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It's A Twin Thing

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It's A Twin Thing


My name is Isabella Marie Dwyer and I was born almost nineteen years ago to Renee Valerie Sylvan and her husband, Phil Dwyer. To really tell my tale we have to go back to before I was born. My mother, Renee, had a best friend growing up. Her best friend was named Marie Marjorie Higginbotham and they did everything together. They lost their virginity to the same boy on the same night, before that, they even got their very first periods on the same day. They were siblings in all but blood.

At least, that was the case until they graduated from high school in San Francisco. It was only then that they separated. Marie went north to a small town called Forks, WA. My own mother went southward to Phoenix, AZ. Unbeknownst to them, they both met a guy on the exact same night. Marie met a young deputy by the name of Charlie Swan, while my mother, of course, met the rapidly up and coming baseball star, Phil Dwyer.

Three months, to the day, after they both met their respective men, they both got pregnant. Exactly two months after that, they both got married.

Seven months later, separated by half the country, they both went into labor at the same moment, and then, thirteen hours later, on September 13th, 1987, they both gave birth. The major difference was that my mother survived the pregnancy. Marie, did not. My mother helped Marie's husband over the months that followed, and in the summer after we'd been born. Beaufort Geoffrey Swan came out and spent a month with me. As he did every summer after that.

If Marie and Renee were sisters in all but blood, then Beau and I were twins. In fact, we shared such a profound relationship that we could actually communicate telepathically. We not only did everything together, we shared everything. So the summer after our twelfth year, we shared our first kiss. The summer after our fourteenth year, we were each others firsts. And then the summer after our fifteenth, we shared one wonderful weekend with a college student a few years older than us by the name of Edythe Antonia Mason.

Unfortunately, my sixteenth birthday was when everything changed. My parents, Renee and Phil, were killed in a car wreck, and with no living relatives to take me in, I was put in foster care. I haven't seen my twin since then.

This is my story.


I closed my eyes, just one more hour and I'd finally be with Beau again. We were both going to Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. It had been more than three years since the last time I had seen my twin. In spite of the physical separation we'd been forced into, we'd kept in contact.

In fact, even now I could feel Beau's excitement in the back of my mind as I neared the destination of Ithaca Airport. He had arrived two hours earlier than me and was now impatiently awaiting my arrival.

Ideally, we would have arrived at the same time, but at an airport with only one terminal... we did what we could. I closed my eyes, murmuring in my head, Soon.

Not soon enough, came back to me. He had his eyes open and was watching the door for arriving passengers as if his will alone would make me get there any faster.

It was a new talent that we had, the ability to see through each others' eyes, only starting after we'd been forced into the long three year separation. Not that it was the first time our telepathy had evolved. As young kids, we'd only been able to share words, phrases, maybe the occasional image, but as we aged we were able to share sensations with each other like touch, smell, and sound. And later we were able to sense each others emotions, at first it was forced and then later it just started being a constant line of communication.

To an outsider, the constant give and take we had would probably look strange, but what could we say? It was a twin thing.

The smell of fresh french fries invaded my mind.

Asshole, I muttered mentally.

I could hear his chuckle in my mind as well as sense his humor.

I mentally flipped him the bird, his humor grew.

I smiled.

Fifty-five long minutes later, Beau torturing me by eating the entire time, I finally landed. Another twenty minutes later and I was finally entering the building. Beau was right there, waiting for me on the other side of the door.

His right hand laced in my hair, his lips met mine. I open my mouth as our lips dueled for the twin dominance that we shared, his tongue met mine. He shoved an image in my head of me pushed up against a wall as he entered me again and again, his teeth grazing my throat dangerously. I reached up, ensnaring his curly brown locks in my fingers.

Our lips separated for a moment as we both caught our breath.

"Later," I murmured aloud.

Yes, later. He echoed in my head. His lips met mine again

Another image popped into my head, me laid out on a bed – more specifically, our bed – my legs spread on his shoulders, crossed at the ankles behind his back, his mouth at my core, his tongue licking me in a positively salacious way.

I let out a soft groan. He pulled back, grinning.

"Let's get home."

Yes, home, our home. It was a small house on the outskirts of Ithaca that I'd bought using money from the exceptionally large trust that was left to me when my parents died. Between my own eight year career as as a ballerina, the money from Phil's baseball career, and both of my parents' life insurance, I was technically an extremely rich eighteen year old – as in an eight figure balance.

