his eyes. Hyo-kitty and Fuu-kitty managed to stay clean-ish while Mic and Vol-kitty managed to get their faces covered in their ice cream, while the Gun Critters managed to stay clean.

Getting wet

Goldy-puppy had chased his favorite ball into the water and after managing to get out, he had, in true dog like style, shaken off the water...

... All over Cy, Morph, En-kitty and Fuu-kitty.

Going for a ride

Cy chuckled as Hyo-kitty sat on the back of the Roboraptor’s back. Happily wagging it tail as it began to walk in a circle.

At first it had roared when she’d put the new batteries in and they Yuusha kittens had lost almost all their fur, and now they were riding it like they rode on everyones shoulders or heads.

Next up was En-kitty, who managed to get on and last half a ride before he fell off trying to catch the white tail of the Raptor.

Butterflies and Fireflies

Rai-kitten and Fuu-kitten were out exploring the garden, since it was late afternoon, they had eaten and everyone else was laying in the ;last of the sun, or chasing a bit of grass.

The youngest Yuusha kittens suddenly found themselves surrounded by little bugs that lit up and a small yellow butterfly, which landed on Fuu’s head.


Morph wasn’t feeling very well.

She’d caught a bit of a cold and was stuck in bed with nothing to do, and felt utterly terrible.

Suddenly the door opened and a rainbow of colored fur-balls came in, and settled around her, purring and nuzzling against her.

“Knock, knock.” Chuckled Cy as she brought Morph some lunch. “I guess they want to get better fast.”

THAT week

It was one of the worse pains know to women.

That awful pain, the moodiness it brings, and the desire to kill someone when they just didn’t leave you alone.

Cy grumbled as the pain seemed to get worse. Why, oh why, do women suffer such painful times of their lives?

A soft ‘mew’ near her ear caught her attention and a soft nuzzling sensation on her neck and cheek made her smile. It was a well known fact that Vol-kitty would nuzzle her to try and make her feel better during THAT week...


Rai-kitty watched from the window as children, all dressed up in scary costumes came to the door, and said ‘Trick or Treat’ or ‘Happy Halloween’ and getting candy from who ever had opened the door.

He didn’t know what they were doing it for, all he knew was he didn’t really like the costumes and stayed inside were it was safe with his brothers and Vol-kitty, near the fire with some nice prawns.

Part 2

Mic-kitty pushed the door to the room open and looked inside, slowly going inside looking around until he saw a large lump under the bed covers, he jumped up and made his way to the lump, hearing sniffles and panted sobs from Shadow. Carefully he curled up next to her face and licked her face with his tiny tongue.

A few moments later, he spotted Hyo-kitty and En-Kitty coming towards them and watched them curl up beside Shadow, softly purring and nuzzling her trying to comfort her, shortly after that, two more kittens, green and yellow arrived, nuzzling and purring like their brothers were doing.

A larger weight came and Goldy Puppy laid his head near Shadowphoenix’s face, whining softly at her.

Softly Shadowphoenix smiled. “Thank you...”


It was one of the most funny/cute sights you could ever see.

In front of the computer, were five ball of colors fur, En-kitty, Hyo-kitty, Rai-kitty, Fuu-kitty and Mic-kitty, all listening to ‘Carmelldansen’ and dancing to it, twitching their ears up and down with the image on the screen shown by You-tube and waving their rear ends too, their tails flicking left and right.

Shadowphoenix just had to take a picture of it, since she knew no one would believe her otherwise.


“Dinner’s ready.” Called Shadowphoenix as she and Morph set out the dinner table with food, there was the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs and when the door opened, and the Yuusha kittens came in, all with large bows around their necks. En was wearing a bit blue one while Hyo had a red one, Rai had green and Fuu and yellow. Mic had an orange one while Vol had a black and white one, the Gun criters had purple ones, and Goldy Puppy had a light blue one.

“Well... at least now I know where Mic goes when he can’t sleep in my room” Shadow chuckled.


Well, it wasn’t something she should have been surprised by...

Sat in front of the oven all the Yuusha kittens were watching through the glass cover as the Turkey cooks slowly, their tails swishing left to right with the ticking of the clock.

Bonfire Night

They were all watching the fire from indoors where it was safe, and where teh loud sounds of the fireworks was blocked by the walls of the house.

Vol’s kitten

There was a lot of cooing and ‘aww’ing when teh news was spread round, but no one could have guessed the little kitten curled up next to Vol would be so cute. GunGlue and GunDober refused to leave Vol’s nest box sides at all, and currently the only one who could get near to the box was Cy.

After a few days the new, tiny kitten was named Scavy.

Little bells for Little cats


What was that noise?

Vol-kitty looked up at Cy, she was sat working on something at her desk, the only sound she made was her breathing, and the slight tap of her foot as she listened to music.


Vol went out of Cy’s room and across the hall to Morph’s, she was playing some kind of game on the X-box, where people who looked dead seemed to be alive and little girls stabbed dead people with some kind of weapon.


Vol trotted out of Morph’s room and peeked into Rinny’s room, not wanting to wake her, her room was quiet, and not a sound to be heard, just Rinny’s bed as she moved a little.

Vol then trotted to Shadowstar’s room, she wasn’t in there, but the door was open a jar, not shock there since Fuu-kitty was sleeping on her bed.


Vol looked towards the stairs and spotted a little sky blue kitty hopping down the steps and as he did, the noise happened. Vol followed Mic-kitty down the stairs and to the sofa as he jumped up on to it and started rolling around on it.


Vol jumped up and looked at Mic, who having been scared by Vol’s sudden appearance, have jumped to his paws and almost fallen between two of the cushions.

Vol stepped closer and ducked his head to see the strange silver thing around Mic’s neck, his ears twitched and he sniffed it. “Mrrow?”

“Nya Meow!” Mic meowed, puffing his chest out and making the small sliver thing move, resulting in a soft ‘chime’.


Just then little Scavy clambered up the side of the sofa and meowed at his mother. He had a small bit of string in his mouth and attached it was another small silver thing, when Scavy moved his head, the silver thing made a ‘ding’ sound.

“Since Scavy and Mic are the smallest of the Kittens, I got them both a bell to play with, so we know where they are if they get lost, or if they go outside and get stuck somewhere.” Sapphire said as she gently patted Mic’s head, then very gently set Scavy on the sofa with Vol, so he wouldn’t fall off the side of the sofa when she sat down to watch TV.

“Although Scavy is a little too small to have it as a collar, it hasn’t stopped him carrying it around or playing chase with it.” She added.


This was the best thing about shopping with the GGG Yuusha Kittens.

If they saw anything they liked, they would knock it into the trolley, then run around behind everything to find the hidden bargains and the fresher foods.

Currently, the Ryu kittens were pulling a large packet of king prawns and a large bag of shrimps, Goldy-puppy was carrying Scavy and Mic on his back and Vol, GunGlue and GunDober were carefully moving and carrying fruit, biskets and other such things about.

Meanwhile, Cy, Morph, Sapphire and Rinny were pushing their trolleys around.

New friends

Vivian checked the address on the slip of paper and took a deep breath before heading into the garden to knock on the door.

“Just a minute...” A voice called and a loud clatter happened.

“En! Stop leaving yarn balls all over the hall!” “Has anyone seen ‘Glue and ‘Dober? They need a bath.”

The door opened and a tall blond girl answered the door, on her shoulder was a little purple furry kitten with a white tail and golden crest on his head. “You must be Vivian, am I right?” the girl asked.

“Yea... that’s me.” Vivian said. “And that is...?”

A voice from inside answered. “The purple kitty on Cy’s shoulder is Volfogg, Vol for short. The four bundles of fur on the sofa are the Ryu brothers, the two critters chasing each other in rings are GunGlue and GunDober, and this little blue fuzz ball, is Mic. That dog there is Goldy.”

The speaker said, coming out and showing she was also a female, on her shoulder was a small sky blue kitten. “I’m Sapphire, you came about the falcon we found?” She asked.

“Yes, is he ok?”

“He’s fine, just a little edgy around so many kittens that seem to think he is a snugly pillow.” Sapphire said and very carefully, she led Vivian to the garage. “He’s made himself at home in here,” She said, opening the door and letting Vivian in and smiled as a green blur of feathers rammed into Vivian.

“Kagerou! You’ve had me worried sick you silly bird brain.” She said, gently running her fingers of the named Kagerou Falcon’s chest, smiling. “Next time, no flying off after dark. Shadowmaru has been worried sick.” She said.

“Nyaa!” Mic meowed, holding up a small bell.

Kagerou leaned and after a second or two, he took the bell in his beak and listened to it chime a little.

“I think that would be Mic’s way of asking if you could come again. Maybe even bring friends.” Cy said coming in with an arm full of kittens and two critters. “Now, time for a bath.”

Yuusha play-date

The GGG Kittens and Goldy puppy were having fun in the garden, Fuu and Rai were playing chase, Hyo and Ryu were snoozing, Goldy was playing fetch with Sapphire while Mic and little Scavy were playing with Morph and some string, Vol and the Gun critters were somewhere around.

Cy was by the BBQ while she was there she turned the music player up and smiled as the while she was there she turned the music player up and smiled watching Mic attempt to stand on his hind legs and dance to the song.

“Hello~ anyone home?”

“Back here Vivian!” Sapphire called and a very familiar falcon landed on the fence, a small bell attached to his left talon. “Hi Kagerou.”

“Could someone open the gate please, my arms are full.” Vivian said and Morph went to open the gate.

Suddenly, the fence had seven new kittens on it, and one puppy sat beside Vivian, the GGG kittens looked at the new comers and as one their heads tilted to the left.

“I’m guessing these are your Yuusha pets?” Morph asked Vivian and Vivian nodded.

“From left to right, Kagerou, Gun-Max I found in an ally way, hiding under a bike, Duke came from the fire station, McCrane, Power Joe, Dumpson are triplet kittens from a lady who lived near a construction site, Drillboy found his way to me after his owner abandoned him near a football ground, Decker is from the police station, and this puppy is Shadowmaru, he and Kagerou came to me after the shelter they were in went out of business.” Vivian explained.

For a few seconds, the Yuusha kittens looked at each other then at the new comers to their home, all tension was forgotten however when Volfogg jumped up on to the fence, and sat down looking at the seven new kittens.

Decker scrambled the rest of the way onto the fence and sat down too, gently to two kittens sniffed each other then, with a flick of his tail, Vol let the new comers into the garden.


Scavy, Mic and Drillboy looked up at the cardboard wall in front of them, they couldn’t get up it, and they had nothing to climb up it, so they couldn’t get into the popping bubble wrap they’d seen inside the box.

Mic huffed a sigh, then suddenly found himself lifted up gently and placed carefully on the side of the box, when he looked back he saw Dumpson and McCrane holding Scavy and Drillboy, gently the two placed the kittens in the wrap and Mic saw Power Joe had been the one that lifted him up.

Scavy meowed then, with no further hesitation, started pouncing on the bubble wrap with Drillboy and Mic.

Cleaning up

Carefully using his nose, Decker helped HyoRyu roll up a small blanket on the floor, and push it to the corner, up on the fireplace, McCrane and Dumpson were dusting with their tail, Kagerou was holding a big bag open while Drillboy, Mic and Scavy pushed and nudged empty plastic cups, plates and forks in to it.

Shadowmaru, Goldy, GunGlue and GunDober were dragging large bags out of the house and to the bin while Power Joe, Duke and Gun-Max pushed a damp cloth over the table and other wood works.

A few hours later Cy, Vivian, Morph and Sapphire came home, with lots of shopping and found the house they’d left in a slight mess from the small party last night, now clean and tiny, and a large pile of sleeping kittens, two puppies, and a Falcon.


Vivian chuckled as she watched three boxes move around the floor then ram into each other, a few moments later, Mic pokes his head out of the top of one box, Drillboy from another and Scavy the third. They three meowed at each other then ducked back into their boxes and started moving them again.

“Simple fun for simple minds.” She chuckled to herself watching teh boxes once again, run into each other.

Balls, cars and prawns.


“What the devil?” Vivian looked into the room the loud chorus of cat calls had come from and nearly dropped the book she was reading.

