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Dear Friend

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I started my laptop and waited for it to start working. I got it almost three weeks ago by post, a gift from an anonymous fan. Edward was reading on my bed and trying to talk about his proposal again.
Three weeks ago, I saved him from killing himself in Volterra. I was so scared, and we were lucky when Aro decided to give us a chance, not killing us but telling us that I have to be changed soon. My dear boyfriend told me that he would allow this if and only if I’d marry him first. Dead end, I do not want to marry him or anybody else. Therefore, the talks began and here we are talking again in my room.
“Bella, why do you need to be so stubborn about this? I love you and you love me, so why not marry me already?” he said, “Can you stop playing with your new toy?”
“I told you already. You hurt me so much that I do not love you the same way I did before. You cannot expect me to give up everything because of you.”
“But do you remember what Aro told us?” he asked
“Yes, I need to be changed, not marry so I will stand at this. You change me, or I will find somebody to do it. Now, I need to sleep soon. See you tomorrow at school,” I told him waving my hand.
After we arrived from Volterra, things were difficult with Edward Charlie was not happy with him and I was rather disappointed with his behavior. In addition, there was my new friend.
The day after we arrived from Volterra, I got my new laptop and I found an already open account to a chat site. I had an invitation from this guy who called himself Va1500. He was rather funny, and we started to talk every day. He loved to read the little things I told about my life; I told that my boyfriend hurt me and that he wanted to marry me in order to give me something I wanted badly. It was easy to talk to him and I waited all day until we could chat.
The first time we talked, I was nervous, I never talked too much about me and he wanted to know everything. My favorite color, the food I like, the song I hear the most. He told me some things about him, he loved classical music, he loved black and that he loved to learn everything. One day I got a gift, a beautiful necklace with some diamonds. I was speechless, and I told him it was too much. he said having as his friend was so precious to him that he would never be able to give me a gift too expensive, and he wanted to give me something on return.
“Bella, I’m still talking with you, can you answer?” Edward told me
“I thought you left some minutes ago, see you tomorrow, bye” I said opening the chat window and finding a message from my friend.
Va1500: Isabella, are you there?
IsaSwan: Still there?
Va1500: Yes, I was waiting for you; do you remember that we need to talk about something serious?
IsaSwan: yes, you told me that you needed to tell me a secret and that you were scared about my reaction.
Va1500: Yes, I am afraid that after I tell you this, you will not talk to me anymore. Are you alone?
IsaSwan: Yes, my friend left so we can talk. Tell me, I will try to understand you.
Va1500: Ok, I wanted to tell you that I knew all about you before you told me and that you fascinated me so much that I wanted to be your friend even from far away. That is why I sent you this laptop, to be able to know you and talk with you like now.
IsaSwan: when did we meet?
Va1500: We met three weeks ago when you were trying to save a friend
IsaSwan: How? Where?
Va1500: That is the problem. We met in Volterra. I was in the castle with you. I saw you saving his life and you were so brave against the brothers that I had to know you better.
IsaSwan: So, you are a vampire. In addition, you know now the problem I have.
Va1500: Yes, I know who you are, and I am trying to find a solution to your problem
IsaSwan: Are you part of the guards?
Va1500: Difficult question, I live in the castle, but I never entered the guard.
IsaSwan: Do you think you can help me? or were you spying me?
Va1500: I started this because I wanted to know you better and I find you interesting and I hope to have your friendship. It was never my intention to spy on you.
IsaSwan: Do they know that you are talking to me?
Va1500: They know that I am talking with a girl and they asked me to be careful about you.
IsaSwan: How do you do to hide this from Aro?
Va1500: Let us say that it difficult for him to read my thought by touch.
IsaSwan: Are you like me?
Va1500: Not really, I never saw a person who can protect herself like you. Jane was so angry with you that Aro had to talk with her to convince her that you are not to be punished. Are you not tired? Do you have school tomorrow?
IsaSwan: You are right; I need to go to sleep.
Va1500: Tomorrow you will have a little surprise waiting for you at home. Please do not be angry with me because of my gifts, I do not have many friends and It gives me pleasure to do this.
IsaSwan: I just feel bad because I cannot give you anything in return.
VA1500: I have your friendship, hopefully, one day we can meet, and you will forgive me for my lies. Go to sleep, dear one.
IsaSwan: See you tomorrow
Like every day it was too late, and I would be tired again tomorrow at school. It would be difficult to follow Jess and Alice talking and I will pretend to read again. I was curious about my gift. Normally I did not like when people buy me presents but with him, it felt right; I would never tell him that or he would have me buried with gifts.
I woke up late and I had to run a quick breakfast. I said good morning to Charlie and he laughed.
“Did you stay late again chatting with this guy? Does he know that you need to sleep sometimes?” He said smirking
“It was my fault and he lives in Italy, so he forgets I think.” And he does not sleep at all, but I cannot say that aloud.
