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My Hero Academia scenarios (Character x Reader)

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Hello! If you'd like to request please read the rules below and then you may request!

1: NSFW is fine if the character is over 18 (Mirio Togata is 18 so yes he counts). No student x teacher relationships either, purely platonic is 100% fine though.
2: I can reject your request if I don't feel up to it and I may ask you to provide more information.
3: If you'd like headcanons, that's perfectly fine too.
4: The list of characters below are those who I am comfortable with writing a long story on;
All 1-A student and some 1-B students (Monoma, Kendou, and Tetsutetsu. There may be others I can do so don't feel afraid to ask), Shinsou, Mei, Mirio, Tamaki and Nejire.
Aizawa, All Might, present Mic.
Villains (my personal favourites to write for):
Dabi, Shigaraki, Twice, Toga and Overhaul.
Others (including students from other schools):
Hawks, Miruko (Who I love a lot...), Endeavor (he ain't a popular character but people on my blog seem to like him), Inasa, Shindou, Camie and Natsuo (I love him a lot too...slurp those noodles boy)

Any character not mentioned I will write for but it'll more than likely be in headcanons.

5: I won't write into detail for triggering content such as rape, suicide, self-harm etc, but I can write comfort requests for them if you need it. Always available for comfort requests!

This is it for rules, I may add to it if I need to. I have some stuff in the works currently so these requests are here to do on the side when I need to post but don't have chapters ready to go.

Below is the list of requests I have. I have three left over from the last batch which will be done. So…I was originally just going to take six requests. Three from AO3 and three from here.
Well…I feel asleep and didn’t close the box in time, but that’s fine. These will be the last batch of requests I do before the summer, where requests will be put on hold.

1) Reader is a student in Aizawa’s class she shares similar personality traits ( always appears tires, long unkempt hair, sleeping bags, basically his mini female twin) with him so everyone assumes she is his daughter, they don’t correct them. Only to find out by All Might that she is actually Present Mic’s daughter and Aizawa’s goddaughter.

2) Reader is Bakugo and Kirishima’s girlfriend. They’ve been dating for about three years one night in a discussion they realize they’ve never been physically intimate or seen her nude. When they ask her about it she reveals that not only is she a virgin but she self-harmed in her younger years and was left with scars on her thighs and hips. She was self-conscious about both things and didn’t really want to tell them. They reassure her that they still love her and NSFW. (Big note!! This will not be NSFW as I do not do NSFW of anyone underage currently in the manga, but I do like the rest of the request)

4) So I saw your ask box was open so here! So it would be Dabi and a s/o who has an angel quirk (She has like gold wings and such) who grew up together before he ran away. (Todoroki theroy or not) They sorta had this unspoken romantic relationship till he up and vanished on her any everyone else. One day he is fighting some heros and sees her again. Her angel quirk makes her gorgeous since Angel’s are perfect and he kinda falls all over again. She doesnt recognize him but he sure as hell does.

5) I HAVE A REQUEST PLEASE AND THANK YOU! How about something like, Kirishima is a pizza delivery boy and the same person keeps ordering pizzas and requesting him as the delivery guy and he’s clueless at first like “i’m just the best at delivering! yeah! on time!” then realizes he has a crush on said pizza-ordering person and realizes he’s missed very obvious hints/clues they left every single time they ordered. Thank you!

7) Bakuguo who has an s/o who does musical theatre. She is practicing for a production of the Beauty and the Beast. She bugs him into helping him with lines and even comes to a few dress rehearsal. Well the boy who plays Adam/beast gets sick she convince Bakuguo to step in for just on performance

8) Shigaraki as a dad and just loving the shit out of his little baby. Just soooo happy he has one to care for. I feel like Shiggy would make a fantastic father

10) Request: Tamaki being sad when he takes his child to their (you can pick the gender) first day of school, because he’s going to miss them

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“Can you calm down, please?” Bakugou said, rolling his eyes as he and Y/N walked to her home, holding hands. It was bitter cold and so Bakugou put their hands in his pocket, trying to warm them up a little more.

“I can’t...” Y/N, sighing heavily, “it’s complicated.”

Bakugou frowned. What was complicated? Him? Ever since he asked her when he could meet her parents, she’s been jittery and refused at first. He wondered if it was him. Maybe he was always too...loud. Was she embarrassed? It still bothered him, even on the way to her house she looked so nervous.

“What do your dad and mum even do?” Bakugou asked.

“Huh? Oh, dad is a doctor and mum works in an old folk’s home, she’s a cook.” Y/N said, “so you’ll get good food at least.”

Y/N paused, frowning again as she realised just how close they were to her home now. It wasn’t large since she was the only child but they were wealthy enough due to her father’s job. Y/N squeezed Bakugou’s hand before leading him up the path and up to the door. She took in a deep breath. “Just...don’t hold this against me.”

The door opened before Y/N could touch the handle, her mother standing there, smiling at her brightly. “This must be Katsuki!”

Y/N glanced at Bakugou, gesturing for him to come closer. “Is dinner nearly ready?” Y/N asked as she stepped inside, showing Bakugou where to put his coat and scarf. She kicked her shoes off and peaked into the living room. Her father was sitting there, watching TV contently. “Dad...”

He looked at the door and stood. “Hm, hello.” He said, shaking Bakugou’s hand before heading into the kitchen. Bakugou looked at Y/N, raising a brow.

“People actually still shake hands?”

“He’s a doctor, he does it a lot.” Y/N said. She took a small peek into the kitchen before dragging Bakugou upstairs to her room.

“Oh? We doing something?” He asks, smirking a little.

“No, I just wanna talk without my dad butting into the conversation.” She said, laying down on her bed. “I wish we went to your parent’s house instead.”

“No you don’t.” Bakugou said quickly, “and your parents seem nice...”

Y/N scoffed but didn’t say anything, rolling over in bed. She’d only walked ten minutes to get here but she felt exhausted. Probably because she already knows what’s going to happen the second dinner starts. And when Y/N’s mother called her and Bakugou down, Y/N dreaded it so much. The food was laid out, her father already giving himself a plate full.

“Just pick whatever you like, Katsuki.” Y/N’s mother said, smiling as she handed him a plate and pointing to where he can start.

“Why are you still nervous?” He asked. Y/N didn’t answer, sitting down and putting some fish on her plate. The meal was quiet, with the occasional question from Y/N’s mother about Bakugou.

“What do your parents do?” Y/N’s father asked, glancing up from his good.

“They’re designers,” Bakugou said. Y/N’s father hummed.

“ want to be a hero too? Like Y/N?”


Y/N ate her food quietly, hoping the conversation will pass on. But of course, it didn’t. “Y/N wanted to be a doctor.” Her father said, “she was very smart, very good at science. Also a good cook, I wouldn’t have minded her being a chef either. Both good jobs.”

“Dad...” Y/N warned, narrowing her eyes, “I like my school.”

“I would have gotten you into a good school-”

“I don’t want to go to a school that isn’t U.A.” Y/N spat, “I like it there, I have friends there.”

“Yes, but it’s dangerous.” He said back. He sighed, putting his chopsticks down. “You’d have been a great doctor-”

“I don’t want to be a doctor!” Y/N shouted at him, standing up, “when are you going to get it in that stupid thick skull of yours that I like training! I want to be a hero!”

Bakugou stared at his plate as he quietly ate, now realising why Y/N didn’t want to bring him here. Y/N’s mother rubbed her forehead, sighing. “Both of you, please calm down.”

“No!” Y/N yelled, “every time I’m here he has to start on me about what he wants me to do! He can’t for once in his life be happy about what I choose to do!”

She turned around and left the kitchen, stomping upstairs to her room. She slammed her door closed, pissed at herself. Getting upset over something like that, she knows she should have ignored it.

“Y/N?” She wiped away her tears and opened her door, letting Bakugou in. “You know you could have told me.”

“Because it’s embarrassing. Everyone has parents supporting them and any time I’m here, my dad has to bring up the fact that I won’t be a doctor. It’s shit.” She said, turning away from him and throwing herself down onto her bed. Bakugou sighed, sitting next to her and touching her back, rubbing it soothingly.


“I’m sorry for getting upset back there.” Y/N said, her voice muffled from her pillow, “I’m just...tired of him treating me like this.”

“It’s fine, have you seen me? Why would I get upset over some stupid shit like that? Now stop being a brat and hug me.” He gently lifted her up, wrapping his arms around her. “Now stop pouting.”

Y/N looked away from him, still pouting a little. “Don’t want to...”

Bakugou kissed her neck, his sneaking under her shirt before he started tickling her. Y/N wiggled in his arms, mouth open as she nearly screamed. “Stop! I surrender!”

“You going to smile?” He asks her, kissing her cheek.

“Fine...but can we leave?”

“Fine, fine, let’s go.” He said, helping her up, “now stop crying, I hate it.”

Y/N smiled, wiping away the rest of the tears. “Thank you...Katsuki.”

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Hawks and Miruko with a bunny fem s/o headcanons:

  • Miruko and her s/o had been dating for a while, having known each other since they were very young. Y/N was hardly into sports like Miruko but always supported her in her dreams to be a hero.
  • They met Hawks at a hero party. He instantly flirted with Y/N, sending Miruko into a fit of jealousy for a while, but he honestly thought that was cute.
  • After some convincing, Y/N talked Miruko into asking Hawks out.
  • He gladly accepted. Two cute bunny girlfriends? Hell yeah.
  • He honestly just loves being stuck in the middle of the two of them. They’re very warm and fluffy and give the great hugs.
  • Hawks likes to watch them sleep because their noses twitch like rabbits.
  • When it’s extra cold during the winter and the girls aren’t able to keep them all warm, Hawks would wrap his wings around them both for extra warmth.
  • They all love doing each other’s hair honestly. Hawks has no clue what to do, so he’s the one who sits in front, Miruko behind him, combing through it and she has Y/N behind her, straightening her hair for the day.
  • Hawks will go out of his way to buy Santa hats with holes in the top of them for the girls, doesn’t like seeing them left out.
  • When the heroes get some time off work to actually relax, Y/N cooks EVERYTHING. She wants them to enjoy their time, so she makes sure they do.
  • Lots of nose kisses. many.
  • Miruko has a bad habit of wrapping her ear around Y/N’s ear like they are holding hands.

Chapter Text

- He’d known for a while his s/o did that sort of thing. He tries to keep them away from the league a lot, knowing how nervous they make them. He has his own room in the hideout, so they hang out there a lot.

- He stole bought a bunch of pens from a nearby shop. He tipped them all out in front of them, took their arm and gently doodled on it. He told them to just doodle on their skin when they have an urge.

- Another method he found out was to take a hair bobble (hair tie) and put it on their wrist and let them play with it. It helped occupy their mind a lot.

- Dabi holds them a lot during the hardest times. He allows them to use his headphones, plays whatever crappy music he has and just tries to calm down. He also let them cry into his hoodie to drown out the sound. He knows how embarrassing and awful it is when someone can hear you crying.

- He can’t leave the league a lot because he is technically a wanted man, but he tries to go on walks with them whenever he can. He prefers to take them to the park where it can at least be somewhat empty of people.

- When it came to Christmas, the league doesn’t do much except drink beer until morning. Dabi thought it’d be stupid at first but presented his s/o with a blank covered journal. He told them to decorate the front and write down in it whenever they get an urge and he isn’t around. He gave them some ideas on what to write, such as poems, story ideas or just their thoughts and feelings. He called them a crybaby when they started wailing and hugged his arm so tightly he thought he’d lose it.

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- Hawks didn’t think too much about it until one day it just sort of hit him. His s/o smells way too much like apples.

- He started watching them more to see if maybe they just ate a lot of apples and he didn’t notice before.

- “Why do you keep staring at me?”

“No reason...”

- They caught on pretty quickly what he was trying to do. They merely sighed and slapped their face.

“Can’t you put two and two together?” They asked, “quirk...trees...where do apples come-”


- He started noticing the smell a lot more since then. He would lean into his s/o just to see if it’d change one day.

