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Subject: Re: Hero Con!


Oh, that’s wonderful! I know how much you always wanted to go when you were younger - of course you can go! Here, I think I attached the right documentation? I’m not very good with this kind of thing. Have a good time, Izuku! Oh, and don’t forget to make sure you get your homework done!





Attached files: permissionslip.pdf (340 KB), parentalrelease.pdf (80 KB)




Subject: Hero Con!




Guess what! We’re not having school next week Friday because that’s Hero Con!

Here’s the permission slips. Can I go?






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Hey everybody! I’ll be at Hero Con this year! I’m really looking forward to my first Hero Con. I hope I’ll meet some of you there! Plus Ultra!

Is this for Real‽ This Hero Con is going to be the best! I mean, it was already going to be the best because Class 2-A is going, but now one of my favorite creators is going! Best news ever!

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A Defense of All Might’s Recent Actions

Ok, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about why I think it was ok that the general public didn’t know about tiny!Might. So it’s probably time to address that. I don’t know why I have to address this, since @TheHeroOtaku already did, but I will since I keep getting asked about it.

 -—[

It’s not that I think what he did was necessarily right. But go back to before he was injured — he used that form as a means of being normal, something perfectly normal in heroes. Many have very public personas, but many do not, and both is fine. Heroes are not celebrities in the same way movie stars and such are. If they desire privacy, that is their right.

Now, yes, concealing an injury and continuing to fight was dangerous. But what people seem to keep forgetting is why he did it. All Might made it very clear that the reason he kept fighting wasn’t because he wanted to be the hero out of some selfish need, but because he knew his role in society as the Symbol of Peace. All of you benefited from how he protected us, emotionally and mentally, from his crisis. And he’s not the first hero to do this. I mean, granted, those heroes weren’t quite as famous and popular as All Might, but the same idea stands.

The other thing is All Might wasn’t ignoring his injury. He knew he had to be careful. Recovery Girl has gone on record to say that she and a board of other medical professionals were monitoring his health. He was fighting while heavily injured, yes, but she explicitly said that they cleared him for hero work in the short term future. In the short term future. This was never the end goal. All heroes retire. This was a means for him to continue to promote the future of heroics, which he is also doing as a teacher at UA.

We didn’t need to know because this wasn’t a spur of the moment “macho” action. It was a calculated way for him to continue to push heroics forward and to continue to hold society together as the Symbol of Peace. It was deceptive, but it was a deception that kept us safe by making the villains believe he was just as strong as ever. In truth, this is not a national risk that he didn’t make the public aware, its a national risk because the villains know he isn’t now. He was keeping us safe. Ignorance can be a method of protection too.

Us knowing now puts us in danger. That’s a legitimate reason to not tell us. Heroes can’t just disclose everything to the general public — for the same reason Underground Heroes deserve their privacy and we have to let raids be conducted secretly. All Might is still a hero and he’s still my hero. This secret doesn’t change that.

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Drawing Day 128: Tiny!Might

[Image: It’s a drawing of All Might in his skinny form, wearing his Prime Hero costume loosely (with its blue and magenta cape as well as his grey knee armor hanging off him slightly). He’s smiling at the viewer, with his thumbs up in a classic All Might pose.]

Tiny!Might needs more love! He’s still a hero to me, so I drew him as one. I’m going to go see his panel at Hero Con this year!

#yes!, #tiny!Might, #All Might, #hero-con, #I’m going, #I! Can’t! Wait!



Ochaco watched Deku pace around his room. His hair was puffed up more than usual, in that way that always indicated he was stressed but his eyes gleamed with slightly manic excitement. He was muttering to himself. Ochaco picked up a few phrases, such as “cosplay”, something-“Otaku” and “All Might” but she missed the sentences he was saying. When he created a mumble storm, one of his defining traits, that was to be expected though.

“Deku!” She finally cut in, bouncing up from her seat on his bed. Iida had been with them earlier, but he had run off for a bit, so that had left them totally platonically hanging out. Totally. But she ignored that because someone had to stop the mumble storm or it would continue all night. And cute as that sounded, she was curious as to what he was planning.

After a few seconds, he responded. “Yeah?” And she has to take a few minutes to compose a response because that expression made her brain short circuit.

“What are you planning?” She asked. Probably could have less blunt, but curiosity won out.

“Something for Hero Con! It’s my first time going, so I want to make it extra special! There’s a hero I want to cosplay as, but…” he trailed off awkwardly. He looked kind of worried.

Ochaco grinned. While she wasn’t a hero otaku like Deku, she knew her fair bit about the legendary Hero Con and knew it promised to be quite the show. “But what? Let’s do it! Plus Utra style!”

Deku nodded, worry vanishing slowly. “Sure. Plus Ultra Style! Just, let me call someone first. I think I should ask for permission.” He grabbed his phone and dialed someone. Ochaco pulled out her phone to look up Hero Con for the umpteenth time. She wanted to try and give Deku some bit of privacy. Plus, she still didn’t believe she was going to Hero Con, even if she was footing the bill herself thanks to her latest work study program. Besides, one day of fun with everyone would always be worth the discounted ticket price. She couldn't not go.

She picked up bits of the conversation, something about “night” and “All Might”. She tried to ignore it, since privacy and all. Still, she could tell he probably called All Might. She couldn't guess the reason. Maybe he wants to cosplay as All Might? It would make sense. He will always be the biggest fan of All Might, retirement or not. Sure enough, a few minutes later, she heard All Might’s trademark laugh, which confirmed her suspicions. And then, before she knew it, Deku finished his conversation.

“So?” She asked. His expression made it look like whatever he had heard was good news, but she wasn’t entirely sure.

Deku grinned. “I know exactly who I’m going to cosplay as! It will even be pretty easy! Which is good because Hero Con is only two days away!” Pretty easy? So it was probably not All Might then. Right? Oh well, she’d probably find out soon enough. Especially if she helped him. Speaking of which…

“Alright! Can I help?” Ochaco asked. She may or may not have finished her homework early specifically to help Deku. But really, who could say no to him?

Deku nodded rapidly. “Sure! Er, i-if you want to that is, I know you get busy and I don’t want to be a bother and…” And suddenly he’s descending into mumbling again.

“I’d love to!” Ochaco smiled. This was going to be so much fun! She could totally spend hours alone. With Deku. Her platonic friend Deku. Right?



Open Mic EP#654 Transcript Excerpt

[PM]: Now, I know you guys are all clamoring for details on the upcoming Hero Con. Well, fear not, for I will definitely be there! Yeaah! I’m going to be holding a wicked awesome live show, so if you’re going, I hope to see you there! And, beside that, I’m going to have a booth to sell merchandise, so make sure you stop by for this year’s limited edition HERO CON SHIRTS! Plus, drumroll please-

 [Audio effect of a pre-recorded classic drum roll.]

