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Beach Bitch

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A champion beach party sounded like more fun than anything else Xayah could have thought to do with her day, and she could not have been happier to stretch out in the sand in her new bathing suit and soak in some rays. A white and blue striped bikini flaunted Xayah's lithe, lean figure excellently, with a short, flowy skirt over her side-tie bikini bottoms so that she had a little extra modesty, given the way her perky bubble butt was a bit more noticeable than she was really happy with otherwise. The skirt was vital to Xayah picking it up, because she loved the look of it, but needed that extra bit of assurance that she wasn't going to be catching stares from everyone else all day.

Except she absolutely was. Rakan couldn't make it with Xayah due to falling sick, but had insisted Xayah go anyway and enjoy herself in spite of things, which meant that plenty of men whose eye the gorgeous vastaya had caught looked at her curiously, wondering if they could safely make their move on her while she was alone and on the beach. They didn't know that they weren't the only one thinking it, that Xayah looking hot in her swimsuit that straddled the line of sexy and sweet--to a point almost near innocence--was being pined after by multiple men at once. They just saw the opportunities before them to make a move, and were ready to bide their time and hold out until such a moment came as they could have the chance to make their move on her.

Blissfully unaware she was being ogled and that schemes were brewing, Xayah just lay contently spread out upon her towel, modest breast easily contained and long legs spread out to enjoy the ample space she had to work with. All Xayah concerned herself with was lounging back and enjoying the warmth of the early afternoon sun. She figured she could go off for a swim later, and once more summoners arrived and got comfortable sit with some friends and catch up, but for the moment she was content to just linger in place and enjoy the calm quiet of it all, listening to all the distant revelry and the waves lapping at the shore. It was serene, and that serenity was something Xayah was ready to get lost in.

Lucian decided it was time to make his move, approaching Xayah like prey, careful and steady, every footstep carefully measured so that he didn't seem too eager in the way he moved toward her. He couldn't make it obvious, couldn't just throw himself at her so brutishly. “Excuse me, Xayah,” he said, waving a bottle of suntan lotion in her direction. “Would you like some help? You might burn if you lie in the sun all day, and that would be horrible.” He hid his smile well, kept his lurid intentions away so that he didn't immediately blow the reveal and completely tip his hand. No, he had to play this smart if he wanted to pull it off.

Xayah looked up at Lucian in his swim trunks, standing tall and muscular before her but seeming so friendly and harmless, just a helpful offer out of his own considerate good nature. “I didn't think to put any on, but I would be very thankful for you to share some of yours with me, Lucian. Thank you very much.” She remained on her back, lying there happily as offered herself up with open arms to Lucian, ready to accept however he wanted to help her. How could she not when he was being so nice about it?

Lucian knew that he had his way in, and eagerly took his place between her legs. It shouldn't have been so easy. He squirted some lines of lotion down Xayah's back and then brought his strong hands down onto her pale skin, beginning to rub the lotion into the flesh. Still careful not to overstep his bounds or get too hasty in his seduction, he took his time with her, just letting his fingers find their mark and trying to come off as platonic and considerate as he could, just a friend helping out and looking after her skin. It was all so easy, but Lucian didn't take it as reason to gloat or get carried away, keeping steady and careful as his hands worked at her soft body carefully. Adoring fingers worked their magic, and in the process he kept as careful and steady a watch on her as he could.

Under the strong back massage she received, all Xayah could do was moan softly, eyes closed and her head resting atop her folded arms as she let him not only protect her skin, but really help work out some of the pent up tension in her back that she hadn't even really paid much mind to. “That feels so good, thank you,” she purred, relishing in how her day at the beach turned from good to great, no longer just soaking up some ways but now being pampered in the process; it was almost too good to be true. Of course, it was, but she had no way of knowing that yet, and just lay content and blissful on her towel, letting Lucian do his thing, which was so good and relieving that she didn't feel any reason at all to want to change it.

Steadily working his hands into her shoulders and adoring her with his unending touch, Lucian did Xayah's entire back without any perversion or funny business, something that he was surprised by for how much resolve he showed to pull that off, feeling like he could have all too easily given in to the temptation that rightfully swelled through him so hotly. He was torn, but so far it was all working out, and he felt emboldened by his initial success, ready for more as he next squirted some onto her calves, smirking as he readied himself for what was to come, leaning in closer and letting his hands start on her legs next. Her long, taut, sleek legs. He wished he could roll her around, wrap them around her waist, and fuck her in a mating press right there, but he had some measure of restraint. Not much, but enough to know that there were people around and that if he wanted to pull off the chance at fucking Xayah right there on the beach with people around and nobody noticing, he was going to have to be sneakier about it.

