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2B or not 2B that is the question

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The rotor blades of the helicopter could barely be heard above the chaos that erupted all around London and in fact around the world.

As far as the eye could see there was only death and destruction. Plumes of smoke spiralled up towards the sky from fires and bombs.

Zombies were running amok on the streets, devouring any poor creature that crossed their paths and even many who didn’t.



Molly was the first to die because when the zombies emerged, they did so first in the morgue. Molly saved everyone else in the hospital by sacrificing herself. She locked the main door from inside and fought the zombies for as long as she could.

But, alas, how long would a single person wielding one scalpel last?

John died in the plague that swept across the planet the very same day. Those affected developed large purple boils all over their skin and when these ruptured they bled to death, lying in heaps all over the streets as they died instantly.

 Greg died in an explosion while attempting to kill the zombie king. He did succeed but unfortunately that only delayed the inevitable and didn’t prevent it.

It was the end of days.

Sally died in a volcanic eruption when the tectonic plates shifted beneath London. Anderson fell into the wide ravine that opened up below the Thames and swallowed the entire river in seconds.

Mummy and Father Holmes had come to spend the weekend at Baker Street at the insistence of Martha Hudson. A poisonous gas leak there meant that none of them woke up the next day.

Locusts, tsunamis, hellfires, everywhere one could see only mayhem.



The only sign of life at this point was the black helicopter whirring over London and one lone figure standing on the roof of St. Bart’s, black coat flapping behind him as he watched this scene, aghast, his eyes searching for someone.

“Sherlock!!! “he heard someone yelling and looked up to see Mycroft in the helicopter.

A ladder dangled down and as he held on to it and started climbing he noticed that Mycroft was still dressed impeccably as usual, and was piloting the helicopter.

“What happened Mycie ?!”

“ARC Air is a go Sherlock.” Was all he heard as the helicopter picked up speed and they hurtled away towards an unknown destination.