 [PM]: My lovely, brilliant students are going to be there! So please, come out and support the fledgling heroes! I know from personal experience that they need all the support they can get and that any and all support is going to make them go OVER THE MOON! So, if you’re coming out to Hero Con, please support all of the UA students! Supporting the next generation of heroes is not only GREAT FOR THEM, but also GREAT for the FUTURE!

 [Audio effect of a chime, acting as a transition.]

 [PM]: All right! That’s it for this week of OPEN MIC! Today we gave a quick update on how the PROVISIONAL LICENSE CLASS, including my BRILLIANT STUDENTS, is progressing and covered what makes an EFFECTIVE HEROIC DEBUT. Finally, we talked about the RISING STANDARDS FOR HEROICS and, of course, HERO CON AND MY AMAZING STUDENTS! That’s it for this week, STAY PRESENT EVERYONE! GOODNIGHT!



UA’s Class 2-A: The Rising Stars

Shimizu Tomomi, Heroics Reporter for Musutafa Gazette

[Image: A group picture of Class 2-A, standing in front of their dorm, in more or less three rows. They are all dressed in varying levels of casual attire. Most of them are smiling at the camera.

 In front of the first row, Aoyama lays sideways with his ever present sparkly sunglasses. On the far left, Ashido stands in the first row, just in front of Kirishima, Kaminari and Bakugo, all of whom straddle the nebulous line between the second and third row on that side of the picture. Bakugo appears to be trying to get out of Kirishima’s hold of his shoulders, though careful observation shows he’s not trying that hard.

 The middle is occupied by Midoriya and Uraraka in the first row, with Iida carrying Sero via piggy-back in the third row. Todoroki awkwardly hovers next to Iida, straddling the line between the second and third rows towards the right side. Momo stands in front of him in the first row, with Asui crouching next to her like a frog. Behind them stands Sato and Shoji in the second row, the latter of which is holding up Jiro on his left arms and Haguakure on his right arms.

 Ojiro stands in front of Shoji’s massive frame in the first row. Tokoyami stands in the second row just behind and to the right of Ojirio, while Koda has slipped back behind him in roughly the third row. Shinso is just in frame, furthest on the right, though he does not stand too far away from the rest of the class. All together, the picture seems to have to caught the class in a moment of planned spontaneity and there’s evidence that, given more time, they would be in a completely different configuration.]

UA High School is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, famous Heroics Preparatory School. It’s known for its famous alumni, including the ever famous All Might, as well as notables Gang Orca, Endeavor, Ectoplasm and even up and coming heroes like Kamui Woods. With such famous alumnus, not including the multitude of heroes that simply couldn’t be recounted without turning this whole article into a list of heroes, the fame of UA is neither surprising nor unwarranted. Other schools may often make the valid argument that UA gets all the attention, but UA has won that attention rightfully.

Still, most heroic classes, UA’s included, usually pass under the radar until the end of their second year or, more likely, their third year. That’s because third year is the usual time for students to gain prestigious work study opportunities and get the coveted provisional license. But UA’s Class 2-A (formerly Class 1-A) is breaking all the molds. Of course, no one can forget the attack on UA’s Unforeseen Simulation Joint (USF) Facility which was the first known sighting of the League of Villains, though we only learned the details a few months ago. Still, with the knowledge that these kids had fought in a real villain attack, we knew their first Sport’s Festival was going to be explosive.

No one could have predicted how explosive, though. From the first race where the winner won without the use of any quirk, a new record at a UA Festival, to the calvary battle being fought right up to the last second, it was clear this group of students was different. That was cemented by the one-on-one battles, each of which were explosive and powerful. It was such a close race that there were many claiming that if things had gone slightly differently that day, an entirely different set of kids could have been on that podium.

Then the Summer Camp happened. No one could have expected the kidnapping of a UA student by the League of Villains, nor the explosive showdown at Kamino Ward that led to All Might’s retirement. Still, we recently got word that things did not calm down for Class 2-A after that, as they enrolled in the Provisional License Exam. And that was only their first year! From there, it seems things keep happening for Class 2-A. With all the attention that’s been put on them, we thought it only fair that we refresh your memory on some of heroics brightest rising stars.

First up is the one who’s had his Hero name recently revealed: Ground Zero (aka Katsuki Bakugo)! He’s the one who came first in the Sport’s Festival though he is also rumored to be the one who got captured by the League of Villains. Known for his explosive temper, he is pictured in the far left, being held by one of classmates.

Next is the new number one’s son, Shoto Todoroki, or Frostfire! He’s the one who made an icy entrance to the Sport’s Festival during the race as well as the giant ice structure that had him demolishing his competition! He’s in the center of the picture, and easy to notice with his distinctive red and white hair.

Deku (aka Izuku Midoriya) is up next — he’s the one in the center with green hair next to the girl with brown hair (and we’ll get to her in a second). This boy has already done some crazy stuff. He’s most famous for winning the opening race at the Sport’s Festival without using his quirk and for his fight with Frostfire in which he broke his own fingers to win. Many people speculate that he could have won that matchup, but that something prevented him. Whatever the case, this boy is incredibly powerful.

Igenium (aka Tenya Iida) also deserves a mention for carrying on a legacy name and for being Class President. He is the one behind Deku. Other notable mentions include Red Riot (aka Eijiro Kirishima), the boy holding Ground Zero in the picture, Tail-man (aka Mashirao Ojiro), the one with a tail and the often overlooked Cellophane (aka Hanta Sero), the one on Ingenium’s shoulders.

And of course, where would Class 2-A be without its wonderful ladies? Most impressive is Uravity (aka Ochaco Uraraka), who faced off against Ground Zero in the Sport Festival One-on-One battles and displayed an impressive use of environment, even though she lost. We don’t know a lot about her yet, but she will definitely be one to watch!

Then there is Creati, otherwise known as Momo Yaoyorozu. Not only is this girl Class Vice President, but she is also played a role in helping the pro-heroes locate the villains during the Kamino Ward Incident. She was eliminated fairly early during the One-on-One battles, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see more of her soon!

The rest of the girls of Class 2-A have not made quite as large of an impact, but time will only tell. From the number of hard-hitting, nearly-pros already in this group that we know of, they are more than likely just as strong as their relatively more famous peers. Class 2-A of UA has clearly show itself to be a leap ahead of any of its rivals, currently or when compared to previous years. Keep an eye out for these kids, especially at Hero Con, because they are going places!



