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Call of Her Name

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Little Susan.

The voice is her mother's. The meaning of it is simple. Guard yourself, be strong, never let them take you.


The voice is Sinclair's, respect and pride and a gentle admonition to be more than just duty.


Now it is Talia, a whispered plea to not stand in the way of what they could be, a call to embrace the future they held in a union that had yet to be.

Susan... oh Susan.

Marcus calls, over and over in the darkness, and she moves toward it, but he won't be there when the light comes.


All the voices merge, calling, shaping, making a path for her, and she goes, drawn to all the pieces she has lost of herself. This time she answers them, and Susan Ivanova is free of the pain, free to be who she wishes, with those who have gone before.