Drillboy-kitty was chasing a large soccer ball around the room, Duke-kitty was chasing a toy fire engine around, and Gun-max was nomming on a huge, stuffed toy Prawn.

Kitten, Puppy and Falcon

There were only five in the house that could ever, truly, with no trouble at all, no questions asked, ever scare the living daylights out of Drillboy and Power Joe Kitty.

The resident ninja trio, Volfogg-kitty, GunGlue hawk and GunDober tiger cub, the trio had made both the soccer loving cat and Power Joe jumpy almost as high as the back of the sofa.

The other two were Shadowmaru puppy and Kagerou Falcon, both of whom had a habit of appearing out of now where and making Drillboy jump backward a few feet and Power Joe yowl in shock.

Sweet tooth Drillboy

“Who’s eaten all the Ice cream?” Morph asked as she looked into the living room of the house.

“Did someone feel Drillboy Ice Cream? His mouth is covered in the stuff.” Vivian said holding the young kitten up, his furry jaw and nose was covered in ice cream.

Hot days

Everyone was outside, dressed in summer clothes and enjoying the heat wave, all wearing sun cream, shades and had at least seven chucks of ice in their drinks.

Shadowmaru, Kagerou and Goldy were hidden under the tree for shade, while the kittens were hogging the air conditioner the only sources of cool air in the house.

Gun-Max’s Bike

Gun-Max refused to move. He sat solidly on the seat of the old green and white peddle bike that use to belong to Sapphire.

Sapphire sighed. “This is getting ridiculous.” She said, thinking.

“Why won’t he leave that bike?” Cy asked, and Vivian sighed.

“It’s the same colour as his fur... maybe that’s why?” she suggested.

“It’s an old bike and we need to clear it out so I can get Sapphire’s new motor bike in and the cars.” Morph said.

Sapphire looked at Gun-Max and the bike and then snapped her fingers. “I got an Idea.”

A few days later, Gun-Max heard a loud purr from outside and jumped up at the window sill, looking down into the drive to see Sapphire sat upon a green and white motorbike, she drove it slowly into the garage and Gun-max rushed down to see the bike, for a few seconds he just sat and looked at it, then, he jumped up and sniffed the bike all over before settling on the seat for a nap, purring.

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Our Love Games.

OK so here be a set of drabbles that were born while RPing with the ever wonderful PerceptorsFembot once we have the logs set up and they’ve been through the spell checker, *my spelling is terrible* we might post the RP up so everyone can have a nice helping of Yuusha/Transformer fun and adventure.

Disclaimer: I own only Pink Raker, Red Raker and the little bat Luna.
PerceptorsFembot owns Genesis Kaiser and it was her idea to tie the two fandoms together so I give her credit for that.

Exkaiser and Transformers RID are the property of Sunrise INC. Takara and Hasbro. We mealy borrowed; used and abused them then sent them home.

Please don’t sue us I’m broke as it is...

Oh and YES this is a MECH/MECH SLASH FIC With a tiny sprinkling of M/F.

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Got complaints and Flames? Need to whine and moan about how I have destroyed and traumatized you’re childhood? See them. *Points at Megatron and Galvatron*

Everyone else, enjoy the slashy goodness!!!


Forced To Watch.
Parts ~ 1 of 2
Pairings ~ (mentioned) Exkaiser/Green Raker/Springer and Dikaiser\Dinogeist/Pink Raker

Summary ~ Exkaiser does some reminiscing and then goes to see his mate. Unfortunately he doesn’t quite get there...


Everything was starting to feel right again.

His team was healthy and safely home with their respective families, his brother was allowed to stay with him... the geisters had surrendered and many were now in retraining to be kaisers.

Exkaiser smiled settling into his new office, turning in his chair to see his home world outside, mech and femmes walking, flying, or even driving in their alts side by side, Geists and Kaisers getting along together, now that news of Dinogeist was gone, everything seemed... perfect.

Of course, only Exkaiser’s team knew Dinogeist wasn’t truely gone. He had given up his life as a pirate and chosen to live with his brother again, taking a new name and a new alt mode, instead of a T-Rex alt mode he now had a large Lion and now he went by the name Dikaiser.

He smiled a little and looked at his desk, optics falling onto the framed pictures he had. In the far right stood his big brother, Dikaiser in all his glory and new paint job, so they looked like brothers again and in his arms was the reason for his change.

Pink Raker. The younger sister of Blue Raker and Green Raker, she had only been on earth a few days when the Geisters kidnapped her and Exkaiser had feared that the young female Raker would be hurt. But he had been wrong; his brother hadn’t so much as given her a nasty look.

He’d just... spoken with her on the odd occasion, true Ptera Geist had attempted to try and talk him into hacking to Pink Raker’s processer and taking the valuable information about combining, but Dinogeist had forbidden him doing so, and even protected her when Ptera had dared to try and hack her in secrete.

During an eruption of the volcano that at the time had been the Geisters’ base, Dinogeist had let Pink Raker go, even taking her to a hidden tunnel and allowing her to escape. At the time Exkaiser couldn’t believe it when she’d told him. His brother had let her go, and not once tried to hurt her? Could it be that his brother was still saveable...

It turned out he was, for only a few weeks later, Dinogeist had saved Pink Raker from Ptera Geist again and then after a brief but terrible fight with Ptera and a trio of Geister known as the Fossil Geisters, everything between Dinogeist and Exkaiser had changed, the hatred and pain was gone, leaving only sorrow and regret.

Pink Raker had somehow made her way into Dinogeist spark and through that small, fragile link, love had taken root and become strong, allowing Dinogeist a chance to speak with his brother and plan a change in the war that would allow Exkaiser to win, and for Pink raker and Dinogeist to be together.

They made a clone of Dinogeist and after a fake final battle, it flew into the sun, ridding the universe of the feared Pirate king, while the real Dinogeist was given a new Lion alt mode and a paint job that matched Exkaiser’s own, and he went back to using his true name.


No one had questioned it and everything had been perfect.

Exkaiser smiled and looked at another picture, a group shot of everyone in his team and Dikaiser a few hours before the plan had been set into action, Pink Raker was being held up by her older brothers teh raker twins, while Dash, Sky and Drillmax were posing to the right of Exkaiser. Kouta, the human child was sat on his shoulder and behind them all was a beautiful sunset.

Exkaiser sighed happily as his optics fell on the last picture he had on his desk.

A picture of his two mates.

Green Raker, the younger brother of the Raker twins and Prime Councillor Springer Kaiser.

Springer was currently off world on an important visit to their sister planet, Cybertron and Green Raker was somewhere in the compound likely taking a nap in their room.

Smiling, Exkaiser stood. Perhaps he’d pay his young mate a visit and they could share a cube and spend a nice evening together snuggling and watching a holo movie while they waited for a call from Springer to say he was returning home.

Mind made up, Exkaiser headed towards the quarters he, Green Raker and Springer shared.

Just as he turned the last corner in the hall way to his room, something heavy and hard hit him from behind, knocking him out.

You Belong To Me.
Parts ~ 1 of 1
Pairings ~ Drillmax/Fire Convoy.

Summary ~ Drillmax stakes his claim on Fire Convoy after so long apart, of course he hasn’t quiet realised that Fire Convoy was waiting for him to do just that...


He couldn’t stand it.

He just couldn’t stand to be in that room watching his lover be touched, flirted with and showered with attention from suitors even though they were all turned away, he just couldn’t stand it.

Drillmax growled as he watched another suitor make his way to Fire Convoy and ask to dance with him, only to find himself turned away when Fire Convoy chose to leave the now overly crowded bar and headed for the door, turning back to look at Drillmax, he smirked and then left.

Moments later Drillmax got a private message from Fire Convoy. ~‘Get your aft to our room quick if you want me, or do you want someone else to claim me as theirs?’~

That was it.

Drillmax left the room and headed right to where he knew Fire Convoy was waiting.

He didn’t give Fire Convoy the chance to speak once he was in the room, he simply locked the door, soundproofed the room, and then pounced on his lover, pulling him tightly against him and kissing him with a possessive passion, pushing him down onto the huge bed and swiftly snapping Convoy’s wrist above his head with maximum restraint cuff.

Not that Fire Convoy minded, it was what he wanted after all, several hundred years apart from his lover had left him feeling incredibly needing and longing for Drillmax. And by the All-spark he was getting him, Drillmax’s hands were everywhere on him.

Drillmax didn’t care if someone heard them; right now he just wanted to pound his lover senseless and make his scream.

“Drillmax.... oh Sparks... you’re burning...” Fire convoy gasped feeling Drillmax’s lower panel rub frantically against his own, making his insides heat up rapidly. “Oh... ohhhh...”

“What do you expect, Convoy? When you’re squirming and helpless beneath me?” Drillmax asked, clawing at Convoy’s chest. “All those mechs back there... touching you... trying to claim you as theirs... I couldn’t stand it.” He said, a growl from his engines making vibrations rattle Convoy’s body.

“By Nova... Drillmax!” Convoy arched and moaned. By stars he’d never known Drillmax could be so possessive... or that it would be such a turn on.

“Do you know how many nights I dreamed I was with you? Nights I dreamed you were pinned and chained at my mercy and begging for me?” Drillmax growled against Convoy’s throat, grinding their covers against each other creating more sparks and causing Convoy to thrash under him, trying to break the restraints and take control, but the restrains held him. “I’ve waited so long to claim you as mine, Convoy. I won’t be denied you any longer... You belong to me.”

“Drillmax... Oh great novas... please!” Convoy gasped, coolant starting to drip down his body and steam drifting up from his joint seams as his body heated up. “Oh Stars... Please take me...”

“Such a sweet way of begging,” Drillmax smirked and reached down roughly snapping their covers off and then rubbed his fingers around the rim of Convoy’s valve. “I want to hear you moan and beg for me more...”

Convoy arched and moaned, thrashing wildly as his valve was teased. “Oh... Ohhh Drill... AHhhHHhhh! Please!! Ohhh don’t tease me... please!! I need you so bad...” he panted between moans and gasps, desperately trying to cool his systems, “Drillmax... please...”

“Mmmmmm... what was that?” Drillmax asked teasingly, running his finger tip just that tiny bit harder against Convoy’s valve rim and then gently pinched the upper centre. “Speak up love.”

Fire Convoy arched off the bed violently his arm and shoulder joints sparking as his valve was teased and tormented by his lover’s fingers. “Oh sparks... Drillmax... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! DRILLMAX PLEASE! TAKE ME!” he screamed, pulling so hard on the restraints that they began to spark a little too.

“That’s better.” Drillmax smirked and bent lower, kissing Convoy deeply as he rammed his cable deep into his valve, starting at an agonizingly slow pace, pulling almost all the way out then sliding in again.

Fire Convoy arched and moaned giving Drillmax the change to reach behind him and drag his fingers down the arched back, scraping the paint a little. “Ahhhhh... Ohhhhh Drillmax... Ahhhhh... Ohhhh.... so good and big...”

Drillmax growled and began to move faster. “Fire... Oooohh, so tight... aaahh...” He rubbed his hands over Convoy’s chest, dragging and clawing the glass there. Then when he felt the tingles begin to build, without warning he bit down hard on Fire Convoy’s audio and thrust as far into that wonderfully tight valve as he could.

"DRILL MAX!!!" Fire Convoy screamed and arched so hard that the metal holding his restrained hands above his head snapped and let him bring his hand down over Drillmax and keep them both pressed together as a powerful overload ripped through him, his systems red lined and he felt his valve clench tighter than before around Drillmax's cable, everything after that was a blurry mix and haze of an overload's aftermath, leaving Convoy limp, drenched in coolant and his systems slowly rebooting.

Drillmax grunted out his overload, feeling Convoy's tight valve clench around him and bring him over the brink. It was just as intense as Fire Convoy's had been but that was expected, Convoy’s whole body vibrated wildly when he overloaded, and being pressed against him had driven all of Drillmax’s systems crazy with pleasure.

Sated for the moment, Drillmax snuggled close to his limp lover and removed the cuffs from his wrists, gently pulling Convoy’s wrist to him so he could kiss the areas that had been covered by the cuffs to sooth away any pain.

