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it’s different now

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Frisk was getting older. The changes were... Very noticable.

She'd already grown to nearly Papyrus' size, making her twice as tall as Sans. Though her hair was the same bob-style when she'd first fallen, her clothing size has obviously grown; So, Toriel was tasked with making new clothes for Frisk. All was thought to be well, everything was supposed to be the same.

But.. It was weird now.

Frisk has grown up in all the right places. To some people, she’d become a sex god to them. But Frisk really only had one person—or monster—on her mind. It was none other than Sans.

Sans was a funny guy. He was serious when he needed to be. But even so, that never stopped his hilarious puns. Frisk found this to be very arousing. Every night, she’d take a photo of Sans from her drawer and masturbate to it. Sans had become her guilty pleasure, and the poor skeleton doesn’t have a clue.

Whenever Frisk pleasures herself, she always makes sure to be very careful to not disturb Papyrus, or anybody else too innocent, like the new human living with them. She hates that human so much! That little brat steals all of Sans’ attention, just because she’s a kid. Sans says she comes from an abusive household. Whatever that means. That doesn’t mean she has to get special treatment! Frisk brought all the monsters to the surface! Not that pathetic little child.

That’s why Frisk plans to make a move on Sans very soon. Her master plan is to send out Toriel, Paps, and the child to a pie-baking contest happening two days from now. Then she’ll confess to Sans and have sex with him! It always works in the movies. Besides, unless Toriel has some weird secret crush on Sans, nothing will change! No jealousy and Frisk will be the center of Sans’ attention.

Nothing will go wrong.


It’s that day. Toriel, Papyrus, and the child are getting ready for the fun day at the contest. But something is bothering Papyrus. He’s got that weird look on his face. “SANS, ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU DON’T WANT TO—“

“Sansy is completely sure, Pap! He wants to spend more time with me~!” Frisk cuts the skeleton off. Papyrus still doesn’t look convinced, and it bothers Frisk. “FRISK, WOULD YOU LET SANS SPEAK FOR HIMSELF, PLEASE?” asks Papyrus. What the fuck?! Frisk wasn’t expecting this from Papyrus. It was never part of her plan for Papyrus to talk back. It was such a small detail, but then again, it’s not like her plan wasn’t flawed in a few ways she didn’t notice.

Sans really did want to go with the kid, Toriel and Papyrus. But Frisk was acting weird again. She wouldn’t let him go even if he wanted to. “yeah pap, i’m sure. me ‘n’ frisk haven’t hung out in a while. plus, the kid probably wants a break from my sansational puns,” Sans chuckled. The little girl puffed out her cheeks, but smiled up at Toriel as she clasped her tiny hand.

“ALRIGHT THEN SANS,” Papyrus confirmed. “WE SHALL BE LEAVING NOW. GOODBYE!” The trio waved goodbye as Papyrus gave one last glance back at Frisk with a look on his face that she’d never seen before. The look sent shivers down her spine. It looked sinister, threatening. It didn’t suit Papyrus and his happy demeanor.

The poor girl didn’t know it had something to do with her dear Sansy.

As soon as the door shut, Frisk looked over to Sans. She lifted her sweater over her head and shrugged the rest off. “So, Sansy~” Frisk purred, “There’s something you should know.”

Sans looked at Frisk and saw her covered breasts. “oh stars.” He already knew what she was going to say, and it wasn’t something he wanted to hear.

“For such a long time, Sansy... I’ve liked you ever since I was that brat’s age!” Frisk boasted. She unzipped her shorts and slowly approached Sans. “Don’t you like me too?”

Sans nervously looked to the side, trying to avoid all eye contact—or body to eye contact—with Frisk. “why are you doing this?” Sans nervously questions her.

“Because Sansy~!” She chirped. “I want us to be together! I want you to stick your hot blue cock in my wet pussy!” Frisk pushes Sans onto the couch in the middle of the room. She snakes her hand down her stomach and into her panties. “Every night Sans,” she stares lustfully into Sans’ shocked eyelights, “Every night I hold a photo of you.. I picture myself being fucked you.. I just can’t stand it! I want you already!”

Sans is horrified. He knew people changed when they grew up, and he knew they eventually fell in love... But this wasn’t love, this was obsession! Frisk, the friendly little kid who saved all the monsters and brought them to a place where everything was better, happy, where everything was right...

Except it’s wrong. Frisk is wrong now. If she’d never become this way, this would have never happened.

Sans was actually hoping for a reset this time. He’d never want for this kind of timeline to ever happen again.

“Oh Sansy~” Frisk’s voice interrupted Sans’ thoughts. “I’m so wet,” she sticks a finger in her opening and groans a little. “Sansyboo, do you remember when you said there was something clumpy in your ketchup?” Frisk opened her eyes slightly and touched Sans’ face.

“y-yeah, why?” he panicked. She put something in there, didn’t she.

“Well...” Frisk giggled. “There was something very special in it, just for you. Let’s just say it was..” Frisk drags her finger to Sans’ teeth, “A stimulator.”

Sans knew he was screwed when he felt magic pooling in his pelvis. “oh no. oh nonononono—“ Sans tried to crawl backwards off the couch, sweating bullets. But Frisk kept him pinned down. If it was absolutely necessary, Sans could teleport away from Frisk, except there was one major problem.

Being in contact with Frisk would teleport her too. If Sans could find a way to get her off, he’d be able to get away.

