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As the rain of a ongoing decades-long storm consistly pound the pavement of the streets that was in the City of Vale with the wind shrieking their banshee voices and lightning flashing their images while thunder roar with their incredible powers.

A lone wolf with jet black fur scoured along the silent street, looking for something, anything that was edible, to eat... before it came upon a few children, a few that were human and one that was a faunus, no older than teenagers, painting a graffiti with their spray cans in the rain that never seem to stop, while the black wolf itself just silently watch them.

"Hurry up, Brack. Tag and bag."

"You rush this stuff. I'm like a modern day basquiet. Gonna wake those folks up. Get it with the rock stars-"

"Moss, you watching out for the-"

That was when the black wolf's senstive ears flicker with warning, hearding something that was coming into the alley, sensing that whatever it is was dangerous, before it immediately fled the area for its life... just as a boot stomp on one of the puddle, splashing the water in the puddle around.

The three teenagers just their head just in time to see a squad of troopers that were covered head-to-toe in stainless steel armors which were colored in an forest green with golden trims on them, instantly recongizing them of who are they part of.


"On the ground! You are in violation of the law of Vale! Put the contraband down and get on the ground. Do it now!"

However, the three teenagers knew better before they made a run for it, liking to died rather than be captured, leaving the alleyway... with a graffiti that said "CAN'T TAKE FREEDOM!!!!" on it.

The KOVIP troopers immediately give the chase before one of them, without any heistation, shoot and kill one of the three down with his M60 Machine Gun, riddling the human teenage boy with bullets, without mercy or even regret of what he have done. The two teenagers, the human and the faunus, didn't dare to look back without a second thought, as this was either life for them... or death for them, as they continue run down the streets with all of their mights they could muster, hoping that they would lose the trooper and wouldn't be dead... not just yet.

Coming out of a grocery store, a woman in a trench overcoat and wearing a flat cap, hiding her identity and looks from watching yes, walking into the continuious raining storm as she push the empty cart out of the store slowly, like a zombie... However, one of the teenages, all by complete accident, ran into her, knocking her down to the ground with the cart and, as a result, her flat cap was knock off... revealing black hairs with red highlight.

This woman was none other than Ruby Rose herself, the former Hunter-In-Training that went into Beacon Academy 2 years early who want to be a hero like many hunters that she'heard from the tales when she was little. However... Ruby Rose was now an just broken woman in her middle 40s, at least to be 45, with no sense of purpose in her life or not even the will to live... with her skin being milky white, her eyes now red with black sclera, and wolf-like ears on top of her head.

The teenagers continue to run for their own lives as Ruby was slowly picking herself up from the ground... before the KOVIP troopers themselves came looking for the running teenager before they saw Ruby.

"Hey look, boys! It's one of those Grimm soldiers!"

"You mean those grimm freaks from the 2nd Great War, boss?"

"Yep. How about we beat the crap of her since we're didn't catch those stupid kids?"

Agreeing with their squad leader, evidence by their own grins on their faces, the squad of KOVIP Troopers walk over to where Ruby is as she was trying to get up and processed to beat the former Grimm soldier up, kicking her body with their armored boots, breaking some parts of her body's anatomy from their kicks in the process, just because she was only a half grimm. Yet Ruby couldn't summon the will to fight back against the squad of KOVIP troopers or even the will to defead herself from them.

With one last kick to her body, the squad of KOVIP troopers left to search for one of the two teenagers, leaving Ruby down on the pavement in front of the store with some parts of her body broken, including her bleeding and broken nose, in the raining storm. That was when one of the customers of the store came out into the rain and help Ruby up from the ground. "Are you alright, miss?"

"I'll be okay." Ruby said, with a long-suffering and sading voice.

"They're getting more and more vicious and ruthless everyday."

"Don't worry... i'll live." Ruby said before she slowly walk away from the grocery store. As she walk down the street like a lost soul with the rain to continue to fall, she heard something before she slowly turn her head around and saw the teenager that accidentally knock right into her looking at her, with shock in her eyes.

"You just let them beat you? Why?" Ruby just look with silent before the teenager look down as he spoke with an upset tone in his voice. "There's no one out there to help us. No one to save us. Not Vacuo. Not Mistral. Not even Atlas. No one. Just... No one."

Ruby turn her eyes away from the teenager, avoiding his eyes, before she resume walking, walking down the street in shame, with the rain reflecting her mood, as she resigned to the fact that this was the world they live in now as lightnings continue flash among the dark black cloud of the sky.