"Convoy? You in there?" He asked breathlessly, stroking Fire Convoy's cheek.

Fire Convoy’s only response was a soft purr as his systems slowly came back online. "Y... yes... I'm here..." He said after a few minutes, nuzzling Drillmax’s hand. "I'd almost forgotten you... could drive me that crazy..." he admitted smiling. “What brought... it on?” he asked.

“Seeing you, surrounded by others... all of them wanting to touch you, to hold you, to make you their own... I couldn’t stand to lose you to them or anyone else.” Drillmax said, not caring how pathetic or needy he sounded.

“But Drillmax... don’t you know by now?” Fire Convoy smiled and kissed Drillmax’s lips deeply, pushing his glossa deep into the other’s throat. When they broke Drillmax found that their rolls had been reversed, he was the one now cuffed to the bed with new cuffs and Convoy was the one on top of him, already teasing his cable and valve. “None of them can claim me, I thought you knew that I belonged to you just like you,” Fire Convoy leaded forwards and whispered into Drillmax’s audio. “Belong to me.”

Good For The Newling.
Parts ~ 1 of 1
Pairings ~ Dashmax/Blue Raker.

Summary ~ Blue Raker and Dashmax spend some time bonding, thought their son makes a fuss at it all...


Blue Raker smiled and settled on his and Dashmax’s large bed, placing his oil down on the bed side dresser and set his head down to rest for a while, mentally going over the check list he had for his Newling’s needs and bedroom.

Toys? Check.
Crib? Check.
Soft blankets and pillows? Check.
Newling seat carriers...? Not check.

He’d have to go with Dashmax tomorrow and find two seat carriers, like his sister had suggested.

Blue Raker had spoken with his sister, who had, very helpfully, made him a list of things that would be needed for his Newling when he was born.

With a little help from his mate Dashmax, Blue Raker had managed to find nearly everything his sister had said would be needed for their newling. And once he had the carrier seats, he’d have everything.

Blue yawned and gently rubbed his slightly swollen abdomen, where his newling was slowly growing. Thanks to his sister’s exercise file, Blue hardly looked like he was carrying a newling.

He smiled. Pink Raker had also mentioned that continuous link ups of any kind, such as personal file sharing, open bonding and interfacing was a way to increase the newling’s development.

Dashmax had been with him every night since then, even if they didn’t interface, they had some form of a link up. Be it a simple file sharing or a whole night lost and basking in the endless love of an open bonding gave them. They had been to the medic and he had confirmed that not only was their newling incredibly healthy, it was in fact a mech, and he seemed very active, it would be only a few more weeks before he would come and meet the world.

“Blue?” Blue Raker smiled and turned his head to look at his mate, who was stood at the door smiling. “I was wondering where you were.”

“What’s wrong Dash?” The liner asked.

“Nothing. I just wanted to see how you were doing and how our little mech is tonight,” Dashmax said coming into teh room and sitting on the bed with Blue Raker gently putting a hand on his abdomen. “Has he been kicking you again?”

“Not for a while, I think he’s napping.” Blue said.

Dashmax smiled and then bent over to kiss his mate softly. “Do you know what today is?” he asked. “If we were still on earth?”

“Um... Wednesday?”

Dashmax chuckled and moved to lay over his mate, gently holding his wrists down. “Yes but what special day is it?” he asked.

Blue Raker thought about it, then it clicked. “The anniversary of our first kiss?”

“That’s right, I was wondering if you felt like celebrating it.” Dashmax said, nuzzling and kissing at his mate’s neck.

“Dashmax... Oh...” the liner moaned and arched as Dashmax’s lips began to tease a cable that was snugly tucked between his flue and oil line of his neck, that drove him crazy in mere seconds. “Oh... ahhh...”

Dashmax smiled and then moved back a little. “I wanna try something... new with the open bond...” he said, nuzzling his mate, he wanted Blue’s permission before he did anything.

“What do I have to do?” Blue Raker asked, already opening his half of their bond link. It was a wonderful way to fully enjoy each other’s contact and caresses, as the bond allowed ‘echoes’ of the touched to be felt by all factors of the bond.

Dashmax had taken a huge liking to this form of link up as it gave him a chance to really feel their son’s movements as if he was the one carrying him.

The yellow clad warrior smiled and kissed his mate deeply. “You just need to lay back and enjoy.” He smiled and then something soft and warm wrapped around Blue Raker’s body, the sensation of an open bonding.

The liner’s optics widened as he felt what he thought was Dashmax’s hand rubbing his thighs; chest and neck, even thought Dash hadn’t moved at all. “Dash...?”

“Echo Touches love... memories of where I’ve touched you replaying over our bond.” The yellow max explained, bending to kiss Blue Raker deeply while his hand and echoes rubbed and stroked everywhere over the liner.

“Ohhh.... ohhhhh Dashmax...”

“Hmmm...?” Dash murred teasingly rubbing along the seams of Blue Raker’s interface cover, “Something you wanted, my love?” he asked, purposely adding more pressure to the warming cover.

“Ahhhhh.... Ohhh Dash... Don’t tease me... please...” Braker begged his mate, arching and squirming under the yellow mech. “Ohhhh... oh please... please I need you...”

Dashmax smiled and after a few more teasingly slow strokes to his mate’s cover; he removed it, freeing Blue Raker’s cable and revealing his dripping valve. “Is that better my love?”

Before Braker could respond his optics widened and his back arched. “AHhhHHhhh... Ohhhhhhhh...”

“My, My, Braker, look how wet and ready you are for me...” Dashmax smirked watching Braker’s valve and cable drool pre fluids and clench as if something was penetrating him. “And I haven’t even touched you yet.” He said.

“Tease... Ohhhh Dashmax please!” The Liner begged his mate, squirming and panting as coolant dripped off his form, “Please! Ahhhhh... Ohhhh Please take me...”

Dashmax smirked and after watching his mate squirm and beg for a little longer, he took mercy on the liner and removed his own hot cover to release his cable, already throbbing and hard from the sounds his mate had made.

He teasingly rubbed the tip of his cable against Braker’s dripping valve, a silent request to know he was still ok to continue.

Braker smiled as best he could and nodded, it was sweet how no matter how eager and desperate Dashmax got, he would always, always pause and check with him, just in case Braker ever wanted or needed to stop be it for a simple breather to cool his body before it red lined, or because their son had moved to an uncomfortable position at an inopportune time.

When Braker nodded, Dashmax pushed his cable all the way into his mate’s hot, wet valve, moaning as he felt the familiar tightness cover and squeeze his cable. “Ohhhhhh... Blue... my Raker...”

“Ahhhhh... Ohhhh... Ahhhh... Dash... so good...” Blue Raker moaned wantonly and felt his engine rev wildly, clinging to Dash Max as his body began to surge.

Dashmax moaned, already leaking inside him, starting to feel his cable and valve harden and throb with desire and need to release, he thrust deeper and harder into his mate, moaning and panting as coolent dripped off his body... Just a little...

“Aaaaahhhhhaaaa!!” Braker gasped and overload wash over his systems, making him arch back as far as he could possibly go.

Dash Max went lip over him, dropping heavily to his side and pulling Braker with him, hugging him close as then enjoyed the aftermath of an intense overload. “I... Love you...” he panted.

“And I... Love you... My beautiful.. Dashmax...” Braker panted in return, shakingly wrapping his arms around the yellow mech.

Dashmax smiled then stopped...

Had he imagined it...?

No it was there again... very faint but...

Oh sweet stars and mighty novas...

Dashmax relaxed and focused on the tiny, faint and barely noticeable taps and pushes he could feel within his abdomen.

“Our little one... is starting to grow.” He heard Blue Raker whisper with pride.

Forced To Watch.
Parts ~ 2 of 2
Pairings ~ Green Raker/Springer and Exkaiser/Green Raker/Springer.

Summary ~ Exkaiser wakes up to find himself chained and forced to watch a rather arousing show...

Muffled moaning and pleas woke Exkaiser from his forced sleep.

He knew those moans.

To say he awoke to a shocking sight was an understatement, he had been prepared, for an instant, to find one of his younger mate, Green Raker, chained up and being forced into something he didn’t want to do.

However, he had forgotten that there was only one other person who could make Green Raker moan like that and only one other person that could have knocked him out and without alerting anyone else...

“Well, well, it seems our dear mate is awake at last, dearest Glaker.” The deep and rich voice of Springer Kaiser Prime purred as he broke the passionate and deep kiss with Green Raker. “Like what you see, Exkaiser?”

Exkaiser felt his whole body heat up rapidly at what he saw. Green Raker’s wrists were cuffed and hung above him by a chain and a leash with collar was also attached to them, leaving his chest body vulnerable and open to attacks. Springer had one hand buried deep inside Glaker’s chest placing, under the Liner nose cone while his other hand was slowly pumping Glaker’s cable with Springer’s trademark tormentingley slow pace.

Exkaiser’s own cover began to feel very uncomfortable when he caught sight of Springer’s own large cable slowly burning itself deep into Glaker’s valve and then pulling out again, Glaker’s premature oils and fluids dripping down his thighs as his valve eagerly took all of Springer’s length and squeezed it.

Glaker arched and moaned, panting as Springer teased him, doing nothing to stop him. “I... Ahhhhhh... I think he is.... ohhhh... ahhh...” he managed to gasp out as Springer momentarily sped up his pumps on Glaker’s throbbing cable.

“You only think?” Springer chuckled, bending his head forwards and began to kiss and lick Glaker’s neck cables, teasing a certain cable that was exclusive to all liner models that lay hidden between the main flue line and the oil line.

“His body is all hot and burning just watching us, his optics are dark and full of lust as his cable is starting to feel so uncomfortable... he’s eager and ready to come and fill you to the very brim...” he whispered moving his hips faster and harder against Glaker’s.

“AhhhhAAAAHHahhhhh! Oooooohhh! Springer...!” Green Raker moaned, squirming and arching as his mate literally slammed into him.

Exkaiser tried to say something, only to find it was muffled by a gag...

It was then Exkaiser realised that he was not only gagged, he was also hand cuffed to the bed, his armour removed and to his immense shock and arousal, his mates had even managed to put a cable vibrator on his cable... and it was becoming sheer torture the cable vibrator was on full power and Exkaiser could feel overload coming fast... but something was holding him back...

“Wait your turn, my beloved Cub.” Springer chuckled smirking. “I’ll make sure you get what you want, right after I’ve made our sweet Raker here scream as he over loads... of cause, he’s already enjoyed five overloads while you’ve slept... I wonder what we could do to make that up to you... Oh I know...”

Glaker moaned and arched, his cable starting to throb and ache as he felt Springer squeeze his cable tightly to the very brink of pleasure becoming pain...

Exkaiser squirmed, then arched, his optics flashing and glowing as Springer sent him image after image of Glaker and himself during, after and before Overloads, all of them emphases with a strong and longing pulse of energy throughout Exkaiser’s body, making teh white mech remember a reason he so loved teh helo-mech...

He was a Master in bed...

Of cause as all thing must come to its end, Springer arched and pushed his cable deep and hard into Glaker’s valve, oil and fluids dripping and oozing out as he overloaded deep inside his mate.

In turn, Glaker screamed and arched, his cable jerking in Springer’s hand as he overloaded hard, his own oils and fluids shooting out and covering Exkaiser’s chest and partly his face.

The sight of his mates overloading plus the images and feel of the cable vibrator on full power was more than enough to send Exkaiser over the edge, causing Exkaiser’s systems to overload and his whole body to arch as he went into a temporary state of shut down.

When he woke up, he found he was free, and Glaker was snuggled against him while Springer was resting behind him, gently rubbing his wrists and arms where they’d strained.

“Welcome back to the land of all things pleasurable, Cub.” The helo-mech smiled, as Glaker kissed and nipped Exkaiser’s lion chest. “Since we’ve spend our time enjoying overloads while you slept, Glaker wants to make it up to you... tonight we’re going to be the ones to pleasure you.”

“Is that alright with you?” Glaker asked, pausing his tender kisses to give Exkaiser chance to answer.

Exkaiser smiled. “Do whatever you wish with me, Glaker... I belong to you and Springer tonight.”

