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Transformers; a Pit of Random Aft stuff

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Beneath the mask.

Disclaimer; I own nothing. though I will say I dislike the way everyone has renamed Skyfire into Jetfire, in my stories they are two different mech, Skyfire a scientist and Jetfire a Fighter, yes, both knew Starscream and yes, both were friends with him, but only Skyfire feels remorse and sadness at losing his friend.

Also this is base of the Games War and Fall of Cybertron so no Humans sorry.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

He hated it here.

He hated it all. The battles, the stealing, the Energon-shed, the whole fragging way of Con life, he hated.

He sat alone in his quarters, waiting for what he knew was coming, today’s raid had been a failure, he knew it would be, they were low on numbers because of other missions and Megatron had been impatient.

The door to his quarters was all but ripped open as Megatron, fuming with anger barged into the room and snatched him up by the throat.

“Starscream you fool!!”

Another beating, another blaming session where everything, the mistakes, the failure even the timing of the Autobot’s arrival would be blamed on him and he would face a few days in the brig with those awful wing braces on his beautiful wings and stasis cuffs so tightly clamped on his wrists they would rub his metal skin raw.

He hated it here.

Megatron snarled down at him. “What? No defiance from you today? No blaming of anyone else? Are you so pathetic that you won’t even fight back?!” he demanded. “Pathetic! You aren’t even worthy to be called a Decepticon!!” the tyrant sneered with a parting kick as Starscream slid into the far wall and lay still, his body aching and sore.

He heard Megatron leave the room in his usual huff, likely off to find a drone or two to frag senseless.

His own train-mates had abandoned him years ago now, leaving the Nemesis to find their fellow Seekers and join them, Jetfire had refused to speak with him even on the Anniversary of Vos, Skyfire tried... but they couldn’t seem to get past the whole fact that Starscream had both mentally and emotionally been traumatized and Jetfire’s less then kindly introduction to him while he’d been stationed on Trypticon station studying Dark Energon hadn’t helped.

Starscream knew he would have no assistance reaching medical bay tonight, no one would notice and those that did would demand payment even though most would sooner strip him for parts, or crush him against their frames for a night of hard interfacing...

He really hated it here.

His only comfort was the small medical bot he had ‘borrowed’ some months ago who kindly did its job and repaired what it could of his damage. When that was done, it curled up into a portable ball and landed in his waiting hand.

Starscream sat on his berth and looked around his room, the walls were bare the shelves empty and his personal treasure... Broken and ruined in pieces on the floor...

By now, it was beyond repair.

He sighed sadly and moved to carefully pick up the pieces and put them into a thin clothe to keep them together while in his subspace at least there it wouldn’t be in more danger of being damaged.

And to think, the only reason he hadn’t left yet was his own childish fears...

He’d been out flying alone, one of the few times when he was free to do as he wished without anyone wondering where he was or what he was doing, only to see his old friend Skyfire out flying with the Autobots and felt his whole world shatter at the smile and laughter from his friend.

He was afraid if he tried to speak with Skyfire now he would be rejected, or worse, shunned by the older flier for all the cruelty he’d shown his former friend...

The idea of being left alone completely, it sent shudders down Starscream’s spine. He’d been alone from the start, his optics coming online and his mind already programmed with the basic needs and one desire.


With too many memories of his former life threatening to try and come to the surface, Starscream stood and left his room, wincing as his comm hissed static at him so he turned it off.

He held his breath as he went out onto the flight deck, high above the City of Kaon and once he felt the cool breeze touch his wings he took off, soaring higher and higher as he felt the rush of air around him...

But it couldn’t last and memories swam forwards.

It had all been so perfect.

He woke up he did his studies, his research and his work from the morning to the night; it was his one passion and true desire...

But then it all changed.

Science wasn’t new in Iacon’s Academy and Starscream was forced into a world where he wasn’t the only one who knew the joys of Science and his ideas were rejected because they were different. He’d been miserable and lonely, shutting everyone else out while he worked in his Lab/dorm in the Academy.

And then he’d met Skyfire, purely by accident really, yes Skyfire had been looking for him but the Shuttle hadn’t expected to find him locked away in a tiny room, half hidden in a pile of data pads of ideas, formulas and unfinished designs.

Their friendship had been rocky to start with; Starscream unsure and a little frightened that this new mech would just laugh and poke fun at his ideas while Skyfire was always trying to insure that Starscream was comfortable, even going as far as to let Starscream move in to his dorm where there was more room and they would have more space to store his ideas.

They’d become friends when Skyfire had defended Starscream’s work from several high up professors who refused to admit Starscream’s ideas and formulas were indeed probable and could be proven if they weren’t such stuck up, pompous, arrogant fools and admitted they had been bested by a Vos Seeker.

Slowly, Starscream had broken free of his programmed desire and with Skyfire leading him by hand, he had learned of the childhood he’d never had and the fun he’d never had because he’d never been a child.

Skyfire opened so many doors he had never known were closed to him and shown him so much he’d never thought existed.

And then...

Starscream felt coolent gather in his optics and he began to dive, not even realizing he’d shot over Iacon or that he was flying at speeds even he couldn’t keep control of if he hit turbulence.

So many promises left broken and so many dreams and hopes, shattered beyond repair... All because they’d gone off to explore this world and now they were enemies.

It hurt all the more because Starscream had honestly loved Skyfire he’d just never had the courage or guts to tell him... And now he’d never have the chance.