Not many people would buy a house, site unseen, but even though I'd never seen it in person, Beau had, which meant I'd seen it to. He'd come up with his dad last winter to check out the school. While he was here, he'd also looked at houses in the area. I'd bought the place immediately.

We got our luggage and headed outside where a limo was waiting in the parking lot with the driver standing at the side of it, a sign in his hand that read: Beau and Bella.

Beau arched an eyebrow at me. "When did you do this."

"This morning before I got on the plane."

He shook his head, grinning like a fool.

"Come on," I said. We walked to the limo.

"You must be Bella and Beau," the driver said, his accent even more heavily Frenchy in person than it had been on the phone that morning.

"Yes, and your Earnest Platter, correct?"

"Oui. Let me get your bags." He opened the trunk and quickly piled them in, before stepping to the passenger door and opening it grandly.

Beau got in first and I followed, Earnest placing his hand out so I could use it for balance, like the drivers in old time movies did. He bent down and kissed the top of my hand as I took his, winking as he stood straight again.

I raised both of my eyebrows at Beau as I got into the limo, sending him a mentally image of him entering my ass as Earnest fucked my pussy. He chuckled as he shook his head, sending an image back of Earnest with the word prude flashing on his forehead.

I giggled, sitting next to Beau and leaning my head on his shoulder, throwing my legs over his. The driver shut our door without a word.

"Do you think we'll find someone? That completes us both?" I murmured into his neck, repeating the words in my head to him.

His hand brushed down my hair. Sending me a memory of him fucking Jacob Black as he fucked his girlfriend, Julie Young. They were something like fourth cousins once removed, and a year younger that Beau and I. They both went to school in La Push, WA, and I'd never met either of them. Yet, I felt like I knew them. After all, I'd given Beau my blessing to have a relationship with them while we were separated by fifteen hundred miles for three solid years.

"I was able to find them and was with them for almost a full two years. I'm sure we'll find someone that wants us both."

Beau and I were two halves of a whole, twins in every way that mattered, and it often felt as if our hearts beat as one. It was why we needed a third. We were definitely a couple, in love in a way that could only be described as unbreakable, but we both needed someone that was opposite to us, someone who would challenge and raise us to new heights. For us, it wasn't like we were soul mates. It was like we shared one soul. And so we wanted to find the mate to ours.

"Do you think your Jacob and Julie would have liked me?" I murmured.

"Jacob would have loved you with your heart-shaped face, chocolate locks and heart-breaker blue eyes. I don't know about Julie though... she probably would have been jealous that he found another girl attractive. Besides..." he trailed off, continuing in my head, four's a crowd.

I smiled, kissing his throat. His breath hitched.

The limo pulled to a stop.

"We're home," I said. I pulled away from Beau just as the passenger door opened.

Earnest put his hand out again and I took it again, stepping out of the limo, Beau following me out. We walked up to the house, and I stepped up to the door where the key lock box was. I put in the four digit code, opening the box that exposed the keys to get in the house.

I could hear Earnest setting our luggage on the porch, and turned, reaching in my back pocket and pulling out my wallet. I pulled out two hundred dollar bills, handing them to him when he was done.

I heard Beau using the keys in the lock box and opening the door behind me.

"Thank you for your excellent service."

Earnest tipped an imaginary hat, winking, then he headed back to his limo, driving away a moment later.

We moved the luggage in the house. My two suitcases that contained all the physical possessions I still owned – everything from my parents house having been sold and the money put into the trust after they died – and the three suitcases that Beau had brought. I'd convinced him to have the rest of the stuff that he owned at his dad's place shipped – including the 1953 pickup that he loved so much.

He'd been reluctant, not wanting me to spend my money on him like that, but I'd convinced him.

We'd barely pulled his last suitcase in and shut and locked the door before his hands were on my shirt, pulling it up over my head. In no time at all, we were both stripped bare to the world and he was shoving me against the nearest wall.

This wasn't a seduction, it was desire, deadly and promising in every sense. His teeth sunk into the sensitive column of my throat as he entered me, sucking a small section of my skin in his mouth and sucking hard, fulfilling one of the two images he'd shown me in my head. His hands locked with mine, pushing them against the wall, keeping me in place and inserting the dominance that he knew I loved.