Many, many wonderful and intense overloads later, in the early hours of the morning, Exkaiser lay snuggled between his mates, Springer behind him, acting as a mattress for him and Glaker while Glaker lay over Exkaiser’s chest, all three snuggled warm and their energies spent.

While lying there, warm and safe in his mates arms...

Exkaiser couldn’t help but smile and be thankful to whatever forces had blessed him with such precious and loving mates...


Watching Over A Dream Come True.
Parts ~ 1 of 1
Pairings ~ Dikaiser/Pink Raker, mention of others, and a tiny, tiny, tiny mention of innocent Komori/Luna snuggling fluffiness, if you wish to see that as slashy, then it’s minor.

Summary ~ Dikaiser comes home one night to find the two most precious treasures in the world waiting for him...


It was late when Dikaiser got home, his body ached from the work he’d done, his lower back was worse, hours upon hours of leaning over his work had tightened the cables there...

But he pushed such thoughts aside, and a smile fell over his lips as he thought of the welcoming sight he’d find when he went up to his room.

Quietly, Dikaiser unlocked and opened the door to his home and quietly shut it, locking it again for the night and then very quietly moved to the kitchen area, as always a warm oil was waiting for him and along with a energy meal with a note.

‘For Sire, love Carrier and Build Boi.’

Dikaiser smiled and set about reheating his meal and eating it then drank the warm oil, once he had finished that he washed the container and put them away, heading upstairs he smiled again quietly peeking into a small space above his son’s room and found a small pair of bats, one red in colour the other blue and white, snuggled together under a specially made blanket his mate had made for them.

Komori, the red bat shifted a little and snuggled closer to Luna, the blue and white bat wrapping his wings around her protectively, making Dikaiser feel proud of his creation.

Leaving the two bats to sleep, he went to the master bed room of the house and very quietly opened the door.

His aches were forgotten at the sight that welcomed him.

His mate, Pink Raker was laid on her side on their large bed, facing towards him, her optics dull in recharge, and her arms protectively wrapped around a very small bundle, Build Boy, their son.

As was common with all Carriers, Pink Raker’s chest armour was missing and her life energy, spark and all her most vulnerable parts were exposed, mainly to allow Build Boy closer contact with her over a carrier and newling bond, and also to allow him to feed from her reserves via a very thin tube from her energy tank to his own, tiny tank.

If anyone in the universe wanted to kill Pink Raker, they had a perfect chance now, but Dikaiser wouldn’t allow that to happen, not when their son was still so young and still so dependent on feeling his carrier’s warmth, love and protection.

Dikaiser smiled and after removing his own Chest armour, he carefully climbed into bed and put his arms arm over his mate’s waist and his other hand came to rest just behind his son’s back, acting as a brace so he wouldn’t roll over and hurt himself.

The new presence in the room caused Build Boy to stir, and he shifted looking up at his sire and gave a curious bleep.

“Shhhh, shhh, my son... Go back to sleep... I am here now... and I always will be.” Dikaiser assured, sending open pulses of love and assurance to his son, now his chest armour was gone, his son would feel them easily and much to Dikaiser’s joy, Build Boy sent back his own waves of love, joy and happiness before yawning and dropping off to sleep again.

“He’s been waiting for you to come home...”

Dikaiser looked up to find his mate had also woken up and was smiling at him, clearly the day had been a tiring one, but it hadn’t stopped her from waiting for him to come home.

Careful not to squash their son, Dikaiser leaned forwards and kissed her softly, “I’ll tend his need tonight, my beloved, I will watch over you both.” He promised. “Always.”

Pink raker smiled and followed Build Boy’s example going back to sleep, secure in the knowledge that despite how vulnerable she and her son were, Dikaiser would never allow harm to befall them.


Yuusha/Transformers Drabbles,
Set Two

Our Love Songs.

Ok, this set of drabbles, is based on songs I’ve heard and liked, the words I might alter slightly and give a different meaning to the song. No like? Go away.

I place Disclaimers and Warning and Alerts to show to the best of my knowledge and research who owes the songs and lyrics and if it’s the original or not, if you have complains, see them. *Points at Predacons.*

Any who, yes, mostly based around song I like, also, also in some drabbles, there will be fluffy and family love, as in a father hugging his child or something like that, if you want to see it as slashy or underage stuff, do so at your own expense.

Disclaimers: I own only Pink Raker, Red raker, Luna the bat and to an extent the plot bunnies that gave me these Ideas.
PerceptorsFembot owns Genesis Kaiser and it was her idea to tie the two fandoms together so I give her credit for that.

Exkaiser and Transformers RID are the property of Sunrise INC. Takara and Hasbro. We mealy borrowed; used and abused them then sent them home.

Please don’t sue us I’m broke as it is...

Oh and YES this is a MECH/MECH SLASH FIC With a tiny sprinkling of M/F.

No like that? Doors that way. *Points at an open door that’s been marked exit*

Got complaints and Flames? Need to whine and moan about how I have destroyed and traumatized you’re childhood? See them. *Points at Megatron and Galvatron*

Everyone else, enjoy the song slashy and family goodness!!!


Always There.
Parts ~ 1 of 1
Pairings ~ Pink Raker/Dikaiser.

Summary ~ After all teh bad days and stress of being reminded he is a son of a wicked mech, Build Boy finds that his Carrier and Sire are more then ready to give him the strength to go on.


He felt terrible.

His joints and limbs ached like never before... his helm was dented from a small accident, his knees were sore from teh position he was in, his back was stiff and his internal systems were giving him warnings every second that he was low on energy.

He hated the academy drill sergeants...

{When I'm less than I should be
When I just can't face the day
When darkness falls around me
And I just can't find my way}

Just because his sire was a big mech with a lot of power and abilities, didn’t mean he had them too... just like his carrier didn’t have teh ability to combine with someone to make a bigger, stronger and better fighter...

And then he had to do a whole three hundred page essay on the great war of Cybertron... he’d not been present for that lesson, he’d had to run twenty five laps around the biggest track teh school had, TWICE!

{When my eyes don't clearly see
And I stumble through it all
You I lean upon, you keep me strong
And you rise me when I fall}

Build Boy sighed as he carefully pushed his dorm door open and went straight to his room, he needed a shower, then he could go through the stretches and exercised to help his muscle cables and wires relax, then he could start his essay and go to sleep...

Soon he was finished in the shower and had just finished his stretches when there was a soft knock on his door, likely one of teh sergeants to tell him he had even more work to do...

He sighed and opened teh door...

... And found him in a very warm and very familiar embrace.


“Surprise.” Pink Raker smiled down at her son, “You’re sire and I were passing and decided to come see how you were doing.” She said.

Build Boy smiled and hugged his Carrier tightly, he had missed her and his sire dearly since coming to start training at the academy. “I thought you couldn’t get family visits...?” he asked.

“You’re Uncles are seeing their off springs, so we came to see you.” She smiled, then frowned slightly. “You look tired, Build Boy... haven’t you been sleeping well?” she asked a mother’s worry in her voice.

{You are there when I most need you
You are there so constantly
You come shining through, you always do
You are always there for me}

“Well... Its nothing really...” the orange clad mech lied, allowing his mother entrance to teh small dorm, it was a basic one, with a kitchen, a bed room, washroom and a small livings space with a monitor, game’s console and a few holo movies.

“Tell me what’s going on, my Builder... Maybe talking about it will help...”

“Well... its just...” Pinker sat with her son on the small couch and listened to him tell her how touch teh training was on him, how many of teh sergeants picked him out to do the hardest of tasks that they know he can’t do because of his body design and because he isn’t as flexible as others.

“...Everyone thinks that because you and sire are such big heroes, that I have to be the same, someone strong, powerful and better then all the rest...” Build Boy went on, clenching his fists as he sat there, looking intently at the floor. “They all say ‘If your Sire were able to do it then you should be able to do it better!’ ‘Try harder! You’re Carrier could do it without breaking a sweat’... I’m not some all powerful warrior, I’m a new mech trying to learn to design and build space bridges like the ones Uncle Convoy showed me when I was a newling... sure I’ll need to know how to fight when I go to new planets if the cons are there, but it doesn’t mean I have to be the best at everything!”

A gently hand touched his shoulder and Build Boy looked up to see his Carrier smiling softly at him. “Come here.” Was all she said, opening her arms wide for him.

{When life brings me to my knees
When my back's against the wall
You are standing there right with me
Just to keep me standing tall}

Build Boy moved forward and all but tackled his carrier in to a clinging embrace, babbling and ranting into her chest as she held him, softly rubbing his back and helm, just listening and holding him.

“They all push me around and then when I fail at something they say I’m not trying hard enough... then they give me more and more essays and I hardly have time to sleep or practice my build designs... I can’t get away from the sergeants at all... my own cousins’ get more freedom then me and we’re in the same platoon!”

“I know, my son, I know...” Pinker said, gently petting her son as he vented everything on to her, then, when he could vent no more she helped him to his bed and tucked him in with a soft kiss to the forehead.

There was little she could do to change teh way teh sergeants spoke to her son, but even she could see the problem.

{Though a burden I might be
You don't weary, you don't rest
You are reaching out to carry me
And I know I'm primus blessed}

The sergeants were over working him, trying to make him into a soldier when his first choice and teh one he had joined teh academy to train for was a build master...

She knew the academy rules, and she was not about to let her son be the victim of some stereotyping sergeants abuse of authority.

A few cycles later, Build Boy found things were looking up for him.

He didn’t know what had happened but many of teh sergeants that had been pushing him around had become very scared and very unwilling to drag him from his build projects and his other lessons...

He’s Mentor had even praised him when he saw his completed work and he now had a small group of friends who he could share ideas and designs with, heck three of them were even kind enough to ask if he would like some help on one of his bigger projects.

{You are there when I most need you
You are there so constantly
You come shining through, you always do
You are always there for me}

Cycles passed and Build Boy found he was happy and enjoying the academy, he hardly noticed how quickly his training was progressing, how good his grades were and how much he and his friend were becoming a team.

Everyone was starting to call them the Build Masters, as they all seemed to be perfectly happy and perfectly able to design, made, test and use everything the needed, even outside of the academy, they were already using a free room as a building bay.

Of cause, Build Boy had no idea just who was helping them keep that room, but his team knew and respected the reason for keeping it a secrete.

Over time, the four became so close to each other, as brothers, that they were able to create a combiner bond with each other and as a team, they formed Build King, a mech who could do everything they could and make a two day job into a two hour job.

Everything was perfect.

Then the biggest shock came.

Fire Convoy had asked the Build masters to design, and construct a space bridge...

But there was only one small problem, Build Boy was still, by their laws, three years too young to even consider leaving the planet without permission from his carriers and sire and he would need a mentor, a trainer and a Guardian with him at all times.

Life seemed to be at a stand still...

Dikaiser looked at his son, sleeping in his bed, he had a very sad expression on his usually very handsome face... it pained him to see his son, usually so happy, bright and endlessly smiling so unhappy that even his dreams offered him no escape from his troubles.

He would do something to change that...

{You are there when I most need you
You are there so constantly
You come shining through, you always do
You are always there for me}

Build Boy sat between his sire and Carrier, today they were going to present Build boy to his Mentor, Trainer and Guardian and he would be allowed to go with his uncle Fire Convoy.

As they came close to the complex that would serve as home, Dikaiser put his hand on his son’s shoulder. “Tell me, Build Boy. Build Typhoon, he is a fighting techniques tutor is he not?” he asked.

“He is... he learned from his sire...” Build Boy answered.

“I see... and Build Hurricane? What is it he does?” Dikaiser asked.

“His sec-sire is a battle tactician, he’s good qt planning things and giving advice...” Build Boy said, chuckling a little, “He says its because of his programming he’s so good at seeing flaws.”

“Understandable, after all, seeing flaws is better then missing them and having trouble later.” Dikaiser said, smiling. “And Build... Cyclone is it? What is he like?”

“He’s great! He treats me like a little brother and always, always tells me what might need improving and he’s always looking out for me and the others.”

Dikaiser smiled and looked at Pink Raker.

“Why do you ask?” Build Boy questioned, looking up at his Sire.