Snipe was pretty proud of his ability to control a class’ attention. He had rightly earned a reputation as the teacher everyone wanted to impress. Of course, he couldn’t claim all the credit for their attention. Part of it boiled down to subject matter — he taught Heroic Techniques, a second year class focused on refining special techniques and expanding heroic powers. To say that no one wanted to miss his instruction would be an understatement.

But he still had to admit he’d probably met his match in Class 2-A. Those kids took Plus Ultra to a whole new level. There were the obvious outspoken ones, like Bakugo and Ashido, but also some more unexpected ones, such as Uraraka and Kirishima. But all of them were all very passionate about heroics, and it showed in the way they reacted to his teaching.

Oh there were quiet ones as well, no class was complete without any, but Koda and Shinsou were the exception rather than the rule. The much welcomed exception.

Still, Snipe was pretty good at wrangling students at this point. He still usually managed to keep what was soon becoming UA’s most famous class in line. Which was good, because Heroics Techniques was no joke — it was a strenuous class even when it hadn’t been compressed into one semester. He had protested the motion to compress his class, but couldn’t deny its potential necessity. These poor kids could be thrust right into danger at any moment. They attracted danger like no class before them had. Who knew if they would made it to graduation?

At the very least, it was looking more and more likely their third year would include a significant amount of hands on experience. With that in mind, Principle Nedzu had decided their education would have to be compressed.

They handled it well, all things considered. The stress had pushed them closer together though Snipe knew that was also due to shared trauma. Somehow they managed to be cheerful and bright in spite of everything that had happened to them. And loud. They really were a rowdy class.

Hero Con had managed to make said rowdiness worse. Oh, they were still a great example of resilience in the face of adversity, and he knew they deserved the break. But really, this was ridiculous. The sheer amount of times they were interrupting his teaching was getting absurd.

“Katsuki Bakugo, sit back down and stop threatening your fellow classmates! Uraraka Ochaco, stop poking to Midoriya! Kaminari Denki, you’d better not be using your quirk to shock Ashido! Hagakure Toru, being invisible does not mean I cannot hear you whispering!” Snipe grunted. It was near the end of period, and with only one day until Hero Con, Class 2-A was even more fired up than usual. He sighed, before turning back to his lecture.

“Now, as I was saying, a mobile rescue action should be fairly familiar—” Snipe stopped, internally groaning when he saw Kirishima hand quietly held up. “Yes, Kirishima?”

“Snipe-sensei, can I get a drink?” Kirishima asked.

He wanted to groan really badly right now, but that would be unprofessional. “Yes, Kirishima. Go. Now, as I was saying…” It was going to be a long semester. He could only hope Hero Con would cool their excitement a bit.

Yeah. Because that was likely. 



All Might to Speak at Hero Con

Kinnosuke Kamoto, Reporter for Hero Gawker

 [Image: Half of the image is All Might in his buffed out form in his Golden Age Costume. It’s a picture from the day he debuted the changed costume and his eyes are still visible in the photo. The other half is a more blurry photo of All Might’s true form after the Kamino Incident. He looks worn, but still victorious.]

Who wasn’t surprised by the revelations caused by Kamino Incident this last summer? It was a shock that radiated out into the last year of heroics — from his subsequent retirement to Endeavor’s placement as the number one hero. Everybody knows about it now.

But we have exclusive insider information that confirms what fans of All Might have wanted for a long time now. All Might will be speaking at Hero Con this year! The notoriously camera shy hero will be appearing to answer fan’s questions for the first time ever. This is big news because All Might has avoided questions from anyone since the beginning of his career. Questions like his name and his quirk have always been avoided. Now, for the first time, he’s opening up to the public.

Now, due to Hero Con’s policy, reporters aren’t allowed to attend the Con in a professional capacity. Nonetheless, expect a lot of eyes to be put on that stage because this is not a common occurrence by any means. We can only hope this new transparency extends to interviews as well. It would be no exaggeration to say that the entire world wants to know more about All Might.

Regardless, this reporter feels optimistic about a new level of transparency from All Might. Answers are coming, one way or another.



[Image: It is an ensemble picture of a bunch of heroes. All Might stands proud at the front, with Best Jeanist and Hawks behind him, to the right and left respectively. Behind them stands an array of other pro heroes, Mount Lady, Kamui Woods and Gang Orca to name a few. The silhouette of a generic city and a crowd is behind them.]

Come to Hero Con!

Three Days celebrating All the Heroes, New and Old! Come to the biggest celebration of Heroes ever!

Special Speakers include former No. 1 ALL MIGHT, Current No. 2 HAWKS, and much much more!

Register online for the convention at

Chapter Text

If he was honest, Eijiro didn’t really know if Katsuki would want to go to Hero Con. Bakugo, despite nominally being his friend, was kind of hard to read. Kamino Ward had established that Katsuki trusted him, but he was still impossible to predict. Sometimes it seemed like he was more of a force of nature than a person because his mood would change so often and he could lash out without any warning.

Eijirio still considered him his friend, obviously. He just, couldn’t predict him. Case in point.

“Of course I’m going, dumbass.” Katsuki said. It sounded like a typical statement from him, but Eijiro noticed Katsuki wouldn’t meet his eye. He was doing that much more now, and it really concerned Eijirio.

Not that he would raise that concern with Katsuki. He knew enough to know that wouldn’t end well. So, instead he grinned. “Cool, man! Why do you join Denki and I? We were going to travel the floor together!”

Katsuki nodded, distractedly. “Sure. Whatever.”

Eijirio didn’t really know if that was an affirmation or not, but Denki, who had snuck up behind them (poorly, Eijirio had noticed Katsuki’s hand twitching and that had given Denki away) took it as one. “Awesome!” He shouted, jumping up and down. “It will be so cool to have you with us, Bakugou!”

Katsuki started to stalk away from both Eijirio and Denki. Eijirio thought he might have nodded, but it was impossible to tell with the angle. Denki looked over at Eijirio and Eijiro saw a rare serious expression on his face. Denki, Eijirio had come to learn, could come off as an idiot, especially because he like pranks and girls perhaps a bit too much to be really manly. But that didn’t make him dumb.

“You see it too, don’t you?” Eijirio said, slowly, a little ashamed to be talking about Katsuki behind his back. That wasn’t particularly manly of him. But it was getting worse every time he saw it and he couldn’t have ignored it any longer. “He’s withdrawing into himself.”

Denki nodded, slowly. “Man, that is so not cool. He’s been like this ever since he got in trouble for fighting with Izuku. You’d think he’d be over it by now!”

“No, I think it started earlier than that. The Provisional License Exam. He didn’t pass the first time, remember?” Eijirio said, frowning. The look on Katsuki’s face then, it was something between anger and sadness. He didn’t know how to describe it. It just seemed bad.

