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Demigods/Einherjar x Reader (OneShots) SMUT/LEMON

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     I was sitting in the floor under the shadow of a tree, it was afternoon, I had my sleeping bag, some energy bars, water bottle, and my backpack. I spend most of my time away from shelters, those places aren't a good choice if you want some time to relax -which isn't very common for a homeless person, you always had to be aware of people who tried to pick on you or take your stuff.

I opened my backpack and put my sleeping bag inside, with my change of clothes, which by the way, were clean.

Let's make this clear, not because I am a homeless person it means I have nasty and smelly clothes and I shower once every 10 years, first, I wash my clothes every time I go to the shelters, also I use the shower and then leave.

I stood up with my stuff and started walking towards the park, I stop when I heard someone called my name from far away. 


I turned around and started walking over to him, Magnus Chase. Mangus was a pretty good friend of mine, he was one of the small percentage of people who I actually hang out with, he was probably the one I passed more time with, when he was not with his friends, Hearth and Blitz, they were nice, but Magnus and I had some kind of connection. And lately taht connection has been more intimate.

"Mhm let me guess, you want me to accompany you and go to the food fair?" I said standing up in front of him, facing the lake.

"Well... I was gonna aSm you if you wanted to go rob this dude in 4th Av. , dude has a blue Lamborghini and kicked Blitz's sleeping bag, but if you rather me to go with you and get some falafel, I don't see any issues with that..." He said that last sentence in a seductive whisper, looking straight at my lips.

"Well then what are we waiting for?" I said turning my face towards the grass. I didn't want him to see me blushing, he could get annoying sometimes.

"Let's go then, babe" he said with a smirk in his face, he surely noticed I was blushing.

"Shut up, dumbass" I said as I push him gently and started running towards the food fair, while I laughed at his expression when he fell on the grass. He got up and started chasing me, he isn't really sporty, well, who really is?, but he knew how to run fast when he wanted to, probably used to it due to all the times we had robbed rich cruel and annoying people and started running away before they could catch us.

I started to jog, I was getting tired of running and I had to cross the avenue to get to the food court.

"Hey!!" Magnus said as he approached me. He took my hand and gave me a gently smile, I liked it, it was sweet, but I couldn't play easy.

"How many times did I told you to not touch me?" I said trying my best to look annoyed, trying not to smile, it was hard when he was grinning.

"Oh com'on! I know you like it, you know I hate physical contact, but it's different with you, (Y/N)" he said as he unfolded his hand, I was relieved for a moment, but then he put his arm around my shoulders. He was some inches taller than me.

"Ugh you are impossible!!, and I don't need you to touch me, I don't need you, I can do anything without you, I could touch myself and I'm fine with that-" I stopped as I noticed his grin, then I noticed what is had said, oh, stupid me.

"No!, I didn't, I didn't mean it like that!" I retracted myself.

"Mhmm, if you say so. I don't mind touching you ... neither being there when you 'touch yourself' “ he said smirking with a pervert look, marking the last words.

"What? Ew, you are so annoying and perverted sometimes" I said as we entered the food court.

"And you like it that way" he said as we sat at a table I didn't argue with what he had said


We ate some falafel our dear friend Amir had saved for us. We thanked him and left the food court.

Magnus and I decided to wander around the mall, just look through stuff we knew we couldn't buy, but that didn't matter, as long as we had each other for company was good enough.

The mall was about to close, they just made the announcements, the guards were walking around. 

Guards and 'homeless kids' wandering around the mall, not a good combination.

"Hey, we gotta go, come on" I said taking his hand and hopping into a big store to hide, hopefully the guards won't notice us.

"Ahg, stupid police again, they hate me, I hate them, and probably will hate you if they see you hanging out with me" he said as we hide behind a counter with hundreds of clothes on top.

The guards stood up in front of the big store we were hiding in, they talked a bit and started walking towards the store.

"They are coming" I whispered close to his ear.

"Wow, really? I never noticed, thanks for the advice, I had never notice without your help" He said with his sarcastic tone. I rolled my eyes and punch him in the arm. "Auch, sorry, however they can't see us, they will think we are stealing and ban us from entering the mall and foo court, imagine not eating falafel for a month!" he whispered in my ear.

"Look, there is a space between the counters" I said as I pointed to the counters, there was clothes everywhere, it would be hard to the guards to see us.