Too soon, my body shuddered with release under the tumult of emotions and passion brought on by our first union in over three years. He followed soon after, leaving us both weak kneed even as our desire sent us to the bedroom in the house, stepping over to the bed with the sheets and cover, a deep crimson made of satin, that had been placed down by a maid service I'd requested come in and get the house ready for our arrival a mere three days ago.

I pushed him to sit on the bed, encouraging him to rise to the occasion with teasing nails and temptuous visions in his mind. I knelt on my knees between his legs, deep throating him as I looked up at him. His hand latched into my hair. He fucked my mouth, pushing his hips up again and again, reminding me that his high school years had been well spent. It was why he was going to Cornell, of course. He got a full ride scholarship to play Sprint Football on their team.

We were both thankful that he hadn't been gifted with his dad's ability to trip over a flat surface.

He came down my throat before pulling me up and shoving me onto the bed, spreading my legs wide and fulfilling the second vision he'd shoved into my mind earlier.

The day turned to night and we slept, waking each other several times to continue fulfilling our desire throughout the night.

The next morning came far too soon for my liking as I wanted to spend the rest of the day cocooned in the house with Beau and forget the world. Sadly, that wasn't how today was going to work. It was orientation day.

"We could just stay here," I murmured, knowing he wouldn't go for it, but trying it anyways.

"You can. You're paying to go to this school. If you've forgotten, I'm here on a scholarship. I don't get that luxury."

I sighed. "Fine."

I pouted as we started to get dressed.

"You shouldn't put that lip out there like that unless you want me to bite it," he muttered.

I bit it myself instead, glancing up at him from beneath my lashes as I did so.

He laughed.

I opted against wearing a bra, pulling on a deep navy v-neck that left little imagination of my fit figure, pulling on form fitting black jeans as well. The shirt had the added bonus of showing off the hickey I was sporting. I was proud of it.

When I was finished getting dressed, I looked at Beau, who was dressed in a very similar fashion, wearing a navy tee and black jeans. His only difference was a scarf that he'd wrapped around his neck. He and I looked at each other for a moment, staring at our similar choices for a couple seconds too long before we both shrugged.

"It's a –" he started.

"– twin thing," I finished with no noticeable pause between his start and my finish.

We burst into laughter. Finally, after eating a breakfast of scrambled eggs and orange juice, we headed outside to meet the day and go to orientation.

"We could call a cab," Beau said.

"It's only two miles, let's walk." I spun so I was facing him, grabbing his scarf and using it as a leash as I walked backwards on my toes off of the porch.

He chuckled, following me. We were both in high spirits, even though we did have to leave our house.

The two mile walk had several pauses, as Beau found random excuses to pull me against one building or another and kiss me. I understood his passion, his want, well. Even though we'd probably been in love with each other since we were little, our relationship still hadn't been considered appropriate the last time we'd been together. Both of us considered too young to know what we truly wanted.

But we'd both been born middle-aged. We knew exactly who and what we wanted.

Now, it was finally acceptable. There were no parents here to judge us, no censure to be found. On top of that, we were now both legal adults and starting our life together.

It took us a good hour and a half to reach campus, in spite of it being a measly two miles. Mostly because of all the stops we made. As we got to campus, Beau pulled me to another stop.

"Wait, Bella..." He paused, I was surprised by the genuine hesitation that I felt coming off him in my mind. "Before we go any farther, I want to do this now. I need to do it. Isabella Marie Dwyer, we've known each other our whole lives and whether we someday find that extra person we both want in our lives or not, you are the person that I truly need."

I knew what he was doing now, I couldn't catch my breath.

"You're the one that makes the world go round, the one that makes my heart beat faster, the other half of my soul. You are my twin. My heart." He slid gracefully to one knee, pulling a ring out of his pocket as he did so. "Will you marry me, Bella?"

I couldn't remember how to say the affirming word to him even in my mind. I nodded, holding out my hand. He slid the ring onto my finger. It was a small rose gold band with a single solitaire diamond on it. I couldn't take my eyes from it. Beau stood back up, kissing me again, deepening it when I started to kiss him back.

This kiss felt different to me, more all consuming then all our previous ones.

When he pulled back, he looked at the ring on my hand. "I know it's small, but it was the ring Charlie gave my mom. It's... important. But –"

I put my finger over his lips as I thought, I love it. "Now come on, we need to get to orientation."

We walked to where everything was starting to take place and ended up put in different groups for the orientation. He and I went opposite directions as we were given the guided tour of the university.