- He has a rule. He’s allowed to make fun of his s/o for it but no one else is. He’d honestly be tempted to just drop kick anyone who brings it up to them.

- Whenever he sees his s/o get a little down about it, he cheers them up by saying apples are his favourite. They both know chicken is, but they appreciate his white lie. It makes them feel a lot better about it.


- Kirishima noticed the apple smell, but he didn’t mind so he never thought to bring it up. He kind of liked it and didn’t see the point in telling them, he assumed they knew.

- But he also started to notice more and more people in the other classes would pester his s/o about it. They were polite enough but he could tell it was slowly ticking them off with each question.

- He’d discretely start spraying his own body spray in class with his s/o next to him, hoping it’d mask the smell and people would leave them alone, but after the use of their quirk, the smell would be right back.

- Next plan of action: Make himself smell to distract people from his s/o. Not his best plan but he had to try something.

- The next day at school, he practically poured a bucket of cologne on himself. Kaminari nearly puked upon walking into the class.

- Good news, it kept people from bothering his s/o.

- But no one sat with him the entire day.

- “Kirishima, you know you don’t need to do that for me.” His s/o said to him as he showed at their place after school.

“But I can tell it bothers you...”

They just laughed, passing him a towel through the door. “It’s more annoying than anything but I appreciate the nice gesture. You can stop showering in cologne now.”

“...I kind of like it.”

“Then I’m never speaking to you again.”

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Dad headcanons:


- When he first met his s/o, Shigaraki always knew he’d never want kids. First of all, he was practically a child himself and the business he was in was far too dangerous for a small child.

- He also had a small fear poking at the back of his head what AFO would do if he found out.

- His s/o wrapped up the test in paper and handed it over, waiting anxiously for him to open it. They waited for a moment when they’d be alone before handing it over, worried he’d freak out and cause a scene.

- Not hesitating, Shigaraki turned the paper to dust, staring down at the test in his hands. “What is it?” He had asked, but he knew perfectly well what it was, he’d seen adverts all the time on it, even if he hasn’t really had a female close to him who’s gotten pregnant before.

- To say he was upset was an understatement. He was pretty devastated because he knew there was no way AFO wasn’t going to find out. It was a rash decision but he started throwing stuff into a rucksack, grabbing his s/o’s hand and pulling them out of the hideout, hood tightly over his head as they walked through the rain.

- They stayed at a hotel miles away from the hideout to work out things better in secret. He wasn’t entirely sure how to start the conversation. Instead, he laid down in bed with them, his fingers dancing over their stomach as he thought to himself on what to do.

- He knows it would be simple to find a guy to get rid of it without letting AFO know. But there was a nagging voice in the back of his head that almost resented AFO for something he doesn’t even know about, but it’s obvious what he would do if he knew.

- Taking whatever they had with them, which was merely the clothes on their backs and some of their belongings in the rucksack, they took the first train out, not getting off until the driver had to force them off.

- At first, all they were able to afford was single bed motel rooms, Shigaraki letting his s/o take it while he slept on the bed, staring at the door, barely catching any sleep in case AFO burst in.

- They found a run-down, cheap flat with a single bedroom, a tiny kitchen and a broken shower, but it was better than nothing to them. Fearing what’d happen if Shigaraki was found out, his s/o took on a job and let him stay at home, trying to learn how to repair a shower all day.

- For a guy who never wanted kids before, he was pretty hung up on is s/o’s health. With the crappy flat they have, they usually never had heating or hot water, so he’d give whatever clothes he had and give them to them to layer them up and keep them warm.

- Weeks went by and with no sign of AFO, Shigaraki relaxed more. He would lie in their bed and watch their bump, poking it every now and then to see if the baby would answer back before he’d be told that it was far too small.

- Sitting home all day, Shigaraki surprisingly learned how to knit. He made a bunch of failures before making a cut hat for the baby. He also made a scarf his s/o could wear to work.

- It was discussed that no matter what, Shigaraki was still going to achieve his dream of getting rid of All Might and heroes all together, he’d just have to do it alone now. He also wants to keep the baby far away from that life of his.

- Giving up three meals a day, only eating two, Shigaraki managed to save up a bit of money for himself and his s/o, moving to another crappy flat but it at least had another bedroom for the baby. It still was very shit but it was a small upgrade.

- He painted the nursery himself, even started to work on a big blanket when his s/o hit seven months. It wasn’t the best-designed thing but they cried when he showed them.

- So many tears and arguments. Shigaraki threatened to go back to AFO a lot, not that meant it. Stress, frustration, and anger were building up a lot, all of it directed at AFO. He’d kiss his s/o, hold them and apologise for everything he said.

- They had a home birth as to not get in trouble at the hospital if found out. It was just the two of them. Shigaraki was freaking the hell out the whole time as he tried to soothe his s/o into it.

- When he saw the baby come out, he refused to hold them at first, terrified that he’d hurt them.

- His s/o helped his wrap the baby up, trying to warm them up as much as possible. They cleaned them gently before looking. “It’s a boy...” They said softly, smiling, “you don’t have to stand ten feet away, won’t hurt him.”

- Shigaraki let his s/o and his new baby have some time alone as he laid on the couch, deep in thought once again. After hours, he went to check on them, his son sleeping peaceful, his hand trying to grasp at the blanket.

- He had a small fear that his son would have his quirk. It was quite the burden as well as being helpful in fights. He didn’t want a small baby trying to pick up toys and accidentally destroy something.

- Not...the best dad. Well, he’s good but he’s very blunt. He doesn’t soften his son into hard life lessons, he tells it as it is without much thought. This usually ends in tears and lots of apologises.

- He honestly tries his best, but still isn’t that mature and isn’t even sure what to do.

- His s/o has so many pictures of their son sleeping on his chest, all snuggled up together. He doesn’t admit it a lot but he has a huge soft spot for his son.

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Another Tuesday and Y/N was home alone. With Hizashi and Aizawa at work for the day, she didn’t have much to do. Cleaning was done, dinner just needed to be heated up. She picked up a book from her shelf, skimming through it, bored out of her mind. With a sigh, she placed the book back down. Her fingertips brushed against the many books she had, trying to pick a random book and convince herself to just sit down and read it. But she knew she has never had the attention span for that.

Oh how Y/N wished she could hear. Aizawa talked about it a couple of times during dinner and how he’d bought a few audiobooks to help him sleep. It’d have been perfect. She could do all her housework while she listened to books, or maybe on the bus to work. If only. It wasn’t as though she couldn’t do many things, it wasn’t hard living while deaf, she just used it to her advantage a lot. She smiled to herself, remembering when she used to take her hearing aid out during high school whenever her classmates got too annoying. Now that was an advantage.

The door opened, catching Y/N off guard. She smiled, surprised to see Hizashi home early.

“How was work?” Y/N asked. Hizashi shrugged. ‘Fine, Shouta’s still doing work.’ He signed to her, throwing his jacket over the couch. Y/N gave him a small kick to his ankle playfully, grabbing the jacket and hanging up where it should be.

‘What’s for dinner?’

“Chicken...curry.” She said slowly, taking the lid off the pot to show him, “no onion yet.”

‘You’re getting better. The Japanese I mean.’

It was small things like that that made Y/N’s day. It was a little exhausting trying to talk. Sometimes they can barely catch the words she says, not pronouncing something correctly. Once Y/N asked where the bread was and ended up shouting at the poor guy who worked in the shop.

She felt a tap on her shoulder. Hizashi leaned over, grabbing the knife and chopping the onions up for her. He placed the knife down, turning to her. ‘Anything else?’

Y/N counted on her fingers, making sure she had everything before going into the bag. She turned back to Hizashi. ‘Garlic.’

She handed it over as she stirred the curry, making sure it doesn’t stick to the pot or burn. She moved so Hizashi could put the chopped garlic into it, stirring again before turning it off, putting the lid on top and letting it cool down, intending on heating it up later for when Aizawa joins them.

‘Tired?’ Hizashi asked before kissing her forehead and walking to the living room. He sat down in his armchair, letting out a long sigh that he clearly was holding in for a long time. He opened his arms wide for Y/N, smiling when she curled up in his lap. She could feel his lips moving against her neck, not kissing her, but he seemed to be talking, most likely singing as he did that a lot when he was trying to think. Y/N hummed before stopping, wondering if she ruined his thought process with her random, most likely out of place humming.

‘That sounded good.’ Hizashi signed. Y/N hummed again as she closed her eyes, head pressed against his shoulder.

She wasn’t sure how long she’d been asleep for. But she felt her body being moved. Opening her eyes, she grinned seeing Aizawa stretching and dumping his stuff down.

“Hey,” Aizawa said, ruffling Y/N’s hair and laying down on the couch, exhausted. He’ll probably insist on eating dinner later, and by later, he means sleeping until two in the morning and then eating. Aizawa glanced at Y/N and Hizashi cuddling together, raising a brow. ‘You look down.’

Y/N shrugged. ‘Just thinking.’


Y/N sighed, not wanting to bother them both. It was stupid. ‘I just want to listen to audiobooks.’ Her cheeks were red with embarrassment. She felt dumb, she knows she’ll never get to listen again so why keep dreaming?

‘Why?’ Aizawa asked.

‘I don’t have a long attention span to read and you always talk about how good audiobooks are.’

Hizashi glared at Aizawa a little, trying to get him to drop the topic. “We should get dinner ready.” He says, moving Y/N up from his lap with ease.

‘You know I could read for you.’ Aizawa signed. Hizashi groaned. “Are you a dumbass? You’re just going to upset her!”

Aizawa ignored him, gesturing to Y/N to sit in his lap. She stood, blanket wrapped around her as she sat on him. He pointed to Hizashi and then pointed to the armchair. “Sit.” He said before looking at Y/N. ‘Look at Yamada.’

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows but did as she was told. She glanced at Aizawa as he took his phone out, getting one of his books up. He leaned close to Y/N, close to her ear as he began to speak. Hizashi looked at him, confused before realising what he was doing. He waited for Aizawa to finish the sentence before translating it.

“Keep up,” Aizawa said before he continued, glancing at Hizashi briefly to make sure he was indeed keeping up with him. Y/N watched Hizashi intently. It was soothing in a way, usually, it’d be like any other conversation, but she could feel Aizawa talking right next to her. She can never hear him, but she knows he’s there, talking for her.

And Aizawa was right, “audiobooks” were good for helping you get to sleep.

Chapter Text

The cafe was light and airy inside as Mirio opened the door, the bell ringing. No one was at the counter but upon hearing the bell, an older woman came out, hair in a bun as she smiled at him. “Sorry, was checking on the bread. What can I get you?”

It was only a quick snack he needed before he would go see Nighteye at the office. He had plenty of time to sit in he supposed. He took a glance at his watch, double checking, triple checking before looking over at the food.

“I’ll just have a crepe-”

The words fell short as a girl walked out from the door that led into the kitchen, tray of bread in hand as she started wrapping it all up to prepare for display.

“Strawberry crepe?” The older woman asked, leaning closer, “or we do banana ones, chocolate.”

“Uh...strawberry please,” Mirio said, glancing every so often at the girl as she bent down to unlock the case and place the bread in there. The older woman nodded, turning to the girl.

“Y/N, get started of the crepe, there’s fresh fruit in the second fridge.” She explained, pointing down to where a small fridge is before she headed back into the kitchen. Y/N straightened up, tightening her hair in the bun before grabbing the crepe mix and heating a pan up on the small stove that was set up on the counter next to a bunch of glasses with toppings in them.

“Just strawberries?” She asked, turning around slightly to look at him. Mirio nodded, feeling his throat dry up. He glanced behind him to check he was alone before wiping his hands on his jeans. The girl, Y/N, ducked down, going into the fridge and placing a tub of strawberries on the counter and standing up again. “Want cream too?”

“Yes, please.” He said, quickly leaning on the counter and looking at the grey wall, trying to not feel awkward. He jumped when Y/N slammed her hands next to him suddenly.