After coming back to Cybertron, Thundercracker and Skywarp had accepted him to their train after he’d been rejected everywhere else and showed signs of ‘Soft Wings’, a Vos virus that if not treated, would and could kill a Seeker, the flight systems in the wings of a Seeker grew so sensitive that they had to be removed and once that happened, even the strongest Seekers would go insane.

Jetfire’s arrival had only worsened Starscream’s already fragile mind and changed the once childish Seeker Skyfire had made him into a cold, unfeeling mech, Thundercracker and Skywarp had lost their bond with him and despite their best efforts, Starscream refused to open himself up again.

He was trapped now, trapped by his own foolishness and pride to prove himself worthy to someone who would never see him as anything but a fool.

Once you swore your oath to Megatron, you stayed with Megatron.

Unable to bare the thoughts any longer, Starscream pulled up again, ready to drive himself so high he could just hang in the outer atmosphere of the planet and clear his head.

Or rather he tried too.

The last thing Starscream remembered was a sharp pain in his wings before his world went black and he fell from the sky like a rock...

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Skyfire sighed softly as he sat on the side of a building, holding a data pad with only a few rare undamaged ideas he had kept from his and Starscream’s work together.

It had been one of the few things Starscream had treasured.

He’d found it hidden away and nearly piled up in what was left of the old Academy during the last trip he’d made to the Academy and brought it back to insure everything was still the way Starscream had left it.

He’d been found by another team on a frozen world and brought back to Cybertron to serve as an Autobot Scientist with Preceptor and Wheeljack... only to discover much had changed in his time away and the worst part was knowing his dear friend had changed so much...

He and Jetfire had argued many times of that...

It was strange to see Starscream now so full of confidence when at first all he had known was the data his programming told him and the brutal cruelty from Iacon’s professors, it had been down to Skyfire’s guidance Starscream had opened up and seen all that he had missed.

And now he was a Decepticon, their Air commander... He’d left the Scientist life for that of a warrior and he had chosen his life...

Still, Skyfire wished he had been there then maybe Starscream wouldn’t be suffering such awful and terrible beatings, abuse and terrible cruelty from Megatron. Optimus Prime had said that if he could, he would open his ranks and let Starscream stay with them as a ‘victim of war’ and let Skyfire care for Starscream.

But unless Starscream came forwards and told Skyfire or Prime about the abuse there was nothing that they could do. Sometimes Skyfire hated this war more then he hated anything else.

Sensing a storm, he moved back inside the Base and sighed, praying that his old friend would be safe and one day, somehow, come to him for help...

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Pain screamed at him from every area.

He’d crashed... Both his wings were damaged and torn...

Everything hurt so much...

He dragged himself away from the crash site, crying out in pain as he fell into a open pit and whacked his helm hard onto the ground.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Megatron was Furious.

Soundwave didn’t dare to speak until Megatron looked at him, only to report news that he still hadn’t found Starscream even after two weeks.

“What do you mean you CAN’T locate him?! He’s a Seeker!!” Megatron demanded slamming his fist onto the controller before him, several drones shuffled backwards, away from his arm’s reach. “Search out his Energon Signature!”

“My Lord,” Vortex said, “Maybe we’re just looking in the wrong places, I mean... There is a chance he isn’t on base.” He suggested. “It is... the Vos anniversary today,” he added.

Every flier bowed their head. This was a day of great sorrow to them, the only day Megatron couldn’t force them to fly if they chose not to and for Starscream, while many didn’t like him, it was a day so terrible that the tri-coloured Seeker was known to be so saddened, he could be heard sobbing throughout the base.

The other fliers were worried because not only was Starscream missing; they had found Energon in his room from a beating and Starscream were known to be unstable on this day.

Megatron snarled. “If he is not back by sun set, he will suffer far worse then a beating.”

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

With no attacks or raid, Optimus had agreed to some down time, so everyone was enjoying doing their own thing, even if for some (Ratchet, Preceptor, Wheeljack and Jetfire) that meant locking themselves in a lab with no word or reason and refusing to leave and others (Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Jazz, Cliff Jumper, Warpath and Ironhide) sleeping or sparring all day, others were on patrol and/or focused on the finer details of the Ark.

Skyfire was the only none warrior outside in the Cybetronian Sun, reading something from what the others could see and they were happy to at least see a small smile on the large shuttle’s face plates after being locked in Ice for so long the Shuttle was still adjusting to the awful knowledge that their home world was dying because of War and Vos had been bombed, killing thousands of innocent young fliers.

However the Shuttle had been a wonderful addition to the Autobots even if only as a Scientist and ‘taxi’ as Sideswipe jokingly called him, he had had a grate impact on the taught the build, repairs and alterations of the Ark.

Most amazing was Skyfire’s apparently endless patience. He’d sat through almost five hours of one of Ironhide’s security briefs and given advice, aided Optimus with stubborn codes and to top it all off, he had even managed to make Fireflight sit and listen to him for almost a whole hour before he’d started to ask questions.

Today was the day none of the fliers had to do anything, if nothing else, Megatron and Optimus were agreed that some days were remembered well enough without them adding to it.

“Decepticon call incoming...” Ratchet’s voice yelled as everyone came rushing in as if fated to hear what had to be said.

“It’s Vortex.” Jazz said.

“What’s he calling for?” Cliffjumper asked.

“Let me drag him down and ask him.” Warpath suggested cracking his knuckles.

“No.” Optimus said and looked at Jetfire, “he may just be calling to speak with Skyfire... I have known Seekers to seek out comfort in other fliers.”