“It's my pleasure,” he said, taking a bit of a long time to say it, specifically until his hands slowly peeked up her skirt. She didn't worry too much about it, though; it was a bit strange, but she was fine with it for a moment, remaining comfortable and relaxed, deciding what it was wasn't worth worrying about as she tried to just savour how good it felt to be massaged like this. Without Rakan here to tend to her, someone had to pick up the slack and Lucian had all too happily done so, something that Xayah was happy to accept, giving herself up completely to the steady, strong hands working their magic all over her body. It was only getting more satisfying, and even as Lucian's hands ran up her legs, she didn't worry too much about it ,didn't stress about what he was doing and focused only on how nice it felt to be touched like this.

At least until his hands reached up a little too far, sliding along her side and gently undoing the side tie of her bikini bottoms. She let out a nervous whine as she then felt something brush along her thigh, and it was definitely not a hand. “Lucian!” she gasped, surprised and not sure what to say, the shock helping keep her from mounting a coherent response as a shiver ran hotly up her spine. “Is that--”

“It is,” he said, leaning forward and letting it rub further up her thigh as he removed the bottom part of her swimsuit underneath her skirt and leaned forward, bringing his cock up to her tip. “Just act natural, nobody has to know.” A shiver surged its way nervously up Xayah's spine as she felt Lucian sink his cock into her, a low and nervous whine rumbling within her throat as her head rolled back. “I'll just keep massaging you while I fuck you.”

Xayah whimpered, biting her lip as her eyes scanned around the beach. Nobody seemed to be looking right at her, which means they would have missed it all, as now Lucian sat outright on top of her, his cock sank into her pussy and filling her up. The thick human dick stretched her out more than she had been expecting, more than she was ready for, and it set her alight with even more nervous noise as she said, “You're really big,” for lack of anything else to say that could properly convey her response to this situation. She wanted to feel torn about the way that Lucian just stuck his dick in her right there on the beach, but she couldn't quite muster up the fire to as the thick cock pushed into her. Once he started to rock his hips back and forth, she could feel any hope of an argument against this almost bleed out of her as frustration settled in and she found herself wound up with need. “Nngh, I haven't had many human men before, and you're bigger than all of them.”

Lucian smirked wide as he rocked more carefully back and forth, trying to settle into a nice groove between subtlety and speed, knowing he couldn't go all out on her tight pussy no matter how much he wanted to, while also keeping it under wraps. He couldn't announce to the entire beach he was balls deep inside of Xayah, even if he knew it could have made him the envy of every other man there. It was just something he'd have to keep to himself, intensely frustrating as that would be. “And what about Lhotlan cock? How do I compare to your kind?” His hands reached for her back and resumed the massage, kneading her shoulders all over as his approach turned much more direct, no longer bothering with the pretense of the lotion to rub on her body as he focused much more directly on a more intimate kind of massage.

Trailing off into a nervous whine as Lucian's cock continued to thrust into her, she felt like she was offering up far more evidence in her lack of response than she would have liked. Her hips wiggled, her pussy growing desperately wet under the pressure and bliss of his thrusts. It was a sensation that she couldn't help but crave, feeling herself getting wound up as her eyes once more scanned across the beach. “I-it's...” She trailed off meekly, before coming back with a more vigorous and vocal, “It's bigger than any Lhotlan I've ever had.” It didn't make her feel good to say it, but the rush of searing excitement that came from his cock pushing into her certainly helped make her feel good in its stead, keeping Xayah very excited as she twisted hotly about under the strong touch of the human whose cock and hands were both leaving her feeling weak and needy.

With a smug grin, Lucian kept thrusting, his cock hidden underneath her skirt and keeping it from being blatant what he was doing and what was happening. Hearing Xayah's reluctant confession had him excited, thrusting in a bit quicker, making sure each push into her tight hole sank deep into her slick, aching pussy. “Moan louder for me, Xayah. I want to hear you really appreciate this big human dick for all it's worth.” Teasing her was simply impossible to resist, and Lucian was so excited to be able to subject Xayah to his worst, making her twist and whine in his grasp as he greedily fucked her tight hole, loosening her up and taking her right there on the beach, secretly fucking her in front of people who had no idea what was happening.