His mental snarks in my head kept me entertained throughout the morning as the aide leading my tour blathered on about this building and that. At one point, one of the people in my tour group, a short, pixie-like woman with extremely spiky hair and pale skin spoke to me.

"Are you engaged?" She nodded to my hand.

"Yes, just recently." I smiled, grateful that someone was being friendly. "I'm Bella, you?" I put my hand out for her.

"I'm Alice." She took my hand – her skin was exceedingly cold – her eyes glazing over as she did so. She released me a moment later. "Sorry, I know it's cold, bad circulation. I think we're going to be great friends, Bella," she said as she blinked. "What's the lucky man's name?"

"Beau. It's exceedingly fitting because he is my beau."

"You sound smitten."

The word threw me, it just wasn't a word you heard in common conversation.

"In love, I mean." She laughed lightly. "I was raised by my grandparents as a young kid. I think they're language is still with me after all these years."

I smiled again, her laugh was bubbly, making me happy too. "That's because I am. He's my whole world."

"That's great. You're lucky. So few of us at this age find the love of our life." In spite of her words being genial, there seemed to be the slightest false note to them.

I assumed I was imagining things. "Have you met yours already?"

"I have, his name is Jasper. He's the most handsome man on earth, I swear. He's around here somewhere with one of the other groups. I'm not sure which. Technically, he should be a sophomore already, but he took last year off, deciding to wait on me to graduate from high school so we could go through college together. Maybe he's with your Beau's group, who knows."

"Maybe he is," I murmured, deciding to look through Beau's eyes and see what he was seeing.

"Is there any reason you keep sidling closer to me?" Beau asked, looking at a man a couple inches taller than himself. The man was soft on the eyes with brilliant gold colored eyes and honey blonde hair.

"I apologize, I'm being rude. It's just you seem so happy, I'd rather be near that environment than the the tension and anxiety that everyone else is practically vibrating with." His voice was a soft and muted velvet.

"Huh..." I could tell Beau wasn't quite sure what to make of the words, his own emotions slightly confused. He shrugged. "It's no big deal. My name's Beau, what's yours."

"I'm Jasper."

"Yes, he definitely is handsome," I murmured under my breath.

"What was that?" Alice asked, looking at me curiously.

"Oh nothing." I laughed it off. "Never mind me, I sometimes talk to myself."

We continued on our way through the tour.

Finally, what felt like a lifetime later, it was time for us to go to the cafeteria. I was grateful to see through Beau's eyes that he was heading to the cafeteria as well.

The aide handed little red cards to each of us, explaining it was to get food for today, but that normally we'd use our student ID, which we'd get this afternoon after we registered for our classes.

I went through the cafeteria stopping at a station that was serving up Chinese food, getting a thing of Mongolian Beef and fried rice before continuing on and fixing a salad. Finally getting a Dr Pepper from the drink station and heading over to the cashier who took the red slip and waved me on.

Alice and Jasper were sitting at a round table near a corner with another man who had a head of the most gorgeous copper locks that I'd ever seen. His had a hard jaw and full lips, and I couldn't be sure, but I thought his eyes looked pitch black. In a word, he was wow.

Alice spotted me then and waved her hand like mad, clearly wanting me to come sit with her. I nodded my head to show that I saw her, but didn't walk over there just yet. I was waiting on Beau.

As I was waiting, the man said something to Alice, but I wasn't sure what because his lips moved too fast for me to read them. It looked like the last word he said was 'human' though.

Beau stepped up to me, his tray had a thing of lasagna, some garlic toast and a salad of his own, along with a Mountain Dew and two slices of Boston Creme Pie on individual plates. He promptly deposited one of the two slices on my tray.

"Your welcome."

I smiled widely. "I met a friend, her name's Alice. She's over there." I pointed out the table where she sat. "She'd like for us to come sit with her and her man Jasper, who I noticed you met earlier."

At the table, all three of them looked at each other with strange glances for a moment. I couldn't help but wonder what it was about.

Beau smiled. "Sounds like a plan to me."

We headed in that direction and as we did the unknown third at the table stared at us with unfathomable eyes.

He's hot, Beau thought in my head.

Yes, he is.

An image of me being screwed by this mysterious man and Beau at the same time filled my head, shoved there by Beau. Do you think he'd be amiable?