Jetfire nodded and typed a few strokes. “Vortex?”

~“Always a pleasure Jetfire. However I am not calling for leisure or reminiscence.”~ the con flier said. ~“have you seen or heard from Starscream at all?”~

“No, I have not. Nor do I expect to,” Jetfire answered honestly. “Why?”

~“He is MIA and Lord Megatron is not pleased to find our second is missing.”~ Vortex stated before the line cut off.

As everyone settled back down no one worried at the worried look Skyfire gave the sky. Starscream was missing...?

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///


Primus it was cold...

He curled himself tighter as he lay, broken, hurt and alone, hidden in some forgotten cave as he waited to die.

Soon he would shut down, he could hear his systems slowly shutting off from lack of Energon and his whole body was cold, so cold he could see ice forming on the joints.

He wanted to die.

Then he could go to the well of All Sparks and be with his fellow Seekers...

He’d be free of Megatron there and he’d never be alone again.

He could wait for Skyfire there and everything would be ok.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

He searched.

He searched high and low.

He searched far and wide.

He searched for his friend.

The thought of losing his friend, even if they were enemies now was too horrible to even entertain; he’d already suffered losing his friend once he didn’t want to lose him again.

Skyfire flew low over the icy ground, trying to search for any sign of Starscream around the remains of Vos. There were signs of a crash below him and then he saw it, a trail of Energon leading towards the sheer cliffs.

“Oh please Primus no.” He pleaded as he shot forwards following the trail to its end in a shallow pit, “Starscream?!”

There was no answer and Skyfire feared the worst, then he saw it, a flicker of optics.

Skyfire gently reached into the pit and lifted the curled up seeker into his arms, hugging the cold ice covered form to his chest. “Starscream... its ok... I’ve got you,” he assured softly.

Starscream made no sound in response, only curled closer to the warmth he was held against.

“Skyfire to Optimus. I have a situation, Starscream’s hurt and in need of medical attention.”

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

It was warm here...

He liked it...

He felt safe, cared for and loved...

Someone was holding his hand and talking to him...

He knew that voice...

“Sky... fire?”

“Hush... you need to rest...” the deep but soft voice said as a gentle giant hand softly rubbed his wing soothingly. “You’re safe here.”

“Why...?” Starscream asked as sleep pulled him back into the dreamless dark.

“Because I still care for you.” Skyfire said softly.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Megatron growled as Laserbeak showed them a recording of Skyfire as he carried a battered and broken mess that was Starscream, his wings were bent at a sickening angle, his armour jagged and ripped, his thrusters broken and his left arm was limb and broken, off into the sunset.

Vortex and Blastoff refused to look at the screen, both shuddering at the damage to Starscream’s wings.

No flier deserved that.

Megatron didn’t care for the Seeker, but what he did care about was what information the Seeker might tell the Autobots. While there was no trust between them, Starscream was his second and that gave him access to a lot of information about plan, personal files and even his personal ‘side projects’.

If the Bots found out about Megatron’s new found hobby since learning of a hidden camp of Femmes, Megatron knew even Prime would not show mercy...

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Ratchet all but flew into action as Skyfire landed, taking Starscream’s broken form to his medical bay and hooking him up to life support while Skyfire let Preceptor draw Energon from him and set it up for Starscream while the medic began to rapidly work.

Optimus Prime himself orders that Starscream be left in medical bay under protective watch until he was stable enough to speak.

Skyfire refused to leave the seeker’s side.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

For three whole months, Starscream drifted between shut down and on line.

His first time waking up he’d been in a panic, fearful that he was back on the Nemesis and his body was being scavenged by the Cassettes for parts after a beating from Megatron, until Skyfire arrived and somehow embraced his terrified friend without disconnecting him from the vital wires that kept him stable.

Starscream hadn’t bothered to hide the coolent tears this time and instead, clung to his larger friends like a human child to their parent after a nightmare and told Skyfire everything, every terrible beating he had suffered at Megatron’s hands the nights he’d spent having a tiny medical drone repair him, the lack of a train...

Skyfire had just held him and promised everything would be alright now and that no one would ever hurt Starscream again and once Starscream was calm, he agreed to tell Optimus the truth and stay as a V.O.W in the Autobot base.

He was aware of what was happening, Skyfire made sure to be there when he was awake and tell him everything that had changed, while most of his body looked the same, almost a whole 87% was new parts, wires, joints and even an upgrade in his optics.

Ratchet had been very understanding, making sure not to hurt the sensitive areas of the Seeker’s back, hands and wings without Skyfire there to prove that he wasn’t going to hurt the poor seeker after a terrible night of unrest when Starscream had broken down into tears again in fear he would never fly again.

It took a few hours but Ratchet finally got the Seeker’s wings to a state where they could be reattached to his body but told Starscream he would need to start slowly as his new wings would be hyper sensitive.

Skyfire found some old wing mitts in storage and they were use to cover Starscream’s wings until he was ready to go outside and calibrate his flight sensory again.

There was still a tension though...

Despite how much time they spent together, Starscream was still unable to fully open up to Skyfire like he had before. The Shuttle blamed himself, but he continued to try even giving Starscream his old Data pads.

Starscream’s smile couldn’t have been any bigger; he was so happy to see his old ideas and formulas were still there and had even begun to jot down new ideas as they spoke.

Skyfire just hoped soon Starscream would open up to him again... There was so much he wanted to tell the Seeker...

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Megatron was angry, not only could he not find his Seeker but he was increasingly aware of the information Starscream knew.