The 2 guards slowly walked around the enormous store, sooner or later they will notice our poor hiding spot. Magnus crawled silently and got in the mini 'cave'. I heard the guards' footsteps closer and closer. I crawled as quietly as I could, until I got to Magnus's feet.

"I don't think I can fit in there .. " I said as I notice how small the space was, Magnus alone took almost all the space.

"Just squeeze in!" he whispered with an alarmed tone, the guards were really close.

"Hey Steve, did you hear something?" said one of the guards. I crawled until I was completely in it, We were so close to together, half my body was on top of his, since I could feel his heartbeat, it was a little bit dark in that 'cave'.

"The only thing I hear is my stomach growling, wanna go catch some goodies after this?" said the other guard.

Icould hear their steps coming just next to where we were hiding. After a moment, the guards finished looking around and left the store.

"Ehem, I think they le-" He was whispering in my ear but stopped as the lights went off and on again. I got a little bit scare, it kind of reminded me of some horror movies I used to watch.

"Wh ... what h-happened?" I asked and got even more closer to him.

"Umm,I dunno, the lights went off?" He said with an obvious tone.

"You are an Idiot" I said as I tried to go out of our hiding spot. Magnus got out too and took a deep sigh.

"It was really hot in there, like, we wer both in that little space, and it was so hot... I mean, not like hot hot, but like really hot, not because of you, er, I mean, it was hot and l-" he said really fast and nervous.

"Haha, yeah Magnus I got it" I interrupted him and smile at the fact that his face was red. We just stood there in an awkward silence for a moment. ”Let's go" I said walking toward the exit of the big store. I tried to open the doors, it was closed.

"No No No No No" I said to myself as I attempted to open the doors.

"I think the store closed half an hour ago" he said happily.

"No! really? Now we gotta wait here until it opens again tomorrow, it's horrible! We are trapped!" I said walking helplessly side to side.

"It’s not horrible!, it's actually really good, we have all of this big store to ourselves, which is a lot better than spending the night outside or in a stupid shelter" He said enthusiastically.

"Well, you have a point" I said, considering it was actually better than staying outside. We looked at the big store and walked around trying to find interesting stuff.

"Woah, people still buy this?" he said holding really ugly bell bottom jeans.

"You have been wearing the same pairs of jeans and shirts for some years" I said rolling my eyes.

"Shut up" he said softly elbowing me.

"You shut up" I said pushing him.

"No, you shut up!" He said pushing me back. He had a little bit more strength than I had, I fell into a pile of clothes. He just started laughing at me.

"Shut up!" I said trying to look annoyed and serious, and trying not to laugh.

"Oh come on" He said and extended his hand so I could get up. I took his hand and pushed him into the pile of clothes, I went on top of him holding his wrist so he couldn't get up, and looked at him with my annoyed look.

"Say sorry right now or I'm gonna beat your sorry ass" I said threatening him.

"Uhh woaaah I'm sooo scare a little girl is gonna beat my sorry ass" He said sarcastically and laughed at me. He was laying on the pile of clothes and I was sitting on top of his lower stomach so he won't escape, which he didn't even try to.

"A little girl? You are calling me a little girl? Well this 'little girl' can beat you in a fight" I said getting closer to his face as I fake threatened him.

"Shut up"

"You shut up" I said getting closer I got lost in his hypnotizing gray eyes.

"Shut me up then" He said challenging I couldn't resist anymore and interrupted him with a kiss.

I let go of his wrists and put my hands gently on the sides of his face and softly caress his hair. We continued kissing slowly. By that time I was on top of him and he had his hands on my hips. Our tongues didn't stop moving slowly. Our lips moved in perfect synchrony. We pulled away as we ran out of air. I slowly got up sitting on top of him. I felt my cheeks red as I could feel the bulge growing in his pants.

"ah-! didn't m-mean to do that ... "I said feeling my whole face red. I stood up and looked away.

Magnus stood up and gently took my hand. "It's fine .... actually it was great" He said looking at my eyes. His face was a little bit red too. He bite his lower lip as he look at my lips.

I turned my body completely until I was facing him, I looked at his face. I had to look up because of our different heights. I put my arms around his neck and got the closest I could get. He put his hands gently around my hips. We looked at each other's eyes for a moment and then he got closer and connected his lips with mine.

