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Giddy Up

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Haikyuu au western

This is going to be an introduction to my next series that I'm going to do. I have noticed that there aren't many versions of Western Au for haikyuu in both fanfiction and artwork.

This story will obviously take place in a more outback to desert scenery.
The cities/towns that the different teams live in are the villages or towns that the different teams work for.

some of the roles that the whole teams in there villages/towns are;
Coaches - Are like the mayor/leader of their town/village
Captains - Can either be the sheriffs of their towns/villages or they can also be farmers for both animals or crops
Setters - Are either farmers for both animals and crops or they can be
Middle Blockers - Can both work with the Captains as deputies or they work within the bank
Liberos - Are either Farmworkers with the Setters or mail runners (When the Libero is injured and can't do the mail run on the setters will do it for them)
Wing Spikers - Can work in the mines if their town/village has one or they can also work within the bar with some of the Setters
Ace - can work within all areas (farm work, mines, sheriff station or in the bars)
Managers - They work for the Coaches and the Teacher Advisor for recording how much cattle, sheep, chicken etc. they have as well as how many crops yield the town/village will get within a year
Teacher Advisors - can work with the mayor/leader of the town/village directly, they can also work in the bank.

The beginning of the story will take place when Hinata Shouyou takes a train from the town he grew up in, then all the way to Miyagi Prefecture. Then was given a horse to ride to the small town of Karasuno

The first Chapter will be out in a couple of days