The time Starscream had been gone had been nice at first, not always having to watch for signs of traps or betrayal, but his anger slowly began to build and every small mistake made it harder for him to control his anger.

Thankfully, drones were replaceable.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Skyfire sighed as he watched Starscream’s claws move over the data pad, searching for mistakes and adding new ideas. The Seeker hadn’t noticed him as he had been so wrapped in his ideas that Skyfire hadn’t the spark to interrupt and so instead he put the Energon cube at the side of the seeker and sat back, simply watching the seeker work.

Light danced around Starscream’s frame as he worked, every time his wings gave a slight twitch, the light shone just a little brighter around his face reminding Skyfire just how young Starscream truely was.

A loud bang and Starscream curled up tightly, holding his head with his hand and whimpering.

“Shhh, shhh it’s alright.” Skyfire said one hand instantly on Starscream’s back the other softly stroking his wings.

“What was it?” Starscream asked in such a fearful voice Skyfire had to refrain from cursing Megatron’s name.

“Wheeljack’s been working on inventions,” Skyfire explained, “Things get a little... loud at times.” He added as Starscream eventually calmed down and let his wings lower from their high and tense stance.

“He might do better if he didn’t hit things so hard.” The Seeker said and then felt a deep heat in his systems and a terrible shuddered.

Heat cycle.

Even after so many years, Starscream was plagued by his heat cycles... While on the Nemesis he’d been able to keep them under control, but now... It wasn’t going to be easy, but he had to keep it under control or Skyfire might get the wrong idea...

He just had to stay calm...

Starscream didn’t see his old friends face, a look of almost joy and happiness as well as a look of worry and concern.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Starscream was almost surprised at how large the room he’d been given was, large enough to keep claustrophobia away. but small enough that he didn’t feel the urge to fly every time he stood up, the room he’d had on the Nemesis was so small and cramped he’d had nightmares of being crushed more times than he cared to count.

Jetfire had been avoiding him and Skyfire was trying to keep him happy, it was starting to make him feel more... attracted to the larger shuttle though he would never admit it out loud.

Jetfire also seemed to know he was in heat and for that reason, the other shuttle was perfectly happy to ignore him.

He just wished he knew how to show Skyfire he cared for him without it being confused for Heat Cycle Lust.

He sighed and sat on his berth, taking out his little repair drone and began to tinker slightly with the wiring as it beeped at him. Ratchet had left him a few cubes to drink since he needed some Energon to refuel his systems and strict orders to rest.

He didn’t know what time it was when someone knocked on his door. “Yes?” he asked, rubbing his optics, he didn’t remember falling into recharge.

“It’s me.” Skyfire called through the door, “Do you... mind if I come in?” he asked.

Starscream could have said no... He should say no...

“Yes.” he said.

Skyfire opened the doors with one hand the other filled with data pads Starscream instantly recognized. “I found the rest of your data pads, thought you’d like to have them back.” The shuttle said smiling as he set the pads on the desk in the room noticing two cubes of Ratchet’s four were missing. “How do you feel?”

“A little numb and light headed... but I think I’ll be ok.” The Seeker said, moving to stand up only to feel his legs give out under him.

Skyfire move forwards and caught Starscream in his arms, holding him steady against his chest while Starscream tried to find his footing. “You need to rest.” The shuttle said, blinking as he felt Starscream cling to him tightly. “Starscream?”

“Why does this always happen...? Why can’t I ever get anything right...? Why can’t my dreams ever once just go without mistakes...?” Starscream asked as coolent dripped down his face.

“Starscream...?” Skyfire smiled softly and lifted the Seeker’s chin gently with his finger.

Starscream wasn’t sure if he wanted to believe it... Skyfire... Skyfire was kissing him... actually kissing him...

It had to be a dream...

Skyfire deepened the kiss and tightened his hold just a little more before Starscream realized it was no dream, but reality, he couldn’t think of what to do but before he could stop himself he clung to Skyfire’s shoulders and returned the kiss as Skyfire shifted them so he was sat on the berth and Starscream was sat astride his lap.

Servos wondered over wings and sensitive seams were found and teased as their lips continued to move together and their glossas danced, walls crumbled and soft sweet promises were whispered and as their lower regions rubbed together.

Starscream gasped as Skyfire started to kiss his neck, “S... Skyfire...”

“Shhh... let it happen... I won’t hurt you...” Skyfire assured.

“How... I’m not... I’m a...”

“You are my friend, Starscream, my friend and so much more... I wanted so many times to tell you... to ask you if you would be more than friends with me... but when I came back you weren’t the same... I was afraid if I ask you, you’d reject me...” Skyfire said and continued to kiss Starscream’s neck and softly tease Starscream’s interface panel, “Let me show you how much I love you... please...”

Starscream couldn’t find his voice and instead nodded, he was scared no matter what he did or told himself he was terrified of the idea Skyfire would disappear, leaving him alone and in pain. Skyfire moved slowly, removing his own cover as Starscream lay above him, trembling as Skyfire’s servos stroked his wings to sooth him, “Tell me if this gets too much,” He said.

“I promise...” Starscream nodded.

Skyfire nodded and softly rubbed his thick, cable against Starscream’s dripping port making the seeker moan as the heat cycle he had been so desperately trying to fight off came back in a swift flood.

Skyfire smiled and slowly pushing his cable inside Starscream’s port, moaning as the seeker’s port tried to pull him in deeper into the hot bliss while Starscream clawed his chest and shoulders, moaning and arching as he felt Skyfire move inside him, leaving him unable to make a coherent sentence.

