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Have a Little Pride

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Sero didn’t like Mineta that much, which really sucked because Kaminari did for some reason so they hung out sometimes. He didn’t like Mineta’s comments towards women, especially those in their class. Mina always stuck a little closer to the girls or the squad when he was around. It just rubbed him the wrong way that he could treat people they did, especially that comment he made about stripping their teacher during their exam. What he didn’t realize was that there were more reasons to hate Mineta.

The first case was a comment made about Midoriya and Todoroki. They were studying on the couch in the common room, a little closer than “just friends” territory. Sero thought they would be a good pair. They grounded each other. He walked over to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and an orange. Mineta was leaning against the cabinets. Sero did a polite little wave in greeting as started to rummage in the fridge. When he closed the door, he caught Mineta’s eye. That was his first mistake.

“Did you see Midoriya and Todoroki in the common room?”

“Yeah. So?”

Mineta got closer and gestured for Sero to lean closer. He did so with a roll of his eyes. “Don’t you think they were a little close?” he whispered, conspiratorially.

“Yeah, dude. They’re friends.” He didn’t like where this conversation was heading. There was no problem with Midoriya and Todoroki’s relationship. It wasn’t any of his business. Besides, he and his friends were super touchy and cuddly. It would be hypocritical of him to have a problem with it.

“They seem a little too close to be just friends, don’t you think?”

“Why do you care?”

Mineta wrinkled his nose. “Because it’s weird! People are going to think they’re fucking or something!”

Sero about had enough. “What they do in their free time is none of your business.”

Mineta looked at him like that response explained everything before pulling a face. “Oh, I see. See ya, Sero.” He left the room without another word.

Sero huffed, blowing his bangs out of his face in the process. “What a weirdo.

A few days after that weird encounter, he ran to Aoyama in the laundry room. He heard him before he saw him. He looked behind the row of washers and saw Aoyama in the corner, crouched on the floor and crying into his arms.


The boy in question immediately looked up to see Sero offering him a tissue.

Sero gave a small smile. “Is there enough room for one more?”

Aoyama sniffed and nodded. Sero managed to squeeze himself into the corner.

“What’s wrong?”

Aoyama turned his eyes towards the floor. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“That’s okay. Do you want a hug? I’ve been told I’m pretty good at them. I’m not Shouji or Kirishima level but I’m okay,” he tried to joke.

I worked as Aoyama giggled and nodded. “Oui, I would like that.”

Sero maneuvered himself closer and wrapper his arms around his classmate as Aoyama leaned on his shoulder.

They stayed like that for awhile before Aoyama spoke up. “You’re going to be an amazing hero.”

Sero looked down at him in surprise. “What makes you say that?”

He shrugged. “You just always seem to know what to do. I admire that about you.”

Sero chuckled. “At least there’s something to admire.”

“There’s a lot to admire about you,” Aoyama said, seriously. “You’re kind, thoughtful, so many things. You need to have a little more pride in yourself.”

Sero shook his head. “You say I’m all that like you aren’t any of those things, but you are. You’re not as self-centered as you want us to believe. You’re learning, just like the rest of us. That’s okay. You’re so amazing, and it sucks that you don’t see it.”

Aoyama brightened a little. “You’re not so bad yourself, monsieur.”

“W-what? Me? No.” Sero sputtered, feeling his face grow hot. “I’m just…,” He gestured to himself, “me.”

“And that’s the best thing you can be.”

Sero didn’t realize how close their faces had gotten during their talk until Aoyama tucked his head under his chin.

“I like you a lot,” Aoyama whispered. “I like you so much it hurts.”

Sero tightened his grip a little bit. “You like me? Really?”

Aoyama pulled away to look into his eyes. “Is that so hard to believe?”

Sero felt his face get red again. “I mean, I’m just plain simple tape. I’m not much. How am I supposed to believe that anyone likes me when I’m just so ordinary?”

“I don’t expect you to return my feelings, but you should know that I never thought you as ordinary.”

Sero was speechless. He didn’t know how to explain his emotions with words right now, but he did with actions. Praying this would work, Sero saw it fit to explain his feeling by grabbing Aoyama’s face and gently kiss him. Now, at fifteen Sero had never kissed anyone/been kissed before. It felt nice, but it was way too short. When Sero pulled away slightly, Aoyama closed the distance between them again. The two exchanged short kisses for a few minutes before pulling away.

Aoyama leaned his head on Sero’s shoulders.

Sero kissed his head. “I like you too. You’re pretty cool.”

Aoyama batted his eyelashes. “You think I’m pretty?”

Sero laughed. “Yeah, I do.”

The delved into laughter. Sero stood and offered Aoyama a hand. “Ready to head back up?”

“What about your laundry?’’

“Oh shit, yeah.” Sero helped Aoyama up and pulled his clothes out of the washer. “Wanna help me hang it?”

Aoyama gave him a sly smile. “That depends. Is this a date?”

Sero returned the smile. “That depends. Do you want it to be?”

“I would like that.”

“Then it’s a date.”

As they got closer to the common room, they heard shouting. It was a mess when they got there. Mineta was trying to Kaminari as a human shield as Kirishima and Ashido were doing their best to restrain Bakugou. A majority of the class was there, shouting in some way.

Sero got Jirou’s attention. “What the hell is going on?”

“Mineta’s a homophobic, misogynistic little shit!”

“Am not!” Mineta protested. “I just find it offensive that two guys were making out on our couch! It’s just so wrong for two dudes to do that!”

The next few minutes were blur. Sero vaguely remembered Mineta saying something terrible about Aoyama and a few others in class. He kinda remembered yelling at him. The others later told him that he had snapped and taped Mineta up and threw him in his room. He then taped the door shut and said if anyone had a problem with him and his boyfriend, they could all fuck off. Kirishima told him that Bakugou had almost looked impressed. He did remember hanging his laundry with Aoyama. That was really nice and calm. There were so many reasons to hate Mineta, but there were so many more reasons to have pride.