Meanwhile... somewhere else in the City of Vale...

The tallest building, the height being 1/3 taller than the Burj Khalifa of our own world, that loomed over the city of Vale as it shadow over the city with its immersive presence, was the headquarter of the Kingdom Of Vale Isolatist Party Group or the K.O.V.I.P Group for short. On the highest floor of the KOVIP headquarter itself, the very office of the KOVIP Group, 2 men were eating streak for dinner before Orville Lior, leader of the KOVIP Group and therefore, the leader of Vale, spoke to his right-hand man. "I must thank you for the energy shield and their generators that you have built into this tower." Orville said. "Thanks to you, crime have pummel to near zero percent, and with the energy shield, no one can get in or out, allowing us to control Vale's citizen like the bunch of worthless dogs that they all are. Thanks to that, we have complete control over the kingdom of Vale for over 15 years when we've won the vote before we suspend it. So I thank you... Dr. Merlot."

"Please. You don't need to thank me." Dr. Merlot, revealing to be Orville Lior's right-hand man and looking like he haven't age a bit when Team RWBY have met him, said with an smug smile on his face. "After all... I was just getting bored of what I was doing and have nothing else to do. And beside... if anyone does tried to take over this building, the computer of this building, or just even an mere detonator, will actived all of its micro-thermial explosive that are implanted right into this building that are so powerful that are so powerful that will even tear apart a fine grain of sand or a drops of water." He said in an well pleased tone of voice before he took a bite out of his streak.

Meanwhile... in the urban area of the city of Vale...

In a house that was located in the urban area of the City of Vale, a normal family of just one father, one mother, and their three childrens, were unpacking the stuff they've brought from the grocery store before the mother ask to her middle child, her teenage daughter. "Phoinex, can you tell her that dinner is soon and she can join us? that we're going out tomorrow for a while?"

"Okay, mom!" Phoinex run out of the kitchen and ran up the stair until she got to the trap door that lead to the attic. She put her hand on it and open it before she walk up into the attic and turn her head. There, there was Ruby, looking outside from the window of the attic while sitting on her bed, which was just a mattress, in complete silent before Phoinex spoke to her. "Hey, Ruby? Mom said that dinner is soon and she want you to join us."

"Thanks." Ruby answer, with a causally yet depress tone of voice.

"And she said that we're going out tomorrow. So we don't know when we'll come back."


Phoenix look at Ruby with concern. "Ruby, are you alright."

"Don't worry... my aura will fix it, so i'll be alright."

Phoenix just look at her in silent before she walk back down to be with the rest of her own family. Ruby was silent before she let out a sorrowful sigh at the state that she was in as the memories flash in her eyes. Yes. She remember of how she came to be a determine hunter-in-training of yesterday to now a broken woman of today and she was not particularly fond of those memories... as they weren't happy ones: Due to the Fall of Beacon, it caused several event to unfold like domino pieces that were falling onto each other, leading to start of the most largest and most bloodest conflict that the world of Remnant have ever known... The Second Great War and let just say... it make the First Great War look tame by comparsion and it put every single conflicts that Remnant has ever known, including the First Great War, to shame... would be a pure understandment of the century that made the world stood still.

The Second Great War lasted from 80 AGW to 90 AGW. During that time, the four Kingdoms; Vale, Mistral, Atlas, and Vacuo, have fought against all four of each other, along with fighting within of each other kingdoms as well. There was no where safe and I mean, no where. Not Vacuo nor Atlas nor Menagerie itself. No where. No one was safe. Not human nor faunus. Absolutely no one was safe. And with result massive negative emotions that it caused, it had made the Creature of Grimm to be more powerful than ever and rewaking several of them that were sleeping for thousands and thousands of years. This have resulted in between 65% to 70% of the current population of the world of Remnant to be wipe clean off of the earth. Most of those numbers were all the village that were outside of the cities as they were all but destroyed by either a invading army of one of the kingdoms or the Grimms. It was a total war and everybody were losing control, resulting in an age of total and complete chaos, height with negative emotion in the air, and nobody could do a thing about it, not even a few of the council members of the 4 kingdoms.

