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Mutation Rehabilitation

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“The Board is not going to like this,” was the first thing that came out of Rhodey's mouth. As the Head of the Academy's HR, and the official liaison between the public and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s division of mutant affairs, he knew how others would react to this case.

Headmistress Romanov only gave him that infamous cool glare of hers before turning her attention onto Steve. “Her record was clean as a whistle. Not even a parking ticket. The doctors on The Raft said she was perfectly harmless and scared shit-less.”

“Most mutants on The Raft are, Nat,” Professor Barton said, “unless they're sociopaths. Booking and waiting for a trial is Hell.”

“She's being tried for a felony, Nat,” Headmaster Rogers replied calmly. “We can't ignore that.”

“So was Kate. Several others have as well, and they got lowered to misdemeanors or violations. A good lawyer and a plea bargain can work miracles. She has a good case – one of the best I've seen in a long time. Rhodey, please tell me she has someone on Walters' team as her lawyer.”

“Legal aid.”

A loud groan, coming from almost everyone in the room (except Rhodey), wasn't unexpected.

“That poor kid's toast,” Dr. Banner murmured from his spot: in the softest chair in the lounge.

“She better make herself comfy on The Raft,” Professor Barnes muttered to himself, before he noticed the somber expression on both the Headmaster's and the Headmistress' faces. “What are you two thinking?”

“... We'll see how this trial goes,” the Headmaster murmured, speaking more to his equal than anyone else in the room, “If nothing ridiculous happens, and she winds up with a felony, I'll go with you to speak with the board, Rhodey.”

“Refine ridiculous.” Rhodey asked.

“A murder spree,” Natasha said, her smile shark-like. “Or anything that I used to do.”