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Chloe Price was a thirteen-year-old girl when her parents decided to leave Arcadia Bay, her childhood home for the greener and more northern pastures of Seattle. Seattle was a decision that Joyce and Williams’s daughter resented with her whole being, she didn't care for the family's improved prospects that the city would grant, nor did she care for getting away from the childhood neighborhood she had loathed so much. All she cared about was the fact that she had been forced to abandon her childhood friend, Maxine Caulfield who was just under a year younger than she was.

Max and Chloe had been friends since kindergarten and were literally inseparable, the teachers throughout their school life allowed them to stay together, their schedules matching perfectly. The teachers had been forced to concede two weeks into their third grade that it was simply easier to schedule the girls into having their classes together for the sake of the teaching staff and their classmates. Upon the girls’ entry to third grade, the teachers decided that Max and Chloe would benefit from spending some time apart in preparation for life where they would not be able to spend their entire lives together and separated them, it had failed, dramatically. Max had clammed up so tightly that she didn't speak at all in class, not to the teachers nor to her fellow classmates, she spent the entirety of her time in the classroom sitting in the corner and no amount of punishment or encouragement had altered that fact. Max, naturally a nervous child had been ripped from the one person who provided stability and the bravery to face the world and had immediately shut down, her grades had plummeted as a result, she went from not getting anything below a high B to an F in every subject in the drop of a hat, likewise as had Chloe. Chloe did not internalize and clam up like Max, she exploded and became a ticking bomb that could explosively lash out at anything or anyone with little to no provocation and immediately set to work disrupting the school in any way she could from triggering fire alarms to kicking balls through windows, deliberately. Just like Max didn't know how to function without Chloe, Chloe did not know how to function without Max and spent most of the two weeks either sat outside the principal's office or suspended. The principal, unsure how else to deal with the situation resorted to suggesting that Chloe was sent to a special school but Joyce vehemently argued against it, citing Chloe's previously good grades and her outstanding record as evidence against the move, an argument which to his surprise the teachers supported, even Chloe's Phys Ed teacher who had her nose broken by Chloe kicking a ball at her face, again deliberately. Eventually, Max and Chloe had been moved back into the same classroom on the recommendation of a child psychologist and order was restored. Chloe settled down, no longer acting out and Max had come back out of her shell. Both girls had their records expunged as their unusual behavior, while unacceptable had been triggered by something the school had done. Max and Chloe resumed their very positive friendship which carried them through the years, playing pirates and having adventures at all hours of the day.

Until they were thirteen.

Chloe had been told a few days before they left that they were leaving for Seattle, she had kicked, punched and screamed for hours after the revelation until she eventually fell asleep in her father's arms, utterly exhausted. Unfortunately, fate decided to throw one last curveball at the teens in their last days of happiness, Ryan, Max's father was murdered on one of Chloe's last days in Arcadia Bay. Chloe fought even harder to stay with Max but Joyce and William had no choice but to stick to the original plan, they moved away from Arcadia Bay and Max as soon as the formal part of Ryan's funeral was over

The turn of events shattered the lives and the mental wellbeing of two innocent and caring teens. Chloe, stuck in Seattle felt endless guilt at having been torn away from her best friend when she needed her the most while Max suffered day after day.

A few years later, for Chloe’s sixteenth birthday William purchased Chloe a truck. Beyond exhilarated at the sudden turn of events, Chloe, who no longer had her natural strawberry blonde hair but deep purple along with several tattoos and piercings immediately set off for her hometown with a middle finger raised to her parents. Finally!! She had thought, bye bye shitty Seattle! Overjoyed, Chloe found the number she had wanted to call throughout the last two years but had remained unable to, lifted her phone to her ear and waited... The phone rung and rung and rung without an answer. “What the hell, Caulfield?” Chloe muttered, instead trying the Caulfield's home phone
“Hello? Caulfield household, Vanessa Caulfield speaking”
“Hi, Mrs. C, it’s Chloe, Chloe Price”
“Oh, Chloe! It's wonderful to hear from you again, although...”
“Although what?” Chloe subconsciously gripped the steering wheel tighter and her foot became heavier on the throttle, she was bracing for bad news
“Max, never Maxine...”
“Sorry, Mrs. C.”
“Anyway, Max is in the hospital...”