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Sakura Court

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Sakura Court – Part 1

By Haruka (


Last night my secret was found out by Tousan. It’s kind of hard to hide a big horse made of Soul Metal.

Despite my being Silver Fang Zero, I’m not supposed to go Horror-hunting alone; Tousan insists on accompanying me. It has something to do with me being one of the youngest Makai Knights at sixteen, despite being second only to my father in rank. But what he didn’t know was that on some of the nights I was supposedly with my band or doing interviews, I was going out to fight on my own (well, with Silva, but seeing as she’s around my neck, she always goes where I go.) I’ve been taking on Horror after Horror, gaining more experience, and eventually, earned my Madou Horse and Flaming Armament.

Last night, when I was out with Tousan and a particularly tough Horror brought friends along, it became necessary to break out the Horses and Flaming Armament, so I had to give up my secret. The look on my father’s face promised we’d talk about it later, since right then we were too busy fighting for our lives.

Once we got home and he’d shut the door, he turned to me and said, “Well?”

I grinned and replied, “Great fight, huh?”

Tousan folded his arms. “There WILL be one in a minute unless you start answering me. What were you doing with a Madou Horse?”

“Um, riding it?” Yeah, I know, being a smartass when your father is already mad at you is never a good idea. I said I was a high-ranking Makai Knight, not a genius.

My father took hold of my elbow and steered me toward the stairs. “Let’s see if you’ll feel more like talking after your backside is sore –“

“No, that’s okay!” I said, pulling away and holding my hands up in front of me in surrender. “I’ll talk!”

Tousan stood back again. “In order to get a Madou Horse, you have to kill one hundred Horrors. I’ve been keeping track of your tally on the nights we go out, Rei – you should still be forty-two Horrors short.”

“I guess I sort of ….” I shuffled my feet a little, “went out alone. A few times.”

“FORTY-TWO times!” he yelled. My father isn’t a yelling type of guy. I winced.

“Kouga?” My mother came downstairs, looking between both of us with concern. “What’s going on?”

“Our son pulled a Madou Horse out of thin air tonight!” Tousan snapped.

“What? But he wasn’t going to have one for another –“

“Forty-two Horrors!” Tousan concluded, and then there were two of them glaring at me. I was really starting to hate the number ‘forty-two.’

“I must share responsibility for this,” my necklace, Silva said. “I should have said something about what he was doing.”

“Kouga would not expect you to betray Rei,” said Zaruba, my father’s ring and partner to him as Silva is to me.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Tousan agreed with a sigh. “But Rei shouldn’t put you in a position where you’d have to keep secrets, either.”

“I’m sorry I’ve been sneaking around,” I said earnestly, and ventured a smile. “But tell the truth; aren’t you just the least little bit proud of me? I’m the youngest Makai Knight to kill a hundred Horrors.”

I saw the look that passed between them and it told me that yes, they were impressed by my accomplishments, even if they couldn’t admit it. They tried to look severe.

“You risked your life and lied to us,” Kaasan scolded. “Don’t expect praise from us tonight, Rei. In fact, what you SHOULD expect is –“

The creak of the front door opening beside us interrupted her and drew all our attention. My eldest brother, Yasuka, slipped inside, his shoes in his hand, looking quite pleased with himself for all of two seconds before he realized that most of his family were there and he was busted.

“And where have YOU been until three o’clock in the morning, young man?!” my mother demanded.

“Um, well, it was the strangest thing, Kaasan!” Yasuka said quickly. “I was in bed having a nightmare and rolled over – right out the window!”

“Yasuka, that’s not even a good ATTEMPT at a lie,” Tousan told him. “Especially as you’re still fully dressed.”

Niisan looked down at himself. “Ah, so I am. I’ll … uh … go to bed now. Goodnight!” He kissed both of them and even me, and hurried up the stairs.

“This isn’t over!” Kaasan called after him. “We’re talking about this tomorrow!”

“You might as well go to bed, too, Rei,” Tousan said. “You’ve got school in the morning. But we WILL continue this conversation,” he added significantly.

“Yes sir, goodnight!” I hurried upstairs, grateful to my brother for interrupting what could have been a very painful rest-of-the-night for me. I may still be getting it in the morning, I thought, but at least they’ll have had some time to cool off, and hey, maybe Yasuka would do something else stupid that they could focus on again. I could hope!




End of Part 1


No characters here are mine. Celebrities here are for fictional purposes only and none of the events within ever happened.

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