It turned from a slow and gentle kiss to a wild and passionate one. He pulled my hips closer to him, he slowly moved his hands up until he got to my waist. He suddenly backed up a little bit from me. Soon we ran out of air, he took his hands off my waist and passed them through his hair he took some steps away from me catching his breath. I noticed he was biting his lip too much, he could have broken it, his face was the tone of a strong red. He was a little bit nervous.

"What's wrong?" I asked kind of confused.

"Eh sorry, it's, it's nothing, it's just..." He said not facing me.

I noticed he unconsciously had his hands over his crotch, and his legs were kind of really closed together. I instantly knew he was trying to cover his bulge, which he failed, it was really noticeable, and I liked it.

"Ohhh, that? .. " I said smirking getting closer to him.

I gently took his hand and walked through the store until I saw this comfortable sofa. I let him sit and I sat in top of him, I could still feel his bulge in between my legs. I pushed my lips against his lips. He starts to caress my hips and waist with his hands gently. After some seconds the kiss lost all his gentle innocence, it became hot and desperate. We separated to get some ai and then continued. I felt like I needed more, and more.

"Better now?" I whispered in his ear.

"A lot better babe ... " He whispered bac and tried to take his jacket off, it was getting hot in here.

"Well it's gonna get even better" I whispered and started leaving kisses from his cheek to his neck, I stopped when I got to the edge of his shirt. I stood u and took off m shoes and socks. Magnus did the same. His bulge just got bigger. I sat on him again jumping a little, which caused him to moan and bite his lip.

"You like to see me suffer, now it's my turn" He whispered and laid me on the sofa, he was on top of me this time. He took off his shirt. Then he cautiously held his weigh on his elbows to not crush me.

He began kissing my lips and slowly went down leaving severe marks on my neck. I took off my jacket and put it out of the way. We sat up and continued kissing passionately. He had his hands on my waist. As we kissed I took his hands and put them by the edges of my shirt, signaling to take off my shirt. He did it and I noticed he was kind of nervous, as I was, since neither of us had done this before. He stopped for a short moment to look at me.

"Y-you are p-perfect (Y/N)" He said as if he was speechless, and then went back to my mouth.

Kissing Magnus was an unexplainable sensation, his lips were soft and gentle but at the same time wild and they created a warm feeling.

I took off my pants until I was only with my underwear and my bra. He was now sitting up. So I took the opportunity and sat on his bulge and started bouncing. He moaned with pleasure.

"Ahhh mm y-yes baby" He moaned as I went up and down. He put his hands on my back and trying to find my bra's closure. He then tried to take it off. I smiled at his failed tries. I took his hands and tried it and in just a second it untied. I took my bra off and I could feel my cheeks getting red. My breast were {small/average/big}. I was kind of pretty shy about it. He seemed to love them. We laid down, he was on top of me again. He slowly kissed my lips and went down to my neck. Then slowly went down leaving a path of kisses. He got to my breasts and put each hand in one breast. He went back to kissing my lips. He massaged them with his hands. I moaned with pleasure.

He went down again but this time he put one of my breasts in his mouth, sucking my nipple as he touched my other breast with his other hand. After a moment he switched and put half my left boob in his mouth and sucked my nipple. I moaned filled with pleasure as he worked with my breasts. He finished sucking my breasts and went more down, until he got to my lower stomach. He slightly touched my private part and went up again.

"Holy .. , you are really wet, babe" He whispered in my ear.

"I can't help it, it's your fault" I whispered back. He kissed me until we ran out of air. As he recovered his breath I remembered he still had his pants on.

"Isn't it really tight for our friend down there?" I asked as I stand up and start taking his pants off. I bite my lip when I saw the big bulge he had in his boxers.

"Much better ... " I whispered smirking.

"Do you want to continue or just leave it like this?" He asked as he traced his finger on my breast.

"Let's do it, I want to do it with you, Magnus, I have known you for so many year and I am confident we love each other with the same intensity, I don’t want to die one day knowing I never got to do this" I whispered in his ear while with my hand I played with the rubber of his boxers. He smiled and kissed me again. 

I saw how he was having a lot of fun playing with my breasts, I wanted to have fun with his member too. I pushed my lips against his in a wild and passionate kiss. I slowly continued kissing him leaving a path from his neck to his lower waist.

I gently took the rubber of his boxer and began pulling them down with some help from him. revealing a really erected dick. I held it and started moving my hand up, down, up, down, up, as we kissed really desperately. We slowly laid on the couch, he on top of me, as I took off my underwear. We were completely naked now.