“No leaning on the counter or I’ll have you beat your ass.” She said seriously, eyes narrowed at him before she chuckled, “kidding. But seriously, the counter gets hot a lot so you might burn your skin.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Y/N turned around, snorting. “Please don’t call me ma’am, you’re making me feel ancient and I’m only eighteen.” She turned the stove off, taking the crepe off and flopping it onto the plate. She spread creme onto the crepe before placing the strawberries on and some sauce, rolling it up. She turned back to Mirio, handing him the plate. “Drink?”


“Okay,” she tapped something onto the screen before placing her hand out, “seven hundred yen.”

Mirio glanced at the menu, a little confused. She’d only charged him for the crepe. Was this what flirting was? Oh god, he wasn’t ready for this. What if he doesn’t flirt back correctly? Should he pay for the water anyway? Should he call Nejire and ask for advice?

“The water is free.” Y/N said, as though reading his mind. She took a pitcher of water out of the fridge and started to fill a glass with it. “Here you are, enjoy.”


The crepe was so good, Mirio went back the next day. At least, that’s what he told himself. Y/N was there again, arms crossed against her chest as she was leaning against the wall, talking to the older woman from yesterday. When they heard the small bell ring, they turned to him, the older woman smiling brightly. Mirio glanced at her name tag, deciding that thinking of her as just as ‘older woman’ probably wasn’t the nicest thing.

Oishi Jun. He smiled at them and walked up to the counter, ready to the order the same thing.

“What can I get you?” Oishi asked him.

“Crepe please, same as yesterday.” Oishi nodded, gesturing to Y/N to start preparing it just like yesterday. Y/N had a cute smile on her face again. She turned back to Mirio as she preparing the strawberries.

“So, does cute guy have a name?” She asked, laughing when she saw the look on his face. “Sorry, sorry, I’m quite the blunt person.”

“It’s Mirio Togata.” He said, looking away sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck, “haven’t really had a girl call me cute before you know.”

“I don’t believe that.” Y/N said, turning away with the chopping board in hand to get the crepe on. She was humming to herself, swaying her hips slightly as she peeled the crepe off. “Here you are, the same price as yesterday, seven hundred yen.”

Mirio handed the money over, hoping his hand wasn’t clammy and sweaty. He blushed when their fingers touched but Y/N was completely unfazed and carried on with her job, pouring Mirio some water and handing him a fork. “If you sit at the car area, we can talk still.”

And of course he did just that, he’d be a dumbass if he didn’t. He sat at the seat closest to her and ate as they talked. Well, Y/N mainly talked, Mirio was convinced he’d die if even inputted into the conversation. “Do you work too?” Y/N asked, leaning closer to him. Finally, something he can answer without looking like a moron.

“Not really work, but I internship with” Okay, maybe he did sound like a moron. He thought It’d be insensitive to start rambling that he goes to this amazing school, inters with a great hero and she’s a cafe.

“Woah! Seriously? That’s awesome! Do you go to U.A then? Or possibly another school? What’s your quirk? What year?” Mirio laughed at her. She reminded him of Nejire with the way she rambles on too.

“I’m in the third year and yes, I do to U.A.” He says. He wondered if he should go into detail more but then also wondered if he’d just bore her going on and on with his quirk and training details.

“Tell me more.” Y/N said, her face pressed to the palm of her hands as she took a seat next to him. There were no other customers and he honestly doubts there will be any, so he didn’t say a thing. “Do you have time?”

Mirio felt a pang of confliction. Sir Nighteye wouldn’t be happy but...I’m sure he’d understand. There’s a cute girl!

“Of course!”


Day after day, Mirio went. His wallet was basically crying for him to stop buying the damn crepes or to at least get a paying job. But seeing Y/N was completely worth it.

“So,” Y/N started as he took a bite of his crepe with her own fork. They were in the staff room and he came during Y/N’s break. Oishi seemed fine with him being there as long as he didn’t touch anything or she’d ‘beat his fucking ass’, “we tried hiring someone else to work here, ya know, to help out while I’m at school.”

“Did it go well?” Mirio asked.

“Sort of, there was this girl who came in but she’s also a high schooler, so no point in hiring her. A college guy came in, but his schedule was kind of all over the place. We have an older man coming in later so we’re hopeful still.” She says, looking up at him with cream around her mouth. Mirio didn’t think about what he was doing and next thing he knew, he was wiping it away with his thumb and licking it off. Then he turned bright red in realisation.

“I’m so sorry!”

Y/N laughed. “Stop apologising! It’s fine, seriously.”

With the smile on her face, she was being serious. She didn’t seem fazed at all by what he did. “Although, next time just kiss me, got it?” Y/N said as she stood up, carrying the plate and cutlery with her back to the kitchen.


Chapter Text

With a soft sigh, Dabi exhaled the cigarette smoke, watching it form many shapes. He took another drag before hearing footsteps approach his room. He quickly disposed of the fag and waved away the smoke, knowing how much Y/N hates that sort of thing. He threw the fag out the window quickly, leaving it open so Y/N hopefully doesn’t smell a thing. The door opened and she walked in, a cute sundress on. She moved his junk off his bed and laid down, face red from the heat. Dabi laid down next to her, tapping her hand before grabbing it and squeezing.

“Hot?” He asked her, chuckling.

“Yep...but I’ll be fine. I just wish you had air conditioning or a fan or something in here.” Y/N complained. She fanned her face, glaring at Dabi slightly. Dabi hummed and moved her hair out of her face.

“Still look pretty though. Even if you look like you’re about to die.” He joked, earning a small poke to his side. Y/N sat up, fixing her dress before standing, standing next to the window for some kind of breeze. “Were you okay outside?”

“Hm,” She hummed, “yeah, Twice walked me and waited outside. The dogs were desperate to get outside.” Every week, when her mother works late night at hospitals, Y/N heads to her house to let the dogs out as her mother rests. “Dabi, I’m fine.”

“Just checking.” He said with a shrug, rolling over in bed and staring at her. He smiled a little to himself watching her as her hair fluttered around her. “Have I told you that you’re pretty?”

“Many, many times.” Y/N said, smiling softly at him, “have I told you that you’re handsome?”

“No.” Dabi said.”

“Yes, I have! Don’t lie!” Dabi chuckled, gently touching her hand and tugging him to her, pulling her onto the bed. He poked her cheek.

“I don’t lie.” He said.

Y/N scoffed, arms crossed over her chest. “Uh huh...who ate my lemon tart the other night?”

“I told you, Twice!” Dabi said, sitting up.

“Twice was having a cry in his room, he didn’t eat the tart.” Y/N said, smirking at him. Caught red-handed. Dabi glared and pulled her down next to him on the bed, pulling her to his chest and blowing lightly on her face.

“I’ll buy you another one.” He said. Y/N pumped her fist, another victory. Dabi leaned up, his lips close to her cheek as he waited. Y/N shook her head so he laid back down. “I think Shigaraki is sending me out tonight.”

“It’s boring without you here.” Y/N said. She touched her lips with her two fingers and then touched Dabi’s cheek.

“You’re cute,” Dabi said, annoying her again.

“Oh jeez, here we go again with the cuteness talk!”

“Don’t deny it Y/N!”


It became dark quickly and Dabi was preparing to leave. Y/N was on his bed, fast asleep. He pulled out his spare futon, shoving it in the corner for when he comes back and wants to crash out quickly. He crouched beside her, moving her hair out of her face. “I wish you would tell me ya know...” Dabi said softly. He had an idea but it wasn’t like he was going to go and chase that idea.

“You’d get upset.” Y/N said, touching his hand, sound groggy.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Dabi said, squeezing his hand. Y/N closed her eyes again. “But you can take all the time you need.”

He didn’t know much when he first met Y/N except she constantly flinched around him. He figured it was just because he looked scary as shit but she did it around others too. But she was good now, sort of. She seemed perfectly content sitting with Toga and Twice more so than the others. She also insisted on going out with Twice a lot to her house, never going alone. “I love you.” Y/N whispered, smiling at him.

“Take your time,” Dabi whispered, giving her hand one last squeeze before standing, “you don’t have to tell me anything, Y/N.”

“Thank you...” She said softly, falling back into her dreams.

Chapter Text

- Dabi was never vocal about it since he’s a villain, but he has had the thought of kids at the back of his mind. He’s had a shit childhood himself, so as a sort of ‘fuck you’ he wants his own kids.

- But after joining, Kurogiri made it clear that their villain work is what they have to pay attention to, families are out of the question.

- Didn’t stop him from meeting and dating Y/N. He hid it for quite a long time so Shigaraki wouldn’t get pissed about it but bringing her to the base to have sex isn’t exactly discrete. Everyone knew about it the next day but he cared so little that it didn’t faze him at all.

- He tried to visit Y/N a lot but villain work is tough, he barely had a lot of time to do anything personal, nevermind see Y/N.

- After weeks of not seeing each other, he knew something had to be wrong if Y/N came to visit so suddenly and without concern of what the league was doing. He snapped at everyone to leave them alone and headed to his room, both of them laying on his bed to talk like they usually did.

- “I’m pregnant.”

- Two emotions. One, he was kind of terrified. He was warned beforehand that the league is his number one concern, nothing else should be. They let him go with Y/N as long as she was second on his concerns list. The other emotion was ‘fuck you,’ to his old family, he was going to be the greatest dad to his kid out of spite.

- Dabi knew he couldn’t tell anyone in the league, that’d be stupid on his part. Y/N had her own flat somewhere in the city, so Dabi adviced her to stay there and to stop visiting the base.

- He didn’t get too excited right there and then, he needed to stay calm and make sure no one suspected anything. He walked her home and as soon as they were behind closed doors, far away from everyone else, he grinned and picked her up to spin her around.

- Before visiting her at her place, he’d always steal something as a gift for her. Chocolate, a stuffed bear or if she lucky, some jewelry. She disapproved a lot but didn’t bother stopping him, he’d just keep doing it anyway.

- Dabi was actually the one to buy a couple baby name books. He had a lot of ideas and would stay up during the night just to read through all the names, highlighting the ones he thinks Y/N would like.

- He knew he couldn’t steal baby stuff like a crib, that’d be near impossible, so he did the next best thing and stole money from Shigaraki’s room and gave it to Y/N to pick one out she likes.

- So much cuddling. He’d get away from the base as much as possible and stay with Y/N, the both of them laying in bed just to cuddle, his hand always on her stomach. She’d remind him that she’s still too early for the baby to kick yet, but he did it every time he saw her still.

- Yes, he knew had to get a plan together for after the baby is born and honestly, he didn’t want to think that far for what he was supposed to do with the league. He’s more of a ‘go-with-the-flow,’ kind of guy. He’d decide what to do when the time came around, then he’d worry about it.

Chapter Text

With a long sigh, Y/N was quite close to slapping the cuteness out of his boyfriend to get him to stop trying to snuggle. Despite it being a winter break, Y/N insisted on studying to make sure they were ahead. There was no time for breaks, just studying.

With a pout on his face, Kirishima crouched beside Y/N’s desk, waiting for him to notice. “Y/N...there’s a perfectly good’s good for two ya know....cuddle.”

“I can’t right now, Eijirou.” Y/N didn’t even glance at him, grabbing the English dictionary to look up a word before putting it back down and going back to writing. Huffing, Kirishima stood and grabbed one of his weights, sitting down on his bed. Usually, on their days off from school, he and Y/N would head to the gym, not that Y/N would do anything but he liked to watch Kirishima to work out and keep track of his timings.

“Y/N, look,” Kirishima said, using the weight, “wanna time me? I bet I can beat my score!”

Y/N placed his pencil down and looked at Kirishima, arms crossed over his chest. “Eijirou, I’ll go to my own room to study if you don’t stop bothering me.” With a sigh, he turned back to his notebooks. Kirishima put his weight down and laid on his bed, a frown on his face.

“Y/ need to take breaks.”

“And I will, just not right now.”

Sitting up, Kirishima walked back to his desk. “Just five minutes.” He says, smiling, “please? And I’ll never bother you for the whole night!”