Denki sighed. “I just thought he’d be over it by now! I mean, this is Bakugo we’re talking about!”

And Eijirio was going to respond, but Mina bounced up to them before he got the chance. “Hey slowpokes! Come on! We’re going to be late for training! Last one to Gym Beta has to buy groceries for next week!”

And well, after that, Eijirio didn’t exactly have time to worry about Katsuki. Not with is free time on the line. He would just have to be there for him and hope things worked out in time.

Somehow, that was a cold comfort.




-Friday 1:39 AM-


[Uka] changed their name to [ZeroG]

[froppy]: Why are you up so late, Uraraka?

[ZeroG]: oh sorry, didn’t mean to wake you, tsuyu, i’m just so excited i can’t sleep

[ShineAlways!]: ✨Someone you’re thinking about, perhaps?✨

[ZeroG]: what? no, i was thinking about the con

[ShineAlways!]: ✨Are you going with Izuku?✨

[ZeroG]: not really? we might spend some time together, but he’s going to help all might on sunday, so it’s not like we’ll be together the whole time

[froppy]: Do you like Izuku, Uraraka?

[ZeroG]: what?? he’s just my friend, i don’t think of him that way, why do you think that?

[froppy]: You seem to be trying awfully hard to justify your relationship as a friendship.

[froppy]: And you’re the only one he had help him make his costume.



[ZeroG]: oh, sorry bakugo

[ZeroG]: anyways, deku’s just a friend




Tsuyu had thought she was used to crowded. Her family wasn’t by any means poor, but they weren’t rich either. And with three kids, it was bound to be a little crowded some of the time. But this was nothing like that. The minute she had entered the convention hall, her senses had been overwhelmed. There were people everywhere, so much so that it seemed less like a mass of individual people and more of a surging ocean.

It was overwhelming. All these people had gathered because they loved heroes and wanted to celebrate that love in the only way they knew how. By meeting similar fans and sharing their excitement. With a bazar of good filled with all kinds of heroics merchandise passing hands. But the biggest thing was panels, by far. Here was a chance to see the top heroes up close and to ask questions. To analyze heroics quirks (which Deku would definitely be doing at some point, Tsuyu suspected). To be fans with other over a common passion that was often derided by outside groups as childish.

And though she was not the most enthusiastic of heroics fans, it was nice to be around people with such passion about her chosen career path. Tsuyu had wanted to be a hero for quite a while, but the reasoning had changed a bit.

Older eyes had perceived what younger eyes could not. Her parents often came back late and were weary. Three children was a burden for a solidly middle class family. They never went hungry, but it was sometimes a bit touchy. To say she wasn’t motivated at all by the money would be a lie. But she had never lost the reason she first picked heroics — to help people in need.

And she couldn’t forget. Once, she had been laughed at when she had said she wanted to be a hero. It wasn’t that she wasn’t strong enough or that her quirk wasn’t flashy enough. It was that wanting to be a hero was considered a childish dream. Everyone wants to be a hero when they were younger, but most people give that up once they began to think they weren’t suited for it. And then they told her she was naive for wanting to become a hero. For idolizing heroes. So to be among those who unabashedly loved heroes was a stark contrast in the best possible way. It was nice to be amongst people who agreed.

“Hey, Tsuyu, Ochaco. Smile!” Mina exclaimed, drawing Tsuyu back to the present. Her mind only had a few seconds to comprehend the request before the flash of Mina’s camera flashed in her face. She blinked rapidly to clear her view.

Apparently it was not enough time. “Ochaco, Tsuyu! I said smile!” Now primed to react, Tsuyu grinned. Again the camera flashed.

“Sorry, ribbit,” Tsuyu said.

“It’s not your fault!” Mina said, grinning. “I’m just so excited! I want to take pictures of everything! There’s so much exciting here!”

Ochaco groaned. “Maybe don’t take pictures of me right now? I’m a total mess.”

“Oh? Do tell me more, Ochaco!” Mina said. She was definitely looking for some gossip material.

Ochaco shrugged. “What’s there to tell? I was just helping Deku with his cosplay for Sunday.”

“Oh.” Mina said, slowly. “Is that all?”

“Yeah? What else would there be to it?” Ochaco said. She was clearly trying to deflect the topic away.

Mina smirked slightly. “Really? Because a certain text conversation would beg to differ…”

Ochaco sputtered, blushing. “I meant what I said! Deku and I are just friends!” And Tsuyu wanted to laugh because she was pretty sure most friendships didn’t involve so much awkward flirting.

So if all of this was any indication, Tsuyu was pretty sure Hero Con was going to be great.



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[Image: A picture from the first person point of view showing the inside of the convention center’s entrance. Balloon ribbons cover the entrance into the convention center itself. Posters with famous heroes are plastered on every available surface. A huge crowd is gathered, going through the entrance but the photo is at a high enough angle that a brief peak of the floor of the convention is slightly visible.]


I’m finally here! I’m so excited!


#Hero Con, #my first!!, #I’m so excited!, #I can’t wait!



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Iida had known being in a group with Midoriya would mean lots of distractions. It was Hero Con after all, and somehow the epitome of hero fans had never been. It was inevitable that they ran off his meticulously planned schedule. He thought he had allotted for that. He knew his friends, after all. Surely they’d still get to follow his schedule a bit, right? Right?

And yet! Out of the twelve possible activities he had meticulously researched, for the morning of the first day, based on what his friends were most likely to enjoy (with a healthy dose of what he found most interesting), they had managed a grand total of zero. Zero!

It had started out innocently enough. Midoriya had decided the first thing they had to do was to go shopping for hero merch — he had forgotten how long it took to cross an inch of the floor of any convention, let alone the entire floor of the famous Hero Con as Midoriya had tried. Key word being tried because after an hour of seemingly buying everything his eyes laid upon, Midoriya was too laden down with merch to continue as he was, and everyone in the party was tired of inching along. But by that point, the group had managed to wander to the middle of the floor and so it took almost another hour to walk out, dragging Midoriya away from even more purchases the entire way.

The group had already missed four of the activities — a panel of Flame-based Quirks, a panel on newly debuted Heroes, a Heroics Photography workshop and most importantly, the welcome ceremony. But Iida had expect that, so it was fine, right? They could still go enjoy some of the other panels — there was still time.

Or rather, there was more time until Izuku decided he wanted to get some of his merch autographed. Iida had been sure somebody would have wanted to go see some of the panels instead, but when asked Sero had just shrugged and said he was there to hang out, Aoyama had said it would be a good chance to ‘ensure his perfect shine’, whatever that meant and Shinso had just sighed. Iida got the feeling he in particular wouldn’t be there if not for Sero and Izuku who were practically dragging him along.