“Because of their skills outside of the building and construction lessons, they might just be able to pass as your Guardians, Mentors and Trainers.” Pink Raker smiled.

Build Boy’s smile could have out shined a Christmas tree.

{There when I most need you
There so constantly}

As Build Boy prepared to leave with Fire Convoy to start his newest and biggest project, he saw his Carrier and sire talking with his team mates, as his uncles were talking with Fire Convoy, and then everything made sense, his Carrier and Sire had managed to not only make his academy life easier for him, but also give him the chance and privilege of living his dream.

And even thought he knew it would be a long, long time before he saw either of them again, somehow...

Somehow they would always be there to try and make everything and anything he did, go as smoothly as they could possibly make it.

{You come shining through, you always do
You are always there for me}


Why Do I Love You?!
Parts ~ 1 of 1
Pairings ~ Fighbird/Draias (one sided)

Summary ~ Good, kind hearted, happy, always smiling... everything he HATES and yet he still finds himself dreaming and fantasying about making that beautiful voice horse with moans and screams...
(Note the song that inspired this was Three Days Grace, I hate everything about you I just didn’t like the way the lyrics looked in the drabble so left them out.)


He hated not understanding.

More specifically he hated not knowing what some simple emotion was doing to his perfect, deadly and flawless mind and body.

It wasn’t love, no love was not a word that existed to you when you are an evil entity in teh universe. No... Lust. Yes, that was the best way to describe it all.

Draias, master of the evil energies of the universe, was under teh spell of lust, and it was all because of that wretched Pest of a mech that commanded the Space Police Force that was pursuing him on this mud ball of a planet.


He hated the mech with a passion so deep and burning he had planned for years to kill the mech as slowly and painfully as possible.

He had planned for years the perfect way to do it.

And yet now, after years something had changed, that bratty mechling was now a mech, an adult male and Draias was filled with a deeper, more burning feeling of lust about the mech, his plans to kill the mech had become dreams of torture and dark, deadly desires to make that pure spark of positive energy tainted with his own negative energy.

He wanted to pin the jet mech in some dark, cold place and have him, to shatter his sense of confidence, and take away that innocent aura FighBird had about him.

He had come so close to do that, when Dr. Jango, the fool that he was, had come up with the idea to take over bit by bit of the countries using full force and power. It had worked and Fighbird had surrendered himself with his team.

The plan had been simple, wait until the right moments and then after a beating he would take FighBird from his prison and have him, leaving Shura and Zol to beat the life spark out of the other two mechs.

Draias had let his chance slip past him, when that accursed Guard Wing showed us and ruined everything!!!

That wretched mech had arrived in time to save the lives of millions of humans, ruined Jango’s drone factory and given his team mates teh extra spur they needed to defeat Draias, when he had been so CLOSE to victory.

Now Draias had been flooded with more reasons to hate Fighbird and at the same time more reasons to lust for him.

He’d began to grow impatient, his temper worsened and his normal clear way of thinking had been clouded and fogged with desires to have the younger mech begging and screaming for mercy.

And what Draias wanted. He WOULD have.

No matter what he had to do to get it.


How Can I Not Love You?
Parts ~ 1 of 1
Pairings ~ Skymax/Ptera Geist

Summary ~ A fake smile... a fake joy... its all an act, everything he does is done to try and hide and shelter his broken and bleeding spark... and each day... it gets harder to pretend...

He was the centre of all attention once again, now he was researching and testing His newest project, and to all his admirers, students, fellow fliers and the councillors, barring those that truely knew him, saw his to be his same old self...

Oh how they were wrong...

{~Cannot touch, cannot hold
Cannot be together
Cannot love, cannot kiss,
Cannot have each other~}

Skymax’s colours were fading slowly, his eyes losing their light, his beautiful voice growing horse and croaky with lack of sleep and hours of being wrecked with heart wrenching sobs and calls in the night when he thought no one was listening.

Skymax was spark broken, his team mates and his adopted twins knew this better then anyone.

Skymax’s research was based on a fact and true event, the now perfect and uncountable way to cure the terrible and cruel effects of teh Dark Matter drug and Negative energy that had been spread around the Planet by the wicked Draias when he had been alive...

His daughters, Fragile Rose and Fragile Iris, had been infected from a very young age and were depended on the Mature Dark Matter inside them to live now, but others were still curable, and he was going to show them how it could be done...

He knew it was possible... he had done it to save his beloved...

{~Must be strong, and we must let go
Cannot say what our hearts must know~}

~@~ His beloved chocked on a sob. He gently cupped Skymax's spark and let his fuel lines begin to soak in the perfect taintless energy.

It felt odd, but it wasn't painful, Skymax let his energy drain slowly enough to allow Ptera geist time to accept and use the positive energy to hold on to and completely remake his body. Once he had enough energy, Skymax pulled Ptera into a hug, the line would automatically cut when Ptera was stable.

Ptera sobbed into Skymax's shoulder, feeling the warmth of his still bare, beating spark. "Skymax... I don't know what to say... How can you love a greedy ugly horrid... monster like me?"

"The same way Ace Barron can love Rose and Iris despite their Hybrid nature... the same way Guard Wing and Guard Fire can love each other after years of hatred... the same way Dinogeist loves Pink raker... Love doesn't just see what is beautiful, or worthwhile in someone... it sees everything, the good the bad, the ugly and the beautiful... and nothing can change that." Skymax said, gently rubbing Ptera's back as he cried.

Ptera held onto SkyMax tightly. "But... Oh, Skymax...." He nuzzled into the crook of the other's neck. "Thank you... thank you." After his body was healed, the connection was cut and Ptera leaned back. "But, I still have so much to answer for. I... I've been thinking about it and... I would never be welcomed back home. And I could never ask you to run away with me."

"What are you saying...?" Skymax asked, looking at Ptera's face and into his optics. ~@~

Skymax rolled over in his large cold berth and clutched teh sheets tightly, wishing that teh memories of that one night in his sweet, beloved Broken Wing’s arms would stop haunting him... that he could just... forget how much it hurt to know he might never see the beautiful flier he had loved for so long...

He buried his face into his pillow and sobbed as fresh tears fell from his optics, Suitors had approached him, but when he didn’t react, in the way they wanted, or tried to make him their quick bit on the side, he refused to have anything to do with them. He didn’t want anyone else, he wanted his Broken Wings, the flier that had made his spark sing and cry out to be made one with its mate...

And been denied once again...

{~How can I not love you?
What do I tell my heart?
When do I not want you here in my arms?
How does one waltz away from all of the memories?
How do I not miss you when you are gone?~}

~@~ “I'm going to leave Earth... start roaming the universe. But I won't be coming back... and I certainly can't go back to our world." He kissed Skymax's cheek. "I'm sorry. But, you deserve better anyway..."

Skymax felt like his spark was going to brake. "But... the Sky Masked Ball... these past few weeks... You can't just leave..." he said, tears forming in his eyes. "At least stay one night longer... please..."

Ptera nodded. "One more night. Just for you." He brushed his knuckles over SkyMax's cheek. "Please don't cry, Blue Angel. I... I don't want your heart broken over me..."

Skymax smiled, it had been eons since Ptera had called him by their old pet names. "I love you, Broken Wings... losing you will break my heart..." he admitted hugging Ptera close. "Will I ever see you again?" he asked. ~@~

Skymax would never say it out loud, and he would never, NEVER interfear with his dear children’s love affairs, they had been hurt for years on end and shunded away from the thought they would ever find a lover until they met Ace Barron and his younger brothers, and for the first time, found a true, pure mech that swore he would love them both and do all in his power to help them overcome the effects of the mature Dark Matter within them.

But it didn’t stop him looking at them both with a sense of envy, they had found love at last, they could do everything with Ace Barron and his brothers that Skymax longed to do with Ptera and though it hurt him, he never tried to stop them going with the older mech.

And Clearly his daughters knew they were causing some form of pain to their Second Sire, because every night they couldn’t spend with Barron, they came to him, like they did when they were young tiny sparkling and hugged him in the night, they would each take a side of his berth and snuggle with him, in habbit and natural routine, they would both put a hand on his chest and rest their heads on each of his shoulders.

They missed Ptera too. He could see that, and why shouldn’t they? Ptera had saved their lives and almost died because of it.

{~Cannot dream, Cannot share,
Sweet and tender moments
Cannot feel how we feel,
Must pretend it's over~}

~@~ "If we did ever meet again... if we had another chance... would you stay with me? And raise a family with me?" he asked.

Ptera smiled sweetly, an honest and sincere smile. "You don't even have to ask~" He pulled Skymax close to him and tipped up Skymax's chin, "You are the most graceful and sensual flyer I have ever seen..." ~@~

“Ptera... Ptera... where are you my beloved Broken wings...? Ptera...” Skymax sobbed wings bent low and his whole form shaking with sobs, he had locked his door tonight, and thus, no one could get in unless Exkaiser gave them the master card.

He just wanted to be alone...

Alone and wishing that he could hold and love the mech that had always been in his mind and ruled his spark, and wishing with all he was that the mech would hold and love him in return.

“Ptera... my Broken wings... please... please come back to me... please...”

{~Must be brave, and we must go on
Must not say what we've known all along~}

~@~ Ptera blew a warm breath across Skymax's audio and held one of the other's hands in his. He used the other to stroke Sky's chest adornment, petting it before moving just a micron further down to gently caress his hips.

The croons became slightly louder, like a bird calling out to attract a mate, as his audios twitched.

Ptera moved his hand back up to SkyMax's chest, teasingly going back and forth to his hip joints and never going further than that.

Skymax began to tremble a little, he knew he was being teased, but he didn't mind for now... Ptera was with him, and if things kept up the way they were, he’d have one of the best nights of his life...

Ptera nuzzled his helm against Skymax's and licked the back of his neck, up one of his audios. He moved both his hands now, sliding them down Skymax's sides and kneeding his thighs. "You’re such a lovely thing, the greatest treasure of the universe...."

Skymax arched a little, moaning softly as his cooling fans kicked in with a gently hum. "I'm your treasure Ptera..."

Ptera smiled against Skymax's neck and began nibbling along his shoulder. "Say that again." He demanded. "Tell me your mine~" He gave Skymax's calves a firm squeeze.

Skymax moaned, arching more. "I'm yours Ptera... yours alone..." he managed to say, his wings twitching a little. ~@~

{~How can I not love you?
What do I tell my heart?
When do I not want you here in my arms?
How does one waltz away from all of the memories?
How do I not miss you when you are gone?
How can I not love you?~}

It was much later in the evening... maybe early morning when teh door to his room opened and moments later, two large weights settled on the bed, too heavy and large to be his twins...

In his state of half aware and half asleep, Skymax listened.

“Poor Sky...” that was Drillmax, and he felt himself being moved a little, they were likely changing his sheets and cases to freash ones so he slept better. “Maybe we should talk to him about moving to teh outer reach of teh city? You know, near where Sire and Carrier use to live when we were kids?”

“Maybe, I mena teh twins live out that way and so do most of teh others... I’m just not sure he’ll come.” That was Dashmax, the younger Max brother gently whipped and cleaned Skymax’s face with a warm damp cloth. “I really wish we could do something to help him...”

“We both do Little brother...” Drill sighed. “But what can we do? We got away with Dikaiser and Pinker but Ptera Geist’s got a whole list of crimes on his head, all of which leave him no chance of escaping if he’s caught... and as much as I want Sky happy again... I just can’t put him though that kind pain... if they’re caught together by one of the bounty hunters after Ptera Geist...”

Then Skymax would be stripped of rank, wings and fame and locked up forever...

A fate worse than death to any flier.

“So what do we do?” Dashmax asked.

“For now. All we can do is be here when he needs us... and help him however we can...” Drillmax said. “And if any other flier tries to hurt him, we show them what it means to hurt our brother.” The driller added gently rubbing Skymax’s face. “Come on. We’ll talk with him later.”

{~Must be brave, and we must be strong
Must not say what we've known all along~}

Skymax sighed as he sat in his lab, thinking of how to word his latest report. And all teh while his mind was on other matters as well...

He had been asked to go to teh Sky Masked Ball that evening...