Y/N narrowed his eyes. “Just five minutes?”

“Only five!”

Pushing the chair back, Y/N slumped down onto the bed, a sigh of relief escaping their lips at the relief in their back finally. Kirishima threw himself down next to Y/N, a cheeky grin on his face as he snuggled up into their side, almost like a cat. A blush appeared on Y/N’s face as he looked away. “Darn it, how are you so adorable?”

“I know your weakness Y/N. Cute things.”

Y/N cursed. He wasn’t wrong. It took all his will power when he first came to U.A to not run off into the sunset with Tsuyu and Pony from class 1-B. Then Kirishima walked into class and he thought he was actually going to die and never make it as a hero. “Shut up and open your arms.” He said, laying his head on Kirishima’s chest and closing his eyes. “Just five minutes. You better wake me up.”

“Of course, you can trust me,” Kirishima said, pressing his lips to Y/N’s forehead as he dozed off.

Yeah, Y/N should have known better but he was too exhausted to fight back. And being in Kirishima’s arms was a pretty good bonus too he supposed.



Kaminari and Sero jumped as they glanced behind them at the kitchen where Kirishima was, drinking some water and talking to Uraraka. He seemed completely unfazed by his boyfriend’s screaming, not even flinching during his conversation with Uraraka.

“Uh, Kirishima, shouldn’t you go check and see if L/N is okay?” Sero asked, pausing the video game, “he sounded pretty pissed.”

Kirishima shrugged. “He’ll be fine, he’s just upset he fell asleep.” He downed the rest of the water and took out a bag of crisps. “See ya!”

Kaminari and Sero stared at each other again. “I bet he tricked Y/N into sleeping again,” Kaminari said.

“Probably. Kirishima’s too nice for his own good and now Y/N’s going to throw him out of the window.”

Uraraka tapped Sero’s shoulder. “Shouldn’t you go upstairs and catch him just in case?”

Sero paused. “I guess.”

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Chapter Text

It was just one thing after another First, Y/N had accidentally set her alarm for the Saturday and not the Friday when they had school. Then, the milk was expired, there was no bread left and Y/N’s father took the last egg for his own breakfast. So, she was late and hungry. On the way to school, knowing she was going to be late anyway, she decided to take a detour and grab a sandwich from the local shop to snack on while heading to school, except, she left her money at home, which was always supposed to be money for lunch.

Trudging into class, halfway towards being completely defeated, at least Tamaki was in class to help cheer her up. Except, he actually wasn’t. With a growl from Vlad to hurry up and take her seat, that just added more to her day. Normally, Cementoss would be teaching at this moment, and while he wasn’t chill like Present Mic, he was at least more forgiving than Vlad will ever be.

Y/N sat in her seat, a permanent frown on her face as she tried to catch up with the lesson, her eyes trailing to Tamaki’s empty seat before she noticed that Nejire and Mirio weren’t in class either. Biting the end of her pencil, she cursed herself for forgetting and not arriving earlier. She promised Tamaki she would see him and give him support before he goes to give that talk to the first year hero class! And now she was alone until their talk was done, however long that would last. No doubt a couple hours with Nejire being there.

Time ticked away and Y/N stared at her desk. She reached for her pencil to keep writing but it slipped, falling to the ground and that broke her. She stared at the ground, tears in her eyes as she reached for the pencil. She held back a sniffle, not wanting to attract attention. Her head was hurting, something pounding away at her skull. It fucking hurts so much! She could feel her face become red as the clock continued to tick away until it was finally lunch. She jumped out of her seat before anyone else, running out of the class, bumping into a few students on the way to the toilets, muttering apologies.

The toilet stall felt so cramped as Y/N sat on the floor, crying into her knees, which were pulled to her chest as she heaved, feeling sick. She cried loudly, not able to hold it back.

“Y/N?” Y/N snapped her head up, sniffling. A soft knock on the stall door and Y/N opened it, Nejire standing there with her boxed lunch, smiling sweetly. “Want to share lunch together?”

The lunch was so tasty that Y/N felt like crying again but she held it back, not wanting to seem like such a crybaby in front of Nejire. She wiped at her eyes again, wanting to get rid of any redness before Tamaki sees, so embarrassing. “Want to talk about it?”

“It’s nothing…I’m just being a drama queen…” She says, poking at the tofu before plopping it into her mouth.

“There’s nothing wrong with being upset. Tell me.”

Y/N sighed and shrugged. “I just slept in and was frustrated because there was nothing to eat and then I left money at home.” Y/N said, glancing at the girl next to her, “and…I’m a horrible girlfriend. I didn’t even wish Tamaki good luck this morning due to how fucking stupid I am to not even set an alarm correctly!”

“Tamaki was fine, well, not fine, he freaked out during the talk but he was fine with you being late! Just go talk to him.”

It didn’t take long to find him considering Tamaki was usually in the class during lunch so he could be alone. “Hey…” Y/N said as she entered. Tamaki looked up like he was some sort of meercat, it was cute. He smiled at her, standing up to bring a chair to his desk so she could sit with. “I’m really so-”

“You don’t have to apologise Y/N, are you okay?”

She stared at her lap, nodding. “Just stressed about stuff and my day’s not been going too well.” She said, scratching her head. Tamaki flipped his notebook to the last page, drawing something in it before ripping it out and handing it to Y/N.

“Here, to make you feel better.” His cheeks were red as Y/N smiled, a badly drawn flower. It was cute, kind of like a kid’s drawing. She wrapped her arms around him.

“Thank you. And sorry for missing you this morning.”

“It’s okay…I don’t think your encouragement would have stopped me from freaking out.”

Y/N smiled, listening to Tamaki talk about the talk they had, Mirio beating up the students. “I remember he came to visit me and he was naked…” Y/N said, going pale, “I still have nightmares.”

“We all do…” Tamaki said softly back to her before they both laughed. Y/N smiled to herself, reaching down and touching Tamaki’s hand, giving it a small squeeze. “You okay now?”

Y/N nodded, kissing his cheek. “Much better. I’m just thankful tomorrow is Saturday.” She ignored how red his face got, lips trembling as he touched his cheek, looking down at the ground. It wasn’t as though they didn’t share affectionate kisses, it was just they didn’t do it at school.

“I-I know some days are tougher than others, but you can talk to me when you’re feeling down, Y/N.” Tamaki said, “I understand what it’s like.”

“I will. I promise to be more open.”

Chapter Text

“Oh, and then Present Mic tripped, his face hit the corner of the table! I think he busted his lip.” Awase waved his hands around as Y/N nodded, listening along. During their English lesson, Y/N had to go for a visit to recovery girl about the broken arm she had that Recovery girl fixed up for her. Sadly, that meant missing Present Mic’s squeal when he tripped. Awase, let out a snort as he recalled Vladking running in the class, thinking it was a student screaming but it was just Mic, being dramatic as usual about a little sore lip.

“Was there blood?” Y/N asked, trying to stifle her giggles, “I hope he’s okay, I feel kind of bad laughing.” She waited for a response, tilting her head to the side. “Awase? Did you hear me?” She turned around, wondering if she lost track of him or something.

Pouting slightly, Y/N reached out in front of her and only felt the desk where Awase was once sitting. She jumped slightly when she felt an arm go around her shoulder, Monoma laughing. “What is it?” She asked.

“Nothing, it’s just pretty funny seeing you talk to yourself.” He says, snickering still as he turned Y/N’s face to the left. “Awase is over there now talking to Kendou.”

Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed as she tried to elbow Monoma but he side stepped out of the way, still laughing. “Why the hell you laughing then? You know I get embarrassed when that happens!”

Pressing a kiss to Y/N’s forehead, Monoma was kind of hoping it’d simmer her down but she just pushed him back, not in the mood. “It’s just a joke, Y/N, you take stuff too seriously sometimes, stop overreacting.”

Every single time. Every single fucking time that Y/N was upset over people laughing at her, she was overreacting or being too serious. “No! I’m not overreacting! I’m blind. When are you going to get it in your stupid head that I can’t see! I can’t see when you walk away! I can’t see when you are pointing somewhere or are holding something out to me! It’s not funny, it’s called being born blind you dumbass!”

Grabbing her cane from her desk next to her, she slapped it against all the desks as she walked out of the class, slamming the door close behind her. She kept slapping her cane against the floor, frustration building up inside her as she bumped into someone, who screamed at her to look where she was going. She paused, turning around. “I’m blind! Do you not see the cane?!” She screamed back at them before she froze. “Sorry…my apologies…” She quickly walked away, her face red as she turned the corner, knowing a water fountain was around there in that corridor. She touched the wall before she felt the cold touch of the metal against her hand. She sighed, bending down to get a mouthful of water, trying to cool herself down. She gripped the side of the fountain, taking in a deep breath as she closed her eyes, trying to think of something else.

“Y/N.” She didn’t turn to the voice, knowing it’s Monoma. She kept her eyes closed, trying to block him out as she felt herself getting annoyed against at just the sound of him. “I’m sorry.”

“If you were sorry, you’d stop laughing at me.” Y/N wiped away the water from her mouth with the sleeve of her blazer jacket, standing up straight, “I’m fine with some jokes, but not when it involves something that’s a real issue that i’m still trying to deal with. I don’t know people walk away, how am I supposed to? You could have helped me out and told me instead of letting me look like an idiot.”

Monoma went silent as he reached forward, touching Y/N’s hand but she pulled away, jumping away. “That’s what I’m talking about! Stop touching me so suddenly!” She turned away, wrapping her arms around herself. Monoma gripped his hair before walking around to the front of Y/N.

“I’m sorry! Look, I promise to try better, okay? I won’t touch you suddenly and I’ll help you more around the class.”

Y/N narrowed her eyes a little as she thought. “Pinky promise?” She asked, holding her pinky out for him, which he quickly wrapped his around, a small smile on Y/N’s face. “And you have to carry my bag to school.”


“And stop bothering 1-A.”

Monoma cringed a little. “O…kay…” He said slowly, kicking himself, “that all?” Leaning forward, Y/N went to press a kiss to his cheek, missing him by a few centimeters, Monoma quickly moved his head so he was in front of her more and her lips landed on his cheek, helping her out. “Better?”

“Yes.” Y/N said, “but i’m still a little embarrassed to go back, can we go sit somewhere?”

They both headed outside, sitting under a small tree. There were a few students outside, enjoying the last couple minutes before lunch ended to stay outside in the sun. Y/N plopped down onto Monoma’s lap, ignoring his pained cry. She touched his face with her hand, smiling. “You have acne on your chin.” She said, snickering, “okay, that’s my final payback.”

“I deserve it. And you have acne too.” He said, poking her forehead gently. Y/N smiled again, laying her head on his shoulder as she continued to move her finger on his face, touching his nose.

“Your nose is so thin and cute.” She said before touching his cheek again to feel for it and pressing another kiss to it. “Am I being annoying?”

“No…you never annoy me. Honestly, your rambling is kind of cute.”

Y/N’s cheeks reddened. “Your flattery isn’t giving you a pass out of being nice to 1-A you know.”

“Darn it.”