So they missed a few (or five) more activities. That was fine, he didn’t need to see that panel on Media Coverage of Heroics anyways (in hindsight, that was probably a pretty boring panel). And missing the Cosplay Sewing workshop wasn’t really much of a loss for him. He would’ve liked to see the Panel on Legacy Families, but he’d been to similar panels in the past so it wasn’t much of a loss to him. Though admittedly the Cosplay of the Day contest and the ProHero Brawl tournament weren’t huge losses.

Iida had thought that was the end of it. Now with a decent chunk of Midoriya’s merchandise signed, surely they’d get to go to some of the activities he’d planned, right? Except that was when Aoyama had insisted they get something to eat (which was actually somewhat sound advice, though his phrasing…could’ve used work). And when Izuku agreed, Iida knew what they were doing. And so he sighed as they missed another two panels, one on Heroic debuts and one on Fictional Heroes. And they had managed to miss every single planned activity of his.

But, no matter, right? Surely the afternoon would work out better. Surely?



A summary of Izuku Midoriya’s purchases from First Day of the Con

A cartoon plush All Might in his Bronze Age costume (features detachable cape)

A cartoon plush of Ectoplasm (features soft cloak, signed by Ectoplasm)

A large sized poster of All Might in his golden suit (stored in rolled tube)

A medium sized poster of Snipe (stored in rolled tube, signed by Snipe)

A small sized poster of Hawks (stored in rolled tube, signed by Hawks)

A small sized poster of Ectoplasm (rolled and tied by band, signed by Ectoplasm)

A fan-made poster of Eraserhead (rolled and tied by band)

A set of Wild Wild Pussycats bookmarks and a matching pen set

Nine keychains with various pro hero related designs (one Midnight, two Thirteens, four All Mights in different costumes, one Best Jeanist and one Selkie)

One Kamui Woods themed backpack (signed by Kamui Woods)

Sixteen pins (one Mt. Lady, one Present Mic, five All Might, one Sir Nighteye, one Crimson Riot, one Ingenium, one Gang Orca, one fan-made Backdraft, one Fat Gum, one Hawks, one Vlad King, one fan-made Eraserhead)

A figurine of All Might in his Golden Age costume striking a confident pose

A Best Jeanist Jean hat (signed by Best Jeanist)

Total cost: 29791 yen (approximately 10% of what Izuku usually spends on fan items in a year)

(He would have purchased more, but Iida dragged their group off to other activities after lunch)





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Hey look, it’s my #birdbuddy intern! They grow up so fast… #HeroCon 




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#HeroCon is awesome! I'm so glad I got my tickets early. I've already seen several hero students from Class 2-A. Like this guy!


[Image: It’s a picture of Tokoyami. He’s looking at the camera, basically expressionless, but Dark Shadow is a little distracted by the con floor behind him. A couple of other students from Class 2-A are slightly out of view, with close viewing revealing them to be Sato and Shoji.]


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I’m pretty sure #TheHeroOtaku doesn’t have an account here. Good luck finding him @ #HeroCon, tho. I’m so jealous, I didn’t get tickets in time.




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Still no sign of #TheHeroOtaku at #HeroCon. Doesn’t help that he’s not posting about it live.


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Uh oh, it looks like #Bakubro is getting into an argument with a guy @ #HeroCon. I hope this doesn’t get ugly.


[Image: Bakugou is staring down a guy in cosplay of Endeavor. He looks like he is mid-shout, though neither side looks like they’ve resorted to physical violence yet. Kirishima seems to be trying to de-escalate the situation to no avail.]



Security Camera 143 Footage Log — 4:23 pm


[Video: It’s a view of the main Con floor, but in front of one of the booths is an incomplete ring of people watching Katsuki Bakugo and Takeshi Arai. Takeshi Arai is dressed up as Pro Hero Endeavor, the inciting incident. Denki Kaminari and Eijiro Kirishima are both trying unsuccessfully to break up the argument.]

[K. Bakugo]: You censored-head! Endeavor is the censored stupidest hero to ever censored live! The censored doesn’t deserve to be number one! There are a million censored better heroes than that censored!

[T. Arai]: At least he’s doing something! You think All Might can do anything anymore‽ And I’m sure you’d know a lot about that, Katsuki Bakugo!

[Video: Denki Kaminari, previously trying to help Eijiro Kirishima, scowls and starts shouting at Takeshi Arai]

[D. Kaminari]: It’s not his fault, it’s that stupid villain’s!

[K. Bakugo]: censored , at least I’m trying to censored do something about it besides pretending that censored replacement can censored do anything!

[T. Arai]: Better Endeavor than anyone like you! You think a useless foul-mouthed censored like you could ever replace All Might‽

[Video: Security Officer Haru Hosaka arrives on the scene, just as Katsuki Bakugo seems to be making a move to attack Takeshi Arai physically.]

[H. Hosaka]: Break it up everybody or I’ll have to kick everyone out of the Con! I want the two responsible for this!

[Video: With grumbling, the Con-goers around the verbal fight break up. Denki Kaminari, Eijiro Kirishima, Takeshi Arai and Katsuki Bakugo stay, with Eijiro Kirishima holding back Katsuki Bakugo.]

[H. Hosaka]: Alright, explain to me how this started. Now.

[K. Bakugo]: censored thought Endeavor was an appropriate censored cosplay.

[T. Arai]: I was just minding my own business when this censored decided to start shouting at me.

[H. Hosaka]: Is that so?

[D. Kaminari]: No it’s not! This guy said Endeavor was better than All Might. Of course Bakubro got mad at him!

[H. Hosaka]: Hm.

[T. Arai]: I was making a comparison for the sake of analysis. It wasn’t supposed to be an insult.

[K. Bakugo]: censored liar, it was a censored insult!

[T. Arai]: No it wasn’t! It’s not my censored fault you took it that way!

[Video: Kasuki Bakugo and Takeshi Arai glare at each other, but Haru Hosaka gets between them.]

[H. Hosaka]: Alright, enough, you two. I’ll give you two one warning. Persist in this behavior and I’ll have to kick you out of the Con. Understood?

[T. Arai]: Of course, sir.

[K. Bakugo]: censored. Fine.



TheHeroOtaku posted


Day one of Hero Con was so fun! I got some really cool merch that I’ll have to share pictures of at some point. I’m too tired to right now, sorry everybody. I also have so much to say about the panels I’ve seen. Especially the one on Upcoming Pro Heroes! Look out for a post on that— I’ll have it up at some point, along with the pictures of my new merch. Might be a little while, though, because there’s more Hero Con to come. I’m so excited!!