And unfortunately for Ruby, she've join Vale's army... and she regreted that choice that she has made. When they were advertising that they want anyone to joined the Vale Army they could to take back Beacon Acadmey from the Grimm, she instantly join it, as she wanted to help people. However, she had found out in the first month of the year that it was really just a lie and when in reality, the Vale council just want to use the army just to kill out of zealous and patriotic revenge against who they've believe did cause the Fall of Beacon or just out of pure spite for the other kingdoms just to get attention, believing in the insanity of their own view of the world, even if they were family or friends, but by that point, it was already too late for Ruby to back out. From battlefield to battlefield, she was forced to kill those that she didn't want to and yet was forced to do it for over three or 4 years, which slowly eroded down her own morality along with her sanity, earning her the nickname of the "Red Death". Yet she didn't want to be part of this pointless conflict and wanted a way out of this needless slaughter of many innocent people so she could stop it...

Unfortunately for Ruby... the real world didn't out that way and it wasn't tormenting her just yet...

Ruby was then forced to volunteer and join a project, against her own free will no less, that the Vale Army created. As it turn out, it was lead by none other than Dr. Merlot himself, much to Ruby's own shock by this, and it was reveal of what project was called and its true purpose. It was called Project LOST and its purpose: To create Super-Soldiers, as the Vale Council wanted an army of super-soldier to turn the tide of the Second Great War, by injecting of the cell,s of what the Grimm were made of, into a hunter's DNA, there by creating a powerful super-soldier that was far more powerful than and even exceed a Hunter. During the testing phase of the project, more than over 20 patiences that were Hunter or at least have Hunter training injecting with Grimm cells and were tested, but everytime, they've died one way or other and they were not accident at all. Only the final patience survived the torturing testing process despite the intensity of it, the 21th patience, who was none other than Ruby Rose herself, resulting in the creation of the first Grimm Soldiers and the prototype of every single Grimm Soldiers that would appear in the Second Great War.

This have resulted in dramatically increasing her strength, speed, durability, agility, senses, aura, reaction time, and endurance that are beyond even for the abilites of the most hard-trained, refined, and powerful of hunters, along with her gaining new abilities like sensing negative emotions, a healing factor that is seperate from Ruby's aura, and is able to create crimson red/black lightnings from within her body, allowing her to attack with it by creating orbs made of them and able to charge herself into three stage that are more powerful than the last concentrating her mind into charging herself.

This have impressed Dr. Merlot and the other scientists so much that they've made Ruby the leader of every Grimm Soldier after her. However... she was at that point in time, due to the combination of so many thing that she didn't even ask for in her life change her so much that she was no longer Ruby Rose nor even the "Red Death" anymore. She was no longer either of those now worthless identities of her. Not anymore. Now... she've became the first Grimm Commander. The "Black Death" herself...

After her transformation into the first Grimm Commander have been completed, more recuit were tested in the same way that the first Grimm Commander was created. Soon, more than 725 volunteers, both human and faunus alike were injected with Grimm Cell, thrust creating more than 725 Grimm Soldiers, through not having the same abilites like Ruby and gaining their own kind of abilities, leading to the creation of an new battalion group for Vale's own Military Army: The SS (Super-Soldier) Battalion Unit.

When an Grimm Soldier is unleashed onto the battlefield, they have the aggressive and the ruthless nature of the Grimm combine with the skills and abilities that were the equivalent of a more extreme version of an Hunter and were able to fight a whole battalion of Hunters or even Paladin mechs by their own. They were the ultimate example of a supersoldier.

Thanks to this, this have allow the SS Battalion Unit win numerous battle and kill thousands upon thousands of soliders for over 5 years, allowing to turn the tide of many battles when they are deploy into... physically speaking.

However, they didn't turn the tide of war as much as Vale council have hope for as they were mentally unstable and unpredictable due to their Grimm hybrid nature, the hell-like training they've endured, and the fact they were treated as only war dogs. This resulted them in either committing suicide or their own aura going into a total meltdown, resulting in SBC or Spontaneous Body Combustion, from loss of control, or from other related causes. At the end of the Second Great War, about 85% of the SS Battalion were dead and only small part of them were killed in battle, with about 5% of them being MIA or mysterious disappear right after the war, along with Dr. Merlot himself, lab data and all, and Ruby was part of the only 10% that have been confirm to survived the end of the war.