Chapter Text

- Twice didn’t think too much about kids if he was being honest, being a villain was tricky business and bringing kids into it would only up the risks to his girlfriend. And just having a girlfriend was already a big enough risk. Typically most villain organisations don’t even want the villains they are working with to have connections to any family. But he was pretty lucky to be where he is, he does have his own place to stay, Shigaraki didn’t care too much about where a person lives honestly as long as they show up to do his dirty work.
- His girlfriend brought up the topic of kids one random night, not even easing into the conversation.
- “How’d you feel about us having kids or something?” She asked so nonchalantly, glancing up from her plate of food to look at him. Since he never thought about it before, he didn’t have an answer at that moment. “I think I might be pregnant.”
- Y/N was pretty chill about the whole situation, but she kind of had to be since she knew Twice was going to freak out. Which he did. “We’re having a baby?! Who’s the dad?”
- Y/N just continued the eat as she dug a hand into the bag that was on the table, pulling the ultrasound picture out, sliding it across to him. “The baby is kind of big...” He says, observing the picture, wondering if it’s just some cruel prank. “Jin, that’s because there’s two.”
- He passed out after that, Y/N having to call Toga over to help her with him. They both threw him onto the bed. Y/N took away all sharp objects away from Toga before telling her the news as well, of course with Toga asking Y/N if she wants the twins cut out. She politely declined.
- “I hope Shigaraki doesn’t get too pissed about this.” Y/N mumbled to herself. “Handyman is a bit too busy with his own problems and some other group.” Toga said, leaning on the arm of the couch, “I’m sure you and Twice will be fine. But just in case, I’m still on offer to cut them out.”
- The next few days, Y/N didn’t say anything to Twice about it, wanting him to work it out for himself and get his thoughts together. She had a bag under the bed to leave if the worst case scenario popped up. But it never did, because one night when Twice came home, mask half off so he could speak somewhat normally to her, had something hiding behind his back. “I’m actually very excited about this. Not really. And I’m sure boss man wouldn’t be too upset about it as long as it doesn’t get in the way with work. I got this made.” He lifted up a smaller version of his mask. “I forgot we were having twins so they’ll have to battle for it...”
- Y/N smiled, even if it was only half of a sweet gesture. I mean, he did forget the other baby, but he’s trying
- It was surprising to see Twice already moving the rubbish out of the spare room days after, Spinner helping him out. Dabi was there too, but he was there drinking beer on the couch.
- “You only bought one crib?” Y/N asked. “Don’t twins share everything?” Twice asked and he wasn’t fucking joking. He had one of everything. Only one. Only one set of pajamas, only one bottle for milk, only one toy. “You know babies need a bit...more than one thing, right? Especially twins.
- “Not made of money sweetie so either we stick to what we got or we rob a bank.”
- He robbed a bank.
- But at least they have a bit more stuff now.
- When it came to going for the next ultrasound, Y/N went alone so Twice wouldn’t freak out without having his mask on in front of a doctor.
- “So is it a boy? Girl?” “Twins, Twice.” “ Whatever, what are they?”
- Y/N laid on the couch, closing her eyes for a few seconds. “Boy and girl.” She says, smiling a little, “the ultrasound picture is better than the last, you can see them better now.”
- “They still just look like a fat baby.”
- Now, Twice may not be the best...human, morally. But he is a great dad. Leading up to when the twins were born, he tried taking his mask off in the house, trying to see how long he could do it for before he needed to put it back on. Each day, the time got longer.
- He also started having a habit of talking to Y/N’s stomach a lot, usually just laying his head on her breasts and talking about random stuff that goes on in the hideout.
- “I’m very excited to see you both. Not really. I have a few great name suggestions. They’re awful.”
- When it came to the birth, he stayed home, as it does take hours. He desperately wanted to go to the hospital to be there for Y/N, but she suggested it’d be safer for him to stay at home and that she would see him in a day or two. Toga went to the hospital to be there with Y/N instead, disguised of course. It was for Y/N but also to grab some random person’s blood for future use.
- Twice couldn’t sit still at all. Dabi was crashing there as “support” for him (it was for the beer) and was getting pissed off at his fidgeting. “Shut the fuck up and stop moving your leg, it’s annoying me.” He grumbled at him, glaring. The door opened and Twice raced to the door, Toga walking in with one of the carriers. “You didn’t hurt them, did you? You left all the knives at home?” He asked Toga, taking the carrier off her. “I’d ask before cutting up your kids first.” She said, waving him off.
- Y/N walked in with the other carrier, looking exhausted and moving slowly. Twice helped her to the bed before finally looking at the newborns, both of them sleeping soundly.
- “You think my face will scare them?” He asked, lifting his new baby boy in his arms, lifting the mask up a little. “I’m pretty sure it’s the mask that’ll scare them, not your face.” Y/N joked, reaching out to hold their son while he got their daughter.
- People weren’t lying when they said newborns smell nice. His daughter’s eyes opened wide, staring at him, but not making a single sound as he rocked her gently.
- He’d be lying if he said he didn’t cry.
- Dabi probably cried.
- Toga wasn’t allowed to hold the babies but she was allowed to look from afar.

Chapter Text

- Monoma notices a lot of things that most aren’t able to, but when he started to notice the fact you never took off the school blazer, even during the scorching heat, he was pissed at himself for not noticing it sooner. He detested himself for days over it but refused to say anything to you, in his mind, you should come to him so he doesn’t make you scared.

- He stopped all the harmless name-calling and jokes with you from then on and started cuddling up to you more, giving you hints at he was there for you to talk about anything with.

- He couldn’t reach your wrists or arms and he certainly wasn’t about to make you uncomfortable by even attempting to, but he’d kiss your hand a lot when he noticed you looked distressed, worried or even scared over something.

- He stuck to you like glue and wouldn’t leave your side and after days of it, you finally asked him what was up with him and how he was never like this before. He wasn’t going to say anything at first but then he decided that you deserved to know.

- “I’m worried that you’re hurting yourself.” You almost laughed at first because it was unexpected coming from him but you couldn’t even muster a smile. It all came down crashing at once and next thing you knew, you were crying.

- He didn’t say anything, just wrapped his arms around you as you cried. He also didn’t expect you to say anything after it and instead bought you lunch and didn’t bring it up again. You now knew he knew and so he waited until you were ready to explain.

- You visited him in his dorm room, sneaking in and laying with him in bed, talking about your troubles. It felt good to no longer have it locked away.

- Monoma was a little blindsided at first, thinking that because he knows, his love for you will suddenly make you better and all the kisses on the scars would make them disappear, but when more appeared, it struck him that it wouldn’t ever suddenly just go away and you needed genuine help.

- He helped you as much as he could but all he could do was merely support you through your journey to recovery and you appreciated it so much.

Chapter Text

- Shigaraki was always busy with trying to work on his plans to take down hero society alone, because of his, he didn’t spend a lot of time with his son.
- Y/N was the one to look after their son most of the time and the only times he really saw his son was during the morning before he would hide away to work and again at night, just before his son sleeps.
- One day, Y/N demanded Shigaraki take one day off work to look after their son as she was wanting to go job hunting. Before, she took the time off to look after him but she was wanting to get back into work now.
- Shigaraki had zero ideas about what he was supposed to do. He stared at his son as he played on the floor with his toys. His son stopped, staring up at his dad. “Da…” He said before shuffling over to him, wanting up. Shigaraki didn’t think much of his son talking, he thought he could talk already.
- His son cuddled into his dad, they both of them falling asleep on the couch. Y/N did scream at Shigaraki for falling asleep with their son on the couch after, but Shigaraki was still inexperienced to this whole thing, he was let off the hook this one time.
- He briefly mentioned to Y/N that he was called ‘da’ shrugging it off pretty quickly, but Y/N started freaking out.
- “That was his first word! Oh my god!” She ran out of the room to their son’s room, picking up out of his crib, luckily he hadn’t fallen asleep yet and went back to their shared bedroom. “Say da! Say da da!”
- Their son struggled in his mother’s arms. “Da…”
- It took a full minute for it to sink before Shigaraki took his son in his arms. “I’m sorry…” Shigaraki said softly. He was so wrapped up in his plans, he didn’t realise just how much his son wanted him. And the next thing he knew, he was crying.
- Months later, Y/N was out the house again, working and Shigaraki was alone with their son. He was busy daydreaming, thinking about his plans when he heard small pitter patters. He glanced up his son slowly stepping towards him, his stuffed toy in his hand. He stopped at his dad’s knees, handing it to him before falling back onto his bottom. Shigaraki wasn’t sure what to do.
- Should he call Y/N? Was this a good reason for her to come home? Or should he record it? Shigaraki picked his son up so they could go grab the recording camera together.
- He placed his son on the floor again. “Walk to me.” He said, holding the camera up. But he didn’t budge. The second Shigaraki put the camera down, his son stood up and trotted over to him, falling into his arms.
- “…Your mother is going to kick my ass for this…”
- Still confused on why his son loves him so much when he had his cute and lovely mother.

Chapter Text

- Shinsou knows what it’s like, he has trouble sleeping himself, more so before U.A where he had issues in Junior high school. Whenever his s/o needs some comfort and a friend, he’d bring his snacks to their room and lay in bed with them.

- He knows his s/o has a strict bedtime schedule, so he’ll turn the lights off at ten and hold them. He knows it can take hours before they actually manage to some sort of sleep.

- His s/o often feels insecure, worried Shinsou will one day get up and leave because he’s sick of them. But he makes sure to tell them every day that he loves them and he’ll stick by them.

- Loves seeing their progress! No matter how much they are able to sleep, he will always encourage them.

- Some days are harder than most, so he’ll take his consoles to their room and stay up with them as a form of comfort.

- He did a lot of research on insomnia so he can educate himself on the issue.

- There are some days his s/o screams, shouts, get upset, angry, frustrated and even cries. But he never leaves them because he knows they’re trying their best to get better. He’ll keep telling them that he loves them a lot so they don’t ever forget during one of their moments.

Chapter Text

It was always hard going to the doctors because Y/N wasn’t sure what she’ll be told next. ‘You’ve lost another ten percent of your hearing,’ or ‘you only have thirty percent left in your right ear, you’ll need these hearing aids.’

Every single time, it wasn’t never good news, it was never a ‘we found the cure!’ or ‘we have someone who can heal you!’ it was never going to any of those. But what was even worse than that was telling her boyfriends, Mirio and Tamaki. She would smile through her teeth and telling them that she was perfectly fine. She didn’t want people to think of her as some weak, little girl who was slowly losing her hearing and needed help at everything.

Y/N appreciated the help at first, but it was constant. She’d drop a pencil and her boyfriends would panic and think she was dying. She hated it, it was bad enough she was slowly losing her hearing, but being treated like a baby was even worst. She could live without her hearing, she can learn and survive and find the positives in it, but she can’t do that if they aren’t letting her.

They asked her the second she entered the class how her visit was and she did it again, told them everything was fine. “Good, all good.” She says, sitting down at her desk, getting her stuff out to copy the notes from what she missed. Tamaki glanced at Mirio before they both sat around her desk, the other students leaving for a quick break before the next class.

“You sure everything is okay?” Tamaki asked, eyebrows furrowed as he reached for Y/N’s hand. She sighed, squeezing his hand, knowing she can’t avoid his cute puppy look.

“I promise i’m fine.” She said again, looking back down at her work before she stood, “I’m heading to the bathroom, I’ll just be a moment.”

As the door closed, Mirio crossed his arms over his chest, still staring at the door. “Did you notice Y/N had another hearing aid?”

“I did.” They were both silent, deep in their own thoughts. “Why won’t she tell us anything? Did we upset her you think?”

Mirio shook his head. “No, I don’t think we did…” He bit the nail on his thumb, “I hope she doesn’t think we’ll treat her differently because of it.”

The class was normal, with Tamaki glancing at Y/N every so often, his eyes trailing to the new hearing aid she had. He would look away, feeling guilty for staring. That probably wasn’t helping matters by staring so much. When the bell rang for lunch, he jumped up to go over to her, but Nejire beat him, already rambling to Y/N. And it was so obvious. She was struggling to follow along, her mouth in a frown as she concentrated on Nejire, trying to catch every word without asking the girl to slow down. It pained him to see that, to see Y/N feel as though she couldn’t ask for help.


“I had this brilliant idea!”

“I doubt that,” Tamaki said in return, closing the book he had in his hands. Mirio slapped down a few books on his desk, that bright grin on his face. Sign language books.

“I went through Y/N’s bag the other day to look for that strawberry chewing gum she always carries and saw this sign language book in there. So, I bought the same copy and couple of others. I thought maybe we could start learning for her.” Maybe not all of Mirio’s ideas were as stupid as Tamaki thought. “Do I get a kiss for being a genius?”

Tamaki narrowed his eyes. “No kiss. But you are a genius I suppose.” He says, taking one of the books and opening it, “you think this a good idea?”

