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The Kingdom of Japanifornia

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A long time ago, a large island existed, without our knowledge. It was divided into several diverse kingdoms. The Kingdom of Japanifornia, as well as it's sister Kingdom, the Kingdom of Khura'in. Throughout these islands, an unkown magic loomed over all of them. It was omnipresent in life and death. Only a select few could tap into this magic. They came to be known as witches.

At one point in time, witches were revered, yet, a select few hated it. That was until an incident several years prior, ended this era of respect in witches, and ushered in a new one of hatred and anger. Hate crimes were constantly perpetrated against witches. As of late, there has been an influx in magical crime in the kingdom. The Knights of Japanifornia have been on the hunt.

The Knights of Japanifornia are a group whose purpose is to fiercely defend and protect the law of Japanifornia. They are the protectors of the nation. Several hundred years prior, a split in the knights was enacted. Now, they reside as two seperate bodies. The Attornial Knights of Japanifornia, and the Prosecutorial Knights of Japanifornia. A rivalry is everpresent between the two. Indeed, it has truly become a war of fame and glory.

A new generation of knights are currently in training. Phoenix Wright, a particular young knight, is being trained under Mia Fey. After a case known as the Hawthorne Case, Phoenix was motivated by Mia Fey to train. Now, he excels in his training.

The King or Queen of Japanifornia creates the law. Whenever a king or queen wished to retire, several knights from the Prosecutorial Knights are selected. The King or Queen tests them and makes a decision. Under the current queen, Lana Skye's rule, the Kingdom has met a prosperity. Long Live Queen Lana Skye!