#Hero Con, #my first!!, #new merch photos and analysis on the way, #I’m so excited!



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Chapter Text

Ayato Aburaya

-Saturday 5:31 AM-


[Ayato Aburaya]: Hey, Satoru, we have a problem.

[Satoru Ouga]: it’s 5, ayato, and hero con is goin on, go back to sleep

[Satoru Ouga]: *going

[Ayato Aburaya]: Can’t. Like I said, problem. I was reviewing our inventory and we’re out of Eraserhead merch.

[Satoru Ouga]: that’s a good thing, though, means we sold it all, lots of money

[Ayato Aburaya]: No, you don’t understand. That means we have none for today. As in, if anyone wants Eraserhead merch from the number one fan booth of Eraserhead they’re out of luck.

[Satoru Ouga]: self proclaimed number one fan booth, you mean, and i told you that was too specific

[Satoru Ouga]: i mean, you didn’t think it necessary to dedicete your booth last year to a single hero, who’s also an underground hero

[Satoru Ouga]: *dedicate

[Ayato Aburaya]: Last year I didn’t know about Class 2-A. How’d you sell, like, all my stuff while I was on my bathroom break, by the way?

[Satoru Ouga]: it was pretty easy? these teen boys came by and one of them bought the whole stock? i think he said something about infuriating his father? I must have misherad that though

[Satoru Ouga]: *misheard

[Ayato Aburaya]: So you sold my entire stock to one kid‽ The one for three days‽

[Satoru Ouga]: sure, you made a lot of money off of it

[Ayato Aburaya]: Satoru, you are the worst business partner ever.

[Satoru Ouga]: we have plenty of non-eraserhead stuff, ayato, so we’ll sell that today, now go back to sleep like i’m going to

[Ayato Aburaya]: Fine, but don’t think this means I won’t make you regret this in the future.

[Satoru Ouga]: sure, fine, just go to sleep!

If there was one thing Mina was 100% certain of, it was that Deku and Ochaco would make the cutest couple ever. She’d never really thought of the pairing before, much to her chagrin, but a certain text conversation had made it pretty clear that at least Ochaco thought of Deku as more. Needling her at Hero Con had only confirmed her suspicion. She was super flustered about Deku.

The Deku side of the equation was harder to pin down. He was hardly one to display affection or interest in anyone, something she pinned down to being equal parts lack of experience and lack of interactions with girls in general. Whatever the case, Mina didn’t know. But she wouldn’t be a very good friend to Ochaco if she didn’t find out for her. Totally just for her. Totally not because the pair made so much sense in her mind now that it was literally killing her to not know whether they’d work out.

So, of course, she was delighted to learn that they’d be spending the day together on Day 2 of the con. It just seemed so perfect— the two would finally get some time together outside of school. There was no way they could talk about all the of the boring school stuff so they’d be forced to confront their feelings (hopefully anyways!).

She could only see two problems. One, they were going as a group with some of the other kids from Class 2-A. Which was about the least romantic atmosphere one could possibly get. And two was that she wouldn’t get to see the magic unfold because she couldn’t come up with a feasible reason she’d be tagging along when admittedly she tended to hang out with some other friends more often.

But, that wasn’t going to stop her! She’d just have to figure out a way to make sure those two figured out what she already knew. Getting people together, after all, was a delicate art. And she was going to need every bit of her finesse, honed after years of pushing together just about every conceivable pair she could think of back in Junior High School, to make these two come together. She had, admittedly, been a bit more forceful back in those days. Whatever happened, she would have to make sure she didn’t have a repeat of the Akagi-Mizutani Incident. Four years later and the thought of it still made her cheeks redden. To think that all that time they’d been humoring her! It still made her mad.

No matter. Mina was much better at romance nowadays. She’d make Deku and Ochaco a couple. It’d been so long since she had had a romance to properly case, but years of practice made it easier to remember. For now, she would have to continue the work she’d done yesterday, mapping out the current relationship to figure out where they’d grow. Figuring out how to steer her group into the perfect position to observe the two interacting would be hard, but she’d manage. After, it was a love case she was dealing with.

It was time to crack open the Romance Journal once more. Detective Mina was on the case.

Hero Con Day 2 Program Schedule

Hall 1-A Autographing Area

    9:00 am - Kamui Woods
9:30 - Gunhead
10:00 - Ryukyu, Mt. Lady
11:00 - Best Jeanist
11:30 - Ectoplasm, Present Mic
1:00 pm - Edgeshot, Backdraft
1:30 - Ms. Joke, Kamui Woods
2:00 - Fat Gum
2:30 - Silvekaidan
3:00 - Hawks, Gang Orca
3:30 -Snipe, Professor Peculiar
4:30 - Mt. Lady, Thirteen
5:00 - Silvekaidan, Mirko
5:30 - Nox Owl

Hall 1-B Analysis Panels

9:30 - 10:30 Battle vs Rescue: Priorities of Heroics (Thirteen, Backdraft, Edgeshot, the Wild Wild Pussycats)
11:00 - 12:00 Damage Control: The Hidden Side of Heroics (Mt. Lady, Cementoss, Silvekaidan, Fat Gum)
12:30 - 1:30 Training and Support Gear: The Perks and Perils of Quirk Assistive Technology (Power Loader, Professor Peculiar, Recovery Girl, Gunhead)
2:00 - 3:00 Privacy vs Celebrity: Limelight Heroes, Underground Heroes and Everything in Between (Kamui Woods, Nox Owl, Ectoplasm, Yoroi Musha)
3:30 - 4:30 The Hero Billboard JP: How Much Should it Matter? (Ryukyu, Hawks, Gang Orca, Wash)
5:00 - 6:00 Heroics in the Media (Uwabami, Midnight, Best Jeanist, Plus Freelance Journalist Taneo Tokuda)

Hall 2-A Fan Panels

9:30 - 10:30 Upcoming Hero Fans: ALL the Newest Heroes Debuts!
11:30 - 12:30 Top Ten Fans: Endeavor, Edgeshot, Best Jeanist, and more!
1:00 - 2:00 Current Hero Classes Fans: UA, Shiketsu, Ketsubutsu, Seiai, Seijin and much more!
3:30 - 4:30 Under-Appreciated Hero Fans: the Most Obscure Heroes of Our Generation!
5:00 - 6:00 Retired Hero Fans: Still a Hero to Us!