“So, you met him when you follow that ass?” he said
“Yep, but I do not remember who he was, so he is a mystery to me.”
“In any case, I think he is taken with you if you take his gifts as a clue. Just be careful with your heart.” He said smiling.
I waved, and I left thinking about my father reaction to my penpal. He never liked Edward, he was cold with him and now, he is accepting my new friend and joking about this. I drove my trunk and I arrived at school early. The classes were ok, a little boring maybe and soon we entered the lunchroom. I bought my food and I sat with my friends placing my computer on the table.
“Did you bring your new toy here? You are a little obsessed about it!” Edward said looking annoyed.
“Is not your business what I do or not Edward. Now let me be”.
I ignored him, and I talked with Angela while the system was starting to work. She was Jacob’s mate and they were happy.
IsaSwan: Are you there?
VA1500: Hello, where are you?
IsaSwan: I’m at school, lunchtime. I brought my laptop with me today. How are you?
Va1500: Bored and missing you. And you?
IsaSwan: Just trying to finish school and hoping that I do not need to yell at my friend again.
Va1500: Is Edward bothering you?
IsaSwan: I forgot you know about him. Yes, he is talking about his proposal and I told him several times that I do not want to marry him. Do you have an idea about how to make him stop annoying me?
Va1500: Maybe. Tell me what you think about Volterra. If it were safe for you to come here, would you like to visit me someday?
IsaSwan: Ok, if I would be thinking about the hypothesis that none of the brothers wants to kill me or none of the guards wants to dry me, I would love to visit the city and see the castle.
Va1500: I will think about this and I will tell you my idea later. You will need to be a really open mind person, but I think that after three weeks of talking like we do, it would be ok. The brothers would not be a problem; I think they want to meet you. Let us talk tonight about this. Now go to class.
IsaSwan: Ok, talk later.
I closed the laptop and I went to class. Edward was sulking, and Alice was mad with me. She said I was blocking my future and that she could not see the Volturi. She was angry, and I told them I would go home today after school.
I arrived at my house and I found a box on the table. I took the card and I was smiling.
‘Dear Isabella,
I was happy to see that you forgave me for not telling you about me living in the castle that scared you so much. I hope that one day you will think about my home with happiness and not fear.
I am happy having your friendship and I am looking forward to seeing you.
I wanted to give you this book that will allow you to learn the history of our coven and to know the brothers better. I think you could know a little about us, but you only know what the Cullen could tell you.
If you have questions or you want to talk about something, we can chat, and I will help you.
Have a good day dear one,
Yours always,
I opened the bow and I found an old book. When I opened the tome, I realized I was reading a journal; the letters were old and beautiful written using an ink that seems expensive as the paper itself. The book was written using the first person and it was called ‘The Volturi’. I had a feeling about this that seems to confirm my suspicions about my friend. I needed to call one of the Cullen who still is my friend. Carlisle.
“Carlisle Cullen”
“Carlisle, I need your help,”
“Bella, nice to hear from you. Do you have a problem with Edward again?”
“Do you know if the Volturi had a book where they wrote their history?”
“I know about a journal that Aro wrote and I saw it once, but he never let a single person read it. They said it contains all the secrets of the coven and could be dangerous to have anyone read it. Dangerous for all of us not only for them. I think even Caius and Marcus are not allowed to touch it. Why are you ask about it?”
“How this journal was called?” I whispered
“Bella, are you ok? I will be there in five minutes, hold on honey.” He said, and I hear the wind around him while he ran to my house.
I heard a knock and he was already here. I opened the door and I sat on the couch with him.
“Tell me, what is going on?” he asked worry
“The day after we arrived from Italy, I got a laptop from a secret admirer. I had a chat system where I found this penpal who sent me an invitation.”
“And you started talking with him? Do you know who he is?”
“I talked every day with him and I told him my problems with Edward, without names, and my life in general. He did the same and we are good friends, maybe more. Yesterday he confessed that he is a vampire, he lives in Volterra, would love to see me in the future and to show me his home. He said that he is not part of the guard and that he could protect me from the brothers.”
“Do you think it could be one of the guards like Demetri or Felix?” He asked
“I thought that, but I had some gifts from him like a diamond necklace,” I said opening my shirt and showing the expensive jewel.
“I think I saw this before,” he said
“Today I got a book.”
“A book?” he asked
I showed him the journal without letting him touch it. I felt that the owner could feel if this happened, there was some power exuding from it. He was shocked, and his eyes were full of fear and wonder.
“Bella, is this what I think it is?”
“Yes, this is his journal and that means…” I did not want to say it allow and he was struggling with the same problem.
My telephone rang, and I jumped. I knew who was calling, and I answered the call.
“Hello Aro”