“I just…don’t want Y/N to think she has to go through this alone, you know?” Mirio said before he took a seat in front of Tamaki, the both of them cracking open the books to read.


‘Morning Y/N.’ Mirio signed to Y/N when she sat at her desk, her eyes wide as she blinked a few times, wondering if she saw that correctly. ‘How are you?’

“Uh…i’m good.” She said, sitting down, wondering if Mirio lost his voice. But as she turned to say good morning to Tamaki, he did the same thing.

‘Morning, dear.’ He signed, the tips of his ears red, he never called her by her pet name in school, but because only she and Mirio can understand, he decided to be bold with it. Y/N stared at her desk, wondering what sort of twilight zone she entered before she looked at her bag. “Mirio, Tamaki…did you two take my sign language book?”

‘Actually, I bought us our own copies, we aren’t thieves, Y/N.’

Y/N sighed, it felt like an invasion of her privacy. “You two…who gave you two the right to go through my stuff?”

Mirio’s ears turned red. ‘Sorry, Y/N, but you know you don’t have to go through this alone.’

A sigh escaped Y/N’s lips as she stood up, leaving the classroom and just as she expected, Tamaki and Mirio were right behind her. “How long have you two known?” Y/N asked, looking at them. They glanced at each other. ‘A couple weeks. We noticed the new hearing aid.’ Tamaki signed. Y/N pinched the bridge of her nose. “Listen…it’s not because I don’t trust either of you but…I just want to be treated like normal. I don’t want to be some burden.”

‘You could have told us your worries, Y/N.’ Mirio wrapped his arms around her, kissing the top of her head. “Can…you hear me?”

“A little.” She said, “it’s fuzzy…I like the sign language better.” Her cheeks were red and it became worse when Tamaki joined them in their hug.

‘If we upset you, tell us and we’ll stop.’ Tamaki signed. Y/N smiled before looking up at them, kissing Mirio’s cheek before turning to Tamaki and doing the same. “Thank you…but please don’t tell Nejire, I don’t want to break that poor girl’s heart that I have zero clue what she says half the time.”

Chapter Text

“You two are the cutest!” Mina cooed as she jumped on the spot next to Y/N’s desk, her eyes closed tightly as she grinned, talking about how fuzzy this is making her feel. “I always knew you two would be adorable!”

Y/N just rubbed the back of her neck, laughing it off. “Ah, thanks, Mina, but it really isn’t that big of a deal…it’s quite a boring confession story, honestly.”

Now that got all the girls’ attention again, all of them turning to Y/N, intrigued. She was just thankful Ojirou wasn’t there, poor guy probably wouldn’t be able to handle it as well as she is right now. And even she’s a mess inside thinking about it. “He just walked me home and I asked him out is all, nothing special.” She said. She stood, grabbing her bag and squeezing past the girls. “Let’s talk about something else other than my boring love life, please?”

With a saving grace, Jirou jumped in, already talking about a new band she discovered and that managed to get Mina’s attention well enough to leave Y/N alone about Ojirou. The seven of them walked to the lunch hall, Y/N’s eyes trailing over to the table where Ojirou sat with Kaminari, Tokoyami, and Shoji. There were only two seats left and Sero took one just seconds later. Y/N glanced at the girls before she snuck over there, taking the last seat. She placed her bag on the floor and took her lunch out. “Hey, guys.”

The guys greeted her, barely looking up from their lunch. “You not sitting with the girls today?” Ojirou asked her, passing her a few salt packets for her food.

“I thought I’d sit with you. If that’s okay.” She said, smiling. Ojirou smiled and nodded, leaning close to her before pausing and glancing at the four guys, who quickly all turned their heads away to let Ojirou sneak in a quick kiss on Y/N’s cheek. She covered her cheeks, face deep red as she sunk in her chair. God, she felt like some love-struck teen. Oh wait, she practically is.


“Want to join us Y/N?” Momo asked, she and the other girls having a day trip planned to go shopping on Saturday. Y/N glanced at Ojirou before looking at her calendar on her phone.

“Sorry, no can do, Ojirou and I have a date planned.”

In a second, Mina was hovering over her, eyes wide. “A date!? What you guys doing?!” It took Y/N back, her cheeks red. Great, now the whole class knew. but thanks to Momo, she intervened as quickly as she could.

“Ah, Mina, I have those magazines you asked for.” The girl placed said magazines on Y/N’s desk, the girls crowding around to have a look. It seemed to be mainly model magazines with a dance one in there too. Mina oohed, picking one up and flipping through it, her eyes sparkling. “What’s so interesting about them anyway?”

Mina cooed and hugged the magazine close. “Tanaka Ayane is so pretty! She’s only seventeen but she’s already making her way to the top of the modeling world!” Mina slammed the magazine back down to show the other six girls this Ayane girl. She was certainly pretty. Long black hair, her blue eyes sparkled, despite it only being a picture. She was slim, her breasts large, causing Y/N to glance a Momo. Bigger than hers. She sunk in her seat. Is this the type of girl guys liked? “Oi, oi! Kaminari! You’ve heard of her, right?”

Hearing his name, Kaminari bounced over to the group, Sero right behind him. “Oh, yeah! She was in an interview a couple of weeks ago. Such a cutie!”

Y/N sunk further in her seat. “I think every guy has heard of her,” Sero inputted, “I mean, well, look at her. I can’t think of a reason why a guy wouldn’t like her. Unless they like guys of course, but she’s practically the perfect girl, in looks and personality.”

Bursting out of her seat, Y/N left the class quickly, ignoring Mina’s confusion as she slammed the door behind her. “Perfect girl...” Y/N whispered to herself as she headed into the girl’s bathroom. She touched her cheek before running her fingers over her eyebrows then trailing them down to her lips. She looked nothing like Ayane. Ayane was beautiful. Perfect. Every guy liked her. Y/N’s hands shook as she gripped the sink.

Does Ojirou like girls like her? Of course, he does. Sero said every guy likes girls like Ayane, why would Ojirou be any different?

Leaving the toilets, Y/N headed back to class, blaming her sudden outburst on an upset stomach. “I think I brought some pain killers.” Uraraka dug into her bag, placing the packet of pills on Y/N’s desk. Y/N smiled, shaking her head.

“I’m good, I promise. Just need some food.” She says.


The queue to get into the cinema wasn’t as long as Y/N assumed it would be, but then again, she and Ojirou decided to go to the smaller cinema in town than the larger one. Less people. And she was luckily right. Y/N squeezed Ojirou’s hand as they reached the counter, handing their money over before grabbing the snacks they picked out. “Want one?” Ojirou held out his skittles for her to take one. She shook her head.

“No, no, I’m good.” She held up the snacks she got for herself, smiling before they took two seats in the middle of the cinema, the perfect spot. Not too far back and not too far forward. Y/N was about to ask Ojirou what he’d do with his tail, but when he pulled the seat down, there was a hole already in place and he slipped his tail on through, laying it low on the floor so it doesn’t bother anyone who decides to sit behind them. As the movie started, Y/N munched away at her food, enjoying the opening. Then it struck her.

The main actress is really pretty. Despite the fact she just came out of a burning building, her hair looked flawless, her skin was clear and her make up hadn’t even moved an inch. She looked beautiful. Y/N couldn’t help but glance at Ojirou. Was he thinking the same? He had to be.


Monday morning. Y/N was exhausted but she forced herself up an hour early. She pulled out all the make up she had bought the day before on a whim, loaded up the video on oyutube and follwoed along. It was difficult, she didn’t know how Mina could do this. Or even Jirou with her eyeliner. But it’d be worth it for Ojirou.

Only, it wasn’t. Y/N hadn’t anticipated it would rain on her way to school, her eyeliner and mascara smearing down her face, the foundation became patchy, the lipstick was faded and the eyeshadow looked like a wreck. Walking into class with her hood up, she marched over to Mina, completely ignoring Ojirou. “Mina...” Y/N said, tugging on her sleeve, “can you help me?”

Mina pressed the makeup wipe to Y/N’s eye, gently wiping it all away.

“Why are you crying? It happens, no need to get upset over it, hon.” Mina said, smiling as she handed a wipe to Y/N to get the rest.

“I want to be beautiful.” Y/N said after a minute of silence. “Ojirou is too nice. Of course, he’d date me out of pity.”

Mina wanted to slap her. Was Y/N honestly saying this? “What are you talking about? You’re one of the prettiest girls I-”

“You don’t have to say that to make me feel better, Mina.” Y/N interrupted. It didn’t matter what anyone said, Y/N wasn’t the girl on the big screen or on all those magazines. She would never be advertised as one of those pretty girls that all the guys liked. “I’d like to be left alone. Sorry.”


When Mina walked back into class, Ojirou jumped up out of his seat. “Ah, Y/N okay?” He asked, scratched his cheek. He glanced behind Mina, wondering if maybe Y/N was just hiding behind her, but she was nowhere in sight.

“She’s still in the toilets if you want to go and wait for her,” Mina said, patting his shoulder. And so he did that, leaving the class in a hurry to go wait outside the toilets, hoping no one will think he’s a creep. Luckily, it didn’t take long for Y/N to exit, rubbing at her eyes which were clearly blotchy and red. Ojirou reached for her hand, giving it a comforting squeeze.

“What happened? Did someone hurt you?”

That was putting it mildly. Y/N looked down and shook her head. But that was a lie. She was hurting herself. She couldn’t stop it, comparing herself to all those girls she’d see everywhere. “Ojirou, do you think I’m good looking?”

That was a stupid question. “Of course. are the cutest girl in the class. I mean, the others are cute too, but you’re a different sort of cute.”

Y/N looked up, wondering what he means and he smiled, answering, “well, when you smile, your nose twitches.” He pressed his finger to her nose, “and when you’re stuck on a question, your bottom lip sticks out. Your snort is adorable too.”

Y/N covered her mouth with her hands, embarrassed. “My snort is gross.”

“No it isn’t, I like it.” They smiled at each other before he frowned, “why did you ask that question in the first place?”

Fiddling with the sleeve of her jacket, Y/N glanced away, wondering if she should tell him. “Well, there are so many other girls who are prettier than me.” She said quietly, “I sometimes don’t understand why you’re with me.”

“I told you already, I think you’re the cutest in class. I’m not into those girls in the magazines,” Y/N was about to say something when Ojirou laughed, “I saw you and the others looking at them. I think Sero was exaggerating when he said every guy likes those types of girls.”

But why? Those models are clearly better than she’ll ever be.

“Yeah they’re beautiful, but you’re the one who makes my chest tight when I see you.”

Y/N blushed. “No...”

Ojirou expected that. He grabbed her hand and pressed it to his chest. She could feel it, it was faint but she could feel it, his heartbeat. “I really love you. Ah, was that cheesy?” He asked, laughing.

“A little, but I appreciated it a lot.” She says, leaning up to kiss his cheek, “thank you so much.”

They wrapped their arms around each other, Y/N pressed her head to his chest. It was so soothing, listening to him, she could fall asleep.

“Uh, Y/N. We’re missing class...”

Chapter Text

- Hawks and his daughter had the cutest relationship growing up. She was a total daddy’s girl. He spoiled her all the time. He made sure that when she was growing up, she had everything that she needed.

- Was definitely the type of dad to glare at anyone trying to date his daughter, although felt a little better towards any girls than guys.

- He blinked and suddenly his daughter came home one day and talked about universities. What? No. You’re like five, what the hell are you talking about? Nope, she was seventeen now and already she was looking into universities.

- Hawks laid in bed crying on his wife, who rolled her eyes and told him to shut up.

- Reluctantly helped his daughter go through different universities she could go to. Guess which one she picked? The one furthest away, all the way in America.

- Cried all way through her graduation. His wife just tossed him a box of tissues and told him to cry quietly.

- Hugged her so damn tightly and refused to let her go. He also bought her a large dinner, got her anything she wanted as a treat.

- May have cried for a solid week after she moved to America.

- Visits all the time. Never tells her because she’d tell him not to come.

- Flies there. He has no time to wait for a damn plane! He needs to see his girl!