The Second Great War have finally ended when a group of hunter, lead by Lie Ren, who have lost Nora Valkyrie in the war due to a massive seperant-like Grimm killing her thanks to the massive negative emotions, broadcasting the message all over the world by using the now repaired CCT, revealing that the whole event of the Fall of Beacon was then orchestrated by someone else and was use as an excuse by those who wanted to start the war out of various reasons.

After the war, Project LOST and the SS Battalion were terminated and the scientists that work on Project LOST were executed in sercet, mainly due to the loss of Dr. Merlot with the data that he gather and due to the SS Battalion being associated with the Second Great War.

By the age of 25, Ruby have became a broken woman after the end of the Second Great War thanks to it, and now having nothing to her name. Absolutely nothing. Most of her family members that she know of, her father and her uncle and her dog Zwei, were now all but dead and her friend are either dead, now hate her, were too far away to help her, or other reasons they couldn't help her.

She was all alone. Alone with her broken mind, living on the streets of Vale in an world that hate her for what she is.

She tried many attempt to find a job, at least one good job, but they've all rejected her due to her being part grimm. Luckily, she was found by the owner of "From Dust till Dawn" shop, the same one that she saved from the robbery from years ago. He decide to hire Ruby as a night-shift worker and allowing to live at the shop, in gratitude for her saving his shop 20 years ago before and sympathy for her current situation. Ruby have work, and live, in his shop for over 5 years... until his suddenly and tragic death.

Due to his death, the From Dust Till Dawn shop was closed and Ruby lost her job, forcing her back to living on the street. She was already 30 years old when she lost her job. It was also at the same time that the KOVIP group won the majority of their vote, allowing them to take control of the entire kingdom of Vale and cutting off their borders from the outside world, leaving anyone inside of Vale to be struck.

For another 5 years, living on the street, Ruby was forced to scour and scavenge any kind of foods she can find, all while enduring the beating and kicking from the merciless troopers of the KOVIP group. This lasted for over 5 years, which made her about 35 year old by that point, before she was found by a kind family and was tooking in by them... out of kindness.

It was already 10 years ago when she was tooking in by them.

Ruby was silent before she let out a sorrowful sigh. She wonder to herself... Why did this all happen to her? Did she really deserved all of this? Or the world was just tormenting her just to be amused and entertainment from her pain?

Ruby remain silent of those question in her mind as she watch the pounding rain slowly turn to falling snow... thinking that she saw one of the ghosts from her bloody past dancing among the falling snowflake of the cold...

Later... much later... a day later at night...

A pair of two KOVIP troopers were talking to each other about the thing that they were doing on their jobs, standing around in the same urban area while the snow was falling. "-This kid start crying like a baby. So I treated him like one, ya know?"

"Whattaya mean?"

That was when a crazy hobo, albert finely-dressed hobo, due to him wearing an jacket with a fur hood and blue jeans, who was passing by the pair of KOVIP troopers while holding what appear to be a normal briefcase in his right arm, was shouting insults and throwing taunts at them. "Pissant! Morons!"

"Well, I tear down his pant and get out the paddle."

"You didn't!"

"Damn right, I did. Right there in that room."

"Rejects! Liars! Monkeys! Meat puppets!" The crazy hobo shouted before he spit out his spit onto the streets just to spite and insult them, which angers one of the pair of KOVIP troopers by this.

"You spitting on my streets, you damn hobo?!"

"Easy, man. He's just a crazy hobo. What the worst he could do? So then I get this bottle. Fill it full of milk."


"Hell yeah. Then I heat it up to a full boil. Scalding."

"He scream?"

"I told ya. Like a baby."

The pair of KOVIP troopers laugh at that as they ignored the crazy hobo while he was walking toward one of the houses in the area.

However... this was same house that Ruby was living in...

Meanwhile... Inside of the house...

Ruby was sleeping on the couch while the clock was ticking. Everything inside of the house was silent except for the clock that was consistly ticking and tocking... before Ruby started to stir and rolled over on the couch, as if she was trying to get comfortable. Once. Twice. and Thice. Before she finally stop moving... and Ruby slowly opening her eyes... to see a ghostly mist that was floating right above her. Ruby remain quiet of what she is seeing before a part of the mist suddenly move downward and start forming what appear to be a hand... a female looking hand. Before making a motion, as if trying to grasp something.

Ruby was silent at this before she rise her hand from blanket and when she attempt to grasp it, the mist suddenly dispersed, disappering out of thin air. She remain silent of this, not sure of what just happen, if her mind was trying to play trick with her or what she saw was real.