Of all the dates to be asked to go to that most joyful event, it just had to be on the same night that Skymax dreaded. The night that marked the anniversary of his night with Ptera, a night he held in great sadness... he couldn’t go... he just couldn’t bring himself to go to that dance and not break down into tears...

“Sec Sire...?”

Skymax turned to find his twins stood at teh door, the both smiled and came in, hugging him tightly.

“We brought you some oil and sweets.” Fragile Iris said placing them down before him.

“And we came to ask if you wanted to come with us to see the flower fields tonight?” Fragile Rose added.

They knew he didn’t want to go to the Ball...

“I... would like that very much, girls... thank you.” He said and placed his report down and hugged them both close. Even if he never saw Ptera again, no matter how much he might wish and pray for just one last night with him, Skymax knew he would always have his twins there to try and make it better, them and his brothers.

For now... that was enough...

{~How can I not love you?
What do I tell my heart?
When do I not want you here in my arms?
How does one waltz away from all of the memories?
How do I not miss you when you are gone?~}

Far, far away, in some spark forgotten part of teh universe, a flier looked up at the night sky from a near deserted planet, his optics blurry and unfocused with tears. “Skymax... my beautiful blue angel... my only...” he whispered to teh winds. “Forgive me, my beloved...”

{~How can I not love you when you are gone?~}


Better Then Drugs
Parts ~ 1 of 1
Pairings ~ Guard Wing/Guard Fire

Summary ~ Ok I admit it, this one is just to give Wing and Fire a chance to go at each other without caring, since in our RP, we didn’t give them much spotlight to be slashy... So yea... this is mostly Mech on Mech slashy goodness, enjoy.

It was a little known fact, but Guard Wing smoked.

It was common for members of the Space Police Force to smoke, it was a way to help them relax after a hard shift, unlike human smokers, their form of a cigarette was a medical aid, a way to help sooth an uneasy mind with a very, very light sedative.

They could be addictive, but only if a bot smoked the heavier more expensive ones, usually saved for team leaders and the higher ranks.

Guard Wing was somewhat addicted, though he claimed it to be old habit and routine, ever night before he slept he would have one stick, no more, no less. It helped him forget for a time all the pain and hurt he felt in knowing he was part of a team that hated him.

{~Feel your every heartbeat
Feel you on these empty nights
Calm the ache, stop the shakes
You clear my mind
You're my escape
From this messed up place
'Cause you let me forget
You numb my pain~}

A muffled squeak and a loud thud was all that was heard from within the mostly unused room in the farthest reach of the base, hidden in the darkness of the hall way before there was silence.

The room was Guard Wing’s, the door panel flashed green then red to show the owner of teh room was in and he’d locked and sound proofed the room, aside from that, there was silence once again in the hall ways.

Within Guard Wing’s room however things were far from quiet...

{~How can I tell you just all that you are
What you do to me~}

Guard Fire arched and moaned as he was backed against teh wall by his mate, their lips locked as their glossas battled for dominance and exploring every inch of the other’s hot mouth, their hands clawing and searching out sensitive areas and gaps in their armours.

He never thought he’d ever have Guard Wing’s affections, not after all the terrible things they’d said and done to each other, all the harsh and hateful things they’d put each other through because of a misunderstanding and unexplained actions.

Now, they were together and nothing, not Draias, not the high ups of the space police or death would separate them again.

Guard Wing grabbed Fire’s aft and pulled him closer, pressing and rubbing their heated panels together making it very difficult for Fire to think of anything besides spending the next few hours drowning in love.

{~You're better than drugs
your love is like wine
Feel you comin' on so fast
Feel you comin' to get me high
You're better than drugs
Addicted for life
Feel you comin' on so fast
Feel you comin' on to get me high~}

They ended up on the berth somehow; legs tangled together and their lower covers roughly grinding against each other, making sparks and friction so intense Fire could do nothing but moan and arch, begging intangibly for more...

Wing interlocked their fingers and kissed Fire deeply, pouring all his love and affection into all his actions. After all that had happened to them, neither was ready to give up the chance to be alone together.

The rolled and struggled without much fuss until Wing settled on top of Fire and straddled his hips, kissing and nipping his neck and shoulders, hand reaching lower to explore and stroke the beautiful body pinned under him.

“Ahhhh! Ohhh... Wingu-chan...!” Fire gasped as the flier traced his hip flames.

“Shhhh, my little ember.” Wing smiled and gently nipped his neck. “We’ll get to that, right now I want to hear you begging and moaning.” He added, chuckling when he felt Fire’s spark skip a beat and then speed up, he gently slipped a finger under the smaller mech’s cover and ran his fingertip over Fire’s cable.

“Ahhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhaaaa... ohhhh Wingu-chan! Tease...!” Fire accused.

“And you love me for it.” Teh flier said before leaning in for another duel with Fire’s glossa.

{~Feel you when I'm restless
Feel you when I cannot cope
You're my addiction, my prescription, my antidote
You kill the poison
Ease the suffering
Calm the rage when I'm afraid
To feel again~}

Fire moaned and panted as he clung to Wing’s shoulders, rocking his hips to meet every one of the flier’s deep and wonderful thrusts into his aching valve stretching his inner walls with such gentleness he never wanted it to stop.

“Please.... Ahhhaaa! Please... Wingu-chan... Deeper... please...!” he begged, lifting his legs enough to wrap them tightly around his lover’s hips, trying to pull him deeper. “Please... Wingu-chan...”

“How can anyone deny you anything when you beg so sweetly?” Wing smirked and began to thrust his hips deeper and harder into his lover’s valve, moaning as his walls clenched and squeezed his cable. “Grate Nova’s you feel so good...!”

{~How can I tell you just all that you are
What you do to me~}

“Wingu-chan...! AHhhhhhhahaaaahhahhhhhh! Feels... Feels like I’m... gonna burst...!” Fire panted as he clung tightly to Wing’s back, dragging his finger tips over the tense plates there.

Wing smirked and began to push his cable in as deep as he could go, kissing and nipping along Fire’s neck while sending powerful vibrations over his frame from his engines as he did. “Yes... that’s it My Ember... overload for me...” he said against Fire’s neck, tracing a rapidly pulsating cable under Fire’s neck guard with his glossa tip.

“Ahhh... Ahhhhhh! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Fire’s optics widened as he moaned loudly, arching his back as far as he could possibly go as his cable’s throbbing ache released itself over his lower abdomen and chest.

Wing snarled out as he arched and filled Fire’s tight valve with his transfluids, slowly pulling out of his lover and moving down to lick Fire’s spilled fluids up, making Fire blush madly and tremble, trying to wiggle away.

“Wingu-chan... what are you...?”

“Shhh, my little ember... relax and enjoy.” Wing said licking along his painted flames.

{~You're better than drugs
your love is like wine
Feel you comin' on so fast
Feel you comin' to get me high
You're better than drugs
Addicted for life
Feel you comin' on so fast
Feel you comin' on to get me high~}

Fire moaned and panted, whimpering as Wing licked and kissed his cable and rubbing his valve with his finger tips, taking his sweet time torturing him into another overload. “Wingu-chan... please... Don’t tease...! Please... take me...!” he begged, fisting and clenching the sheets of the berth tightly.

Wing chuckled and after a few more teasing licks to his lover’s cable, he took the tip into his mouth and sucked, murring and moaning as he did, a moment later he gently pushed two fingers into Fire’s drooling valve.

“Ahhh! Wingu-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...!” Fire gasped, arching his hips against those wonderful fingers, trying to push his cable deeper into that blissfully hot mouth.

{~Feel your every heartbeat
Feel you on these empty nights
You're the strength of my life~}

Wing moaned and took as much of his lover’s cable into his mouth as he could, gently scrapping his teeth over the throbbing length and twisting his glossa around the head, smiling as he heard his lover moan and pant, attempting to beg for more.

He started to scissor his fingers inside Fire’s valve; drawing those cute little mewls and whines from the younger mech’s vocalizer, then gently and slowly to avoid any form of pain to his lover, he added a third finger, moaning and placing his free hand on Fire’s chest, sending vibrations over the younger mech’s body to sooth any pains he may feel.

“Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh... ohhhh Wingu... Wingu-chan~... yes... yes~... please.... Ahhhhhh! More! Please... Wingu-chan! I’m so... so close...!” Fire begged.

Wing smiled and began to suck harder.

{~You're better than drugs
your love is like wine
Feel you comin' on so fast
Feel you comin' to get me high
You're better than drugs
Addicted for life
Feel you comin' on so fast
Feel you comin' on to get me high~}

Fire arched and cried out as his systems all red lined and he was sent tumbling in to a blissful and powerful overload. His optics wide and his mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure as he went limp and began to pant heavily to try and cool his raging systems.

“W... Wingu... chan...” he asked as he felt the other mech licking his thighs and plating clean before moving up and softly kiss his neck.

“Shhhh... rest a while my little flame. You need it.” Wing soothed, slowly pulling his fingers from Fire’s valve and licking them clean.

“Why... do you... do that?” Fire asked once he had the energy to lift his head a little. “You... never use to before...” he added. Usually after such a powerful overload, Fire would wake up t find Wing was having a stick to help calm himself... but now he seemed to prefer cleaning Fire’s transfluids up.

{~Feel your every heartbeat
Feel you on these empty nights...
Feel your every heartbeat
Feel you come to get me high...~}

“Because, my sweet little Flame.” Wing smiled, moving to whisper in Fire’s audio. “You’re better then drugs.”

{~To get me high.....~}


Forever In Your Arms
Parts ~ 1 of 1
Pairings ~ Red Raker/Speedbreaker and God Magnus/Mech Alert

Summary ~ An excuse to have a cute and tender drabble with Speedy and Red Raker and God Magnus and Mach Alert, no like? Go away... also I using the Japanese names for them.


Mach Alert shifted a little in his sleep, stirring a moment later as he felt something warm and gently touch his face...

Someone was calling to him...

“Mach Alert... Mach Alert... wake up my sweet...” the voice said and Mach alert recognized it to be his lover, God Magnus. “Mach Alert, wake up, you’ll get a cold if you sleep in here.” The larger mech said.

“Hmmmm... Mmmm, I’m awake...” Mach Alert said rubbing his face, looking around to find he was in his office, the clock on his desk reading 22:48. He’d been asleep almost half an hour...

He also remembered why he had fallen asleep in his office. Magnus had come to him while he was finishing a report and they two had started to talk, eventually however the talk had become kisses.

The last thing he remembered was Magnus lifting him up and sprawling him over his desk, kissing him deeply and rubbing his chest plates...

“Have you been watching over me?” he asked.

“You look so peaceful in your sleep.” Magnus said smiling softly as he kissed his lover’s face. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“You could never hurt me, Maggie.” Mach Alert said, nuzzling his lover’s face, then gasped as Magnus lifted him up bridle style.

With a loving smile, one he only ever wore for Mach Alter, God Magnus carried his mate back to their room.

As they passed one of the rooms, Mach Alter heard a soft calming voice singing from within and smiled, Red Raker was indeed a wonderful mate to Speedbreaker, he cared and loved the mech deeply and did everything in his power to make the youngest brother happy.

Magus smiled and kissed Mach Alert softly as they settled to sleep in their berth for the night.


Can’t Believe My Heart
Parts ~ 1 of 1
Pairings ~ Fragile Rose/Ace Barron

Summary ~ No mech has ever shown interest in her ever before and those that had, had left her teh second they knew about what she was... and now she was finding all the defences she has around her heart to stop her getting hurt may not be needed...


Fragile Rose sighed as she sat alone on the cliff watching her sister play games and race around with the four young Barron brothers while Ace Barron was out on a patrol with Guard Star.

Ace Barron...

The name made her feel so confused, and set off a quickly growing head ache of an argument between her heart and her head.

~For spark sake, he’s a mech! Just like all others! He doesn’t love you or your sister! He just wants a three some then he’ll ditch you! You saw the way he was looking at Guard Fire when we got here!~

{~I've always thought that mech were slime
And every mech I've met has proved me right
Until tonight~}

:-He’s already been intimate with you both and he’s still showing interest in you, he’s honest! He isn’t going to hurt you like the others have; you know you can trust him! You can’t always be on the defence! You have to try and show him you love him or you will lose him and upset Iris!-:

Rose sighed again and looked at her sister, Iris was younger than her by two minutes in human time, making her teh older sister and it was the older sister’s unspoken duty to make sure that their younger sibling was always happy...