He stopped kissing me and look me in the eyes. "A-Are you sure?, I don't wanna force you or hurt you ... " he said with a tone of worry in his voice. I loved how gentle he was, and I was so sure this is what I wanted.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure I love you" I said and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"I love you too ... I'm new with this too, just tell me if I hurt you or you want me to stop, you can punch me .. or slap me or push-"

"I understand, honey" I interrupted him and push my lips against his lips.

Our lips moved faster and faster this time. I put one of my hands on his neck, and my other hand stroking his hair. He was holding himself up with one arm to not crush me, and he played with my breast with his other hand. He settle in a good position in which we were both comfortable. He was a little bit shaky, it was his first time too, and I was sure he was as nervous as I was.

"You ready?" he whispered in my ear seductively.

I didn't have patience for this, He was messing with me right now, I needed him in me so much.

"Yes babe, just do it" I say softly in his ear in a seductive tone with a little desperation.

He slowly introduces his member inside of me. First his tip, and in a moment half of it was in. I moan and groan with pleasure, it was painful, but I knew it was going to make me feel so good at the same time.

"Do-does it h-hurt that bad?" he asked me with a worried tone. I was breathing shakily, I nodded at his question, it hurts, but it was so pleasuring, the pain began to fade as I got used to it.

"I can take-" he was saying as he slowly tried to pull out.

I punched him in the chest. "N-No!, conti-inue please" I shouted at him in between moans.

He introduced it all this time. He waited a moment until I got used to the feeling, and started slightly moving up and down.

"You are r-really wet and ti-ight-" He whispers and bits his lip, trying to shush his moans.

"Fa-faster-" I say as the pain became pure pleasure. He went up and down faster and faster, he groaned continuously.

"Mag-gnus" I moan between thrusts. I wrapped his hips with my legs, which led to a more deeper penetration. We pushed our lips together, our tongues moving rhythmically.

We continue like this for a while until we were both breathing hard and slightly covered with sweat.

I moaned as I got tired. ''(Y/N) I-I'm gonna cum" He said and slowly pulled his member out. In seconds his dick just ejaculated, spreading cum all over his legs and my legs. I came, too. I slowly sat up on the couch.

"It's really hot in here .. " I said as I tired to stand up. My legs were really weak at the moment to support my body, I was too tired and it hurt. I sat on the couch.

”Don't stand up, you look really weak right now, I think I hurt you a little bit" He said as he sat up on the couch.

"A little bit... I'm so tired, but we gotta wake up really early tomorrow so we can leave this place when it opens and no one will notice ... or you rather people coming and seeing us like this? ... "

"I don't mind seeing you like this for the rest of my life ... " He said as he gently placed his hand on my thigh. I blushed and reached for my underwear, I put it on.

"You should dress up, even thought look good naked .... "I said and gently touched the tip of his member with my fingers. His face turned red, and he reached for his boxers. I tried to stand up this time holding Magnus. I looked around for my bra, which I found laying on the carpet. I took it and put it on.

"Oh, and you have amazing boobs" He said as he hugged me from behind and slightly squeezed my breast. I bite my lip.

"You are messing with me, come on, we gotta dress up, baby" I say with my face red. I took my pants and my shirt and put them on, he did the same with his clothes. It was still a little hot, so I left my jacket on the coffee tables next to the couch. Everything seemed the way it was before we came. I cuddle up with him in the couch.

"I love you, (Y/N)" he says kissing my forehead. "I love you too, Magnus" I say and repeat his action with twice as much affection.


            ~At Morning~


"Hey (Y/N), wake up, we gotta go, the store is going to open in some minutes ... " I heard a familiar voice, followed by kisses. I open my eyes and sit up.

"Oh, it's already morning" I say looking at a far high window.

"Yeah babe, come on, we have to go. He says picking me up.

"Woah, for a guy that doesn't like physical contact... We had a lot of contact yesterday ... " I say blushing.

"Last night was amazing ... " He says and blushed when he realized what he had said.

"Yes baby" I say as I sit up, my feminine part still hurting "Ouch!"

"What? What does it hurts you? I'm sorry if I was too hard on you" he apologized and blushed even more.

"I guess this is normal, it's fine." I say and gently kiss him on the lips.

We waited until the store opened and distinguished ourselves as clients. We walked out of the mall towards the food court. His arm around my neck.