She remain silent as she dwell on that thought... before she then heard knocking on the door, which cause Ruby to let out a groan as she got up from the couch.

"Hold on. I'm coming. I'm coming. Do you what time it is?" Ruby groan as she walk over to the door. However, when she open the door, preparing to talk whoever was knocking, Ruby just stood in the doorway in shock... as she look directly at an very familiar blunt-orange hair and into a pair of indigo-colored eyes looking at her back.

"Ruby? It's snowing. A sign that times are changing here." It was no mistake. Ruby recongized that voice, although much deeper and rougher than before... as it belong to none other than Cardin Winchester, the former bully of 1st year from Beacon Academy, was now 47 years old, sporting an full beard on his face and his hair was more messy and unkempt than before with his eyes looking slight worn down from the years and a bit insane from the looks of them. She just stood there in shock and silence in the doorway as Cardin put down the briefcase he was carrying to the side of the doorway before he spoke to Ruby. "You... look... i'm not gonna lie to you, you look like crap. But it's good to see you, Ruby. Nice place you have. Look at us now. Just two former hunter-in-training. Two middle-aged adults now. Ruby! Bet you never thought you'd see the biggest jackass bully of all Beacon Academy himself barking at your doorway? Back from the mountain? Ruby. Look at that face of yours. Didn't think you could age a bit. Thought you'd be young forever. It's been a long time. So much to talk about. Catch up. You from hear from one of our classmate? All them moved out of the city long ago. You were the only stupid. Well, you and me. Hey, Ruby? Ruby?"

Ruby just stood at the doorway in complete silence... before her right hand reach for the very handle of the door and closed it in front of Cardin. She heard him sighed from behind the door before he told her.

"I came a long way to see you, Ruby. We have things to talk about. Big things. I didn't expect you to welcome me with open arms. No. No, of course not." Cardin said before he slowly turn around and slowly walk away as he told her. "But Ruby... we have history. We- ... Open the briefcase, Ruby. I've been holding it for you for a long time."

Ruby was in complete silence as she slowly down the door until she sat completely down on the floor before the briefcase topple over and drop to the floor to its side, right near to her. Her eyes slowly turn toward briefcase, as if it was calling to her, hauntly calling by her origial name...

"Damn these bastard! Taking over the kingdom like the goddamn disgusting flith that are... these... DAMN! MONKEY! LIARS! VILLIANS!"

Ruby slowly, but surely pick up the briefcase with her own shakely hands...

"Listen, Ruby! We have work to do! THIEVES! SNAKES!" Cardin rambled out loud as he then open up his own jacket... and got out his old mace, slightly rusted from not being wheted for a long time, before he walk over to the nearest parked car, more specifically, a black Dodge Super Bee.

Ruby quietly look at the briefcase before she slowly open it up with her quivering fingers...

"ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?! DAMN IT, RUBY! WICKED! WICKED! WAKE UP! YOUR LIARS!" Cardin rambled on out loud with his words as he begun to trashing the black Dodge Super Bee with his mace.

Ruby's red eyes were filled with shock of what she saw of what was inside of the briefcase...

That was when the same pair of KOVIP troopers from before notice that Cardin was trashing a muscle car with his mace. "Hey. That harmless crazy hobo is destroying property."

"All right, old timer. Put down the mace." One of KOVIP troopers told Cardin as they walk over to him to arrest the rambling hobo.

"Here you come. I was expecting you. You won't catch me. Infect me." Cardin spouted out with insults and taunts at them. As he was ready to face one-on-two by himself.

Laying right inside of the briefcase Ruby was hold... was Crescent Rose in its inactive form, her beloved weapon, and her beloved cloak, both of now dyed black, were the very 2 things that were connected to her and her past identity, long before she threw them away long time ago, after her transformation into a Grimm Soldier...


Cardin then whack the first KOVIP trooper that was near him with his mace, making an dent in the armor of the helmet, much to the amusement of the second KOVIP trooper, not caring for his other friend. "OH GOOD, this is great!"

"Tie me down? Push the blackness inside of me? I know who you are! I know what you are doing!" Cardin yelled out as he rambled on. "LIARS! LIARS! CROOKED LIARS!"

Ruby see that they were black now, no longer the rose-colored red that they were before she thrown them away. She was in complete silent before her red eyes look over to the shining bladed metal of Crescent Rose...