Not an easy task when you are twins and even harder when you’ve both been carrying Dark Matter inside you form a young age and now you have no choice but to LIVE off teh accursed stuff!

Iris had only had a couple of mechs show in treats in her before... and none of them she liked so it hurt her less when they walked away, not much less, but still... Rose however had tried to have a relationship, to try and give her sister hope...

{~Just when I thought
I had it figured
That life's a game you cannot win
He comes in and changes all the rules~}

They had all left her with harsh words and cruel beatings when they found out she was a hybrid and every night since she had silently cried herself into sleep, wishing and hoping one day, just one mech would see her and Iris and not care what they were...

That hope had died long ago and in its place, every form of defence had been build up around Rose’s emotions, she stopped dreaming and praying any mech or femme would see her or her sister as anything but Hybrids.

~Then why are you starting to doubt what you know?! Rose look at yourself!! You’re acting like a foolish little sparkling that’s listening to their sire read a LOVE STORY!! He’s a mech and all mech are the same!!~

:-Ace Barron wouldn’t dare hurt either of you. He loves you and you know that, he said it himself, he didn’t care what you are, you can believe him, Rose. You can be open with him.-:

She looked back at her sister, as if watching Iris would give her the answers.

{~What I've been taught
I learned the hard way
That life and love are never just
And if you trust you're just one of the fools~}

:-Just once Rose, remember what its like to be open and trust someone... to be in love. If not for your own sake, for Iris. She loves Ace as much as she loves you and then some... isn’t it the duty of teh big sister to make sure the younger sister is always happy? No matter if it hurts?-:


:-Just one last time... for Iris, let Ace Barron get close to you... let him embrace you, let him lead you in a dance and show you for himself that he is honest and purely interested in you both for who you are, let him prove he isn’t scare of bearing his spark to you and Iris when you’re both hybrids.-:

A shadow fell over the ground, and Fragile Rose inwardly groaned. Guard Fire.

“You ok there Fragile Rose?” Guard Fire asked, he didn’t know why, but the older twin didn’t seem to like it when others besides Iris or Skymax called her Rose.

“No...” She sighed. “I’m confused and I have a head ache.” She said.

{~And now I can't believe my heart
It's saying don't resist him
That I've been on my guard too long~}

“Maybe a little oil will help?” Fire offered a small canister of oil.

“Maybe you’re right.” She said taking it and sipping it.

For a while it was silent then he sound of laughter filled teh air as the younger Barrons and Iris tumbled over together and began tickling and poking each other, Fire chuckled. “Looks like your sister’s becoming a favourite Playmate with the kids.” He said.

“She was always better with little ones then I was.” Rose said smiling.

~Ask Fire what’s between Ace and himself, then we can get some answers.~

Rose winched inwardly, she hated to pry into other’s lives... but of it would mean she got a better idea of how Ace Barron really was, she didn’t have much of a choice.

“Neh... Guard Fire...?” she began, “when we first came here... were you and Ace Barron... close?” she asked.

“Close? Well... I guess if you mean as friends yea, we were as close as team work gets... but we weren’t in a relationship.” He said, sighing. “To be honest, Ace and I had to have a talk about it because before you came, due to Draias’s drug, and a fatal injury to me, Ace had to bond with me to survive... it didn’t go so well, since at teh time I wasn’t very stable emotionally...”

“What do you mean?” Rose asked.

{~I can't believe my heart
Surrenders when I’m with him
And tells me all I thought I knew
As sad but true is wrong?~}

“Wingu-chan had been turned by the drug... he attacked and I got hurt bad, Rescue made Ace bond with me to save my life, I reacted badly to it because I didn’t want or see Ace in that way... I love Wingu-chan and always have. Everyone knew that so when Ace and I bonded.... I just snapped and said some horrible things to him.” Fire explained. “We had a talk and after I was strong enough, we cut the bond and said it’d just go in a big box as a bad experience and be forgotten.” He said.

“He’s been surprisingly ok with it...” Fire added after a sip of oil. “I mean, he’s been crushing on me since the academy days but now he seems to have found who his spark really calls too.”

“Who?” Rose asked before she could stop herself.

“You and Iris.” Fire smiled. “He loves you both... Oh look at the time, I have to go meet up with Wingu-chan. We’re going on a date.”

:-Told you so... you can trust him Rose...-:

{~If life is worth
The disappointment
I haven't seen one reason yet
Until I met the boy who smiles for free~}

:-All the times you’ve been hurt were terrible, you don’t need to be reminded of that, but HE is different! He holds you and Iris close despite knowing what you really are and he doesn’t look at either of you with distrust. He loves you both! Heck you’ve seen him smiling at you both... stop trying to hide from him and love him!-:

Fragile Rose sighed and looked back to teh beach and saw Ace Barron was back and talking with Iris and his brothers. He made no excuse to leave with his brothers, and he’d even brought some treats for them all, Iris smiled brightly and hugged teh large Mech.

Why did it sting to see her sister so able to love someone? Was it really as easy as it sounded and looked...?

She sighed again and went inside to the shared room she and her sister stayed in.

She didn’t know how long she’d been inside but a loud knock brought her out of her repeating thoughts of Ace Barron and her sister. “Come in.” She called.

{~Upon this Earth
There's no one like him
He sees the girl I long to be
Making even me believe in me~}

Ace Barron came in slowly, carrying a sleeping Fragile Iris in his arms along with a big bouquet of beautiful roses, all different colours, and a another one of lilies making Fragile Rose blush. Were they for her and Iris?

“I’m sorry I didn’t get chance to say hi when I got back.” Ace said as he gently placed Iris on her bed. “I wasn’t sure what colours you’d like,” he said and handed her the rose bouquet.

“They’re beautiful.” Rose smiled, sniffing the flowers.

“I’m glad you like them,” Ace said then fussed with his hands a little. “Kenta and Haruka said there’s a fireworks show taking place next week, would you and Iris like to come with me to see it?” he asked.

:-Say yes; give him a chance to prove he really loves you...-:

“Umm... well... I guess we could go with you...” Rose said, unable to stop herself blushing a little.

{~And now I can't believe my heart
Has overcome my senses
To help me see that he's the prize~}

Sooner than Rose hoped the fireworks show came and she found herself sat beside Ace Barron watching the beautiful burst of light and colour go off and up into the air.

“They’re so beautiful Ace. Thanks for bringing us along.” Iris said hugging Ace Barron’s arm as she watched the fireworks.

Fragile Rose smiled and nodded. For teh first time her mind and heart were quite and letting her decide for herself without the internal arguments. She had to admit, just watching Ace Barron and her sister she believed that just maybe, Ace was different then those before that had hurt her and Iris in the past.

Though out teh night she caught herself and Iris leaning against Ace Barron’s sides and enjoying harmless but loving touches and kisses, Ace never pushed for more then what they allowed and never pushed his limits with either of them. There was only one incident when a loud fire work had scared both the girls so much they had instinctively clung to Ace’s chest, ending up in his lap, Ace had out of protection wrapped them both in his arms and held them close, gently rubbing their back and whispering reassurance until they’d calmed down.

{~I can't believe my heart
Says tear down all your fences
That everything you want and more
Is right before your eyes~}

Once teh fireworks were over, they headed back to their room... and Rose found she didn’t care when Iris pulled her into Ace Barron’s room and asked if they could spend the night.

She smiled and settled on Ace Barron’s left side, snuggling close to him and blushing a little when he kissed her forehead.

While her sister slept, Rose smiled. Maybe... just maybe

She could listen to her heart this one time...

{~I can't believe my heart
Could be so wise~}

Chapter Text

first a spoonful of Starscream/Thundercracker/Skywarp

When Skywarp had discovered the truth, Starscream had been scared.

Thundercracker knew because he was the chosen lover to the Vosian Prince, and he had kept his mouth shut this whole time because he understood the political power Megatron could gain if the news got out, even when Starscream admitted his spark didn’t truly lay in the throne of his people, Thundercracker had stayed with him, loyal and strong even with all the terrible things Starscream said about him to keep their facade alive around others, Thundercracker was there every night to hold him and make the terrible feeling of failure go away.

But now Skywarp knew too. Skywarp, the loud mouth, the one Seeker who couldn’t shut up. The One Seeker who would take every pleasure in teasing him about the loss of his beloved parents and the home of the Seekers. Now he knew the truth, there was no way of knowing what he would do. If anyone of the Decepticons knew just HOW important he was to his people as a whole… Sparks above and below he would NEVER be safe, not even the Autobots would have the ability to protect him…

There was a soft, almost timid knock at the door frame to Thundercracker’s quarters and Skywarp silently stepped inside, closing the door behind him as his wings hung low and his helm was dipped. They had talked, shouted, screamed and then talked some more and then with a heavy spark, Starscream had allowed Skywarp to see what he had witnessed and then kept hidden for so long, allowing the purple seeker to feel the loss and desperation he’d felt since the loss of his family in the Vos bombings and the growing shame of knowing that he had, in his haste to protect the last of his people and their families, joined the side that also harbored the mastermind behind the bombing.

It brought tears to Skywarp’s optics, the misunderstanding of the tri colored seeker’s attitude and apparent disregard for his people’s welfare was replaced with understanding the standoffish nature and the lack of trust in anyone who didn’t share their lineage or their coding as a true Vosian.

The few fliers who had joined the Autobots had been told the truth the moment Starscream knew of his mistakes, and he had begged them to try and sway the minds of the Decepticon Seekers as best they could and pass his warning along whenever possible, praying that his mistake could be fixed if they could just get the Seekers who were with child or who were too traumatized off Cybertron and away from Megatron and Shockwave…

Starscream remained, a tormented and beaten officer in Megatron’s army, and a handful of others stayed in the ranks to act as his shields, a last resort should he need to get away from the Decepticons for whatever reason. He endured the pains and beatings over and over again and while Megatron was focused on him, his people fled from the Warlord’s hold and sought a place they dubbed ‘Sanctuary’.

It had been a start, and slowly, Skywarp realized just how much Starscream gave for the safety of his people, despite his ruined youth and broken spark from his losses, Starscream worked himself into recharge and often missed his own rations just to insure his plans for their people were complete and that any issues were resolved swiftly and quietly before anyone outside the Seeker ranks could catch wind of it.

When he was accused and whispered to be on the DJD’s list, Skywarp and Thundercracker snapped into action and stole Starscream away from the Decepticon base and refused to return with him until they were given a FAIR trial, Shockwave’s whispered lies proved to be of no weight but the fact Megatron had believed the lies was too much, and Thundercracker, as any good mate should have, tore the accuser of his train leader and mate apart in a recorded match that Megatron over saw and Tran judged.

Needless to say, it was enough to give Thundercracker the power he needed and after putting Shockwave down, he invoked the power as Vos’s Voice, and demanded that all Seekers be relieved of duty and allowed to leave the ranks of the Decepticons reminding Megatron that the seekers had only agreed to stay because Megatron had promised them justice for Vos, and then kept Shockwave’s involvement hidden when he had learnt of it.

Unable to stop the Seekers leaving without bringing their wrath down on his own forces, Megatron had ordered the troops to stand down and within seconds, the last handfuls of seekers fled the Decepticon ranks and vanished into the darkness of space. The Autobots watched them go in silence, doing nothing to stop them or those few who fled their own ranks.

The Seekers were free and their future lay in the servos of the Command Trine.


Thundercracker smiled as he watched Starscream lay snuggled close against Skywarp’s chest and wrapped in a warm blanket to keep the cold season chill away, while Skywarp gently rubbed his helm and mumbled the lyrics of some soft lullaby to the tri colored seeker.

Sixteen months after leaving the Decepticons, Starscream was a completely different mech, surrounded by his own kind and those he could trust, he had quickly lost the arrogance, the coldness of his deminer was gone completely and finally, FINALLY, they could remove the voice modifier and give the Vosian Prince back his true voice, a soft toned, gentle almost melodic voice that carried great distances even if he did not raise his voice, the Decepticon and Autobot marks had been removed from all who lived in Sanctuary, and no matter how Megatron tried and attempted, he was not able to renew his hold over the fliers.