I shrugged slightly, thinking back, I don't know. Then I shoved an image back of being fucked by this mysterious stranger as Beau fucked him.

Beside me, Beau grinned.

We reached the table at last, sitting down. "My name's Bella, and this is Beau, may I ask your name?" I asked the stranger.

He took a breath and in that instant, everything changed. There was no terminology for what was in his eyes except unadulterated hatred. Not even a second passed before I heard a loud noise under the table. I wasn't sure, the tone was off for it to be a shoe hitting skin, and yet I was still relatively sure Alice had just kicked him in the knee.

He looked away. "Excuse me, I suddenly don't feel so well." His voice was even richer than Jasper's had been, and in spite of the genuine hatred I'd seen, the sound of his voice went straight to my loins. He got up, walking quickly away.

Jasper stood as well. "I'm going to make sure he gets safely to where he's going, then I'll be right back," he said softly, kissing the top of Alice's head and then following the stranger.

Alice grimaced in front of us. "I am so sorry about that. The one that just took off so rudely is my brother, Edward."

They looked nothing alike though, in spite of the matching pale skin. My surprise must have shown on my face.

"Not by blood of course, but we were both adopted by the same great couple, Carlisle and Esme. Carlisle's a doctor at the hospital, but he also teaches part time here. He's an amazing man to have for a father, you'd both like him. I'm sure. Esme works in architecture, refurbishing old homes. Her work is lovely. I'll have to show you sometime. Actually Jasper is a care of theirs as well. Along with two others who are sophomores here this year. Emmett and Rosalie. I'm sure you'll get to meet them once school officially starts." It didn't appear that she'd taken a breath the entire time she spoke.

I nodded, wide eyed.

In my head, I heard Beau think, Should we be afraid? I feel like we should be terrified. This lady is too... cheerful.

I suppressed the urge to grin.

As lunch passed and she prattle on about fashion and shoes and insisted that we should all go shopping together sometime, I thought back, Yes, terrified.

Beau didn't resist the grin that spread across his face.

It wasn't till lunch was over and everyone was heading to the field to go to one of several tables set up to register for classes that I realized Jasper had never returned to the cafeteria. In the din of stepping into one of lines, I lost track of Alice, but as I neared the table I spotted her in a different one with Jasper right in front of her.

Now remember, no Nuclear Engineering or anything like that. That type of class will be too demanding with you having to do football, I thought to Beau.

I could feel Beau's grin in my mind. Damn, and I totally wanted to sign up for that.


I signed up for my classes, selecting the ones that would help me to major in literature as well as selecting the cores I was required. Beau stepped up after I was done, his hand quite deliberately hovering over an engineering class for a minute while I glowered at him from off to the side before he moved away from it, selecting a criminology and a psychology course along with the cores.

After that we headed to get our IDs, which required us to stand in front of an ugly green screen while they shot our pictures, and then wait while the cards were printed, then ran through a machine so money could be loaded on for food from the cafeteria, text books from the university store, coffees from the on campus spot, etc.

I put a significant amount of money on mine, trying to plan ahead so I wouldn't have to get it reloaded for the rest of the semester, at least, though they assured us all that we could always put more on by going to the administration building. Beau, being on a full ride scholarship, had an allotted amount already on the card. In theory. It was enough to get his text book needs and lunches for the year, but it didn't give any for extras, like coffee shop visits, or just buying normal items from the store. In spite of his protests, I stepped forward before he got out of line and had them load an extra grand on his card so he'd have money for that kind of stuff.

Finally, it was time to leave for the day.

I admit, we called a cab.

That night, after Beau fucked me senseless and we both fell asleep, we dreamed.

I couldn't tell which of us actually was causing the dream, if it was him or me, but I knew it was a dream that we were both seeing.

The man, Edward, his eyes gold like Jasper's instead of the black they'd been today, had me pinned to the bed, his one hand interlaced with mine, his other pressing down in the center of my back, forcing the upper half of my body to bend almost unnaturally as he entered me with my ass high in the air.

Above both of us was Beau, kissing his way down Edward's back, before his tongue ran over his puckering hole. Above me, Edward quivered even as his hips snapped forwards and backwards in a way that left me screaming his name in pleasure.

Suddenly I shot awake at the same time as Beau, gasping hard, sweat drenching both of our skins in a way that left little doubt of the effect the dream had on both of us.


We both wanted Edward in our bed with us.