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Sakura Court

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Sakura Court – Part 15 (Crossover)

By Haruka (


Blustering. There's no other word to describe it, and trust me, if there was, I would be the one to know it.

However, blustering was what my adoptive father was doing, and he's the master at it. It's a combination of yelling in incoherent, broken sentences, and stamping his feet while waving his arms in the air. Bonus points if he's wearing one of his many hats, and could thus grab it and slap it against his thigh while running the other hand over his face and through his hair.

Today I was getting the full show. I really wish I could record him at this someday and put it up on Youtube. It would get a million hits easily.

"Philippe, are you listening to me?!"

Oops. Blustering can turn to swatting, which isn't funny at all, if Tousan feels he's not being heard (even if he's not using discernible words.)

"Yes, I'm listening. And I'm sorry I wrote my research all over the walls. It's just dry erase marker, I'll clean it up."

"Yes, you will, and right now," he agreed firmly, nodding his head for emphasis.

"More importantly, Tousan, I found the answer we needed for the case," I told him.

He stopped and turned to me. "Really? Why didn't you say so in the first place? Tell me!"

My father is Hidari Shotaro, half-boiled detective (he calls himself hard-boiled, but I know better.) People usually think he's my big brother, seeing as I'm sixteen and he froze at twenty-four. The fact that I'm also his partner in our detective agency adds to that misconception.

I have an advantage that helps in our cases; my father can give me keywords and then I can run a look-up in the World Library, which is essentially all the information in the world. And it's in my head.

We used to live in Fuuto, where there was a big problem with monsters called Dopants. Tousan and I were able to fuse my mind with his and the two of us became a single hero known as Kaman Rider W. Together we eliminated the Dopants, and their source, which unfortunately, was my birth family. They had used me for my power while messing with my memories so that I didn't even know who I really was at first, and am still learning some things from scratch. In the end, they all died, but at least we were able to make a semblance of peace first. Then Hidari Shotaro adopted me as his son, and I finally have a family I can be proud to belong to.

Still, there are always criminals out there who will desire an advantage and will take it if they can. In order to keep my amazing resource a complete secret, we moved from Fuuto for my safety. This was hard on Tousan at first, but he likes Sakura Court now, and our new detective agency is doing well.

However, he still doesn't like me writing on the walls when I run out of white board space. I can't help it sometimes; the information in my head comes at me so fast, and it needs somewhere to go.

We talked about our latest case while cleaning off the wall. When we were done, he stood back and looked over our work with satisfaction. See, that's what I mean about his being half-boiled – he helped me clean up the mess I'd made. He really is a great dad.

"So, do you have any other plans for this weekend besides work?" he asked, and I'd heard the next part often enough that I said it along with him, "You're a kid, you know, you're allowed to have some fun."

"Okay, okay, joke if you like, but I'm serious this time." He steered me toward the front door. "You've done your part in the case, I'll take it from here and you go do something with your friends."

I found myself on the other side of the door wondering, what now?

It's not that I haven't met the other kids in the neighbourhood – I have. I like them pretty well, too, I guess, it's just that I'm usually too busy to socialize ….

All right, it's not just that. I'm really not used to being around other kids for any length of time. In Fuuto, I didn't go to school. First, because I was virtually a prisoner in my own home, and after that, well, why would I need to? I already know everything, it's all in the World Library in my head. Besides, I was researching for our cases and running around with my father as a Kamen Rider. After moving here, though, Tousan insisted I start going to school so I could learn HOW to be a normal kid.

"Hey, Philippe, how are you?"

I recognized the tall, slender boy coming toward me as Hiroki, but he was leaving the wrong house. I checked what I knew about him and pulled the key points out of the Library: Friendly, funny, performer, cousin of Rei. "Hi Hiroki," I answered, "were you visiting the Uratas?"

He grinned and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, I'm friends with Nisshi and Shinjiro."

"And Chiaki, of course." As I said it, and saw his expression, I wondered if maybe his interest in the younger girl of the Urata family wasn't supposed to be public knowledge.

"Um, right," he said finally, his smile a little awkward. "She's a nice girl." He paused briefly, then asked, "Were you on your way somewhere? I don't mean to hold you up."

"Oh no, not really. I was just wondering WHERE to go."

"Well, why don't you come over to my place? Come on." He gave my arm a light tug and I followed along. Why not?