It was hotter than it should have been, and Xayah whined as she felt the lust do things to her that she wasn't ready to deal with today. She wasn't in heat or anything, but Xayah had tendencies of having one bout of horniness follow her around through the day and Lucian was inadvertently setting her up for something almost disastrous with his thrusts, but she couldn't mount a proper argument against any of it strong enough to actually get him to stop, leaving her vulnerable and helpless as he fucked her into the needy mess that she should have wanted to be anything but, but with the cock feeling so fucking good inside of her she unfortunately lost herself completely to the pleasure. “Fuck me,” she whined, fingers tightening against the towel she lay atop.

Lucian's thrusts got as fast as he felt he could possibly get away with, one hand massaging her shoulders still while his other just gave up and began to squeeze at her perky butt through her skirt, unable to keep his hands off of her now. Every part of Lucian was committed fully now to his task, to fucking Xayah as deep and as hard as he could get away with, with only one ending to this possibly satisfying him. “You want me to cum in you, right?” His grin was wide and entirely for his own purposes, deciding to push harder as he gave her ass a nice slap, making her yelp in surprise.

“Yes, please, cum in my pussy,” she moaned, biting her lip tightly, feeling herself winding up hotter still, losing herself and control to the excitement she felt. There was no part of her that could properly pull back from this now; it was too late for Xayah, and she was feeling too good to care, embracing the pleasure so utterly and with such glee that she happily surrendered to the madness, losing control of everything and riding out the mad high of delight and hunger as the pleasure bore through her. She tingled all over, her body winding up hotter into desperation and need. Xayah's beach trip was about to ruined by lust and her own desperation and she couldn't even find it within her to care, moaning hotter and higher, trying to keep herself quiet but failing quite miserably. “Fill me up, Lucian, I need it so bad. Fuck me with that big human dick and make me yours.” The pleasure was maddening, and she could feel herself unraveling amid the sensations that seized her tightly from within. Every part of Xayah was screaming out for relief and for bliss, and she wasn't ashamed now of her need to get it.

Hammering madly back and forth to the hardest pace he could, Lucian didn't need much more to come undone, between Xayah's incredibly tight pussy and her brazen whines. He was so worked up and so eager to just cum inside of her and enjoy himself, nothing else mattering as he hit his peak and grunted, burying his cock deep inside of Xayah's tight hole. His cock twitched within her pussy's embrace and erupted, his cum pumping deep into the whining redhead, whose spine arched back as she felt herself completely lost to the pleasure now, overwhelmed beyond anything she was prepared to handle.

To push Xayah to the brink like that was incredibly satisfying, but even better still was when he pulled out and lifted up her skirt, watching the creamy white spunk ooze out of her gaping pink hole, a mark of just how well he had fucked her. He tucked his cock back into his shorts and gave her ass a direct, playful swat. “You ever want to get stuffed full of big human dick ever again, you know where to find me.” He left her panties untied and walked away feeling triumphant, having conquered Xayah and left her a gooey, creamy wreck lying on the ground, leaking with cum and wearing an expression of pure delight.

Xayah knew she was in trouble now, knew that she had been ignited with something powerful and desperate and more intense than she knew what to do with. This was not going to end well for her, she was certain of it.

But fuck did it feel good.
Long after the sensations of tingling afterglow and gooiness faded from Xayah's body she went out into the water for a swim. Her birdlike nature meant that she didn't often go for swims like this; it was something that she just didn't really feel much drive to do, especially with flight not only faster but more exhilarating. But she had dipped into lakes a few times, and with a knowledge of how to swim she felt like making the most of it, swimming down along the beach so far that she no longer saw any other champions around; she had moved well past where anybody else lingered, and along the shoreline was a rockier space, where people weren't hanging around. The isolation did nothing to keep it from feeling some special kind of exhilarating to Xayah even as she traveled off alone.

But there was no denying that something was off about her. She tried her best to brush off her arousal as best she could, but it was impossible to ignore. Xayah had been wound tightly up by Lucian when he fucked her and there was nothing she could do to shake it, lingering in a state of frustration and need as she swam her way out, frustrated by everything but knowing she just had to bear through it. She couldn't go out onto the beach and start asking people to help deal with her burst of arousal, after all. And even if that was somehow appropriate and not a massive embarrassment, why would anyone have done that? Xayah didn't think there was anything special about her.

