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And the Fandom Rejoiced

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Sento was running, terrified for his life. He was a Kamen Rider, and he’d fought against one of the worst threats any of them had faced. But here he was, scared shitless, trying to outrun his enemies.

Fangirls are the absolute worst .

Sento had no idea why he was so popular with young women. Wasn’t his show meant for kids?

He slumped on the park bench, catching his breath. He managed to shake them off after the Time Jacker started attacking the crowd, but he knew they’d try finding him again. He’d love having such persistent fans, if they weren’t demanding strange things like taking off his shirt (or to “just take it all off” as one girl said, to roaring approval).


Sento looked up to see Banjou, of all people, looking surprised to see him and a bit distressed. His T-shirt was missing for some reason, but he still had his flannel shirt that he was hastily  putting on and buttoning up. “Banjou? What happened to you?”

“I got mobbed by a bunch of girls!” He yelped. “They ripped my shirt right off! And they almost got my pants too!”

“You got attacked too?” Sento gaped. “So was I!”

“What the hell’s going on here?” Banjou questioned. “What the hell is with this world?!”

Sento was about to tell him about this world being an alternate reality where they were fictional characters in a children’s television show when they heard a high-pitched squeal. They turned in the direction of it and found about a hundred girls staring at them with wide eyes and open mouths.


The group collectively yelled, “KYAA!!!” Then erupted into cheering, more squealing and... wolf-whistling? One voice boomed above the others’, shouting, “JUST FUCK ALREADY!” while another told them to “GIVE US A NICE LONG KISS!” There was a little group chanting “O-T-P! O-T-P! O-T-P!” while doing a little dance.

It was a minute before Sento realized that the fangirls were saying these things in relation to himself and Banjou .

“Wait, what?! No, why would I- no, wait, what?!” His mind was officially blown to pieces. The fangirls want him and Banjou to be a couple ?! Boyfriends ?!

“Are you all insane?!” Banjou demanded. “Why would you ask us to do that?!”

It was a bad move. Sento knew that. Banjou knew that. The fangirls all gave them a knowing look, their eyes flashing. But it was too late.

The fangirls parted to let one of their own pass. She was a tiny girl, nearly a head shorter than both him and Banjou. However, it was the look in her dark eyes that terrified him: she was going give them a piece of her mind, and she wasn’t afraid to do so.

“Oh, you wanna know why we’re asking?” She smirked. “I’ll tell you why.”

Sento and Banjou screamed.