Optimus Prime had contacted them via a privet line, and offered to speak of a peace treaty between them and the few Autobot fliers who still remained in his ranks, in exchange for a small promise that if ever a sparkling were born to those outside of Sanctuary, they might take shelter there and raise the child away from war, Starscream had agreed to both terms and offered to send the Autobot fliers the much needed flight grade fuel they needed to maintain full performance in the air in exchange for a promise that Optimus would not allow Megatron to find out that their deal was in place.

In that time, Skywarp and Starscream had become close and despite the fears that his taking of a second mate would cause Starscream pain due to the still lingering strains from the many beatings and tortures Megatron had allowed him to suffer, Thundercracker had allowed the bond to form though him and thus, insure Starscream suffered no pain and Skywarp was not forced to endure the memories that haunted Starscream’s nights sometimes.

It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t how they would have wanted it, but it was enough.



A dash of Starscream/Soundwave

Starscream, as the Second in command of the Decepticons and the resident head Scientist of the Decepticons’ small team of Scientists, was intelligent and knew far more about the devices and contraptions his fellow Decepticon Scientists were often requesting to build or create on Earth, and so despite his lacking trust of the Seeker, Megatron had given Starscream control over the Scientific resources on earth.

He had also given Soundwave the order to watch the seeker and insure he did not cause trouble.

That had been sixteen months ago and not once had Megatron heard or seen an report from Soundwave detailing anything more than an odd incident when Starscream had been able to hold three conversations at once with Bombshell, Mixmaster and Hook over a design they wanted to try, while also talking with Onslaught and Blastoff about a battle tactic all the while holding a brief chat with Thrust over a patrol.

Starscream was always careful with how much of a resource was used and what it was used for, he never asked for more than what was needed when it came to parts and if the part could not be found, he would instead make that part himself, he did not instill fear from his fellow Scientists the way Shockwave did, instead he was respected by them, often times they would turn to him rather than Shockwave for his advice and it was quickly discovered that Starscream was on a far higher level of intelligence than Shockwave and he did not argue with the cyclops mech about tactics as Megatron had first thought, but the fact that Shockwave’s experiments were preformed on bitlets and younglings, something Soundwave had long since come to realize was against everything Starscream believed in.

Time had continued to pass and Soundwave came to realize that Starscream seemed to have taken a shine to Frenzy, who had been the one tasks with helping make an inventory of the resources and equipment they needed and though the small mech wasn’t a scientist, he was eager to learn and he did so love being allowed to practice what he learnt and prove that while he and Rumble did sometimes have a destructive streak, he at least wanted to try and help fix and create something that could help the Decepticons.

Soundwave knew of this and while he had at first been worried Starscream might try to twist Frenzy away from Megatron and cause trouble in his family, the Seeker never spoke of Megatron when with Frenzy nor when with any of the Cassettes for that matter, instead he spent his time mostly showing Frenzy what he was working on, and even allowing Frenzy to try and complete basic level Sciences and creating basic devices. One such time happened while Bombshell and Hook were also with Starscream for a small debate on what martial would be better used for a device Mixmaster had planned. Since then, Bombshell and Hook had taken a slight shine to the Cassette as well, offering to lend him some of their equipment if he ever needed it and to help with any future projects he might suggest.

Unsure of the true extent of Starscream’s apparent fondness for his children, Soundwave bid Rumble a small task to test the Seeker.

Frenzy hadn’t been happy with his Carrier’s clear mistrust of the Seeker who had been nothing but patient and calm with the Cassettes even after Rumble had purposely broken something that had brought a look of complete loss and lead to Starscream asking them to leave while he cleaned up the mess. Starscream had looked almost broken, as if the item Rumble had broken was something more than just an odd nick knack of the Seeker’s that was meaningless.

For the first time in eons, Frenzy had yelled at Soundwave for not only asking Rumble to brake one of Starscream’s personal items and accused his carrier of trying to ruin his attempts to learn before running off into the Decepticon Base in tears. Soundwave had not at first been worried, and so had not chased his son, instead remaining in his office to complete his work believing that Frenzy would return to him for evening rations or go and hide in Megatron’s Quarters as he had in the past.

When morning came, Frenzy was not in Megatron’s quarters and Soundwave spend every spare moment searching for his son after realizing that he was not collecting his share of rations. It took a week to find Frenzy, half-starved and cold to the touch in the disused parts of the base, Soundwave had been on a mission when news came that Starscream had found the missing Cassette and would tend to him until Soundwave returned.


Starscream was sat with his back to the door, carefully feeding Frenzy the contents of a small cube of heated energon, it was the consistency of what the human’s called ‘jelly’ but it was warm and did not have the same transparency to it as the human food. The substance would help thaw the iced over youngling’s tanks and give him extra warmth, but it would do so at a much slower and calmer pace then a heated blanket and a dryer fan would, giving Frenzy a higher chance of making a full recovery without a trip to the medics.

Soundwave realized that Frenzy was nestled on a soft pillow and covered with a sheet that looked to be far older than the war itself.

“I st-t-t-t-t-t-till feel s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-so cold.” Frenzy chattered as he finished his cube but let Starscream gently tuck him back in to the warmth of the small bed he was in.

“You’ll warm up as you charge.” The Seeker assured. “You rest up and let the warm energon do its job, Soundwave will come get you when he’s finished his mission.”

“Explain.” He stated.

“Why do you care?” the Seeker asked, giving him a pained look as he nodded to the broken remains of an item on his table, awaiting repairs. “You made it clear when you had Rumble destroy my memory orb that you have no desire for me to continue mentoring your son. Why suddenly so concerned about my motives when you have already made up your mind about me.”

Soundwave did not speak.

“Have you no words?” Starscream asked but did not wait for an answer as he picked up the broken memory orb and stepped around Soundwave. “Do as you wish, Soundwave, but know that I am not so cruel as to permit vandalism of someone’s personal affects just to bait a reaction that will never come.”

Soundwave watched him sit at his desk and begin to work with tiny tools, trying to repair what had been damaged while Frenzy lay asleep in the warmth Starscream had created for him. Realizing that there was still too much raw here, Soundwave backed down, carefully lifting his son to his chest and carrying him away with the silent promise he would look into Starscream’s history with children more before he proceeded.



and a little bit of Jazz/Prowl

It was never as easy as the mech made it look. But if you knew where to look, where to watch for the signs, it was easy to see the strains, pain and worry his place as Optimus Prime’s 3rd and as the head of Special Ops. He had to chose the mechs who went on the possible suicide missions, he had to be the one to give that suggestion to prime and possible be the one who gave the go ahead to send Mirage, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, Pipes, Silverstreak and many others off on missions that they could easily never come back from.

It was a thankless, painful and often times haunting duty that had broken many mechs before him and at times, it came close to breaking him, and Prowl knew that better than anyone. Primus, or whoever was still watching over the Autobots, had so far been kind and protected the Spec Ops mechs, sure there had been some terrible injuries, painful close calls that had come close to failures but somehow succeeded, but since Jazz had taken over the position as the head of Spec Ops, none of his team mates had died. Some said it was luck, others skill.

Prowl knew the truth behind it.

Jazz spent hours of his own time working on plans and back up plans to keep his mechs safe, time no one knew about carefully studying the blue prints and designs of the Decepticons ships, buildings and prisons to learn the layouts by spark and teaching them to his mechs, he spent weeks if not months making absolutely sure that if anything, ANYTHING went wrong or wasn’t as they planed it to be, they had other ways to get their job done and get out with as little trouble as possible.

It was a tiring, draining task that brought his mechs the needed edge to come home after every mission they went on and while they thanked Jazz in their own ways, small gifts, personal home brews of energon and other small things, they couldn’t do anything to relieve the buildup of stress and worry that Jazz hide so well behind his laid back, calm, loving and easy going attitude.

That was why Prowl made sure to do it himself.

When the stresses were building, making Jazz slouch and dragging him down with their heavy weight, Prowl would come to him and hold him, and then the tears would come. Tears that never spilled out during those stressful meetings with Optimus, missions that didn’t go as they were planned to go, tears that didn’t- couldn’t fall around the other Autobots.

Prowl held him and just let him cry until there were no more tears to come and then he would lay with Jazz on his berth, gently petting and stroking Jazz’s helm as the mech slept for the longest time he had ever slept each time, and then with gentle words and soft caresses he would talk to Jazz as an equal in the early hours of the morning. It wasn’t much and it wasn’t always a sexual encounter, but when it was sexual, it was the best either mech ever had, Prowl had the stamina to keep up with Jazz and Jazz had a LONG build up time before his systems whited out. Sexual or not, it was enough to keep Jazz sane and help him keep making the hard choices just a little bit longer.

Jazz had started to show the signs of the stresses getting to him since they reached earth, the slight slouch of his shoulders in meetings, the tiniest drag of his feet when he walked, the increased hours he worked on ‘projects’ had increased steadily over the last three weeks and even now, when Mirage had come home safe and unharmed and was safely snuggled up in his berth after a short game of cards with Hound, Tracks and himself, Jazz was still in his office working on plans, blue prints and reports.

“Jazz, you need to rest.” He told his friend over the Officers’ privet comm channel, knowing that Red Alert would hear them and would make the necessary changes to the Rota so Jazz could rest longer, and also because he knew Optimus and Ratchet would still be up at this time and would help him by reminding Jazz his job was done for the day and he was off duty (Optimus), or make it a medical order that he stop working (Ratchet).

~ “Just finishing my projects I’ll be down in about ten clicks… Maybe twenty, you know these spinning chairs are a lot of fun to just spin in.” ~ Jazz assured with a tired chuckle, referring to the spinning office chairs that Grapple and Hoist had upscaled from the human design.

~ “You have fifteen clicks and then I’ll come down there and drag you off that damn chair.” ~ Ratchet stated firmly, though there was no true anger in his voice. ~ “You need sleep. And don’t think I won’t stick you with a needle.” ~

~ “Yes Ratchet.” ~ Jazz answered and the channel went silent once again.

Prowl dimmed the lights to 25% so the room would be shaded but not totally dark, and then sat himself on the large berth, not many people knew that Jazz felt safer on bigger surfaces then smaller ones and given his habit of sleeping sprawled out, the larger berth was just a small comfort.

Ten clicks later, the door opened and Jazz stumbled slightly as he came into the room, his optics shined brightly behind his visor before a small smile found its way to his face. “You know me too well Prowler.” He accused with no true force behind his words as he approached the berth and retracted the visor.

Prowl smiled softly and nodded silently, opening his arms as the oily tears began to fall freely at last.


He woke slowly, feeling relaxed, calm and somehow lighter that he had before he’d finally fallen into recharge.

Prowl was with him still, one arm looped over his back the other lightly playing with the small horn like structures of his helm, an old sensory mod that some mechs had installed to better interpreted overhead or even rear sensory details, a nifty way of making sure no one could sneak up on you. Mechs like Red Alert shared that same helm design, but his were constantly on a much higher setting given the Mech’s history and others had them for different reasons.

“Is ’orning?” He asked in a soft mumble as his partner gently rubbed the helm sensors, soothing and calming as it always was.

“Just after oh nine hundred in the morning. Yes.” Prowl assured him softly, the arm over his back shifting slightly to gently rub at his spinal cord, the metal around that area of his body was thin and so the internal structure could be felt and stimulated in many ways. “Go back to sleep, you’re not needed for anything today.”

Jazz chuckled slightly, snuggling into the warmth of Prowl’s shoulder before letting his optics dimmed again, letting his body relax into the tender care and touch of his lover as Prowl gently worked the tense cables and metal skin until they were slack and no long felt tight. “You’re good with your hands.”

“And you’re good at hiding stress.” Prowl chuckled softly. “Not tired anymore?” he asked.

“Nah, just wanted to do something.” Jazz smiled and before Prowl could ask what, Jazz moved, leaning up and placing a soft kiss to Prowl’s lips and holding it for a few brief but wonderful moments before pulling away. “Sweet dreams lover mine.”

Prowl smiled, “Sweet dreams Jazzy.”