But Renekton thought there was something special about her, alright. He'd swam across her wake, and he could immediately taste the lingering remnants of something intriguing. It caught him by surprise, had him shifting his attention immediately in her direction. Xayah's arousal was strong enough that her soaked, leaking pussy left enough for his finely attuned predator senses to pick up on, and knowing that she would be not only vulnerable and isolated but also receptive, he went eagerly toward her, swimming far faster than Xayah ever could in his eager pursuit. It didn't take long at all for Renekton to get to his target.

Xayah had no way of knowing he was coming as she swam out far enough form everyone else that when a hand seized her ankle and she gasped in panic, nobody was around to hear her. She had no idea what was happening as Renekton grabbed hold of her and jerked her toward him, seizing her in both hands dashing to the shore. He didn't offer her any kind of explanation for what he was doing as he shoved her back up against an outcropping, grabbing her bikini bottoms and pulling them off, thankfully only undoing the side tie knot instead of outright ripping them. Xayah gasped as she felt herself bared, the skirt pushed up and her eyes falling to the scaly cock slowly emerging, brushing against her thigh. It changed her tune immediately, with Xayah letting out a low, nervous whine as she felt the cock rubbing against her skin.

“Oh,” she whined, biting her lip as she readied herself. “Oh, you want to--no, that's okay, you should have just asked, we can--oh, fuck, slow down!” Xayah had not been expecting Renekton to slam his entire cock into her with one stroke, and she howled in shock and dismay as the big dick pushed forward without warning. The size was something to be shocked by, leaving Xayah to gasp in dismay as she was pushed far past anything she could have expected, the massive crocodile cock shunting into her needy hole and leaving to twist in agony. “Renekton!” she cried out, but there was still nobody to hear her.

Hands seized her long red hair, now wet from the sea water, and tugged on the convenient handle, making Xayah wince as Renekton began to fuck her, merciless in his steady approach, thrusts hammering up into her needy hole as he pounded her right up against the rock wall. “I can smell how bad you want it,” he snarled, at last saying something, and all it did was make Xayah whimper as her inner walls spasmed down around his cock. He was right, unfortunately; Xayah's body ached with excitement almost immediately, as the rush of pleasure came down hard upon her and her needy body. Her pussy was forced open by the thick lizard cock, which was definitely bigger than the one that had fucked her earlier and filled her up with a vigor and intensity that she was woefully unprepared for, but with desperation running high all she felt was searing bliss.

“You're right, I want it,” she whined, and more pulls on her hair made her cry out louder, an intense and vigorous delight searing through her that she couldn't fight. She was out of control, twisting hotly in his grasp and against the wall. “I want it so badly Renekton, please fuck me!” She didn't put up any fight, didn't offer any argument. She just accepted him and his brutality in its deepest and most intense form, whipped into a frenzy by the fervor of his thrusts and his aggressions. Renekton was hitting her just right, giving her something that she craved amid the swell of excitement and desperation that came from getting fucked by the huge lizard dick. Without a second of sanity, Xayah gave herself up completely to Renekton and his brutish ways, unable to help herself against the tides of crushing lust that came at her so hard and so fast.

Renekton grunted and groaned, hammering fiercely into Xayah's tight pussy, his hold on her hair getting harsher as he pulled back from the wall and turned her quickly around. Spun around on the cock of the big crocodile man, Xayah howled in surprise as he started to fuck her, letting her fall forward as instead of pulling her against his chest he let her lean forward, let her fall forward and be held up only by being impaled atop his cock and by his pull on her hair, her limbs dangling as he thrust upward and forward, hammering into her while she twisted about in heated agony and panic, but in the best of ways. She burned with a brazen and desperate need that seemed all the worse for how completely out of nowhere it was, but the roughness was working pure magic upon her body now and as Renekton took to pounding her raw all she could do was howl in approval.

The smell of arousal was all over Xayah, and Renekton couldn't get enough of it, her needy pussy dripping as he pounded into her, everything about the pretty redhead and her desperate moans almost infectious for the hungry man pounding away at her body. The gorgeous vastaya had drawn his focus with her alluring everything, and now that he felt her narrow twat stretched out around his beefy cock and her body slamming down against his, he was having the time of his life. Back and forth he rocked, thrusting harshly into Xayah, making her bounce atop his dick as he gave her his most thorough and vulgar worst.

It was more than Xayah could bear, but in the best of ways. Feverishly bounced up and down a big, hard dick and fucked with all the intense thrills that a woman in her desperate and sorely needed state craved. Xayah didn't fight against what she felt, didn't even feel ashamed of how her appetites had suddenly begun to rule her like they did. It happened, and she knew by now better than to try and push against it all, embracing and leaning into the madness that followed as she moved faster back and forth, whining as she burning sensations built up hotter and harder. Renekton felt himself growing more and more possessive over the tight, whining redhead be bounced up and down on his cock, showing off a positively bestial side of himself through the course of pounding her absolutely raw.