Hall 2-C Workshops

9:30 - 11:00 Support Gear Design Jam
11:30 - 12:30 How-To: Heroic Photography
1:00 - 3:00 Pro Hero Cosplay: Tips and Tricks
4:00 - 5:00 Drawing Heroes

Hall 1-D Special Events

9:00 - 10:00 Cosplay of the Day Contest
10:30 - 12:30 Heroic Student Networking (Come Meet Up and Coming Heroes!)
1:00 - 2:30 Present Mic’s Awesome LIVE! Open Mic!
4:00 - 5:30 ProHero Brawl Tournament


There was really no point to Kota being at Hero Con. He didn't understand why he was there at all. Aunt Shino and her teammates had insisted he would enjoy it. But he couldn't understand why they thought that. Just because he thought Deku was a hero didn't mean he wanted to go to a convention for hero lovers.

Although he did kind of want some Deku merch. But shut up, that wasn't the same thing at all. Deku was a kick butt person. And his room ought to have a poster of such a person. Or something for his backpack. But that didn't mean he wanted to be at this stupid, boring con. Aunt Shino had offered Deku stuff. Plus she'd forced him to come. He'd never be here otherwise.

She'd also told him that after their panel he'd get to pick what they did. Which was usually fun. But she'd limited him to con activities and that had made it less fun. Just because there was one cool hero didn’t mean he suddenly liked heroes or anything. He knew they were mostly trying to make him happy. He’d resigned himself to being dragged around when he heard a familiar voice.

“I know Rock Lock said that his quirk was limited by how much he could stop at once, but I think he could probably use it for more creative tactics than how he’s using it right now. I mean, if he carried around something like marbles around, he could toss them into a large area and stop them all, which would create a pretty effective deterrent easily and it wouldn’t necessarily stop someone from being able to cross the area but it’d certainly make it harder. I guess that would probably be hard to clean up though, so maybe something that could group together when he stopped using his quirk? I wonder what happens when you hit something held in his quirk, does the momentum get transferred, or is it just held in stasis…” Deku said. If that had been Kota, he was sure Aunt Shino would’ve told him to speak up.

“Hey, UA kittens, how you enjoying Hero Con?” Aunt Tomoko said, grinning cheerfully.

Kota didn’t know all the UA kids names (not surprising, most of them were boring and there were too many of them anyways).

One of them spoke up now, moving his hands fast. “Wild, Wild Pussycats! It is good to see all of you!” Kota felt a bit irritated that he was being ignored, but found it funny how the UA student spoke.

“Aw, kitten, you don’t need to be so formal!” Aunt Ryuko said. “We’re off duty after all!”

The student bowed slightly. “My apologies! I will endeavor to be less formal in the future!”

The girl student elbowed Deku. “Hey, Deku, look, it’s your fan Kota!” And he didn’t know what to think about that, because he did think Deku was cool, but he wasn’t a fan or anything. He wasn’t like the hero fans he’d seen here anyways.

Deku snapped out of his mumbling before he could reply. “Oh, hi Kota.” He said. As if he hadn’t saved him, hadn’t fought off Muscular and vowed to save him. And he didn’t know what to say to that. How could one be cool when there were kick butt people around?


[Image: A grinning Togata is front and center in the camera, posing for a selfie. Eri is perched upon his shoulders— she looks a little camera shy, but she is slightly smiling, if one looks closely enough. Hado is just behind Togata, and she too is grinning brightly. Amajiki is barely in the frame, hiding behind Togata, though Togata has managed to capture the edge of his face before he turned away.]

lemillion posted eri’s first #herocon! the #bigthree of #ua can’t wait to show her around!



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acidburn @ #herocon!


[Video: Shaky, it only about 20 seconds long. It shows a pass with the name blurred out being scanned across a gate. There’s a caption on it which reads ‘🎉 #herocon day 2!!!’]

[Video: It’s a pan across one of the conference halls— close inspection would show it to be Hall 1-B. The caption reads ‘here to see a panel on rescue heros! ’ The convention hall is slowly being filled. However, some of UA’s Class 2-A is visible for a second, a few rows away from the camera operator. Freeze frame analysis would show it to be Midoriya, Iida and Aoyama.]

[Image: An image of a journal with the title ‘💕Romance Journal!! 💕’. The caption reads ‘remember this? the romance detective has a new case! 🕵️]

[Video: The camera operator is running, and the shaky camera captures flashes of the ground and the hallway. At one point, the operator pants out a quick explanation. She says ‘They’re getting away!’]

[Image: It’s a picture of the wall of the convention center. four captions are laid out across the screen. The first reads ‘they got away 😞’. The second reads, ‘met up with my group again.’ The third reads, ‘they want to go elsewhere, now.’ The fourth and final reads, ‘but i’m not giving up! i’ll be back.]

[Video: It’s a brief pan across another conference hall, this one is full already— and Present Mic is already on stage. The caption reads, ‘guess i’ll have to settle for prsent mic’s #liveshow . 🎙]



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(story will be deleted in 22 hours)



[Image: A picture of a Thirteen keychain, held in a hand with pads on the figures. The convention hall floor is visible beneath the person’s hand.]

ZeroG posted A gift from a good friend of mine at #HeroCon! I love it!



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[Video: It’s a video with a thumbnail of a crazy eyed girl with target eyes. The video title is ‘Shocking Outcome at Hero Con’s Design Jam!’ and the description preview states ‘I thought this was going to be a normal event, like always, but then this girl started making crazy robot and I realized this was the first event…’]

[Video: It’s a video with an vertical image. The image is of the Hero Con floor. The video title is ‘instasnap herocon compilation’ and the description preview states that this is ‘a compilation of awesomely cool hero con moments captured on instasnap.’]

[Video: It’s a video of an animated guy gesturing to a video still of a blurry boy with neatly combed blonde hair and blue eyes. The person in the still is looking arrogantly at the camera. The video title is ‘Story Time: I Met a Rude UA Student’ and the description preview states ‘As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of many of the lesser known hero classes, but also Class 2-A, so when this guy showed up and started trash…’]

[Video: It’s a video with a picture of All Might. The video title is ’20 Awesome All Might Moments’ and the description states that it is ‘The one stop place to see all of your favorite clips of the number one hero!’]

Open Mic EP#655 Transcript Excerpt

[PM]: For those of you who have been following the PROVISIONAL LICENSE CLASS, you’ll be familiar with this next set of HERO CLASSES! CLASS 2-A and CLASS 2-B are two of the CRAZIEST, most AMAZING classes I have taught YET!

[Sporadic cheers from the crowd.]

[PM]: Obviously I am PROUD of them all, but I want to shine a special spotlight on a few great STUDENTS! I- wait a second. I see some familiar faces! ASHIDO, HAGAKURE, YAOYOROZU, JIRO, ASUI, how are you enjoying the show‽

[Mina Ashido (distant)]: It’s good, Present Mic!


[Toru Hagakure (distant)]: SHE SAID IT’S GOOD, PRESENT MIC!