The rest of the night became a blur of hazed, wonderful memories...

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

The Plan To Save Earth

“A SLAVE CAMP!?” Ironhide demanded in outrage.

Starscream forced himself not to curl up like a sparkling at the loud shout, even as Skyfire stood with him and Ratchet, ever concerned for the safety of his patience heaved his wrench up in warning to the weapons specialist.

“How long has he known about this?” Optimus asked.

“Megatron himself has known since the Human winter passed and we were contacted by Shockwave, Shockwave was the one who used the Insecticons to enslave it,” Starscream explained.

“I see,” Optimus said, “And you are sure they are all females.”

“Most of the reports state at least nine femmes, but the numbers continued to go down, the first report stated almost thirty,” Starscream stated.

“It might be where Luna’s Carrier came from.” Prowl stated looking at Jazz.

“Luna?” Starscream asked, “Is she about so high, purple optics, have the Dinobots as her bodyguards and a whiz with Computers?” he added holding his hand about mid-torso height.

Jazz nodded. “You know her?”

“Yes, she’s apparently the brains behind the attack on Shockwave’s labs that have been putting Shockwave in a less then pleasant spotlight.” Starscream explained, “When her profile came online Soundwave informed Megatron that she was under Autobot care and since she was so young, Megatron refused to pay her any mind, so Shockwave is the only Decepticon who pays her any attention besides Soundwave.”

“Soundwave is watching her?” Jazz asked.

“Call it concern. But Soundwave has never liked seeing someone so young hurt,” Starscream explained, “he refuses to be of any help to Megatron in his Slave camp, that’s why he’s not on the Nemesis and why he hasn’t been in the battles.”

“I was wondering about that,” Blaster said.

“Megatron’s Orders were so long as the femmes did as they were told, he wouldn’t hurt the young ones there, but while we were away, Shockwave seems to have taken the laws into his own hands,” Starscream explained.

“And you say Luna is safe?” Jazz asked.

“Last I heard of Luna, she, Grimlock and his team were laying low since Shockwave’s now got more cons up there with him.” Starscream explained. “Shockwave sent the Insecticons after them, so to my knowledge they haven’t left Cybertron.”

“Primus be blessed I KNEW that kid was Special!” Jazz cheered looking total relived at the news on Luna.

“Is there a way to save the femmes in the camp?” Optimus asked.

“There is, according to Soundwave’s symbioses, there is a narrow passage just big enough for smaller bots to squeeze through and open the security doors to let others through.” Starscream explained, “But the camp is under constant watch now and the only safe way is through Kaon’s gladiatorial arena.”

“Megatron’s playground.” Optimus said.

“Any found to trespass there become his toys to beat and slaughter as he sees fit.” Prowl recalled.

Starscream nodded then winced as his wings twitched and gave a slight spark.

“Let me see,” Ratchet said gently looking over the wing, “Ah, tense wire,” he stated and carefully loosened it.

“There has to be some way to contact Luna...” Jazz said, “She’s done so much, maybe she can get the femmes out of the camp.”

“Optimus!!” all optics turned to Mirage as he raced into the medical bay looking like he’d just seen Unicron himself!

“Mirage? What is Primus’s name?” Jazz asked catching his fell spec ops mech. “Mirage?”

“You have to... the main terminal... Teletraan 1!” Mirage stated frantically panting. “Smokescreen hacked the Decepticon comm lines. Shockwave’s on the comms right now to Megatron claiming he has our bots.”

“WHAT!?” Jazz yelled as everyone, even Starscream raced to the main entrance where Teletraan 1 displayed a play back message from Shockwave to Megatron, Tracks and Smokescreen typing rapidly as they tried to get a better transmission.

[“Well done Shockwave, it seems you have finally found the child you so foolishly abandoned,”] Megatron stated, [“I trust you have already filled the necessary information to have them sent to me.”]

[“Of cause my liege. And as you promised, the femme child is mine.”] Shockwave stated.

[“If you can catch her,”] Megatron stated. [“I do not see her amongst the captured Autobots.”] He added as the screen filtered through Shockwave’s imaging.

Behind him were several stasis chambers all filled with Autobots ready to be shipped to earth for Primus knows what tortures, three of which were instantly recognizable despite the horrible injuries they’d suffered.

“Oh my sparks, that’s Bluestreak!” Smokescreen gasped.

“Sunny?!” Sideswipe cried. “They got my bro!”

“Hound!” Mirage almost heaved his tanks.

[“You needn’t worry my liege, if I am right in my theory, she will come to me.”] Shockwave stated. [“Especially if this device of Starscream’s works.”]

“What’s he planning?” Jazz snarled.

“Oh no,” Starscream said, “Before we left Cybertron I was working on a replacement voice modifier for myself after some damages... It went missing after one of Shockwave’s visits to the Trypticon station.” He explained. “With a few new wires and more work, it would have been finished.”

“What use is it to Shockwave?”

“If he gets a recording of someone’s voice he can use it to trick Luna.”

“But who... oh no...” Jazz said. “Shockwave has samples of us all!”

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Soundwave stood on the rocks watching the ocean, one shoulder holding Laserbeak and his free hand holding a data pad, reading off it he sighed, his Lord may not care of the fate of the Femmes, but Soundwave had raised going on six young sparks and took huge insult to the way he knew Luna had come to the Autobot’s care.

Mercifully, he was aware that Luna didn’t know the truth of her heritage yet and he was happy to know that.