"Alright, ginger. Playtime's over." The second KOVIP trooper said as the first KOVIP trooper was still dizzy from Cardin's mace hitting his head.


"Playtime? FIGHT! Wake up and fight!" Cardin yelled out before he then bash his mace right into the second KOVIP trooper's face as he bellow out Ruby's name. "RUBY!!!!!!"

When she took a look at the mirror-like shining blade of her own beloved Crescent Rose, the weapon that she created with her hands, Ruby briefly saw the image of her once 15 year old self with a confidence smile on her face before it was replace by the image of her current 45 year old broken self on her weapon's mirror-like blade.

"Stupid crazy hobo." The second KOVIP trooper growled, seething with anger as his nose was bleeding.

"This isn't gonna be a good night... for you at least." The first KOVIP troopers grunted as he cracked his shoulder.

"Thieves... Crooks... Wake... UP!" Cardin yelled before he swung his mace at them.

Ruby see that the blade have eyes... Yes. It has eyes. She look into those eyes of the blade of her Crescent Rose... and all she see was herself. Tired. Broken. Shattered. Rotting away by the years. She was nothing... All before she felt a ghostly hands touch the cheeks of her face and whisper to her ears as the will of something that she didn't felt for years now was rising up from the deep bottom of her heart like a eruption of a volcano...

The clock strike one. Hickory... Dickory... Dock...

Cardin frought on against the two KOVIP troopers with all of his might as he swing his mace at them, denting their armor and maining their body underneath, while taking a several amount of beating from them before one of them punch him in the face, sending him down across the snowy ground itself as one of them seeth. "Are you finished, old man? Are you though?"

"I will never know when i'm through..." Cardin said as he look up at them dead in the eye... before he grin madly as he chuckle. "But the Grim Reaper is never through with anyone."

They were confused by what he meant by that just before the first KOVIP trooper spoke. "The hell are you-" His words, however, were cut short when there was sound of a gun firing its shell before its bullet came through into his throat, cutting off of what he was about to said and leaving to died a slow and painful death from the coldnes of the snow.

"What the hell?!" The second KOVIP trooper said before he turn his head... and saw Ruby herself standing right in the middle of the snow-covered road, now wielding Crescent Rose in her hands as smoke came from its barrel and wearing her cloak as her face was hidden by the shadow of her hood. He immediately got out his pistol as he boasted out at her. "YOU! We chased your kind out of this city a long time ago!"

"Maybe so, but here's the thing..." Ruby said before she transformed Crescent Rose into its Scythe Form. "I'm no Hunter..."

Ruby charged right at him with her beloved weapon. The second KOVIP trooper fired all of his pistol's bullet at the incoming reaper, but she dodge all of them, like an haunting phantom dancer in a old stage play of a theater... before she came right up to him and swung Crescent Rose at him, sliting his throat. He choke as he slowly dead from his wound...

Her memory briefly flash of when she made her first kill, her first kill of a humanoid being, on the first battlefield she fought in the Second Great War. Ruby just shook her head to get out of the flashes of her memories before she then couch down and stared Cardin directly right into his eyes as he look back at her in silent before he spoke.

"Ruby... I found your things at some garage sale place. Still give me the creeps. I look at those things that belong to you and all I see is the past." Cardin said before he let out a chuckle as he told Ruby about it. "It's funny really. I was an arrogance asshole back then. A arrogance asshole who bully people that are weaker than me just because I was a Hunter-In-Training, I thought I was far more better than everyone else, I thought I was special, and I let everyone know about it through my bullying on them as they couldn't do anything about it. Then the Second Great War started... and I felt it. I have felt it and realized this is how everyone that I bully felt because of it, but by a million times. After the war have ended... I wanted to make up of what I done. I wanted to atone of what me and my buddy did. I wanted redeemed myself to them. I wanted redemption. I wanted a miracle. I'd asked for a miracle, any kind of miracle really... and the funny part about it? The stupid universe gave me one. It's funny. The universe itself seem to torture you to no ends... until it give you the miracle that you needed it. It's pretty funny. And that is why i'm here. I need you. The city need you. The entire kingdom that is suffering needs you. Can I count on you? What do you say...?"

Ruby give her answer... by punching Cardin right in the face, knocking him out cold as he laid, temperory, unconscious on the snowly ground. She got up from the ground... all before Ruby disappearing among the falling snow as it slowly turn into a blizzard before lightning flashes across the sky...