Frisk takes her hand out of herself and pulls down her shorts, revealing only an ugly pink thong. It was dripping wet. “It’s almost time, Sansy!” Exclaimed an overly-excited Frisk, “Almost time for you and I to come together as one!” Frisk squeezes hard on Sans’ wrist and brings her free hand covered in wetness and slides Sans’ shorts down. “Oh, your pelvis is so beautiful,” she purrs and slides her hand around the curves, “And so smooth as well...” Frisk runs her hand down the sacrum and tugs on the coccyx.


“What was that, Sansy~~?”

“I said don’t touch my coccyx or my cock!” Sans lied.

“Sansy, was that a moan just now? Is that area..” Frisk paused, lowering her body, “Sensetive?”

Sans growled like an animal.

“So, I take that as a yes.”

Sans struggled against Frisks’ grip, trying to get her to let go. His leg accidentally rubs against her inner thigh, and she lets out an obnoxiously loud moan. It sounds so fake, and so emotionless. Frisk really was trying everything to get Sans aroused. It proves how desperate she really is.

"Oh Sansyboo, my pussy is so wet.. I might just cum already!” Frisk yapped as saliva practically flew from her mouth. Sans could feel the sliminess making contact with his bones. It was so warm. Sans felt like he wanted to throw up. There was no way, he thought, no way that someone could feel pleasured by something like this. Frisk was taking it too far, invading Sans' body, and, in a way, his mind as well.

"no! frisk, please!" Sans' memories of the cute, innocent Frisk invaded his mind. She used to be so pure and kind. She was the one who brought the monsters to the surface. She was the one who befriended all, the one who defeated Asriel. The Frisk he knew was no longer here. Sadly though, Sans doesn't understand that change really can make someone into a completely different person. His heart and mind want to deny it so bad, but the DETERMINATION is failing.

He started to sob. Real, hot, true, blue tears streaked his cheekbones. An utter moment of weakness that Sans had only experienced one time before. Frisk just looked at him and laughed, like a schoolhouse bully. Sans felt absolutely humiliated, especially as Frisk was rubbing her foul, stained hand over a now forming ecto-cock.

Frisk was stroking Sans very roughly— She obviously lacks actual experience... Sans winced at his thought. Tears were still running down his cheekbones, though much more subtle now. He was trying so hard to escape from the absolute despair. Thinking of his boyfriend, Red, and his previous escorts. Sans’ thoughts drifted to Papyrus. What would he even think? Frisk, a slut, raping his bro-

“Aaaah~~! Sansy, your cock is so hard..” Frisk interrupted his attempted escape. The thought of Red probably made him... unknowingly harden. “frisk.. please stop this...” Sans pathetically whimpered in his now weakened voice. To his surprise, Frisk actually stopped.

But that was only to remove her ugly pink tube top shirt and matching thong. She was now completely nude after sliding the tube top off from her feet, still holding tight onto Sans, making sure to never let go. Frisk then gazed down at Sans’ pulsating cock. She licked her lips and got down to start her feast. She gorges on Sans’ beautiful blue cock, meant only for his lovers. The sound of her mouth— and teeth —going ham on Sans’ meat was deafening. Sans could hardly bear it—she was just TOO rough.

Sans thrusted up his hips in attempt to destabilize Frisk and make her loosen the grip she had on him, but it was no succes. She just let out a muffled moan, an obnoxious one at that. How long would this have to go on? Sans thought. He began to sink into “depression mode.” His heae was pounding with anger and he let out a quiet burst of tears, thinking of Red. That guy was..

Frisk popped off of Sans’ cock as blueberry cum splattered all over her face and body. Sans just cried. Red again. God, how he misses those Alternate Universe guys. Hopefully they’ll be coming by soon instead of just having to text in a crappy group chat all the time..

Sans’ escaping thoughts were interrupted once again by Frisks’ lewd actions. “It’s time for the main course, Sansy-chan~~” Frisk said as she mounted herself right atop Sans. “oh god frisk..” was all Sans could say.

“You’re finally going to get me pregnant!! ❤️” Frisk practically moaned. Sans eyesockets widened in complete and absolute horror. Sans couldn’t comprehend anything else beyond that point. Baby. They were going to have a forced baby, a rape baby that the mother would never dispose of, despite the protests of the father. A reverse rape baby. All because Sans is simply too weak. He started to sob again, thinking of the wonderful family he could’ve started with Red first. Sans truly was despairing.


Frisk shoved Sans’ glowing ecto-cock into her whore human pussy. She screamed Sans’ name. Sans cringed so god damn hard.


Frisk bounced on his cock. She let out small, fake but also real moans. She grunted and panted as she literally twerked on his dick. Her gargantuan (probably plastic) breasts bounced away— a sight that would be so pleasing if only it wasn’t... non consential. And from an obsessed, whore psycho who took things way past the line. Sans weeped now. Frisk slid her grip to Sans’ legs, forcing him to pound her now. “Anhh.. Ah.. Oohhh~ AAAAAhhhh~~~~~~!!” Frisk expressed her pleasure.

But Sans couldn’t do anything anymore. He lay on the soiled couch that smelled like rotten fish and a slight hint of magical blueberries. Getting his senses fucked and watching the once innocent Frisk practically fucking herself. His vision went hazy as he drifted away, realizing that he’d been thinking about Red again.

Frisk moaned and Sans shrugged it off now. Depression mode is full tilt. He’s utterly drained. Sans takes a peek over Frisk’s shoulder and tunes out her obnoxious slut behavior.

The door was open.

Somebody was standing there.

His eyes were hollow.

That somebody gave off an aura of absolute pure anger and disgust.

Sans couldn’t help but look directly into their eyes and plead with all of his remaining strength through his eyelights.