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Insulting foreign ambassadors is always a good idea

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There were other countries in the world besides Dreamland; a fact rarely acknowledged by the people living in it. It's to be expected their monarch knows nothing about interacting with foreign diplomats. This would one day come back to bite him in his feathery butt.

That day was today.



Waddle Doo was standing guard at the castle's entrance like he usually was. The bridge was drawn, since the only visitors he ever receives are people who already live inside the castle. But today, someone new arrived. The new visitor was taller than a Waddle Dee. This wasn't really unusual. What is unusual is that he had six hands. And zero arms. Yes, his six hands just floated in the air.

Stars, Waddle Doo noticed that the visitor didn't have legs, too.

And were those two extra eyes in his hair??

The visitor approached Waddle Doo and said, "Greetings, citizen of the lower world! I am Taranza, ambassador of Floralia and the people of the sky. I am here on behalf of Queen Sectonia and would like to speak to your ruler and see if Floralia and Dreamland could perhaps become allies!" The floating spider smiled warmly.

This would end in disaster, so much Waddle Doo already knew. No one wants to be allies with Dreamland after talking to Dedede. Too bad turning the guy away at the door would be even worse.

"Please," Waddle Doo said, "follow me and I will lead you to our king."



Tiff wandered the castle halls aimlessly when she saw the Waddle Dees in an uproar. They seemed to be whispering as much as creatures without a mouth can, at least. They nodded at each other and motioned like one would when giggling as she passed.

What could happen to cause such a buzz? Someone poisoned Dedede's breakfast? The Waddle Dees got a raise after unionising like Tiff recommended they do? "What's up with the Waddle Dees?" she asked her father.

"There's a foreign diplomat talking with Dedede," is all he had to say on the matter while smiling knowingly. They both knew only one thing could come out of this.

This would be a disaster.

During her snooping, she heard two voices in the throne room. One was obviously Dedede shouting "In your dreams, you creepy bug!" and the other, while just as angry, sounded far smarter.

"I'm not a bug! I'm an arachnid! How dare you insult me like this! I came here on behalf of Queen Sectonia to forge an alliance with Dreamland but now that can only happen, as you put it, in your dreams!"

The foreign diplomat stormed out of the room. He wasn't any species Tiff knew of but she was smart enough to see he's probably not a bug. Without turning around he said "You will regret the day you insulted the people of Floralia! I will tell the Queen about your actions, King of the Lower World!" and the four eyes on the back of his head glared at Dedede who was grumbling about 'rude bugs not seeing his awesomeness.'

Oh dear. This was a disaster. Like any smart person, the ambassador was very upset after talking to Dedede, which, even though Tiff could empathise, might lead to an actual war with another country.

This is the second person to swear revenge on Dedede in a week. Tiff's only solace was the fact that this wasn't a new record.


Of course, mad people can never leave peacefully.


....There's a giant flower tree in the garden and it's destroying everything.



Kirby was having a good day. He played soccer with his friends, had a big lunch, and was now going to visit Tiff at the castle and play with her! She was trying to teach him letters, and even though it's difficult, Kirby thought it's fun!
But there was a big meanie in the garden! It was a really big tree, just like Whispy Woods! Where did it come from, Kirby wondered. The pretty flower he saw was gone and a tree was in it's place!

"Kirby, watch out!" Tiff was here! Kirby jumped out of the way as the tree (it was flowery and looked like Whispy Woods! From now on, Kirby would call it Flowery Woods) threw some of its many flowers at him. Maybe he could-

he could! Just eat the flowers, that is. There was a sensation in his stomach and- "Look!" said a familiar accent, "it's Leaf Kirby!"

Leaf! That's new! Kirby was excited to try it out, but he had to protect Tiff first! No wait she was out of the way. Alright, Kirby could now focus on the threat! Flowery Woods threw more sharp flowers at him and Kirby jumped above them. He threw leaves of his own at Flowery and it roared at him.

Kirby kept the leaves coming until Flowery Woods suddenly launched itself into the air and slammed down to try and crush Kirby. He barely dodged out of the way. Then it tried to crush him with it's giant roots! How could it have roots that big if it just unearthed itself? No matter! Kirby fought on bravely and jumped and dodged (and hid in leaf piles) when he finally defeated Flowery Woods! It shrunk back into the pretty flower which smelled really nice and also wasn't mean any more.

Wait a second! Didn't he see someone in the garden? He didn't have arms and floated which Kirby thought was cool, to fly like a bird without having wings, but he was gone now! Where did he go?



The foreign diplomat floated off into the sky. Which is when Tiff noticed the giant floating chain of islands in the distance. Didn't he say he was from Floralia? As in, the floating continent partially known for its advanced military equipment? Oh dear, what a disaster.