Being rough fucked into a twisting mess of moans and need was exactly what Xayah needed, she felt. It was insane to think, but every part of her burned so right as Renekton pounded her, and all she could do was embrace it, accepting shamelessly how good every part of her felt as the searing bliss washed hotter over her. Everything about what was being done to Xayah felt better than it had any right to, but it appealed to everything primal and and feral within her, the things that relished in Renekton's strength and dominance. The hair pulling, the pussy pounding, the relentless stake he claimed on her so powerfully with each thrust... It all set her head abuzz with need, all drove her wild with need beyond what she could handle, and she knew she wouldn't be able to take very much of it, but that was fine by her; the bliss was powerful enough for her to be happy about every second of the searing bliss washing over her and her needy body.

Xayah came, and she came hard. Unlike last time, she got to act like it too, letting out a quivering howl of need and delight as her body burned with the explosions of sensation she craved. There was nothing but pure bliss to be found in the way she ached, in the release that sent sensations of need rushing through her harder than she knew what to do with. “Pump me full of cum!” she screamed, and Renekton was all too happy to give her what she wanted, slamming into her and grunting as his cock erupted hard within the confines of her spasming and desperate pussy, pumping her full of all the hot, creamy relief she so desperately wanted, his body tight and taut as he held her down onto his dick and let it all loose.

Dropped down to the floor, Xayah whined and squirmed, face-down in the sand as Renekton let out a grunt and then simply walked away, leaving the redhead to lie there with his cum leaking out of her as he hopped right back into the water and began to once more swim off, leaving her there to whine and squirm about in frustration, not sure what to make of what just happened, but she was torn between two emotions. On one hand, she wanted to go back to her towel, relax, and try to shirk some male attention for a while. On the other, her gaping pussy quivered as it oozed cum all over her legs, and she could feel herself unable to resist the need for more, the burning sensation within her that craved pleasure still past what she felt at the moment, which left her head spinning in mild confusion as she tried to rationalize it all.

“Nngh, why today?” she whined as she rose clumsily up to her feet, shivering as she tried to shake off the feelings of need that weighed heavy upon her shoulders and left her feeling confused, sluggish, frustrated. “This is all Lucian's fault. Stupid Lucian and his big, fat cock, fucking me so right that I--oh no, there I go again.” She whimpered, a hand reaching down between her legs as she started to look around, thinking she was alone, but she had thought wrong.

Zed had been lying patiently in wait for the right opportunity, and he saw it now. He and a shadow double jumped Xayah, a hand grabbing her head as the cruel Noxian took about as much care with her as the brutal crocodile man had, tugging her hair down and bending her over. Before Xayah could say anything at all, Zed's cock slammed into her mouth and down her throat, making her choke in surprise at the immediate penetration and roughness that followed, shuddering as she felt herself definitely in over her head now, and that was before the other Zed slammed his cock into her ass, making her scream around the dick in her mouth between gagging sounds.

In a flash, Xayah had gone from recovering from the rough fuck she'd taken to enduring another one, as Zed spitroasted her brutally. The harsh thrusts were so frenzied and immediate that Xayah was shocked they came from a human man and not some kind of beast; he kept up eagerly with what he was doing, hammering away at her with a relentless fervor that she felt completely overwhelmed by. Completely out of her element now and with two strong mens' hands all over her body and holding tightly onto her, she was utterly at Zed's mercy, treated to the rough fucking at both ends, her ass being stretched open harshly by the big dick forcing its way into her. Her pussy had taken a worse, bigger thrashing from Renekton, but Xayah's ass was far less prepared, and Zed's roughness took eager advantage of that, putting her through something intense all its own without having to rely on the brutality of everything that came before it.

“I've been waiting hours to do this,” snarled Zed from behind his mask, and Xayah wasn't sure which one said it. Maybe both did; she was too dizzy to understand much of anything right now, honestly. All she knew was that the big docks hammering her mouth and ass in tandem were more than she could handle. “It would have been preferable to get to you before the beast did, but I can simply avoid anything involving the hole he soiled.” It was such a callous, calculating way to refer to any part of Xayah, and she should have objected to it much more strongly than she did. But his dick was so big! And there were two of them! Whatever part of Xayah was driven by self-respect and dignity was simply not responding to this with much care for anything other than the rawness of getting fucked. It was the only thing that mattered to Xayah now, and as long as he kept stuffing her with cock she was going to give her everything to him.