Chapter Text

- Todoroki never really thought about having kids. He didn’t dislike them, but he didn’t like them either. He was neutral. He honestly didn’t even expect himself to get a s/o. A part of him isn’t really into relationships but his s/o completely changed that for him.

- When his s/o told him that they were pregnant, his mind completely blanked. He never thought in a million years his s/o would get pregnant. A part of him thought it’d never happen to them.

- Without saying a word, he grabbed his jacket and left his apartment, not even glancing back at his s/o. He couldn’t bring himself to look at their face.

- Begrudgingly, Midoriya allowed Todoroki to crash for the night, knowing the guy needs some time to think to himself.

- Todoroki didn’t get a wink of sleep that night, it kept him up the entire time, thinking over and over again about the baby that would be coming soon in the future. He thought he was suffocating with all these thoughts in his head.

- He wasn’t even sure why he was so scared. It was never a thought in his head before, so why now? He was terrified he’d be like his father. He knows he won’t, but it was still drilling him in the back of his head.

- Early in the morning when Midoriya wasn’t awake, Todoroki went home. He had left his phone there and his s/o was passed on the couch, a blanket around them, their eyes red from crying.

- “Hey, Y/N.” He said softly, crouching down next to couch to kiss their forehead, “I’m sorry I left. I won’t do it again. I promise.”

- His s/o opened their eyes, looking at him. “I thought you weren’t going to come back.” His heart ached hearing that.

- “I’m staying. I promise to make you both proud. I swear.”

Chapter Text

- He definitely was the type to wonder if having a baby is a good idea because he enjoyed having sex with his girlfriend anytime he wanted. Now, with a baby, yeah, not so much.

- He’s a big grumpy dad, he’ll cook food and have his baby on his back in the carrier. He doesn’t want to admit he’s scared to actually hold his baby in case he hurts them.

- Dabi was truthful to his girlfriend at the start. He did not want to have kids at all, especially as a villain, but he was terrified of what happened to him when he was a young boy. Anytime he held his baby, he remembered all those times his father beat him.

- Every single night Y/N would be the one to go check on their baby when they cried, but one night, he got up. He wasn’t sure why he did, but he went through to their room, stared down at them in their crib.

- His baby stopped crying, they stared up at him before reaching up, gurgling and letting out a cry.

- It was then that Dabi broke down. He hadn’t cried before in front of Y/N and he never expected to be doing it right now in front of his own child. He picked them up gently.

- “I won’t let anyone hurt you, okay?” He whispered, holding them tightly to his chest. “I’ll always be here to protect you.”

Chapter Text

- Kirishima loves his girlfriend a lot, her feisty attitude is pretty hot to him and he loves to watch her beat people up during training. They’re training buddies and he’s a pretty good partner for her.

- But Kirishima has a secret he keeps from her. He loves when she falls asleep on him because it’s the cutest thing ever.

- Mina had suggested a movie night, Y/N taking her usual spot on the couch and only moving so she could sit in Kirishima’s lap. No one else is allowed on her seat.

- It was a rom-com playing that Kaminari and Mina picked together, something Y/N wasn’t too interested in. She began to get a little sleepy and bored.

- Kirishima knew the signs when Y/N was getting tired. First of all, she’d stop glaring at everything and her body would stop being so tense. She relaxed in his arms and his heart was melting as he held her tightly. She yawned quietly like a little puppy and he had to hold back the audible ‘awe’ that nearly slipped out.

- First, it was Midoriya who noticed. Y/N was nuzzled into Kirishima’s neck as Kirishima rubbed her back to comfort her. Midoriya tapped Bakugou’s shoulder, who turned around to shout at him but stopped when he saw the couple.

- “Gross.” He said, which attracted everyone else’s attention. They all turned at once to Kirishima, who was about falling asleep himself. Their heads were pressed together and it was probably the calmest they’ve seen Y/N.

- “…Someone go get their phone.” Mina whispered.

- Everyone used to wonder what Kirishima saw in Y/N, considering sometimes she was quite blunt and tough, but seeing her like this, yeah, they can see the appeal in her. She’s adorable when she isn’t awake to scream at anyone.

Chapter Text

Aizawa Shouta:

- Aizawa is the kind of guy who looks like he wouldn’t care about having children, but do not be fooled by this man’s appearance, he cried for days when he found out.

- So, how do you think he did when his child took their first steps?

- He started to yell for his s/o to come see, it took him a good minute to realise his baby was trying to walk towards him, holding their stuffed dog, biting on its ear as they took another step towards him before falling on the floor.

- At first, he thought that was it, but the tears really came when his baby got back up to try to get towards their dad. They took another step and Aizawa was a quivering mess, scooping his baby right up and holding them tightly.

- “You love your daddy?” He asked, kissing their cheek.

- Turns out his baby just wanted the ice cream Aizawa was eating moments prior.


Yamada Hizashi:

- Was very tempted to scream the house down, but he couldn’t hurt his little baby’s small ears just yet. He was also tempted to record it but decided that this moment was for his eyes only.

- He leaned forward on the couch, encouraging his baby to keep coming, but they eventually plumped back down on the ground, grabbing a toy to play with.

- Yamada huffed, pouting. He picked his baby, causing them to drop their toy and turned them towards him. “Come on!”

- The baby teared up a little and squirmed, managing to get out of his grasp and sit back down again. Yamada was about to give up on seeing more of his baby walking until they grabbed their toy again, stood up and took a few steps towards him and placed the toy in his lap.

- Yep, here comes the waterworks.

- Nearly broke the windows from his wailing while holding his baby tightly. His s/o was pretty worried to come home to such a sight.

Chapter Text

- The first time Mirio met Y/N, it was at the hospital shortly after he lost his quirk. He was completely drained, physically and emotionally and tried to keep up his cheery personality around everyone. Y/N was there with Miruko, waiting for her sister to finish talking to some of the heroes there. Y/N wandered off, bored out of her mind and she peeked into Mirio’s hospital room.

- “Ah, I’ve seen you on TV.” She said, snapping him out of his thoughts. Without thinking, she bounced over to his bed and plumped down onto it. “It was pretty cool the way you snuck up on that one guy this year!”

- Mirio was just kind of surprised a cute, pretty girl was talking to him.

- Honestly, he didn’t instantly feel great again, but Y/N did help him forget a lot of his worries for the twenty minutes she was there talking to him. Eventually, she left his room to go find Miruko, popping back in to place a piece of paper on his lap. “Let’s grab food sometime since you’re probably sick of hospital food.”

- Soon after he left the hospital, he did go out with her to a cafe he liked a lot. She was the only person who wasn’t constantly asking him if he was okay, so he never brought up the attack around her at all, wanting their conversations to stay as positive as possible.

- Y/N had casually mentioned her sister being a hero but brushed it off so quickly that Mirio completely forgot until he walked her home one day.

- They stood in front of Y/N’s door, having a quick kiss goodbye when Mirio could hear thumping coming from inside and the door flew open suddenly.

- Oh look, it’s the rabbit hero, Miruko, looking scary.

- She would not let up her glare directed at Mirio, her ears straight and nose twitching like mad, until she finally sighed. “He’s cute I guess but you could have gone for someone a bit…rougher looking.” Was all she said before slamming the door close.

- Y/N didn’t seem phased by her comment but Mirio was pretty confused. What on earth did she mean rougher?

- Every time Mirio went to Y/N’s house, Miruko was there, always trying to one-up him in everything. Mirio would leave as a sweating mess.

- It was a test. She was just trying to test him to see if he’s good enough for Y/N, that’s all.

- Miruko acted tough on Mirio, but do not be fooled, she loves that boy like her own brother. She was willing to fight anyone who dares try to pick on him, even though he could beat them up himself (but why would he?)

- Although despite Miruko loving Mirio, like really loves him, she bakes him cookies, she’s still Y/N’s older sister at the end of the day.

- One time, Y/N and Mirio thought they were home alone, they were laying on Y/N’s bed and of course, things escalated, clothes were slowly coming off when Y/N’s bedroom door opened.

- Miruko looked in, scissors in hand and eyes narrowed. “I’m just…doing a crafts project.” She said, snipping the scissors, “be careful, Mirio, I might accidentally cut your dick off.”

- Clothes were kept on always at Y/N’s house from then on.

- One time during a TV interview, that Y/N and Mirio were watching at home, waiting for Miruko to be on next.


- She’s basically the cool wine aunt honestly.

- Speaking of wine, she lets Y/N and Mirio drink around her (obviously not until they’re drunk, but a glass or two won’t hurt anyone) She’s fun like that.

- Sometimes when she’s drunk, she starts crying and spouts things like “I want lil bunnies Y/N! Gimme some already!”

- The messages are very confusing since one second she wants a niece or nephew but then the next second, she threatens to tear Mirio apart if he does anything.

Chapter Text

“She really likes yarn, huh?” Kaminari threw another ball towards Y/N as she caught it between her two paws, a laugh leaving her lips as she began to roll it on the floor, chasing after it. Bakugou, Kirishima, and Kaminari all sat on the common room couch, watching Y/N play on the floor, laying on the stomach as she passed the ball of yawn between her paws. They were pretty quiet, letting her play, especially Bakugou, who was busy on his phone, not wanting to disrupt her. Anytime someone would come to get something like a glass of juice, he’d glare at them to keep quiet and not disturb his adorable girlfriend.

Soft footsteps were heard as Ojirou padded into the room, glancing at Y/N on the floor before he grabbed the homework he left on the table. Kaminari turned, his eyes glancing down at Ojirou’s foot. “Hey…did you guys ever notice that Ojirou has…the toe beans?”

The other two all turned around to look at Ojirou’s foot that was slightly off the floor. It wasn’t too noticeable but it was there. Toe beans. Kaminari grinned. “I wonder if a certain someone else has them.” It was obvious who he was talking about as the three of them all turned to Y/N on the floor. Her front paws weren’t exactly like paws, more so just very sharp claws with some fur. She didn’t have beans on there, but then there were her feet. She never took her slippers off and when she did, she always made sure to wear socks. Bakugou glanced at Kirishima and Kaminari before he slipped off the couch and onto the floor. He wrapped an arm around Y/N, pressing a kiss to her head as she shook her body a little, enjoying the affection.

Bakugou moved down and his hand hovered over her slippers. He gritted his teeth, like a band-aid, he just needed to rip her slipper off. Without hesitation, Bakugou ripped Y/N’s slipper off, a squeak leaving her mouth.

“What the fuck, you do have toe beans!” Bakugou lifted her foot up, observing the toe beans.

“What! Let go, creep!” Y/N kicked Bakugou’s cheek, not very hard, clearly not wanting to actually hurt her dear boyfriend. Y/N pulled her legs up to her chest, cheeks puffed out as her ears twitched wildly, glaring at Bakugou. Kaminari let out a bellowed laugh, holding his stomach as Kirishima just sighed, standing up and leaving, not finding it as funny. He walked by Ojirou, who glanced over at them all and joined them.

“What’s so funny?” He asked them, glancing between a pissed-off looking Y/N and Bakugou, still holding her slipper.

Kaminari wiped away a tear. “Y/N’s got cute toe beans like you.”

“Stop! I hate them!” She yelled arms crossed over her chest and huffing. Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows. Why the fuck did she hate them? They were cute. Although he never understood why they just were. But it somehow made Y/N even cuter. Honestly, if Bakugou even considered Ojirou anything other than an extra, he’d say that was kinda adorable with toe beans too.

“Hagakure keeps trying to touch mine.” Ojirou says, lifting his foot up to look at his, “if it makes you feel better Y/N, I think they’re pretty cute.”

Bakugou crushed the slipper in his grip. No way was this asshole going to be the one to let his girlfriend know that her perfectly adorable toe beans were amazing!

“Oi, ignore him Y/N!”

Y/N stared at Bakugou confused. “Are they…not cute?” She asked, moving away.

