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Hold My Tongue

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A black sky, filled with stars and two complimentary moons, above a planet filled with beings with horns of candy, blood like the rainbow, and skin the color of grey ash. That's where our first act takes off. Far, far in the past, to a time that some might the beginning. If one was a troll, they would refer to it as "The Time Of The Ancestors". When the blood castes were truly what ruled and looked over many trolls heads, poisoning their lives and pushing them down into the depths of despair if they were too low on the hemospectrum, or even worse...not even on it. So the story goes. 

But we do not start our Act in this exact place, no, it's a little too soon to be starting in this scene. No, we begin on a little place, a not so little planet, known as Earth C. The Game isn't quite done with you yet little players...



What a foolish, foolish notion. Just like with another certain omnipotent fellow, you cannot be the game. You're just a smidge too weak for that, just a little to close to the sidelines to be able to do that. So instead, you observe THE GAME as best as you can. 


It doesn't work very well. You hear the sharp sound of static, rgb game sounds from the classics, but through the staccato breaks in white noise, you hear whispers. Like the horrorterrors, but more…layered, with an electronic buzz to it's tone. 

“-new universe-

“ke-e-ep b-...usy”


“-send off. Send them off.”

One of the voices breaks through, less buzzing then the others, more thrumming. It jitters through your body-or at least what you think is your body, you're not entirely sure-and shudders through your bones. This one was clearly the more powerful, perhaps the Server Leader. Or something of the sort. 

“...wh--o__se.nd F I rst???? 3”

“..tHe.. _--_- G r e y, Red--”

“-yes_the_descendant_he_will_do. “

“c-a-n we..$en d t==he mot+her WI th? “

“...yes,just in c a SE. But only af ter a Bit” 


The buzzes cut off all at once, and disconcerting silence reigns, before a ringing, wavering tone cut through the space. You almost want to cover your ears, but no, you have to have strength and all. You felt quite bad for the players. The Descendant would go first, and you were certain that meant Karkat. Grey and red, yes, it could only mean him. Then again, they also said they would send him first, so the others would follow. Probably Kanaya first, since they referenced The Mother, and what was Kanaya, if not the mother figure of the group? They were needed in that universe, you knew that for a fact. Otherwise, things would fall. And that wouldn't be good at all. 

In a flash of rainbow, near blinding, flashing light, everything burst out of existence, before returning. The scene switches-



Karkat ===> Wake Up


Sharp yellow eyes shot open with a quiet, choked inhale. No, not a gasp, he wasn't one of those fucking movie people, so full of cliches they were practically pouring out their waste chute. So no, he did not gasp as he woke up, he merely…took a sharp inhale. His chest heaved, and unnoticed, the ringing tone faded from his ears, and flickering rainbow lights fizzled out around his much smaller than usual form. What the fuck kind of dream was that? All buzzing voices and terrible, terrible ringing noises. Karkat shook it off, and carefully stood up finally noticing what the fuck was going on around him. He stopped dead once his mind registered and caught up with his eyes. Wind shook the trees around him, the dark sky only visible in slivers through the treetops. The lighting was odd. 

Why the living fuck was he in a forest?? Immediately, Karkat blamed it on Egbert. The human was a menace, pranking everyone and anyone. No one was given mercy, not even dearest, dark Rose, or tired, somewhat sad Gamzee. 

After the game ended, everyone revived, fully realized in their Godtier form and with the powers that came with it. They theorized it was The Games' way of rewarding them further. They had won, so they deserved many, many rewards. Everyone was happy on Earth C, and the humans had gotten jobs, while the trolls managed to make themselves a home in the deepest reaches of Earth's C’s uncharted forests. The humans money supported them all, not to mention with their powers, particularly Roxys, they wanted for naught. They were happy enough, and peaceful. Until now, apparently.

Karkat begrudgingly respected John for that, but he really did not at the moment. He had barely gotten any sleep, and now he was in a forest. 


Karkat called out, and when he yelled like this, his voice reflected his typing style enough that anyone could recognize him. Karkat waited a few moments, and when no response came, he let out a snarl, and an irritated clicking noise came from his throat, before Karkat finally began to stalk off, weaving his way through the trees. His Godtier outfit kept him warm in the cold night, and it cleaned its own brown and black fabric automatically of any dirt or debris. There was something vaguely…familiar about the area. Not the forest, no, but in general. There was a smell to the wind that made something in his chest ache, a yearning for it, and Karkat frowned and rubbed at his chest. This was getting kind of…fucking scary now. Was it just him, or did the trees loom over him more then they reasonably should. Karkat sped up. 

“John! This isn't funny anymore you fucking windsock! “

Karkat said harshly, scanning the treetops above for any sign that a huge gust of wind would come spinning through, bring John and the sound of his damned ringing laughter with him. Maybe even Dave, flash stepping to come and save him from the madness of his not-moirail. Dave insisted they're not, but honestly, the four original humans are so close, they were all probably moirails to each other. Quadrants had gotten so smeared, that Karkat didn't even know where to begin sometimes without pulling out his hair and screaming. So Karkat waited. 


Karkat's eyes darted around, hands at the ready to grab his Sickles from his sylladex at a moments notice as he walked quicker and quicker, until he was striding through the forest with intent, faster, faster, the trees were closing in, darker and darker and-

Karkat burst through the trees, breathing heavily, a panicked trill stuck in his chest. He fell down,the source of his breathlessness more panic then any real exertion. Those years in the game beefed everyone up, even Feferi and Roxy had some good muscles on them. His knees hit the grass with a soft puff, and it was then that Karkat finally noticed two, somewhat important things. Ok, not somewhat, two very, very important facts. 

One. His legs looked…smaller. Shorter then they were before, his hands less rough and wide, more childish and round. Just in the cusp of another molt maybe. He hasn't looked like this since he was nearly six sweeps old, near the beginning of The Ga-. Karkat shook his head, looking down and- his entire body screamed young wriggler. Karkat nearly let out a screech, but calmed himself with shaky, painfully high pitched breaths. He had forgotten what his own voice had sounded like when he was this age. The second important thing caught his notice moments later. The moonlight that shined down on him wasn't the pale, liquid pearl he was used to. Instead, it was a mix of bright jade green and intense, almost violent violet. Karkat's breath caught in his throat. He knew that light anywhere, the swirling odd color. He looked up and 

There they loomed. The two moons that had watched over him during his first year of life. 

On Alternia. 

He was on Alternia.