[PM]: Oh, good. Well, I hope you continue to ENJOY the SHOW! Sorry, where was I? Oh, right, some of the GREAT STUDENTS! Well, those girls are some of the BEST! But there’s also quite a few others! I would be remiss if I forgot Tokoyami, which the WONDERFULLY DRESSED gentleman in front here is cosplaying as! HE is such an EXCELLENT HERO already! Someone of you may be familiar with him from his internship with NUMBER TWO, HAWKS!

fanlogic reblogged TheHeroOtaku

An Analysis of Edgeshot’s Quirk

This one’s pretty overdue, considering how quickly Edgeshot has been climbing the ranks. At the time of this posting, he’s number 15 on the list, but given the way he has been climbing, I think he’ll be in the top 5 in the next four years max.

-—[

Foldabody, Edgeshot’s quirk, is one of the most versatile quirks out there. While it doesn’t match All Might’s quirk in terms of raw strength, it gives Edgeshot incredible mobility. Along with the mobility, Edgeshot has used in on occasion to launch precise attacks. He often avoids using those attack due to its more lethal nature. But I think it would be possible for him to learn how to use it non-lethally, given the number of areas of the body that have exposed nerves or important veins. It would take a bit of time given that he doesn’t seem particularly well versed in anatomy as of right now, but working with Recovery Girl or similar heroes with medical experience would give him the edge there that he needs.

There is an upper limit to Edgeshot’s speed— roughly around the speed of sound from my observations. He also appears to be limited by the size he can fold down to. I would estimate that he could squeeze down to roughly one to three millimeters in all dimensions. With clever applications of his quirk, however, these limits should easily be surpassed. As far as the speed goes, that is actually one of his main strengths. He is one of the fastest heroes, surpassed only by a few heroes, such as All Might. However, that does not mean it couldn’t be exploited by a particularly bad matchup with a villain quirk. One of the main things I’ve noticed is that he seems to move in relatively straight forward motions. It’s not the most predictable, but he takes time to reach his top speed, so he tends not to turn once he’s started moving. If he learned how to maintain his speed through a tight curve, he could minimize the impact of his upper speed limit.

The size limitation is harder to mitigate. Sometimes there isn’t going to be a space he can slip through— walls for instance. He should probably start carrying some sort of device to create the gaps he needs. Explosives are probably too much for his needs in most cases. While he should carry one or two for reinforced villain bunkers, most villains tend to have hidden, rather than protected, hideouts. Therefore, a small knife would probably be enough for his needs. It would have to be pretty sharp. It would also probably need something to make sure he isn’t going to cut into anything besides the wall, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be too hard. The harder thing would be ensuring that whatever equipment he carries also folds with him. I’m not exactly sure how his uniform works, but it might be possible to use the same kind of technology.

One thing I really want to know is if he can fold into shapes beyond flat and sharp points. At the time of this posting, I haven’t seen any recorded instance of him doing so. However, heroes have been known to keep abilities secret, in case of dire emergencies. Regardless of whether or not that is the case here, it should certainly be a priority for him. I think spinning would allow him to travel straighter. He could also probably fold himself into more aerodynamic shapes. On the more stealth side, he could probably fold himself into something more innocent looking, like a sheet of paper (or origami). Though that would have its own risks.

Overall, I think his quirk definitely makes him a hero to contend with. With a few more skills under his belt, he could become an excellent stealth operative in addition to all the rest of his abilities.

Remember when @TheHeroOtaku used to do hero analysis? I wonder what made him stop? He was so good at it. He even (correctly!!) predicted that Edgeshot would be in the top 5 by now! Though Edgeshot did make it two years earlier than he predicted… but still! He even predicted that Edgeshot could fold himself into other shapes!

#HeroOtakuLife, #Edgeshot, #Foldabody, #QuirkAnalysis

Security Camera 106 Footage Log — 5:13 pm


[Video: It’s a view of Hall 1-D, which has been set up for the ProHero Brawl Tournament. A large pull down projector is one of the many consoles scattered around the room. The Tournament is entering it’s winner bracket, and one Katsuki Bakugo is getting ready for his turn. His companions, Denki Kaminari and Eijiro Kirishima are watching, along with a large crowd of players and people watching. Both seem to be a bit nervous, though Kirishima hides it better. His opponent is Hoshiko Himi.]

[K. Bakugo]: You’re going down, censored extra.

[Video: Hoshiko Himi scoffs.]

[H. Himi]: As if. You’re a second-rate who can’t play anyone besides All Might. I saw your entry games.

[D. Kaminari]: Hey, uh? You might not want to tell him that…

[H. Himi]: What? Am I going to hurt his censored feelings or something? I’m tired of opponents who think All Might is the be all and end all character!

[K. Bakugo]: Fine, censored , but you censored asked for it!

[H. Himi]: Bring it on.

[Video: On the main screen, Hoshiko Himi picks Midnight. Katsuki Bakugo hovers over All Might for a second, before picking Best Jeanist. Hoshiko Himi smirks at his choice.]

[H. Himi]: Really? You’re going to go with Best Jeanist‽ You really are an amateur.

[Video: Katsuki Bakugo doesn’t respond, but he smirks. The digital battle commences. Hoshiko Himi starts with a concentrated burst of Somnambuilist, filling her half of the battlefield with sleeping gas and obscuring her character from view. Katsuki Bakugo responds by launching fibers into the cloud.]

[H. Himi]: Really? What was that supposed to do?

[Video: Katsuki Bakugo twists the fibers, revealing that he has easily captured Hoshiko Himi’s. He twists her character off the screen, launching her off for his first KO.]

[K. Bakugo (muttered)]: censored extra.

[Video: Hoshiko Himi’s character re-spawns. Before she even has a chance to launch a single attack, Katsuki Bakugo already has her character in a web and is launching her off screen for the second time in a row. He gets another KO. Hoshiko Himi frowns in frustration.]

[H. Himi (muttered)]: I’ll get you this time…

[Video: All eyes in the room are on the screen. Hoshiko Himi’s character re-spawns once again. This time she manages to hit Katsuki Bakugo’s character with Somnambuilist, forcing his character into animated sleep. Her character grabs his and tosses him over the side. But Katsuki Bakugo manages to wake up his character in time, catching himself on the edge with one of his threads. He throws his character back up, grabs her with a thread, and throws her off the ledge for his third and final KO. ‘Game Over, Player 1 Wins!’ flashes on the screen.]

[H. Himi]: What‽ How‽

[K. Bakugo]: You censored asked for it.

[D. Kaminari]: That’s what I was trying to tell you. You never should’ve insulted All Might around Bakubro.

[K. Bakugo]: Censored Sparky! Stop censored calling me that!