“What?! No! But I’m your boyfriend, so only I get to call your toe beans cute!” As though to prove a point, Bakugou grabbed Y/N’s ankle and pulled her foot up close and pointed to them. “Mine! My toe beans! Like jelly beans! And you know what I fucking love? Jelly beans!”

He glanced at her foot before giving the pads on the bottom a slap, like some sort of punishment and stood up, throwing her the slipper and walking away, hands in his pockets.

“D-did…Bakugou just say your toe beans are his now?” Kaminari asked as he and Y/N watched him sulk away.

“I…guess? I was expecting a different reaction…this wasn’t what I expected.”

It was certainly better than what she thought would happen, but she’d never get over the fact he just slapped her foot as a way of telling her off. Was she a child?

Chapter Text

No matter how much Tamaki had prepared himself for this day, the hours spent prior hyping himself up, he just couldn’t help but tear up at the thought of his young son going to school. Chou was eating his cereal, watching the morning cartoons as his father paced, biting his lip. Tamaki hated this, having to deal with it alone as his partner had gone to work.

“You excited for school, Chou?” Tamaki asked, wiping his son’s face from the milk, his eyes were still glued to the TV. Chou didn’t say anything for a moment before glaring at his father.

“No, I’m going to get bullied.”

Tamaki stared at his son, his movements paused. “W-why do you say that?” Tamaki asked, eyes a little wide. That was one of the things he was fearing and this just made him even more paranoid. “Chou is a girl’s name…”

“I think it’s cute,” Tamaki said, smiling as he reached for the comb to fix Chou’s messy bed head, “many boys have a more…traditional girl’s name and vice versa, it doesn’t matter.”

While it didn’t help too much, Chou just pouted and eventually nodded along, standing up to go get his school clothes on. As soon as he was out of sight, Tamaki sighed. He tried to convince himself that Chou would be okay.


Tamaki didn’t let go of Chou’s hand for even a second as they walked to his new school. He was sweating and hoped Chou didn’t notice. His son was smart and clearly noticed as he tugged his hand away and wiped it off his trousers, giving his dad a little glare as though to say ‘that’s gross!’

When the school came into sight, Tamaki thought he’d pass out. “Want me to come in with you?” Tamaki asked his son, hoping he’d say yes. But when Chou shook his head and let go off his dad’s hand, Tamaki tried to hide the small cry that escaped him. “O-okay. Have fun, I love you.”

Chou glanced up at his father and sighed, wrapping his arms around him. “You’re such a big baby, dad.” He said, grinning a little. How ironic that the young child was handling this better than Tamaki ever could. “I love you too.”

Now he really couldn’t hold back the little cry. “Chou…I was trying to not cry.” Tamaki whispered as he pet his son’s head, more so to comfort himself than Chou.

“Have fun crying by yourself then, I wanna go meet my classmates!” Chou pulled away and ran into the school grounds where the other children were. Tamaki watched, lip quivering as he pulled his phone.

“Okay, Mirio, I cried, you won the bet.”

Chapter Text

- Shigaraki is a very chill dad, in the sense that if his mother says not to something, Shigaraki would say yes without even asking what he is saying yes to. He just likes to annoy his s/o a lot.
- Has tried to take his child on a heist with him, Twice and Dabi. Baby carrier and everything. World’s most feared daddy.
- Has attempted to give his child a small army knife but was threatened to be kicked out if he did.
- “Why does that guy have a baby with him?” Shigaraki turns and points a gun at them, tired from staying up with his child all night. “Our babysitter was shit so I had to dump her body before coming here and no one else will watch him. You wanna join her?”
- Asked Toga to babysit more than once and then had to rearrange after his s/o refused to leave Toga alone with their child.
- Feeds them all the junk food he can get his hands on, they lay together on the couch and just snack away on it.
- Threatened a guy managing a bouncy castle to let their child on for free. Only the best for his kids.
- When it came to his baby growing up and starting school, he 100% made sure they had the best clothes, school bag, supplies, everything they would need to look the coolest. Probably beat up a kid or two for picking on his angel. Dabi and Twice are the cool uncles who look like they belong in a gang for a living (which I mean…isn’t wrong?). Spinner has picked him up as well, the kids thought Spinner was the family pet lizard.
- Most likely, Mr Compress picks up Shigaraki’s kid in casual clothes, since no one really knows what he looks like. He’s also the most responsible and Shigaraki knows he isn’t likely to start tossing his kid around. And also if something were to happen, he can protect his child without too much damage, unlike Dabi who nearly burnt the school down once.
- Shigaraki has sometimes worn Father around his child and the amount of crying they both do in a day because of it is impressive. As soon as his kid takes Father away, guess who starts bawling like a baby? Then Shigaraki takes it back and it’s his kid’s time to start crying.
- Shigaraki’s child brought home the class pet and later that night, it went missing. The entire family was torn apart. First Dabi was blamed, then Toga, then Shigaraki himself. Mr. Compress just went home, he was done with everyone and Twice was crying over the cute animal’s possible death.
- Only Shigaraki’s kid knew that Spinner ate the mouse but they’re tight so they wouldn’t snitch on him.
- Shigaraki doesn’t tell anyone but sometimes after putting his child to sleep, he’ll sit by their bed and just watch them, hoping to always remember them how they are currently, cute and innocent before he knows the world will destroy it.

Chapter Text

‘Send your cutest delivery boy’

Kirishima scratched his head. He glanced around, trying to find Hayato or Issei, but they weren’t on shift. They were probably considered the ‘cutest’ considering girls flocked to them constantly during work hours. Kirishima grabbed the delivery bag that had this customer’s order. What was he supposed to do? He didn’t want to disappoint them! Kirishima headed out to his car and placed the bag down and headed off. Oh god, what if they got upset at him? He was tempted to call Todoroki or Bakugou to come to deliver it for him, or maybe even Kaminari! Heck, Midoriya would probably do a better job! Or Iida. Maybe Ojirou? Girl’s seemed to like the tail. He supposed Kouda could be classed as ‘cute’ too. Kirishima shook his head. All this worrying would just distract him!

The apartment building was tall and Kirishima was shaking as he walked up all those steps, his legs like lead. He knocked on the door, standing back and hiding his face under his cap. He was ready to be screamed at.

“Oh, hey, here’s the money.” He didn’t even hear the door open. Kirishima looked up, his head tilt to the side. They weren’t shouting. Kirishima moved his cap a little and saw the girl in front of him, wearing a baggy shirt and shorts and taking money out of her purse, handing it over to him. A cute girl. She took the delivery off him and closed the door. Kirishima stared. So anti-climatic, nothing like what he had played in his mind all the way to the address. Maybe it was just a mistake.


The incident was never thought of again until the same address ordered a week later. Kirishima figured it was a Saturday treat the girl did for herself. ‘Redhead delivery boy.’

Kirishima glanced around. This person sure was weird, now they were asking for a redhead. Kirishima tugged on the delivery bag and headed out to his car, waving to the other workers before hopping in. He was the only redhead at the place, except Issei but he wasn’t on shift again, so he supposed he should do it. Agin. All the way there, Kirishima kept touching his hair, even while he was heading up the stairs, he couldn’t help but touch it again. He paused. He isn’t a redhead. Kirishima touched his head again and wondered if he should head back. He technically was born with black hair, he shouldn’t be here. As long as the person doesn’t see his roots, he should be okay. The cap will hide the truth. They’d merely see the few strands of red peeking out, no black! All good.

Knocking on the door, Kirishima took a step back. They wouldn’t know, it’ll be okay. He’s dealt with enough customers screaming at him for things that weren’t his fault, let’s hope this isn’t one of those times. The door opened and the girl was there again. This time, Kirishima took a better look at her. Her eyes were red and cheeks wet, most likely crying. “Are you okay?” Kirishima asked, stepping forward. Did someone hurt her?

“Huh?” In the background, a loud scream was heard and the girl turned before looking back at Kirishima, “oh, watching a horror movie and I’m not very good at them.” She pointed to her cheeks before laughing and taking the pizza off Kirishima. She reached behind to place the pizza on a shelf and grabbed the money, handing it to him. “See you next week.”


‘Delivery guy with sharp teeth.’

Now she had to be taking the piss. Kirishima scratched at his head. This couldn’t be a coincidence anymore, she really was just trying to get him to delivery her all the pizzas. Kirishima hummed. Maybe she just likes how fast he is? Or how friendly he can be?

Walking up those same steps again, Kirishima knocked on the girl’s door. He had to tell her to stop putting such silly stuff on her orders, it was embarrassing! Everyone at work caught on and would laugh at him every time it happened. But when she opened the door, smiling at him with that cute smile of hers, she leaned against the door. “Hi, Kirishima.”

“Eh? You know my name?” Kirishima asked, feeling his cheeks warm up.

“Your work has my phone number, you know, to call in case something happens and they gave me a text telling me your name. Oh and I’m Y/N.”

He was practically at her house every week now, it was only a matter of time before he learned her name. “Ah’s your pizza.” He handed it to her. When she handed the money over and closed the door, he completely forgot to tell her to knock it off with her games.


“Oh, Kirishima didn’t think you’d be here.” Kaminari walked in to collect an order he put in an hour ago. Kirishima looked up, he could see Mina and Sero in Kaminari’s car, both looking rather impatient for their food. “Slow night?”

Kirishima just shrugged. “Not really.” He wasn’t sure why he felt so down. His finger tapped against the counter before an order came in. Before checking it, Kirishima turned around to grab Kaminari’s order. “Sorry, here you are. See you guy’s later.” Watching his friend leave for a moment, he finally turned to the new pending order, checking it and sending it to the kitchen before he paused. Y/N’s address. She hadn’t ordered anything for a few weeks now and to his dismay, no special request. He huffed a little and glanced at the others. “I’ll take this one.”


The door opened and Y/N smiled. “Hey, Kirishima. Busy night?”

“Not really. You, uh, didn’t do your usual thing.” He handed the pizza box over, Y/N’s head tilt to the side then her eyes widened a little in realisation before she relaxed again.

“Those were just jokes, I thought they’d make you laugh but you seemed kinda annoyed, so I stopped doing it.”

Did he seem annoyed? Kirishima glanced away. Now he felt bad. He really didn’t mean to be if it was all in good fun. “Sorry, I guess they just confused me. I tried asking everyone at work who you’d find ‘cute’ to come delivery the pizza the first. And then the redhead one! We only have so many redheads at work you know! And don’t get me started on sharp teeth!”
Y/N laughed, surprising Kirishima. Her eyes were closed as she covered her mouth, shaking her head. “Ah, you really are cute, huh, Kirishima?” Y/N smiled at him, her eyes crinkled at the corners. Her smile was wide and she looked as though she was glowing. He almost forgot what she even said but he shook his head.

Kirishima pointed to himself. “Me? Cute? No, no!”

“Yes, yes.” Y/N retorted. Kirishima felt his cheeks heat up.

“The redhead and sharp teeth were to just get me to come again, weren’t they?” He asked.

“I thought you figured it out and thought it was annoying,” Y/N repeated with a shrug, “did I guess wrong?”

“Ah, well-” Kirishima scratched his cheek before moving his hand to rub the back of his neck, “I just wasn’t expecting someone to uh...find me attractive?”

Y/N’s face was blank. “I don’t believe you.”

“Well, it’s true!” Partly true. Kirishima paused, wondering if it really was. Maybe he truly is just a dense person. “Okay, maybe i’m just a big dummy!”

Y/N laughed again. “A cute dummy, so it’s fine.”


“You’re buzzing Kirishima.” The boss said, cleaning his hands in the sink before writing something down in a notebook. Kirishima couldn’t stay still as he waved goodbye to a couple of customers.

“It’s nothing, just happy!” Kirishima tried to busy himself, ignoring the other co-worker's strange looks. Kirishima was practically dancing around and when he heard the small beep, his face lit up and he ran over to the computer. “Ah, ah! It’s Y/N! I’ll get this one! Be back soon!”

The boss stared at Kirishima as he grabbed his jacket, heading to the car. He turned to one of the workers. “He knows he needs the actual food first before he can deliver it, right?”

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