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Little Talks

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You should have been dead.

You were sitting in a dark room alone who knows where; instead your would-be executioner had looked you, broken your arm and a rib and taken you to his handler.

You could hear him being yelled at while your arm was being set.

You slowed your breathing and counted; you had been sitting in the corner of this cell for three hours and fourteen minutes.

You blink when the door opens; a light hits your eyes unexpectedly and a figure walks in with a file.

You think they’re going to try the scare tactics; you’re wrong.

You’re confronted with a beautiful woman in an unfamiliar uniform; she stares at you suspiciously, asks if you’re hungry and lays a sandwich on the table.

You hear her introduce herself; Deputy Director Maria Hill for SHIELD.

You’re asked questions and questions; you remained silent for most of them.

You didn’t see her open the file she brought with her once until you were silent for too long.

You are Natalia Alianovna Romanova; an assassin and spy for the Soviet Union.

You’re the Black Widow.

You are a product of the Red Room project.

You remain silent.

You are asked one more time why you are here; they obviously know who you are but they want to know what you want so they can decide what to do with you.

You tell her; they can’t protect you, and you don’t want to kill people so blindly anymore.

You explain; your ledger was dripping in red, you were beginning to feel guilt and remorse over a list of names you kept in the back of your mind of all of your assassinations.

You talk; you’re not sure you’re human but you’re afraid at the same time that that is all you are.

You look up and you’re shaking; it’s a combination of low body heat and struggling to maintain control over yourself.

You don’t think she was expecting you to be so open; she simply notes your shivers and nods.

You’re told to eat your sandwich; she leaves with her file.

You’re transferred half an hour later; it’s more a room than a cell.

You have a bed and a blanket.