But now there was a problem.

Luna’s skills on a computer and her intelligence were her only heritage that could be linked to Shockwave, the rest of her behaviour, personality, beliefs and her very potential were thanks to her segregate sire, Jazz.

Granted Jazz at first look was NOT the mech you’d think would raise a sparkling, much less a femme, he was loud, boisterous, cocky, reckless and foolishly hot headed.

But upon Luna’s arrival in the Autobot ranks, Jazz had taken her as his own, throwing his attitude and his pride away and got down on Luna’s level teaching her to crawl, walk, run, transform, read and write, how to climb, how to dance, he’d taught her right from wrong with a father’s firmness.

Luna had been brought up in the Autobot way, but Soundwave knew that she was to this day being watch by the high ups for signs of her Decepticon coding starting to rise up.

Soundwave had kept his own observation to himself and his children, all of whom were very fond of the female Autobot not only had she left them Energon treats in the vents when she’d found out they had been keeping tabs on her, she also left them small but expensive tins of wax, shine and even gifted the twins with a rock and roll disk from Cybertron, but also because she didn’t refer to them as runts, brats, symbioses, kids or orphans.

She referred to them by their names in all her reports to Optimus; she even knew the difference between Frenzy and Rumble even from a distance and because of that, they refused to cause Luna harm, even after she was of age, they had sworn never to hurt her.

And Soundwave was also in no mood to see harm befall the child.

“Boss... what are we gonna do?” Frenzy asked.

“Options are limited. Current situation; unsafe for confrontation. Solution; Risky.” Soundwave explained.

“It’s always risky boss... but Luna’s nice to us and she don’t deserve this...” Rumble stated. “And if Shockwave gets her... Megatron will hurt her or use her as leverage to get Starscream...”

Soundwave reminded himself that his children were very sensitive to Starscream’s situation, even if outwardly they appeared to hate him.

“All actions taken now; must not be tracked back to Megatron... All communications with Decepticons not aware of Operation Revive must be cut. All actions are henceforth, part of Operation Revive and thus, not part of Decepticon Operations.” Soundwave stated.

“Yes sire.” His children all smiled.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Jazz was frantically trying to patch a comms line to Cybertron, typing like Red Alert on a bad day, racing over comms and seeking everything and every channel trying to find a solid link to their home world.

“Come on... come on... I know you are there somewhere...” he growled, searching over and over. “Damn it! Why can’t I find a comm link?!”

“Try and calm down Jazz,” Red alert stated as he works beside the mech. “I am trying everything I can but with all the interference from the Earth’s atmosphere and the lack of power on Cybertron, this is not an easy task.” He added.

“How can I be calm? My little one is in danger! If Shockwave gets his claws on her... Oh primus where is she?”

“With Grimlock, who has more power to crush Shockwave in on hand and who is OVERLY protective of Luna, just like all his team,” Prowl explained. “Everything Luna does is under Grimlock’s watch and if he thinks she’s in danger we both know what he will do to protect her.”

“Still... she’s not a solider Prowl... she’s a kid.” Jazz said rubbing his face with his hands and pacing with worry and stress, “I shouldn’t have let her go on that mission...”

“None of us could have known we’d end up here.” Red reminded. “All things happen for a reason and trust me when I tell you; Luna is in the safest hands ever made.”

“Not to mention the biggest.” Prowl said. “I’m sure she’s fine; remember she is one of the youngest members of Operation Revive.”

“I know... but I’m still worried...”

“We all are Jazz.”

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Starscream sighed as he worked, trying to redesign his old works to stop Shockwave’s plan, having been informed of Luna’s history by Ratchet, he had started to work on his signal booster.

It was stressful but he had to do it, he wasn’t willing to let Shockwave hurt a child just to get back at her for his own cruelty.

Just a few more wires and...


“Slag! Frag it all to the pit!” The seeker snarled in frustration as his small device blew up. “Why can’t I do it...?”

“Because you are tired and need to rest.” Skyfire said softly. “We can work on this while you take a break,” he added as Wheeljack and Preceptor settled to take over. “Please, the cot is seeker friendly and if we can’t finish it I promise we will wake you up.”

Starscream groaned as he was gently led away from his desk to the cot, wings low and optics dull.

“You need your rest Starscream.” Skyfire stated softly as he tucked the seeker into sleep. “I will wake you up if we have a breakthrough.” He smiled.

Starscream made a small attempt to refuse but the warmth of the blanket around him and the softness of the cot made it impossible to speak and within moments Starscream was sleeping.

Skyfire smiled and then returned to the work table, working from the old data pad to try and rework the device to stop Shockwave’s plan.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Red Alert jolted up right as a signal bleeped to signal a message from deep space.


“Cybertron!” He yelled down the corridor as he typed frantically.

~“Can any-?!... Arcee calling... Autobot Ark... Can any bot hear me?”~ The message stuttered into life. ~“This is Arcee calling to the Autobot Ark, Can any bot hear me? Slag it.”~

“Arcee! This is Red Alert responding, we hear you.”

~“Red! Oh thank Primus!”~ Arcee stated, panic and fear clear in her voice. ~“We need help Red, Omega Supreme is online again and every bot here is ready to leave... but we can’t get a lock on the Ark’s last known signal! Shockwave is hunting us all down and we can’t find half the crew.”~

“Calm down Arcee,” Optimus stated as he entered the room, “We will do all we can to help you. Red Alert will send you a full Map to us and we will also work with you to plan a way to get your missing crew back.”