"There's no one home but me right now," he said as he let us in and led me up the stairs. We went into what I assumed was his room, and it was surprisingly tidy for what my research told me to expect in a normal teenager's room. Apparently, Hiroki thought the same thing, since the first thing he did was groan.

"Yuuta's been in here," he lamented, looking at me apologetically. "Really, it wasn't too bad. I had my jacket laying over the chair, and a couple of books on my bed …." He scanned the room. "I wonder where he PUT everything!"

"Why would your brother clean your room for you?" I asked. It didn't make any sense.

"He wants us to be as little trouble for my uncle as possible. Thing is, my uncle doesn't consider us to be any trouble, and he's worrying for nothing."

I looked around the room, seeing the touches that made it Hiroki's. There was a handheld video game system with a couple of games nearby, and as Hiroki hunted down the items his brother had put away, other things turned up, like some basketball magazines, and an ipod. I paused by some framed photos on the bureau top. I recognized Yuuta, and both brothers looked something like the adult in the pictures. I took a step closer for a better look and gasped, "That's Kimeru!"

"Yes, he's my mother," Hiroki replied.

"REALLY?! I LOVE Kimeru! His music is wonderful, and he's really beautiful, and his –" I stopped, noticing that Hiroki's expression had turned very sad. "I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?"

"No, I'm glad my mother has fans like you, and he IS a great performer." He managed a trembling smile. "I just miss him. He's been on tour for a while."

I may be a rabid fanboy when it comes to people I admire, but I didn't want to see that melancholy look on Hiroki's face anymore, so I resolved to use extreme willpower to change the subject. My gaze fell on a couple of long tubes leaning against the wall in the corner.

"What are these?" I asked curiously.

He glanced over and grinned. "Oh, those are my posters. I bought a couple of new ones since I've been here, but Yuuta won't let me put them up. They're dance posters."

I brightened. "You like to dance? So do I!"

"Really?" he asked excitedly. "We'll have to go dance in the park sometime."

"I'd like that," I told him, and meant it. "But you should put your posters up. If Yuuta doesn't like it, ask your uncle."

"Maybe," he considered. "I don't want Yuuta upset that I'm going behind his back, but it would be good for him, too. He's hardly unpacked a thing since he got here."

I was going to say something else but was distracted by motion in my peripheral vision. I turned toward a small animal in a tank. "What's that?" I moved over to examine it, fascinated.

"That's my hamster, isn't he cute?" Hiroki beamed. He reached in and brought the furry ball out, showing it to me. I ran through everything I could find about hamsters in the World Library, and one thing stood out suddenly.

"It's a 'pet,'" I said, touching my fingertips to my lips. It's a habit of mine when I'm finding something new to focus on.

"Yes," Hiroki looked a little surprised. "Have you never had a pet before?"

"No, but —" I began following the research through the Library. There were hundreds of different pets people could own! Not just rodents, although there were many of those. The more I explored the possibilities, the more excited I got and suddenly I knew I had to dig even deeper.

"I'm sorry, Hiroki, I have to go! I've got something important to do." I'm ashamed to admit I left him there in confusion as I ran off.



Oh dear, it was time for another bluster-fest.

"Yes, Tousan?" I said, coming into the living room, carefully watching where I put my feet. I didn't want to step on the cat, rabbit, or the iguana.

"What the heck is all this?!" My father waved his arms like a wild man, and the image was helped by the veritable zoo surrounding him.

"Tousan, have you ever heard of 'pets'?" I asked eagerly. "People keep animals and take care of them — even the ones who don't really do anything — just to be nurturing and have companionship."

"Yes, I know what pets are!" he cried. "You only should get pets if you have time and money to devote to them and we can't afford all this!"

I looked around. In that one room besides the three I already mentioned, there was a puppy, guinea pig, mice, a turtle, snake, birds of various types, gerbils, a rat, a hedgehog, sugar glider, and even a tarantula. The pony wouldn't fit, so he was tied out back. Now that I thought about it, we didn't have room for all of these animals, either. I wonder why these things don't hit me until after my research is over.

"Oops," I said sheepishly.

"'Oops'?!" My father repeated incredulously, then slapped his hat against his thigh and yelled incoherently in frustration. It was business as usual in that the Hidari household.



End of Part 15


No characters here are mine. Celebrities here are for fictional purposes only and none of the events within ever happened.

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