Xayah's throat spasmed around the cock slamming down her gullet, drool trickling down her chin in the process as Zed facefucked her recklessly. Not that any of the men who'd fucked her today had been particularly considerate, but Lucian and Renekton both focused on railing her pussy. Not only was Zed tearing her ass open with his big dick as it hammered away at her, but he was also throatfucking her into submission, treating her to the brutality that was being choked out on the big human dick and having to endure the most intense and twisted treatment she could have ever imagined, frustrated beyond all reason by how she ached. It was callous and brutal in the most unwieldy and unsustainable of ways, leaving Xayah's head spinning as she tried to find some way to root herself into sanity.

Unapologetic and brutal, Zed took to being a one-man spitroasting machine well, happily putting Xayah through the most brutal treatment he could muster in the name of pushing her to her limits. Back and forth he thrust, claiming her with such brutality and forcefulness that her mind spun out in confusion and frustration from it all. Everything Zed did to her felt like another reason to lose her mind to the pleasure and she didn't know how to deal with ti but she did know that it felt too good to ever want it to stop. Zed himself was certainly loving it, able to hammer eagerly into the tight holes that gave up everything to his cock, her perky butt bouncing as his cock slammed into it and her the sad state of the drooling mess she became all proving enticing reasons for Zed to keep going exactly what he was doing.

With nothing to do but take it all and keep getting fucked, Xayah seemed to be handling herself well even as the third man today jumped her. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was up with her given how much attention she was gathering, although she knew her own frustrated arousal was partially to blame for that, that she was feeling herself winding up in the shuddering, creeping advance of something twisted and more potent than she knew what to do with. Sensations burned within her too craven and intense for the poor vastaya to handle, but that only made it even more exciting as she was fucked into creamy, intense submission, her thighs slick with her own juices and with the leaking cum of the two men who'd already ravaged her cunt. Her ass and mouth were now victim to a game of catch-up too, and that was only bringing her even more reasons to accept whatever was happening to her and this strange wave of slut.

Starting to press her ass back against Zed's lap as it bounced and heaved from each thrust down against it, Xayah embraced the pleasure in a shameless and almost embarrassing way. Moans spilled in between the gagging noises that sent thick strands of gloopy spit dripping from her mouth forced open by the thick human dick slamming down it. There was nothing that Xayah could do to respond sanely to this brutality, but that was just how she was coming to like it, embracing the senselessness of lust and feeling herself wound up tighter and hotter by everything happening to her, by the feelings of pure, crass submission that washed over her so fucking sweetly.

Dominating the slender redhead and pounding her into slutty, eager submission gave Zed all that he needed, and he was happy to reach his peak as he slammed forward into both holes, forcing himself balls deep down her throat and up her ass in tandem, the sound of Xayah's gagging and choking providing the perfect capstone to the thrill of him and his shadow clone both pumping her full of cum. With cocks throbbing and creamy spunk flooding into both her holes at once there was no way for Xayah to determine which one was real; they both felt so good and so genuine, and that was probably the whole point of the charade.

But she couldn't care; the sluttiest of all thrills seized Xayah, as an ass pumped full of gooey, hot spunk drove her over the edge. She came hard, screaming as her pussy gushed and she lost herself and the last shreds of dignity and bearing she still had left. It was all too powerful to ignore, and she could not have been happier to lose herself like this, eyes rolling back in elation as another orgasm ripped through her, and Xayah could feel herself really starting to hold on by a thin and steadily fraying thread.

Zed pulled out of Xayah, whose legs immediately gave out. She sank down to the ground once more, but Zed was not quite so cruel as Renekton, hardly the kind of brute who would just walk off and leave the woman he ravaged in silence. "You'd make a good whore," he said curtly before vanishing. What a gentleman.

"I need to get out of this," she whined, rolling onto her stomach. Both her ass and her pussy leaked with cum, and she looked wistfully toward the water as her hand reached out limply toward her discarded bikini bottoms. "At least I can wash off in the water," she whimpered, trying to see the bright side to it all. "When I get back to where everyone else is, though... I'm going to do control myself. I have to. This is my day to relax, not my day to..." Trailing off into a whimper, Xayah rose clumsily and stumbled toward the water to wash herself off. It was all she could do.