~“Thank you Prime.”~

And with that, Arcee left the line and a new voice spoke up.

~“It has been an Age old friend.”~

“Magnus...” Optimus smiled. “What has been happening up there?”

~“Much has happened, and not all of it good, no doubt you know that several of our bots were taken and are now at Shockwave’s mercy... but that is not the worse part of it.”~

“What’s happened?”

~“Luna is on System support after she reactivated Omega. And she is not able to travel yet.”~

“I see...” Optimus stated.

~“It’s our fault... we were... or rather we had lost all hope of ever finding where you were or getting to you.”~ Kup’s voice stated, ~“But Luna...”~

“Never stopped hoping she’d find her sire again, I know.” Prime said. “She has Jazz’s stubborn nature... Now let us get down to business,” he stated.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Starscream woke to see Skyfire gently placing a device down, while Preceptor gently rubbed the seeker’s shoulder, trying to wake him, Optimus and Jazz were also there. “What happened?”

“Nothing yet, we managed to make the device, but we need your advice on how best to proceed.” Skyfire said smiling as Starscream slowly got out of the cot, just a little stiff from the rest but better for it as he could now see what he had been doing wrong before.

The wires have been back to front.

“Let’s see...” Starscream said as Wheeljack placed a voice alteration device they had borrowed from Jazz over his throat and moved into the next room with Preceptor. “In theory the device should detect voice pattern fluxes and allow the user to hear only the true voice of the one speaking.” He explained carefully placing the device on Skyfire’s helm near his audios. “So if Wheeljack comms Skyfire pretending to be Preceptor and then Preceptor Comms after him, Skyfire should be able to hear Wheeljack’s voice without modification and then the real Preceptor.”

“But how will this help against Shockwave?” Jazz asked.

“If this device works I can give the schismatic to Ratchet and he can send it to Cybertron where they can build another and place it in Luna’s helm so she isn’t fooled.” Skyfire explained.

“As long as it works.” Starscream said. “I never finished the device Shockwave stole so I don’t know what modifications he made to it.”

“Ok Guys,” Skyfire said over the comms.

There was static from the other end for a short time, before at last, Preceptor’s voice cut through the static.

~“Can you hear me clearly?~ he asked.

“Yes I hear you Percy.” Skyfire said.

~”Don’t call me that.”~

Jazz couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Few got away with that.

“So?” Starscream asked.

“Wheeljack spoke first, then Preceptor,” Skyfire said. “I heard Wheeljack’s voice but it sounded like Preceptor was in the back ground repeating him.”

“So it works?” Jazz asked hopefully.

“Yes it works.” Starscream smiled. “And since we know it works, we can send the schismatic to Cybertron.”

The look of relief on Jazz’s face was beyond words.

“Now what is the plan for the camp?” Starscream asked.

“We already have a plan in motion on Cybertron,” Optimus stated, “our biggest problem now is Megatron’s plans, according to reports he is now looking for you and he has sent orders for Soundwave to return to duty to find you.”

“Oh no...”

“But you needn’t worry...” Jazz said, “Soundwave sent an encrypted message to us and it is addressed to you, and from what I know of Soundwave, he isn’t sending you a threat.”

“Where did he send it to?” Starscream asked.

“Your data pad.” Skyfire said pointing to the pad in question, laying silently on the desk where Starscream had left it flashing every few seconds to indicate a message, the screen showed and image of Soundwave but that was it.

“You didn’t...?”

“Try and read it, nah, all we did was check who the call was from and then left it for you to pick up when you woke up.” Wheeljack smiled. “Friends don’t read each other’s messages when they haven’t been asked to do so.”

Starscream smiled a little.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Megatron was beyond angry, and FAR beyond furious.


Soundwave worked rapidly and silently while Megatron hovered over his shoulder searching the screen for any small blip that was his missing Seeker and Air Commander.

Starscream was hidden well, but none could hide from Soundwave.

“BOSS!!!” Frenzy screamed over the comms. “I found him!” he added.

“Do not shout Frenzy.” Soundwave scolded lightly as he tapped into Frenzy’s screen, sure enough, Starscream was there, flying at high speed and out doing the human jets pursuing him with easy.

“What is he doing?” Rumble asked looking at the screen.

“Being a fool?” Frenzy suggested. “Maybe he’s finally lost it.”

“Soundwave, take Vortex and Blast off and bring that deranged Seeker back here NOW!” Megatron ordered.

“Yes Lord Megatron.”

And in a matter to seconds Soundwave and the two fliers were gone, rushing through the air towards Starscream. Only to find he was not only moving faster than them, he also seemed to be eager to outrun them.

Starscream was fast the fastest there ever had been out of Vos, but what neither flyer could understand was why the seeker was now running like a mad-mech, laughing insanely and over all, being an out and out fool...

It made no sense.

Still, it had been AGES since they had been out and they silently wished it would take a while to get Starscream back into the Decepticon ranks.

That was likely why they didn’t notice the Arial Bots until the last minute.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

“Be safe sweetspark... and please... please don’t get hurt.” Jazz said before the com went dead. “Alright... let’s get this over with.” He said looking at Mirage and Sideswipe.

“Are you sure you want to just take us?” Sideswipe asked. “’Hide would have been a better choice or Warpath.”

“Hide can’t move as fast as we can and I need speed and stealth, not fire power and hot headedness.” Jazz explained. “The camp needs it...”

“Ok... but if I see that one eyed freak so help me I’ll kill him.”

