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Closeted Furry Tendencies

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“Hi! I’m Denki Kaminari, but calling me Kami is fine too! I’m a junior at UA High, and I may not be the top in my class, but I definitely— nya~

A roar of laughter came from his black haired friend sitting in front of him. “You did it again! Oh my god!” Hanta screeched through the tears starting to leak from his eyes from laughing so hard. 

Eijirou looked at his two friends with a forced neutral face. He really wanted to burst out laughing. “Leave him alone, Hanta. Ya know he can’t control his furry tendencies.” He turned to Denki, trying his best to hide his growing smile, “Maybe try again? I mean, this presentation shit for Mr. Aizawa’s class isn’t supposed to be this extra.”

“That’s so easy for you to say! Your senior crush-slash-soulmate barely speaks! God, when I figure out who the fuck my soulmate is…!” Denki paced back and forth on his old Thor blanket on his floor before letting out a defeated sigh. “I need a break…”

It took Hanta a bit to regain his composure, to which Katsuki sped it up with a slap to his back to get the tall boy to choke on air instead. Once he brushed himself off and wiped his stray tears away from his eyes, he cleared his throat and threw on a genuine smile. “Wanna have Bueller?”

If this were a Japanese shoujo anime, and Kami was the main protagonist staring at his love interest, then he would’ve somehow shown big hearts in his golden yellow eyes. “Yes! Get me Bueller! He’s a better friend than any of you jerks.”

“Then you bought a ramen noodle as your friend, dumbass.” Katsuki retorted as Hanta fished the pet ferret from its cage to pass it to its owner. “That’s dumb as fuck.”

Denki looked at the blonde through the ferret’s short fur, “Sorry can’t hear your jealousy from here! La, la, la, la, la—”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and turned to Eijirou. “I want to kill him. Can I kill him?”

The other boy gave him a judging look, “Do you want Izuku to go after you? He’s cute and all… But he’s seriously fucking terrifying in those debate matches they report on.”

Hanta looked between his two friends, blocking out Denki’s praises directed towards Ferret Bueller, “Guys, we gotta find his half. This isn’t fun anymore.”

“You’re just bummed ‘cause Shouto isn’t shoving, like, a hundred bucks down your throat, Fanta.”

“Fuck off, bastards.”

“Did you read the script we gave you? Just to make sure you don’t say some stupid vine reference in the middle of your presentation,” Shouto’s pointed gaze at the purple boy only made Hitoshi laugh.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine, Shouto.” Izuku turned to his slacker friend, “Hitoshi, I swear to god, follow the script. I know it’s your dad’s class and you’re passing and whatnot… But—”

“You guys are basically the moms I never had.” Hitoshi gave his friends a lazy grin. “I’ve got this. You better stop.”

“Shou, he did it again.”

Shouto rolled his eyes, his patience wearing thin. “Gotta dip. Bye.”

Denki’s presentation went smoothly, or as smoothly anything Denki Kaminari does. He ended up presenting his furry tendencies to his whole class. And Mr. Aizawa. 

Denki wanted to die.

After Mr. Aizawa gave him the straightest face and told him to stay after class, Denki moved back to his seat, not even having finished the first presentation of the new year. Since he became of age to start presenting for his soulmate, he hasn’t been able to convince the whole student body of UA High that he isn’t just some closeted furry and that the phrases are just his weird as fuck soulmate.

Even though Hanta and Mina gave him two thumbs up each when they left the classroom to head to their next class, Eijirou patted him on the back.

“You’ll be fine, bro! He teaches a bunch of kids trying to find their other halves. I’m sure he’ll just tell you to whisper or somethin’ if it happens again!”

“Mr. Kirishima! If you want to continue chit-chatting with Kaminari, it can wait until he leaves this classroom,” their teacher’s monotone voice echoed in the empty classroom.

“Sorry sir!” Eijirou called out, making a beeline towards the door. “Good luck Kami!”

Denki rolled his eyes at his friend before moving towards the teacher’s podium in the front and center of the class. He swallowed a ball of anxiety in the form of spit forming in his mouth before starting, “Uh, what’s up Teach?”

Mr. Aizawa ignored the question entirely, instead opting to stare directly to Kaminari’s eyes. The blonde student felt an increasing amount of unease grow in the pit of his stomach, unsure as to why his observant, calculating teacher would want Denki Kaminari after class. Denki knows Mr. Aizawa slips up on his soulmate’s phrases as well.

After another minute much too long of the scruffy teacher’s staring into his soul, he blinked. “Your dismissed, little listener. Fucking hell, Hizashi!” Mr. Aizawa groaned before restarting, “Dismissed. Try to keep your tendencies to yourself. Rumors are hard to break.”