“Get in line Sides.” Mirage stated already loading his rifle with more ‘off limits’ ammo Prowl would have him serving brig time for even considering.

Smokescreen stepped into the room and nodded.

“Let’s go boys.” Jazz stated.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Megatron was now raging up a storm that would rival the earth’s strongest thunder storm that was now surrounding his ship.

Soundwave, Vortex, Blast Off and that accursed Seeker had been captured while Vortex and Blast Off had been able to escape; Soundwave and Starscream were still in Autobot hands.

Not a good place for them to be when Megatron was mere hours away from completing a very important phase in his plans to not only revive Cybertron but also rid this planet of the fleshlings that inhabited it so he could drain it dry of its resources.

For that he needed Soundwave and Starscream’s knowledge of space travel.

But in return for them back, Optimus wanted Megatron to release the humans he had taken hostage three days ago to bargain for half of the Oil works in Texas.

The human workers for his men, it was an easy trade but Prime clearly didn’t know that he had already taken more than enough to complete his plans.

His rage was that until the storm passed, he couldn’t leave to reclaim his men.

His only calming thought was that Shockwave had contacted him and in every sense assured him that the Brat Luna whom had plagued his head scientist for so long was soon to be off-lined.

The thought of the Autobots’ faces at the news almost helped him stay calm...


No one noticed that all the security monitors were running on loops, or that several security traps were deactivated.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

“Are we really going to do this now?” Frenzy asked.

“Yes.” Soundwave stated.

“Can I really, really shoot any of them up the aft?” Rumble asked.

“Affirmative.” Soundwave assured.

The twins looked at each other and smiled evilly. “I call dips on Brawl!!” “I call first shot on Wildrider!!” they called together.

Soundwave smiled under his mask and tapped the metal crate beside him twice, two more cycles and all would be set.

Jazz and his team were ready, waiting and prepared for what was to come.

Just two more cycles.

“Hang on Luna... we’re on our way...” Jazz prayed.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Saying Goodbye to Cybertron

Freeing the camp had been too easy.

He realized that now.

Sideswipe groaned as he slowly returned to online, his helm, back, chest and arms felt like they were being burned and twisted out of place.


“Welcome back.” Mirage stated softly somewhere to his right, sounding strained and shaky.


“I’m here…” he said and Sideswipe winced, the Spec ops officer sounded worse than he and Mirage did…

“So… Plan B?” he asked.

“Working on it.” Jazz said.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Starscream worked rapidly on the computer, typing and reconfiguring different programs as quickly as he could while Preceptor and Wheeljack sat either side of him, also typing rapidly, Red Alert making copies of everything while at the door way, Optimus Prime himself stood with Jetfire and Skyfire, blocking all shots towards them while returning fire.

“Come one, come on…” Starscream hissed watching the screens change and flicker as he worked. “Come on…”

“Almost got it…” Wheeljack stated.

“Incoming!” Jetfire snarled only to gasp and the shot was smacked aside and someone much smaller than him opened fire with something Ironhide would have used.

“Bumblebee?!” Prime gasped.

“Luna’s on the move! She’d heading for Jazz by herself!” the scout yelled. “Hide sent me to help out.”

“Which way?” Prime asked.

“I don’t know! The whole lab’s been moved!” Bumblebee said, “Luna’s signature keeps fading in and out! Even Grimlock can’t find her!”

“We got it!” Starscream stated. “We need to go!”

“Where is Shockwave’s Sub-lab?” Jetfire growled. “Luna’s gone off on her own to find it!”

“Head north three clicks and then follow the rails towards way towards Kaon! Shockwave’s sub-lab is beneath the old Factories!”

“Can you lead a team there?”

“Seekers can’t get down there.” Skyfire stated. “He’ll have to use comms.”

~“Whatever you’re gonna do, do it FAST!”~ Ironhide yelled into the comms. ~“Luna’s on her own!”~

Optimus reached to his Comm link. “All Autobots! Frontal Assault on Kaon! I repeat! Frontal assault on Kaon!!”

There was a rally call over the comms in answer to that.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Jazz looked up as the doors opened and growled inwardly.


They began searching the vents and small craw ways that were not covered by the cameras, and places that someone could easily hide, along with them, several Sentinel drones began to patrol the area.

Something had them on high alert.

Faintly he heard Luna’s name being cursed and smiled. “That’s my girl…” he said.

“Remind me never to piss her off,” Sideswipe said as Shockwave, looking stiff and limping as he walked arrived. “Well if it isn’t old one eye.”

A painful heat smacked Sideswipe’s face in response to that, leaving him blinded for a time.

“Bring the black and white to the chamber, leave these two to dangle.” Shockwave growled. “Luna will witness your demise when she arrives.” He added.

Jazz growled, this wasn’t going to be good for his face plates he just knew it but he also knew he had to hold on, he had to keep himself from going offline and wait for help.

He knew it was coming now and that was all that mattered.

///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@/// ///@///

Starscream shuddered lightly as he looked on the mess of Kaon and most of Cybertron. “What has Shockwave let happen?” he asked.

“According to reports, he hasn’t been focused on preserving Cybertron so much as his own work.” Skyfire said.

“What can we do?” Bumblebee asked.

“For now, all we can do is leave and come back when the war is over... we will rebuild and remake what he has allowed to fall into ruin.” Prime said.

“And Earth?” Starscream asked. “Megatron will not stop… not until he has everything under his name.”

“Let me worry about that.” Prime assured. "Right now, what matters is that our wounded heal and we prepare for the Ark to become more crowded."



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